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Sheykh Efendi highly recommends fasting during the first ten days of Zul Hijja.

Black Face Ram


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Thursday, 1st Rabiul Awwal, 1427 / March 30, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York
Auzu billahi minash sheytanir rajim


Tariqatuna sohbet wa khayru fil jamiat. Our tariqat can only continue,
can survive through sohbet, association. Religion can only stand up
through associations, through sohbets. Din-i Nasihat. Holy Prophet
(alayhi salatu wa salam) is saying, “Religion is advice.”

Auzu billahi minash sheytanir rajim


Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet

We are asking support from our Sheykh, Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Mevlana
Muhammad Nazim al-Hakkani. If support comes then we can speak
something that benefits us and others. If support is not coming then
we cannot speak anything. We are nothing. Everyone must know this. I
am hearing so much backbiting and gossiping here and there. They say
that I have deviated from the way of my Sheykh. InshaAllah I will not
until I die. Without his support I cannot move my finger and I cannot
open my mouth. Anything I know and anything that I have learned up
till now, if it’s benefiting me and others, the credit is not to me,
it’s to my Sheykh, Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim al-Hakkani. Everyone
must know it like that. I am saying that I know nothing and
everything I learned is from him. Any bad thing I am doing is from
my ego and any good thing that I am doing, the credit goes to him.
Everyone must know it, must understand, must acknowledge to
themselves and the whole world must know it like that inshaAllah

My aim is not to make anyone happy with words. My aim is inshaAllah to
make ourselves to be in the Sirat-ul Mustaqim and to try to follow the
footsteps of the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). Anyone who
wants to fight against their ego may be happy with what I say. Anyone
who wants to support their ego, it is impossible. If it is me then it
is also impossible to accept the words that I am saying because the
words that I am saying are not good for the ego. It’s good for the
spirit. It’s good for those people who are really trying to find the
way to connect themselves to the road from this Dunya to Akhirat. If
anyone is understanding to say, “One day I am going to come out from
this world. What is it that’s waiting for me?”, then it will be good
for those and it will work on them. Otherwise, it’s not going to work.

So Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Din-i Nasihat.” The Din is advice.
The religion is advice. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is advising His
servants through the ones that He sent, the prophets. He has the power
(He still has the power right now, and all power and all authority is
in His hand) to put guidance in everyone’s heart and for everyone to
find the right way. But as mankind has a protocol, Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) also has a protocol. He is preparing His servants through the
hands of the prophets and the prophets have passed. The last Prophet
Muhammad (salatu wa salam) has passed fourteen hundred years ago. No
more prophet is coming to this world. Isa (as) is coming back but he
is not coming as a prophet. He is coming as a follower of the laws,
Shariat and the teachings of the Holy Prophet (sws). That’s how he is
coming back to this world.

Before he passed away from this life the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa
salam) is saying to us what he has left to us. He is saying to the
Sahaba-e Kiram what he left to them. He is saying it to the Sahaba-e
Kiram and through the Sahaba-e Kiram (he is saying to us) what he has
left to us. He is saying, “I am leaving you the Book of Allah and the
Sunnat of Rasulullah (the teaching, the lifestyle and everything that
the Prophet did). I am leaving it to you.” Sahaba are the ones who
knew the Sunnat. They watched and they witnessed how Prophet (sws) was
living. In another hadith he is saying to us, “I am leaving you two
things. The Book of Allah and the Ahlil Bayt, my grandchildren.
Anywhere they are and anytime they are in, if you hold on to them then
you will find safety.” So from that time until now and until the
Judgment Day there will always be people among us from the Ahlil Bayt.

