November 2007

Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday, 18th Rabi’ al-Thani, 1426 / May 28, 2005.
39th Street Dergah, Manhattan, New York.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

It is a blessing for a man to have an owner. It is a blessing for a
man to have somebody to go and to consult. It is a blessing for a
man to be able to submit his ego, his will to some other hand.
That’s a blessing. If he is not (submitting his will) then that’s
arrogance which shows that the individual has not learned anything
from this life yet. The individual has not found himself yet. He has
a lot of circling around to do to go and to find. The blessing
becomes extra blessing, double blessing when you are submitting your
will, yourself. Then you are consulting and you are taking what he
is saying, what has been told to you. It is a blessing to you.

But for mankind since the beginning from Adam (alayhi salam) until
today it has been continuing and it’s going to continue until the
time of Mahdi (as) and Isa (as) in these two struggling ways. The
ego is not letting man go so easily and it is pulling him in
different direction to become disobedient to his Lord. And the
spirit and intelligence is ordering saying, “You are not the
authority to yourself. You have a Creator. Submit yourself to that
one.” Everyone’s coming according to their own ideas and their own
understanding is not submission. That is ego. Your own idea and your
own understanding is your ego. Your ego is never going to want to
submit to the power that is given to somebody else. No one’s ego is
doing that.

From the first man Adam (as), from the beginning, that was the
problem. Whatever you call yourselves here, whatever race you come
from, whatever your nationality is, it goes back down all the way to
Adam (as) and to Hawa. So they are our father and mother. Adam (as)
lived in this world for over a thousand years. He was the father of
all the children at that time and at the same time he was a prophet
to them. He was a Guide. Allah sent him to be the father and at the
same time to be guiding his children saying, “Say to them! If they
want safety then they must submit their will to you.” If they want
safety, they must say, “As you like father.” Not “as you like my
Lord.” No. They must say, “As you like. As the way you say to us. We
don’t know any better. We know that you know and we are following
you.” The ones who did that, who submitted their will to their
father found safety and their generations are finding safety. The
ones who didn’t, they haven’t found safety, they turned around and
they started doing the most cruel things on earth and their
generations are continuing.

So when you look at man, he can be pulled from two different sides.
One is to be disobedient and one obedient. If you are finding
disobedience then know that you are running someway somehow to the
first disobedient one. Qabil. He first became disobedient to his
father when his father was sitting with their mother and saying to
them, “O my children, I and your mother are not like you. You all
have mother and father. I am your father and this is your mother.
You all know that. But I and your mother, we are not like you.
Allah Almighty has created us, he molded and he gave shape to us
with His Divine Hands and we are not like you. We don’t have fathers
and mothers. Your mother and I, we are not like you. You have
mother and father. But we are not. We don’t have that.” So when
Qabil started having different ideas, he became disobedient to his
father. His ego didn’t like the reality and what he has seen. So he
says, “It’s better to become disobedient to him. So in this way I
will have what I want.” What he wanted was not good for him.

When Hawa (as) was giving birth she was always giving twins. One boy
and one girl. Always twins coming. Those who come from the same
womb, it is forbidden for them to get married. It is like today’s
understanding that they are brothers and sisters. But for the ones
coming before or after, order was coming to Adam (as) saying, “Marry
that boy to that girl. Marry that girl with that boy.” So he was
marrying them. And there was a divine secret that when the twins
were coming, one was boy and one was girl. If the boy was good
looking one, the girl was… in Islam there is no ugliness, so the
girl’s shape was not cut the way as the most perfect one, a little
crooked. But the boy is most perfect. And if the girl is most perfect
then the boy is a little bit crooked, coming from that same womb. So
Allah was giving order to Adam (as) saying, “Take that perfect boy
and marry him with that perfect girl. Take that boy who is a little
less perfect and marry him with the other one.” So they fit to each

The same thing is happening in today’s world. People are not looking
whether it is fitting. They are not looking. (They are) saying, “I
like it. I want it.” Hmm. Go ahead. So later they have problems.
Look if it is fitting. If it is not fitting then you are going to
have problems later. So since that time the problems continued. So
Qabil… let’s say it another way so that you can understand. When the
plain looking one was looking at his sister who was the most
beautiful one and looking at Habil who was also the most beautiful
one, he was knowing that he is going to take that one. He knows
that. He is seeing some wisdom there and he is saying, “If I
continue being obedient to my father then I have to accept what he
says. So let me start being disobedient to him. This way I will have
some others following me. Then one day I will pull my plug from

And that’s what he did. When his father was saying, “My children, we
are not like you. We came from paradise. Allah created us
differently.” He (Qabil) said, “What are you talking about father?
You must be getting old.” As some people say today to their Sheykhs
that, “Sheykh is getting old and he is not knowing what he is
saying.” (Sheykh smiles). Astaghfirullah. He (Qabil) was
saying, “Father, what are you talking about? You are getting old.
You don’t know what you are saying. You must have a father and a
mother. You and my mother forgot where you came from. There is no
such thing.” His ego was forcing him to become disobedient because
his ego wants something, opening some other doors to become
disobedient. That’s also how man is in general. Check yourself. You
will find it out. When you are becoming disobedient to certain
things you (try to) understand, “Why am I being disobedient? What is
my benefit in this?” You will look and you will find it.

Then when the time came the father was looking at him and he
said, “My boy, I know where you are coming from. I know what is your
idea. But let me tell you, it is forbidden and Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) made it against His laws for you to marry your own sister
coming out of the same womb. So don’t even think that.” He
said, “Why do I have to listen to you? I do as I like.” Complete
disobedience. So one day he takes his sister and disappears. The
first disobedient one. His father was saying to Habil, “Don’t let
him come around where we are. Now he is disobedient to his Lord

Then (one day) he (Qabil) was looking at Habil saying, “You are the
reason for me to be disobedient and I am going to kill you.” So
Habil was saying to him, “I have fear from the Lord of Heavens. Even
if you try to kill me I am not going to do anything.” So when he
knew that, Sheytan was sitting on his shoulders saying, “Do it.” So
he took a big stone, hit it on top of the head of Habil and he
killed him. So the first killing happened and from that time
continuously until Judgment Day whoever kills somebody else, that
same burden goes to Qabil. It is written into his book.

He was the first disobedient one, the first one who started doing
wrong things. And after that it continued. Allah gave him life. He
took the other one (Habil) and he gave him life. When you go to the
mountain where that happened in Damascus, they call it Arbain where
the forty Awliya meet, Jibreel (as), Khizr (as) and all are
appearing there sometimes, there you will find that exactly where
the incident happened the mountain opened its mouth and it was going
to swallow him. Then Allah sent Jibreel (as) to hold (the mouth of
the mountain) open like that and he was holding it open and it did
not swallow him. There was a divine secret that He was going to
continue him and his generation is going to continue living until
the time of Isa (alayhi salam) and after that another disobedience
is going to continue. But during that small period of time of Mahdi
(alayhi salam) and Isa (alayhi salam) there will be no disobedience.
Everything will be perfect then inshallah ar-Rahman.

