Monday, January 15th, 2007

A couple of pretty pictures taken from last week’s light snow. Mashallah on the Nur:

Snowy Dergah Jan 2007 i

Snowy Dergah Jan 2007 ii



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Zul Hijja 10, 1427 (December 30, 2006)  Eid al-Adha (Feast of Kurban) Khutba

Osmanli Dergahi, Sidney Center, NY

Alhamdulillah. Wa shukr Allah. Astaghfirullah.

We are thanking to our Lord, Allah subhanahu wata’ala. He has created us from nothing. He has given life to us. He is sending us to this World. He is giving everything, what is necessary and need for us, to continue our life. One thing He is asking from us. One thing. To be a thankful servant. Nothing else. And [the] thankful servant is that one who is accepting his Lord’s invitation. He is giving [an] invitation to us, saying to us, “I have created you for Paradise. I have not created you for Fire. The reason of your creation is Paradise.” From the Adam aleyhis selam, continue coming down, to Muhammad aleyhis salatu wasselam. [One] hundred [and] twenty four thousand prophets, Allah subhanahu wata’ala sent to this mankind. To Us. To direct us from the wrong direction, from one-way street, one-way road, to the straight road that it will take us to Paradise. From Adam aleyhis selam until now, mankind is insisting, running after to enter to Fire. And the mercy of Allah subhanahu wata’ala is reaching. Non-stop sending.

Sending guides to us, to take us from that wrong direction, to turn our face to the right direction. Mankind, leaving the way of the prophets, they are going to loose the way. No other man has the formula in their hand to direct people from this World to where they are going. Except prophets. Allah sent prophets to us to show us the way. And the last Prophet have came and [he is] gone. No more prophet coming. The seals of the prophet[s] and the most beloved one in Divine Presence, Muhammad aleyhis salatu wasselam.

You should be happy that Allah subhanahu wata’ala have counted you from among that Prophet. That prophets, that He [is] giving Prophethood to them, they wanted to be, not to be a prophet, but one ummat of that Prophet. Every prophet asked that. And Allah subhanahu wata’ala [was] saying to them, “What I am pleasing in you, [is] what I have given to you. What I am giving to those nations, that they are going to be the Nation of Muhammad, that is what I am pleasing with them. Be happy [with] what I have given to you. They should be happy that they are one [of the] followers of that Prophet.” We should be happy. We should check our self. We should check our intentions. We should check our life. Is it fitting to the teachings of that Prophet, that we are accepting and we are following? If it is not fitting, to the teachings of that Prophet, shame to you. You must say to yourself, I must say to myself, “Shame to me! That Allah subhanahu wata’ala have created me and count me among that Prophet’s Nation, and I am not doing it.”

Complaints, non-stop coming. Saying, “My son is not listening to me, my daughter is not listening to me, my husband is not listening to me, my wife is not listening to me, my mother is not listening to me, my father is not listening to me, my worker is not listening to me, my boss is not listening to me, my president is not listening to me, my nation is not listening to me.” Everyone [is] complaining. Ahir Zaman: The End of the Times. The whole World is preparing to their end. The last nations on the face of earth, made this earth [a] place that the real people don’t want to live anymore. That they are asking, saying, “Ya Rabbi, take us from this World.” And [the] Holy Prophet [is] saying, “It is forbidden [for] a man to ask that. But [the] time is going to come, and some people from my Nation when they are passing through the cemeteries they are going to say, “I wish I was one of those people, that I was in this cemetery, that not seeing all these wrong things, that the Lord of the Heavens is giving to this mankind, and they [are] not being thankful ones.” Finding, so many, their children is not listening to them, they [are] kicking them from the house. Their own children. They [are] kicking them from their house. Because they [are] not listening to them. They may have some rights to do. Yes.

What about us? We [are] not listening to our Lord. We [are] not listening to those guides that He sent to us. And those guides that they are [the] most perfect and clean one[s], they have suffered for our sake. We [are] not listening to them. But, we cannot bare the pain, [of] what is waiting later. So many Allah is showing to us, East and West, North and South. We should not wait until death [is] coming to us. To our door. To our house. We cannot carry that pain. It is very heavy. And the end, [to] those people who’s not living according to the Laws of Allah and His Prophet, they are paying [a] very heavy price. They are paying [the] price with their own life. And they [are] suffering.

This life is still with us. We must make [the] intention in the Holy Day like this. Yes, Holy Day. Holy Day in Islam, that we must celebrate this celebration, meaning according to the borderlines of Islam, that Allah subhanahu wata’ala has permit us. We must enjoy this day. But looking at East and West, looking at North and South, looking at [the] Nation of Muhammed, looking at [the] people that’s around us, looking at our own families, looking at our own childrens, we [are] not tasting that enjoyment. It’s not. Because everyone [is] running top speed for their ego. To satisfy only their desires, that is passing. We must wake up. We must wake up before it’s too late to us.

