August 2006

Listen Here.

Listen Here.

A short video clip of the barn cats and sheep being milked.

Wednesday night, our Sheykh was in in a humorous mood (Jamal). Evrybody was laughing hard. Thursday night, Sheykh was in a more serious station (Jalal). The sohbet, which coincides with our needs and events around us, was concentrated on Patience. Sheykh said we were not ready to hear about Miraj – Saturday night – so Sheykh Mevlana sent this for him to talk about.

Yesterday was pretty special. We found our goatie hiding in the Chicken Coop. Somehow, he found a way to break in. The night sky was the clearest I have ever seen in my life.

Sheykh explained a couple of things. The Big Dipper’s seven stars represent the seven Qutubs that are responsible for this world. These are among the fourty. The Little Dipper’s seven represent the women saints.

The Milky Way’s ring has been clear for nights now. We took a good look last night and even saw shooting stars. Sheykh said the blessing was raining down.

Milky Way Ring

Some of us slept out in our sleeping bags, under the stars. You can’t even count them. But watching them is good medicine for mental distress.

We were fasting today. It wasn’t easy on some of us. We might have lost a goat in the field and it’s raining now.

Sohbet from Sunday 21 Muharram 1427
February 19, 2006

O our Lord- save our souls!

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya
Meded, ya RijalaLlah!
A´udhu bi-Llahi mina shaytani rajim
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim.

As-salamu alaikum!

It is a short association and we are trying to follow the ways of
holy people. And who is living on earth – billions of people are
living – they are two kinds of people: Holy ones and unholy ones.

I was once passing through Switzerland on my way from London to
Cyprus. There is a famous monastery, St.Nicolaus (von der Flüe),
always (when) I am passing, his spirituality was asking me to
come closer and he was taking familiarity from my spirituality.
I was passing and coming there, stopping and visiting the
monastery and his tomb also.

Once I was there, just I visited and (I was) coming out, a person
(was) coming and he said that: “I am priest of this monastery”
and I was addressing to him: “Your holiness.” He said to me:
“I am not a holy one. If you are saying ‘holiness’, holiness
inside, buried there, but I am ordinary priest, I am not holy
one.” I said to him: “What about Pope?” “He is not also a holy
one; he is also a person that appointed by some group of
religious people (that) we are saying ‘Cardinals’ (for them).
Holiness that is a grant and blessing from Heavens. Whom they
are appointed by someones on earth, they are not holy ones.
‘Holiness’ is a rank that (is) granted from Heavens to the Lord
of Heavens’ servants.” I said: “What you are speaking, it is
true. When they are appointed by governments, they can’t be
holy ones.”

To be ‘(His) Holiness’ that is something belongs to Heavens; that
is not a reward or such a thing that people may give to anyone.
Yes, I may dress like dress of Popes or Saints – their clothes
is holy clothes, as we are looking – but inside, no. Don’t think
if a person dressing what dresses (a) holy man, (he is)going to
be (a) holy one, no! Clothes we are understanding, but not that

We are speaking on that point [so] that people must know some of
them are holy ones, and mostly they are ordinary people.

For example: Can’t be a person King, (even) if he is going to
dress King’s dressing; even putting on his head a crown, he is
not going to be a King, no!

But now (this is) through whole nations and people are not
asking who is holy one or not. They are not understanding
what is (the) mission of (the) holy ones. People now (are)
going to be (all) on the same line – that their mission (is)
to work for Dunya. Who (is) working for Dunya, he is not a
holy one, no. Who (is) working for his Lord, he is holy one.
Holy one is a clean person, no dirtiness on them for Dunya,
no. But who [is] working for Dunya, they are all of them just
going to be dirty from Dunya. You may say, there is a pond; who
is swimming in that pond, clean one, he is clean, but who [is]
falling in[to] a dirty pond, he should be dirty. Dunya is dirty
and we are not created for Dunya, no, we are created for the
Lord’s servanthood.

Who choosing to be servant of his Lord, his life is clean and he
is reaching through his cleanliness his Lords Divine Presence.
Clean ones. Who [is] choosing Dunya, all of them just coming in
a dirty pond and they should be left through that dirty place.
It is so clear, so clear!

