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The January 2009 issue of Scientific American focuses on “The Evolution of Evolution: How Darwin’s Theory Survives, Thrives and Reshapes the World.”

They must be at the peak and end of their game.

Alhamdulillah, everything is clear after a little thinking and examination of the picture of Darwin, the dajjal.



A website worth checking out for its pictures, if not for its articles or inaccuracies:



Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi

Friday 13 Rabi-ul Akhir, 1427/May 12, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York

Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

This is Shariat. The laws and the ruling that is given in the hand of
the king is that if seventy five percent of his nation uprises against
him, by divine order, law is given to his hand to cut the necks off
the seventy-five percent. If he does so, in the Judgment Day that king
is not going to be responsible. When he is ruling justly and his
nation wants to go out to the wrong road, they are following their ego
and Sheytan, the king watches. He asks his wazirs, “What is the
percentage of the people uprising against the truth?” They say, “More
than seventy-five.” He says, “Our time is finished. Allah is removing
us from this power because the percentage is more than what is given
to us (to suppress). We are not fighting back. We have to wait until
Allah removes us from this power.” And then every individual in that
kingdom will be severely punished–them, their children, maybe their
grandchildren or maybe their great-grandchildren.

This is what’s happening to the world today. This is exactly what had
happened today to this world. (Sheykh Efendi pointing to the wall of
the mesjid). There are two Sultans’ pictures over there. Who are they?

(A murid replies: Sultan Abdul Aziz Khan and Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan.)



Sultan Abdul Aziz and Sultan Abdul Hamid. In the time of Sultan Abdul
Aziz Khan people started uprising. They started running to build the
kingdom of Sheytan. They started supporting the kingdom of Sheytan and
eventually they didn’t like the laws and rulings that the king was
putting on them. So they started uprising against him here and there
slowly. Sultan knew. They took him away from power and they hanged
him. Allah removed him. He asked to be removed, to go out from this
world. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Any justly ruling person who is
taken away from power and sentenced with death penalty becomes the
highest martyr in the Judgment Day.” He reached to martyrdom. All
those who did that to him are suffering from that time until now.
Their children and grandchildren are suffering. The history is showing
who went to him and whatever happened to all those people after that.
Years passed and they watched where they went, which countries they
went to, how they suffered, how they died and what passed to their
children. Some of their children became priests in different
countries. Then they suffered that way too because even Christianity
didn’t accept them.

This nation (ummah), these people right now are paying the price for
that. We didn’t come to Sultan Abdul Hamid yet. When it came to Sultan
Abdul Hamid Khan he checked saying, “How many people, what’s the
percentage that is uprising?” So Sultan Abdul Hamid looked and he
checked. He checked those nations that were under his ruling and he
saw that they were uprising. Against what? They said, “We want to be
free.” Free means what? Without the laws of Allah. He saw that these
are the nations, this is how much percentage there are in each nation
uprising and Sultan Abdul Hamid sat and waited. He said to his people,
“Don’t do anything.” The Generals said to him, “Oh Sultan, we have a
big power. We have a big army. We can crush them down.” He said, “No.
All these soldiers who are with me, if one dies in this way then I
will be very sorry in the Judgment Day. They should not. But they may
become martyrs with me.” And they didn’t (take military action). He
didn’t use the army. He let them uprise. They took him, they sent him
to exile and he died as a martyr too.

They are paying. People are paying the price, nations are paying the
price and still they are not waking up. Now from Afghanistan to Iraq,
from Indonesia to Malaysia, from the Philippines to Qudus, from Africa
to Morocco, from Bosnia to Chechenistan, everywhere it’s burning.
People are paying the price. People are paying the price of uprising
against the Sultan. Nothing else. Allah’s mercy is always opening and
He is sending other people to call people to the right way. They are
not waking up! Don’t wake. Other ones are coming. Never is it going to
become easier. Allah is not going to give in. We are going to give in.