Today, right now, the Hajis, they just came down [from] throwing stone[s] to Sheytan. Not going there throwing those stones to Sheytan, that is going to do anything to Sheytan. No. The meaning of that, they are taking that characteristics, those Sheytanic characteristics that is inside of them, throwing back to that Sheytan, saying, “Take this proudness away! I’m a servant. I cannot be proud. Take this arrogance away! I’m a servant. I cannot be arrogant. Take this jealousy and envy away! I’m a servant. I cannot be jealous and envious. Take all these wrong characteristic[s] that you have [been] teaching us. Back to you. And we are making [the] intention to be a servant to our Lord.” The highest station that the man can reach: to be [a] servant. To be [a] servant to his Lord. That time, that station puts you higher than the angels. Because Allah subhanahu wata’ala has created those angels. They have no need. They [are] just doing the reason of their creation, and worshipping non-stop. To their Lord. They don’t have ego. They don’t have desires. They don’t have that freewill that we have. Allah subhanahu wata’ala created us, saying, “I have created you in Ahsani Taqweem, the most perfect ones. And I have created you for my service. And [if] you are doing that service I will give you in this World, and while you are in this World, you will [be] reaching to the higher stations, you will [be] reaching to the stations of angels, you may be reaching to the higher [stations] than the angels. If you are not following, what I have been giving to you, you are falling to the levels of the animals, you may fall lower than the animals. Because I have not created you to be [an] animal. I have not created you to be [an] angel. But I have created you, what I have been giving to you, [is] between animal and angels. You have both in you. If you turn your face toward to Me, to My prophets, I will make you the best one. You will live. You [will] enjoy everything that I am giving to you. You will become a thankful servant, and I will open doors to you to Paradise. You will see where you are going. If you are not using that, you are falling to the low levels. And Allah [is] saying to us, “Animal! But you are not [an] animal. You are falling lower than that.” Because the animal I have created for your service. Today, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of animals, they are slaughtering. Allah subhanahu wata’ala’s mercy to us with that.

When Ibrahim aleyhis selam promised to Allah subhanahu wata’ala that he will sacrifice the most beloved thing to him, to his Lord. When his son [is] growing, and his love is growing to that son, that order is given to him. Saying, “Ya Ibrahim. Have you forgot[ten] your promise to me?” And Ibrahim aleyhis selam knowing and saying, “No Ya Rabbi, I have not. But you know my attachment to this one, that I am so loving and I cannot separate. But I have promised you. And I’m going to slaughter this one. I’m going to sacrifice this one for you.” If you have a son, you understand. What is the sacrificing that you are giving that time? And what is the blessing and the mercy that Allah have sent to you? When Ibrahim aleyhis selam, the most holy prophet, the friend of Allah, sacrificing his son, and Allah subhanahu wata’ala watching him, and all angels they [are] watching him. And the submission that his son is giving to his father, and the father that is giving submission to his Lord. When Ismail aleyhis selam, looking at his father’s face and saying, “My father, now I have understood. Now I am knowing, that I will be sacrificed. I will ask you one question before I go. Which one is most merciful? You or me?” And his father is looking and saying, “Oh my son, you are the most beloved thing to me, and I am ready to sacrifice you, for my Lord. I must be.” And he’s saying, “No my father, you cannot be. It is me. Because I have only one life, and I am giving this life, sacrificing this life, because you have ordered. Because you asked for Allah subhanahu wata’ala for my life. And I have no rejection to that. And I’m submitting myself to you. It must be me. And the sounds they [are] hearing, “The One that has created you both is more merciful than both of you. Now, take this ram. Sacrifice this ram. And you and all the nations coming until judgment day, never promise such a thing like that to me again. Because the promise that you are giving, you cannot do. And I am more merciful than you. I am not there to separate you from your families. But I am there sending you these orders and laws to keep you together in this World, to keep you together [in the] Hereafter.”

