Sohbetby by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Monday, 23 Rabi al-Awal, 1426 / May 2, 2005
Osmanli Nakshibendi Hakkani Dergah, Sidney Center, New York.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

Our way is association. Through association people will find out,
they will know and they will learn how to live. How to live in
Dunya, in this world, and how to prepare himself for the hereafter
life. We have been created from our Lord Allah subhana wa ta’ala to
know Him and to worship Him. It is a sad thing to see 21st century
man, from the lowest to the top, from the poorest to the rich, from
the ignorant to the most educated ones, running topspeed only for
the world, the benefits of the world and the very small worldly
pleasures. Our life is running topspeed also and we are running to
our end. Everyday that is passing is taking one day away from our
lives and we are getting closer every single day to our graves and
we are not realizing it. Mankind is not realizing it because it is
only busy with this world.

Whatever you are busy with, that’s what you are going to find,
that’s what man can find. The Creator Allah subhana wa ta’ala has
given us enough intelligence to understand this world and to
understand the hereafter life. But because we are so busy
concentrating only on this life we are not having time even to think about the
hereafter life.

So the 21st century people may reach to the peak of technology,
luxury lifestyle, luxury cars, luxury houses, luxury this, luxury
that but we are finding that very few people have peace in their
hearts and everyone is worrying. The rich is worrying, the poor is
worrying, the officials are worrying, the presidents are worrying
and everyone is worrying. They are shivering. Their own fear is
taking them and now they have no peace anywhere. Believers became
like that and unbelievers became like that. No peace. Peace can only come to a
man through his Lord to the heart. That’s the only way to get peace. If you
don’t have peace in your heart, you can have all the luxury around but when you
sit down and you start thinking, you cannot have too much peace again because
the reality is facing you saying, “Today, tomorrow, the next day, or next year
or ten years from now, Azrail is waiting.” The Angel of Death is waiting for
you, for us. So that cannot leave you in peace then because it is unknown.

When something is unknown to man, man has fear from it. So what do
we have to do? We have to look to learn that unknown. It is like
when you have a dog. For you it’s a pussycat but for a stranger he will never
come near that dog because he is unknown to that stranger and he doesn’t know
what it’s going to do. So death is unknown. When you start knowing, when you
start realizing, when you start understanding, then it is not that fearful. And
when you start building relationship with your Creator… Everyone is trying to
build relationship with each other but mankind today, the majority of the
mankind became betrayers. They are betraying each other, they are betraying
their love to each other. They are betraying their trust to each other for
others or for very cheap prices. So that is another problem for 21st century man
because there is no peace. There is no peace because no one is really trusting
each other anymore. There is no trust. Trust is gone.

So we are watching, going around the world, watching how people are behaving,
how they are living. And those people who are believers, we are watching them
and they are in their own problems, they are fighting and arguing with each
other again for worldly benefits. So this world is making us to become enemies
to each other. If we don’t know where our limits are then we can become enemies.
If we know where our limits are then it will be different. The best knowledge
for man is to know his limits. The best knowledge for man is to know where his
knowledge ends, where his limit ends. That is his knowledge. And you need that.
Man needs that.

When you know that then Allah is saying to us, “If you live with the knowledge
that you know then I will teach you the knowledge you don’t know.” So if we live
according to the knowledge, the worldly knowledge that we have learned here and
there and we live with it correctly, then our Lord is going to teach us
something through our heart if it necessary or if it is necessary through other
people’s trainings, we will find our way. We will find that peace that our Lord
is sending down. He has created us. He loves us and he is continuously giving us
everything but we are not responding to that love. Responding to that love is at
least to say, at least to sit five minutes a day to say, “Oh my Lord! You are
watching me, you are seeing me and I am not seeing you. You are loving me but I
am loving you too.” At least just say that. That’s the lowest.

So the more the love of the Creator starts overtaking your heart, then all other
fake loves go away. Then you will be able to build better friendship first with
those people who are connected through their hearts to the Lord. Then when you
are building connections with them you will be able to understand the other ones
who have no connection. Then you will be able to reach to them because then you
are not looking to gain something anymore. You are looking to give.

Very few people now in the world are looking to give. Mankind is only looking to
take, take, take. When you start learning how to give too, then different peace
and different love starts coming to your heart because our Lord is continuously
giving. He is giving to believers and giving to unbelievers, giving to those who
are accepting Him and giving to those who are not accepting Him, giving to those
who are worshipping Him and giving to those who are cursing Him. He is
continuously giving. He is not separating. When the sun is coming out every
morning, it is reaching to every house. It doesn’t matter whether the people in
the house are believers or unbelievers. The sun is not separating. It is
reaching to everyone’s house.