Who are the Ahlil Bayt? There are different types of Ahlil Bayt. Some
people who are Ahlil Bayt are reaching through the bloodline to the
Holy Prophet (sws). But Holy Prophet (sws) is saying that there are
also those people who have taqwa and those people who are keeping on
the Sirat-ul Mustaqim, on the way of Allah and His Prophet (sws).
(Holy Prophet sws is saying) “The ones who are trying to give guidance
to my whole nation and they are keeping on the Sirat-ul Mustaqim are
also from my Ahlil Bayt. They are from my family. I am accepting those
who have taqwa.” So anyone who is coming to us to teach us something
of what Allah is ordering and what His Prophet (sws) is ordering, we
must listen and we must obey. We must listen and we must obey the
truth. Even if the truth is coming from an unbeliever, we must accept
it. We must take it and we must apply it to our lives. We must not
say, “It’s the truth but it’s coming from an unbeliever” or “It’s from
Sheytan and I am not going to accept it.” Our duty is to accept the
truth. But it is not our duty to look at the one who is bringing it
and to search about that one. We have to look, “What is that one
doing? The right thing or the wrong thing?” If it’s the right thing
then take it. His lifestyle is not your business. It’s the business of
Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). It’s not our business. Our business is what
we are doing in our lives. How we are correcting ourselves.

If you follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa
salam) in that way then we are going to slowly find (even if you
didn’t follow someone up till now) and we are going to say to
ourselves, “There is something there. There is some disconnection
there.” And we are going to run to find a Sheykh, someone who is
following the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (sws), to watch him
physically, submit our will to that one and to learn from that one.
Otherwise, it is very easy for the ego to say, “I know. I am not doing
anything wrong.” You may not be doing anything wrong but are you doing
everything right? Are we doing everything that Allah has ordered? Huh,
for those who are saying, “I am doing everything that Allah is
ordering”, are you stopping from what Allah is forbidding you? Do you
know which ones are those? Do you know how to stop yourself, your own
ego from that?

You may be the best of doctors but you cannot make operations on
yourself. If you say, “I can” then you are fooling yourself. Sheytan
already fooled you. If you say, “I don’t need a guide” then your guide
is Sheytan. He already fooled you there. You are saying, “I read
books” or “somebody taught me.” If you read books then you are still
following somebody. You are following some other people’s teachings.
If you are saying, “I am taking only Quran” then we say to you, “Now
you are in a very dangerous situation because the Quran came to the
Holy Prophet (sws) and he taught to the Sahaba-e Kiram through his
hadith, through his sunnat and through his lifestyle. The Sahaba
didn’t say, “We are taking the Quran. It’s enough for us.” They
didn’t. So many people today are saying and we are watching how they
are deviating from the main road.

Sheytan’s aim is to fool people. Whatever station they are in, he is
going to try to fool them from that station. If we don’t have a guide
to hold on tightly then he is going to fool us someday, someway,
somehow. He is more clever than us. He is more knowledgeable. He has
the knowledge. He has complete knowledge. He knows the four books,
Zabur, Taurat, Injil and Quran. He knows all other pages that came to
the other prophets. He lived in Paradise. He knows Paradise. He
watched the creating of Adam (as). Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) created
Adam (as) and he watched it, he has seen it, he witnessed it. All this
knowledge made him to become ignorant and arrogant because he didn’t
accept and he didn’t follow some guide. For instance, he didn’t look
at least to say, “Let me follow Jibreel (as) or other angels.” He was
teaching to other angels who were sometimes coming and asking him,
“What is this and what is that” and he was giving guidance to normal
angels. But he couldn’t teach Jibreel (as) or Israfil (as) or the
other ones. If he would’ve taken them as a guide knowing that those
are the ones who are going back and forth to the Divine Presence, he
may not have fallen into the situation that he did. If he would have
accepted the order that was coming from Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) and
made prostration to Adam (as) then he would not have fallen.

