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By Troy Anderson, Staff Writer
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Around Hollywood and the rest of the U.S., billboards carry the messages “Imagine No Religion” and “Praise Darwin – Evolve Beyond Belief.”

Across the Atlantic, hundreds of buses traveling the roads of England are plastered with the sign “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

As scientists and organizations around the world prepare to mark Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday on Feb. 12, his theory of natural selection presented in “On the Origin of Species” still arouses a tempest of controversy – mostly centered on the question of whether life is the result of chance and natural processes or divine design.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation that paid for the billboards and bus signs, said the bicentennial is a perfect opportunity for “praising Darwin.”

“We want to celebrate the human achievement of Darwin, who is one of the giants in human history, solving the riddle of `Where do we come from?”‘ Gaylor said in a phone interview from her office in Madison, Wis.

“People talk about, `Praise the Lord,’ but we think we should praise human achievement and who greater than Charles Darwin.”

At the same time that Darwin’s fans are celebrating, proponents of creationism, intelligent design and theistic evolution are hosting public forums and releasing books outlining what they claim is a growing body of evidence pointing toward a super-intelligent designer of life.

Creationists – both those who hold the Earth is only about 6,000 years old and those who say God created life over billions of years – insist on a literal interpretation of parts of the Bible that describe the world’s beginnings.

Adherents of intelligent design say certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection. And proponents of theistic evolution say God guided the hand of evolution over billions of years.

New York Times best-selling author Dinesh D’Souza, who debates prominent atheists like Christopher Hitchens at public universities around the country, said atheists are using a distorted version of Darwin’s theory to attack religion and traditional morality based on a belief in God.

“These (billboards and bus signs) point to a problem, which is that there is nothing wrong with evolution as a scientific concept, but the problem is with the people who use evolution as a battering ram for atheism,” said D’Souza, author of “What’s So Great About Christianity.”

“These atheist fundamentalists have a common interest in forcing people to choose between evolution and Christianity,” he said.

Instead, D’Souza said the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth is an opportunity to expand the public debate about the origin and development of life and take a closer look at the best evidence for a creator: the “enormous intelligence embodied in the laws of nature.”

“In fact, we know this because it has taken the most brilliant scientists centuries to excavate some of this intelligence out of nature,” D’Souza said. “And this obviously raises the question, if there is intelligence embodied in the laws of nature and it takes science so much ingenuity to get it out, who put it there? That is, in a nutshell, the argument for design.”

Michael Shermer, president of the Altadena-based Skeptics Society and publisher of Skeptic magazine, said scientists now have a “pretty good outline” of how life developed over the last several billion years.

“But we still don’t know how it actually started,” Shermer said.

“There are a half-dozen models you can run with involving amino acids creating protein chains – the building blocks of life. We still haven’t created life in the test tube, but that is coming soon. And of course, we’re filling in all the details of the history of life through paleontology and fossils. There is now an inveritable plethora of transitional fossils, so that’s no longer a big issue.”

Jerry Coyne, author of “Why Evolution Is True” and a professor of ecology and evolution at the University of Chicago, said he outlined in his recent book the best evidence for evolution, including the recent discoveries of a cache of fossils that document the evolutionary transition from lobe-finned fish to amphibians.

Although paleontologists haven’t found the “missing links,” Coyne said fossils demonstrating how, for example, dinosaurs evolved into birds and small land mammals evolved into whales, have been discovered in the last 15 years.

“We wouldn’t know a missing link if we found it,” Coyne said. “The so-called missing links are the single species that is ancestral to two distinct groups, and finding single specified species is a nearly impossible task. But we can find transitional forms.

“So we are seeing the predicted forms from the theory of evolution. They look like what they are supposed to look like and appear in the fossil record when they are supposed to. So it’s sort of a stunning vindication of evolution.”

But Ken Ham, president and founder of the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis, a young-earth apologetics ministry in the Cincinnati area, said the fossil record doesn’t prove evolution. Rather, it’s evidence of Noah’s Flood.

Ham said the Bible indicates God created distinct kinds of plants and animals, like the canine family, which through natural selection and mutation passed on their genetic information creating different species within that “kind.”