All Prophets that came, that have been sent, they are all of them
chosen ones, they are saying [the] same thing. Don’t think Adam –
´alayhi salâm – was saying other words that what we say now. Don’t
think Noah – ´alayhi salâm – was calling his people to another
station. Don’t think Abraham – ´alayhi salâm – and his sons,
grandsons and lines of Prophets through 12 tribes – thousands of
Prophets -, don’t think they were calling people to Dunya, no,
but they were calling them to be for their Creator, the Lord
of Heavens: “Come and be servants for your Lord Allah Almighty!”
Shaytan calling people: “No, you must try… you must run after
Dunya and you must try to enjoy your physical being with so
many things from Dunya!” Shaytan’s calling that.

All Prophets just called!

Now we are living in a time [when] there is a Muslim world (and)
there is a Non-Muslim world; Non-Muslim world means Christian
world and then Jewish world – that they are also Book-given-
people, all of them – and there are so many millions or billions
people, they are never taking care or never interesting in Holy
Books and following some ‘ways from old time‘. And now the
representatives of Muslim world, the representatives of
Non-Muslim world, the representatives of Christians, the
representatives of Jewish faith, all of them [are] never
getting a power for defeating Satan from people. Satans power
coming over their powers! They are in such a way that their faith
[is] not enough for defending [the] Truth – and the Lord of
Heavens sent all Prophets and their real inheritors, (as)
defenders of Truth.

And Truth [is] coming from Heavens. Truth is not from earth; the
Balance of Truth [is] coming from Heavens. Every balance that
they are doing now – nations and their religious people -,
their balance [is] from earth, therefore they are not able to
make defence or to be defenders of Truth. They are following
their egoistic interests; they are interesting only for Dunya
and can’t be able to be defenders of Truth.

First of all that we must do our defence to make people to believe
in [the] Lord of Heavens, their Creator, and secondly we must do
our defence for defending that: “O people, take your true ways
according (to the) Rules of Heavens that just had been sent
through His chosen people, honoured people that they are Prophets!”

We are not saying: “How we are going to be defenders of Truth?”
Therefore, Truth – now perhaps [there are] 6 billion people – you
can’t find even one million people to be real defenders for Truth.
That means: all our destinations through wrong heads that are not
knowing [the] true destination of mankind; and we are accepting
them and following them and we are going to be defenders for
Shaytan, defenders for Shaytanic ideas. Now people [are]
defenders of satanic ideas and works and activities, [so] that
what they are doing, [is] carrying Heavenly cursing on[to] earth!
What do you think now today through East and West, from North to
South? [Do] you think Heavenly Blessings [are] coming on earth or
cursing [is] coming? Cursing [is] coming, because we are not
defenders of Truth, not following Prophets and their real
inheritors. That is it, nothing else!

People running to do this, to do that, to stop this…stopping that
and beginning another cursing there, coming another… Every day and
night another kind of cursing coming, unexpected… Unexpected, until
they are saying: “O our Lord, save ourselves!”

If a ship [is] going to sink, giving announcement: “SOS…SOS…SOS!“
Calling. What does it mean SOS? “O people, we are going to die,
save our souls!”

Not your souls! [They should be] saying: “SOB, SOB, SOB!“ It is
better, because people can’t say, ordinary people can’t say
‘souls‘. [They] may say: “(Save our) bodies“ – without souls.
Why not sending – they are sending that announcement through four
directions – (and) calling: “O people, we are in a dangerous
position. [The] ocean [is] going to swallow our ships and ourselves!
Please, quickly reach to ourselves and save our bodies!” Not souls!
Why [are they] not saying [it], these people, 21st century people?
Why not sending their announcement: “O our Lord, save our souls?”
Why not saying?

People [are] running through [the] streets, Muslim people, for a
nonsense person drawing. That is Islamic way? No! Why not going to
mosque and saying: “O our Lord, You said, You promised for Your
Beloved Servant that You are going to be Guarantor for him! Please,
send us armies from Heavens, as You did some time (ago as) we are
believing. Send us to destroy their technology, their nuclear
weapons, send us to destroy their whole nuclear bombs!” Why not
saying? On streets, burning cloth (flags)! That is Islam? That
[is the] saying [of] our Prophet and our Holy Book? Written in such
a way? Allah knows!