So that shows to us that he had knowledge but he didn’t have the
wisdom and through the knowledge that he had he tried to compare what
he has and what he knows and that knowledge made him to become
disobedient to our Lord Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). He became
disobedient to his Lord. He became disobedient to the Lord of the
heavens and the earth directly. So all that knowledge became zero now.
If you are disobedient to your Lord then what do you need the
knowledge for? All that knowledge becomes zero. All knowledge is to
teach man someway, somehow, someday to understand his Lord. The ones
who are running to learn that in the early ages, mashallah to them,
very good. Some are going to learn maybe in their lifetime and during
what is coming ahead. But that is the main knowledge that man must
learn. Man must learn about his Lord, his reason of creation, why he
has been created. You may know all the knowledge in the world, you may
build rockets and go to the moon or beyond the moon maybe, but what is
it going to give to you or to anyone? What is it giving to anyone?
They have been trying for almost a century to go to the moon. What did
it give to anyone other than more confusion and more troubles? It’s
nothing else. Man is trying to reach up there to control something
else. The aim changed.

So knowledge must make us change. Knowledge. Knowledge must make us to
become more humble. Knowledge must make us to say to ourselves,
(nobody has to say to you but to yourself you have to say,) “I don’t
know anything. Everyday that I am learning I am realizing that I know
nothing. Now that I am looking at all these oceans of knowledge, I am
realizing that I know nothing.”

So knowledge without wisdom becomes very dangerous to man and then we
will be following the footsteps of Sheytan. We should not disconnect
ourselves from those that Allah sent to this world to show guidance to
us in this world about how to reach to Akhirat and how to make that
journey. Not by illusion or delusion, not by thinking, sitting by
yourself and saying, “Yeah I did. I reached somewhere.” Millions are
saying that. But as soon as the angel of death is coming to them they
are shivering. Or before the angel of death is coming to them they are
shivering non-stop as soon as they are remembering death. If you know
the road then you must be falling in love with your Lord. And the one
who is falling in love with Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) cannot wait to
meet the one that he loves. Nothing in this world really can make him
to be connected to this world then.

But because we are living in this world, we have to work, we have to
earn, we have to prepare things, yes we do. But at the same time every
night when Maghrib azan is calling, we have to look at what we did
today. How did we live today? Did we live for Allah or did we live for
our own ego? If you lived for your own ego then your must say to your
own self before anybody is saying to you, “How foolish you are. All
day long you only lived for yourself? You didn’t live for your Lord?”
What did you do for your Lord? For the sake of that? Nothing. If you
find nothing then you must be sad. You must become sad. You must say
to yourself, “You don’t feel ashamed of yourself?” You must say that
to yourself. “You are living on the earth of your Lord, breathing the
air, eating the food, drinking the water, He is preparing everything
for you and you didn’t make one Sejdah, one prostration to your Lord?
What kind of a servant you are?” You must say that to yourself. Who
are you waiting for? What are you saving your forehead for? For who?
For Paradise? There is no sejdah in Paradise. Sejdah is in this world
for man to understand saying, “Oh my Lord, You are the Highest One.
Not just by word but I am putting my head all the way down to the
lowest place declaring that You are the Highest One. You are the Lord
of the heavens and the earth.”

All prophets came to teach people this. No prophet came to teach
people to be arrogant and stubborn. All prophets came to teach people
to be humble. All prophets came to teach people, “Turn your face from
the door of hell to Paradise.” Everyone who followed those prophets
are now comfortable in their graves. Anyone who left the way of the
paradises are not too happy where they are. That day is going to reach
to us, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, maybe ten years
from now. It doesn’t matter. We know one fact, that it is going to
reach to us one day, to every one of us, from a simple man, from a
porter to president, to a king, to ministers, to anybody, to the
rulers of this world, to the richest people of this world. They must
know. They know that they cannot run away from that. They know, “Angel
of death is going to reach to me one day.” If we sit down, if we
think, if we calculate and if we try to understand then we may say to
ourselves, “Yes, we need to prepare ourselves.” We cannot just live
like animals, eating, drinking, having sex, multiplying and that’s it.
No. Eating and drinking is just to give us enough energy, enough power
to be able to work and to be able to do things.

