Juma Khutba by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday, 18 Raby’ al-Thani, 1426 / May 27, 2005.
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Sydney Center, New York.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya,
Mevlana Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded

Alhamdulillah. Allah has granted us another week, another Juma.
Whatever we do is going to pass. Whatever we have is going to go.
Whatever we own, either we are going to lose it or we are going to
leave it in this Dunya and we are going to pass to the other side.
We are going to take nothing with us from this Dunya that we are
attached to. One thing is going to go with us. In the end, when
people pass from this world some things go with them to the
cemetery. So many leave us coming back. The ones that are claiming
so much, “I love you, you love me, I have this, you have this,” they
are all coming back. The one who lost his life is going to stay in
that cemetery and he is going to be put into his grave. In the grave
all he is going to find is what he has sent from this world.

You can go beforehand and you can build a palace down there if you
want. But if you didn’t send anything that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala)
is asking and is ordering, that palace will then turn into a hell.
It is not in the hand of the man. Whatever the man is and whatever
he has done, he is going to find there. Some people are believing
that and some are not. So many people try to do certain things (for
that) thinking, “Maybe there is something there. So let me work for
it.” If you have a question mark, if you can’t get rid of it before
coming to that grave, that question, that doubt may turn everything
to become nothing. There is no maybe. It is for sure that Allah has
created us, He has sent us to this world and He is taking us back.

You don’t have to believe that. You are seeing it. The whole world
is seeing it. It’s not believing. Everyone is seeing it. Every
single day we are seeing it. If you are not experiencing it
yourself, you are experiencing it among your family members.
Everyone here or anywhere has lost somebody from their family
members. That is the reality that no one can escape. While our eyes
are open we must work for that. That is the main reason for us being
here. It is to work and to earn our Paradise in the hereafter.
Whatever Allah has appointed to us, as much life, as much breath of
life that He has granted to us, we are going to give that out in
this world and we are going to pass.

How are we spending this? What are we doing with this life? That
must be the most important matter for a believer, for somebody who
believes in the Akhirat life. If somebody is not believing in that
life then he may live as he likes. He is not living as he likes
again, it is only for a very short time, something happens to him
and he lives as He likes again. But somebody who believes, who
says, `I am a believer,’ freely, not by force. Who says
voluntarily, `Ash-hadu an-la ilaha illallah wa ash-hadu anna
muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu,’ freely and not by force of anybody.
If it was supposed to be by force of anybody, by now we would not
have found a single unbeliever left. Islam had power. But Allah is
saying, “Leave them. They have to say willingly by themselves.”

And when a man is saying the Shahadat willingly, with his free will,
he must work on it. (When we say the Shahadat) that means we believe
in what we were just saying. And if we believe in what we were just
saying, how are we going to be heedless day and night? It’s not
possible because the fear of the unknown keeps you alive. If you get
rid of that fear, then the love that you have for your Lord keeps
you alive. So your life becomes Paradise. Your days become Paradise.
Everywhere you look you feel the Paradise. It doesn’t matter if you
are living in a palace or you are living in a cave. The worldly
material things do not make people to feel that they are in
Paradise. If you don’t have any faith, if we take you and put you in
a palace, a short time later you are going to get tired of those
worldly materials. Where do we turn then?

So faith is the most important thing that we have as believers. We
must carry it very highly and valuably. It is very valuable. If we
are showing that value to it then we are winning, we are feeling
good and we are feeling comfortable in Dunya. And when slowly we are
approaching our time, when we are approaching to those days slowly,
then the love in our hearts start changing. Even if you are
connected to this world, the love in your hearts start changing and
it turns into the Akhirat love and before you know, even if they
give you the whole world, when your time is up you wouldn’t want to
stay here, because you want to go back to your Creator. And that is
the only peace man can have, to go back to his own origin.

So many came to this world. Billions. So many were capable to do
that, to go back to their stations, but so many have failed. So many
are suffering and are going to suffer for a very long time before
they reach to their stations. So many are never going to reach to
their stations. Now it is our time. It is our turn. We are living in
this Dunya. We are going to leave this Dunya in a short time. We are
not going to stay for long. Even if we want to we cannot stay. It’s
a very short time. In the Divine Presence, one thousand worldly
years is only one day, when we are comparing. So if we live for one
thousand years, still we are going back. It is a very short time in
the Divine Presence.

