April 2007

Saturday, Rabiul Akhir 5, 1428 (April 22, 2007)

Northern Virginia


Rabiul Sani 5, 1428

Sohbet by Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi



Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) is saying to us in one hadith … (If we
take the hadith that I am going to say now and apply it to our lives, then it is
another safety for us). It says, “Allah subhana wa ta’ala has hidden His liking
and His pleasure in the good deeds that you are doing.” Meaning, He is hiding
the good deed that will earn His pleasure among the good deeds that you are
doing. Is Allah going to be pleased because you pray five times a day or is He
going to be pleased because as you are walking in the street you see a stone and
you move it aside so that no one is going to fall on it? You don’t know. You
don’t know which action you are going to do that is going to please Allah and
Allah is going to be happy with you.

That is why Holy Prophet (saw) is saying that Allah is hiding it. So whatever
comes in front of you, if it is a good action then a believer is going to run to
do it. “Maybe in this action Allah is going to be pleased with me.” Never is
there going to be an end to it because it is hidden and you are not going to
know. So until the Angel of Death comes you are going to run, moving and doing
things for the sake of Allah. And the more things you do for the sake of Allah,
the more pleasure you are going to get in your heart. More satisfaction is going
to come and your faith is going to grow stronger. Laziness is going to run away
from you; weakness is going to run away from you; foolishness is going to run
away from you. The bottom point is: shaytan is going to pull himself and his
army away from you because now you are getting closer to Rahman (The Merciful).
Every deed that you are doing is bringing you closer to Allah; and as you are
coming closer to Allah, shaytan is running away from you. So Holy Prophet (saw)
is saying, “Allah has hidden his favor in your deeds.” That one is hiding and
you do not know which one it is. So you have to run after it.

He is also saying (alayhi salatu wa salam), “He is hiding His anger inside the
sins that you are committing.” The anger is also hiding inside the wrong things
that you are committing. You do not know which sin you are going to commit and
you are going to get the anger of Allah. Now this is a very important point. You
may say to yourself, “I committed all these wrong sins and I did not get the
anger of Allah.” Just then maybe you are going to turn your head to look at
something forbidden to you and you may get the anger. So now you have to control
yourself. You have to turn back to your self. You have to try not to do anything
then because getting the anger of Allah is not like getting the anger of your
friend or your buddy. If you get your Lord angry with you then you finish
yourself. So that is also hidden. An intelligent man cannot say, “Oh let me do
this and I am going to say Astaghfirullah later.” You may not have the chance to
say Astaghfirullah. You may not be given the chance.


And he (saw) is saying, “He has hidden His waliullah, His friends, among the
people.” They may appear to you like one of you but they are not. They may not
speak. They do not have to speak. They do not have to be a Shaykh or Imam. No.
They do not have to be a Muezzin. When they are sitting you may think that they
may not even have tongues. But they might be the friends of Allah. So you have
to be careful there more than anything else. If you get that one’s anger, then
you finish yourself. If you get that one’s pleasure, you raise yourself. Because
everything works according to what is between his two jaws (tongue). What comes
out is accepted.

A man has no value until he reaches to that station and his faith is growing. If
you have no faith in the heart you have no value. Allah is saying that. He is
saying, “What are you? Your value is only as much faith you have in Me. As much
as you believe in Me, that much value you have. If you are not believing in Me
and if you are not accepting what I am sending to you, then you have no value.”
But the worldly people may put you on top of the list. Heh.. if the whole world
puts you on top of the list and Allah puts you on the bottom of the list, what
are you going to do?

Who is the most valuable one in the Divine Presence? – the Habibullah Muhammad
(alayhi salatu wa salam), the most valuable one. But when he came, only a
handful of people followed him; and the majority, the foolish ones, were
insulting him. Until today, the foolish ones try to insult that one. But his
name is on the top of the list; and Allah has put a condition there. “You want
to become beloved to Me, you must love this one. If you do not love this one you
cannot come near Me and I am not accepting anything that you are doing.” So your
value comes according to that Prophet (saw)- to believers and to Muslims. The
unbelievers and the non-muslims still have a (long) way to go in that road, and
then that road may bring them to the Siratul Mustakim – the main road; and in
that main road, they have to understand who is the most valuable in the divine
presence. We are not talking about those yet. They still have a way to go. We
are talking about those who are accepting and who are saying (that they accept).
Not who are not accepting. No. You are only going to find what you accept and
what you do not accept.

So if we just take this hadith that we have heard and we apply it to our lives
everyday; and when you wake up, if you try to live according to this hadith then
tell me, are you going to find yourself entering wrong areas? You are going to
be in the awakening station. Waking up then you would have to observe properly
and look at everything around you properly. You are not going to just say, “To
hell with you” and walk. That is what so many are doing.

“Well I did not like it.”
“You don’t like it? Too bad, get out of here.”
“Okay. Good day to you.”

Ohh! Look what happens to that man later. You are looking down on somebody.
Especially in this country they are looking down on everybody. (Allah says), “I
am writing it in your book. Don’t worry. You are looking down? Look what happens
to your life until you die.”

So there are so many beloved ones to Allah and to His Prophet (saw). If you look
down on those, you are in trouble. Never mind about those unbelievers. (I am
talking about) those who pray five times a day. (Shaykh pointing at `X’) He can
tell you the story of what happened in 96th Street mosque. Insisting; the man is
insisting to be cursed. Running, coming and touching fire to be burned. It is
fire and he is running to touch the fire. So Allah has hidden. Those Muslims
know that but they are not accepting Waliullah. They say, “We are all Wali.”
Hm.. Of course. You are going to sink in the dirtiness of the world and all the
garbage that you are going to do and later because you make two rakat of prayer
you are going to claim, “I am Wali”. Mashallah. Heh.. Not fives times a day but
if you pray fifty times a day, what is your prayer worth?


It is not the prayers. Don’t you understand? Allah is saying, “If the worship of
all the angels, all believers and all prophets from the beginning to the end of
times were collected together and were put on one side of the scale, and two
rakat of prayer of the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) addressing to the
Lord of the Heavens Allah subhana wa ta’ala were put on the other side of the
scale, those two rakat are more beloved to Allah than the prayers of all
prophets, all saints and all angels nonstop.” Those two rakat are more beloved
to Allah than everything combined together. It will become more heavier. Say it
is otherwise. It cannot be. Impossible. Because Allah is saying, “That one is My
favored. If that one stands in front of Me, even if you all come together, I am
not looking at any one of you. If I am looking, I am looking because of that
one. If that one is not there then I am not looking. You are worth nothing in my
presence without him.” Allahu Akbar! You are worth nothing if not for that
Prophet (saw).