This is not Paradise. This world is not Paradise. No matter how
beautiful you made it or you are going to make it, it’s still not
Paradise. You love baklava? The sweet, the most beautiful thing that
you love, you eat one. Eh, then somebody says, “Eat one more.” You eat
another one. It’s the most beloved thing to you that you are eating.
Then somebody else says, “Have one more.” You say, “No.” They say,
“One more.” Then you have another one. Three. When it comes to four
you say, “No.” You try to force yourself. If it’s `X’ then four, five.
Eh, five, what happens? Seven? Ten? Can you eat the whole tray? No. If
you eat the whole tray then the most beautiful thing that you love is
going to harm you. It’s going to make you suffer. So that’s enough
sign to show you that this is not Paradise. But in Paradise, if you
love baklava, it’s going to come right in front of you, one. From the
taste that will be on it you will say, “Let me have another one.”
Another one is going to come. The taste on the second one will be at
least 700 times better than the one before. Another one. If you are
sitting over there eating baklava non-stop, the taste is never going
to disappear. It’s going to become more and more better and you are
never going to suffer from it. That is Paradise. This is not Paradise.
And angels are going to come to you to say to you, “Oh servant of
Allah, Allah has prepared something else for you here.” Then you are
going to leave that because you cannot live by yourself then. Angels
are going to come to say to you, “Look, Allah prepared something else
for you there.” You run to that enjoyment and you are stuck there.
Because every time you are doing that you are going to get enjoyment
more better. Then non-stop angels will say to you, “Oh servant of
Allah. Leave this. Look what Allah has prepared for you here.”
Non-stop. That is Paradise. This is not Paradise.

But those people who believe, those people who connected their hearts
to their Lord, with their Prophet (sws) and with their masters find
peace inside. Everything around them may start collapsing but there is
peace inside. If people build everything around them but they didn’t
build their hearts, everything around them is so good but it’s
collapsing inside every single day. Every day it’s falling down. So
Sheytan has hundreds of thousands of tricks on a man in every level.
We must not fall. And through association we may learn and we may earn
some bullets to work against Sheytan. Every day Sheytan is sending the
arrows to us, to our hearts. In associations like this at least we may
learn how to hide ourselves. That is the lowest station. At least you
will learn to gain ammunition to be able to fight back. You must
attend to the associations that are holy (not so many associations
that are happening today where some groups of people are gathering,
eating, drinking and talking only worldly nonsense and later saying,
“Allahu Akbar, No.). We must work on our ego non-stop to say, “My ego
likes this. I must try to stop from this.” Move the ego to this side.
“My ego is getting used to this.” Move it from that end to there. We
must do constant work. If we do that then we will win for our own
selves. If we leave it then we will lose it.

Tariqat and religion can only continue through association. Those who
want to continue, who want to make their religion better and want to
make progress in the way that they believe, they must attend to
associations. They must learn and they must take what they learn and
they must apply it to their lives. They must live according to that.
We must live according to that. We cannot just say the words and later
live according to what our ego wants again. That is not accepted. Holy
Prophet (sws) and all prophets came to teach people how to turn their
faces toward their Lord while they are living in this world. If anyone
is following that way then they will win for themselves. If anyone
leaves that way then they will lose for themselves.

All blessings is to Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). We have
entered the birth month of the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam).
All praise is to our Lord Allah (subhana wa ta’ala), to His Prophet
(sws) and to all those who are guiding us on the right way, especially
to our Sheykh, Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim al-Hakkani.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.


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Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 24 Safar, 1427 / March 24, 2006
39th St. Dergah, Manhattan, New York

(As everyone sat down in the form of a crescent in the circle of
zikir, Sheykh Efendi began)

Medet Ya Syyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

We are holding the last crescent inshaAllah. The last crescent is
coming down now and we are holding that last one. InshaAllah this is
the crescent. Divine help is with us inshaAllah ar-Rahman. Sheytan is
living his last days in this world too, the last days of his kingdom.
He is paranoid, going crazy because he knows that Judgment Day is
coming nearer now and he knows that there is a severe punishment
waiting for him for challenging his Lord. He is still not putting his
ego down saying, “I am asking for forgiveness.” He is still running
top-speed doing harm. He cannot do more inshaAllah. He is not going to
be able to harm those who are protected. Those who are supporting his
kingdom are going to be punished with him. No mercy to those.