Therefore I am saying that I heard a punishment is coming for the
inhabitants of this world: One punishment for Non-Muslims, seven
punishments for Muslims, because they lost their way! Keep
yourself! Run and ask holy ones! One holy one may shelter you,
but 1000 regiments cannot shelter you. That is the head of crises
and that is its treatment. May Allah forgive me…

Therefore ? coming, I am saying: “O our Lord, send us Your Sultan!”
Sultan means: who has Heavenly Power!

I was in Damascus at the end of the Second War – no one was born
from you – and the French forces were bombarding from Mezze; it
was a center of army, protected with everything. They were
bombarding Damascus and we looked and [we] saw that one shell
[was] coming on Sayyidina Yahya, Yahya’s tomb, just appeared
a hand, taking that shell and throwing away. And I was also
looking in Homs, [a] famous place in Syria [in the] time of
Christians and after Christians, Muslims – they were bombarding
from Qal´a, sheltered place, and army there and bombarding. I was
in Sayyidina Khalid ibn Walid’s mosque – Allah bless him – also
coming a shell. Passing and they were taking as their target to
destroy that holy tomb of Prophets people, Sayyidina Khalid ibn
Walid radiyaLlahu ´anh. Only one piece coming on minaret and
falling down. I was there. That shell passed away.

We have power! We are not weak people! Now – we are weak people,
but inheritors of Prophets have such power! But people are not
believing in holy ones. They are finished…

Therefore every day one punishment on Islamic world coming, coming,

May Allah forgive us and bless you for the honour of the most
honoured one in His Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad –
sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa sallam,

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel


Selamu Aleykum,

In the Sohbet of Sheykh Abdul Kerim about the Infinite
Mercy of Allah Almighty , he keeps referring to a sohbet
of Sheykh Mevlana. Here is the sohbet:




(Extracted from the Lectures of Sheik Nazim)

Faith granted to everyone

My Grandsheikh was saying that the gates of Paradise are
open for all to enter; and according to the hadith of the
Holy Prophet, Allah Almighty has parceled out Paradise,
assigning to everyone his portion, and not allowing anyone
to occupy the portion that has been assigned to another.
What this means is that Allah Almighty has given to His

servants before they ever ask for anything, has given with
a generosity that is absolute, as He doesn’t wait for us to
ask that then He may give us according to our requests, He
gives unbesought.

Our Grandsheikh went on to say that Allah Almighty treats
His people in this life with the absolute Mercy emanating
from His Divine Name Ar-Rahman (The All-Beneficent). No
one can fall outside of the bounds of a mercy and a
beneficence that is boundless, as is the mercy implicit in
the Holy Name Ar-Rahman. Don’t ever think that the mercy
oceans belonging to this Divine Name has any shore – no –
they are boundless and endlessly deep, and so they ever will
remain. You must know that Allah is never going to take
back anything which He has granted to His servants, and that
even to think such a thing is unbelief (Kufr) and the worst
thought that we can think about our Lord. Yes, our Lord
gave to us all a grant never ending, and that grant is

What we are listening to now of Grandsheikh’s words is not
knowledge of the sort that we may be accustomed to hearing
– it may seem new and strange to our ears, but nonetheless
it is the truth from the secrets which are opened up day by
day to the Saints (Awliya). Allah Almighty granted faith to
the Sons of Adam on the Day of Promises, the day when the
souls of all the descendants of Adam were brought forth from
his backbone and asked by their Lord: “Am I not your Lord?”
We were all present on that day – looking to our Lord,
talking to Him, knowing Him – and we replied: “Yea, verily.
We testify that You are our lord.”
(Surat-ul-Araf : 172).

That faith was granted to everyone, but Divine Wisdom
decreed that in this life some people’s faith would remain
covered while that of others would appear. The Holy Prophet
said in regards to this: “The hearts of the Sons of Adam
contain treasures, and the keys to the hearts are in the Hand
of our Lord.” Therefore, if He is not going to open the
hearts, no one can- not even His Beloved Muhammad, for whose
sake the whole creation was created.

