April 2008


Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi

Thursday 14 Jumad al-Ahir, 1426 / July 21, 2005
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Medet Ya Syyidi Ya al-Hakkani, Medet.

As we always say, let me remind us again: When Holy Prophet (alayhi
salatu wa salam) was making sohbet, the hypocrites among them were
sitting around. When it was coming to a very delicate point, one
gets up, moves slowly and cuts off the divine secret that is coming
down. So the Prophet (sws) stops. As soon as he starts talking
again, another one gets up, moving to cut the sohbet, what is coming
down. All those Sahaba that the Holy Prophet (salatu wa salam) was
making sohbet to, they were sitting and they were concentrating on
the Prophet (sws) in every way to be able to receive everything and
not to leave one thing out. So the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) said to
us, “To do that (moving around in sohbet) is a sign of hypocrisy. Don’t do it
and don’t carry the sign of the hypocrites.”

It is necessary to know. We always say this and we are going to say
continuously, especially when we are not speaking from ourself.
I don’t know this knowledge. It’s coming to me. It’s coming
to me according to what you need and what I need. I have to say it
to you and at the same time I have to receive what is for me and to
live according to that. It’s not that easy a job to do. So if you
are here, then you cannot cut what is coming. If you are speaking to
someone on the phone that is a normal and ordinary person and a high
level one enters, then you stop that one from the phone saying, “Hold
on one second.” But if you are talking to an important person and
somebody enters inside, who cares? You continue. You just turn your
face to the other side saying, “I don’t want to see anything. I am
continuing to speak.” So we are receiving from the higher sources
inshaAllah ar-Rahman. I believe that you believe that. If you don’t
believe, then concentrate by yourself. You may see and you may hear
too. But concentrate.

Wa min Allahu taufiq


On his arrival from a trip visiting Sheykh Mevlana Nazim in Cyprus, Sheykh Abdul Kerim’s murids and muhibs welcoming him home.

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