We are approaching those days. It doesn’t matter what anybody is
saying and what anybody is believing. As you like. But we are
watching what Holy Prophet (saw) has said and step by step we are
entering into those days. We have entered into those days. There are
not so many things left now between those ones who are having the
power and their appearance. There are not so many incidents left. We
are sitting and waiting inshallah ar-Rahman.

So safety is coming to man with obedience. Disobedience brings man
problems, troubles and sometimes endless troubles. We have to see
and we have to know where, how and who we are disobeying. Allah is
saying to us in the Holy Book of Qur’an, “Obey Allah, obey His
Prophet and obey your rightly guided leaders.” Allah is
saying, “Obey Allah.” If we learn how to obey Allah then why do we
need to obey the Prophet (saw) or others? You are not seeing that?
(Sheykh smiles). He is saying, “Obey Allah, obey His Prophet (saw).”
Obedience to Allah is obeying His Prophet (saw).

Then He is saying, “Obey your rightly guided leaders.” Obedience to
Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) is obeying your rightly guided
leaders. In thousands of hadiths Prophet (saw) is showing and saying
to us who those are. Watch. You don’t need to be a scholar also for
that. It comes to your heart. You must run after the ones who are
following the footsteps of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). You
want safety? You must run after them. If you don’t want safety
saying, “I am obeying Allah”, eh! You are just being Wahhabi, alone,
going up and down, and there is a big question mark on your end,
what will happen. Allahu `Alem. I know what will happen but I don’t
know what you know will happen.

In order to be obedient to Allah you must be obedient to Prophet
(saw). If you say, “I am not accepting prophets. I am accepting
Allah,” Allah is not accepting you. No man never and ever, since the
beginning from Adam (as) until now and until Judgment Day, no man is
going to be able to say, “I am not accepting any prophets but I am
accepting Allah.” Who are you? You are higher than the prophets?
Mashallah. That shows your ego. Your ego doesn’t even want to submit
to a prophet. And Allah is saying to you, “We have created those
ones special and We have put them under your service to bring you
from this hell back to paradise.” Why are you not obeying them?
Because your ego is fooling you to go to the fire. That’s why you
are not obeying. Obedience is bringing you safety.

The prophets came and passed. If you were living in the time of
Prophet (saw) you could have said, “I am not obeying anybody. I am
directly obeying the Prophet (saw).” Hmm. The Prophet (saw) has
passed physically from this world. He is not here physically. If you
want to have a connection to the Prophet (saw) spiritually then you
must have a living Guide to bring you to his presence. You cannot go
to his presence with your feet smelling. Leave the other parts. If
your feet is smelling then you cannot go to the divine presence of
the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam).

So you have a protocol in this world and Allah has a protocol on us
in this world and hereafter also. If we break that protocol then we
are in big trouble. If you break the protocol in civil governments
you may not have so much problems. You may just lose your position.
But if you break the protocol in the army, you don’t only lose your
position but you will be punished. In the army you will be punished.
People will punish you saying, “You broke the law. You broke the
protocol. It doesn’t matter however many stars you have. You broke
the protocol that is higher than you. So you will be punished.”

So Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying to us, “Don’t break my
protocol if you want to live a comfortable life in Dunya and to pass
easily from this Dunya to the grave.” You don’t know how long it is
going to be. You don’t know how long that grave is going to take.
Are you going to say to me that you know better than that man
sitting as a companion of Prophet Sulayman (as)? His companion was
sitting with him and listening to Sulayman (alayhi salam). When
another man appeared next to Sulayman (as), he looked at him and a
fear came to his heart and he started shaking. That one disappeared
again and he (the companion) said, “Ya Sulayman, there was a man
sitting next to you. Just by him looking at me, fear came to my
heart and I am shivering. Please use your powers and send me to
China. I don’t want to be around here.” (Sheykh smiles). So Sulayman
(as) said, “As you like.” He said to the wind, “Take him to China.”
Instantly he appeared in China.

Then that man appeared again. Sulayman (as) looked at him
saying, “What did you do earlier? You came and you looked at my
companion and he got so scared that he wanted to be in China. I sent
him there.” He is the Angel of Death coming to Sulayman (as). That
is his friend. He says, “Ya Sulayman, I was looking at my book and
saw that I was supposed to take his life in China. But he was
sitting in your presence. That’s why I looked at him like that and
that made it to come to his heart to say, `Put me far distant.’ And
I went there, I just took his life and I came back.”

Don’t forget. That man was sitting next to a prophet who was showing
so much miracles left and right and because of the fear that came to
him he wanted to be far away from there. He was following a prophet.
He wanted to be far distant because he didn’t know where he was
going to die, when he was going to die and how he was going to die.
If you know that you must die someday, then you are okay. Sit and wait. You
don’t have to go anywhere because you know the Angel of Death is going to come
to you in your time and place. So you already know that and you are preparing
yourself. You have no fear then. That means you have some knowledge from a

Eh, some Wahhabi square-heads are saying, “Guide is only Allah. Only
He knows.” For what He knows? For Himself? For Himself He knows? He
gives it to His Prophet. What kind of Prophet is that, what kind of
prophets are they going to be if they don’t know any hidden
knowledge more than any ordinary man? What kind of a prophet is
that? What kind of a guide is that going to be that he doesn’t know
the road that he is taking you? You want to go from here to the
airport and a man comes saying, “I will take you to the airport.”
You first say to him, “Do you know how to go?” He says, “Of course,
I went there thousands of times.” You trust him. If he comes and
says to you, “No, I didn’t go. We are going to go together now.”
(You say), “Why do I have to follow you? You will be lost and I will
be lost too. I need somebody who is going to bring me there.” If the
guide doesn’t know certain things, what kind of a guide is he going
to be? But the square-heads never think.

Allah is ordering to us to think. That’s why Holy Prophet (saw) is
saying to us, “Sitting and thinking, meditating…” Not today’s
understanding of meditating. They are sleeping and you say, “What
are you doing?” (They say) “I am meditating.” Meditation is
thinking. Taking a subject, an object, understanding and thinking
about that matter trying to find ways. (Holy Prophet sws is
saying), “Sitting one hour alone with your Lord and meditating on
that is better than seventy years of voluntary worship.” So as much
intelligence you have, that much religion you have. That is what
Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) is saying. As much
intelligence you have, that much is your religion.

But you reach to a station where you put the intelligence aside too
because through intelligence you cannot reach beyond that. It’s not
possible. You have to use a different transportation. Intelligence
is saying to us that Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) moved
from Makkah to Quds with a different transportation. And
intelligence is saying to us that the same transportation that was
bringing him from Makkah to Quds was not taking him from Quds to
higher stations. Intelligence is ordering saying to us, “When he
reached to Sidrat-ul Muntaha he had to leave all other
transportations and then he had to use some other transportation.”
In Isra-i Miraj (Surat-ul Isra) Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is telling
us how His Holy Prophet (saw) went. If you have a square mind then
you are reading that Book and you are going to say, “That’s only
theory.” Is Allah Darwin? Saying theories? How foolish are you?