If you understand that faith is present in all of mankind,
you must be very respectful towards each one of them and you
must understand that only with Allah Almighty’s permission
are you believing and showing your faith, while someone else
is not showing faith only because his Lord has not opened it
up for him. You must understand the matter like this, and
never say about anyone, “He is an unbeliever’, – who can know
what will be the state of any person at the end of his life?
The key to the hearts is in the Hand of the Almighty, and what
will become of each person in the end is a secret known in
its entirety only to Allah Himself; even the Prophet can only
know something about this matter within defined limits. On
the Day of Promises, Allah Almighty granted faith to His
servants, and He is not going to take it away from them –
perhaps they will declare their faith upon breathing
their last breath – such is Allah’s mercy. Allah Almighty
is keeping and hiding so many mercy oceans which are destined
for His servants.

(A question was asked) : “Mevlana, it is easy enough for me to
understand how someone who dies a slow death from a long and
torturous disease may have time to reflect on his life, and
realizing his helplessness, believe and turn to Allah in
repentance (Taubah) even though he was the most stubborn
unbeliever and evildoer up until that time; but what I can’t
comprehend is how someone who is, for example, shot and
killed while in the act of committing a heinous crime, may
attain repentance despite the suddenness of his death.”

(Sheikh Nazim replied) : Allah may create time within time.
The time that it takes that bullet to kill him may seem very
short to us, but for that person Allah may make it a very
long instant indeed, long enough for him to reflect upon his
whole life and repent unto his Lord. Isn’t Allah Almighty
capable of extracting a confession from His slave? – He most
certainly is.

(Question) : “But, Mevlana, how shall we understand all the
verses of Qur’an which speak about eternal Hell with no exit?’

(Answer) : Allah Almighty says in one verse of the Qur’an :
“And we don’t send our verses (Ayat) except to frighten
(Takhweefeh).” In other words, `To scare the hell out of
people.’ For example, you may say to your son, “If you don’t
stop doing that I will kill you!” In reality, you are never
going to do any such thing, but that warning may just be
sufficient to make him listen to what you are saying and
to desist from that disliked action.

(Question) ” “Mevlana, why is it that the meanings we derive
when we read the Qura’n seem to contradict the hidden meanings
which you are uncovering?”

(Answer) : Here I have some salt; it is a white powder that we
use in most of our foods. Who could guess that it consists of
two poisons that would kill whoever consumed them? Also, here
we have some water – who could guess that it consists of two
gases – two hydrogen atoms and one of oxygen? He who knows,
knows, and he who doesn’t know sees only the obvious and
apparent. The latter may deny, but his denial won’t make
him right.

“My Mercy outdoes My Anger”,

Similarly, people read the Holy Quran and understand it on
their respective levels; they may deny anything beyond their
level of understanding, but their denial doesn’t decrease in
the least the validity of the deeper truth, truth which cannot
be gained merely through outward study, but is given as a
grant from the Divine Presence.

Grandsheikh, speaking about the final results of our actions
(Aqiba) and Allah’s manner of judging them, pointed to Allah’s
word: “My Mercy outdoes My Anger”, and he said: “For me, these
are the greatest good tidings, as it gives me hope of my safety
from Hell to know that Allah Almighty’s Mercy will come and
cover everything on the Last Day”

That Divine Forgiveness will cover so many people on that day;
and the Prophet said that even Satan will be seeking
forgiveness, and hoping that it may come to him also, but more
than this the Prophet didn’t say.

Grandsheikh said that nothing from the actions of Allah
Almighty’s servants will be a burden on Allah; don’t ever
think that it could be. Now, listen carefully to the
following description which is recorded in the Holy Books:
on the Day of Judgment, Allah Almighty will order a person
to Hell, and the Angels will grab him and start dragging him
to the fire. When he realizes that this is really happening
he will turn to his Lord and say: “Oh my Lord, I never
thought that You would really put me in the fire of Hell.”
Allah then orders: “Bring him back.” He was such an evil
person, did so many dark deeds and listened always to the
dictates of his lower self, but he never lost hope in his
Lord’s Mercy for him and His reprieving him from Hell. We
can be proud of being our Lord’s servants, even if we are
not obedient ones – proud that He is such a merciful Lord
who will reprieve so many of us from the jaws of Hell, and
admit them to Paradise.

