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A new melodic excerpt of zikir from Muharram 1430 / January 2009,
Osmanli Dergahi, New York.

Allah Hay Ya … | [Download]


A sohbet from Sheykh Mevlana Nazim read by Lukman Hoja | [ Download]

Muharram 1430 / January 2009, Osmanli Dergahi, New York


Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 28 Rabi al-Akhir, 1427/May 26, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

(Sheykh Efendi asked the following question to the guest with whom he
was conversing after the Juma prayer): Let me ask you something.
Whatever had happened to the Muslims? What is the big fault that the
Muslims did and since when did the rising of the Islamic Empire
start becoming the falling of the Empire?

Guest: Well, it’s because we detached ourselves from the teachings of
the Quran.

Sheykh Efendi: Every one of those (Muslims) groups still says that
they are having the teachings of the Quran. Everyone. Every one of the
groups tells you the same ayats. They are not changing the ayats. But
they are translating the ayats according to what they do. That’s a
different story. But what was the glue? Something was gluing us
together. What was that glue that was taken away and we all got
separated now?

Guest: We are no longer close to Allah.

Sheykh Efenedi: No, we are still close to Allah. There are people who
are still close to Allah. But there is individual closeness now, not
as a nation and not as nations, why? This is what you have to know.
Muslims don’t know this. The glue has been taken away. The glue was
the Prophet (sws). Prophet (sws) is physically taken away from this
world. Who was gluing people together after the Prophet (sws)?

Guest: The Caliphate.

Sheykh Efendi: Caliphate, hmm. Then when did the Empire of Islam start
falling down?

Guest: When there started to be divisions within the Caliphate.

Sheykh Efendi: No. Never! Even when there was a division of Khalifahs,
Islam was rising. Even when Muawiya (ra) rose up against Ali (ra) and
they had a division (still Islam was rising). And after that when
Yazid came to power, he crushed down whole Medina and whole Mecca,
okay? He crushed down the whole Mecca, he crushed down the Kaba and he
killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and still Islam was rising.
Don’t forget. Still Islam was rising. Islam was spreading although
there was a problem inside and all those holy ones were going one by
one, all those strong ones were going one by one, the Sahaba-e Kiram
and the Tabi’in were all dying, some were becoming martyrs and for
some their time came and they were dying, but Islam was rising. When
did Islam stop rising and when did it start coming down? The West
didn’t put that in the documentary (PBS, Islam: Empire of Faith). And
when that happened, what happened to the world at that time? This is
the message you should give to the west, east and everywhere.

When through the tricks and traps of the Westerners they ran to remove
the Khilafat, and when the Khalifa was taken away from power, Muslims
all independently declared their own nationalism. They didn’t declare
Islam anymore. They declared nationalism. Saudis said, “Saudia, Saudi
Arabia.” Understand? They didn’t say Hijaz anymore. Syrians said,
“Syria.” Urdun (Jordan), Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt all separated. These
nations separated and (with it) the nations inside the religion
separated in thousands of pieces.

So the big glue that was holding it together has been removed and when
it was removed everything fell. And the West reached to their aim. But
now the West is suffering from terrorism. The East is suffering from
terrorism. From where are these terrorists coming? From the sky or are
they growing from the earth? It’s the same people. It’s because the
training stopped, the reality of Islam stopped, the real teachings of
Islam stopped, the love of Allah stopped and the fear of Allah
stopped. The people have fear from the governments, from the police
but they have no fear of Allah. They run around to steal, to do wrong
things, they are looking around to do things and they are looking out
for the police. But they are not worrying that Allah is watching them.
That’s what happened. The faith is gone. Faith! Faith in Allah is
gone. Yes, people still read the Quran but faith is gone because Holy
Prophet (sws) is saying, “In Ahir Zaman, there is going to come people
who are going to recite the Quran so beautifully that when they recite
the Quran they are going to move your hearts. There will be thunders
in your hearts from the way that the Quran will be recited but the
Quran is not going to enter below their throats. It’s not going to
enter to their hearts. They are going to recite the Quran to earn
money. They are going to become Imams to earn money.” This is what’s
happening. They are selling Islam and they are selling the way of
Allah, the teachings of Allah for money.

This is what happened and it’s because Islam is leadership. If the
leader is taken away then everyone is rising saying, “We have
democracy. We have to live according to democracy rules, hypocrisy
rules. We are going to choose our own Presidents, our own Prime
Ministers, our own leaders, our own this and our own that.”

Guest: Some people say that democracy is demon gone crazy.

(Sheykh Efendi smiles and the audience laughs.)