Auzu billahi min-ash shaitanir rajim


You may be wondering why I am saying all these things tonight. I will
tell you why. It doesn’t matter what happens to us, or who comes or
who questions or what. I just heard the news from Cyprus that some
evil ones, Sheytans from Army and Police, are running to question our
Grandsheykh. They are preparing their books, the prosecutors and
everyone, thinking that they are going to bring him to the court
because Grandsheykh said that this kingdom of Sheytan is going to come
down and Allah’s laws are going to come back up. That’s why they are
upset. Who is upset to that? Only Sheytan. But they are saying to
themselves that they are humans. Hmm.

InshaAllah ar-Rahman Allah will not let anyone to touch him. Mevlana saying “My
meat is very old and very raw. You cannot eat it. It stays
in your stomach.” If anyone understands from messages then that was a
message for them. And he said, “My feet are already inside the
grave.” That’s another message to them saying, “If you are thinking
that you are going to scare me then think again.” I am speaking for
myself. I don’t know about you. InshaAllah with Allah’s (subhana wa
ta’ala) help, I am behind my Sheykh one hundred percent and I am ready
to die for him. I will sacrifice this life right now for him and I
believe that there are tens of thousands in this world to sacrifice
their lives for that one.

So many did this to the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) also. We
have nothing to lose. We have everything to gain. We came to the last
days and the kingdom of Sheytan is going to come down. If they are
looking for something thinking that they are going to remove us away
then they should think again because we don’t need any guns or any
soldiers to bring this down. [If we are] in the jail cells we can bring this
system down. We only need the order coming down from the Divine Presence saying,
“Go ahead.”

Maybe you don’t know and neither do the evil thinking ones. The good
thinking ones know already. I will tell you about Hallaj-e Mansur.
Hallaj. Hallaj-e Mansur, the one who was beloved to Allah. He said
something and the court took him. I am not entering into those
details. They judged him and they gave him death penalty. He smiled at
them. They put him in jail. When they came at night, they looked
through the window of the jail and he wasn’t there. It was locked
everywhere but he wasn’t in the jail. They were shocked and surprised
saying, “How did he escape? Everything is locked.” They looked
everywhere to find him. Next morning he appeared in his jail cell
sitting and praying. They looked and he is there. They said, “He is
making some magic and that’s what we saw last night.” The next night
they went looking for him. They didn’t find the jail there. The next
morning the jail was there and he was inside. They took him for
questioning again. They said, “Where were you last night and where
were you the night before?” He said, “The night before when you came
to the jail, you looked and I wasn’t in the jail, I went to visit my
Lord. Last night when you came and you didn’t find the jail, my Lord
came to visit me.”

The next day they were taking him to hang him. They put people on the
sides of the street to throw stones at him. Every stone that was
hitting him, he was looking and smiling at them. That is Hallaj.
Believe me, our Grandsheykh is thousands and thousands of times more
beloved to Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). I am saying that to you. He is
not going to say that to you. I am saying that to you. He is more
beloved to the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). And all secrets
are given in his hands. This is for us to know and to live according
to. Don’t have any fear. We have no fear from Shaytan. We have fear
from Allah. We have fear because we love Allah. We don’t want to break
our friendship, our relationship with our Lord. That’s why we are
fearful. It’s not because we are fearful that He is going to punish
us. No. He will not punish us. But it is because we believe in Him and
we try our best for Him, for His religion. Live according to that and
you will find this world Paradise for you and you will find in the
Hereafter angels greeting you, playing and dancing for you saying,
“One more beloved of Allah is entering to Paradise. Paradise is
becoming better.”

