Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Spring 2004, Friday Night, Manhattan Dergah, New York City.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

Holy Prophet (saw) and all prophets came to teach people how to find
peace in the hearts. If there is no peace in the heart, it cannot
give peace to the body. When the heart is peaceful the body will be
peaceful too. All prophets and all religions in reality are teaching
people how to find that peace and how to make a smooth transmission
from this world to the other side, passing smoothly and easily. All
these religions, the orders of the religions, the orders of doings
and not doings, the obligations, all these are to make it easy for us
to move from one side to another side.

Holy Prophet (saw) is saying, within one word he put everything in,
he was talking to his Sahaba and he says to them, “There is a piece
in your body. If that one is sick the whole body is sick. If that
one is good the whole body is good, affecting the whole body.”
Another miracle of the Prophet (saw) of course, he held his fist and
he said, “Listen carefully O my Sahaba! This is the heart.” And he
showed his fist. That is another secret which today’s science and
medicine is finding now, that every man has their hearts as big as
their fists. (`X’ is checking his heart saying, “My heart is
bigger.” –Sheykh smiles and the listeners laugh–. It’s okay. A
bigger heart contains more in it. Elhamdulillah.)

So when the heart is good the whole body is good and when the heart
is bad the whole body is bad. Physically, when the heart is good the
whole body is good. If the heart is bad and if the heart is failing,
they say, heart attack! They say, “Sit! Don’t move! Quickly bring
him to the hospital and keep him like that until then.” Like a
robot, not moving, because any movement that you make it will now do
damage to the heart more and more and more, and if the heart is gone
then what can we do? You are a heartless person. (Sheykh smiles).
Then you cannot live.

So the heart is important. Tomorrow in the Judgment Day if the heart
is not good you are not good for Dunya and you are not good for
Akhirat too. If your heart is not good then your physical form is not
good to go out there (in Dunya) to work, to earn money, to buy and
sell, get a car, fly, this and that you cannot do. The heart is not
good. If the heart is not good you cannot worship, you cannot move
around, you cannot do things (for the sake of Allah). So the most
important is that you must hold the heart good from physical and
spiritual sickness. If the heart is bad and sick physically but
spiritually if it is not sick then at least you can sit and you can
pray inside your heart. You don’t have to make body motions. It’s
acceptable. But if the heart is sick spiritually then you are in

The biggest thing that gets the heart spiritually sick, the main
source, is the love of Dunya. When you have the love of this world
so much in your heart, then that love of the world makes you go
crazy. I know so many who were good people in the beginning, they
did good things, but later you see that the love of the world
becomes so much that they turn to become bad. So many times you are
asking yourself too, “When this person was poor he was a good man.
Now he is rich but he is a bad man, he is a tyrant.” I don’t think
you didn’t meet somebody like that. You met somebody in your life
like that. That’s what happens because the love of Dunya makes the
person become tyrant, arrogant, stubborn, selfish and everything.

So we must keep that heart clean, and the heart is the Throne of
Allah. Allah is saying to us, “You want more peace in your heart?
First put Me in there and look all the peace is coming. If you put
somebody else higher than Me in that heart, that one is not going to
give you any peace. You are going to run to that one but that one is
going to make you a slave.” So many times in so many cases people
are using each other under the name of love saying, “I love you
honey.” Aha! “Give me this, give me that, I want this, I want that.”
You know you cannot do it all but you say, “This one loves me. I
must try.” So you go out killing yourself and after you reach
somewhere that one says to you, “Look, you already expired. Your
body is not good to get out of here anymore. I have to go to
somebody new.” (Sheykh smiles).

It is the same with most women and men. People are using each other
without knowing what real love is. Real love is not limited only to
the physical forms. When people love each other very much, slowly
they get rid of the words, the words disappear and they speak
through the hearts. They love each other so much that when one says
(in his heart), “I wish to have a glass of water”, the other one who
loves that one goes and puts the glass of water in front of him.
Look, now the hearts are speaking. That is the first sign of real
love. Then when the two spirits unite then all the paradises will be
opened to you. You must concentrate on that if you want to find
peace. You must find. You must try. That way then is the easiest way
and the fastest way.

There are so many other ways but they are very long ways. It’s like
if you want to hold your ear, instead of holding it directly with
the closest hand you put your hand around your head and try to hold
the ear from the back of your head. There is no need for it. Take
the easy way, the short way. We have so many other things to do
after that anyway. The love of Dunya has to finish and the love of
Akhirat has to enter. Then the love of Akhirat has to finish and the
love of Allah has to enter. But you didn’t even finish Dunya. How
are you going run to the love of Akhirat? The love of Akhirat cannot
finish that easily. It cannot be that easy.

I heard from my Sheykh who is saying that everyone is going to enter
into Paradise after a certain amount of time. He says that no matter
how bad they are, they are going to enter into their own paradises
and Allah subhana wa ta’ala in 100,000 years will let one window to
be opened for them to see their best time in Dunya, their best
enjoyment in Dunya. And when they see that, right away they get
extremely scared and afraid saying, “Oh our Lord! Don’t turn us back
to that Dunya. That Dunya was only miseries, problems and
sufferings. Please keep us in Paradise.” Allah removes that window
and the paradise that they are in, it becomes 700,000 times more
beloved to them. As soon as that vision opens up they
say, “Alhamdulillah, we did not enter into this Dunya again. We are
in our own paradises.”