My Grandsheikh was saying that there are different stations
for each person in Paradise that Allah gave without their
ever having been asked for; that is His favour and His grant
unto His servants which he has communicated to them through
His Prophets. When our Grandsheikh was saying that even
disobedient servants will also finally attain Allah
Almighty’s Mercy, he quickly drew our attention to the
following important point: “Oh my son, I am saying that with
Allah’s Endless Mercy everyone should finally enter Paradise.
Such considerations, however, are for the common people, and
we are not seeking to stay at that level. We are asking for
the highest station, the greatest pleasure, the highest
degree for His servants: the stations of Ridwan-Allah-ul-Akbar.
With those servants our Lord will be absolutely pleased, and
they, in turn, will be absolutely pleased with their Lord.

Here is the answer to a question that anyone who is striving
hard in the way of his Lord and obeying his commandments may
ask: “Why should we make a great effort to please Allah if
there is a good chance that he will forgive us anyway?” The
answer is: The degrees in the Divine Presence of those who
have made efforts must differ from the degrees of those who
were complacent in this life.

The Two Paradises

Grandsheikh was saying, quoting the Holy Qur’an, that there
are two Paradises: one of them is the real Paradise and the
other is but a shadow or copy of it. Allah Almighty is going
to give to His servants according to what were their wishes
and desires in this life. Whoever was satisfied with this
life’s pleasures, and preferred them to the love of his Lord,
asking for ever more pleasures in everything of this world,
and giving the love of Allah the second place in his heart,
Allah will give him what he loves most: a Paradise full of
pleasures: splendid gardens, luxurious castles and lovely
virgin girls – all these gifts will be of a beauty
unimaginable, incomparable to any beauty on Earth.

The original Paradise in the Divine Presence and the highest
station (Maq’adu Sidq) is entirely different from the shadow
Paradise. The Prophet said that in that Paradise there are
no palaces, no gardens and no girls. In their place one
will find the Lord’s smiling, radiant Countenance. In the
first Paradise, the shadow Paradise, the people will regard
their Lord’s Divine Countenance once a week at the time that
we now pray the weekly congregational prayer (Salat ul-Jum’a).
When they take a look at His Face they will forget all else;
the Divine lights from His Divine Face will make them
forgetful of everything else, this will occupy them until the
veils of Majestic Grandeur are lowered; then they will return
to their selves. When they are gazing at their Lord’s
Countenance, they are taken from themselves and are no more
there, but when the Veil of Grandeur is lowered, the
inhabitants of that Paradise come to themselves and proceed
to enjoy their paradisiacal pleasures more than ever –
everything will appear new and full of more light than before.
But for those who worked in this life for His pleasure, Allah
is taking them to His Divine Presence and not letting them out.
That is the real Paradise. Our Grandsheikh was saying that to
be in the Divine Presence for only one second, he would give
all the eight Paradises – it is so valuable an experience.

In general, the people now living in this life like it more
than they like the worship of their Lord, for which they are
making only minimal efforts. In their hearts, this life
takes the first place and Allah takes the second; in the
afterlife, they will find everything according to what was
their liking here on Earth. The inhabitants of both Paradises
will be perfectly pleased with their Lord: those who are in
the Divine Presence will be pleased, and the inhabitants of
the Gardens will also be pleased – everyone will be content.
Now, you are all free to chose: If you prefer physical
enjoyments, you will find what you are accustomed to, but
if, in this life, you cultivate love for your Lord in your
hearts, then, in that life, you will find His Presence.

For each group there will be eternal improvement – everyone
will be improving within their stations. Allah Almighty will
bestow on them ever increasing bounties, always corresponding
to their levels. For example, an immature child is not going
to enjoy the company of adults – he will rather seek the
company of other children – just as an adult will not be
content among children; and so, in the afterlife, each
will blossom on his own branch and will never look to his
position as being in the least deficient: there will be no
envy on the part of the inhabitants of the lower Paradise
in regards to those of the higher realms, for their
satisfaction with their Lord’s favour will be complete.

