December 2008


The January 2009 issue of Scientific American focuses on “The Evolution of Evolution: How Darwin’s Theory Survives, Thrives and Reshapes the World.”

They must be at the peak and end of their game.

Alhamdulillah, everything is clear after a little thinking and examination of the picture of Darwin, the dajjal.



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Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi

Friday 13 Rabi-ul Akhir, 1427/May 12, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York

Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

This is Shariat. The laws and the ruling that is given in the hand of
the king is that if seventy five percent of his nation uprises against
him, by divine order, law is given to his hand to cut the necks off
the seventy-five percent. If he does so, in the Judgment Day that king
is not going to be responsible. When he is ruling justly and his
nation wants to go out to the wrong road, they are following their ego
and Sheytan, the king watches. He asks his wazirs, “What is the
percentage of the people uprising against the truth?” They say, “More
than seventy-five.” He says, “Our time is finished. Allah is removing
us from this power because the percentage is more than what is given
to us (to suppress). We are not fighting back. We have to wait until
Allah removes us from this power.” And then every individual in that
kingdom will be severely punished–them, their children, maybe their
grandchildren or maybe their great-grandchildren.

This is what’s happening to the world today. This is exactly what had
happened today to this world. (Sheykh Efendi pointing to the wall of
the mesjid). There are two Sultans’ pictures over there. Who are they?

(A murid replies: Sultan Abdul Aziz Khan and Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan.)



Sultan Abdul Aziz and Sultan Abdul Hamid. In the time of Sultan Abdul
Aziz Khan people started uprising. They started running to build the
kingdom of Sheytan. They started supporting the kingdom of Sheytan and
eventually they didn’t like the laws and rulings that the king was
putting on them. So they started uprising against him here and there
slowly. Sultan knew. They took him away from power and they hanged
him. Allah removed him. He asked to be removed, to go out from this
world. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Any justly ruling person who is
taken away from power and sentenced with death penalty becomes the
highest martyr in the Judgment Day.” He reached to martyrdom. All
those who did that to him are suffering from that time until now.
Their children and grandchildren are suffering. The history is showing
who went to him and whatever happened to all those people after that.
Years passed and they watched where they went, which countries they
went to, how they suffered, how they died and what passed to their
children. Some of their children became priests in different
countries. Then they suffered that way too because even Christianity
didn’t accept them.

This nation (ummah), these people right now are paying the price for
that. We didn’t come to Sultan Abdul Hamid yet. When it came to Sultan
Abdul Hamid Khan he checked saying, “How many people, what’s the
percentage that is uprising?” So Sultan Abdul Hamid looked and he
checked. He checked those nations that were under his ruling and he
saw that they were uprising. Against what? They said, “We want to be
free.” Free means what? Without the laws of Allah. He saw that these
are the nations, this is how much percentage there are in each nation
uprising and Sultan Abdul Hamid sat and waited. He said to his people,
“Don’t do anything.” The Generals said to him, “Oh Sultan, we have a
big power. We have a big army. We can crush them down.” He said, “No.
All these soldiers who are with me, if one dies in this way then I
will be very sorry in the Judgment Day. They should not. But they may
become martyrs with me.” And they didn’t (take military action). He
didn’t use the army. He let them uprise. They took him, they sent him
to exile and he died as a martyr too.

They are paying. People are paying the price, nations are paying the
price and still they are not waking up. Now from Afghanistan to Iraq,
from Indonesia to Malaysia, from the Philippines to Qudus, from Africa
to Morocco, from Bosnia to Chechenistan, everywhere it’s burning.
People are paying the price. People are paying the price of uprising
against the Sultan. Nothing else. Allah’s mercy is always opening and
He is sending other people to call people to the right way. They are
not waking up! Don’t wake. Other ones are coming. Never is it going to
become easier. Allah is not going to give in. We are going to give in.


A slideshow of Shaykh Abdul Kerim Efendi’s pictures mostly from his 1429/2008 Cyprus visit.