Our value has no value. You may say to the world in the world, “Oh I am such a
valuable one.” That is what Firaun was saying. “I am so valuable.” That is what
Abu Jahil said. Holy Prophet (saw) was sitting alone in one corner of the Kaba
in Mekkah. When Abu Jahil came with all his foolish friends he said, “Look at
this one”. He said to Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam), “Are you a
prophet?” Prophet (saw) looked at him and said to him, “yes.” He (Abu Jahil)
says, “Look at him. He is a prophet and he does not have a single person around
him. What kind of a prophet are you? Look at me. Look at all my buddies around.
If there was a prophethood given it should be given to me.” Prophet (saw) was
hurt by it. He was sad. Allah addressed him that day with the angels, “Oh My
Prophet! Is that bothering you?” Right away He sent Jibreel (as) saying, “Take
that one to Miraj. Bring him up to Me. Let him to see.” It was not that he did
not believe; but looking at their ignorance and arrogance, his heart was crying
saying, “How are they addressing, how foolish the things they are doing.”


But if you do not see your ego worse than Abu Jahil’s ego then you are in bigger
trouble than Abu Jahil. Yeah. Compare and say. If you cannot say, “If I was at
the time of the Holy Prophet (saw) and if Allah did not hold me, I would become
worse than Abu Jahil to the Prophet (saw)”, then you still have pride in your
heart. Because the characteristics of the ego are the same on everyone. If Allah
is not holding it, if Allah’s favor has not reached to you, this time or that
time, you are Abu Jahil. We are Abu Jahils.

So the only way to bring it (pride) down is to step on the ego. Stepping on the
ego is not to say, “I am stepping on my ego.” Huh! It has to be in action. If
you want to step on your ego then sit in the presence of someone and say, “I am
submitting myself and my will to you. As you like.” That is the step that slowly
brings you to the higher stations because now you are giving yourself up to some
other human like you. You are giving control to that one and you are promising
to do what that one says. That is the first step of stepping on the ego. If you
are not stepping on the ego in that first step, whatever you know is not more
than what shaytan knew. And the more shaytan knew, the more he made himself to
become disobedient directly to his Creator. It is because that one did not
accept any Shaykh or any guide. Allah said to him, “Submit yourself. Make Sajdah
to Adam.” Sajdah is not only to make prostration. (Allah said) “From now on you
are under the control of this one. Whatever you want to know you may ask that
one. Do not come to Me.” He did not like it. He says, “I have direct connection
with you.”

[Allah says] “I cut that line. Now you have connection with that one. You are
not coming to Me.”

So the ego did not like it. It did not accept it. Think and understand the
worship that he was doing up until that time. If the whole life was given to us,
sixty years or seventy years, nonstop twenty-four hours of worship, we cannot
cover even one split area that shaytan was worshipping. No, impossible. He
worshipped forty thousand years in each paradise, in each level of the
paradises. Understand how much he was worshipping; and he reached to the level
where he became teacher to the angels. When something was unknown to the angels,
they used to come to him to ask. How many angels up until now came and asked
you, “What should I do? Which level should I go? Which level should I come?” So
that is enough measurement for us to know where we are and where shaytan was.


The bigger problem is another one that is hiding now under the carpet. Why did
shaytan fall into that problem knowing all that knowledge, all those secrets and
reaching to stations of teaching the angels? He was giving sohbet to angels from
time to time. He was sitting and giving sohbet to them. They were listening.
Because when he had seen Maqam-e Mahmud that Allah subhana wa ta’ala created,
the highest station, he aimed for that. (He said) “This must be mine. I must
reach to that.” So all the worship, all that running and all that killing
himself was not really for the sake of Allah. It was to reach there. So there
was wrong intention somewhere. That little wrong intention made him to become
disobedient. He became disobedient because as soon as Allah created Adam (as) he
looked at that one and he looked at that station and he understood, “This
station is for that one. For the children of Adam. It is not for me. I am
worshipping all these years and he is giving it to this one that he has just
created.” That is what made him go crazy.

This is what so many people are doing to the Shaykhs. They say, “I am serving
you so much, I love you so much, I give you everything and that one just came
and you love that one more than me?” Heh� Yeah. This is the characteristic that
shaytan is putting into every one of us. That is how he is playing with us. We
must wake up. We must understand which station we are in and how are we going to
come out of that wrong heedless station to the awakening station. If you
are in the awakening station, then it does not matter if you are sitting in the
first floor or if you are sitting on the top floor. (Then you say), “Allah has
accepted me as a servant. Alhamdulillah. Ya Rabbi. Shukr Ya Rabbi.” Then you
look at the other one and say, “Ah Mashallah!” Nicely, neatly and with more love
you look at that one saying, “This one must be in higher station. He must be
better since Allah put him there.” Then you will not have any envy, any jealousy
or any wrong thinking.


Do you think the Sahaba-e Ikram were fighting like this? When Prophet (salatu wa
salam) asked to give for the sake of Allah, Abu Bakr Siddik (ra) came. He said,
“What did you give Ya Abu Bakr and what did you leave for your family?”

He said, “Ya Rasulullah, I left my family Allah and His Prophet (saw). Nothing
else. I gave everything I have.”

So then Umar (ra) came. He (salatu wa salam) said to him, “What did you leave Ya

He said, “I left half for my family and I gave half for the sake of Allah.”

He (salatu wa salam) said to him in front of the other Sahabis, “Ya Umar, your
faith is half of Abu Bakr’s faith.”

He [Umar ra] did not get upset to say, “What are you saying?” Ha ha! Hasha
astaghfirullah. Isn’t it what is going to happen today? If he (a mureed) does
not say it openly, he is going to go out there (outside the dergah) to say it.
So then Umar (ra) looked at Abu Bakr (ra) and bowed down more in front of him.
He was always trying to compete with him, and after that he stopped. (He
realized that) It is impossible to reach Abu Bakr.

Friday, Rabiul Awwal 26, 1428 (April 13, 2007)

Manhattan Dergah, NYC


The Need for a Guide

Sohbet by Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi


Submitting your will is not by word. When you are submitting your will to a
doctor’s hand, if the doctor says to you, “Sit in the hospital.” Do you say? “No
I have business to take care of. Let me go out.” The doctor says to you, “You
are sick. If you hang out in the streets so much you are going to die.” Do you
insist saying, “No, let me out”?