The effigy

A QUESTION WAS ASKED AT THIS POINT: “Mevlana, in the light
of these good tidings from the secrets of the Holy Qur’an,
namely: that Allah’s Mercy encompasses all, that the mere
assumption of Allah’s Mercy is sufficient for attaining it,
and that neither body nor soul will shoulder the blame for
bad actions and will thus escape punishment – in the light
of these teachings the element of fear seems to be negated.
So many of us came to Islam because of the fear of Hell that
we feel when we read about it in the Holy Qur’an; won’t this
news of Allah’s All-Embracing Mercy eliminate the fear of
Hell as a deterrent of bad actions?”

The Sheikh answered:

We can understand that punishment is Allah’s way of purifying
the servant for his entry into bliss. Many people will suffer
in their graves, on the Day of Resurrection and in the fires
of Hell. Absolute Justice will reprieve both body and soul
from punishment, and forgiveness will be granted; but from
those dirty actions which have come out of the interaction of
body and soul, Allah will create shapes in the exact likeness
of the sinners to represent them in Hell. This likeness or
effigy will be just as dirty as those actions were, and it
will stay in Hell until it is cleaned. In the face of this
punishment, one will suffer intensely – his shame will be so
great, and at that time so difficult to bear, that he will
wish for the Earth to swallow him.

There is a famous tradition (Hadith) from the Holy Prophet
which will shed more light upon the point in question. He
said that once a man died and was laid in his grave where
two Angels came to question him, saying: “Who is your Lord?
What is your religion? Who is your Prophet? And what is the
Book that he brought?” He withstood this interrogation and
gave all the correct answers, so that, when the angels left,
an opening formed in his grave and through this entered a
person of such beauty, elegance and delightful fragrance
that he couldn’t turn his eyes away from him. He had never
seen such a magnificent person, and his happiness at
beholding him was so great that, if it could have been
divided among the whole World, no one would have remained
sad. He asked that radiant person: “Oh my Lord’s servant,
who might you, be?” That person replied with the sweetest
voice: “I am your good actions. My Lord created me from the
good actions performed throughout your life, and now I am
your friend and companion forever.”

Then the Prophet went on to say that if, however, a person
has spent his life committing evil deeds and then, in his
grave, is not able to answer the questions of the Angels
correctly, there will come to him a person so ugly, so
vile and so wile impossible to imagine. How do you feel
when a scorpion or a cobra is creeping up upon you? The
disgust and repulsion he will feel at the sight of his
horrible shape will be far in excess of that, and he will
be thinking only of how he could escape from that grave,
but it is impossible and every way he turns he will be
facing that hideous apparition. You cannot imagine the
distress he will find himself in. Finally, that horrid
shape will take him in its arms and embrace him, exuding
such a stench, that if you were to smell it now, you would
not be able to eat for the next forty days.

Then the person in the grave will say: “I seek refuge in
Allah from you! Who are you?” The vile creature will
answer: “Don’t you recognize me? You were with me all
your life and you were very proud of me; I accompanied
you to so many bars, casinos and houses of ill repute, and
now you will not know me? I am your bad actions; I carried
you all your life, and now you must carry me – I shall be
with you until Judgement Day.” Then, he and his bad actions
will lie in that grave, and for that reason the grave is
called `the box of works’.

On the Day of Resurrection, Allah orders for the effigy of
those bad actions to be thrown into Hell, while the person
stands on the heights between paradise and Hell (Al-A’raf)
to observe, in a state of shame and contrition, the
punishment being dealt out to him, unto the form of his
bad actions. Then, finally, when he has been cleansed of
those dirty actions, he is freed of them and passes on to
the gates of Paradise. There he finds two springs, two
pools of water big enough for the whole Nation of Mankind
(Ummah) to bathe in. In the first spring, all those who
enter it will be transformed physically, so that they emerge
in a form befitting the inhabitants of Paradise: if they be
male, they will come out as handsome as the Prophet Yusuf
and if they be women, they will be transformed into
equivalent beauties.