“Darwin was right about natural selection and the process that occurs in the gene pool and that species change,” Ham said. “We agree. You can form new species, but only within a kind. But we would say he was wrong in his observation that this is a mechanism for changing dinosaurs into birds, or one kind into another kind. I think a lot of people misunderstand the biblical creationist’s position on this.”



Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Saturday, 6 Jumad al-Awwal, 1427 / June 3, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York

Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

We are asking support from those who are sitting in the Divine
Presence to send us something to speak that will give benefit to me
and to the listeners, whoever is going to listen. We are living in
very difficult times in this world and we are not at the beginning of
nations. We are at the end of the nations. From the time of the first
man, who was created and sent down to this world, up till now it’s
coming close to almost seven thousand years. From the beginning of
Adam (as) up till us, until the end it will be seven thousand years.
In the Divine Presence it’s only seven days. One day is equal to 1,000
years. Man is very impatient and when he is not knowing, when mankind
is not knowing some divine knowledge then he is being very impatient,
running around trying to change things. But the purpose of life, the
purpose of creation, the purpose of man being on this earth is not the
same as the creation of animals or other things that are living on
this earth. Man have been created and sent down to the earth. Before
Allah created man Allah created this earth and He has created
everything in it. He prepared everything. He prepared what is
necessary for us to continue and to live our life in this world.
Everything is prepared. Then He sent us to this world. And He is
saying that when He wanted to create man the angels said (because
Allah gave some knowledge to the angels and they have seen what man
was going to do on the face of the earth, and they said), “Oh our
Lord, You are going to create man and You are going to send them down
to the earth and they are going to become disobedient ones to you.
They are going to put bloodshed into the world. We praise You and we
worship You.” And Allah said to them, “You only know what I teach you
to know. You cannot know more than that.” And He said, “I am creating
man and I am sending them down to the earth to be my Khalifah, to
represent Me on that earth, to do things on my behalf.”

Then Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) created Adam (as) and He gave him the
spirit. The dead body that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) put together, He
mixed it up from this earth, He put one clay (from each region of the
world) and He put the most beautiful design there. That’s the
difference between man and other creatures because Allah is saying to
the other creatures, “Be!” from His desire. He is saying to them,
“Happen!” and it happens. But to man Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) put
design. He designed it Himself through His Divine Hands. Not these
kinds of hands that we have but that’s the only way we can understand
that knowledge (through analogy). He designed the man. He put a shape
to man through His Divine Hands. Then He left that clay to dry out and
then He blew the spirit in him. When the spirit entered into this
body, right away the eyes of Adam (as) opened up. When the eyes opened
he looked around and the head started moving. Then the spirit started
moving in. First it entered from here and then everything started
becoming alive. It slowly started entering and the whole body started
becoming alive. He was lying down. When it came to his belly button he
sat. When Adam (as) sat up he sneezed and he said, “Elhamdulillah.” He
gave thanks to his Lord as soon as he was created. (And today, seven
thousand years later, with all these technology man is finding that
out. Something of that is coming to them now.) Adam (as) sneezed and
he became thankful to his Lord. The angels looked at it right away and
they were very shocked and surprised saying, “This creature has just
been created and he is being thankful to his Lord.” Then Allah said to
them, “I told you, you only know things that I order you to know. This
one is going to know (more).” Adam (as) rose up and Allah asked him,
“What is this?” He started giving names to everything right away. He
knew. That knowledge was put in him. That knowledge is coming with the

So Adam (as) gave answer to everything that Allah asked and the angels
looked and they said, “It took us so many years to learn this. This
man is just knowing this. He is just looking and knowing this. In
today’s medicine they found that when man is sneezing his heart stops
and sometimes it may not start again. So when Adam (as) sneezed his
heart stopped. The life stopped right away and when the life was given
back to him he said, “Elhamdulillah. Thank you Ya Rabbi!” Thanking
again. He knew instantly.

Today’s man is reading a lot, doing so many things a lot. He is
reading from books but he is not reading from the book (of the spirit)
that is there for him. So the first thing that man must know is to
read himself. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying to us in the Holy
Quran again, “If you are living according to the knowledge that you
know then Allah will teach you the knowledge that you don’t know.” So
if you live according to the knowledge that you know, if you take that
knowledge and apply to your life and you start living with that
knowledge then you are going to find that the knowledge that you don’t
know is appearing to you all of a sudden. It’s coming to you.