The doctor is not going to tie you down to the bed. He will say, “You are free.
Run.” But next time when you will come to the hospital door they are going to
bring you with the stretcher in an ambulance saying “Emergency.” The doctor will
come and say, “Put him on that side. Don’t mix him up with the other ones
because that sickness might drop on the other ones too.” So then they will lock
you into a room.


This is not a game. People make Islam a game like the people made Christianity
and Judaism. Everyone says, “Ah Mashallah!” Mashallah. We saw for the last two
thousand years, and now we are seeing what Christianity did. Everyone thinks
they reached to Sidratul Muntaha. Mashallah! Lowest of the lowest. Going down
and down and down and down. They became lower than the animals. Say otherwise.
Go to the streets and look. Look at the billboards. Look at the commercials.
Look at the lifestyle, and look at the people – how so many think. Then say to
me that it is not lower than the animals. Only thing, from young to old, from
men to women, from rich to poor, most are thinking one thing, concentrating on
it. What is that? You are ashamed to say it. Let me say. Here (the sexual
drive), between the two legs. It is the main thing, the main lifestyle and the
pleasure that they do not even know how to do right. Hm.. That’s right. Heh!
From the poor man in the streets all the way to the White House.

Is this what religion is bringing? Is this what Allah has created the Man for?
Just for that? If you do that everyday (you don’t have the energy to do it
everyday anyway); but if you do it everyday, how long is it going to take you?
One hour a day? You are concentrating the whole of your life on that? Allahu
Akbar! And say to me that it is not so. Go look at the commercials, look at the
televisions, look at the movies, look everywhere. The majority who go to movies
go only to see a naked woman.

So are we still going to cheat our own selves? Or are we going to say, “Whatever
happened? Oh let me wake up! The angel of death is coming.” Eh, the man who is
very young and who still does not know anything, you may say to him, “Okay, run
a little bit until you get tired. So when you get tired come around.” But the
man who has understood a couple of things must wake up. He must wake up to


So as I said last week, the week before and the week before, let us say again.
If you take one hadith of Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) and you make a
promise to yourself to say that “I am going to live according to that hadith.
Every morning when I wake up, I am going to read that hadith; and I am going to
live according to that hadith”, then you will find all the doors are shut for
wrong areas; and you will find all the doors open for goodness. And then you
will find so much time to yourself. So much empty time you will find.

Now you do not have empty time because Shaytan is occupying, holding you
hostage. So you have no time. You squeeze the time into something and say, “Let
me go there [to zikir] on Friday nights because this man is unusual. If I don’t
go for two weeks, on the third week he may wash me up in front of others. So let
me just go.” Some are coming because of that. But you are very lucky that I am
screaming at you. If I don’t then you are going to run topspeed anyway. But you
are going to feel something somewhere and say, “Let me hold myself a little bit
more tightly.”

So if a man does not submit his will to the will of Allah, then in his heart one
way or the other, someway or somehow, he has hidden shirk. Somewhere he has it;
but he does not know where it is. That is why Holy Prophet (saw) is saying, “In
Ahir Zaman (end times), that is the worst thing that I am fearful for my nation:
hidden shirk.” So if you are submitting your will to the will of Allah� Heh! Can
anybody say, “I am submitting my will to the will of Allah.”? Say through the
tongue and put a seal on the heart. Say, let me see it. Put a Naksh,
Nakshibendi, put a Naksh to the word that you have said. “I have just submitted
my will to the will of the Lord of the Heavens.” As soon as you say that,
instantly I am going to show you not one, but maybe hundreds of shirk right away
right there. So many are saying that all the time. Mashallah!

Shaytan is coming from all angles to fool people. Not from one side. He has
hundreds of thousands of tricks for you. Which side would you come out of to
escape? Do you think it is so easy? It is not. So you need a guide to show you
to come out from this door. (You say) “Well that other door is more wide and
more open.” (Your Shaykh says) “Come out from here because there are traps
beyond that door and you are going to fall. This door looks difficult but it is
easy out.” You did not know that. You cannot see that.


So if man is submitting his will to the will of Allah, then he must hear the
word that is continuing, “Alastu birabbikum” (Who is your Lord?). Allah is
addressing. He has addressed you on the day of creation. His addressing did not
stop. It is continuing. “Alastu birabbikum!” Who is your Lord? When you are
finding that you do not know where your Lord is, then you are in trouble. You
are disconnected already. If you do not even remember, if you have not rewound
your tape back to that day where your spirit was physically present with
everyone together and Allah had addressed it. If you do not know that day, then
how are you going to know what is coming down now? How are you going to know
what the Lord of the Heavens is addressing now? But those who came to clearance
know that this is what the Lord of the Heavens is saying now. It does not matter
in which part of the world they are, they are all hearing the same words. They
are speaking from the same source, taking and speaking. Otherwise, there are so
many theories.

“Let me look into that book.”

“That book is past. It is in the past. What is the present? What is being
prepared for tomorrow?”

How are you going to know all this if you do not have a guide? By yourself? By
yourself you cannot even find what is in the past. You do not know which area to
enter and to see. You can be a geek and an expert on computers but you cannot
find the truth there. You do not have the rights to enter to the general
computer up there [heavenly]. You can break the codes for every computer in the
world but you cannot break that code to enter. It has to be given to you. They
do not accept any thieves there. They have to say, “This is the code number. Put
it and get in.”

One hadith. You take one hadith of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) and you
put it to your life. Then slowly you will find that your life is changing. The
more your life is changing, the more you are going to understand, “Hm.. I cannot
do this alone. Oh! That means that is why Allah has ordered us to become Jemat”.
Jemat (community)- not once a week, five times a day. Not coming and following
the Imam going up and down like robots and then going back. Your general
purpose, your reason of creation is not to run away (after prayers) saying, “I
have to go.” Where are you going? What is waiting there? That is why the mosques
are empty everywhere. East and West. Where are you going to find a more peaceful
place than a mosque? It is empty. Because people do not know what peace is. They
cannot sit in the mosque anymore, meditating alone or listening to sohbet. They
have to be in the crowd to talk nonsense. If they sit in the mosque they have to
understand a little bit, “Oh I don’t know anything!” So that is why Shaytan says
to them, “Don’t sit there, go out.”

It does not matter if you are in America or in Turkey. It does not matter if you
are in Saudi Arabia or in China. The addressing is being given to us, “Alastu
birabbikum!” Who is your Lord? He did not say that if you are in China, it is
different; or if you are in America, it is different; or if you are in Saudi
Arabia, it is different. (You say), “Difficult situations.” Heh, make it easy
for yourselves. You are running to make your lives easy in worldly matters; but
you do not even know if you are going to live in this life after you have
finished your debts. But so many, they are worrying about their children and
their grandchildren, not to mention their own selves. Mashallah.