Do you know why it’s Paradise? Do you know why Paradise is Paradise?
It’s because all beloveds of Allah are in that place. That’s why
Paradise becomes Paradise. If you become beloved to Allah in this
world then this world becomes a Paradise to you too. If we all become
beloved to Allah then the whole world becomes Paradise. Leave your
sheytan outside. Don’t support your sheytan and don’t worship sheytan.
Anyone who is supporting their sheytan is worshipping their sheytan.
That is the biggest sin because you are giving partnership to Allah.
That is the biggest sin that you are committing. Either you are a
servant of Allah or you are a slave of Sheytan. And those who are
slaves to Sheytan are going where Sheytan is going.

InshaAllah this message is to you, to me and to those who are trying
to harm the beloved ones of Allah and to the whole world for them to
know that they are not going to be able to harm Islam because Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) has promised us and we believe in Allah’s promise.
And that promise is coming closer and closer. It looks very dark, yes.
That’s the way it’s supposed to be. It looks like it’s going to get
worse. Yes. But it’s going to get better. It’s always better for the
believers. Allah is promising us saying, “Ahirat, Ahir life is always
better for believers”, meaning, tomorrow’s life is going to be better
than today’s life. That is the Quran speaking. And the Holy Prophet
(sws) is saying, “The believer’s today has to be better than yesterday
and tomorrow must be better than today.” It must be. If it is not
happening better then search yourself. Look. You are not doing
something right. You are doing something wrong. Correct yourself. You
will be responsible for your daily activities.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.


Sheykh Hazretleri calling the Fajr ezan in the Manhattan Dergah, New York (Shawwal 1429).

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Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 2 Rabi-ul Awwal, 1427 / March 31, 2006
39th Street Dergah, Manhattan, New York.

Ghaflat is forbidden for a believer. A believer cannot be in a
heedless station. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Beware of the vision
of a believer. He looks with the Nur of Allah.” You cannot fool that
one. He will know. He will understand. If you are in ghaflat then you
cannot even understand what’s happening around you which you have to
understand intelligently. So we have to get rid of that. You have to
ask in every prayer in order to get rid of it. In every du’a you have
to ask Allah saying, “Remove ghaflat away from us inshaAllah
ar-Rahman.” If we are in ghaflat then we don’t wake up until the angel
of death comes to us. When a person is in ghaflat he cannot have good

Auzu billahi minash sheytanir rajim


Medet ya Seyyidi ya Sultanul Awliya.

We are asking support from our Sheykh Sultanul Awliya. Before I do
anything I always ask his support. Sometimes I may say openly and
sometimes I don’t. If I am going to touch the knob of the door to open
it I am asking himmat and support. If I am going to put my step I am
asking support. In these days some hidden ones with ghaflat, with
wrong ideas and some wrong intentioned people are saying that I have
disconnected myself from Sheykh Mevlana and Sheykh Mevlana
excommunicated me from this Order. That’s why I am making intention
now to make more clear for everyone to understand that every time I am
speaking now, if whatever I am saying is something good then I have no
credit in it. It is not from me. It is from Sheykh Mevlana. If it’s
something bad then it’s my ego. But if it’s something good then the
credit goes to him and not to me. So everyone must know that and if
anyone is saying other than that then as Mevlana Jelaleddin Rumi is
saying, “I am away from that word and I am away from that person also.”

