February 2007

Sohbet by Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim


Friday, 10 Sha’ban, 1425 (September 24th, 2004).

Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Manhattan Dergah, NYC.

If someone is studying to be a Hafez after thirty years of age,
never will a good Hafez come out from that person. Because after
thirty years of age, whatever (bones) that has to sit in the throat
or in the body has already taken their forms. You need to practice
in an early age to become a Hafez, to bring that out and the
vocabulary to be corrected and the voice to come out right.

You want to be a singer? You cannot be a singer after thirty years
of age. They’ll start when they’re fifteen-sixteen years old.They
don’t just become singers like that. So now, you can recite Qur’an
very nicely. I’ll bring here a person to recite the Qur’an. And your
heart is going to move from its place from the way he recites. But
he is a Yahudi. He is not accepting Islam. I’ll take you to
Manhattan down to the third avenue where he has a store and you will
see the ayats of Qur’an around. When you look at the guy he’ll say, “Salam
aleykum brother”,that’s what he says to people. When he’s giving them
stuff he says, “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.” But he’s Coptic,
he’s not a Muslim. And he says to me, “I fool so many Muslims.
And I make my business.”

So where is the hadith of Holy Prophet (saw) saying, “Be careful of
the vision of a believer?” That means when you look at him and if
the person says to you, “Selam alaykum brother”, “Oh aleykum salam
brother.” Huh, you got fooled already. How do you know he is a
Muslim? From where do you know?

Today so many appearing, so many leaders of Muslims, looks like
Muslims, they are appearing everywhere, but they’re not Muslims.
They are not following Islam and they are not following Islam in the
way of the Holy Prophet (saw). So now, today, it’s one of the worst
times that this world was ever in. It has never been like this
before. So in this time sincerity that’s the most important matter.
First you have to be sincere with yourself, your own self. Once you are
sincere with yourself you will be sincere with your Lord. I don’t
have to prove to anybody that I am sincere. Nor are you going to
have to prove. But you have to know that you are sincere with
yourself and with your Lord. So that person who is sincere with
himself and with his Lord, when he looks at you he’s going to know
that you’re sincere too. Because they’re getting it from the same
source. It’s coming to everybody from the same place. Understand?

Everyone is here willingly. We didn’t open a school to teach you how
to read the Qur’an. No. We have opened a school to teach people
how to go from dunya to akhirat, how to find safety. Yes. And so
many imams and so many hafez and so many shaykhs they have to come
to know. What? What I’m saying to you. Can you say that too? I have
a key. Open the gate and go. Find the way. You don’t have it.They
don’t have it. They can say that they have it. I’ll ask them one
word and they’re going to fail. It is impossible for them to know
that. It is impossible for them to know where their graves are. Who
knows where is your grave? Where your grave is going to be, do you
know? (Shaykh Efendi looking at different people from the audience
and asking) Do you know? Do you know? Do they know?

Some people they know. Before their death, it’s shown to them
already. They are already prepared for that, never caring for dunya.
They are not in dunya for dunya. They are in dunya to save as much
people as they can from that Fire. That’s what they are looking at.
They’re not looking at how you’re reciting, they’re not looking at
how you’re thinking, they’re not looking at how you’re making.
They’re only saying, “Fire! Fire! Fire is going to Burn! You recite
or you don’t recite. You take this book (Shaykh Efendi holding a
copy of the Qur’an in his hand), you throw it into the fire, and the
fire is going to burn this book. You understand? They are the ayats
of Allah. Doesn’t matter. The duty of the fire is to burn. The
nature of the fire is to burn.


The nature of the knife is to cut. Go ahead say to me that it
doesn’t cut. Look how fast it will take your head. But the same knife
didn’t cut Ismail (as). And Ibrahim (as) used it like that but it didn’t
cut and he got so upset that he hit it to the stone.
The stone broke and the knife didn’t cut him. And he got
upset and he said to the knife, “Oh knife! What’s the matter with
you, why are you not cutting?” The knife said, “Because I obey
Allah. Allah says to me don’t cut Ismail (as).” Huh! But that was
Ismail and his faith reached to Allah and Allah ordered the knife
saying, “Your nature is to cut, but you cannot cut Ismail.”
So first you have to become Ismail. Then you have to become Ibrahim.
To sacrifice. One, he sacrificed his self to Allah and the other one
sacrificed his son to Allah. Two different secrets there.