Running so many, loving their children saying, “I love my child. I love my daughter and I love my son.” And I’m saying, “What are you doing to them? What kind of life you are presenting to them? Which direction are you pulling them as of parents? Are you in the way of Allah and his Prophet, and they’re going to admire you to run after? Or you are in the direction of Sheytan, and they’re going to run after you. They are fruit from you. They’re going to run to that direction, if you are not in the right direction. But Allah is continuously sending that mercy to us, non-stop. We must wake up. We must look around, what’s happening around us in this World. Every incident that’s happening in this World, it is a lesson to us. Either we take [a] lesson form those incidents that is happening, or one day Allah subhanahu wata’ala will make us [a] lesson to somebody else. Allah [is] saying to us, “What is your value you think is, that I have created you, and you are not opening your hand to ask from me? What kind of value [do] you think you have that time? You have no value in My Presence. I am the One who give you the life. I am the One who’s giving everything to you. You are not asking from Me. You have no value. You have no value with Me. Go find another Lord for yourself. You have no value.” We must understand this.

And anyone who’s making [the] intention to change, in this day like that, the last hutba that the Holy Prophet aleyhis salatu wasselam is giving to [a] hundred [and] twenty four thousand sahabi, they [are] watching him. And saying to them, giving hutba to them, in that day, in the day like this, saying to them, “Oh my Nation. Now Allah subhanahu wata’ala[’s] mercy have reached to you, and taking you from that ignorance time, from that darkness, and putting you, making you, the highest ones in the creation, Sahabei Kiram, that no one is going to reach to your stations. No matter what they do, they [are] not going to reach. Because you have proven yourself. You have proven your promise to your Lord, that you are coming from that darkness, and you [are] turning and you are throwing everything away. And you proved yourself to your Lord: you sacrificed your children, you sacrificed your wealth, you sacrificed everything that Allah has given to you. And Allah He’s accepted it. Now if you have a duty, you must give this message to the people who’s coming after you. And did I give you the message? Say?” And they say, “ You did Ya Rasulallah. You did give us the message. You did Ya Rasulallah.” And the Holy Prophet raising his hand saying, “Ya Rabbi, be [The] Witness on them that I did my part. I give them the message, now it’s for them to give this message for the generation that is coming after, and those that is coming after, they must give that message to others.” Anyone who’s hearing this message, they’re responsible.

They’re going to be responsible on the Judgment Day. Allah is giving us a free life. Yes. Free. He didn’t put [a] leash around our neck. Because we are not animal[s]. But everything is in His hand. If He doesn’t permit – hhhh – the air that you [are] taking it doesn’t come in and you die. If He doesn’t permit – wehhh – air that doesn’t come out and you die. That’s how close you are to death. You still want to understand the mercy of the Lord? Allah subhanahu wata’ala. That is mercy. Hhhh – every breath that you [are] taking, He’s giving you life. Every breath that you [are] giving out, He’s giving you life.

Halifa is asking, to a wise man, one of the most high Halifa[s], Harun Rashid, The Rightly Guided, and his nation, all loving him. Walking in the street like a normal ordinary person. No one is think to attack that Halifa. Because his people [were] loving him. He was [a] just one. And he’s asking, to a saint, saying, “Give me [an] advice, to live according to that advice.” Saying to him, “Ya Halifa, what you will do, if you are thirsty in the desert, would you give, for [a] drop of water, that you are so thirsty, half a glass of water, would you give half the wealth that you have? For that water? You know there is no water, and you will die in the desert. Would you give the half? He said, “Yes.” He says, “The other half of your wealth, [as] soon as you drink the water and you need to go to [the] toilet and if it’s not coming out, that water, would you give the other half?” “Yes” He says, “What is all this wealth? Why [are] you running after all this? It’s not even worth it for half [a] glass of water, that is coming in you and is going out. Why [are] you running after this?” And he’s giving [a] lesson to the most righteous Halifa, that in his time, there was no poverty, that people, they were living in peace. It’s a lesson to us. We must take that. If we don’t take, we will become [a] lesson. This life, this breath of life is given to us. We are breathing that life.

If we are not following the footsteps of the Holy Prophet aleyhis salatu wasselam, we will not know how to live. Impossible. Impossible to know how to live, we will not even know how to sit. We will not even know how to eat. We will not even know how to drink. We will not know how to sleep. No. He’s teaching us everything. Most praised one in Divine Presence. And we are one of his Nation. Yes, we must take that very seriously, in this Holy Day, that the majority of Muslims today, majority of Muslims, that they [are] carrying [a] name, Muslim names, and they say, “I’m Muslim,” they’re not celebrating this day, this Holy Day, but they [are] running to celebrate the imaginationary calendar. Not a real calendar. Not even in the Christian World, [is it a] real calendar. But it’s just imaginationary, fake calendar. That the new year, they [are] running to do that tonight. Tomorrow They [are] running to go crazy. Millions running. And everywhere I’m watching, newspapers in Muslim nations, the Televisions, the Internet pages, they [are] reminding people, the Noel, the New Year Day. They [are] not reminding people this day. This Eid. It is a big test, this year for [the] whole Nation of Muhammed.