I will never forget the man that I met once when I went to Hajj. I saw him
thinking in front of the Kaba. So I am hoping and praying and I said to myself,
“Mashallah, he is thinking so deeply and so nicely.” So I thought to speak to
him later on to see what he was thinking. I could not break through. I thought
since he was meditating so deeply, let me see what he was thinking. So he says
to me, “I am thinking that I made it up to this age alhamdulillah. But now I am
worrying and I am thinking.”

“What are you worrying about?”

“Well I could not fulfill my promise yet. I have 300,000 dollars for each of my
children; but I aimed to leave them half a million each before I die.”

How’s that? The man is sitting and looking at the Kaba and meditating that he
has only $300,000 saved aside for the three children he has. He did not reach up
to $500,000. What is the level of that faith? Mashallah. Put whatever you want
to put. Put whichever level you want to put. I am not going to interfere into
that. Haha!

Man’s faith today is according to the money he has under the pillow. The more he
has maybe that much heavier faith he has. If it is getting a little bit loose
and it is disappearing� Ahha! Look what happens then. He has $900,000 for his
children. He must have something like that for his wife too. He went to the Kaba
and he is worrying. He is sitting on a million dollars and he is still worrying
in front of the Kaba.

That is the faith today’s people have. They are not really depending on Allah.
No. It is the money they have (that they are depending on). The more money they
have the more freedom they have; and they say it is more security. The more
security they have, the more faith they have. With that faith you cannot pass
the Sirat (the bridge over hell). It is not possible, because it is not faith
that you will have a guaranteed lifestyle for tomorrow. The more man is
submitting his will to his Lord, the more he is getting rid of the worldly
attachments. Then he puts aside more saying, “This ring is bothering me. It is
too valuable and I don’t want to lose it.” So then he says to someone, “Here,
take it.” He is taking it from himself and putting it aside because he does not
want to connect with the world so much because he is experiencing and tasting
real faith.

Thursday, Rabiul Awwal 11, 1428 (March 29, 2007)

Osmanli Naksibendi Dergahi, Sidney Center, NY


Rabiul Awwal 11, 1428

This is part of a sohbet that was given by Sheikh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi at the
Manhattan Dergah around 11th Shawal, 1425 (November 24, 2004).

… [When Allah swt ordered Shaitan to make sajda to Adam as], that did not
mean only go to sajda and make prostration. He said to Shaitan “From now on, you
are under his authority. When you want to learn something, you must ask him.”
The Shaitan was getting knowledge from Allah. He was an obedient servant and
worshipping a lot. Shaitan and his family were living in this world before man
was created. They were living in the world and he was worshiping so much that
he also went against gravity that was holding them not to pass certain level of
the skies; and he started moving because he was worshiping so much. He started
moving toward Paradises; and he entered to Paradise. Then, all the knowledge
started to be given to him and everything that he was looking, watching, and
understanding, the knowledge was coming to him. So, even angels they were not
knowing something of what they saw in paradise. They were coming to him; they
say “What is this? Teach us!” He was a teacher and he was teaching them. He was
telling them what is what in the paradise until one day Shaitan is walking
around in the paradise and he sees a sign – calligraphy writing, because every
part in the paradise there are beautiful writings. Everywhere he sees one
calligraphy writing and that writing was saying “There is a creature that your
Lord has created that is going to become disobedient to his Lord”.

So Shaitan knowing the generosity of the Lord, and seeing how merciful Allah
was, he was surprised and saying, “What kind of creature that can be that is
going to be disobedient to the Lord, the Lord of the Heavens, the Lord that has
created him and He is going to give him everything?”. And he asked saying “Oh my
Lord! Grant me permission to curse to that one who is going to be disobedient to
You!” Then, Allah granted permission saying “Curse!”.

Shaitan did not leave any spaces in the Paradises that he did not go to sajda
and cursing to that one who is going to be disobedient to Allah. But Allah’s
mercy reached to him again and one day when he was cursing, inspiration came to
his heart saying to him “That one who is going to be disobedient might be you!”.
As soon as that came to his heart, he was saying “Something is wrong here! I am
on sajda and cursing to that one who is going to be disobedient. So, it cannot
be me.” But up till that time there was no Shaitan; there were no evil sources.
Everything was coming directly to him from his Lord. But the ego, the proudness,
did not let him turn around to say “Oh my Lord! Do not make me that one!” � “It
is impossible. I cannot be that one because I am a very high level and I am a
good servant” Just thinking like that was the first disobedience that he made.

So Allah created Adam (as) and blew a spirit into him. To every one of the other
creatures, Allah swt said ‘Be!’ and it happened. Allah swt molded Adam as from
clay and blew a spirit from Himself into Adam as, and because of that spirit,
Adam had so much knowledge that the other creatures did not have. And Allah says
to angels “Make prostration to this one!” So they make prostration except
Shaitan saying, “I am not because I am better than that one. You have created me
from smokeless fire. You have created him from only a clay, so I am better”. As
soon as he said “better”, it was the second disobedience that he made to his
Lord. Then, Allah says to angels abd to everyone “Make sajda to Adam (as)!”
Shaitan says “No, I will not!” So Allah kicked that one away from the Divine
Presence. “Go away until judgment day and after judgment day, you will be having
a severe punishment. And all those who are going to follow you, who are going to
accept your teachings, and who are going to do what you want, they will be with
you in that punishment. All those who make mistakes and turn back to Me, then
ask forgiveness from Me, they will find Me forgiving!” So from that time, until
today, until judgment day, there are only two groups of people. One group is
obedient, one group disobedient.

Nobody should misunderstand about disobedience! So many people sometimes they
say “What can I do? I was born like that.” Nobody was born disobedient. Everyone
was born innocent and obedient creatures; but later, ego and Shaitan make them
to become disobedient to their Lord. All that because they don’t want to listen
to anything, anybody. They just want to listen to what their ego says. Ego is
supported by shaitans and spirit is supported by intelligence; and intelligence
is always ordering to us, “Consult with somebody about the things that you don’t
know. If you want safety, you must consult. If you don’t want safety, consult
with your ego. You may reach to safety; you may not reach to safety.” So our
Lord is saying to us, especially when it comes to Ahiret (to Hereafter life),
“You must consult those that I sent to you to be the guides; and those ones are
the Prophets and the books that I have sent to you and those who are holding on
tightly to the Prophet’s (saw) way or life style. You must consult with them to
understand what it is that you have to do in this world, what is waiting for
you, how you are going to prepare for this journey.”