University? You go there too? There are teachers that I know in
Hunter College and Columbia too who teach Islam. And they teach
hadith. They are teachers and they teach real hadith and so many
Sunnis don’t know those hadith. But they themselves are Christians.
They teach people hadith, they teach people Qur’an but themselves,
they are not so. They are not good for anything. They are good for
something, they are like candles. It burns, gives light to others,
but it burns itself and disappears.


There are so many people that came to Islam from the time of the
Holy Prophet (aleyhi salatu wa salam) until today. Majority of the
Sahaba-e Kiram they were Ummi people. They were illiterate. It’s
because those people that were following the Prophet (saw) in the
beginning, there were so many among them that were slaves. They
didn’t know how to read and write. They were illiterate ones. The
more illiterate they were, the higher stations they got. The more
illiterate a person is, the higher the station he may reach. Because
now the person will never challenge himself or others saying, “I
know.” He’ll say, “I don’t know anything, but if Allah teaches me I

So it’s coming to my heart, I see they write books about him, our
Grandshaykh, Shaykh Abdullah Daghistani. He was an illiterate man.
He didn’t speak any Arabic too. But no Arabs, Ulama or Alim could
stand in front of him. Understand? So that’s not intelligence,that
is only Kibr. Kibr is pride. What do you know? Nothing. What is it
that you know? Nothing. They think that going to a Yahudi school
where the Yahudi is going to give a diploma to say, “I know
something?” Of course they are going to know something. They are
going to know what kind of poison that Darwin put in it, and you are
always going to have doubts. You’re never going to reach the
complete station of Faith and submission. Because there is always
going to be a question mark there.


Even Imam Gazzali. He was a big scholar. And he was moving around
with his books too. It was like he was carrying his library with
him. Any place that he was going, he was going with all his books on
top of his camel. One day as he was passing through the mountains
and the rebels stopped him. They said, “What is it of value that you
have?” He said, “Well I have something that is very valuable but it
is not any good for you.” So the rebel leader says, “What is it?”
He says, “Books”. “What are you doing with these books?”
He says to them, “These are the knowledge that I have learned and
I have put them in books.” So the rebel leader says, “You mean you are
the one who put them in the books?” He says, “Yes.” “Then why
are you carrying these books?” He says, “At times I forget and I
check the books.” He says to him, “You are writing these things into
the books and you need the books to look to see?” “Yes.” He says,
“Your kind of Alim we don’t need.” He says to his people, “Take his
books and burn them all.” “You don’t do that to me.” He says,
“Yes I am going to do it. An Alim like you is going to put this nation
into the wrong direction. Because what you are saying you need to put in
books later to say when people asks, “Let me check the book.”” He
says, “If I take the books from you, what is going to happen?
You’ll have no knowledge. We don’t need you.” So they burned it.

So Imam Gazzali started thinking. Up until that time he didn’t
think. He’s saying in his book after that. He starts thinking and
he says, “That rebel leader taught me a lesson. There must be some
other way. There must be some other way to know these.” He
says, “That is the time I concentrated on the heart and that is
the time I needed a Shaykh.” He found a shaykh and his shaykh was an
illiterate man. He was a knowledgeable one, Alim, and his shaykh was
an illiterate man. He says, “Ok, follow and do these these these
and these and it may open in your heart certain things. Now you don’t
need the books anymore because your book is dead. You’ll always
get from that Book.”


