Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Thursday, 14 Jumad al-Ahir, 1426 / July 21, 2005
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Medet Ya Syyidi Ya al-Hakkani, Medet.

Tariqatuna sohbet wa khayru fil jamiat. Our way can only continue
through association. Our way means the right way, the way from Dunya
to Akhirat, the way away from the ego and to the spirit, the way to
understand what is for you and what is not for you. If a man is not
understanding that then he will run all his life and in the end he
is not going to catch that which he was running after because it was
not for that one.

In the 21st century people are egoistic, selfish and stubborn. They
are running fast forward to enter into the fire. It’s like a
scorpion. If a scorpion is moving to go into the fire and you put
your hand to try to stop it, it’s not going to stop. It’s going to
bite your hand and it’s going to enter to that fire. From the
beginning of the first man until the end of the last man there is
only one thing Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) says that He has created
the man for. It is only to know Him and to worship Him. Nothing
else. All other things around that man is doing is to keep him
running and to keep himself from exploding and losing his mind when
he is turning to himself completely for that divine knowledge that he
is not going to understand overnight. So Allah is making the man to
go being busy here, working, doing this, thinking, then something
else is coming the next day, something else, something else and
(thus) improving himself from this Dunya to the Akhirat life.

The world has always been in trouble because of arrogant and
stubborn people whom Allah sent prophets to. They didn’t listen and
divine punishment reached to them. At that time they didn’t have
bombs to go around and to put them to become terrorist ones. Allah
was punishing them through different ways. But the world has never
before seen such a thing like this. The arrogance is reaching from
east to west, north to south, among believers and unbelievers.
Arrogance everywhere. Knowingly. People know. People know what is
waiting for them. They know what the trouble is, they know what is
right and they know what is wrong. They are still running towards
that (arrogance) to enter to the fire.

And Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has finished sending His prophets. He
says, “No more prophets. Fourteen hundred years ago the Last Prophet
(sws) came and until Judgment Day no more prophet is coming.” And He
says, “But there is always going to be people living who are
representing those prophets and guiding the mankind saying to
them, `Go this way.'” If they listen then they will win and if they
don’t listen then they will lose for themselves. Some says, “It’s
okay.” It’s not okay because when you reach to the end it’s not
going to be okay. You are not seeing now and you are not knowing

(They say,) “As I like.” Not as you like. As the One who has created
you likes. Not as you like. Who are you? Do you understand yourself?
Have you understood who you are? Have you understood what you are
occupying in this world? And what is your power? What is your
knowledge? What is your wisdom? If you understand that then you will
become humble. If you understand that then you will lower yourself
and you will put yourself down saying, “My Lord is watching me
twenty-four hours. How will I continue being arrogant stepping on
His earth, drinking the water that He is providing for me, eating
the foods that He is sending to me and taking the air that He is
giving me?

So the farther you are away from association the more you may become
arrogant and stubborn to bring an end to your own self. That’s what
people are really doing. They are bringing an end to themselves.
They are bringing trouble to themselves and they are bringing
miseries, pains and all kinds of things that Allah has not created
man for. But man is giving invitation to himself because man wants
to live wrongly and he doesn’t want to live according to the laws of
His Lord. He wants to live according to the laws of his ego and ego
is the enemy of the Creator. Allah created that one for a reason and
He is showing to us that, “This ego that I have created is arrogant
and stubborn and it is always disobedient to Me. And I have put that
in you in this physical form but I have also put the spirit in too.
The spirit is obedient and it wants to go back to his origin.”