This is long journey. For instance; if a man is coming going from one place to
another place for two or three days, he is preparing himself. He has a little
luggage, couple of underwear, couple of this, couple of that. It is only for two
days, three days; but he is preparing what he is in need of. If he is going to
stay for a pretty long time, now he has couple of luggage. If he is staying six
or seven months, he has a house there, he has everything there, ready. So we are
preparing to go to a journey, long journey. We don’t know when they are going to
call us for that journey. We may run. We are running. Majority of people running
away from these kind of words. They don’t want to hear. They’re saying “I don’t
want to hear about death. I will know when I reach there.” It will be too late.
You must prepare now before it takes place …… Once you submit yourself, you
will say “Oh! This life is so easy and I live in peace” because now slowly
Divine Light starts coming to your heart and you start sensing and feeling what
is on the other side. Nobody has to come to say to you, but yourself also, you
will understand slowly that “Well, I am a believer. I am believing. I don’t
think that that One who created me is going to punish me because I am
believing.” So that gives you comfort right away.

Majority of people, today, 21st century, worldly – they are hurt. Nobody is
suffering the way that the people they were suffering a hundred years ago.
People, they had only a piece of bread. They didn’t have one pants to wear. They
had ten or twenty patches on their pants. They didn’t have proper shoes to wear;
but they were living nice, simple, comfortable and peaceful life. Today 20th
century, 21st century man is never having a peace, but having everything. The
whole world is around him, but no peace. That peace is taken from the heart. The
peace to a man can come only from believing and following the orders of his
Lord. You cannot buy peace in the supermarket and no one can sell it to you to
say “Come, come! I am going to sell you peace. Give me this much money.” The
peace comes to you from as much obedience as you show to your Lord. That much
peace will come to your heart.

Wa minallahi tawfik wa hurmatul fatiha!

Saturday, 20th Rabiul Awal, 1428 (April 7, 2007)

Osmanli Nakshibendi Dergahi, Sidney Center, NY

1428.RabiAwal.20 (April 7, 2007)


Alhamdulillah, we were able to attend the showing of our Holy Prophet’s (salallahu aleyhi wasallim) beard hair – known as Sakali Sharif in Turkish – that has been preserved in glass for generations.

Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa’ala ali Muhammadin wasallim.

Holy Prophet’s Beard Hair 1

Holy Prophet’s Beard Hair 2

Holy Prophet’s Beard Hair 3

Holy Prophet’s Beard Hair 4

Holy Prophet’s Beard Hair 5

Sohbet by Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

October 2004, Manhattan Dergah, NYC.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya, Mevlana Sheykh
Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

Ahir Zaman, the End of the Times, about which Holy Prophet (alayhi
salatu wa salam) said, “My nation is going to have seventy-three
different ways, seventy-three different main roads. The Children of
Israel (Bani Israil) separated into seventy-one different groups.
One stayed in the Siratul Mustakim, The Straight Path and the other
seventy went out of the road from what Allah has ordered them. The
Christians separated into seventy-two different ways. One stayed on
the right road and the other ones are all in the wrong road. The
Muslims, my nation is going to divide into seventy-three different
ways. One will stay on the main road and the other ones will go to
wrong directions.”

There are certain things in this Ahir Zaman. Majority of the Muslims are not
living Islam. Being a Muslim is not only to say, “I am a Muslim”. A Muslim
lifestyle has to be different from other lifestyles. Majority of the Muslims
today are admiring the European lifestyle. They are not admiring the Islamic
lifestyle. So they are running after that. And since they are running to live
the European lifestyle whatever the Europeans believe is slowly entering into
them. What do the majority of Europeans believe in? Christianity. Before you
know, the Muslims do not know their holidays. They cannot unite around Eid but
go and ask every Muslim. They know when Christmas is. Christmas is the Christian
holiday that they selected and elected as they liked. It is not because that is
the day but it fits to their business. They make big business around that time.

Shaytan is the enemy of Man. Whatever will put us out of the road that is what
Shaytan does. And Shaytan knows with what this one is going to get fooled by. So
he goes that way. There is one hadith that is holding us now. Holy Prophet (saw)
is saying, “My nation is never going to come together in sharr [the wrong
thing].” They are going to have all these divisions but still they are not going
to come together approving wrong things. So we have deviated into seventy-three
different ways. When they (Sahabe-e Ikram) asked him, “Which ones (are on the
right way), what are the signs of those ones?” Everyone today is claiming. They
are claiming that they are the right ones. Muslims are claiming they are right,
Christians are claiming they are right, the Jews are claiming they are right.
They say, “We are right, you are wrong.” The Buddhists say, “No, our religion is
right and your religions is wrong.” The ones who are worshipping the moon say,
“Our religion is right.” So whatever everyone believes that is what they are
claiming saying, “This is the right way.”

Where is the scale? How are we going to know which one is right and
which one is wrong? We are very confused individuals. When you go to
school, before it was in the Western World but now it is in the
Eastern World also, from childhood they are raising children with
the idea of Darwinism. Darwinism is that you came from monkeys. The
whole foundation of education is sitting on that in the whole West.
But the Westerners are claiming that “We believe in Jesus and
Jesus is God.” (I say) If you believe in Jesus and that Jesus is God,
why are you teaching in the schools secularism. And why are you teaching
in schools that man came from donkey. Oh no not donkey�from
monkey (Shaykh laughing).

There is a big question mark. Why are you doing this? Although you
are going to the extreme by making a man to be God, Jesus was a man.
So here (on one side) they are making Jesus to be God, and from the
other side they turn and they say in the schools where the children
are raised, all these Turkish guys too are going to school now, this
is what they teach them, Turkish or Arab. They are born here. The
schools say, “Don’t forget. Allah did not create you. You
came from mothers and fathers but once upon a time you were a monkey.”
Hasha Astaghfirullah (Shaykh laughing). So if you tell them, “You are a
monkey” then they get upset. If your grandfather somewhere was a
monkey then you are a monkey.

The idea of faith, belief, believing in One God and that God has
created you from nothing. He does not need monkey or donkey to
create you. He says, “Be” and it happened. And God is also telling
us in the big main holy books (Tawrat, Injeel, Quran that everyone
takes so highly), all those books are saying that God has created man
from nothing. He just used the clay, mixed it up and made the man,
the shape of the man. So on one side we see that every book,
Judaism, Christianity and Islam, believe that God has created man
from clay but from the other side when you go to their schools they
are brainwashing. They are dirtying the minds of little children
saying, “You are born from monkeys.”