But so many fools these days. Elhamdulillah. We are asking safety
from that kind of teachings, we are asking safety from that kind of
arguments and we are asking safety from our Lord to take us away
from that kind of association, to make us submit our will to our
Holy Prophet (saw) through the ones that Allah sent to us to take us
to those prophets. And the more you will become intelligent to
say, “I am not clean enough to reach to the divine presence of the
Holy Prophet (saw). Let me reach to the presence of my Sheykh,” then
that’s what you will concentrate on. That’s what we will concentrate
on. And once you reach to the divine presence of Sheykh then that
(divine presence of Prophet sws) comes step-by-step inshallah ar-

And everything comes back to submission. When we submit our will to
someone that we trust, to that Guide, then we may reach to our aim.
We may reach where we are aimed to go. If not, we may get lost on
the way. If you get lost in this building and you don’t know the
address and you don’t know which room you are going to go, you can
come down to the street saying, “I know this building number but I
don’t know the room,” but it may take you a long time knocking on
every door, every window on every floor, and you may find somebody
grabbing you and throwing you down from the seventh floor
saying, “Why are you bothering me?” You see? You may have so much
trouble. But if you know the address then easily you can come and
you can reach inshallah ar-Rahman.

This is for those who are accepting. If you are not accepting then
all these words are for me.

Wa min Allahu taufiq.

Bihurmatil Habib.

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

Inshallah we are here to be with our Lord and to remember Him. And
remembering Allah is remembering His Holy Names and praising His
Holy Prophet (saw). Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is ordering us
saying, “When a group of people are coming together somewhere,
remember your Lord and praise His Prophet (saw).” People are
saying, “Bidat! Zikr is bidat!” and Allah is saying to us, “When you
are coming together, remember your Lord and praise His Prophet
(saw).” This is what Zikr is. Remembering Allah and praising His
Prophet (saw).

Elhamdulillahi Rabbil `Alameen. And Holy Prophet (saw) is saying to
us, “My nation, your faith grows old like the clothes that you are
wearing. It’s getting worn our, it’s disappearing and it’s ripping
off. So (when that happens) you get new ones and you renew your
clothes. Your faith is like that. It’s getting old and slowly you
may lose it. Always renew your faith.” Renewing faith is
saying, `Ash-hadu an-La ilaha il Allah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan
abduhu wa rasuluhu.’

[And the Zikr began with the Shahadat]


By Sheykh Abdul Kerim on Saturday, 23rd Shawal, 1428.

Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday, 18th Rabi’ al-Thani, 1426 / May 28, 2005.
39th Street Dergah, Manhattan, New York.

Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel.
Wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim.

Medet Ya Sayyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya.

For participating in Zikr we are closing the lights. Close your
eyes. Don’t look around. Follow by heart. When the Sohbet is
happening the lights are open. You watch. You listen. You watch.
When the Zikr is going on we are closing the lights for you not to
be busy with what is around. This way you will be able to
participate. And don’t worry about what the guy sitting next to you
is going to say. Whether he is going to say you are crazy or you are
a wali. It doesn’t matter what anybody says. You are here for Allah,
remembering Allah and if you are remembering just like that,
mashallah. This will take you directly to paradise. (Sheykh
teasingly laughs).

Remember! Remember. If I tell you to get up and sing, `X’ is making
more voice than everybody else when he is singing songs for nafs,
for ego. This is for Allah. Keep your self to your self. Turn back
to your heart. Keep your eyes closed. Don’t be busy with around.
Look into your heart. Follow the leader who is making the Zikr. If
the voice is going higher, then bring yours higher. If he is bringing
it down lower, then bring yours lower. If you close your eyes and you
follow with your ears then you will be able to participate.
Otherwise, you are not going to.

Ala bi zikrillahi taqma’in qulub. Allah is saying to us, “If you
want your heart to be satisfied, you must say Allah.” Leave what
others say. We want our hearts to be satisfied and we must say
Allah. That’s why we are here and that’s why this is a loud Zikr.
It’s not a silent Zikr. It’s not by heart. When it’s by heart you
have to be able to keep your tongue from even to touch the upper
side (of your mouth). You must not move anything of your body. But
then I am seeing everyone is moving. I am hearing so much voices.

Now you must move. You must participate. You must put yourself into
that harmony in the circle. Then you may find something, you may
feel something, you may see something and you may hear something.
Not only you are here. Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) is
saying that when a group of people are sitting and gathering for the
sake of Allah and they are ready to remember their Lord, there are
angels who are walking on the earth and as soon as one hears it,
then they call the other ones and they encompass that area. And the
ones who are looking from the paradise come down. They will be in
that part.

There are others that are participating with us. If you are not
seeing them then something is wrong. You have to see. We have to
see. We have to fear. At least, we have to fear just a little bit.
But you are not giving your heart, your self into it. You are busy
looking around. Leave it! What are you going to see? It’s dark.
Close that light too. Completely dark. Turn to yourself. Don’t
worry! Don’t worry what anybody is going to say. Look what your Lord
and what your Prophet (saw) is going to say. We are under the watch.
Some ones are watching us. Watch yourself. Watch your heart. Turn to
yourself. That is Zikr.

This is open Zikr, as much as you participate in it. When you need
to be silent, be silent. When you need to make loud Zikr, you must
make loud Zikr. Inshallah ar-Rahman. If you do then you will win for
yourself. If you don’t then you are just saying (the zikr) like a
cassette. If you put the cassette in and open the volume, as much as
you open, it’s going to say. It’s not going to get anything. We must
get something.

Wa min Allahu taufiq.

Bihurmatil Habib.

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 11 Raby’ al-Thani, 1426
May 20, 2005.
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

How much must we say `estaghfirullah’? Especially us, for this
period, for this century in which Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is
raining down His favors on us. Everything is coming from everywhere
to us. With little movements we are earning and getting the best of
the worldly things and we are not really thanking Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) the way we are supposed to be thanking Him. When we turn
back and look to the past centuries and especially to the time of
Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam), those people were working
very hard. Not hard like the way we are working everyday. They were
working. They were working very hard and they were not earning. They
were not able to fill their stomachs from it. And so many nights the
Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) was not eating. He was
breaking his fast one day and he was making intention for fasting
the next day.

We have everything. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has given everything
to 21st century man so easily. Holy Prophet (saw) said, “In Ahir
Zaman people are going to get everything so easily. But they are not
going to be thankful to their Lord.” He talked about us. He said
about us. We must try harder. When we look at the favors of Allah
coming from everywhere so easily to us, we must not complain. We
must be thankful because Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) never likes
complaints. And He is saying to us, “If you are standing at the door
of complaining, when that door opens and if you stay there, then
punishment is going to reach to you. Stay at the door of
thankfulness and if that door opens to you, then I will shower you
with more mercy and rahmat.” All we are doing is going to work (at
the dergah) sometimes, whenever, and because we are doing that we
are getting more blessings and reward is being given to us because
we are working. Believers! Those people who keep Allah priority,
those people who get up in the morning to pray before they go to
their work and those people who try to keep the orders of Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) and His Prophet (saw), they will be rewarded
because they are working, they will be rewarded because they are
sleeping and they will be rewarded because they are enjoying life.

