December 2007


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Thursday 19 Rajab, 1426
August 25, 2005
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Medet Ya Sayyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Our way continues through association. People who attend the
association may make a difference in their lives. They listen, they
take it and they apply it to their lives. Otherwise, there will be
no benefit from the association. Only time it benefits is when we
take something, we put it to our lives and we live according to
that. Then we will be able to see the benefit.

Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has sent the prophets to us to guide us
from this world back to where we came from. He has created us and He
put us into these physical forms, sending us to this world, and He
put Divine Laws on us showing us how to live in this world and how
to get the benefit of the world that we are living in without
damaging our own selves and to go clean from this world to reach
back to our own original place. Anyone who followed that up till now
has won and anyone who is going to follow that up till Judgment Day
is going to win. Anyone who did not follow the prophets have lost.
Anyone who is not going to follow the prophets are going to lose.

There are two sources that man is looking and trying to please.
Either you are trying to please your Lord or your self, your ego. If
you are trying to please the Lord of the Heavens, our Creator, then
we have to live according to His laws, not according to our own
laws. If we say that we don’t care then we live according to our
ego. But our ego is not going to take us anywhere. It’s very weak
and it is there to destroy us only.

Sheytan is always supporting the ego. The intelligence is supporting
the spirit. So through intelligence man can find his way. When man
finds the way then he needs to work with his spirituality to reach
to higher stations. All prophets came to teach one thing. From the
first man Adam (alayhi salam) to the last prophet, the Seal of the
Prophets Muhammad (alayhi salatu wa salam), between these two
124,000 prophets came. All came to teach people only one thing, to
tell them, “Turn away from the ego and from this world back to your
Lord.” Every prophet came to teach people to say, “We believe in
only the Creator Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) who has created the past,
the present and the future.”

These words that we are saying are according to our own language. In
the Divine Presence there is no past, there is no present and there
is no future. It’s always the same. It never has a beginning and it
will never have an end. Since we have been created and we have been
sent to this world, we have to use these words, past and present,
this and that, but in the Divine Presence it’s completely different.

So the more we get closer to that Divine Presence the more we
understand our own selves, our own identity. And the more we
understand our own selves then we start understanding our own Lord.
That’s why Holy Prophet (saw) is saying, “One who knows himself
knows his Lord.” So first you must look to find your own self, who
you are, what you are and what you are about. When you know yourself
then you turn around saying, “Oh, I am nothing. I am no one. Without
Him, I have never been and I am never going to be.” So then you will
know your Lord. You will know then that there is no partner. You
will know that the Lord of the Heavens does not have children. He
doesn’t give birth or He doesn’t have a father or mother. He is the
Creator and He is not like us. We are creatures.

He is the Creator. Only the spirit that He has given to us has made
us the most perfect creatures. It is because of the spirit. Without
the spirit this body is nothing. It’s only garbage, dust and
dirtiness. Whatever you say, it changes. Whatever I have just said,
it changes. As soon as that spirit leaves this body, the body cannot
even stand. The fingers don’t move. Nothing moves. The spirit left
the body. When that happens the body falls like a rock or wood or
whatever that you drop and it falls, and it stays like that. Then
slowly it starts smelling and slowly it starts disappearing and the
dirt cleans everything. Whatever you put into the dirt, it’s going
to clean it. If you come to that point where the body starts
disappearing and the dirt is eating it then that is also a problem.
That means you have not cleaned yourself in this world. So the dirt
is going to wash that body to clean it and in the Judgment Day Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) is going to give another body to the person
under the ground.

The dirt eats everything. The whole body disappears except one small
cell in the body that is right behind the tail (part of the human
skeleton) that you cannot see but it’s there. It disappears into the
dirt and nothing can vanish and finish that. No fire can burn that.
It’s just mixed up in the dirt. You can’t see it with the eyes. When
Israfil (alayhi salam) is going to be given the order, and when the
Angel Israfil is going to blow the trumpet the second time then a
rain is going to start coming down to the earth and the earth is
going to drink that all the way down, seventy meters down. That rain
is going to be like the sperm of man and it’s going to reach
everywhere. All the people that came to this world from the
beginning of the world until that day, the Last Day, they are all
going to be under the ground or in the sea or somewhere. As soon as
that sperm touches that cell, that cell is going to start opening
again right away giving another body to man under the ground.

An ignorant man came to the Prophet (saw) one day and he was holding
one piece of bone in his hand trying to challenge the Holy Prophet
(saw) and saying, “You mean, your Lord who you are saying has
created this bone…” he started pressing it against the ground and it
was all becoming dust, (and he continued,) “He is the one who is
going to create again all this?” And Holy Prophet (saw) says, “Yes.
The One that has created you is going to create that bone again.”
And then an Ayat came saying, “Say to them: The One that has created
you from nothing and your parents from nothing, do you think that
He has no power to create you again from your leftovers?” Definitely
He is going to. But Allah is again saying in the Quran, “They are
ignorant and they are coming to challenge you Ya Muhammad. Leave
them. Put them aside. That day they are going to see.”

So we are believing that. We are preparing ourselves inshallah not
to fall into that situation that when we go out from this world, we
go clean and when we enter to the grave, for the dirt not to touch
us and for that body to get up for the Judgment Day. That is
Marifat. Marifat is that. Not the Marifat to walk on top of the sea
or to fly in the air, no. How many in these days are saying, “I have
these capabilities, I am this and I am that.” You can have anything
and everything in the world. You can jump from here and reach up to
the first heavens. If you are not going to the grave clean then you
are not the person who has Marifat.

What is Marifat? The one who has already been given special powers
and at that time he uses that. He is not using it for this worldly
nonsense. He is going to use it there. So this is what we are
preparing. And through sohbets, through association we learn how to
get rid of the wrong habits that our ego caught here and there. We
must get rid of those wrong characteristics before we reach to the
grave. If we leave one there then the dirt is going to touch us. We
must get rid of them.

That’s why we are saying, “Ash-hadu an-la ilaha illallah wa ash-hadu
anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu.” Everytime you are remembering
this and you are saying this, Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is giving
another Noor, another light, another dress of light to your body. If
a believer’s light opens up in this world, the sun will turn off.
You cannot see the sun if one believer’s light opens. It is hidden.
That’s why so many times you are seeing that the Sheykh is an
ordinary man. But people are running after him. He is not giving
money to them. He is not promising them, “Give me vote and I am
going to give you high stations.” Nothing. It is the attraction of
that secret that is with him that is pulling the other ones, because
everyone has that in their hearts. So it’s pulling. They are seeing
that it’s there. So it’s pulling them. If one of their light opens
up, the sun turns off. You cannot see the sun anymore.

So that light is very valuable. So many Sheytans are running after
it. You must protect that now. If you cannot protect it then he is
going to steal it. And if he steals it then you are going to enter
to darkness. And when we enter to darkness then the grave will cover
it and it will finish you.

So all we have to do is, we have to try to continue doing what our
obligation is and we have to try to have time to sit everyday,
especially in these holidays, especially in these holy nights ten
minutes at least. People go to itikaf, they go to khalwat in the
month of Rajab. Rajab is finishing. I am not seeing any one of you,
I am coming here at the last minutes, ten minutes earlier (before
the prayers), and you are all running like head cut chickens left
and right trying to reach. What are you reaching? Why are you not
doing your things earlier to come at least anytime after Asr to sit
to meditate a little bit, to do something. Except those who are
doing it already, they continue. But not everyone is doing it.

So this is the special time that is coming down and the blessings
that are coming down are special during that time too and all the
Sheytans during that time are wildly running around. Why are you
running around? Sheytans are running around at that time. You have
to be in the mesjid. That is the best protected place, the mesjids,
not the marketplace or here and there. Do your things early!

That’s what happened to the whole world today. All night long they
run, they play, they run after their ego and early in the morning-
time they sleep. When the provision is being given to people
everyone is sleeping and they get up afternoon-time running again
trying to find something. You cannot find anything. Those who work
they must go to their work early in the morning. Collect what is for
you and slowly in the afternoon-time leave the work. Prepare
yourself and start sitting for the sake of Allah now.

We are not only for this world. We are going to work in this world.
We are going to prepare things in this world. We are going to
collect things and we are going to try to make our lives easier and
more comfortable. You can have better things in your houses, you can
have better couches, better bed, better this and that, but don’t let
yourself to feel into that comfort. It’s going to eat you. Sleep on
the floor again. Have it but sleep on the floor. Then Sheytan can
never fool you because you are not giving any way to your self, to
your ego.

In the summertimes take shower with cold water. Yeah. It wakes you
up. It makes you come back to your own senses. When you get up early
in the morning that you cannot even open your eyes, go under that
shower, take a cold shower and look what happens. Don’t listen to
these nonsense doctors, “Oh, you are going to get sick.” Everyone is
sick anyway. They are all sick. Try that and look. Then your body
becomes like metal. Nothing bothers you then.

All these are necessary to make this body, this physical form to be
strong. When the physical form is strong then you are capable to
carry the world and the Akhirat. When the physical form is not
strong then you cannot carry the world and you cannot carry the
Akhirat. If you are sick then you are not any good for this world
and you are not any good for Akhirat.