That is a big confusion now. The children go to school and learn
that we came from monkeys, when they come home whatever parents they
have in the house, if they are Muslims they say to them, “No, this
is wrong. This is right.” So the children get more confused. They
say, “Well if the school is wrong then why are you sending us to
school?” I said to my son, “Don’t listen to what the teacher says
all the time.” He says, “Father, if that is the case then why are
you sending me to school?” I say, “That is another problem we have
now. I have to send you to school, otherwise they will come and put
me in jail saying, “He is not sending his son to school to be
brainwashed.” This is what they are doing.

Now `X’ is coming here and getting brainwashed with me then he is
going home and he is getting another brainwash at home. The two are
completely different. We are brainwashing with what? We are cleaning
the brains now. We are not washing by dirtying. We are cleaning. We
are letting you think. We say, “Here is this and here is that. Think
and come to your own decision.” I am not brainwashing you. No. I am
just telling you that you are a human and that you have a mind and
you have an independent decision that you are going to make. Not by
my force or your force or this one’s force, No.

These are the realities. These are the facts. This is what they are
teaching you in the schools, this is what they are teaching you in
the churches, this is what they are teaching you in the mosques and
this is what they are teaching you in the synagogues. Whatever the
teachings are I say to you, “Sit and think. Who you are and what you
are.” If you say and if you believe that once upon a time your
grandfathers were coming from monkeys, I have no problem with that.
You are not responsible also because you go into the category of
animals. We say, “If you believe you came from monkeys, it’s okay.
You are not responsible.” If you live like animals now there is no
problem. Because that is how monkeys live. You are not a responsible
individual. Whatever you do they should not punish you also, the
government. They should say, “This one does not fit to the human
category so we should not punish him.” God is not going to punish
you also. No punishment. You did not accept to be a human. You
believed that you were a monkey and a donkey. It’s okay. You are
not responsible.

Now we say to you, if you believe you have a mother and father and
they have a mother and a father and going back up that chain it is
reaching somewhere and through their own technology through their
DNA testing and all these kinds of things that came out in these
last decades saying, “We are going to put man’s profile out now”,
Mashallah. They know how many cells are there in your body. So if
you know all that, then you must know that you did not come from
monkeys. There is something different between a monkey and you. Man
is different and monkey is different. So if you accept
saying, “Okay, although I do not understand, it is a big question
mark. I do not understand who created me but I believe that I am not
a monkey. I did not come from monkeys.” Now you should think and you
should question yourself and you should look to find a way out.
Because this life looks very short but sometimes it can be very
long. Sometimes one day can be like one year to you. Sometimes one
minute can be like a hundred years to you.

We have no control over our bodies in reality. Even though before we
go to the mosque, we trim our beard we cut this and we cut that but
we cannot cut our skin. We cannot replace our eyes as we like. We
try to put different shapes to ourselves but there are certain
things that stay there. So we have no control over this body. This
body is moving forward and getting older and older and older, and
nobody wants to get old but slowly they are looking (at themselves)
and saying, “Oh my hands are getting wrinkled.” In the old days
women were doing that and in the new days men are doing that. They
are looking at the mirror and saying, “I am getting wrinkles. I must
go for operation to pull it.” So they pull, pull, pull and pull
before you know there is nothing to pull anymore and the face
becomes very ugly. It is a sign that we have no control over our own
selves. Slowly this body that we love so much, that is what
everybody loves, themselves really, and this body that we love so
much is slowly dying. In these days it is not even waiting for your
time to come. Any kind of sickness comes and whoosh� you will die
right away. You do not know beforehand. Yesterday you did not know
you were sick and today you find out that you have the worst

Also everyone today is asking, “Why is this happening?” People eat
good and sleep good. They work less and they have all kinds of
nutrition that they put in their bodies; but the body is not holding
together. It is falling down. All kinds of weird sicknesses are
coming in these days to every one of us. They are saying, “You have
cancer. Now you have a problem.” Why? Why do we have cancer? Now
even the children have cancer. In the old days people reached
seventy, eighty years of age and they were fine and they already
made the road to the end. It was no problem. Now you find that at
the age of forty, fifty or even thirty they have cancer. (You
ask) “Why is all this happening?” Now because of the hormones
everything that we are eating and drinking is poison. The cells in
the body are not holding together. Cancer means that the cells in
the body are not holding together anymore but they are separating.
The body is getting weaker and weaker and dying. It is killing the
muscle system and everything depending on what kind of cancer you
have. The body is falling quickly.

Eh, if you are a believer then maybe there is a way out again. When
you go to the hospital they tell you that you have cancer. (You
ask) “What am I going to do?” (They tell you) “Go to this and that,
this is going to give you cure”. But now we are finding that there
is no cure. There is only one cure, sit and pray. Or as they said in
the old days, the “old-people medicine” (which is to) go and try the
kind of medicine that comes from the natural world. It may affect.
Otherwise everything that we are eating and drinking daily from
animals to vegetations, everything that is coming into our bodies is
already poisoned. The farmers are using hormones. Come Upstate and
I will bring you to a farm where you will see a cow, the poor animal
has her udders this big. It is bigger than the animal. I said to the
man, “Why are you doing this to the animal?” He said,

“Well, we have to get this much milk from this animal.”

“So what do you do to get that much milk?”

“We pump hormones into them.”

“But you are killing the animals.”

“It’s okay. In three to four years I get my milk out from this
animal and I make it up.”

Same thing they are doing to humans today. And now everyone is
against religion. Why are you against religion? Religion is teaching
you how to live this life. How to live in this life. Nice and
comfortable lives, worry-free. Not to be slaves. No. But worry-free
because you do not know this body. You do not know this system and
how it is going to work. So the Creator is saying to you, “You
are going to get the best result from this body if you use it like this
and like that.” Everyone is going to operations to pull their
skins. I say, “You want your skin to be beautiful? No problem. Get up at
night for prayer 2:00 a.m. in the morning and then look at the
mirror the next morning. (You would go) “Oh I am changing.”
You are going to see. Allah is saying to us, “That Tahajjud prayer makes
you become young again.” The day is twenty-four hours. When you are
working all day long, expiring and at night relaxing a little bit
and then getting up for prayer, the mercy rains on you and you start
to become alive again.