Now these people are the ones who are the role models of Islam and
they are the Alims of Islam and they turned around. Abu Hanifa, Imam
Hanafi, Abu Hanifa was giving fatwa, and the books that he had is
going to fill up this whole room. But Abu Hanifa is saying, “If
it wasn’t for three years of my life, Nu’man would be in the
Hellfire.” His name was Nu’man. Up until that time he didn’t have a
shaykh. He is the person who saw and sat with the Sahaba. And then he went and
he gave initiation to Jafar-e Sadiq (ra), and that is the time that
he said, “If it wasn’t for three years”, because for
three years he was following him, “If it wasn’t for three years, I’d be
ruined.” And after that time he gave fatwas, so many fatwas.

(Shaykh Efendi now speaking to the person sitting in front of him in
reply to whose question this Sohbet came down)

Shaykh Efendi: what do you say? Rizviya? What is that?

Questioner: It’s a school of thought in Pakistan. They belong to
the Sunni mazhab.

Shaykh Efendi: Yeah? Tabligh Jamat is a Sunni mazhab too. They
don’t say we’re not Sunni. But in 1960 the British paid to open them.
To bring down Islam through them. Understand?


We cannot claim to say I know something. What do you know? Nothing.
I don’t think they know more than Musa (as). Who was the shaykh of
Musa (as)? Musa (as) is a prophet. Who is his Shaykh? Surprised?
Even the word is surprising, right? Khizir (as) is his shaykh. And
Khizir (as), he’s just an ordinary man, he’s not a prophet. Who’s
saying this? Here, you read the Qur’an? The Quran is saying this.
Allah saying to Musa (as), “Go to the river where the fish is
going to be lost. Find that one there who is going to teach you. And he
came with Yusha (as) together. They slept and the fish became alive
and went into the water. They got up and they continued. Musa (as)
says, “Where is the fish?” Yusha (as) says, “The fish went out.”
“Where!? We were supposed to meet the man there. “So he came
back, he looked, and he was there. He looked at him and said,
“You cannot accompany me.” He said, “I’m a prophet.” He said, “I know,
but you are not patient.” “You will find me patient, please
let me continue.” So he accompanied him. Three incidents happened and he
told Musa (as), “Didn’t I tell you. Our friendship is finishing
here.” And they separated. Long story. Then he came back to the
river, he’s looking at the Nile and he says to him, “Ya Musa, do you
know why this happened? There was a man who asked you one time, Ya
Musa, is there a more knowledgeable person than you among us?”
Then Musa (as) says, “No, I am the one.” He was the prophet. And
among 124,000 prophets, he’s the one who spoke to Allah directly
without any intermediary. And because of that he said, “I am the one.
Allah is teaching me.” So then Allah said to him.” Go and meet that
person, and he’s living in his country and he doesn’t know.
And he came to Khizir (as) and Khizir said to him, “I am one of your
nation.” That’s why Khizir (as) is given life until the time
of Mahdi (as) and he’ll be the one standing in front of Dajjal.

So it was a big lesson to Musa (as) and he said to him, “You know
why that happened? Because you said these words and Allah sent
me.” Khizir (as) also saying, “Ya Musa, one bird came and took one
drop of water from the ocean. You see that bird?” “Yes.””Your knowledge
and my knowledge combined together is not that much in the ocean of
Allah, like that drop of water.” Out of all things we have to
know that we know nothing.

Anybody who comes to say that “I know something”, let them come.
Because then, they’ll find somebody to challenge them that time.
That is not intelligence. Knowledge is to know your limits.
Knowledge is to know where your knowledge finishes and to stay
quiet. In Turkish they say, “If you don’t know anything, don’t
speak. When people they look at you, at least they think you are a
knowledgeable one. So if you don’t know anything, you know
something. Don’t speak anything again. When they ask you, give
the answer and they will know that you are a knowledgeable one.

