June 2007

Sohbet on Saturday, 1st Jumadal Akhir, 1428 (June 16, 2007)

Northern Virginia

Jumadal Sani 1, 1428

Last night’s sohbet included stories about Ibrahim (as) and Nimrud & Musa (as) and Firaun.

We might have heard these stories before but it is worth repeating. Nimrud was ruling the whole world at the time. And he declared war on Allah (jj). With his arrogance he denied Ibrahim (as) and the message. When Ibrahim (as) told him Allah (jj) was the only God, he said he was God. When Ibrahim (as) said Allah gives life and death, he ordered two prisoners, ordered one’s head cut off and the other be left free. He said he could also give life and death. But when Ibrahim (as) said Allah makes the Sun to rise from the East and challenged him to make it rise from the West, Nimrud was beat. Because of that, Allah will make the Sun rise from the West in the End Times, then set back West. The doors of forgiveness are open until that moment, and that moment on the doors will be closed.

Nimrud was stubborn and raised an army of 100,000 fully armored soldiers. He said he was ready for war with Allah (jj). The higher the arrogance, the smaller the thing with which Allah makes the tyrant fall. He sent an army of millions of mosquitos that went through the armor and ate the flesh of the soldiers. There was amongst them a crippled one. He was sad that Allah (jj) didn’t give him the opportunity to serve Him. So Allah ordered that little cripple legged mosquito to finish Nimrud. The cripple got in Nimrud’s glass made room through the key whole, avoided Minrud’s attempts of swatting, and entered his head through his nose. There he started eating away at his brain. The pain was so severe that it caused constant severe headaches. The only time he could rest was when he tapped his head and the mosquito quit eating. As the pain grew, Nimrud ordered one of his servants to hit his head with a stick. After a while, the stick turned into a hammer. One day, the servant got fed up and hit him so hard his head cracked open and a mosquito the size of a bird came out flying.

The only other tyrant to rule the whole world was Firaun. Sheytan knocked on his door one day. He asked who it was. Sheytan said, “O cursed one, you don’t know who lies behind the door and you claim to be the Highest God, saying: ‘Ana Rabbukum al-Ala.’ I don’t even claim that.” He asked Firaun why he claimed that. Firaun said he had lots of magicians with powers. “So what?” said Sheytan and raising his one hand he showed him the inventions and events of the past, and raising the other showed him those of the present and future. These included computers, rockets, televisions, phones, etc. He said he liked what Firaun was doing and told him to continue fooling the people and doing Sheytan’s work.

When Musa (as) challenged Firaun, a place and time was set where all the magicians of his dominion came out. They threw there canes and ropes and it appeared to the people like snakes. Musa (as) dropped his staff and it turned into a snake too. This snake started swallowing the other snakes one by one while not growing in size. The magicians went into prostration and said they believed in Musa (as) now. Firaun asked why they submitted to Musa (as). They said what they were doing was magic, a temporary veiling of the eye, but this other snake was real. Firaun threatened them with death. They said it was alright because they had seen the Truth and could not go back to their old ways.

Sohbet from Saturday, 3rd Jumadal Awwal, 1428 (May 19, 2007)

Northern Virginia

Jumadal Awwal 3, 1428

After a while of not posting on this blog, we are making the intention to write more frequently. Since I “switched” jobs, I should have more time to spend here.

And with reference to that, Sheykh stated last night that he made sure he didn’t get coached by his bosses by taking the extra step and doing more than expected of him. He even had a boss that wanted to get rid of him and looked for shortcomings, but was unable to find any because Sheykh made sure he covered everything.

May Allah help us to get rid of arrogance and stubbornness in our work, and make us perform our duties perfectly for His sake. Amin.