So if you go according to this Western understanding, they make you
to get scared of everything and you don’t do anything then. People
are running these days to the hospitals for any small thing that
happens. Why are you running to the hospitals? What do you expect
from the hospitals? I see people like that. Somebody comes to me
saying, “See, I have a pimple here. It’s getting bigger.” I
say, “Eh, don’t worry, it’s okay.”

“I must go.”

“Why are you going? For what?”

“I must go to check it out.”

“What’s going to happen if you check it out? Is it something that
you think they are going to fix? They are going to pump you with
injections and all that medicine and while they are killing that,
now they are going to hurt the other parts of the body.”

It is the last thing that you are going to go to these doctors. The
last thing. Because they don’t know anything. Half of them are drunk
and half of them are drug addicts. They know nothing anymore. The
ones who are giving them the licenses are not good. Not them.
Otherwise, you will live always in worrying and in problems. Turn
yourself to Allah. The person who gets up early in the morning for
Fajr prayer, it is very hard for that person in these days to get
that kind of diseases and that kind of sicknesses that are outside.
Don’t think that Allah is going to send it to you. Don’t think that
all these diseases and all these sicknesses are happening because
the world is changing. Allah is sending them. Through all these ways
to all these disobedient people who are disobedient to His laws, He
is making them not to have any comfort in any ways. As soon as they
turn to Allah, He will lift it off from them. They are not

Leave their not listening. We must listen. We are believers. We must
listen. We are believing in Allah, we believe in His angels, we
believe in His Books, we believe in the Judgment Day, we believe in
khayrihi wa sharrihi, we believe that the good and the bad is
created by Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). Without His permission it
cannot come to us. We believe that if we are following and if we are
obeying our Lord then He is not going to send any bad thing to us
except as a test to us. A test may come and He will lift it right
away. You read the lives of the prophets and the lives of the Awliya
and you find that they went through so many difficult times. Allah
gave those to test them and to give lessons to the people who are
coming after.

You know the life of Prophet Ayyub (alayhi salam), how much
difficulty he passed through in his life and all of a sudden Allah
gave him the cure. People have lost their faith now. They are going
and running for the medicines to get cured but they are not running
to Allah to get cured. How are you going to get cured? How that
little medicine is going to give you cure? But it does. Can you deny
it? You cannot. If you turn to Allah sincerely then you get better
cure and faster. For certain things you must go to hospitals and you
must go to doctors. But some things for which it is not necessary,
we should not run after them. You should run to Allah (subhana wa

And in the beginning, if we live the life, the way that Holy Prophet
(alayhi salatu wa salam) has taught us then we will live a
comfortable life. Anything that the Prophet (saw) said to us, they
have found and they are going to find. One of the big problem that
man today is running into, (I am going to tell you that now, maybe
you will find that later, maybe they didn’t find it yet,) is (not
taking) salt. Before you eat take some salt and after you eat take
some salt. The salt kills all the germs inside the stomach washing
it. Then the food goes in and it’s digested properly. And with
another (bit of salt) we close (the meal).

I watch another big problem that man is running into today. From
eighteen years old to eighty years old. What are they running for?
They are running to get Viagra, men and women these days. I will
tell you a replacement for Viagra and go and ask any doctor who has
any intelligence. Holy Prophet (saw) is saying, “Early in the
morning when you get up, eat twenty-one raisins with seeds.” Not
without. With seeds. In the West, they don’t eat grapes with seeds
anymore. That’s why they need Viagra. I am challenging the whole
world, all doctors. Say to them to come to me. Say to them, “This is
what that Sheykh is saying.” That’s what it is. So many other things
are in it. But I am telling you what they are running for. That’s
what it is. Grapes with seeds.

The prophets know. Mankind doesn’t know. The prophets know. Allah is
teaching them. The Awliya Allah know. Allah is teaching them. Sheykh
Mawlana knows. Allah is teaching him. Allah is saying, “When you
don’t know something, when you run out of that knowledge then go and
ask from the Ahl-e Zikir.” He doesn’t say, “Go and ask the Alim,
Ulema, the knowledgeable people.” He says, “Go and ask the people
who are Zakiroon, who are always in Zikir. Go ask them.” They know
because the man who is in Zikir all the time is with Allah all the
time. You ask him and he turns to the other side, he doesn’t give
you answer for two minutes, then he looks at you and says, “This is
the answer.” You ask him and he asks his Lord. That’s all. You ask
that one and he asks the Lord and he gives you the answer. The
Zakiroon are sitting face to face with their Lord. That’s why Allah
is saying, “Go and ask the Ahl-e Zikir.” Because they are with their
Lord and they are going to teach you, they are going to tell you.
They don’t need to go to computers, to books, to this and to that to
check it. They take it from there and they give to people.

Anyone who listened to the prophets have found the way, they lived
comfortably in this world, they went to the hereafter comfortably
and they are going to live the best lives in the Paradise. Anyone
who did not follow the prophets didn’t make it. They didn’t make it
in this Dunya and they are not going to make it in Akhirat. If we
listen to the prophets then we are going to make it. If not then we
are not any special to our Lord. None of us is special except those
who are having more trust and who are following their Lord’s orders
more strictly. They are special. Allah is treating them specially.
He doesn’t look at their physical forms or who their grandparents
are or what they are capable to do. No. He doesn’t look at what they
wear, He doesn’t look at what their color is and He doesn’t look at
how their shape is. He looks at how sincere we are with His orders
and how much we run to please Him. That’s what He looks at.

So if we are running then we will be alright. If we are not then we
are not any better than any person that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala)
has created. So Allah is giving us chances to do this and especially
in holy days and holy nights like this He is opening more doors to
us. We must run to collect. If we do then we will win for our own
selves. If we don’t then we will lose for our own selves. These
days are passing. As tonight is finished, the books are closed and
everything is closed. Closed for this world and closed for Akhirat.
Anybody who ran for this world, they ran all day long, they got
tired and whatever they have collected is there. They are going to
sleep. They cannot do anything for tomorrow and they don’t know if
they are getting up for tomorrow. Anyone who ran for Dunya and
Akhirat, they won the Dunya, this world and they are winning the
Akhirat also.

Intelligence is that. The best intelligence is that, for a man to
look and prepare himself before he goes, sending something to
receive something where he is going. We are going to the grave. We
must send something to receive there. We cannot bring clothes, we
cannot bring money and we cannot bring anything there. We are going
to bring our own physical form there. They are going to bring us
there if we have the chance for burial. In these days millions don’t
have that chance. Planes fall, this happens, that happens, the other
day I saw a picture that in Indonesia they took out a big crocodile,
they opened its stomach and they found three men’s bodies inside it
in pieces. Then they took it out from there.

So think. That one may be you. It may be you. It may become of you.
We don’t know. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We don’t know
what to expect. We don’t know what is there by tomorrow. We don’t
know where we are going. We don’t know what’s happening to us. The
future is hidden to us. So we have to prepare ourselves daily for
everything that is coming. It’s not a joke. Allah is not playing
with us. He has created us. Who are we? We are just weak servants.
We are little creatures. Not good for anything. Without His
permission we are not good for anything. So we must know this and we
must believe in it. Not to get fooled by other people who are
saying, “Oh, you are this and you are that,” and if they start
praising you, say, “Please, leave me alone. Go away. I know what
I’m good for.”

If they ask, “What?”

“I know how to eat and drink and fill up the toilets. That’s what
I’m good for.”

We must know this. Every man is like that. You have this worldly
intelligence (telling you) that you are doing work. So what? It’s
only worldly. And you are earning the worldly things. Whether you
are earning 10 dollars a day or 10,000 dollars a day, it’s not going
to make too much of a difference. All you need is shelter, clothes
and food. That’s it. That’s what you need and whatever everybody
earns, that’s what they get. If you are earning, we are not saying
to you, “Don’t earn.” Earn. If not, then don’t go too crazy about it
too. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is going to send the sustenance to
us. And we work here or there (or wherever,) we still earn our

The main priority to us is the hereafter life. That life is going to
be forever and we must try to earn the highest stations there. In
this world it doesn’t matter what station we have. We may be sitting
on the floor always. It’s okay. We are closer to the dirt. (As soon
as we die,) quickly inside. If we are earning too much degrees in
this world then we wouldn’t even want to go to that side then. Don’t
worry so much for the world. Whatever is prepared for you and for me
is going to come. The believers are wise people. They have to look
to see from which side Allah is sending provisions to them. They
have to run to that side. It doesn’t have to be such that, “I am an
expert in this job and I have to get from this.” No. Why are you
doing that job? For the worldly benefits too. If Allah is sending
you money from this side then turn to this side. This is what we
have to look.

But one thing we are not changing. Our way of worshipping. We have
to follow the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). We have to
follow his sunnats. If we drop his sunnats then we are in big
trouble. That’s what Sheytan is running to do in this time, to make
us to drop the sunnats of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam).
Anybody who is dropping the sunnats of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa
salam), slowly they are entering into the love of the world and with
that love of the world they are sinking. Inshallah this much is
enough for you and for me.