So the important matter now is not to be a hypocrite, the most
important matter. And we try to prevent people not to be hypocrite,
especially in our presence. That’s why we say in the beginning, you
have something, say, you have something to teach, speak. We listen.
Either speak something that will benefit you and others, or keep
silent. Ah! Who’s saying this. Holy Prophet (saw) is saying this.
You don’t like it, too bad, suit yourself. Fire is waiting.
Anybody who doesn’t like what Prophet (saw) says, fire is waiting for
that one. “I don’t like it” so many thinks too. Who cares what
you like. You have to look to what Allah likes. What Allah wants,
not what you want. As I said, we don’t look at the outside forms, we don’t
look how big the man’s beard is or how big turban he is carrying, or if
he has a beard or if he doesn’t have a beard. First thing that we
look, (pointing at the heart) there! If we see that he has something
then we may throw some tests. If you stay quiet, you may pass. Or
you speak, you say something, then you may learn. You may challenge
and you may learn something because of that. We don’t say
everything to everybody of what we know. I don’t even say to `X’.
He has to know when the time comes. Understand?


So as I said, people today they claim that they are making Jihad.
They are going and they are taking Muslims, then they are cutting
their necks off and they’re saying “We’re doing this for
Allah, Jihad.” You’re killing a Muslim man? And Allah is saying to
you in the Book, “If you kill one Muslim without a reason, it is as if
you killed all the Muslims in the Divine Presence.” Allahu Akbar! But
when it comes to them they are the best Muslims too. And they come
out these days and they justify that by saying, “This is what
Prophet (saw) ordered.” They’re using the ayats that were
revealed when Holy Prophet (saw) took the prisoners of war.
And the Prophet(alayhi salatu wa salam) was hesitating to kill the
prisoners of war. He asked Abu Bakr (ra) and Abu Bakr says,
“Ya Rasulullah,it’s better not to kill them.” It’s better just to sell
them back because the nation of Islam now needs money and we take money for
them. So when he asks Umar, Umar says, “Ya Rasulullah, cut them.”

And the Prophet (saw), that is a Prophet, and the Prophet (saw) is
not wanting too, because the Holy Prophet is what? He is the Prophet
of Mercy. He is not a prophet of punishment. So now an ayat came
saying, “You came to a wrong judgment about that matter”,saying to
Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). But it says, because Allah
knows your intention, there will be safety. As you like. And Holy
Prophet (saw) turns around and says, “If the punishment was coming
then everyone will be finished except Umar.” But Allah is giving
the decision to the Prophet (saw) saying, “As you like.” Because
that is the Prophet of Mercy, and that’s what fits there too. He’s
not a prophet of punishment. Now they’re using that ayat and saying,
“We can kill them.” But first of all these people, they are not your
prisoners of war. First thing, those people that are there are
either to make work to earn money for their families or they are
there to build your nation. Someway somehow. You don’t like it,
but the nation is finished. The country is finished. Everything failed
and those technicians, those people, they went there to build your
nation. Millions of people they are supporting those. Saying,”They
are right.” According to what? Now they’re using the ayats too.
That’s their understanding. But Prophet (saw) saying again to
us, “In Ahir Zaman, everyone of you are going to use the ayats
according to your own understanding. That time prepare yourselves
for the Fire.” That means he’s not giving us permission to take the
ayat and to start making judgment or fatwa or to give commentary to
the ayats. You don’t have authority. Eh, people they talk too
much. It’s ok. They talk and they walk.

Questioner: It’s confusing what’s going on.

Shaykh Efendi: Confusing? No. It cannot be confusing. Not confusing
for those people who has clear minds. It cannot be confusing. Here
we’re saying everything, open. There is no confusion there. But if
you want to confuse yourself, then there’s lot of confusion
everywhere. If you go down to the front of the street now, people
are going to pass in front of that Bar over there. You’ll find
lesbians gays and all kinds of people passing. Right now. Tell
them, “What you’re doing is wrong, they’re going to find some way to
tell you it’s not wrong. Nobody is accepting anything that is wrong.
Everyone whatever they are doing is right. What is our scale when we
are saying right and wrong? What is the scale? The scale is the
Quran? You didn’t reach the Quran. The scale has to be the Holy
Prophet’s Sunnah and the traditions of those people who are
following the sunnat of the Prophet (saw). Otherwise�

Selam alaykum. As you like. We’re only responsible for the words we
say. We’re not responsible for the words we don’t say.

Selam aleykum

Some say the snow was three feet high. More pictures fo the Dergah…





Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Uways al-Qarani

Sohbet given by Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi

Manhattan Dergah, NYC on September 3rd, 2004.

