Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Saturday 27 Shaban, 1426
October 1, 2005
Osmanli Naks’i-bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Medet Ya Sayyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Murids can only learn and progress if they listen and follow, if
they take what they learn and apply it to their lives. If you don’t
apply to your life then it’s as if words are entering from one ear
and coming out from the other side. There is going to be no
progress. You may think you are making progress but Sheytan has
hundreds of thousands of ways to fool people. It fooled millions and
it’s ready to fool millions, except those who hold tightly to the
rope of Allah and they do not separate.

Allah is saying that to us. He is saying, “Hold on to the rope of
Allah and do not separate.” The rope of Allah is not a rope coming
from the sky that you are going to hold. First you have to know what
the rope of Allah is. If you don’t know the rope then how are you
going to hold onto that rope?

In the army if a soldier is not learning how to listen and obey the
one that has only one stripe then how is he going to obey the
General? How is he going to be able to reach to the General? Even
those who are going to become Generals in the future time have to be
under the training of that one who has one stripe. He is doing that.
That is his job. When they come from the outside with all the wrong
characteristics, his job is first to put them in training and to
give them some discipline. When they are learning the discipline
then slowly they may reach to their ranks. Otherwise, they are not
reaching anywhere. Only illusions and delusions will be happening.

And if that one is not able and capable to listen, to learn and to
follow the orders of the one with one stripe or two stripes then he
is not going to know how to act in the presence of the General. With
one wrong move that he is going to do in the presence of the General
he may receive a very heavy punishment for that. Every army in this
world that still has discipline go according to this. Otherwise, no
army can stand.

There is no election in the army. Why not? There’s election
everywhere. Let the soldiers elect the Generals. The governments are
showing to the mankind, with whatever they are doing they are
showing to the mankind, look we are doing the foolish act (of
election), but that’s what we want (no election). No democracy or
this kind of election is allowed where the feet is going to elect
the head. When the feet start to elect the head, in the last 100
years look what happened to this world. The feet started electing
the head in the last 100 years.

Then after that in the last 50 years they say, “Why does it have to
be men and it’s not women?” Now the world became a complete hell
because the women rule, because the prophets have said and because
Allah has ordered saying, “When your women become your leaders, it
is the end of you. You are finished.” That’s what’s happening from
families to Jama’ats and to nations. From corporations to
everything. You must know the reason of creation. The men must know
their reason of creation and the women must know their reason of
creation. Just because the secular governments are opening positions
doesn’t mean that the mu’mins and the believers have to follow. Even
if they find themselves in that situation they must look to find one
head, one master, to consult and to do accordingly. Otherwise, this
world has turned into a hell and it’s becoming more hell.

Escaping from that hell is only through obedience. Disobedient
people are going to be perished. Allah doesn’t love disobedient
ones. His Prophet (sws) doesn’t love disobedient ones. The Awliya
Allah do not love disobedient ones. Sheytan loves them. They become
good buddies to Sheytan. So what are we going to do? What do we care
about what’s happening out there? Don’t we have our way that the
Holy Prophet (sws) is showing to us? Why do we have to follow that?
Because the ego likes it. That’s what the ego wants. But your ego is
only going to take you to the fire and no other place. The ego is
only going to take man to the fire and no other place.

The one who is supporting his ego is worshipping to his ego. He is
not worshipping to Allah. Allah is not accepting that worship. He is
saying, “The first thing you have to do is obey My orders.” And
Allah didn’t leave people alone to say, “I am obeying Allah only.”
He said, “Obey Allah, obey His Prophet and obey those leaders who
are in the way of the Prophet.” Some are changing that again
according to their own understanding saying, “Allah says, `obey
Allah, His Prophet and obey your leaders.'” Which leaders? The
leaders that are running to make you to become unbelievers? That’s
what some sheykhs say in these days because that’s what fits to
their bread, to put butter on their bread.

Allah is saying, “Obey Allah, obey His Prophet and obey your rightly
guided leaders.” Rightly guided are the ones that are following the
footsteps of the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). When they
are rightly guided ones then you are not going to be liking them so
much. Your ego is not going to like them because they are going to
work against your ego.