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi

Sunday 9 Rabi-ul Akhir, 1427/May 8, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York

Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Let me tell you a story. There was a righteous man. He was worshipping
a lot and trying to do everything correctly. Sheytan was coming to
fool him but he wasn’t getting fooled by Sheytan. One day Sheytan came
to visit him. It’s another blessing to us that because of Holy Prophet
(sws) Sheytan cannot appear to us in a man’s form. There are man
sheytans, yes, but real sheytans cannot enter into a form to come to
us. Before the time of the Holy Prophet (sws) it was like that. He
will appear to a man in a saint’s form coming to be a guest. So he
appeared in that form coming to be his guest, knocking on the door and
the man opened to door saying, “Yes?” He said, “I am the Lord’s guest,
Allah’s guest.” He said, “Oh, please come in.” According to the laws
of Islam for three days you don’t ask the guest anything. He can stay,
he can eat, he can drink, you have to serve him and you cannot ask him
who he is, why he is here etc, until after the third day when you see
that he has no planning to leave, then you say, “Well, let’s talk.”

So Sheytan came as a guest, the man took him inside and he saw that he
is not sleeping, he is not eating and he is not doing anything. This
guest is always praying and worshipping. He liked it because he is a
righteous man and he said to him after the third day, “Selam aleykum,
welcome to you, I am very happy that you are here. What are you doing?
How did you earn this secret that without eating and drinking you can
worship only. I would like to do it too because I am spending time in
sleep and I am spending time in eating. If I don’t spend time in
sleeping and eating then I will worship good during those times too.
So teach me.” He said to him, “Well, once upon a time I committed a
big sin. With that big sin I repented to Allah and I was so sorry
because I did that big sin that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has forgiven
me and He has given me this ability, and I don’t need to sleep, eat or
drink anymore. So I am worshipping constantly.”

He said, “Tell me. Maybe I can do that too.”

He said, “Well, looking at you I don’t think that you can do it.”

He said, “Tell me. Maybe I can do it.”

He said, “Yeah, well, there are three and you have to do one of them
at least. Then maybe when you repent it’s going to be accepted.”

He said, “Tell them to me. Maybe I can do one of them.”

He said, “You have to kill somebody.”

“Oh no, that is impossible. I cannot do that. Somebody who is innocent?”

He said, “Yes.”

He said, “I cannot do that.”

He said to him, “I have one lighter than that. You have to commit

He said, “No, no. That I cannot do. I didn’t do that all this time. I
cannot do it now.”

He said, “Then you have to drink.”




He said, “Yes. Drink, get drunk and later when you wake up ask for
forgiveness. Maybe Allah takes this eating, drinking and sleeping away
from you.”

He started thinking about that one, that light one, he thought that
it’s light. But Sheytan is not sitting. He said, “Now I finished my
job here. I have to continue going somewhere. I will come back to you
sometime later.” He said, “Okay, I am going to think about that.” So
Sheytan knows now. He looked at him and he said (to himself), “He is
definitely preparing to get drunk.”

Now there was a big king at that time and that king made an
announcement that he had a most beloved daughter who is ready to die
and nobody can find a cure for her. If anyone can find a cure then he
is going to give a big reward. Sheytan appeared coming to the king
saying, “Oh my majesty, I know someone who can cure your daughter.”

He said, “Who is he?”

He said, “It is a person living outside the village and he is a very
righteous one. He is always worshipping. So he has a strong breath.
But you have to keep your daughter in his house. He wouldn’t come
here. So you have to keep your daughter in his house and she has to
stay there a couple of days because he has to read and blow to her for
her to get cured.” The king is ready to lose his daughter anyway. So
he said, “Quickly, take her there to that man.” So they took her to
the man. Sheytan came and said to him, “Look, I have a work for you.
You are going to reach to higher stations.” He was already drinking
now. He found him drunk and said, “Look, this is the king’s daughter.
I am leaving her here. Cure her. She is sick. I am going to come back
to take her back to the king.”

So he put her there. She was half-sleeping, half-sick, she couldn’t
control her garments and everything was opening when she was moving
around. Now he was drunk. The faith was out of the heart now. He was
looking at the girl thinking, “Well, I already drank. This Sheytan
told me that if I do the adultery too then who knows maybe Allah will
accept my prayers. Maybe He isn’t taking it only with this liquor.
Nobody’s around here.” Sheytan was whispering to him and he thought,
“I should do it. She is sick. She wouldn’t know. She is not going to
say anything.” He did it. As soon as he finished Sheytan came saying,
“Oh! What did you do?”

He said, “I did the second one.”

He said, “To the king’s daughter? He is going to hang the both of us.
We are finished.”

He said, “What can we do?”

“We have only one way of safety for the both of us.”


“We are going to kill her and we are going to bury her together.”

Now he was scared. Fear entered. They killed her, buried her and
Sheytan ran to the king saying, “A terrible thing happened.”

“What happened?”