They asked, “What is the spirit Ya Rasulullah?” He said, “The
knowledge of that spirit is very little for you to know.” That means
first we have to know what the ego is. If you are understanding what
the ego is and what the traps and the tricks of the ego are then you
start discovering what the spirit is and what the spirit is for. We
have to know what the ego is to be able to understand what the
spirit is and where the spirit is taking you. No man in this world
goes to a beautiful place, a nice and clean place, and says, “I
don’t like this. I like to live inside a sewer.” No man. But usually
the majority of the man are running towards the sewer. Allah
says, “I have prepared for you Paradise.” Paradise is what it means.
You cannot give any explanation to it and it is the most beautiful
thing which you cannot even imagine. (He says,) “And I have prepared
for you palaces in the Paradise and I have prepared for you life.
You think that your ego is enjoying this life for a split second.
That’s nothing compared to the life that I have prepared for you
there. But you have to pass through certain levels to appreciate and
to understand what I am giving to you.” Otherwise, man is not

And it’s a very short life that Allah is giving, especially to the
people of this century, especially the people of this last 1000
years. From the time of Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) man’s
life started becoming very shortened. Prophet (sws) passed away at
63 years of age. Before that people were living 150, 200, 300 years.
But after Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) very rarely will you find
people living 125 years. And that is a very short life. Short life
compared to the life that is waiting for man.

So the prophets came to teach us how to live in this world and how
to prepare ourselves for the hereafter life. All those people that
were longing and looking for the truth in their hearts ran around
those prophets. Once they came to those prophets, they didn’t leave
them after that, until either the prophet passed away or they passed
away from this life. Those were sincere ones, sincere ones who were
looking for the truth in their hearts. They stayed clean, they lived
a clean life, they passed from this life clean and there is no doubt
that they are entering to their own paradises in their own stations,
of course.

When prophets passed from this life, especially Holy Prophet (alayhi
salatu wa salam), those people didn’t run wild again. They didn’t
say, “We all know. We do as we like.” They ran around the companions
of the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam), those ones that knew
Prophet (sws) most and those ones that spent time with Prophet (sws)
most. They stayed around them. They didn’t separate themselves. When
that one passed away they ran to the other one. They accepted
whoever came. They ran and they stayed around. None of them was
heard in one-year time, ten years time or until they died, to have
said, “Well we know. We have taken knowledge from the Prophet (sws).
So what do we need this one for? We don’t need it.” They didn’t say
that. They ran more and they learned more. People at that time were
thinking that they knew but they didn’t understand how they were
knowing. They were knowing the knowledge that the prophets know.

For example, one night Ali (radiallahu anh) was seeing a dream
before fajr. Omar (ra) was the Khalifah and as they were doing to
the Prophet (sws) in his time, now they were running after Omar (ra)
to keep the salat, especially in the morning time. They didn’t
say, “Why don’t someone come pray behind me?” They ran after that
one. So Ali (ra) had seen a dream in the nighttime before fajr. He
saw that he was praying behind the Prophet (salatu wa salam) early
in the morning. After the fajr prayer finished, as we are doing, the
recitation of the Ya Sin and everything finished, the Prophet (sws)
sat and there was a very beautiful maid (jariya) entering inside. In
her hand was one plate with so many beautiful dates on it. She
brought that to the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) and all the
Sahaba were watching. Prophet (sws) took one put it in his mouth and
then put it in the mouth of Ali (ra). He put another one, put it in
his mouth and put that one in the mouth of Ali (ra) again. Ali (ra)
was saying, “Such a beautiful taste they have,” and he was thinking
to have another one but he just woke up. He heard the azan and he
woke up to go to the fajr prayer.

So he came to the fajr prayer with the life of that dream which was
so alive. He came behind Omar (ra). Omar (ra) started praying and he
started reciting the same surahs that Prophet (sws) was reciting
that morning in his dream. Ali (ra) was thinking, “How did Omar
know? He is sounding like the Prophet (sws). The same way.” After
everything finished Omar (ra) turned, sat down, looked at Ali (ra)
and before you know it, Ali (ra) was surprised and shocked to see
the same Jariya that he had seen in the dream entering to the room
with a big plate in her hand and gave it to Omar (ra). Omar (ra)
took one, put it in his mouth and put it in the mouth of Ali (ra).
He took another one, put it in his mouth, put it in Ali’s (ra) mouth
and Ali (ra) was saying, “This is the continuance of the dream and I
wish to have the third one.” He was thinking from the inside and
Omar (ra) said to him, “Ya Ali, Prophet (sws) gave you only two. He
didn’t give you three. So why are you wishing for the third one?”
Later it continued and whatever had happened we are not entering
into that part now.