What kind of an Ayat is this now? “Obey Allah.” If we obey Allah
then why do we need to obey something else? Who is saying this Ayat?
Me or the Prophet (sws)? Allah is saying it. Allah is showing it to
us like in the army saying, “If you are not learning how to obey the
one stripe then you are not going to be able to reach to higher
stations to obey the other ones. In every station you are going to
show your disobedience.” When you reach to higher stations and you
show your disobedience then they don’t look at whether you cry or
you smile. You will be vanished and perished then. That’s why
training is in the early times.

So if we are obeying the Prophet (sws) then why do we need the
others then? That means we are not knowing how to obey the prophets
too. That means we have to come down, down, down until we will find
someone that is familiar to us and start forcing ourselves, our ego
to learn how to obey. Disobedience is coming from Sheytan. First
disobedient one is Sheytan and everyone who is following
disobedience is following the footsteps of Sheytan.

Ahir Zaman. The end of the times is coming very heavily to mankind
because mankind made situations to himself like that and he is
entering deeper, deeper and deeper. You must come out. You must hold
on to that hand that is given to pull you out. You have no right now
to fight against that hand. You are in a situation where the
quicksand is pulling you in. You have no right to put your ideas in
it. That one is out. He is going to pull you. Otherwise, you will
sink into that quicksand. The quicksand will not listen. It doesn’t
care which person is in it. It doesn’t look at the title, it doesn’t
look at the shape, it doesn’t look at whether the person is male or
female and it doesn’t look whether the person is older or younger.
It’s pulling in. Once you start sinking in you must hold onto the
rope that is reaching to you. You must not be arrogant. That is the
ego. That quicksand is the ego. It’s pulling people in and
swallowing them. It’s finishing them.

You must wake up. We are entering the month of Ramazan. You must
wake up. You must not fast only from eating, drinking and sexual
actions. No. Animals do that too. That’s only the animal self who is
fasting. Man’s animal body is fasting then. Eating, drinking and
sex. There is an animal sitting over there. It’s not having any sex
and if you don’t give it food and water then it’s not going to drink
and eat. We must make it better than that. We are humans. We must
make intention and correct intention. Not only hearing these words
now and saying, “Yes, yes, yes” to yourselves and five minutes later
forgetting about it.

This is association. You can forget it if you want. You can take
what is for you or not take what is for you. If you like the words
then take it and if you don’t like the words then leave it. This is
association. There is no force to anyone. It doesn’t matter who are
the listeners. The prophets were speaking and their people were
listening to them and among the listeners were their wives, their
children, their loved ones and also strangers. To some prophets, the
strangers listened, obeyed and followed but their wives didn’t. They
sank. The prophets couldn’t help them. For some, the strangers
listened to them but their own children didn’t listen to them. The
prophets couldn’t help them. They sank. They perished. For Holy
Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam), so many from his beloved family
whom he loved so much didn’t listen. Even Holy Prophet (sws)
couldn’t do anything. They sank and they finished.

The stories are repeating all the time, every single day. Every
single day that is passing it’s happening somewhere somehow to
somebody. It’s happening. Nothing that is here now was here 200
years ago. Everything is different. You can go back a hundred years.
Nothing that is around here was existing only a hundred years ago.
What happened to those people a hundred years ago and all those
things. Everything is gone. It’s something new now. We are going to
finish and something new is going to take over. The only thing that
is going to stay with us is what we have learned, what we have
followed and what we have applied to our lives.

Learning is to put what you have learned into your life and to make
a difference. It’s not to learn so much to go around giving lectures
and not helping your own self. No. There are so many today. Not one
but millions. They are learned ones. They know very well so many
things. If they are not applying it to themselves then they will be
like a candle, lighting up, giving light to others but it’s
finishing itself, destroying itself. Don’t be like that. Be such
that when the other ones are looking at you they must feel comfort.
They must feel the Paradise. But don’t get mixed up thinking feeling
comfort means that one has to be smiling `Hehehe’ and laughing at
you. No. When it’s necessary he has to smile, when it’s necessary he
has to scream and when it’s necessary he has to force you to pull
you out from that situation. That one is real. If he only speaks to
you what your ego likes then that one is not good. Run away from
that one. If he speaks words that your ego doesn’t like then hang
around. You may get somewhere then.

InshaAllah this is sohbet for you and for me. If we follow then we
will win. If not, Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has created the Paradise
and the Hell saying to us, “Choose whichever one you want.” Allah is
the Most Merciful One. He is not creating creatures to put them into
the fire. But when the creatures become disobedient to their Lord
then they are choosing that and they are running towards that way.
No man can carry that. We should not run after that.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.