The holy nights are approaching. We must prepare ourselves for
nights like that to earn more for the hereafter life. Otherwise, the
nights that we are saying are going to come and they are going to
go. Whatever we do, that’s what we are going to earn. If we prepare
ourselves now, if we fix ourselves now to say, “I am for that
night,” then we earn. If not then we will loose. Those nights come
and go and we lose. Nights like that are full with blessings. We
must make them different inshallah ar-Rahman and if we follow the
nasihat of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) and if we follow our
Sheykh’s orders then we win in Dunya and Akhirat.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

Sheykh Abdul Kerim of the Nakshibendi Hakkani tarikat gives the Friday khutba (3rd day of Eid ul Adha) at the Osmanli Dergahi in Upstate New York. (12 Zhul Hijja, 1428).


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday, 20 Muharram, 1425
39th Street Dergah, Manhattan, New York.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

The most important thing that we are concentrating on is good
manners. The Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) said, “I have been
sent to complete the good manners.” All the other prophets came to
teach people how to have manners; manners among each other, manners
with the environment that they are living in, manners within
themselves and with their Lord, manners with their holy ones,
manners between the women and the men and manners between the
children and the adults. If a man does not have these, then someway
somehow on the road he will fall to the wrong sides.

Manners and discipline are very important in man’s life. The laws
everywhere, in every country, here and there, are to put people into
certain disciplined ways. We are not animals. We are humans. We
cannot live alone in the mountains by ourselves. We have to live
with each other. We have to respect each other’s rights and we have
to learn how to love each other. Understand what I am saying to you.
Learn how to love each other. We are not loving each other. We have
to learn how to love each other.

Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) is saying, “You will not enter
Paradise, you will not be considered as someone who has faith, if
you don’t say La ilaha illallah.” He says, “If you don’t say La
ilaha illallah you are not entering Paradise,” meaning, if you are
not believing in the One God then you cannot enter into that God’s
Paradise. I think that’s fair. No? You are not going to accept him
and later you are going to say, “I want to enter into your
Paradise”? He will say to you, “I gave you Dunya. Stay there. Don’t
come to Paradise.” Accepting Allah and accepting Dunya and Akhirat
gives you the right to enter into His Paradise. Otherwise, you will
be knowing yourself that you are not welcomed. If I come to your
house and you are the authority in that house then I have to accept
the laws that you are putting on me in that house. If not then you
are going to say to me, “You cannot do whatever you want in my
house. Get out!” You wouldn’t accept me in your house.

So the Creator Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying, “Your origin,
your reality is from Paradise. You came from Paradise. That’s your
house. The only one thing that you are going to do in this Dunya is
accept Me as your Lord and come back to your house. Otherwise, I
have sent you there, stay there. Don’t come back to your house.” As
much as you can stay in this Dunya, stay. That’s why so many don’t
want to go back to their houses. They say, “There is no God. There
is no creation. We die and we finish.” You don’t finish but your
head is finished there. Your understanding is finished there.

So, you cannot enter into Paradise if you don’t say La ilaha
illallah. If you don’t say La ilaha illallah then you will not be
considered as a believer. You have to say La ilaha illallah to have
faith. That is the step towards having faith. La ilaha illallah
means what? It means, “I believe in a Creator. I believe that
someone has created me.” You call Allah, God or whatever you call
Him, He is only One and that One is not sharing that power with
anything. The Divine Name of that one is Allah. He is
saying, “That’s My name.” For instance, I can call you Hamdi,
Gandhi, Mindi, Bindi, Yandi but you will say to me, “My name is
Ali.” I say, “I still want to call you Hamdi.” You are not going to
fight with me yet but you will say, “When you come to my house you
are going to call me Ali.” So Allah is saying, “My Divine Name is
Allah. You call God, Jehovah or whatever you call, I am the Creator.
I have created you and your parents.” He doesn’t finish there. He
says, “Not only you but your grandparents and everything else, I am the One who
created. So I am the Lord of
the Heavens and the earth. If you accept Me then you are entering
into My Paradise. If you are not accepting Me then you have no right
to ask to be in Paradise.”

So the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) is saying, “Accepting
the Oneness of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is a visa for entrance to
Paradise. That’s why if a Christian accepts saying, “Allah is only
one God. There is no separation. There is no Trinity or this or
that,” then that one has faith. He is entering into Paradise. If a
Jew says, “There is a God who created Muhammad (saw) and Moses, Adam
and the other ones,” then that one is entering to Paradise too, but
they will be questioned according to what they did. But the visa for
entering to Paradise is saying La ilaha illallah. That is the visa
for entering to Paradise.

So the Prophet (saw) says, “When you say that then you will be
considered to have faith.” But he says (now he is talking to the
Muslims), “But if you don’t love each other then you will not be
considered to have said that La ilaha illallah properly. That means
you didn’t have faith properly.” Islam is not concentrating here (on
one’s self), Islam is not concentrating on individualism. Islam is
concentrating on that one who is in front of you. Concentrate on
that one who is in front of you. You give to that one and Allah
gives to you. So love comes from giving. Not from saying,

“I love you honey.”

“What? You love me and I go to work from this side and you bring
another man to the house from the other side? Mashallah.”

Or, the same thing is true when the man says, “I love you honey.”

“You love me and turning to the corner you are doing foolish things
on the other side?”

It is the same thing with both men and women in these days. Terrible
days. This is the time that is the most ignorant time. This is the
time that is the dirtiest time of Mankind. Of course, the majority
are doing that behind the walls and they are thinking that nobody
knows. But Allah knows. This is the one thing you must know. And the
ones that Allah wants them to know, they know also. Don’t think
about how they know. They know. Your face is your book. What is here
(in the heart) can be read from there. The ones who have a special
vision, the ones who have the binoculars, they put it on and they
read (from your face). When the heart opens you can read what is

Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is the most Merciful One, especially for
these days, because this time is the heaviest time of ignorance. At
least in the time of the Prophet (saw), in the first ignorance time
people didn’t know. That’s why they weren’t believing. When the
Sahaba went and told them certain things, they listened and they
accepted. Today, the people know and with that knowledge they become
more ignorant because they are stubborn, they are selfish and they
are denying everything because they think that they know. So they
don’t listen to you and they don’t open any ways to realize, “Maybe
it’s going to come to something.” Don’t you see that they say, “What
is your degree? Which university did you finish?” `X’ is saying
that he finished Columbia and I tell him that I finished Harvard. So
now he starts listening to me. If I told him that I finished Fordham
University then he was never going to listen to me.

Alhamdulillah. I am saying that in general. But so many people today
are looking at the diploma that others have saying, “I go according
to that.” The diploma can easily be bought too. Don’t make any
mistake. You can buy that diploma very easily these days. You ask
the people working behind the computers, “Put my name in. Put in
this year I studied in this place, da da da da, give me a diploma.”
Tak, it’s printed out and he has another diploma. But having that
diploma is not giving you that knowledge. You are ignorant.

So people today, the majority, millions and billions do not know any
knowledge of the Hereafter life. But they are ignorant. They are
shutting every door to that knowledge saying, “There is nothing.
Nothing exists (after this life).” Do you know why? Because this is
what Shaytan is saying to them, “Don’t accept anything. Live your
life. If you accept then you are not going to live like animals. If
you accept then you are going to live like man. You are going to put
some discipline in your life. You are going to put some authority in
your life. You are going to put some laws.” He says, “No laws. Leave
the laws because all the doors that say, `there is no law’ is going
to bring you to the fire where I am entering.” This is the direction
that Shaytan is ordering to the Mankind.

So today’s Jahiliyyat, today’s ignorance is worse than the ignorance
of the Prophet’s (alayhi salatu wa salam) time. Those people were
ignorant because of the knowledge they didn’t know. When somebody
was speaking to them about that knowledge they were sitting and
listening. A couple of the heads like Abu Jahil were not ignorant.
They knew certain knowledge. That’s why they became ignorant. They
didn’t listen. But the ones that didn’t know listened and accepted.
Abu Jahil said, “I know. I have diploma.” Abu Lahab said, “I have
diploma. I am an educated man. You are not educated.” So they became
the fathers of the ignorants.

This time is worse than that. Ten-years-old kid stands in front of
you saying, “There is nothing.” (I say,) “You don’t even know how to
enter into the toilet, kid. From which side is the sun rising?”


“They didn’t even teach you that yet.” (Sheykh smiles).

So they don’t know anything and they don’t accept anything because
the parents in the house teach them how to be selfish and how to
give orders. Little kids give orders to their mothers and to their
fathers. Mashallah to discipline. Mashallah.

So Holy Prophet (saw) came to complete the good manners. People
first must have manners and then when they follow the footsteps of
the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) they will be completing their
good manners. Following the Holy Prophet (saw) must bring you to the
highest station which will then make you understand, “Oh, my Lord
created me in Ahsani Taqweem.” Yes, the most perfect creature. Most
perfect in every way, in the shape, in the form, in the material, in
the spiritual, in every way the most perfect. So, that one who is
accepting what Allah is giving to him will become the most perfect.
One day he will reach to that station.