It is a bigger test that we are falling in today. Allah subhanahu wata’ala [is] watching everything, what we are doing, and tomorrow we will go to His Presence with what we did. If you know that you did, you run. Yes, we know that everything that we do doesn’t fit to present to our Lord, to His majesty, [those] that say, “We are your servant.” No. If we sit and we pray twenty-four hours, we cannot say to our Lord, “Yes, Ya Rabbi. I am coming to your Presence with this.” We cannot. But Allah subhanahu wata’ala [is] accepting it, saying to us, “Because of the most beloved ones, because of those ones that they did, they run after, and their service to me is most beloved. Because you are following – trying to follow their footsteps, I am accepting yours too.” That way, we will find safety inshallah ul-Rahman.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. La Ilaha Illallahu, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, Walillahil Hamd.


Mevlana Seyh M. Nazim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi Hazretleri

11 Dhul Hijja 1427 (December 31, 2006)

Eid hutbe (on day of official Turkish bayram)

Lefke, Kibris

“Who is on the Right Path Finds Me!”

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaytani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim.

O people, we are coming for Eid praying, Eidu-l Adha, Kurban Bayram. Allah
has gathered us for this. We hope that next year the flag of Islam to be
raised in East and West and that Dunya will be in peace. Shaytan’s Sultanate
is disturbing the peace.

We are waiting for the Sultan! We are looking after a Sultan that just he
had been promised through our most praised Prophet Muhammad – sallaLlahu
alayhi wa sallam -, when Last Days approaching and going to be Islam only to
be by name and Muslims never taking any care for Islam, they are not
practicing, not obeying. That day should come that shaytan (is) establishing
his sultanate on earth and from East to West all nations going to follow
him. Muslims therefore only going to be by name, but not practicing Islam,
Holy Rules sent by Allah Almighty.

We are in it now and I am not happy! And every Muslims I think they are
never happy with sultanate of shaytan. Shaytan just divided Muslims through
40, 45, 50 states and everyone they are against each other and Allah
Almighty (is) saying: “…wa atassimu bi habli-llahi jamian wa la tafarraqu: O
believers! You must be all together, like one hand! Don’t be separated!”
What Allah Almighty saying, first Arabs understanding wrong! They are
separated. Turks, Pakistanis, Berberians, Malaysians – everywhere Muslims
separated, not hearing (?). But Allah Almighty preparing (something) for
them, to make them on right path! One slap coming on them!

The days of tyrants coming ??? One after one (they are) going to be taken
away… therefore I am asking, O Allah Almighty, to reach coming year with
full power of Islam over all world, global! No any wrong way – wrong ways
should be destroyed – only one way, Sirata-l Mustaqim, that Allah Almighty
saying: “This is My Way that is just (the) true way, (the) right path,
because who (is) coming on that way, (is) coming and finding Me and (is)
going to be with Me and I am rewarding them for eternal life, for eternity!”

O people, ask eternity, (ask) to reach eternity! We are not going to live
forever on earth, no, everyone born must die. But that is good chance,
perfect chance for a person to be taken from this life to other life and he
is on path of Allah Almighty.

Try to be on right path, O people! Leave wrong ways – wrong ways all
shaytanic! If you like to be in good life, perfect, peaceful life here, hear
and obey to Allah Almighty Orders! If not – no one (is) going to be (in a)
peaceful life on this planet, and when (they are) going to die, (they will
be) going to Hells. No peace for them here or Hereafter.

O people! Therefore you must ask from Allah Almighty: “Ya Rabbi, let us to
be for us good shepherds, O our Lord, to make our ways good ways and to
follow Your good shepherds to reach to Your Pleasure!”

O people, ask from Allah Almighty: “Ya Rabbi, we live (for You???)… O our
Lord, give us a chance to make You pleased with us!”

For everything ask: “If I am doing this, (is) my Lord going to be pleased
with me or not?” This is (the) balance through all Holy Books – Old
Testament, New Testament, Psalms, Holy Quran – and all Messengers from
Sayyidina Adam – alayhi salam – up to end, ending with Sayyidina Muhammad –
sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam -, all of them (were) trying to teach people
that they should do their best to make their Lord pleased with them!

La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadun

SubhanAllah, SultanAllah! SubhanAllah SultanAllah!

Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin! Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin!
Ya Allah!

No any Khatib may speak what we speak! This is one place here and just
reached East and West!

May Allah forgive me and you and bless you, His Mu’min servants!

May Allah give us from His endless Mercy Oceans to be strong believers and
full with love of Allah and His most Beloved, most praised servant,
Rasulullah, and His Awliya and Mu’mins!