Democracy is hypocrisy. Whatever fits to them that’s what they are
going to speak. It’s not that they have any basic beliefs and they are
running after that. Whatever the crowd of people want and whatever
votes they are going to get from them, this is what they are going to
speak to them. That’s what’s happening today. They are running after
votes. If it’s necessary to buy the votes with money, they pay money.
If it’s necessary to buy the votes through their (the crowd’s) leader
then they buy the leader. If it’s necessary to fool the community then
this is what they do. If it’s necessary to promise things to them even
though they are never going to deliver those things, they promise.
This is the democracy today.

(Sheykh Efendi continued the conversation with the guest on other topics)



Lukman Hoja, a representative of Sheikh Abdul Kerim Efendi, gives a short talk and makes the call for prayer at the commemoration organized by the Human Rights Commission (January 2009).


Juma Khutba given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 5 Jumad al-Awwal, 1427/June 2, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Medet Ya Syyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. Astaghfirullah. Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) created this world before He sent man to this world. Whatever
is necessary and needed for man, He has prepared it for them. Then He
created man. Before He created man He said to the angels, “I am
creating Insan, humans.” The angels said, “Ya Rabbi! Are you going to
create a creature that is going to put bloodshed on the face of the
earth?” Allah said, “I am creating them to be My Khalifah on earth,
representing Me, doing things on My behalf.” When a President is
someplace else the Vice-President acts on his behalf. The job he is
doing at that time is the job of the President. And Allah is saying,
“I am creating them and sending them to earth to be acting on My
behalf, to be doing things on My behalf.”

The whole mankind from east to west, north to south, from individual
to governments should check themselves to see whether they are fitting
to that or not. If a man is not fitting to that then he is in big
trouble. He is in trouble because Allah created man in Ahsani Taqweem,
the most perfect one and He said to Sheytan, “Make prostration to this
one.” He didn’t do it. He became disobedient to Allah. He didn’t make
the prostration. He did all this worship for thousands and thousands
of years but he became disobedient to just one order and he has been
kicked away from the Divine Presence. He has been kicked away from
Paradise forever. Forever. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is warning us and
sending prophets to us saying, “Your enemy is Sheytan. I have created
you to work on earth on My behalf, to rule according to what I want,
to carry your jobs and your responsibilities the way that I want, the
way that I love and the way that I like. If you are doing otherwise
then you are not following My order. You are following the orders of
your ego and Sheytan. And you will be punished with that Sheytan.” So
think! We must think. Think, think and think. Never stop thinking to
say, “Am I a human? Has Allah created me as a man to do His work on
the face of the earth? Or am I the slave of Sheytan?” Decide whichever
one you want to do. You are free. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is giving
man a free choice. This is your choice. He said, “I have prepared the
best place for you in Paradise. If you don’t like that then run after
your ego from which you are going to suffer all the time in Dunya
also, but after that heavy punishment is coming to you.”

Everything that Allah has created has a timing and everything that He
has created is coming to an end. We are very near to the Judgment Day.
We must put our acts together and we must look into our own selves to
see what we are carrying, what we are doing and how we are doing, what
is our responsibility and how we are going to do those things to
correct ourselves. Otherwise, the last crying will be very bad. We
will not find anyone to help us then. You are afraid on top of the
grave now from snakes, from scorpions, from this and from that. You
are running, trying to run away. There you cannot run. No one is going
to help and no one is going to come to help there. Don’t say that you
are not going to want anything. When the spirit comes out from this
body, this body enters into the grave and when the grave covers the
body, Allah sends that spirit back to that body. The spirit doesn’t
need air to live, the spirit doesn’t need food to live and the spirit
doesn’t need light to live. It lives there. Your body comes back
alive. You will see everything and you will feel everything under the
ground. If you say, “Eh, Sheykh, you are just saying a theory”, then
sit and wait. Sit and wait for that. Then you will look for some help
but you will not find it. Help yourself. Correct yourself. We must
correct our actions and we must correct ourselves. Don’t say, “People
are living like this and like that. Don’t look at how other people are
living. Look at what Allah has ordered us to do. Innad dina
indallahil Islam. There is only one religion in the Presence of Allah
and that is Islam. Allah is saying to us, “Don’t come to My Presence
with anything else.” He is saying to the whole mankind, “Don’t come to
My Presence with something else. It is not accepted. I am not going to
accept.” So don’t look at others. Look at yourselves. We must look at
ourselves, we must correct ourselves and then when we know, “Yes, I am
carrying the title that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has given to me”,
then you will rest in the world, you will rest in the grave and you
will rest and relax in Akhirat. If you are not carrying that in this
Dunya then more trouble is waiting ahead.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.