That one who says, “My skin is black and I don’t like it,” your
fight is with Allah. The one who says, “My skin is white but I want
it to be black,” your fight is with Allah. Others look at themselves
saying, “I am too pale, I am too white, I am too green, I am too
this and I am too that, my hair is too curly and I want it to be
straight.” The one who has it straight says, “I wish I had my hair
curly.” The one who has blue eyes say, “I have to have black eyes.”
That’s why they are going, taking these things (contact lenses),
putting them in their eyes, making themselves blind too, getting
chips in their eyes, and when I am saying, “Look, your eyes look
like a cat,” they don’t like it. (Sheykh smiles). When I say, “It
looks like a cat,” they don’t like it. But if I say, “It looks like
a lion,” they (get puffed up and) say, “Ah, must be.” (Sheykh mildly

You don’t like what Allah is giving you? How ignorant man is! It’s
granted to you. It’s given to you. Not to anybody else (among the
creation). What a blessing is that! He is giving that perfection
only to you. Your shape and everything is perfect. Are you happy?
(When you understand this) then you will find happiness. Otherwise,
you will not come out from the doctor’s office, pulling here,
putting this, putting that, (I don’t like to use names but it’s
necessary now), later you will become like Michael Jackson, you have
nothing to pull and the nose starts falling and everything starts
falling. Don’t make any mistake. Be happy with Allah has given to
you. Whatever He has given to you, His blessing is in it and He is
happy with you in that form. Be happy with that. Otherwise, you will
never find happiness in Dunya and you will never find happiness in

Holy Prophet (saw) came to bring the most perfect discipline and the
most perfect station to man. Anyone who is really following the
footsteps of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam), never mind about
going and harming innocent people, they cannot harm an ant and they
cannot harm anything around them. But when those ones will fight for
the sake of Allah under the ruling of that one who is going to come,
then you will have no place to run too. You cannot escape.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

Sheykh Abdul Kerim of the Nakshibendi Hakkani tarikat gives the Eid ul Adha (Kurban Bayrami) khutba at the Osmanli Dergahi in Upstate New York (10 Zhul Hijja, 1428).


Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday, 12 Jumad al-Thani, 1425
39th Street Dergah, Manhattan, New York.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded

Tariqatuna sohbet wa khairu fil jamiat. Our way is association.
Through association we may learn something that we don’t know and we
may learn something that we know but we are not able and capable to
do. We may know so many things but we are not doing it. So it’s not
any good again. Allah is ordering us to be Jamat, to be a group of
people because blessings, rahmat and mercy is coming to a Jamat, to
a group of people. And when you are weak and alone, through that
Jamat you may pick up energy and you may be able to do things that
you are not able and capable to do when you are alone.

In these days it is pretty difficult and pretty hard to do the
orders of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). Most people turn to only what
is good for them and what is good for their ego. This is what the
universities are teaching. The radios, televisions, magazines and
all kinds of things are teaching that here. In the stores they have
thousands of kinds of magazines for you to learn how to enjoy
yourself. “You like this and you don’t like that.” So many things
that are not even crossing through your mind you are finding in
those magazines and you start acting according to those magazines
saying, “I am one of them.” You should close the door to those
things because those ones don’t really love you and they are not
really there to help you. They are just there to sell those
magazines to you in order to make you become a member for their own
lives to become better. Maybe you don’t know this but put it in
your mind.

The world publications, the televisions and everything are
controlled and ruled by the Zionists. You will find so many Jews,
the Hasidics especially, who will not put televisions in their
houses. Think. You don’t find televisions in their houses. Why is
this? Because they know what kind of poison is coming through
that television to poison people. So they don’t want their children
to be poisoned, they don’t want their family members to be poisoned.
So their Rabbis are ordering them not to put televisions in their
houses because 90% of television today is giving you only poison.
It’s giving you something that doesn’t even cross through your mind
and you sit in front of the television and you say, “Yeah, this is
good. Let me do it.” So your role model is the television. Your
guide is the television. Your guide is the magazine. Your guide is
something that they are putting there for you.

But we have not been created for that. You will know how to live
whether you watch that magazine or not. You will know how to live
even if you don’t watch that television. You will know how to live.
You will know how to live even better then. You are just copying
something that is not for you. So we should try to put a lid on that
and put it aside to sit and to understand what is it that we have to
do in this life and what is the main important thing. We have not
been created only to be running after our ego and our selfish
desires. No. We have been created to be the honored ones. Allah is
saying, “We have honored the Children of Adam. Laqad karramna bani
adam.” We have to reach and we have to carry that honor. Otherwise,
we will fall and we will become worse than the animals. Not like the
animals. Worse than the animals. And it is sad to see and to say
that today the majority of the people live worse than the animals.
They do acts that the animals don’t do. It doesn’t fit the category
of humans. We have to learn and we have to know how to live.
Otherwise, we will be wasting this life for nothing.

This life is very short. Seventy years? I will give you thirty more
years, staying a hundred years. What are you going to do? A hundred
years later even if they tell you to stay you are going to say, “Oh,
my hand is not working, my leg is hurting, my head is hurting, my
eyes are not seeing, I cannot eat, I cannot sleep.” So you are
praying to die then. But you don’t know where you are going. So this
life is only temporary. The life that is waiting for us is
permanent. And we must earn that life from here. Everyone is running
to make investments for this life. I am watching that everyone is
saying, “I have to work, I have to make investment here, I have to
make investment there, I have to make this much money, I have to
make a house here.” All this is good alhamdulillah. But how do you
know that you are going to be able to reach to take the pleasure of
those things?

“I will leave it to my children.”

Your children are not going to help you in the grave. What you sent
to the grave is what is going to help you. Not your children.
Whatever is necessary for them Allah will open doors to them too,
and they will work and they will earn. Don’t worry. Allah will not
leave anybody without Rizq (provision). Allah is Razzaq (The
Provider). He is sending you whatever you need and whatever your
children need too. So you shouldn’t worry about that too much. If
you are leaving a tyrant child and if you are leaving a lot of
wealth to him then you will not be comfortable in the grave also.
Whatever tyranny he does in this world, you will pay the price for
that in the grave. They will say, “You left all this money to that
one and that power and he is hurting this and he is hurting that,”
and you will be punished there.

So the aim is to please Allah. When our aim is to please Allah then
we will not be seeing ourselves at the center of the universe. We
will not be seeing ourselves to have created everything and that
everything has to circle around us. No. The 21st century people, the
majority of them think that they created everything and everything
has to circle around them, in their actions, in their lifestyle and
in everything. It’s not. It’s not going to be because the worst and
the difficult days are waiting. The worst and difficult days are
waiting for this country too. The luxury of this country is going to
go. Don’t think that it’s going to continue like this. It has
already started sinking, going down. But it’s not affecting you yet
but soon it will affect you. Soon. No government can stop that. It’s
not possible. It’s going top-speed. We have to learn how to live. We
have to learn how to live at that time for that not to bother us and
not to hurt us. Otherwise, you will be casualties of that system
that is coming.

So Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has created us for Himself. He has
created everything for us. Everything is working for us. The sun is
working for us, the moon is working for us, the wind is working for
us, air, water and everything is working for us. Who are we going to
work for? Running like animals, coming out from the stables, running
to eat the grass and going back to sleep? Having children and going
back? No. We are humans. We have to make it better. We have to know
what we are doing and we have to know how we are doing. We have to
make it better. They are animals. They are not responsible. They
don’t have intelligence. We have intelligence. That’s why we are
progressing. Our life is going and we are progressing. We are
building houses, we are making materials, nice clothes to wear, nice
this and nice that but that is not what we have been created to do.

We are not appreciating anything and we are not understanding
anything. This oxygen that we are taking instantly, if it comes to
you only 1% more than what is coming now, it burns you as soon as
you inhale it. It burns everything inside. Are you the one who is
giving that to your own self? Who is controlling this? For
centuries, they say billions of years, for billions of years who is
controlling this? For billions of years who is controlling that sun
not to come one inch closer to this world? If that sun comes one
inch closer or if this world goes one inch closer to the sun, it
would be burned completely. If it goes one inch far away from its
own orbit where it’s turning, circling around, everything will be
frozen. Who has the control of all this? We must think. That’s what
intelligence is for. We cannot think if we put our heads inside the
hole. We have to come out. We have to look. We have to see who we
are and what we are.

Don’t look at what they are commercializing to you in the
television. Don’t be sitting and watching only the television and
learning your knowledge from the television. Think. Open your eyes.
Understand the activities of the world, what’s happening and why
it’s happening. Why is it happening? Question. Question by yourself
to understand. Then slowly you will understand that whom you are
supporting are the cruel ones. Why are you helping them? And if you
are helping the cruel ones, supporting the cruel ones and the tyrant
ones then you too are a tyrant one. You must wake up. We must wake
up before it’s too late for our own selves. We must wake up before
it’s too late for everything else that’s around us.

Allah is the Ruler. Allah is the Creator. Allah is the Supreme Ruler
of everything. He left us temporarily to do certain things. Either
you will pay a great price for that or you will get a great reward
for that. We have to know what we are doing and how we are doing.
Our intention is important.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq.

Bihurmatil Habib.