“Your daughter disappeared. She is not there. And I think he killed her.”

Sultan sent his guards and everything to look. Sheytan pointed out the
area where they dug and they found her dead. He got death penalty
right away. They were bringing him to hang him and Sheytan appeared.
He said to him, “Hmm. Do you know that I am Sheytan?”

He said, “I figured that out.”

He said, “But you have one chance for safety.”

He said, “What is it?”

He said, “You know it is impossible for you to escape from this rope.
The king gave order. You are finished.”

He said, “Yes I know. I am scared.”

He said, “Well, give me your faith, I will save you from hanging and
sometime later you may earn it again.”

He said, “But…”

“You have no choice. Give me, otherwise, I am leaving.”

So the fear of death entered. He said with his mouth, “Take my faith.”
Sheytan took the faith and said, “Good bye, hang him.” He lost.

Hmm. This is a lesson for every one of us too. If we are not prepared
for death then Sheytan may fool us. InshaAllah he doesn’t, because
Prophet (sws) is saying to us, “Remember death very often. Never forget.”

Wa min Allahu taufiq,

Bihurmatil Habib,

Bihurmatil Fatiha.


Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Thursday 21 Rabi-ul Awwal, 1427 / April 20, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim.

Medet Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

We are asking support from our Sheykh who is the Sultanul Awliya. If
support is coming then we will speak. If support comes then we can
speak. Not speaking nonsense that comes out from the ego but
(speaking) what is necessary for those people who are attending. And
when we are taking those words and applying to our lives, then we see
the differences and we will win in Dunya and Akhirat. If we are not
taking, then even if Holy Prophet (sws) or any other prophets appear
in front of you, speak to you and you are not taking, you are not
going to do anything. You are not going to reach anywhere. That’s what
happened during the times of those prophets. 124,000 prophets came but
there are only a handful of people who followed them while they were
giving the message. Those who followed the teachings of the prophets,
took it and applied to their lives saw the changes, they became more
attached to that prophet and they ran after him more, more and more.
Every single day they were thirsty for new knowledge. They were never
leaving the sight of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) or other
prophets, but especially of the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam).

That was their faith and faith is making man to run towards Paradise.

Auzu billahi minash sheytanir rajim


Wa laqad karramna bani adam. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying, “We
have honored the children of Adam.” The honor is given to the children
of Adam. Honor is not given to a donkey or the animals or other
creatures. What is the honor that Allah has given? “We have honored
the children of Adam. We are sending them to this earth for
representing their Lord Allah (subahana wa ta’ala). Khalifatullah.” If
you are carrying, if you are running after what prophets brought, you
take and you apply to your life and you live according to that then
you are running after that word where Allah is saying that He has
honored you. If you are leaving the teachings of the prophets, saints
and all those who came to help the work of the Prophet (alayhi salatu
wa salam), if we are leaving and putting that aside then we are going
to act and live according to our ego, not according to the teachings
of our Lord.

Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) sent Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam).
He was an illiterate man. He didn’t have a father. He became orphaned.
He had a father but he passed away from this life and he became
orphaned. In a very early age, everyone who was supporting him through
family lineage was gone. He was alone in this life. Allah was his
teacher, teaching him. He was his guide showing him what to do, how to
do and how to show to others what Allah wants from them. They came and
they said to him, “We love Allah, we follow His orders.” And the ayat
came saying, “Say Ya Muhammad, if they love Allah they must love and
obey you for Allah to love them.” Loving the Prophet (sws) is obeying
the Prophet (sws), obeying his orders. That is the sign of loving him.
If you are saying, “I love him” and you are not obeying anything, then
what kind of love is that? That’s ego. Selfish love. Only for yourself
and nothing else. You don’t want anything else but you. (You say) “I
love this one.” Why is that? “Because my ego likes it.” Hmm. Do you
love him because Allah loves him? Or (you say), “I hate this one.”
Why? For your ego? “Yes.” Then you are living for your ego. Love for
Allah’s sake and hate for Allah’s sake. Then you will be running after
those who have knowledge. You will be like a thirsty man sucking that
knowledge all the time. It’s never ending.