Sheytan is running top-speed from every angle to bring down what is
established, what is good and what is coming to people. Sheytan is
never happy when he is seeing that the servants of Allah are doing
something good and they are coming closer to Allah. But Sheytan is
not coming with his own physical forms to bring those things down.
It’s not possible for him. He cannot do that. Specially where there
are people who have authority on him (Awliya), he cannot do it. But
he will use other people, the weak ones, to bring complaints, to
bring problems and to bring weaknesses to the community. When that
enters, that is the beginning of the collapse of the community. And
anyone who is opening that door and who is carrying that Sheytan
inside will be cursed.

The snake was a very holy creature that was created in paradise and
the snake was very beloved to Adam (as) and Hawa. It wasn’t moving
itself under the ground or on the floor at that time. It had so many
legs until it got fooled by Sheytan and it came to the door of
Paradise, when Sheytan got kicked out from Paradise and he had no
permission to enter inside. So he came next to the door of Paradise
saying to the snake, “You know that I was a very big `Alim (scholar)
in this Paradise.” It says, “I know.” He says, “If you don’t bring
me inside to give something to Hawa…”, because the snake loved Adam
(as) and Hawa. So he (Sheytan) says, “If you don’t bring me inside
then they are going to die and separation is going to happen between
you and them. Although I am so disobedient to Allah but still I love
them. So help me to get inside to save them.” The snake said, “How
can I do that? You are the cursed one. You have been thrown away
from the Divine Presence.” He says, “Yes but help me to come inside
and help and then you can bring me back out. I am going to be in
your hand.” It says, “How are you going to do that?” He says, “Just
open your mouth, I will get inside, we will go to Hawa, you open
your mouth and I am going to speak through you. She is going to
accept what you are going to say and this way I will be able to save
them.” And it got fooled by that Sheytan. It opened its mouth,
Sheytan got inside, came to Hawa and said to her, “Eat from that
forbidden tree or you are going to die.” And she ate. The worrying
of separation made her to go and do that action and forcing Adam
(as) to do that action and they all became cursed and got thrown
away from the Divine Presence.

“So what?” If it is American understanding (they say), “So what?
They had a little bit from that fruit and they said sorry. So what?”
Hmm. Of course. The Lord of the Heavens is not like us and like the
Americans saying, “So what?” Nor is He like all the nations today,
everyone of whom saying, “It’s okay. So what? It’s a little thing.”
Little things mean big problems. That little thing that the snake
didn’t think, it brought big problems to Adam (as) and Hawa, it
brought bigger problem to him, that it has been cursed and sent away
from the Divine Presence and it has been punished to stay under the
ground and the snake is the first creature that Adam (as) gave order
saying, “Anywhere you see it, crush its head. Anywhere it comes out
you have the permission to crush its head.” But it was one of the
beloved creatures in the paradise.

So one small action, which looks small to us, it brought all these
things to him. So Sheytan is using the same tactics, the same ways
to destroy people, destroy communities and destroy nations. And
anyone who is giving ways to Sheytan he will be like a snake. They
will be called snakes. And you should close the door to Sheytan by
closing the door to anger. Anger is the beginning of all wrong
things. Holy Prophet (saw) is saying, “The way fire eats wood, anger
eats all the good deeds that you have made. It finishes it. It burns
it out.” For believers it is not permitted to be angry. For murids
it is forbidden. It is a big sin for murids to be angry. When a
murid is angry, it means that he is not pleased with what his Lord
gave to him. That’s why he is angry. He is not liking it. We are not
here for our ego to like. We are here trying to make our Lord to
like us. It’s not what we like. We are trying to please our Lord. We
are trying to make Him to like us. Whatever it takes, the murid must
do and the murid must go out of his way to try to do things to make
his Lord to be happy with him.

How are you going to know that your Lord is happy with you? The sign
of that is when your master is happy with you, that is the beginning
of the steps that now your Prophet (saw) and your Lord is going to
be happy with you. Allah is saying to us, “Obey Allah, obey His
Prophet and obey your rightly guided leaders.” Of course, so many
people are taking this Ayat using it wrongly for themselves to make
people to obey only them without any thing and without any thinking.
But Allah is saying to us, “Obey Allah, Obey Prophet and obey your
rightly guided leaders.” Rightly guided leaders are those who are
following the footsteps of Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam).
Not those who are preparing to destroy and to bring an end to Islam.
They are not going to be successful but Sheytan is using them for
that work. Should we become disobedient to them? No. Don’t be
disobedient to them. Pull yourselves away and try to live a simple
life so that you will not be connected so much in so many ways.

That’s how we live, elhamdulillah. We pull ourselves from that
community and we are trying to build our own community. We are
trying to bring all these orders that are given to us through Holy
Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). My duty is to bring the community
together, to watch, to make you understand what is right and what is
wrong and to work on people. Your duty is to accept when I
say, “This is right and this is wrong.” That way we can build.
Otherwise, we are not going to be able to build and in the Judgment
Day you are going to be responsible. Not only me. You will be
responsible. Every individual will be responsible. You will be
accounted for whether you did what is for you or not. Everyone knows
what is for them to do and everyone knows what is their duty in this
world. This (community) looks very small but who knows maybe it is
one of the biggest works. For me it is one of the biggest works. It
doesn’t matter (if it’s small). We are not trying to change the
world. We are trying to build something. And whoever helps in that,
whoever spends on the way, they will be blessed. Whoever tries to
put barricades knowingly or without knowing, they will be cursed.

Our duty is to try to do what is for us today. We are not carrying
the responsibilities for tomorrow or years ahead that is coming. But
when we do what is for us today then we will become beloved to our
Lord and when we pass away from this life even if the mission is not
complete, that means it was not supposed to be for us to finish it,
but we finished our duty and we go out clean from this life.

So Sheytan is telling to destroy anything that is built. And Allah
and His Prophet (saw) is saying to us, “Anybody who destroys
anything that is built, they are under the curse. They will be under
the curse in Dunya and they will be under the curse in Akhirat.” So
how much do you think we should be thankful? How much should we be
saying `estaghfirullah’ to our Lord? For all these favors that He is
giving to us, if we say `elhamdulillah’ twenty-four hours a day, it
is not enough. For all the wrong things and wrong deeds that we are
doing and because in this century when everything is given to us so
easily, if we say `estaghfirullah’ all our life, it is not enough.