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

Saturday, December 15, 2007 – 6th Zul Hijja, 1428



Juma Khutba by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday, 18 Raby’ al-Thani, 1426 / May 27, 2005.
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Sydney Center, New York.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded

Alhamdulillah. Allah has granted us another week, another Juma.
Whatever we do is going to pass. Whatever we have is going to go.
Whatever we own, either we are going to lose it or we are going to
leave it in this Dunya and we are going to pass to the other side.
We are going to take nothing with us from this Dunya that we are
attached to. One thing is going to go with us. In the end, when
people pass from this world some things go with them to the
cemetery. So many leave us coming back. The ones that are claiming
so much, “I love you, you love me, I have this, you have this,” they
are all coming back. The one who lost his life is going to stay in
that cemetery and he is going to be put into his grave. In the grave
all he is going to find is what he has sent from this world.

You can go beforehand and you can build a palace down there if you
want. But if you didn’t send anything that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala)
is asking and is ordering, that palace will then turn into a hell.
It is not in the hand of the man. Whatever the man is and whatever
he has done, he is going to find there. Some people are believing
that and some are not. So many people try to do certain things (for
that) thinking, “Maybe there is something there. So let me work for
it.” If you have a question mark, if you can’t get rid of it before
coming to that grave, that question, that doubt may turn everything
to become nothing. There is no maybe. It is for sure that Allah has
created us, He has sent us to this world and He is taking us back.

You don’t have to believe that. You are seeing it. The whole world
is seeing it. It’s not believing. Everyone is seeing it. Every
single day we are seeing it. If you are not experiencing it
yourself, you are experiencing it among your family members.
Everyone here or anywhere has lost somebody from their family
members. That is the reality that no one can escape. While our eyes
are open we must work for that. That is the main reason for us being
here. It is to work and to earn our Paradise in the hereafter.
Whatever Allah has appointed to us, as much life, as much breath of
life that He has granted to us, we are going to give that out in
this world and we are going to pass.

How are we spending this? What are we doing with this life? That
must be the most important matter for a believer, for somebody who
believes in the Akhirat life. If somebody is not believing in that
life then he may live as he likes. He is not living as he likes
again, it is only for a very short time, something happens to him
and he lives as He likes again. But somebody who believes, who
says, `I am a believer,’ freely, not by force. Who says
voluntarily, `Ash-hadu an-la ilaha illallah wa ash-hadu anna
muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu,’ freely and not by force of anybody.
If it was supposed to be by force of anybody, by now we would not
have found a single unbeliever left. Islam had power. But Allah is
saying, “Leave them. They have to say willingly by themselves.”

And when a man is saying the Shahadat willingly, with his free will,
he must work on it. (When we say the Shahadat) that means we believe
in what we were just saying. And if we believe in what we were just
saying, how are we going to be heedless day and night? It’s not
possible because the fear of the unknown keeps you alive. If you get
rid of that fear, then the love that you have for your Lord keeps
you alive. So your life becomes Paradise. Your days become Paradise.
Everywhere you look you feel the Paradise. It doesn’t matter if you
are living in a palace or you are living in a cave. The worldly
material things do not make people to feel that they are in
Paradise. If you don’t have any faith, if we take you and put you in
a palace, a short time later you are going to get tired of those
worldly materials. Where do we turn then?

So faith is the most important thing that we have as believers. We
must carry it very highly and valuably. It is very valuable. If we
are showing that value to it then we are winning, we are feeling
good and we are feeling comfortable in Dunya. And when slowly we are
approaching our time, when we are approaching to those days slowly,
then the love in our hearts start changing. Even if you are
connected to this world, the love in your hearts start changing and
it turns into the Akhirat love and before you know, even if they
give you the whole world, when your time is up you wouldn’t want to
stay here, because you want to go back to your Creator. And that is
the only peace man can have, to go back to his own origin.

So many came to this world. Billions. So many were capable to do
that, to go back to their stations, but so many have failed. So many
are suffering and are going to suffer for a very long time before
they reach to their stations. So many are never going to reach to
their stations. Now it is our time. It is our turn. We are living in
this Dunya. We are going to leave this Dunya in a short time. We are
not going to stay for long. Even if we want to we cannot stay. It’s
a very short time. In the Divine Presence, one thousand worldly
years is only one day, when we are comparing. So if we live for one
thousand years, still we are going back. It is a very short time in
the Divine Presence.

The most important thing is what we are sending and what we are
going to find. An intelligent man must think and must work for that.
Not to run and to work to make the Dunya nice and comfortable, to
make the Dunya luxurious and then to go and not find anything (in
the hereafter). Should we make the Dunya luxurious too? Yeah, of
course. If you want to then make your Dunya luxurious too. But you
have to keep the orders of Allah priority. As long as you keep the
orders of Allah priority you may work for Dunya too. You may feel
comfortable also with what you are earning in Dunya. But if Allah is
not in priority and you are working for this Dunya, sometimes later
it’s going to swallow you. It’s going to put you in and slowly you
are going to forget about Akhirat. So many did. We are not going to
make the mistake of thinking that we are here today and for sure
until the last breath we will be here (in the right way). We are
asking and begging and crying to our Lord to keep us in the Sirat-ul

I have been giving Khutba like this for a long time and I am
watching that the faces are changing. So many times I am finding
that the faces are changing. Different groups are coming and
different groups are going. Practically, I am saying almost the same
things all the time. Leave Dunya and turn yourselves to Akhirat. All
sohbets are coming down to that. Don’t have so much love for Dunya
but have love for Akhirat. Keep Allah priority and keep Dunya
second. This is what we are saying. But I am seeing that the faces
are changing. In a very short time that we are here, oh! You don’t
know how many faces have changed. You don’t know how many faces
turned themselves away from Islam. Never mind about leaving us. They
turned themselves away from Islam. They were also once looking and
putting down others saying, “Look at this one, how foolish is this
one, why, how he is not doing this, da da da da da…” I was saying to
them, “Don’t say that. Look at yourself. Leave others.” They were
saying, “Sheykh, why do I have to look at myself? Am I not in the
right road?” You are not. You don’t know what tomorrow is bringing.
Keep yourself busy with that.

Until the last breath no one has been given guarantee that they are
going to give their last breath in peace. So you must be worrying.
If you have no other worries, and if you believe, and if you know
the value of the Shahadat then you must be worrying about that. And
that worry must a make man to be in an awakening station. That worry
must make a man to run around to do something for the sake of Allah
and to earn more for where he is going. To where we are going, it
may take a very long road to reach to our destiny. It may take very
short, or it may take very long. And in that long journey we need a
lot for the transportation. Otherwise, we will suffer a lot.

So Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is Merciful. He created us and He sent
us to this world. He didn’t leave us alone. He didn’t put us in
chains also. He said to us, “I have created you in Ahsani Taqweem,
the most perfect creatures. I have sent you to the lowest place.”
This world is the lowest place in the Divine Presence. Asfala
Safileen. It is the lowest place. And what are we doing in this
lowest place? You must run to go back to our high station. He has
separated us from the animals. He has given us the authority of this
world. We do as we like in this world. Man does whatever he wants in
this world. So if we follow His orders, then the way we came to this
world, nicely and comfortably, we are going to go back the same way.
And because we obeyed our Lord, He is going to say to us, “I have
some special surprise for you other than what I am mentioning in the

Any intelligent man who says, “I am intelligent,” must think, must
worry and must run to make his Lord happy with him. Not your mother,
not your father, not your brother, not your buddy, no. Everyone is
going to go into their graves alone. No one is going to take anybody
with him. No matter how close you are, as soon as one dies, he is
going to leave him there, and he is going to come back home. If you
love him so much then leave him above the ground. Don’t put him
under. (They are going to say) “Quickly, don’t leave him outside so
long.” The intelligent people don’t even leave it twenty-four hours.
Before twenty-four hours they bury it and they feel comfortable. How
is that? Twenty-four hours ago you were feeling comfortable hugging
each other, you did not even want to think about separation. Then
that reality comes separating you and twenty-four hours later you
run quickly, you bury and you feel comfortable.

That is the nature that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is putting on us,
showing us, teaching us that He has created us and we are all His
servants. When we reach to the age of maturity we are responsible
for our own deeds and our own actions and the nature of our deeds
are going to be counted according to our intentions. Whatever our
intention is, that’s how our deeds are going to find value. If our
intention here is to serve Allah and to please Allah, even if we do
it shaky like this and like that, inshallah it’s going to find its
place. If our intention is to make some other people happy then it
cannot. Especially around us. It is not going to make us happy if
you are buying this whole world and giving it. You are not going to
make anybody happy. You are just going to spend your time for
nothing and going empty-handed.

So Allah has created us and He has sent mercy to us. He sent us to
this world. He didn’t leave us alone. He sent us prophets, He sent
us books, He sent us reminders, saying to them, “Remind them.” They
reminded us. They did their job. They passed away. The Seal of the
Prophets (saw) came. He did his job and he passed away. Who believed
them found safety. Who did not believe them did not find safety. Who
believes in them now and follow their footsteps are going to find
safety. Who do not, are not finding safety. Inshallah ar-Rahman, we
are asking our Lord to keep us in the Sirat-ul Mustaqim until the
last breath of life.