And I am very serious about this from now on. Everyone has to be
sincere around me. They have to try to be sincere and they have to
speak the truth. Don’t lie about anything. When for things that you
do, you say, “I don’t” and for things that you don’t do, you say, “I
do”, you are lying. Then I am away from you. You can say whatever you
want. I am away from those people who lie. Some are doing it with evil
intention, some are doing it with heedless station and some I still
don’t understand why they are doing it. I am still trying to find out
why although I am saying over and over and over. If the person is
still doing it then there is something wrong there. Something big is
wrong there. So I am away from that word and I am away from those
people whoever they are and whatever they are, whether they are here
or they are on the other side of the world. That is my policy. That’s
how I am living and that’s how I have been living, Alhamdulillahi
Rabbil Alameen. So as long as I live I make intention that inshaAllah
I will die in the way of Sheykh Mevlana. I will not be disobedient to
him inshaAllah. And he prayed for me not to be. So it’s good. But as I
said, some have evil intentions and they are running here and there
trying to prove something that is not there. They are not going to be

Without himmat from the holy ones you can go only a very short time
with your knowledge. Without himmat you will be like this recorder. It
has a battery inside. When that empties out then it’s finished. It’s
not going to work. If you are asking himmat and support then it will
be like you are connecting yourself to that electricity, continuously
coming. Without himmat you can read, you can study, you can go
anywhere you want but as soon as the battery finishes you expire. No
matter how valuable this device is, when the battery finishes then
it’s not going to be good for anything. You have to throw it to the

Himmat can only come from higher stations to the lower ones and I am
always saying that I am under the feet of Sheykh Mevlana. I used to
speak on everyone’s behalf but I am not going to speak on everyone’s
behalf anymore. I am speaking for myself. Everyone should know that I
am under the feet of Sheykh Mevlana and I am never going to raise my
head higher than him. Never. I am always going to be under his feet.
And that is an honor for me. People also say that I just met Sheykh
Mevlana. For everyone’s information, me, not my brothers and not the
other ones, but me, we are serving Sheykh Mevlana for five
generations. This is another miracle that is not happening all the
time. It’s happening rarely but it’s happening. My grandfather served
Sheykh Mevlana very happily, my father did very happily and Sheykh
Mevlana is happy with both, I did, my sons did and I gave something to
my grandson to give to the hands of Sheykh Mevlana to say that he
served him too. And he did so. So for five generations we are serving
Sheykh Mevlana and that is a big honor for us, alhamdulillah, and we
are not trying to go higher than him.

Some have that idea and they are trying to dump it on us but it’s
never going to work. My father [Haci Fuat] always said to me, “My son, always
stand like a straight wall.” A straight wall will never come down. If
you are a little crooked then one day that wall is going to come down.
If you are straight then no one is going to bring you down. And he
said to me once, “Be disobedient to me or to other family members. If
you want then be disobedient to us. But never be disobedient to Sheykh
Mevlana. If you are disobedient to Sheykh Mevlana then I will never
forgive you in Dunya and in Akhirat.” Alhamdulillah, my father passed
away. Being disobedient to Sheykh Mevlana is being disobedient to my
father. My father also said, “If you are disobedient to that one then
you can be disobedient to the whole world and if you are obedient to
that one then you can be obedient to everything he is obedient to.”

So alhamdulillah, this is just a reminder for people. This is not a
sohbet that I am making inshaAllah. It is also because there’s so much
confusion going around again in these days here and there. People are
trying to make confusion. But I am clear from that. We are going to
make another portable sign, we are going to bring it here and we will
put it up there saying, “Welcome to those that come and farewell to
those that leave.” These doors are open for people who want to come
here for the sake of Allah. Anyone who wants to leave, don’t say
anything to me. Don’t try to be threatening me in any way. Turn your
way and leave. You don’t have to say anything. It doesn’t matter if
you are with me one day, one year or ten years. Everyone should also
understand that I am not going to run after anyone. The door is open
for everyone to come and the door is open for everyone to leave if
they want. Don’t make yourself to think that you are doing a favor to
me by coming here or going anywhere. No. You are favoring yourself,
not me. So inshaAllah it’s understood that this is how it is and
that’s how it’s going to stay. It’s not going to change. If you are
looking for something other than that, then put it in your mind that
this is not going to change. That is the law that I put on myself too.

Selam aleykum.