Rabiat-ul Adawiya, one of the holy persons in Islam, she was saying
to people who were coming and asking for advice. She lived only one
century after the passing away of Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa
salam). She was saying, “O my children, we need to make
estaghfirullah for the estaghfiruallah that we are making in
ghafilat, heedlessness.” When you are taking the tesbih
saying, “estaghfirullah, estaghfiruallah, estaghfiruallah”, she is
saying to them, “We need to make estaghfiruallah for that
estaghfirullah because we are making that estaghfirullah
heedlessly.” All our works and everything are not working because
our tongue is saying estaghfiruallah but our heart is not saying
estaghfirullah. Our tongue is saying, “Yes, I am wrong in this”, but
our heart is not saying, “Yes, I am wrong in that.” We are fooling
our own selves and when we check and we look what is in us and how
we are treating the matters, we understand that we are very wrong
and we need to say `estaghfirullah’ more often, all the time,
sincerely and in an awakening station. If we do that we will come to
that awakening station and then we will be able to understand and
see the favors of Allah, what He is giving to us. Then we can
say, `elhamdulillah.’ Because we are not saying `estaghfirullah’
sincerely and properly, we are not seeing the favors that Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) is granting to us. So we are not
saying `elhamdulillah’ sincerely again.

We must work on this. This is one of the most important things in
our lives, especially today’s people. If we want to pull ourselves
from that mess, not only physically but also spiritually, we need to
be awake all the time, especially when the sohbet is being given.
When a man sleeps when sohbet is being given, that is the sign that
Sheytan is sitting on his mind saying, “Don’t do this and don’t
listen.” It is very important to wake up. If the person is not
waking up from sohbets, from associations, he is going to wake up
when the fire is going to touch him. Don’t wait for that.

Wa min Allahu taufiq.

Bihurmatil Habib.


Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim in Northern Virginia (7th Zhul Qi’dah, 1428).

Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 11 Raby’ al-Thani, 1426 / May 20, 2005.
39th Street Dergah, Manhattan, New York.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

People today are not searching about where they came from. They
don’t want to know. And they have no idea and no clue where they are
going because they are so attached only to this world, the
materialistic world or the world where people have been locked
within the five senses. They are not knowing anything more than that
and they are not trying to find out. Of course, the centers that
were teaching that, majority of them have also become corrupted in
Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the three main religions. And the
religious figures, they call themselves religious figures, are
bankrupt. They don’t know what to teach because they lost the
direction. They lost the way because the temptation of the
materialistic world is so strong in these days that it is pulling
millions in it.

And because people have disconnected themselves from their own
original selves… you are here now, your figure is sitting here but
your original body, your original self is in the paradise. You are
just a reflection. Your original self is in the paradise. But
someway somehow people have disconnected that line and there is no
electricity coming and they are left in this world alone. Because
they are left in this world alone, they are taking this as the only
thing now. So many are not believing that it is the only thing, but
they are only worshipping it too now. They say, “We have no clue. We
are not knowing where we came from and we are not knowing where we
are going. It is unknown.” So the evil sources are saying, “Instead
of bothering yourself with that, why don’t you live your life? Live
your life today and don’t worry. Eat, sleep and live.” And without
his realizing, man’s life is passing like a video cassette. Before
you know it you turn back and say, “This many years ago this town
was unknown to me and I just found myself in it.” And I am looking
and thinking, “Fifty years ago I was just born and I grew up in some
other part of the world and now I am here, fifty years have passed
and really I have not accomplished anything, and I have almost
finished this world too and there is no other place to go.”

Today it is also not like the old days because in the old days
people still had some imagination of the unknown. The world was so
big to them. But today because the transportation and everything
became so fast, the world became very small. Yesterday or two days
ago you were in Turkey, today you are here, tomorrow if you have
money, cut the ticket, France, next day there, next day there and
before you know it, in one month time you have circled around the
whole world. What’s next? If your spirit is thirsty and it’s
continuously asking, then what’s next? If your spirit is not
thirsty, that means you have not fulfilled your physical form yet.
Your physical form is not fulfilled with the worldly matters. Then
we say, “First finish that. Fulfill your desires worldly.” Then when
you say, “This is the end. There is nothing else more” then come to
us. We have something to put and then you can start your engines
upwards to start making that spiritual journey.

But before that, we have to make some adjustments because you spent
your time and your life in the wrong areas and wrong places. So the
original form has moved out from that Divine correct way that the
Lord of the Heavens has created for us to make the journey easier.
And we have to take that body, some parts of it, to the emergency
room because some parts are very rotten. We have to get rid of it
and try to attach others to be able to make that journey. It looks
pretty hard but for the one who knows, for the doctor who knows how
to make that operation, it will be very easy. It is hard for you to
even think how they make the heart operations. If I tell you now to
make an operation on my heart you wouldn’t even know how to cut the
body. You wouldn’t know which side you have to use and which side
you have to cut from. But for that doctor who is making the
operation it is pretty easy.

So when a man loses the connection from the spiritual world, from
his own reality, he is not knowing really what he is living for.
Whether he is admitting it or not, he is not knowing what he is
living for. He can say whatever he wants but originally he is not
knowing that because, we came and there is a cycle that we are going
to turn around, and go back to our own origin.

So for centuries, from the time of the first man, millions and
billions of ideas are coming. People are coming with their own
ideas. Somebody giving lecture to people, if that person knows how
to give lecture and if everyday he gives one, then there will be
millions of lectures. Imagine. Everybody is giving certain lectures,
meaning, everyone has their own ideas about the matter. But the
original plan is not according to our own ideas. It’s according to
the Divine Order. And if we are not knowing that then we may be
spending a lot of time in different areas, where we are spending our
time, our energy and our physical body. Because it is necessary for
this physical body to be strong in order to be able to make that
journey, if we are spending it in the wrong places then we may be
damaging our own selves.

So Islam is coming with do’s and don’ts, with the laws, and Islam is
telling us, “This, this and this you cannot do. This and this you
are allowed to do.” Those orders are not coming from man, from
someone like you and I. It’s coming from the Creator. (Sheykh
picking up an I-pod). For example, this little tiny machine here,
who knows how many different programs are inside it and you can do
so many different things with it, so many people are not even
knowing. Although it is in your hand, you look at it, if you have
the booklet you will be able to use this correctly and for a long
time for its own purpose and it will be useful. Otherwise, if it’s
just like `X’ who is recording, he may not even know how to download

So this little tiny thing has so much programs inside. What about a
man? Man is the one who invented this. A new word for invention that
they are coming out with now, specially in America,
saying, “Creation. I have created this.” This is an invention. You
can only create something from nothing. Only the Creator does that.
You used so many different parts, you used some materials from this
world, you used intelligence and you invented this. You did not
create it. You are a creature. You cannot create. We are creatures.
We cannot create this. That is the difference between us and the
Creator. We are creatures and He is the Creator.