(Sheykh continued the Khutba in Arabic and lead the Juma prayer.)



Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Sunday 26 Jumad Awal, 1426/July 3, 2005.
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-shaitanir rajim
La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyil azim
Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

All prophets have been sent to the world to teach people how to
live. How to live in this world and what to expect and how to
prepare themselves for the hereafter. Holy Prophet (saw) has been
sent to this world to complete the good teachings, the good living,
learning the good lifestyle and to complete the good manners. The
reason of Holy Prophet’s (saw) being sent by the Divine Order is
complete the good manners. That means up until the Prophet (saw),
all other prophets have been sent to teach manners to people,
because if there is no manner then there is no religion. If there is
no manner then there is no respect, if there is no manner then there
is no friendship, if there is no manner then there is no business,
if there is no manner then nothing happens. Everyone is taking it
lightly these days and that’s why nothing is working today.

The manners start from seven years old until seventy years old. It’s
never ending because every age is bringing something else to a man
that he didn’t know before. Those children do not know so many
things now which the adults are knowing. They have to reach to
certain stations and they have to change that lifestyle that they
have learned as a child and they have to enter to a different
station. What are they going to do? How are they going to make that
transition? From where are they going to learn that? Either they are
going to learn from their parents or they are going to learn from
the schools where they educate themselves, or they are going to
learn from their friends. They didn’t live before. So that’s where
they are going to learn. Or, they are going to look at the olderly
people and they are going to say, “This man is older. So he must be
doing right. So let me follow.”

But we are living in the 21st Century. So the doors of the manners
and the doors of good behavior have been broken. Sheytan broke down
the doors of good manners and good behavior in 1789. When the French
Revolution happened, that was a big hit to good manners and to good
disciplined ways. People wanted to live wild. They said, “No, we
don’t want anything anymore.” They tried to remove everything.
Slowly that didn’t work. “Let’s remove this too, let’s remove that
too, let’s remove this too”. Now they don’t have anything to remove
anymore. Still they are running to remove. What are they running to
remove now? They are running to remove the clothes that they are
wearing. Hmph! They are running in the streets now. Tomorrow you are
going to see in America more demonstrations. Why? They are going to
say, “Spain passed, Canada passed, everybody passed and America is
not still passing the gay and lesbian marriage rights?” You will see
tomorrow. You will see them running in the streets.

This is not good manners. Teaching those children in the schools to
say, “Gay and lesbianism is okay.” It’s not okay. It’s not okay to
you and it’s not okay to me. They should not say that it’s okay.
It’s not okay but if they are living then they should live far away
from us. You should live far away from them because prophets came to
teach us to have good manners. Everything that the other people are
doing, their eating, their drinking, their having pleasures, their
having sex, their having children, the way they are having
everything, that’s exactly what we are doing too. We are not
separating ourselves from that. But we have limits and we have
borders. We cannot be wild. Anybody who wants to be wild must be in
the wild kingdom. They must be living in the forests with the wild
animals. They should not be living under the name of civilization,
calling themselves the civilized world. What kind of a civilization
is that? What kind of a civil world is that where the man is going
to walk in the streets naked when even the animals are not walking
naked? Have you ever seen dogs taking out their clothes? Or the
sheep taking their skin out? No animal, and every animal has
something to cover themselves. But man wants to run top-speed and
that action happened in 1789 when those Sheytans forced the break
down. And since that time until now it’s continuing.

But now time is coming to shut that door again, because Divine Order
is coming down now. No prophets are living, but the representatives
of the prophets are living and Order is coming to them now slowly
saying, “Shut this door to them, shut that door to them, shut this
door to them and put them in jail. Put them in jail inside their own
bodies. Don’t give them any peace. Let them to be in depression and
problems twenty-four hours. Either they turn themselves to the Lord
of the Heavens and Earth, or bigger problem is waiting for this

And it is a duty, an obligation to everyone who has children, that
if they love their children then they must teach them otherwise than
what they are learning in the schools because those schools now are
teaching completely wrong things to them. And in the houses you must
teach them what are the good manners and how to have good manners.
The children should not address their own fathers and their own
mothers by their names. I am hearing that all the time. You have to
call, “Father” and “Mother,” whatever it is that you are going to
call in whichever language. How is it that are you addressing your
fathers and your mothers with their own names? That is the beginning
of bad manners.

Of course, (they say) it’s a small thing. Small things. Everything
starts small. Nothing starts big. There was a man in the old times.
He killed someone. He entered to steal and the owner of the house
entered, he found him, they started struggling with each other and
he killed that man, the owner of the house. So they caught him, they
held him, they put him in the prison and they put him to the court.
There was death penalty at that time. Now there is no death penalty
too. The court said, “He did this because of this and this reason
and he should be hanged.” And in the old days, in those times, when
a man was going to be hanged, they would ask him, “What is your last
wish in this world?” He said, “I know what I did wrong. That’s why I
am sitting here in this situation. I am paying the price for that
and the price is very big, very great. I am paying the price with my
life. I have learned my lesson now but it’s too late. I am going to
pay it with my own life. I understood. All these days that I was
sitting in the jail, I thought and I understood that it was my
fault. But I would like you to bring my mother up here. I have to
speak to her about something private before you hang me.” They
said, “Is this the last wish you have?” He said, “Yes.”

They said, “Although it doesn’t fit to our rules and laws, but bring
his mother.” They started looking around for her and they brought
his mother. His hands were tied. Mother was crying, “Oh my son!” He
said, “Mother, don’t cry. Please, let me be hanged with peace. Don’t
cry.” (Mother said,} “My son, how am I not going to cry?” He
said, “No, mother. Please, as my last wish, I would like to kiss
your beautiful tongue before they hang me. All these times you were
hugging me and you were kissing me and I want to kiss your tongue
before they hang me. Mother said, “Is this what you want?” He
said, “Yes.” She said, “Take it.” So he said, “Give it more.” He put
it in his mouth and he bit it so hard that he cut that tongue out.
He cut it. He spat it out. They (the guards) said, “What the heck
did you do?”

But it was too late. The King was watching too. He said to
them, “Today I am in this place to be hanged. All the things (that I
am accused of) I did it and I deserve it. But the beginning was
really with that tongue that brought me up here.” They said, “What
happened?” He said, “Firstly, I remember the first day when I went
and I stole an egg from the neighbor. I was five years old. I didn’t
know anything. I just thought that it was some game. I stole it, I
came home and I showed it to my mother. My mother looked at it and
said, “Oh my son! Where did you find this? You should bring more
when you find.” She didn’t ask me from where I took it. She didn’t
ask me whether I stole it. She convinced me to find more and to
bring more. And because I loved her so much I went searching,
sneaking in everywhere trying to bring more everyday to get her
approval everyday to say, “I love you more.” That’s what she did to
me and slowly I grew up to become a thief and I learned how to
steal. I stole a lot of things and she knew that I was stealing. She
knew all the while. She knew from the beginning that I stole that
egg. She didn’t scream at me and she didn’t punish me.

I continued this way until I reached to that man’s house. And when
he entered, I didn’t want to kill him, but I had no choice because
he was one of the officials. He was going to bring me in and I was
going to be punished. I thought that by killing him I was going to
escape. And this brought me up here. This tongue brought one man to
be hanged and I don’t want anybody else to come to be hanged through
that tongue. That’s why I cut that tongue. She doesn’t need to speak
anymore.” They brought that to the King. They said, “Your Majesty,
this is what happened, and the man is ready, and he is begging us to
hang him.” So the King says, “I am not hanging him. For that reason,
put him in jail. He is not going to be hanged.”

So why are we bringing this up? Nothing comes to people’s heads in
their lives just like that. If you and I are sitting here everyday,
we are 90% far away from troubles, from fighting, from argument or
killing each other. If we don’t sit here and we go to a club or a
bar every night then it is 90% certain that we are going to end up
fighting one night when we are drunk. We don’t know what that
fighting is going to bring to us and we don’t know where that
fighting is going to bring us.

So it’s the man who does everything to himself. That’s why man is
responsible for every action. That’s why man is responsible for his
children until they reach to the age of maturity. When they reach to
the age of maturity and they are not listening after that, you are
not responsible. But until (the children’s) maturity age, the man is
responsible. And maturity age in Islam for boys is 16 years old and
for girls 13 years old. You will be responsible through those girls
until thirteen years of age. After thirteen years old if they do
something wrong, in the Judgment Day you are not going to be
questioned. They are going to be questioned. For boys you are
responsible up to sixteen years of age. For whatever they do, they
are going to be questioned and you are going to be questioned on the
Judgment Day.

The governments are not questioning. Let’s say a child went and
killed somebody. In the old days they would say, “Where is the
father and mother. Bring them to the jail too. What was this kid
doing out at this time? Why didn’t you look after this kid? Oh,
okay.” In these days (they say,) “The kid did it.” Of course. Some
people buy the kids and they make them to go to do the crime because
the kinds are going to be punished very little. They are bought by
their parents. They say, “We are going to give you this much money.
Let the kid to go and kill somebody. For three years he is going to
stay inside and three years later he is going to come out.”
It’s big money.

