Below is a message recieved regarding Sheykh Mevlana’s sohbet about the nature of Isa (as) which he made after the Pope attacked our Prophet (saw) and religion.

Dear Sir
You claim “We are not to attack the Christians or Jews.”
What absolute rubbish.
Review what is happening now in Sudan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Israel and Afganistan and Pakistan. Violence and attacks against Christians and their places of worship.


Muslims have a long and bloody history of violence against Jews and Christians.

In Oct 2002 Ayatollah Mohsen Mujtahed Shabestari called for the death of 4 prominent American Christians including Franklin Graham.

If you believe the murder of innocent people is what power and strength is all about you are profoundly misled and influenced by Satan.

In the end Islam will be seen for what it is. A religion with Satanic Origins. If muslims do not repent and follow Jesus they will spend eternity in hell. This is a fact.

The Bible is very Clear. See Galatians Chap 2 verse 16.

“Know that a man is not justified by observing the law.” Justification is ONLY through faith in Christ.”

For your only eternal benefit turn from evil and read the Bible.


Selamu Aleykum Phil,

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You talk about the long and bloody history but give examples from recent events. You’re talking about some Iranian Shia mullah who gave a fatwa just yesterday and blaming Islam??!! You can’t compare. You have no idea of world politics. The Shia don’t even represent the majority of Muslims. Anybody who understands Islam will see what it brought to humanity. Spirituality, science, civilization. Yes, most of the ideas of Evangelists are based on Protestant thought, which borrowed from medieval Islamic knowledge. There’s no need to go into the roots of the Renaissance and how it was mainly the knowledge that the West took from Muslims that made them wake up and smell the roses. And in the mean time, what were the Europeans doing? Not much, other than killing each other, and trying to discover how to clean up after visiting the bathroom.

In this last one hundred years, every body’s killing each other. Western technology has brought about weapons of mass destruction. It has been the bloodiest century mankind has ever seen. More than 180 million people were killed. Think about it. World War I and WWII and all the rest. Christians didn’t kill Jews? They slaughtered Jews all throughout their history. Christians never went around America and massacred the natives, slaughtered, completely destroyed and erased their culture? Is this their contribution to humanity. While in Muslim lands, all the minority religions survive to this day only because they were allowed to. Nobody was forced into Islam. It is not allowed. The languages, culture, religion, everything could have been wiped out. Look at the Holy Land. For hundreds of years, these people lived together, especially under the Ottoman Empire. No other religious empire reached to the heights of power and tolerance like the Ottomans did. No comparison.

If you want more information about Islam, you should stop watching TV and do some real research. That doesn’t mean Christian websites either. Anyone who’s looking for real information about anything can’t take their information from a local pastor. You believe
that. OK. Prove it to me.

By the way, the Crusades happened 300 years before the establishment of the Ottoman Empire. Which Christianity are you identifying with? With the Crusades? Then why aren’t you Catholic? What is the history of this Christianity that you’re talking about? You don’t even live your religion as it was sent down. Christians, with the passage of time have ruined their religion and changed it to fit their egoistic desires. So the law only belongs to the Jews? The New Testament is only about love and faith?

You’re telling me the Creator of everything in existence knowing full well my capacity for reason hasn’t provided me with a way through that intellect to reach and understand the necessity of faith and guidance? But you’ve already condemned me to Hell before explaining to me how I should live and what I should do. That’s alright. Because Islam is the Truth. Otherwise, it would not have survived to this day under those circumstances. More than 1.2 billion people would not be following if it were violent.

What’s your authority that you can take a 1700 year-old scripture, take one line out of context and make an all encompassing eternal adjudication of every one’s life. What kind of mentality is this? Is this proper thinking? We are following Isa (Jesus Christ) since it is one of the fundamentals of our belief, if you know anything about it. We’re hoping to be with him when he comes down again. He will decide among the two of us which one is right. We will see.

If you’re sincere, may you be guided to the Truth. If you have evil intentions, may you find what you’re looking for.