The most important thing is what we are sending and what we are
going to find. An intelligent man must think and must work for that.
Not to run and to work to make the Dunya nice and comfortable, to
make the Dunya luxurious and then to go and not find anything (in
the hereafter). Should we make the Dunya luxurious too? Yeah, of
course. If you want to then make your Dunya luxurious too. But you
have to keep the orders of Allah priority. As long as you keep the
orders of Allah priority you may work for Dunya too. You may feel
comfortable also with what you are earning in Dunya. But if Allah is
not in priority and you are working for this Dunya, sometimes later
it’s going to swallow you. It’s going to put you in and slowly you
are going to forget about Akhirat. So many did. We are not going to
make the mistake of thinking that we are here today and for sure
until the last breath we will be here (in the right way). We are
asking and begging and crying to our Lord to keep us in the Sirat-ul

I have been giving Khutba like this for a long time and I am
watching that the faces are changing. So many times I am finding
that the faces are changing. Different groups are coming and
different groups are going. Practically, I am saying almost the same
things all the time. Leave Dunya and turn yourselves to Akhirat. All
sohbets are coming down to that. Don’t have so much love for Dunya
but have love for Akhirat. Keep Allah priority and keep Dunya
second. This is what we are saying. But I am seeing that the faces
are changing. In a very short time that we are here, oh! You don’t
know how many faces have changed. You don’t know how many faces
turned themselves away from Islam. Never mind about leaving us. They
turned themselves away from Islam. They were also once looking and
putting down others saying, “Look at this one, how foolish is this
one, why, how he is not doing this, da da da da da…” I was saying to
them, “Don’t say that. Look at yourself. Leave others.” They were
saying, “Sheykh, why do I have to look at myself? Am I not in the
right road?” You are not. You don’t know what tomorrow is bringing.
Keep yourself busy with that.

Until the last breath no one has been given guarantee that they are
going to give their last breath in peace. So you must be worrying.
If you have no other worries, and if you believe, and if you know
the value of the Shahadat then you must be worrying about that. And
that worry must a make man to be in an awakening station. That worry
must make a man to run around to do something for the sake of Allah
and to earn more for where he is going. To where we are going, it
may take a very long road to reach to our destiny. It may take very
short, or it may take very long. And in that long journey we need a
lot for the transportation. Otherwise, we will suffer a lot.

So Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is Merciful. He created us and He sent
us to this world. He didn’t leave us alone. He didn’t put us in
chains also. He said to us, “I have created you in Ahsani Taqweem,
the most perfect creatures. I have sent you to the lowest place.”
This world is the lowest place in the Divine Presence. Asfala
Safileen. It is the lowest place. And what are we doing in this
lowest place? You must run to go back to our high station. He has
separated us from the animals. He has given us the authority of this
world. We do as we like in this world. Man does whatever he wants in
this world. So if we follow His orders, then the way we came to this
world, nicely and comfortably, we are going to go back the same way.
And because we obeyed our Lord, He is going to say to us, “I have
some special surprise for you other than what I am mentioning in the

Any intelligent man who says, “I am intelligent,” must think, must
worry and must run to make his Lord happy with him. Not your mother,
not your father, not your brother, not your buddy, no. Everyone is
going to go into their graves alone. No one is going to take anybody
with him. No matter how close you are, as soon as one dies, he is
going to leave him there, and he is going to come back home. If you
love him so much then leave him above the ground. Don’t put him
under. (They are going to say) “Quickly, don’t leave him outside so
long.” The intelligent people don’t even leave it twenty-four hours.
Before twenty-four hours they bury it and they feel comfortable. How
is that? Twenty-four hours ago you were feeling comfortable hugging
each other, you did not even want to think about separation. Then
that reality comes separating you and twenty-four hours later you
run quickly, you bury and you feel comfortable.

That is the nature that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is putting on us,
showing us, teaching us that He has created us and we are all His
servants. When we reach to the age of maturity we are responsible
for our own deeds and our own actions and the nature of our deeds
are going to be counted according to our intentions. Whatever our
intention is, that’s how our deeds are going to find value. If our
intention here is to serve Allah and to please Allah, even if we do
it shaky like this and like that, inshallah it’s going to find its
place. If our intention is to make some other people happy then it
cannot. Especially around us. It is not going to make us happy if
you are buying this whole world and giving it. You are not going to
make anybody happy. You are just going to spend your time for
nothing and going empty-handed.

So Allah has created us and He has sent mercy to us. He sent us to
this world. He didn’t leave us alone. He sent us prophets, He sent
us books, He sent us reminders, saying to them, “Remind them.” They
reminded us. They did their job. They passed away. The Seal of the
Prophets (saw) came. He did his job and he passed away. Who believed
them found safety. Who did not believe them did not find safety. Who
believes in them now and follow their footsteps are going to find
safety. Who do not, are not finding safety. Inshallah ar-Rahman, we
are asking our Lord to keep us in the Sirat-ul Mustaqim until the
last breath of life.

(Sheykh continued the Khutba in Arabic and lead the Juma prayer.)