It is the same way in this world. If you find a way to speak to
children in their own mother’s wombs… They don’t put cell phones
there now? (Sheykh smiles). But some cell phones are speaking to
them saying, “What are you doing in there?” It says, “Oh, it is the
best life.” You say to that baby, “You are coming out soon.” It
says, “No, I am not coming out. This is my paradise.” It doesn’t
want to come out. As soon as it comes out it starts going “waw,
waw”. Why are you screaming? Because he cannot go back in now. You
say to him some years later, “You are going to die.” He starts
screaming again. You say to him, “Look! You didn’t want to come out
of that womb. Then you come to this world and you say how beautiful
this world is. Now you don’t want to come out of this world to the
paradise that is waiting for you? Foolish one! Wake up to yourself.
You want it or not you are going to come out.” We want it or not, we
entered and we are going to come out.

And we must submit our will to that One who has authority over us if
we want peace. If we don’t want peace then we can say anything. You
can claim that you have created this New York City. You can claim
whatever you want. You can say, “I created the world.” Some say, “I
am the owner of the world.” Some Firauns said, “Enal Rabbul `Ala.”
He was saying to the Egyptian people “Enal Rabbul `Ala.” Whoosh…
they were going down saying, “Yes, you are the biggest Lord.” But
Firaun is gone. He left something. So man today, years later, are
saying, “That Firaun had a lot of money.” No one goes to open
ordinary graves in Egypt. They are running after the graves of the
Firauns, opening and taking everything out. I am watching some from
far away, they are stepping on the bones saying, “You stupid man!
You are taking the world with you huh? Let me crush you a little
bit.” (Sheykh smiles).

This is Dunya. Let me tell you one more thing about the reality of
this Dunya. You don’t hear this always from everywhere but you are
going to hear from me. The value of the world. You have to know what
is the value of the world? What is the value of the world and why
the world has been created? When Adam (as) and Hawa were living in
Paradise, they were eating and drinking everywhere freely, they
didn’t have to work, they didn’t have to run around, they didn’t
have to do anything, everything was coming to them. But that foolish
Sheytan fooled Hawa and she ate from that forbidden tree. As soon as
she ate from the forbidden tree nothing happened to her but because
she loved Adam (as), she was saying, “Mmm… good taste. Let me give
him some to eat too.” So Adam (as) got upset in the Paradise for the
first time saying, “Didn’t Allah say to us not to eat from this
tree? Why did you eat from this tree?” She said, “Don’t get upset ya
Adam, Don’t you see? I ate and nothing happened. It’s good.”

(Sheykh smilingly recited a couple of verses in Turkish)

The desires and the love of the woman broke down the man. Adam (as)
was so strong but he ended up saying, “Okay honey, let me taste.” As
soon as he put that in his mouth and he started chewing, the angel
(Jibreel as) came and touched him saying, “What are you doing?” He
said, “Ohh, what am I doing?” He didn’t swallow. He tried to throw
it out and it came out and got stuck there (at the Adam’s apple).
The woman swallowed. Allah was watching. Now as soon as the grain
from the forbidden tree entered into the body all the peace in the
body started to move right away. You know from experience that
sometimes you feel so good and then you eat some food or some fruit
and right away your stomach starts churning. Huh? You never felt
like that? Sometimes it happens. No? It happened only to me? (Sheykh
smiles and everyone laughs). It happens.

So that’s what happened to Hawa and she started saying, “Oh,
something has to come out. I need to go to the toilet.” They didn’t
know what toilet was before. In paradise there is no toilet. So Hawa
doesn’t know where to go but she knows that something has to come
out. And then Adam (as) started getting the pain saying, “What are
we going to do? We need to go to the toilet.” Paradise is a clean
place. So the angel said to them, “Well, you cannot do it in the
Paradise, that kind of dirtiness. So you need to go down to the
toilet.” (Sheykh laughs). So they were sent down to the toilet.

We are here. As much as we eat, we go to the toilet. The toilets are
always very near to us. It is so dirty but we keep it so near. 21st
century men are putting it inside their bedrooms and now they are
going to make their bedrooms inside the toilet. (Sheykh smiles). I
went to some places where I found it to be such and I asked, “Is
this a living room or is this a toilet.” They said, “No, it’s the
toilet.” I said, “I feel sleepy. It’s so beautiful here.” But it’s a

So 21st century men, knowing and understanding that reality, he
cannot separate himself from that toilet. If he can separate himself
from that toilet, he cannot separate himself from this toilet
(inside our stomachs). (Sheykh holds up a piece of fruit). Look how
beautiful this is. Can one million men together make this? No. If I
put this beautiful fruit inside, one hour later it is going to turn
to become so dirty. Thuu… It smells. Hmm… Run to the toilet. Empty
it out.

So Allah (subanaha wa ta’ala) is ordering us saying, “Make your
toilet in that Dunya as much as you want. When you are clean then
come back to Paradise.” This is the reality of this world. If you
want to love it more then you may do so. (Sheykh smiles).


Selam aleykum.