The Shariat, the law of Islam is stopping and closing the doors for
wrong activities. And wrong activity is not only that, but stopping
it in every way, and especially today the relationship between men
and women. So the kids must know this too in these days. They must
know that there are so many wrong things happening in this world and
they should prepare themselves for that world that is waiting and
that is very wild. We should prepare them and ourselves. We should
know how to watch and how to protect. Watching is protecting.
Protecting your children is not to give them everything they want.
Sometimes it is to give them things that they don’t want and
sometimes not to give them things that they want, because those
things that they want are not good for them for the future time.

So Holy Prophet (saw) came to this world to complete the good
manners. People should learn up to this time (of maturity) these
manners and right after they should learn how to have the best of
the manners because he came to teach people the best of the manners.
The better manners people have the higher they go in spiritual
stations and spiritual levels. If a man recites the Qur’an twenty-
four hours a day, if the man prays all night long going to Sejdah
but if the man does not have manner, he is not reaching anywhere.
There is a big possibility that he is not entering into Paradise.
But if a man doesn’t know anything, he’s just going to Sejdah,
reading with sincerity and he has good manners, every door may open
to that man. That man may become a saint very easily. But if a man
knows everything, recites the Qur’an everyday, he does everything
and he doesn’t have good manners, the doors of hell will open to
that one.

So everything is with good manners and we should look to prepare
ourselves and our children for that because we are believers and
because we are not only living for this world. We are living in this
world for Akhirat. We need this world to live nicely and comfortably
in it to be able to worship and to do things properly for Akhirat.
This is not our house. This is only a temporary place that we are
staying. This is not my house and not your house. Your house is not
your house. You are just there temporarily. You are going to go to
your original house. Your original house is not in Dunya. It is in
Akhirat. It is in Paradise. Don’t lose the address. Your original
house is Paradise. It’s not hell. Their originality is Paradise but
the majority (of the people) is running to the hell side. And the
hell will say, “Your originality is not for this place. But you have
come. Enter. What can I do?” The road to both of them is from this
world. The road to Paradise is from this world and the road to hell
is from this world. In everything we do, we must have good
intentions and we must have sincere intentions to do things for the
sake of Allah. If we have that as priority in our lives then the
result is going to be good.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

Virginia Sohbet on Saturday, 2nd Jumadal Akhir, 1428.


Special Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 24, Jumada al-awal 1426/July 1, 2005.
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala has created us and counted us from the
believers and put us forward in this Ahir Zaman, in the End of the
Times, to run for Islam, to try to keep and to put it up in any way
we can do. It is a big blessing for those people who are coming
forward to be the nominees and trying to carry what Allah subhana wa
ta’ala is giving.

When Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) came, millions of people at
that time became against him. But that didn’t change the reality
because that one was held and supported by the Creator. All those
who came against him were running after their own ego. They were
running after only what was good for them. That’s why they were
against that Prophet (saw). And through the history of mankind on
earth, that’s how it happened. Since the beginning from our father
Adam (as) it continued coming up to our Prophet (alayhi salatu wa
salam). When the nations moved out of their ways, Allah sent
prophets to them as a mercy to them, to warn them, to give them good
news, to give them good messages, but at the same time to warn them
and to wake them up to say, “Wake up! You are not alone. It looks
like you are alone. You think that the universe is circling around
you. It’s not. You are just one hopeless and helpless creature on
the face of this earth.” And when prophets came to give them that
news, that message, the majority of them gathered together attacking
those prophets.

And the same thing happened to Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa
salam). But there was something different with our Prophet (alayhi
salatu wa salam) than other prophets before him. He was the Last
Prophet. So there will be no prophet coming after him until the
Judgment Day. When you look at history, (you find that) it didn’t
pass maybe 100 years each time when Allah was sending prophets to
man. From Adam (as) up to our Prophet (saw) 124,000 prophets passed.
Maybe in every 100 years one (or more) prophet was coming, except between Isa
(as) and Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). And now from the Prophet (alayhi
salatu wa salam) until today over 1400 years passed. No prophet came. So many
small groups here and there claim that prophets came but there is no evidence
anywhere that they can show, and they know themselves, from the Christians to
the Jews, everyone knows that no prophet came.

From that time 1400 years ago, until today, one prophet is not being
accepted. They are not accepting him. For 1400 years now they are
not accepting him saying, “No, he’s not a prophet. He was somebody
who was talking from illusion, from imagination, or this or that.”
They can say whatever they want. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying
to His Prophet (saw), “Ya Muhammad, your Lord is enough for you.”
That means, if a single one is not accepting you, Allah is enough
for you. “Don’t worry. Just tell them what I give you. Then leave
them to Me.” So all those ones from that time until today who are
running against the Prophet (saw) are out of the road. They are not
in Sirat-ul Mustaqim. They cannot claim to say, “I am in Sirat-ul
Mustaqim.” The Holy Quran is speaking about the People of the Book
and giving us description of what they do, saying, “A small group of
people among them get up at nighttime and they pray to their Lord.
Allah will reward them. But the majority is out of the road.” And
deep inside they believe, “This must be some prophet.” Otherwise,
the blessing will not reach to those too.

So Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) in this Ahir Zaman, in the End of the
Times, in a time of so much confusion, made us from the believers.
He counted us from the believers. What is the value of that? How
valuable is that to you? You must know what is the value and you
must treat it with the value that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has
given it. Otherwise, we may lose it too. So many came, so many
didn’t hold it properly, and they lost it in the end. We have not
reached to our end yet. Our end is the grave. We must carry this
faith up to the grave. It doesn’t matter what this one or that one
is saying. To a believer, once he says the shahadat, that shahadat
must be enough even if there is not a single man in this world who
is not turned against him. That shahadat must be enough for you to
keep you in the Sirat-ul Mustaqim, to keep you in the right road,
the way that Allah and His Prophet (saw) want. That’s enough.

Especially in these days. Especially in these days when the majority
of the so-called believers are out of the road. And especially in
these days when the Ahle Sunnat people are divided, the Tariqats are
divided and inside one Tariqat people are divided. And when we take
it and we start searching it saying, “Why is this happening? What is
the problem? If we are believing in one Allah and His Prophet (saw)
and the same Mazhab, the same Tariqat and the same Sheykh, then what
is the problem? Where are we separating?” We are finding again this
Dunya, this world standing on the way, or fame or something that the
man is claiming to be. Don’t you see and don’t you know yourself?
You who are here and those who are not here. Don’t you look at
yourself alone? Lock yourself in a room, look at yourself and
say, “What is the power that I have? What am I good for? If my Lord
is not giving permission then I cannot breathe the air. What am I
good for? And I am running and trying to change the Divine Destiny.”

That’s what some are trying. They are trying to change the law that
Allah has put. The Qadar. How? What kind of mind that individual may
have? That has the same kind of mind that the Yahudis had in their
time. When knowing that Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) is
going to come in Hijaz, he is going to be born in Hijaz, and they
checked the Hijaz area and they said, “This Prophet is going to be
born from a mother and a father. He is going to come out from a
woman, and all these signs in Taurat and all other books are showing
that he is going to be born in Hijaz. But we have no people living
in Hijaz. We have no Yahudi, (so-called Yahudi today, that is, the
Children of Israel), we don’t have anybody living in Hijaz that he
is going to come from that family.”

Yaqub (as) had twelve children and those twelve children were all
prophets and the Bani Israil, the Children of Israel are coming from
them. And they were looking saying, “None of the sons of Yaqub (as)
moved there and they are not living there. So if the Seal of the
Prophets, the big Prophet is coming in Hijaz, it shows that he is
not going to be from us.” But those square-heads of their time,
reading and knowing too much, thinking that they are going to change
the divine laws again, said to them, “It is easy. We may make it
from ourselves. Collect some good families and send them to live in
Hijaz from this time and check their generations and every child
that is coming. We know the signs of the Prophet. When he is going
to be born, we know what kind of activities are going to happen in
this world.” The majority of the Muslims don’t know it until today,
what are the activities that happened when the Prophet (saw) was
born. The Yahudis knew before Prophet (saw) was born. They said, “As
soon as we see that sign we will check every family to see which one
gave birth and from the signs we can understand that it is the Seal
of the Prophets.”

And they did. Otherwise, the Yahudis are always going and finding
the best places in the world, nice sea-side, nice beautiful areas to
live. What were they doing in the desert? Ismail (as) is there. Not
the Yahudis. They moved there to see if they are going to change the
divine destiny. And when they saw the signs of that Prophet, they
knew that the Prophet is born. They ran to every family and said,

“Did you have children today?”






“Oh! We lost.” They said, “All these prophets came from our
generations and now the Seal of the Prophets is not from us.” And
Allah is speaking in the Qur’an saying, “They know the truth. They
know everything. They know what they did. And they know that he is
the Prophet and the Seal of the Prophets. But because Allah didn’t
give it from their generations they became against the truth. That’s
why they have been cursed.”