Or you can go to a doctor. If you are Michael Jackson who has
millions and everyday he is going through operations and now he has
nothing to operate on anymore. His nose is falling, ears are
falling, they are taking a piece from here putting there, a piece
from there putting here and it is not holding. Why are you torturing
yourself that way? Is that the reason of your creation? Who are you
trying to look beautiful to? First you have to look at yourself. As
long as I am healthy and strong who cares if you like me or don’t
like me? Don’t look at me. But the mankind has lost their direction
and they are running outside to please others only. They are not
looking at how much they are suffering.

Last days, the signs of the Last Days. Mankind has lost their
direction. The Holy Prophet (saw) came to this world to teach man
how to live. Because mankind once upon a time lost their direction
and they became worst than animals, they were killing and eating
each other and in the middle of all this in that darkness the
Prophet (saw) came out saying, “This is wrong, this is right. Do
this, don’t do that.” The laws came. There was no law. The strong
ones were bringing down the weak. Whoever was stronger tortured the
weak. There was no law. So the Prophet (saw) came and said, “The
weak has a right the strong has a right, the slave has a right, the
master has a right. Everyone has their rights. You should not pass
your limits. So Allah sent laws to us and said, “Live according to
this so that you do not pass your limits. That is the time you live
like humans and you will die like humans.”

Holy Prophet (saw) is saying to us, “The way you live, that is how
you are going to die; and the way you die is the way you will be
resurrected on the Judgment Day.” This life is very short. There is
a life waiting for us that is eternal life but we have not
understood the reality of this life. How are we going to sit to
think about the other life? Everyone is so busy with only worldly
life. This life. But there is another life that Allah subhana wa
ta’ala has given to us. Man has four different stages of life that
he has to go through. You know only two. The first, how many people
here are going to deny that they came out of their mothers’ wombs?
Who is denying that? Can you deny that?

(Shaykh looking at `X’) How many months did you stay?

(`X’ replying) “Nine months.

I doubt it. You are always nervous which means you came out in seven
or seven and a half months. But anyway� (Shaykh smiling).

Nine months. None of us deny and say that we did not live that life.
That is one stage of life. You know that you came out from there but
you do not remember anything of that life. You must remember. But
you cannot remember. Because today’s people cannot even remember
what happened to them yesterday. How are you going to remember what
was inside the womb? You are going to have to pass that (going
backward) to the spiritual world to know from where you came from and
how you came to your mother’s womb. You may know that too. But you need
to be trained for that. Anyway, leave that aside for now. It is a
big work. We come back to say that there are two lives that we
cannot deny. One is that once upon a time we were inside our
mothers’ wombs as humans. After four months you are a complete human
inside. Little fingers, little eyes, little ears, little nose but
you are complete. Everything is complete. You know that there was a
period of life of nine months (some seven months, some seven and a
half, some eight) but normally it has to be nine months. Nine months
ten days maybe. You cannot pass beyond that too. It will be
dangerous. So we know that we had a life there. And now we came to
this world. If there was a possibility that someone was speaking to
you inside (the womb) from the outside and you were speaking back to
them, if they said, “You who are going to come out from the womb,
know that you are coming out into a very big and great world”, you
were then going to say, “No that is impossible.” Because all you
know is that little area. And you are like this (Shaykh folding
hands and ducking his head to show the posture of a baby in the
womb). As soon as you come out, not one doctor but a million doctors
cannot put you back in anymore. Impossible. You will die. One day
ago you would have died if you came out and one day later you would
die if you go back in. Allahu Akbar!

That is one period of life. And when we are coming out to this world
we find that it is so big. It looks big. It looks very big. But
today’s men have made that big world very small. If you get into a
plane from here, an hour later you will be in Egypt. They have a
service that they did not give us yet but those top ones have that
service. They can go so fast that an hour later they can move out of
the orbit of the world. Now you know how fast man is traveling. So
when a man comes to this world and knows this life, he cannot deny
this life. But when it comes to death and the hereafter life
everyone is denying. I say, “There is a life in the grave.” They
say, “What are you crazy? You die.” Of course we die (Shaykh
smiling). But once upon a time in your mother’s womb you were a dead
one also. When you were three months old the whole body was complete
but there was no spirit inside. It was dead. Little baby. If you do
not believe me, then go and ask the secular doctors who think they
know everything. Ask them. Say, “This is what this Shaykh is
teaching us.” He is going to tell you, “He is right.” It is a dead
body inside. It is moving and growing but it is dead. It has no
life. When the angel comes and blows the spirit into you, that makes
you YOU. You become YOU. Before that it is only a piece of meat.
That is why when the women make abortions after three months you
look at them, they are little babies. You can see it. Even before
that time you can see it. They are little babies, but they have no
life. They are dead.

This spirit is making us move, making us think, making us jump up
and down, making us desire things and run after things, Huu� as soon
as it comes out, the body falls down again. So the people who do not
know the reality of death there is a question mark (on them). Not
just some people but billions of them do not know and everyone is so
afraid. They are running away from religion. But running away from
religion is not solving the problem. Death is there. The Angel of
Death is waiting right behind the door. Before your time comes he
will not hit you. Don’t worry. But if your time is up then nothing
can stop him. All these sicknesses, accidents, this and that, they
are only reasons for us to get fooled by saying, “Oh he died because
of this, he died because of that.” He died because Huu� the breath
of life that is given to him has expired. It has finished. Wherever
I go there are so many people who say, “Shaykh, come.” I say, “Where?”
You have to come to the hospital to pray for my father
to die. Did you ever hear someone telling you that? They come to me.
They say, “He wants to die but he cannot die yet. And the
doctors do not have the right to give injections to kill him. Come,
please pray. Maybe he will die.” And I go through that so many
times. Not just once.

(Once) I went and I saw the poor man (with open mouth, blank look in
his eyes, frozen). He is living like that for nine months. He is not
eating anything, drinking anything; but he is alive. His eyes are
locked somewhere, he is not hearing, he is not responding, the only
thing that he is doing is (periodically making a heavy sound as if
trying to get a hold of his breath). Nine months. Allahu Akbar!
Allah is showing to us that we should appreciate what he has given
to us and to be thankful to Him. Now whatever the individual is
going through may be a clean-up process so that he will be
completely clean for the other life that he is going to. Allah is
saying to us that whomever He gives a difficult life in this world,
He will not give a difficult life to that one in the hereafter.
Allah is Just and He put people into different categories. How
people are, what they are, how they are going to die, when they will
die and what is the level that they will reach. If a person has any
kind of inside sickness and he dies from it, he will die as a
martyr. Martyrs will not be questioned. They will not be questioned
about any wrong thing that they did. If a person dies from cancer he
will not be questioned. He will go clean straight to Paradise. So
now we know that we have to build ourselves for that life. Not only
for this life. We are in this life and we have to live it. We cannot
escape even if we want to kill ourselves. If the time does not come,
we cannot die even if we try.