From the second spring they will drink, and this drink
will eliminate all of the ego’s bad characteristics.
Both physically and spiritually clean, handsome and
excellent, they will pass through a gate so wide that one
billion people may pass at one time; but immediately on
entering Paradise, each one will find his own private way
to his own private Paradise, where he will be with his
loved ones.

That is the final destination, but along the way one will
encounter many troubles, as the results of bad actions are
sufferings. The Prophet said that his Nation (Umma) would
often find punishment in this life rather than in the next
and that each of those sufferings in this World would amount
to forgiveness there. This applies to all people after the
time of Muhammed, Peace be upon him, for now all people
belong to his Nation, whether they like it or not. There now
remains no Nation belonging to any of the former Prophets,
as their time has passed and gone. This is the time of the
Last Prophet, and, at the end of time, Isa (alai) will
return and announce that he and all Prophets before him
are followers of Muhammed, on whom be Peace.

The General Amnesty

Allah Almighty has created Hell for the purpose of cleaning
and purifying, as He does not like to make people suffer
without wisdom. This is Grandsheikh’s understanding and it
was also Sheikh Muhiyuddin Ibn al Arabi’s understanding of
the Holy Tradition (Hadith Qudsi): “My Mercy surpasses My
Anger.” Therefore, we may hope for the final outcome to be
a `General Amnesty’ for everyone, and we are pleased by that
prospect. For example, you may be in a palace full of every
comfort, but the fact that there are suffering people outside
your palace prevents you from being truly happy; when,
however, you learn that all those people have attained mercy
according to their levels, you will feel relieved and say:
“Now Allah has expanded His encompassing Mercy to everyone”.

It is a good manner to always think about our own egos as
being worthy of eternal punishment in Hell. We can hope for
reprieve only through Allah’s All-encompassing Mercy, and we
ought never to assume that we will be the first to enter
Paradise; instead, we should always think to ourselves: “I am
the worst and my ego is the dirtiest; were it not for Allah’s
Mercy, I would surely be destined for Hell. My only hope is His

In a famous hadith the Prophet, peace be upon him, is related
to have said: “To him who knows no mercy, no mercy will be
shown.” The merciless person in whose heart there is no wish
for mercy for anyone, he will himself not taste of mercy.
Mercy attracts more mercy, cruelty attracts cruelty, badness
draws badness and goodness draws goodness. But mercy dwells
in the hearts of all true believers and therefore, in the
face of the punishment, so many saints will run forward
offering to take the punishment of so many others upon
themselves – this is the degree of mercy and self sacrifice
their hearts have attained – however, it is not Allah’s way
to lay any burden or punishment on his saints in the
afterlife, nor to punish any individual for sins he has not

Sultan Al-Arifin, Abu Yazid Al-Bistami, once said: “Oh my
Lord, You have Power over all things and You have absolute
Power to do anything You wish to do; therefore, I am asking
You now to make my body so big as to fill the seven Hells,
so that no place remains for other people. Every punishment
You would give to Your people, pour it on me instead.”
Then came the Divine reply: “Oh My servant, are you trying
to compete with Me in generosity and mercy whereas I am the
Most Merciful of the Merciful (Arham-ur-Rahimeen), the Most
Generous of the Generous (Akram-ul-Akrameen)? All your
generosity and mercy is only like a drop in an endless
ocean compared to My Mercy and Generosity that I am giving
out to My servants every minute, and I demand of you no
blood sacrifice.”

Grandsheikh says” “Whenever I speak on this subject, I am
always asking Divine Permission to bring out more and more
good tidings of Allah’s endless Mercy and Generosity Now we
are giving these good tidings, and if you are not receiving
them with welcome, then you are only making yourselves suffer.
If there is anyone objecting and saying that there must be
eternal Hell, then he may go there. We are trying to pull
them into our Lord’s Mercy Oceans – but they intend to put
everyone in Hell, and they never think that they themselves
will enter it; therefore they are agonized and outraged by
our good tidings to the servants of our Lord.”


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