Uways al-Qarani qaddas Allahu sirruh was a shepherd. He didn’t have money, he
didn’t have fame, he didn’t have a degree, he didn’t finish universities.
Nothing. He wasn’t even someone among his nation – someone that was no good for anything. Foolish one, that we can fool him. Everyday he’s running after the
camels, looking after camels. For instance, if it’s a hundred dollars, this fool
he takes only one dollar. Give it to him. So he was taking.

From that time, in those areas, Yemen and everywhere, so many kings, so many
very high-class in their own time, people came, very famous people came. Their
name is forgotten. One `X’ to their name. And they have been sent (who knows?) maybe to punishment. But that one, Allah is keeping his name from that time and
it’s reaching to us after fourteen hundred years. Always any person who has
proper faith in his heart, who has proper respect to Holy Prophet alayhi salatu
wa salam, soon as you say “Uwaysul Qarani”, must show same respect, almost, to
that one. Only thing, that he has gained this title in dunya and akhirat, is not
also because he was on Sejdah all the time, or he was hafiz that he was reciting
Quran all the time. He was an illiterate man. He never sat in the presence of
the Prophet alayhi salatu wa salam, knowing that if he goes and he sees the
Prophet,saw, one time he will be in the book called “The Sahabis” – the best
ones that ever came and ever are going to come to the face of earth after the
prophets. No one can reach to the levels of Sahabi-e Kiram. He didn’t even see
the Prophet, saw. He didn’t sit in his presence. He didn’t see Prophet,saw,

Understanding? How Allah is giving title to that one? Allah is giving. Nobody
else gave, Allah gave. Because Allah gave, He made His Holy Prophet, saw, send
his Jubbeh to him. So many Sahabi that they are waiting, they give their life
for that Jubbeh. They give everything they own for that Jubbeh. Prophet saying
to two pillars of Islam, Umar and Ali radiallahu anh, “Take this”, and sending
them to Yemen saying, “Go and find that one and give this Jubbeh to that one and tell him to pray for my nation.” Allahu Akbar!

People in this twenty first century, the scholars became ignorant. Because the
scholars are running to get degrees here and there to say, “I have a degree. I
am a scholar.” Heh, Understand? Who can remove his name? Wahhabis or Americans or Russians or the whole world? Allah kept that name high and that name is going
to be high, it is high now, tomorrow, next day, until Judgment Day, and after
Judgment Day it’s going to be even higher. He was just a servant to Allah and
Allah accepted his servanthood and he was not even maybe doing the prayer
properly as so many today they say, “What is your fiqh brother? What’d you know
brother? This wrong, that wrong.”

Allah accepted him to be among those ones, saying “This one is my beloved.” They are saying that to his Beloved, (Allah) saying, “That is also My beloved. You are My beloved, but that one is My beloved too.” And because Prophet, saw, is
showing respect, everyone who is showing respect to Prophet must show respect
too. Allahu Akbar!

If we’re running for titles, everyone is running for titles to make show. Run
for titles, to get title from Him, from Allah Subhana wa ta’ala. If you get that
title, highest and forever, dunya and akhirat. No one can touch you in dunya, no
one can touch you in akhirat. You will be the Sultan in dunya and akhirat. He
was a shepherd man. And even that little money that he was making he was giving Zakat, he was giving it for the sake of Allah. And everyone is looking, “This
foolish one, we’re fooling him, we’re cheating him. He’s looking after our
camels. We have all this richness, he’s coming around and he’s giving us
something. We are cheating him, giving him only one dinar to watch after our
camels. We have millions of them. He comes and he gives it to us, saying, ‘You

For us, it’s for us to know that if we are running for this dunya, we’re going
to lose dunya and akhirat. If we’re running to Allah, we’re going to win dunya
and akhirat.