If you are running for knowledge, learning more, more and more
everytime and you have a guide from whom you are taking then when he
is not around you are going to live according to the knowledge that
you know. So then Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying to us, “If you
are living according to the knowledge that you know then Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) will teach you the knowledge that you don’t know.”
Then He will become your teacher. But don’t make any mistake now
because that happens to me all the time. After I say some words they
go around and say, “Oh I am taking from Allah.” No! As long as the
guide is there, as long as the teacher is there you must run after
that teacher. If you are not running after a teacher and you are
saying, “I am learning”, then your teacher can only be Sheytan. Nobody
else. Sheytan did the same thing saying, “I am taking from You”. He
was saying to Allah (subhana wa ta’ala), “I am making prostration to
You.” It was not only the matter of prostration that he would just go
and make two raka’at in front of Adam (as) and finish. No. When Allah
said to him, “Make Sejdah to Adam”, he knew (what Allah subhana wa
ta’ala meant) that, “From now on, don’t ask from the Divine Presence.
Whatever you need and whatever you want, whatever you want to learn
ask from Adam. He will teach you. Not Me. You are not going to get it
from the Divine Presence.” He didn’t like that. His ego didn’t like it
saying, “How can it be? I was taking it directly from there.” He
wasn’t even taking directly from Allah of course but that’s what he
was thinking. He was dizzy and he became disobedient directly to Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala). That disobedience made him to become the cursed
one and kicked away from the Divine Presence until Judgment Day. And
he will be severely punished after Judgment Day.

We are now getting closer to the Judgment Day. Don’t think that we are
in the beginning of the world and every one of you are preparing a new
world to yourselves, getting dizzy with this world, with this foolish
lifestyle, from eight years old to eighty years old. Wake up to
yourselves! Wake up to understand that Azrail is waiting. When you go
to sleep don’t forget that you may not get up early in the morning.
When you get up early in the morning don’t forget that you may not
make it through the day, if you are wise. If you are living for your
ego then you have no business here. You have no business listening to
these words. These words are not going to do any good to you if you
are living for your ego. If you are living for Allah then there are
lots in it to take and to live according to the way that Allah wants
from you. Every sohbet, every association is coming with their own
secrets that if a man sits only once in that association, if it’s a
holy association and he sits one time, that should be enough for that
man until Judgment Day, if he is sincere with himself.

We are very fortunate ones that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has put the
most beloved one to Him during this time in the Divine Presence, our
Sheykh, the Sultanul Awliya, and He made us to follow that one. And if
we need, every single day we can hear his sohbets. You can take one
page, read, understand and take it to the road to safety. But I am
still watching that every single day so many are becoming more
arrogant, more dizzy with this world and more heedless. Heedlessness
is not accepted in Islam. You have to be in awakening station. If you
are not in awakening station then Sheytan is going to fool you.
Sheytan is never becoming heedless, never sleeping, watching
twenty-four hours, “How am I going to fool that one.” If there is no
protection reaching to us then instantly he will put us into that hook
right away. Protection is reaching to us from Sultanul Awliya and now
it’s making you dizzy to think that it’s you. “It’s me. Ah, I am so
good. It’s me.” Hmm. Think again.

And if man is not carrying the honor that Allah gave to him in this
world and he gets up for Judgment Day without that honor then he is
finished. You can live as you like in this world. Permission is given
to mankind saying, “Live. The doors are open.” When Prophet (sws) was
seeing what Allah was preparing for them, what He was giving to them
through the Prophet (sws) being there and their being disobedient to
the Prophet (sws), he was crying for them from the inside. So many
times (he was crying on the) outside also, going out of his way to
give them the message again and they were being so cruel and so tyrant
to him and he was crying for them. Then Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) sent
another ayat saying, “Ya Muhammad, we have not sent you to be
oppressor on them or to use force on them and to bring them to the
Way. Your duty is just to say to them. Say, and then leave them to My

Prophets have vision. They have wisdom. He didn’t want that word to
happen. So he was going out of his way trying to pull them out from
the fire that they were in. But they were being arrogant and stubborn
to the Prophet (sws). And Allah is saying, “Leave them. Just say the
words to them. Don’t go out of your way explaining them so much. Give
them what messages I send you. I have given them intelligence to
understand. When they hear you they have to understand you. I have
given them a tester here, in the heart, and if they have any sincerity
then that heart is going to balance it. The heart is the tester. It’s
going to test what is right and what is wrong, what is truth and what
is false. If they are not using that then you cannot do anything to
them too. Say to them and leave them.”