When we understand that part, that is the time we start
thinking, “So how many creators can there be?” The reality that is
in us is showing and saying to us that if there is more than one
creator then they must fight, because this is what’s happening with
us. One says, “Do this” and the other one is going to say, “No, I
don’t want this. Today I don’t want sunshine. I want rain.” But
everything is perfectly moving, when we watch not only this world of
course, but when we start going beyond this world and we watch from
the small atoms to the galaxies and we see how everything is
perfect, moving in their own orbits and in their own places and
nothing moves out from their places. Somebody gave orders to them
and somebody has authority on them. Otherwise, everything will

So Creator cannot be two. It must be One. And He cannot be a man
like me. He cannot be a human like me. He has to be above me. And if
the Creator is above me then it is impossible for me, for a man,
ever to discover his Creator a hundred percent correctly. You may
discover certain things to understand, you may come closer to that
one, but as much as the computers today are going to discover man,
that much man is going to discover his Creator. Not only 21st
century, you may bring another 21st century in it, millions of years
in it, this is how it’s going to be. Because if you discover, you
understand and if you unpuzzle the Creator that means the Creator
has a limit. And when there is a limit then he cannot be the

We have limits. That’s why we cannot be creators. We are inventing
things, we are bringing things from different areas, we are doing
certain things, changing and we are inventing. We have invented the
machines and whatever we say they obey us. We program them and they
obey us. They do what we want. But the machines are never going to
understand us and they are never going to be able to come out of
their own programming. Whatever has been programmed inside them
that’s what they are going to do. Don’t look at these Hollywood
movies where some machines are taking over man (Sheykh laughs),
drilling the brain, going inside, coming out, what is that movie?

(Someone replied, `Matrix’)

Matrix. These are certain inspirations that are coming to some
people because everyone in the day of creation, when the Lord of the
Heavens had created every one of us, we were all there. The ones who
passed, the ones who are present and the ones who did not come to
the world yet, we were all there once and the Creator had given
something to every one of us because the spirit that we are carrying
is very special. The spirit is the one who really has the value, not
the physical form. Once the spirit leaves the body (we say), “Take
him quickly, go, put him inside the box and bury him quickly under
the ground.” (Sheykh smiles). Because that physical form is not good
anymore. The spirit is making this body valuable. Once the spirit is
out from this body, it falls down and you cannot even move a finger.
That is something that is enough for a man to sit down to
think, “What happened?” The man that is running, inventing,
changing, thinking, jumping, sleeping, crying, doing all these and
all of a sudden in just a split second everything finishes, nothing
moves and he cannot move himself. Now you have to grab the man like
that, you have to pick him up and now four people have a hard time
to carry that man. Imagine what will happen to `X’. If the spirit is
not there then we are going to need six people to carry him (Sheykh

Hmm. If something is coming out from the body then the body has to
become lighter. But it is becoming heavier. If you put it in the
scale it should be lighter. But it’s heavier because the spirit is
making things so easy. So once we are able to use that spirit not
only for this body but to be able to bring that spirit out from this
body, then we will be able to discover what’s other than us in this
world and what’s other than this world. And then the journey that
you cannot make with this technology, with these rockets and with
these planes, with the spirit you can make that journey very easily.

All teachings and all prophets (from the first man and first prophet
Adam alayhi salam 124,000 prophets came), they came to teach people
that, “First turn yourself to your Lord, then take the secrets from
there and start discovering your self, the world that you are in and
then see where you came from and make the journey back there.” All
prophets came really to teach that to people. When people start
deviating from the main roads going to wrong directions and they
start living only for their ego and only for their own desires, only
for worldly matters, then the prophets came to put people back to
the main road.

Of course, the Seal of the Prophets (alayhi salatu wa salam) came.
No more prophets are coming now. The Lord of the Heavens is saying
to us, “We have sent you enough books, enough prophets and enough
guides. If you are sincere with yourself then you will find that
road back to where you came from.” Especially in this world today,
the majority of mankind is educated enough to understand that and to
look for it. But you can only look for something, as I said earlier,
when you are fed up and when you are filled up with these worldly
activities. If these worldly activities have filled you up then you
look to find another way to your life, to keep your life and to keep
your spirit alive.

You need to eat everyday. We are eating everyday and we are not
getting tired. Really we are getting tired. But it is necessary to
eat and it is necessary to drink. There are certain things that are
necessary to our body. But once we start programming our own selves
then we will see that it is really not the reason of our creation.
Eeating and drinking. Excuse me, but the only thing we do is eat,
drink and fill up toilets. Some people say, “Oh, I am so big.” Yeah,
you are good and you are big. When you finish the problems with the
toilet then you are big. When a man is carrying his own toilet
inside of him and when you look at it, everything made (as food) is
so beautiful, nice and clean. Our body is taking that, consuming it
and making it so dirty and it’s changing right away. Hmm. Something
is wrong with our body then. We should correct that too.

But how are you going to do that? They don’t have it in the
universities. They don’t teach it in the universities because the
main teachings in the universities are to teach people evolution.
You came from monkeys. That is the main teaching now worldwide.
Worldwide it is being taught saying, “You came from monkeys.” I am
wondering what kind of monkey I am. There are seven different
categories. Now you have to think. I am thinking and I am finding
that no way. No monkey looks like me and no monkey acts like me. So
there must be something wrong there. But I am watching a man 200
years ago, he came with that idea saying, “I am thinking…”. Theories
again. That’s really a theory, saying, “I am thinking that I came
from monkeys.” The whole world is running top-speed now taking that
man’s idea. They are teaching it in the schools. Then I say to the
Christian world, “Are you really sincere with your Christianity?”
Then I say to the Jewish world, “Are you really sincere with your
faith?” Then I say to the Muslim world, “Are you really sincere with
your faith?” I am finding that they are not sincere.

These three main religions are teaching people creature and Creator.
There is a Creator who has created you. The three main religions are
saying the same thing. When you go down and when you start learning,
you find that what Moses (as) brought, what Jesus (as) brought and
what Muhammad (alayhi salatu wa salam) brought are the same. Nothing
is different in reality but the practices are a little bit
different. Yes. In different nations, different people and different
environments they have different prophets. But in reality all these
three are teaching people that they have a Creator. And when we look
at the whole world now, the Christian world, the Jewish world and
the Islamic world, everywhere, from kindergartens to universities,
of course kindergartens and universities are places where they are
raising the new generations and making knowledgeable people. What
kind of knowledge? Saying, “Always don’t forget that you came from
monkeys.” If you tell the man, “Hey, monkey”, he will sue you right
away. (If you say) “Your grandfather was a monkey.” They will sue
you again. (Sheykh laughs). They are saying that we came from
monkeys, evolution, but as soon as you say to a man `monkey’, he is
suing. If you say to him, “You look like a lion”, he will be very
happy. But in reality both of them are animals. He likes one of them
and the other one he doesn’t like. One of them is very wild, it
destroys everything and the other one is at least in his own world.

The bottom point is, if the people are believing what their faith is
ordering to them, why are they not questioning themselves, their
people and their education system to say, “Why are you teaching this
to the children?” Once you are putting that poison into them then
how are they going to grow up? Where are they going to learn that
there is a Creator? Where are they going to learn that the Creator
wants something for us? The Creator has programmed us for something.
Man has programmed this (I-pod) for something. If this machine is
not doing what it’s programmed for, why are you going to carry it?
It’s not good for anything. It doesn’t matter how valuable it is.
It’s not doing what is necessary for it to do. Now man is not really
doing what he is programmed to do. He is losing himself, losing
his time and he is losing Dunya, this world and the hereafter.