The air. Everyone is breathing the air for free. How much do you think it’s
worth? One hour of oxygen? Somebody was saying to me that there was a movie
where they were opening a can…

(Someone said the name of the movie, `Spaceballs’.)

Spaceballs? They were selling the air and they were opening the can like a
coca-cola bottle. Hmm. Think, think. When we have something in our hands that is
so precious, something so valuable and we are not knowing what we have. And when
we are not knowing the value then we start running. We are running not because
it is what we want to but looking at other people we say, “Oh, this one is
running, let me run here, let me do this, let me do that.” But when you start
knowing what you have been created for and when you start understanding the
value that Allah is giving, then you will be able to start being thankful to the
Lord of the Heavens and when we are thankful to Him He will increase the favors
on us.

It’s not that how much you work and how intelligent you are, that’s how much you
are going to get. No. He has to open it. If He opens it then it starts coming to
you from the sky and from under your feet. If He doesn’t open it, you run, you
run, you run, you use every tricks, in these days every evil thinking, this and
that, how you are going to fool others, everything is coming to your hands and
before you touch it, it starts disappearing from left and right again. No
blessings are coming with anything that people have anymore. They cannot eat
properly, they cannot sleep properly, they cannot enjoy, nothing. You know that
because someway somehow we have some people around us from our own family
members who are in that kind of situation. And Sheytan, the evil is not letting
Mankind to go down to prostration because when a man goes down to prostration,
it is a sign of weakness. And when you are showing your weakness to your Lord,
Allah is saying, “Support that one.” Allah is saying to His angels, “Support
that one. That one is accepting his weakness. Support that one.” So when the
support starts coming to you, now you know that you may be the most powerful in
this world but you are still weak, so you go down (in prostration) again.

When it comes to the power of the Lord Allah subhana wa ta’ala, your power and
our power is nothing. If He doesn’t permit (Sheykh inhales deeply), the air
doesn’t come in and you will die. It’s so easy. People are thinking so many
things today but if He doesn’t permit, if He says to that one, “Don’t let the
air to go in” you cannot breath the air. He is the Supreme Ruler. Everything
that He has created, He has authority on them. And if He doesn’t permit us
(Sheykh exhales swiftly), to give that air out, we die. So we are prisoners
between two breaths in reality. If He does not say, “In” it does not go in and
if He does not say, “Come”, it does not come out. So we are so close to that but
we are running away from it. Instead of running away we must try to learn. When
we start learning we will live in this world correctly, whatever has been given
to us of life. However many breaths of life has been given to you, that’s how
much you are going to live. You cannot take one breath more or one less. It’s
not how many years you live or it’s not how sick you are or how healthy you are.
No. It is how many breaths of air have been designated for you, that’s how much
you are going to take.

In the beginning we said we don’t know how to live in this world. Yes. We don’t
know how to live in this world because mankind is spending his energy in so many
different places that instead of taking one breath (in every specified unit of
time) he is taking ten. So he is shortening his life. If it is designated for
you that you will breath the air 40,000 times today and if you do it 80,000
times, then you miss tomorrow. Tomorrow is gone. You finished tomorrow’s life
today already. So it is the shortening of life. The life becomes short. This is
a knowledge. This knowledge is not in every book. This knowledge is coming from
the Divine Presence to the heart for those hearts that are open. If the heart is
open, anywhere they look, they see and they can understand because of the
connection between the heart and the Divine Presence.

So after learning death and what is waiting for us there are so many other
things to learn. And then who knows maybe while you are sitting in this world
you may watch and see the Paradise too. They will bring the Paradise in front of
you. There is a very thin layer of veil standing between you and Paradise. So
first we have to learn how to live. Then we have to become servants to our Lord
and start worshipping Him properly. The way He wants us to worship. All this is
again for us. For our own progress. For a man to become a lawyer he has to go to
school. You cannot become a lawyer if you don’t go to school and say the next
day, “I am a lawyer” or “I am a doctor.” You have to go, you have to train for
years to be able to do that job.

There is another secret that Allah is giving us here. Whatever is in this head,
the eyes, ears, nose, breathing, feeling, everything is here, in this (head)
part (of the body). So when that veil opens up then you will be able to see
things that are not ordinary, it’s not normal or worldly. But that takes some
work. You have to work a little bit and that’s not the work of Dunya and you
cannot buy that with money or fame or if you say, “I am this one” or “I am that
one.” Tsk, you can be a president; it doesn’t matter. You can be a king; it
doesn’t matter. You have to follow those who are already connected with the
Divine Presence. You have to do what they say to you to be able to remove the
veils that are standing in your heart. Otherwise, if a man is following his ego,
he is not following his Lord because the ego is the enemy of the Lord. Allah
created the ego and it became disobedient. Then He created the spirit from
Himself. The spirit that is in you is coming from the Lord of the Heavens.
That`s why the Christians went one step forward, not rightly, wrongly to say,
“Jesus is God.” He is a man. Holy? Yeah. You are holy too. The spirit that is
given to you is very holy. It’s not yours. It’s coming from the Lord of the
Heavens and it is making your activities. As soon as that spirit comes out of
your body, you are not moving anymore. Take it, drop it to the hole and close it
quickly. The spirit is giving life and the spirit is keeping it fresh and good
smelling. As soon as the spirit comes out, the dirtiness of the ego starts
appearing. So you cannot have that around. You have to bury it inside the dirt.