That message was to the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) and all those
coming after him until Judgment Day, if they are given the permission
to speak. If they are given the permission to speak and they are
speaking to you then their duty is to say. If you take it then take
it. If you don’t take it then leave it there. But you are not going to
reach anywhere then. If we are not taking what is coming to us from
our Sheykh then we are not going to reach anywhere. You can take the
Quran and read twenty-four hours if you want. You are not going to
reach anywhere with that because you need a living guide. If you are
taking the Quran by yourself, you are reading by yourself and you are
not looking, then that means you didn’t understand the ayats of the
Quran where Allah is saying to you, “Go and find a guide.” You are
looking at that Quran with blind eyes. So you are not understanding

Quran is not just for you to recite nice words and that’s it. It’s for
us to read, understand and to live according to that. When Holy
Prophet (sws) passed from this life they came and they asked Hazrat
Aisha (radiyallahu anha) saying, “What was the Prophet’s life like?”
She said to them, “Don’t you read the Quran?” They said, “Yes.” She
said, “His life, his manner was the manner of the Quran. He was a
living Quran.” Not words, but he was a living Quran. His actions, his
works and everything that he was doing was a living Quran. Hmm. Who
asked her? The Sahaba-e Kiram. The Sahaba and those who came to Islam
right after. So many of them have experienced the Holy Prophet (sws).
It is to teach us that we must not leave a guide aside. Leaving the
guide aside, meaning, you may listen, you may hear but don’t listen
and hear like a donkey. Hear, listen, understand, take it, put it into
your life and change, change from the wrong way to the right way.

Animals can listen too. They hear. Those dogs out there hear, listen
and they obey too. So many times you don’t have to speak to them. I
don’t have to speak to them. When that one (Karabash, the German
shepherd dog at the dergah) is running down, coming, getting a little
bit tired and sitting over there, where is it looking? Somebody check
him to see where he is looking when he is walking away from his area.
He is not looking to this side (dergah side). He is looking up there,
at the window (of Sheykh Efendi’s room), to see if I am watching him.
I don’t say anything. As soon as I go like that to him (Sheykh Efendi
made a clicking sound with his fingers), he hears, he looks and he
runs back right away. We are not dogs. We are humans. We are saying
through the tongue all the time. Where is it going? Entering from here
and coming out from there? Or not entering at all? Something is wrong.
Something is wrong somewhere. If we are hearing our Sheykh saying and
we are continuing back to the same things that we picked up somewhere,
somehow from that lifestyle, if we continue living according to that
lifestyle and our life is not changing everyday for a better one, that
means we are not listening to our Sheykh. We are hearing what he is
saying but we are not listening. We are not caring. And it’s not
making too much difference then.

(Sheykh Efendi pointing to a voice recorder) That device over there is
listening. It’s recording. It’s not missing a single word. It listens
better than anybody here, anybody in the world. But that device is
never going to get up and walk. It’s never going to think what it’s
doing. It’s a robot. “We have honored the Mankind”, Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) is saying. “We have honored the Children of Adam.” That is the
honor that is given to man that he can sit, think, understand, change
from wrong to right and turn around asking forgiveness saying,
“Astaghfirullah Ya Rabbi”, and going to those who are helping him to
say, “Thank you, thank you for helping me.” That’s being human. That’s
what Allah is saying to us anyway. He is saying, “If you are not being
thankful to those who are helping you then I am not accepting your
thankfulness. You have to be thankful to those who are helping you on
the Way. Then I will be accepting your thankfulness.” In everything
Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) putting a condition to us in every way for
us to understand that we are not completely independent in this life
by ourselves. You may think that Allah is watching you, Allah is
knowing you and Allah is knowing everything that you are doing, but if
you are not keeping yourself with Allah twenty-four hours a day then
where is that knowledge? Anytime when Sheytan is coming your ego is
going to interfere in it and you are going to forget about your Lord.
Then you may be doing everything that He is ordering to you, but one
minute that you forget about your Lord Sheytan may put his hooks on
your neck like that. So all those works that you are doing is becoming
nothing. It’s very fragile. Take good care. Don’t say to me, “I am
driving for forty years. So I am just going to take my hands away from
the steering wheel, put my head to sleep and the car is going to go on
the same road and it’s going to continue. Being in awakening station
means until the angel of death comes, you have to be holding that
steering wheel all the time. If you let it go then instantly you crash
and you finish yourself. We have to hold and we have to be in
awakening station.

Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has not created us and sent us to this world
to sleep, to eat or to have sex. No. He has created us only to know
Him and to worship him. Then He is giving us a present on top of all
other things. If He tells us, “I am putting that burden on you and you
are going to worship twenty-four hours”, what are we going to do? Are
you going to say, “I cannot handle it?” As soon as He gives the order,
it means we can handle it. Allah is saying to us, “It doesn’t fit to
My Majesty to burden My servants with something that they cannot
carry.” The first priority must be to carry what He has given to us in
this world. If we carry that properly, then we see so many other
blessings are coming from every side. Then He is saying to us, “If you
are properly carrying the honor that I have given to you then I am
asking you to come to My Presence.” Coming to His Presence five times
a day. For a Sufi it’s not five times a day. It’s seven times a day
(including Ishraq and Duha prayer which are very important sunnats).
(You are thinking,) “Where are you taking this from Sheykh Efendi?
Aren’t the new Imams now saying that the prayers is only three times a
day? You are making it seven now?” Of course, new Imams now, new
Sheykhs in this world are saying, “Allah is ordering only three times
in the Quran.” Some are saying, “Only two times.” Some are saying,
“Doing it one time is okay.” Hmm. Then we say, “Are you Sufi? Then
seven times.” Leave seven times. If you do one time properly in these
days then you are flying directly.

So firstly we must carry what has been ordered to us. Then all other
favors are running and coming. Then Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is
saying to us, “If you are carrying that honor and if you are keeping
My orders (carrying the honor is to keep My orders on you) then when
you are sleeping I will count it as worshipping, when you are spending
time with your family I will count it as worshipping, when you are
enjoying yourself I will count it as worshipping. You will be with Me
twenty-four hours then. So these chances are given to us right now. We
have a life that is granted to us and we have a healthy body. You must
do it now. Not when you become crippled. If you become crippled you
are not going to be able to do it anyway. And then you are going to
find so many excuses but you are just going to fool yourself again.
There are a couple of people right now, at this minute that I am
talking, they are calling me from different areas saying, “Please
Sheykh, pray that they are going to die. They entered to Sakharat but
they are not dying.” And everyone around them is so fed up with them
that they want them to die. But they cannot die. So they are looking
at our faces hoping something. Yes, you cannot do anything to them and
they cannot do anything to themselves.

But that chance is given to us now. Right now we are healthy. We are
okay. We are strong. Our mind is together in our head. Hmm. Now is the
time that we have to take care. If you are taking care now then if
Allah decides to give us something like that then we will be
comfortable. He will give us the comfort again like Ayyub (as). When
he was healthy and wealthy he was in the service of his Lord. When
Allah took his wealth away he was still in the service of his Lord.
Then when Allah was slowly taking his health away he still found other
ways to be in the service of his Lord Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). He
wasn’t able to get up to worship, he wasn’t able to go to do good
deeds to other people but he was sitting and he was remembering his
Lord. So that was enough for him again. When the worm reached to his
heart and it started biting his heart, tears started coming down.
Divine sound came to him saying, “What happened Ya Ayyub. Are you
complaining about Us that We are doing that to you?” He said, “No Ya
Rabbi. It is
known to you that I cannot do anything anymore. I cannot get up to
worship, I cannot make wudu, I cannot go to give your message to the
people, but I was with You. I was remembering You with my heart. Now
the worm came there and it’s going to eat my heart. I am not going to
be able to remember you too then. That’s why I am sad. Hmm. Allah is
saying, “You passed the test Ya Ayyub. Now get your health back.”
Instantly he became healthy again.

We are going through different tests. Don’t get into the delusion and
illusion that something is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you.
It’s only ego. Your ego is only fooling you. Nothing else. Sheytan is
fooling you. If a man knows what his name is, what his address is, if
he knows that he is hungry and if he knows that he is thirsty then
that’s it. He is okay. Don’t get fooled by Sheytan to say that you are
not okay. Then they say, “You are not okay? Okay. We will take you, we
will lock you inside and we will pump you with injections. Then even
if you want to be okay you cannot be okay.” And right now, at this
minute again, another person is in that place calling me twenty-four
hours now. Today I have another fifty messages. Now that one is
understanding again there saying, “Sheykh, something just struck me.
If I die here they are not even going to bury me. They are going to
burn me. Please pray to Allah that I don’t die here.” Huh. So tell me,
is he crazy? No, he is very well all right. A very well good one. But
it is this system. Do you think because you fooled the system you are
going to fool Allah? Think again.

So Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has honored us. He has honored us with
His service. If we run for His service, our honor goes higher and
higher everyday. If we run away from His service, our honor goes down
everyday. And we may not be able to save our faith then when the angel
of death will come to us.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

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