Also people today are fed up with religion and with religious
figures saying, “I want to know nothing about religion.” Some
religious figures used the religion wrongly and still they are doing
it, of course. People take the laws to themselves and they start
acting like they are the owner of the world. That happens everywhere
in every religion. Especially in Islam. When a man takes the Qur’an
by himself to himself and he takes only what his own understanding
is, that man can easily become a terrorist. That man can easily
become a destroyer. It is because the Book didn’t come to us. It
came to a Prophet. And the prophets through their lifestyle teach
people what that Book is saying because that Book is not only for
you. The whole mankind is in it. All Books are special for
everybody. There is something for you in it but also for the whole
mankind. If everyone is taking it according to their own
understanding then this is the world that we are living in today.
This is what people are doing.

And all that happened years before when new revolutions happened in
the world. Specially since the French Revolution it is coming down
and the leadership have been corrupted. And when the people start
choosing their own leaders that is another big problem. If I am
going to choose my leader and I am going to say to him, “Do this and
do that”, what kind of a leader he is going to be? If my leader is
equal to me, what do I need him for? The leader must be receiving
something more than me and knowing more than me to do something
better for me and for the nation. Otherwise, in today’s world you
don’t need anybody to tell you. You can just sit and watch the news.
Just watch the world and look where the world is directly going.

And everyone is running saying, “We don’t want war.” That’s true. We
don’t want war. But all the preparations of the world and all the
governments are spending, some nations almost 90%, some nations 80%,
some nations 70% of their budget buying weapons, buying guns and
inventing new guns. Why are you inventing these guns? When you drop
something here you may finish this whole city. 15 million people may
die instantly. They say, “Yeah we know that.” Then why are you
making something even better? Hmm. The preparation is to destroy the
world. So now we say, “It is not man who is really doing that. There
is some other force who is doing that.” So when that evil source is
taking man as hostage and when man starts only living selfishly for
the ego, then he is capable to do everything.

When man has fear from his Lord, the fear that comes with love, and
when man is knowing his Lord, understanding what his Lord wants from
him and he is trying to fulfill his mission in the world, then he is
not going to have any time running, trying to destroy or trying to
get revenge on others. If someone does something to you, Islam says
that you must forgive. You must know that it came from your Lord and
you must forgive and turn yourself back to your Lord. And (Islam is)
saying, “If you forgive them, know that it is better for you in this
Dunya and hereafter.” You will be rewarded for that. So when we look
at this, when we are watching our world also, people are not
forgiving. They are running top-speed to take revenge on each other.
And it is all for materialistic reasons. No others. Everything is
about who is going to control what and who is going to have what.
That is enough sign showing that man is not happy with his Lord.

When Moses (as) asked saying, “O my Lord, when will you be happy
with me?” The response to him was very simple, easy and very quick.
(Allah) saying to him, “Oh Moses, it is very easy. When you are
happy with me then I will be happy with you.” (Sheykh smiles). From
that time it is continuing until today and it is going to continue
until the Last Day. When man is happy with his Lord, his Lord is
happy with him. And when your Lord is happy with you and you are
happy with your Lord, you have no problem with the world because
this world is only temporary. You like it or you don’t like it. You
believe or you don’t believe. You entered through that door but none
of you can guarantee that you are going out of that door alive. We
don’t know what’s going to happen to us, especially in these days. In the old
days, Hmph. In these days, don’t you see? The plane is
flying and it hits the building killing thousands of people. You
don’t know what evil source is going to be next.

So how are we going to live otherwise? There is no comfort in the
heart. But again He (Allah) is saying, “Submit your will to the Lord
of the Heavens.” Then you live comfortably. Then whatever the life
is given to you, you try your best for yourself, for your own
friends, your own families, becoming stronger of course, for your
community, if you are even stronger then for your nation and if you
are even stronger than that then for the whole world. You try to
reach out. Otherwise, we are seeing and watching and being very sad
that the whole world is dividing and people are only hating each
other because of their religion, because of their races and because
of their nationalities. The One who has created us into different
nations and different races is saying to us, “We have only created
you into different nations, different tribes and different races to
go and find each other to learn more and to make your lives easier
in the world and to prepare yourself more easily for the hereafter

So we have to make the spiritual journey and to be able to make our
spiritual journey we have to fulfill certain laws that our Lord has
put on us. It doesn’t matter what the schools are teaching and it
doesn’t matter what the universities are teaching. Now you know that
you are not a monkey. If you believe that you are a monkey then my
word is not for you. It is for the man who says, “I am a man, my
father was a man, my grandfather was a man and it is reaching all
the way to the first man and the Lord of the Heavens has molded us
and given shape to us as man.” Otherwise, all the words that I have
just said, it is to me. If you like it then take it to yourself. If
you don’t like it then leave it there. I will collect that too and I
will be keeping it until the hereafter life.

Wa min Allahu taufiq.

Bihurmatil Habib.

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

Clyde Bellecourt Speaks to His Experience sitting with Muslims from Yursil on Vimeo.

Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Thursday 10 Raby’ al-Thani, 1426 / May 19, 2005
Osmanli Nakshibendi Hakkani Dergah, Sidney Center, New York.

Auzu billahi minash shaytanir rajim
Bismillahir rahmanir rahim

Nawaitul arbain, nawaitul itikaf
Nawaitul khalwa, nawaitul uzla,
Nawaitu riada, nawaitu suluk,
Fi masjid lillahi ta’ala, Ya Rahmatan lil Alamin

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim
Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

Tariqatuna sohbet wa khayru fil jamiat. Association is important for
people who are looking to find ways to get rid of their own wrong
characteristics and to try to become better ones. Association does
not give anything to people who are arrogant and stubborn. It does
not give anything to those people who come to association thinking
that they know so much. It only raises their arrogance and
stubbornness. Everything we say, they take it and they try to
understand it according to their own egoistic understanding. It is
impossible for somebody to understand through his ego what the
prophets were speaking, or to understand the people who inherited
secrets from the prophets.

It doesn’t matter if you are with the Sheykh one day, one year, ten
years or a hundred years. Every sohbet comes with different secrets
in their own times. Sheykh may be giving the same sohbet everyday,
but every day different secrets are coming out. If you come, you sit
and instantly you say, “Eh, I already know this”, then you come with
what you know and you go with what you know. You don’t take
anything. (Sheykh holding up a cup of tea) If you are coming here
like this cup you are not taking anything. This cup is full.
Whatever you put, it’s not going to take it. If you are coming here
throwing this (tea) away or leaving it in your house and you are
bringing the cup empty then you are going to find your cup getting
filled again, and every time you are tasting from that cup you are
going to know that it’s different than what was in it before. But if
a person is coming that way (filled), then he is only going to take
what he brought. Nothing else. And if he continues that way then
Sheytan will be guiding that one. Sheytan will say, “You see this
one? This word from him is wrong, that is wrong, this is wrong, that
is wrong” and that is the time you hang yourself because you are
finding wrong in your guide. You lost the case.