So Allah subahana wa ta’ala created man only to know him and to worship him
saying, “I have created you and the Jinn only to know Me and to worship Me.” So
today the 21st century people built a giant machinery that is swallowing
everyone in it and no one is really knowing how to come out from it. The only
way to come out from it is simple lifestyle. If you are living simply, a simple
life, and if you cut your credit cards and throw them to the garbage, you are
going to be able to live simply because you are not going to go charging money
non-stop and worry how you are going to pay the bills.

Here’s `X’. Twenty years old, he already spent 200,000 dollars. Twenty years
old. Where is the money gone? Eh, it’s gone, finished. And after he finished the
money he came to me. (Sheykh recites a verse in Turkish). He has nothing in his
pocket he came to me. Why didn’t you come when you had 200,000? See? So
sometimes when the money falls into the hands of those people who do not know
how to control the money, it brings their end too. It prepares their end. Yeah.
But if he didn’t have that and he wasn’t using it for that kind of lifestyle, it
would have been better now. But man is always wanting for something, thinking it
is good for him. So some things are not good to ourselves. It is better to live
a simple lifestyle in these days and in this world. Whatever is necessary to
live on, that’s what we should have and not have so much to worry about. Don’t
worry so much. We just filled our stomachs here, we ate, we finished, we have a
shelter on our heads now and Allah is Kerim for tomorrow. Allah is the Generous
One for tomorrow. We prepare our own plans but if our plans do not fit to His
plans then it’s not going to work. So we have to know also how to correct our
planning and how to live for Him, not for our ego and not for this Dunya.

You cannot learn that anymore in churches, mosques or synagogues or those kinds
of places. Those places are just there to worship. In these days it is not even
that anymore. People just go there to make show. All those worship places,
doesn’t matter what you call them, mosques, churches, this and that, people are
just there, not worshipping, cheating themselves for once a day or two times a
day or once a week or two times a week or three times a week. We are in need of
our Lord everyday, every hour and every minute. He is not in need of us; but we
are in need of Him. And we must look to tie that relationship with our Lord
every single day into stronger chains. This way we will not break away. Once you
learn, once you know that you are in need of Him then you will prepare yourself
to have a better relationship and tie yourself to your Lord more strongly.

These kinds of associations are for those people who are looking to find
themselves and who are looking to find their Lord. If you are looking to find
Dunya, the world, we don’t have too much to give. Dunya is out there, world is
out there but believe me I passed from it by 19 and I ended up in these
mountains. That’s the best Dunya because out there now is jungle. Everywhere it
became jungle. If you look with these eyes you would see that it’s a jungle. But
if you are still flying in the air you may see differently. You have to look
with reality and you have to understand what’s really happening in the world
politics and world movements today everywhere. Then you will be able to
understand saying, “Oh, it’s not the way I think it is.”

But whatever happens to the world, the world is there. Whatever
happens to us, we are the ones who are losing. We are living today
and we don’t know if we are going to make it by tomorrow morning.
Nobody here knows if they are going to make it by tomorrow morning.
If we make it to tomorrow morning, what is it that the Lord of the
Heavens wants from us? You have a program for living in this world.
A couple of people in this world are living without a program. Everyone else has
programs. Either getting up to go to work or they have different plans. So what
is the plan that our Lord has prepared for us tomorrow? First when we start
thinking and knowing that, then we will fix our planning daily according to that
plan. Otherwise, when our plan does not fit to His plan, then we are already
disobedient because we are living differently that what He wants from us.

So inshallah ar-Rahman, slowly but surely, we are going to learn how to live,
how to connect ourselves with your Lord inshallah before we come out from this
life, from this body. And that’s what we need, to connect ourselves to our Lord,
the Lord of the Heavens before we come out from this body. But we should try
harder not to end before coming out but earlier so that we may reach to other
people. You may reach to other people you love. Because once you know what’s
happening then you will be able to make connection with others more easily. But
if you don’t know then you cannot say anything. You are not permitted to say
anything because you don’t know. So we have to find out first to be able to
reach to others.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.