This is to show us which Allah is saying to us through the Holy
Quran that, “The Prophet (sws) is among you.” Don’t think that the
Prophet (sws) died or he finished or because he just physically
disappeared, everything is going to disappear also. That Prophet
(sws) is among you and when you have trouble call to that Prophet
(sws). Ask that one to pray on your behalf. People today became very
ignorant, very arrogant and very stubborn. All this is because of
their ego. They are not putting their ego down to say, “Oh Sheykh,
pray for me. I am in trouble.” Yes. People they get into trouble. We
watch them getting into trouble. It is not obligation for us to go
to say, “You are in trouble.” You have to know what your trouble is,
you have to put your ego down, you have to go to your Sheykh and you
have to say, “I am in trouble.” If you don’t, if you are not going
to a doctor to find a cure then that sickness is going to kill you,
finish you and then it may finish your Dunya and Akhirat.

It is not a game. Tariqat especially. Tariqat, the Way, the way
people must live. Everyone is sick spiritually. Everyone needs a
doctor. They need a doctor to direct their spiritual connections to
reach to their stations. If they don’t have that doctor then they
are not going to reach to their stations. If they don’t have the
guide then they are not going to reach to what is for them. And as
they are not going to earn what is for them in Dunya, so they are
not going to earn what is for them in Akhirat. Holy Prophet (sws)
and all prophets came to teach people how to live. And the prophets
came in the worst times when the people lost their directions
completely and they didn’t have any way to turn anymore except to
their own ego. Allah then sent prophets to them to show them the
way. Whoever held onto those prophets found safety. Whoever left
those prophets are in trouble, right now.

Don’t think that the world has never seen such things like this
before, the buildings or anything that people are building today.
The world has seen all these things before too and everything came
to an end. The people before us built better world, in luxury ways,
in art and in every way. But it came to an end, it disappeared, it
fell into the oceans and it disappeared into the oceans. 21st
century man has not reached anywhere except in arrogance which is
reaching all the way to the skies. We must clean and clear ourselves
from that if we are looking for the truth and if we are running to
defend the truth. It doesn’t matter how the world is living. It’s
not our problem. It is not your problem. You cannot save anybody
until you learn how to save yourself. If you don’t save yourself
then you are not going to be able to save anyone and those ones that
you are trying to save are going to pull you into their own hell.
And Allah is saying to us, “As you like. I have created you for
Paradise. But if you are running towards hell then you are going to
open the door of hell by yourself.”

So inshaAllah ar-Rahman, this is for me and for you. If you like it,
then take it. If you don’t like it, then say, “It does not apply to
me. I know what I am doing.” If you know what you are doing then I
will ask you what your connection is with your Lord and what He is
telling you. What do you know? And you know the answer better than
me, what is it that you know and what are the answers and the
questions that are coming to you. If you have built that bridge
between you and Allah then you don’t need anything. Then you are the
guide. Then if it is necessary you will reach to the other side of
the world and you will pick up what is for you, what Allah has
appointed for you saying, “This one has to come out and it’s written
in your book. You pick that one out.” But maybe one million people
are sitting around you. You don’t touch those. But you reach to the
one who is all the way to the other side of the road, you pick it
up, you clean and you prepare.

That is knowledge and knowledge has no end. Endless it is coming
continuously, and as we said earlier, Ali (ra) didn’t know that
knowledge (in that context). Holy Prophet (sws) said, “I am the city
of knowledge and Ali is the door of that city.” Ali (ra) didn’t say
to himself after Holy Prophet (sws) passed away, “This is what
Prophet (sws) said. So this is what I am going to do.” He followed
Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra) step by step. Then he turned around and he
followed Omar (ra) step by step. Then he turned around and followed
Osman (ra) step by step. He accepted them all.

InshaAllah ar-Rahman, this is to teach us where we are, who we are,
what we are, what is our expectation and where we are aiming. Are we
aiming to the right place or to the wrong place? Sometimes people
say, “I have aims.” Sure, you have aims but are you aiming to what
is for you, or are you aiming somewhere that you are never going to
reach? That you have to know also.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.