Of course, if a man, if a murid builds a close connection with the
Sheykh and the Sheykh is able and capable to scream and to curse at
that murid and if that murid is not taking from screaming and
cursing, never is that murid going to take from sohbet. The murid,
if he is not taking from the anger of the Sheykh, seeing that Sheykh
is angry because he is doing this, and if he is not taking something
for himself to fix himself, then he is not going to take it from
sohbet. Impossible. But we still have to say. What we have to say is
that we enter into this room and we may not be going out alive.
Azrail is waiting. Only those people to whom it is given and who
know that they are doing things 100% correctly according to the
Divine orders and not according to people’s understanding, they may
feel some comfort when they are knowing that “the Angel of Death is
going to come to me.” Because everyday they are checking themselves
up, and they are watching, “Hmm, today I am correct again” or “I
have this and I fixed this. Good. So if he comes, I did my duty. I
am ready to go.” But even then they don’t want to go because they
have to build more, because it’s necessary to have more extras where
they are going.

What about the arrogant and stubborn people? (They say) “I don’t
care that I am going to die.” Of course you don’t care. How are you
going to? You don’t know what is waiting for you. You are arrogant
and stubborn thinking that everything is going to be like in this
world. (You say) “So what? Today this happened and tomorrow
something else is going to happen to me. Someone else is going to
come along.” No! It’s not going to be that way. That way is only in
Dunya. In Dunya whatever life Allah is giving to a man, he is going
to run to finish it. That’s what everybody is running for. To finish
their lives. Nothing else. But when the life is finished you can no
longer say, “Eh, I don’t care.” That’s when you see the reality. The
veil is removed from your heart. You are seeing.

Allah is saying to his Prophet (saw), “Give the good news to my
servants.” And He is continuing and saying, “And also warn them.
Give warning to them.” The good news is that Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) has created us for paradise, He wants us to go to paradise
and He is making our way, our road, our direction to go to paradise.
No person in this world is ever going to go to the Divine Presence
to say, “I didn’t know the road to paradise.” And Allah says, “If
the person did not know and if no messenger came to them then I am
responsible to put them in the highest station. But for sure to
every nation and every tribe We have sent messengers, prophets and
people to warn them.” But they didn’t take Allah’s words seriously.
As they got used to playing around in Dunya, spending their time
with playing, they think that in Akhirat it’s going to be like that
too. But it’s not.

So what about a man who prays five times a day? What about a man who
recites the Fatiha forty times a day at least? If you pray with the
sunnat then at least forty times a day you recite that Fatiha. Surat-
ul Fatiha.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen

Ar-Rahmanir Rahim

Malik Yawm-id Din.

You are saying it being thankful to the Lord of the Heavens and the
earth, the Creator who is the most Merciful and the most Beneficent
and who is that one who is the owner of the Judgment Day. He is the
owner, meaning, “We are coming to Your Presence O our Lord. We are
coming to Your Presence to be questioned for our deeds, our actions
and our intentions.” So if a man keeps that alive in his heart,
meaning, if a man recites the Fatiha lively and sincerely, he cannot
find, she cannot find any way to run around with the ego again. For
sure he knows that the ego is the enemy. For sure the man knows
that, “the ego is pulling me to the wrong direction, and what my ego
I wants, I must do otherwise.”

And then the man looks, because the man does not know what is coming
from the ego and what is coming from his Lord. So he looks to find
somebody who is a guide to show and to say, “Do this, don’t do this.
Turn this way and don’t turn that way. Walk that way and don’t walk
this way.” Then you submit your will in that one’s hand and you
already left one responsibility because you are in somebody’s hand
and that one is working on you.

A sick man can only get cured if he submits himself to the hands of
a doctor and obeys the doctor, not disobeying the doctor. If doctor
says, “Take three pills a day before the meal”, you cannot take four
pills a day after the meal. You cannot take six pills a day before
the meal. You cannot say, “I only take one a day.” You have to take
three. What will happen if you disobey the doctor that way? Your
sickness gets worse. Then you come back to the doctor and the doctor
says, “You are in this station now, you are in this level with the
sickness. That shows to me that you are not taking the pills.”

“No, I was taking it!”

“If you were taking it then you were going to be cured. You weren’t.
But leave that part now. You weren’t. So now you need to get
injections because you are not taking the pills. So everyday you are
going to come to take three injections a day.”

You go one day and then for one week you don’t go. The doctor is not
going to lose anything. Then you are going to be fed up with the
doctor and you are going to go to another doctor. And if that one is
a doctor he is going to look and he is going to say, “Okay. You need
to undergo an operation. We have to cut you to cure your sickness.
There is no other way because you didn’t obey that doctor who gave
you pills and who gave you injections. Now if you are looking for a
cure, lay down there, submit your will to me, I am going to put the
(oxygen) mask on you and practically you are going to die.” If the
doctor doesn’t give you death, you are dead. You cannot get up.

So you are going to submit your will to the doctor now. Whoever the
doctor is, he is going to cut and he is going to do whatever he
wants. Now! Now it is in the hands of Allah. It’s not in the hands
of the doctor. All that the doctor is going to do is to make the
operation and then he is going to say to you, “I cannot give you
cure. Now it’s coming from your Lord, not from me. I cannot do

That is physical sickness. And with that physical sickness, worse
comes to worst, it’s going to bring you the worst, and the worst is
death. Not more than that. Physical sickness can bring death you.
Spiritual sickness can bring you punishment forever. If you don’t
get cured in Dunya, you may find yourself in that punishment for a
very long time. Do you think that we are favored ones of Allah?
Everyone of us? Yes. He has created and He has designed every one of
us. He has given us a perfect shape. But He said to us, “As long as
you obey My orders, you keep Me and My Prophet high and obey the
orders coming to you, then you are beloved to Me. If you leave My
orders and you live according to your ego, the place of ego is in
the fire. So choose for yourself.” So Allah is saying to His Prophet
(saw), “First, give them the good news. Then warn them. Then leave
them. You cannot do anything else.” He is saying to his Prophet
(saw), “You are not an oppressor or a tyrant or somebody to force
them. No.” He says, “First, give the good news to them and then warn
them. Then leave them to My Hand.”

Wa min Allahu taufiq.

These words are for me and for you. Anybody who is here hearing,
anybody who is not hear hearing, who is going to hear through that
cassette, it’s for them. Anybody who is going to read, it’s for
them. First it’s for me and then it’s for you. If you think that
there’s some benefit in it then take it. If you think, “I heard
another thing before”, then hear that, and put this aside. But you
are going to face this one day. You and I, we are going to face this
one day. We are going to see this one day and then we are not going
to be able to escape. They are going to say to us, “Did anybody come
to warn you?” You are not going to be able to say, “No”. I am not
going to be able to say, “No”. What I am doing is harder than what
you are doing. You just have to hear and obey. Me, I have to receive
what is coming from my Sheykh to obey and to do and then try to give
to you. At the same time, don’t give me any hard time, because I am
just saying this. If you don’t like it then don’t take it. Leave it.
I take it to myself. I did my part and I wish and I hope that those
who are listening to this, they will do their part to win for their
own case. Every creature is very special to Allah only when they
obey Him and His Prophet (saw). If they don’t, they have no value in
the Divine Presence.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

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