Examples not only that one, thousands, but that one, it is special example that
he lived in the time of Prophet (saw); and he didn’t see the Prophet too, aleyh
salatu wa salam; and so many stories about him that if we start talking it will
not be enough for tonight. (We still have farz to do, to Isha prayer Insha
Allahur Rahman.) And he is the one that who stopped the war between Ali and
Muawiya radiallahu anh, he is the one. And he give his life on that way and he
stopped the war, stopped. The Shaytan supported the war on, they watching. Then they see that holy Uwaysel Qarani is coming and he is just looking left and
right to both sides, looking at the Sahabis, and looking at him they feeling
shame and putting their swords down and war stopping. And those Shaytans they
say, “If we don’t stop this one, he’s going to stop the war and we’re not going
to reach to our aim to finishing Islam like this. Saying “aim that one,”. And
they throw the spear to him and he fell down; he became the martyr there.
Because he died, the war stopped completely now.

Now there’s another big problem. Who’s going to take his body? Look at the
beloved. Now two sides they are going to start fighting – not two sides. They
separated to seven different sides now, saying, “That body belongs to us, we
must take it to our country.” And he fell down on Ali radiallahu anhu’s side and
Ali radiallahu anh put it there saying, “Ya Rabbi! You put me to a difficult
situation that it is impossible for me to solve this one. The other one maybe,
but this one impossible, because the seven groups here they want his body from
me and they are saying, ‘You are the Just one Ya Ali. We are on your side, you
must be careful to know to whom you are giving that body tomorrow.'” He says,
“Ya Rabbi! I don’t know anything.” Order coming to him saying, put seven wooden
boxes there – seven wooden boxes. Next morning they were coming, one group
taking, opening, “Huh! body is here. Thank you Ya Ali!” They running. The other
one opening, “The body is here, thank you Ya Ali!” running. Seven different
bodies in seven different wooden boxes.

That’s why now it’s not maqams only. There are seven tombs, like that one that I
went to in Damascus. He is real there, physically there too. And he appeared
Elhamdulillah on the blessing of Shaykh Mevlana. All those people that they are
living in Damascus, who went with me, they were knocked out. His tomb is very
powerful. Just from a little bit of zikir, like this one tonight, they were
losing themselves and making unusual sounds – going, “ja ja ja ja ja ja” …
Bam!!! It was like they were getting smacked. They were falling down.

Seven different bodies appeared next day in seven different Qabr. Allahu Akbar!
And saying that Allah Subhana wa ta’ala in the Judgment Day, He’s going to put
forty different bodies for Uwaysul Qarani; and He’s going to even test His holy
Prophet, saw, saying, “That one, he found Me through your love. He loves you so
much that through your love he found Me.” Allah saying to His Holy Prophet, “Now
he loves you so much that he found Me, his love to you made him come to Me. Now find him from these forty bodies. Which one was the real, that one that was
living in dunya running after you?” That’s why Prophet (saw)was giving him the
Jubbeh saying, “That one will be with his Prophet’s Jubbeh in the Judgment Day,
and he will know this is the one.” Allahu Akbar!

Elhamdulillah. Now we pray.

We pretty much shoveled snow today. This is the most piled up snow I have ever seen in my life. We should have started shoveling as it snowed instead of waiting for it to pile up. It was one of a kind life experience. Talk about exercising your upper body.

Snow in front of Dergah entrance


More snow

After clearing up

So far, this has been the most it snowed this year. Locals were complaining of the mild winter with almost no snow. Well, here it is, and lots of it.

Those of us in the Dergah are busy with shoveling snow. We might be going sledding soon. The few in the Guest House are going to be stuck for a day or two because of the unplowed roads.

From Yahoo News:

Northeast pounded by blizzard

By CHRIS CAROLA, Associated Press Writer 3 minutes ago

ALBANY, N.Y. – Sleet stung the faces of pedestrians and snow and ice coated windshields and streets Wednesday as a Valentines Day blizzard roared out of the Midwest and shut down parts of the Northeast.

… Most of upstate New York reported several inches of new snow on the ground Wednesday morning with 10 inches at Owego, on the Pennsylvania line. The National Weather Service predicted accumulations of 8 to 30 inches in places around New York, with some locales to receive as much as 3 feet.