So there are four different periods of life that Allah has given to
us. The life in the mother’s womb, the life in this world, the life
in the grave, and the life hereafter in Paradise. Because they do not
know all the answers about the life in the grave, so many times you
find people who are denying and running away. No. There are answers
to that, there is a life there (in the grave; and it is a continuous
life. People who know, they know that. If you also want to know, then
you have to practice certain things. If you want to become a doctor
you have to go study for years and then you have to practice next to
a doctor and learn how to make operations. So if you want to learn
that too. There is a possibility for everyone. Allah gave permission
to everyone to learn. Or, you can build your faith by saying, “There
is a life after death. I believe in that.” And that enables you to
live a correct life here as a good individual. No harm can come from
your hands.

Today’s world, the 21st century men who call themselves civilized,
are doing cruelties that the world has never seen before. Never. In
the old days, if a person got upset and went crazy he would go out
there and kill one person. In these days huh, it just happened in
Egypt. They put a bomb in a hotel killing fifty people and two
hundred people are wounded. Who are these people? Why are you going
and killing them? You do not know them. You do not know the
individuals. Why are you killing them? Huh. That is what Prophet
(saw) says. “In Ahir Zaman, in the End of Times, people are going to
become so cruel that they are going to go out and kill. The one who
kills will not know why he killed. The one who died is not going to
know why he is dying.” This is the time. Those people who were
sitting in the hotel, or sleeping in the hotel, did not even think
maybe once that something like that might happen. But it blew up.
Finished. The same thing is happening in this country and
everywhere in the world. Today’s civilized people …. It shows how
cruel they are to each other.

Islam is completely far away from that. Islam has no tolerance for
those kinds of things. But it is a sad thing that Muslims are using
that name and saying, “We are doing this for the sake of Allah.” How
foolish is that? Can you believe this is what they are doing? Islam
is completely far away from these kinds of people. Yes, they can
claim that they are somebody who believes. But those should be and
will be punished who are tyrannizing other people because they are
of a different race, different nation or they are just different
from them. Allah is not giving us the permission to go and destroy
each other because somebody did something wrong to you. You cannot
even go to that person individually to damage that person if he did
something wrong to you. In the old days, there were no courts. You
went to elderly people and they would decide. They would say, “Sit.
We will punish him like this and you will be even.” Today people are
running out like animals and they are doing acts like animals. So
they ask me, “Shaykh, why is it like this?” I say to them, “It is
very easy. You do not know? Because we teach them in the schools
that they are animals. So that is how they are acting.” Once upon a
time they were not teaching in the schools that people are animals.
They were teaching, “You are a human. How are you going to scream at
another person without knowing?” Today everyone is screaming at each
other everyone is cursing at each other and there are no limits to
it. It is not accepted in the Divine Presence. A man does not have
the right to scream and curse at his wife. The wife does not have a
right to curse and scream at her husband. The parents do not have
the right to scream and curse and punish their children as they
like. Yes there are some punishments they may sometimes need.
Sometimes punishment is necessary. What is the punishment for? Just
to make the individual understand that what he is doing is wrong. He
must come around.

So people in today’s world has become very cruel to each other and
we should turn around. Because if there are cruelty around us then
we cannot find peace in our own selves. We have to find that peace.
If we cannot find that peace in our own selves then we cannot
understand where we came from and where we are going to go. This is
the game Shaytan is playing on us making us nervous all the time
fighting and arguing always. This way we will continuously be busy
with the wrong things and we would not have the time to think to
become better individuals. Leave everybody. You have to become a
better individual first to yourself. You have to have a clear mind
and you have to have peace in your heart. This is not something they
sell in McDonalds, Burger King, Macy’s or here and there. You cannot
buy it but you have to have it. It has to be found. Otherwise, this
world becomes hell. We have already turned this world into hell
because we do not know what is going to happen five minutes later,
in the streets of New York City also.

We must make intention to become better humans, first to understand
our own selves and to understand our Lord. When we understand that
then we will understand what is the reason of our creation. We have
not been created to eat like animals, to sleep, to have sex and to
have children and to multiply. That is not the only reason. That is
one part of our lives. But it is not the only reason of our
creation. The One that has created us has the right to question us
one day. You have the right to question your own children. The boss
has the right to question his workers. The President has the right
to question his deputies, the police has the right to question you
in the streets if he sees something wrong. So Allah has the right to
question us, and when He does what are we going to say? How did we
live? Did we try to make any effort to become better ones?

We are watching in the television these days. You want to have
problems, watch television. Your problems will never finish. You are
getting other people’s burdens on your neck and you will never have
any peace. Because everywhere you look you see those people
suffering, and even if you like it or not your heart is moving
somewhere somehow. So that pain comes to you. You cannot reach
there. Leave it. You want to do something? Pray. There is nothing
else you can do. Your hand cannot reach there. Our hands cannot
reach. If anything is going to happen now beyond these walls (of the
dergah) it is going to happen. It is not in our control. So first we
have to know that we are weak ones, and then we have to ask support
from our Lord to make us understand what He has given to us and how
we are going to treat that life that He has given to us. The life He
is giving us continuously, how are we going to live that life? This
is what we have to concentrate on. If we do that, we will become
better ones. If not then this life continues, and one day the Angel
of Death will come to us even if we like it or not, and we go
someplace that we have not prepared ourselves for. And there is no
return back. We cannot come back because this life is given only
once. We are not coming back to this life. Do not let anybody fool
you with that because now I am seeing new age people and new ideas.
People come to me and say, “Shaykh, I remember I was a cat and
now I am a human. So I am going to come back to this life as a bird.”
(Shaykh laughingly) They believe in Reincarnation. I said, “No,
You were not a cat. You were only a human, and you are not coming back to
this world. But maybe Allah will open the reality of that animal to
you so you will feel (like that animal) but do not think that once
upon a time you were like that.”

So much confusion today. Yes. Everywhere we turn there is confusion.
Shaytan has built his kingdom everywhere. In every religion, every
center, every house and in every place he has built his kingdom. You
should escape from him to your Lord. And on the way of escaping you
must look to find some strong one from whom Shaytan is running away
saying, “This one is dangerous. Let me not go near that one.” So
stay near that strong one. Then Shaytan will not bother you too much.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

This much is enough for you and for me. Amin.