So many today are also running to do that. How? What kind of brain
do you have? That means even your brain is not controlling you.
Leave the heart, because if the heart is working you are receiving
messages from the unseen world. That means your brain is not
controlling you too now. That means someway somehow Sheytan is
holding certain reins in his hands and pulling you left and right.
That is for those who are doing that. If you are doing it then it’s
for you too. If I am doing it then it’s for me. No one can change
the Divine Orders. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not.
Who cares if you like it? Did Allah ask you when He was creating
you? Did Allah ask you when He was sending you to this world? Did
Allah ask you, “Would you like to be in this world?” He created you
and He sent you to this world. That is enough for you to know and to
worship Him. Nothing else. We have nothing to claim and we have
nothing to say, “I am this one and I am that one. I can do this and
I can do that.” If the permission is not given to you, you cannot
even breathe the air.

But this 21st century sickness, when Sheytan has put his kingdom
everywhere and especially in the schools from the children to every
education places, they are teaching people how to be egoistic ones,
how to be selfish ones and how to be thinking only about themselves.
So many times I am reminding you, let me remind you again. Either
you are a Muslim or you are following some other kinds of laws.
Islam has its own identity. Islam has its own laws and Islam has its
own ruling system. Maybe it’s not ruling in the world today, {there’s a divine
secret there too why Allah has removed that and put it behind the curtains}, but
if you are a believer you must run to hold on tightly to the orders of Allah and
His Prophet (saw). And for the orders of Allah and His Prophet (saw) on you,
first you must turn to yourself to say, “I am not good for anything if it is not
for My Lord. I am not any better than anyone and if permission is not given to
me then I cannot even open my mouth.” Then you cannot find any space around you
to be proud of yourself, to be an egoistic one, to be selfish, arrogant and

Islam is forbidding all these. From the first step that you are
entering you are saying, “I am not existing. You are. You are the
Lord and I am the creature.” If you are the creature then what is it
that you have that you can claim? You are continuously forever in
need and you must ask. And if you carry that properly then you will
become a servant. When you become a servant then you may be given
the ruling of the whole world but you will not exchange that
servanthood for it. But if Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) at that time is
giving you a job to do then you do it properly too.

So for the 21st century man it is very blessed at the same time.
Allah is giving invitation to everyone saying, “You want something?
Turn yourself to Islam. You want a high station? Turn yourself to
Islam. You want high honor? Turn yourself to Islam.” Anybody who is
looking to find honor must turn to Islam. Otherwise, the honor that
people are giving to you, their cheering and putting you up there,
it is only very temporary. As soon as you become retired, it doesn’t
matter what you are, the president, the prime minister, the head of
the army, the head of the people, the head of the donkeys and the
head of the animals, it doesn’t matter. They say to you, “You are
retired.” Retirement means you are not good for anything. Take it,
go to the corner and sit and wait to die.

Retirement. That is retirement. It is a sad thing to know that in
these days some fools are also making their Sheykhs to be
retired. Mashallah. They reached now to the station of the ego
saying, “I am the only one. I am the only one existing now. Nobody
else except me.” They cannot dare to say it openly through the
mouth. That’s why they are saying it that way. How? Nowhere in the
history of Islam or in the history of mankind we have ever heard
that the wise men become retired. Go to the President. The
presidents have consultants around them. The wisest people who have
seen the world and they know so many things. And I heard that the
American President has over 300 such people. Who are those? They are
not in the television. They are the most knowledgeable ones, the
most intelligent ones that the President must go to consult before
he takes some decision. In the Christian world, over 2,000 years of
their fake calendar, I have never heard any priest or any leader,
Orthodox or any other Christian groups, to be retired. I have never
heard any groups, any Jewish rabbi to be retired. I have never heard
up until today of any person in the 1400 years of the Islamic
calendar that an imam or a sheykh has retired. Now we’ve heard
something. Mashallah. Subhanallah! That one must be giving a high
title. Hmm. Giving title to himself.

Where is that one? We don’t know. We just heard here and there. We
hear and we are saying. Retirement. What does retirement mean?
Retirement means that you are ready to die. Go and don’t talk.
Retirement means you lost your mind now. Your mind is not
controlling you. So we cannot trust you anymore. Sit on the corner.
That’s what it means. So you are saying, “You are crazy. You lost
your mind. Sit on the corner now. You are retired. I am better.”
Don’t you see that the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) is saying
through the hadith, “As much intelligence you have, that much
religion you have.” The most intelligent ones in this world are the
prophets. And the second ones are the saints. How a saint is going
to become retired? How a believer is going to lose his mind? Have
you ever heard that a believer lost his mind? He doesn’t know what
to do? In Turkish they say, “Bunadin.” Did you ever hear in the
history that, “This one was a good believer but he lost his mind?”
The only people to lose their minds that you can hear are, “He was
the President, he was the Chief of the Army, he was the Prime
Minister, he was this and he was that, and he lost his mind.” Yeah,
that we hear all the time. “He was the Head of the Supreme Court, he
was the Head of this Company, this and that,” anybody who was
running after worldly matters lost their minds. That’s why
retirement is necessary.

But for Sheykhs it is impossible. Especially for a Sultan-ul Awliya
it is impossible. Allah is sending (to them) and they are more
knowledgeable than anybody and they are rising to higher stations
and higher stations and higher stations. It is impossible for those
and for us to catch them, because if we are in this station today
then they reached to a higher station. If tomorrow we reach to that
station then they are no longer there. They are in a higher station.
You don’t say that to yourself to make belief or not to make belief.
You must believe by heart to say, “This is how it is.” Otherwise,
Sheytan may fool you one day saying, “Eh, I reached to this station
and that one stayed behind. So now I am in a higher station.”

So, the 21st century sickness is very big. And Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) has permitted us to be among the believers. That’s enough
title for you. That’s enough title for us. It doesn’t matter what
the world says. It doesn’t matter what the people around you say.
You know that you are a believer. That’s enough. That’s enough for
you. You know in your heart, “My name is in that book alhamdulillah.
Although I am not worthy of that but because of the good ones that
passed before me, because of their prayers, Allah put my name into
that book. Ya Rabbi! Thank you.” That should be enough for a man
living now until Judgment Day, if he is going to live (that long).
But the life that you are running after to be reaching here and
there is not guaranteeing you if you are going to reach to tonight.

How intelligent is that man? You are running and fighting for
something that has not been given to you? How intelligent is that?
Is that the work a believer must do? Is that the work a leader must
do? The leader must be the one who is running forward in front of
everybody. You want that leadership? Run! In the old days, the kings
must be the best of the horsemen, the kings must be the best of the
swordsmen, the kings must be able to use the best equipments better
than anybody. The kings and the rulers must be the wrestlers and the
kings and the rulers must be the most knowledgeable ones to be able
to have the authority in their hands. The kings and the rulers, when
there was a war, they were going in front of the army. Not in the
back having bodyguards around. “Protect me.” Protection? You are
expecting protection from people who are under your authority? How
are they going to protect? Ask protection from that One saying, “I
am working for You, Ya Rabbi! I am under Your protection. No other
protection can save me.”

This is the time that we have entered alhamdulillah. The 21st
century. The 21st century people left and right. And the people in
the Sirat-ul Mustaqim also, Sheytan is finding so many ways trying
to fool them. Oh believers! You must not be fooled. You must not get
fooled by that kind of foolishness because every title in this world
is only temporary. Whatever is being given to you in this world, you
are going to get it. Even if you run or don’t run, it’s going to be
given to you. It’s going to come to you. Don’t think that, “I am
more smart. Let me move and fool this one and sit on his place.”
Allah doesn’t like it then. His Prophet (saw) doesn’t like it. The
good believers don’t like it. Who likes it? Sheytan, saying, “Run
after it. Fool that one.”

Allah is saying to us, “Race in the way of Allah.” Race. Race is in
doing good things. In doing good deeds racing with each other.
That’s acceptable. And knowing where your energy is finishing. If
you are running for Islam and if you know that you are racing with
that one together, and you know that your energy is finishing, you
must be able to transfer the power from you to that one. Let that
one carry it, saying, “This is the end of my time. You must carry
it.” Then you will become beloved to Allah and His Prophet (saw).
This is what we have seen through the history from Adam (as) until Prophet
Alayhi salatu wa salam. After Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) we have seen this
very openly all the time through the history of the Seljuk Empire and the

We are Osmanli, we are pek sanli, we are Ottomans and we are very
honored. Allah has honored us with that. So many dropped it today.
So many are attacking the Ottomans also. They can attack in any way.
It doesn’t matter. Allah keeps them high and they are high. And we
are very honored holding them high and we are going to hold them
high. We are not good for anything. We know that. What they did, it
is impossible for us to do. But at least we say, “Ya Rabbi! We love
them. We love what they did because they did it for Your sake and
for Your Prophet’s sake.”

If we hold that high, Allah will keep us high. If we drop it down,
we are dropping ourselves down. Through history we are seeing from
individuals to groups of people to nations, that when they kept the
orders of Allah, Allah kept them high. As soon as they dropped it
down, He took it away from them and He gave it to another nation. We
must be the nominees to say, “We are the nominees, Ya Rabbi, trying
to hold this very high. We are knowing our power that we have no
power. We are very weak ones, very weak servants. We are asking
support from You. If support is coming from You to us then we are
the most strong ones. And don’t let us to deviate from the Sirat-ul

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

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