There are two kinds of knowledge on earth. For the first kind of
knowledge you have to go academically, checking all the books, finding
out what is there and you have to study for years in schools. The
other kind of knowledge, what we call prophetic knowledge, is coming
through prophets. Majority of the prophets were illiterate people.
They didn’t know how to read and write. But they had all the
knowledge. They knew. Man has to learn how to read and write to be
able to read and to learn. But Allah was teaching them. The prophets
didn’t need to go to books to read. Allah was sending them His orders.
He was their teacher. So that’s the second kind of knowledge and that
is also given to everybody. But because we are concentrating only on
this worldly knowledge, we are not remembering the heavenly knowledge.
So that door started closing. And today’s people only give value to
the man who goes to universities and have degrees. But there are so
many shepherds in this world who do not know how to read and write.
But they can read you. They can look at you and they can read what is
inside you. They can tell you where you went and where you are going
to go, what you did and what you are going to do. They are not in need
of reading and writing. They are connecting themselves with their Lord
and their Lord is teaching them. Our Lord is teaching them. And if we
connect ourselves the same way then we are going to find that
knowledge coming to us again because it is inside of us.

So He has created us to be His khalifahs representing Him on the face
of this earth. And from Adam (as) until today it’s not complete seven
thousand years. When the seven thousand years is complete, disruption
and end is coming to this world, to the worlds and to everything. But
there is no end to man. In reality, it’s the beginning of man. After
that the real life begins. This life is only temporary. Everyone knows
that. No one can deny this. No one can deny this reality. And one more
thing that today’s people cannot deny also is that they are not living
long anymore too. Centuries ago people were living a hundred or two
hundred years. Through Holy Books we are finding that they lived for
900 years to 1000 years. But today’s people’s life is sixty or
seventy. If you are working very hard in the third world countries
then maybe it’s forty or maybe it’s fifty. So in this very short life
we have to learn, we have to understand the purpose of life and why we
have been created, where we came from and where are we going to go.
Are we here with our own will and are we going out with our own will?
Everyone knows that answer. It’s no. So someone has authority on us.
And that one who has authority on us, what does He want from us? In
these days you go and you try to help someone and the man starts
thinking, “What does this man want from me?” You go to work for
somebody and they ask you, “How much do you want?” Everyone waits and
expects something in return. So what is it that our Lord who has given
us this life wants from us? What is our duty to Him, to ourselves and
to the others that are around us? This is what we have to learn, from
individuals to communities to governments. It doesn’t matter what the
nationality, the race or the religion is. No. Everyone must run after
this now because they are making this world into a hell. They are
turning this world into a hell. The governments have turned this world
into a hell and the majority of the governments are spending from
seventy to ninety percent of their budget for dirty war ware or for
nuclear powers or for mass disruption weapons. Hmm. What are they
going to disrupt with those weapons? Every country is building up (in
weapons). They are building and building. What are they going to
disrupt? The animals in the mountains? No. The humans.

So 20th century’s technology and knowledge made man to lose his
identity because he is running away from his identity, he is running
away from his own reality and he is doing something that even the
animals are not happy with anymore. Now we are looking at the world
and we cannot change anything. We cannot do anything. We have to
change our own selves. We have to look into our own selves and we have
to start changing our own selves for our own safety. I am saying this
to myself and to you. If anything is standing in front of you when you
are changing, when you are trying to change yourself to become a
better man then you should put that aside. You should not let anything
stand on your way because anything that is standing on the way for you
is coming from the sources of evil. It’s not from the Divine order.
Divine order to us is that we much grow, we must change and we must
become good humans to our own selves, to our own communities and to
everything that is around us. But when we are looking at how things
are working today, it’s completely the opposite. So we must pull
ourselves, we must sit, we must meditate and we must build ourselves
with our Lord. The angel of death is waiting right there. Right behind
you and right in front of you. When the order comes, don’t say, “I am
wealthy or healthy.” It doesn’t matter. You can be wealthy or you can
be healthy. You can be young or old. The time that Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) has given to us is counted. The life that we are taking in and
giving out is counted. When that comes to an end, the spirit has to
come out from this body. It doesn’t matter if we are healthy or we are
sick. The man may be sick and sitting in the hospital for years. You
know and we know that people are sitting in hospitals sometimes for
ten years or fifteen years. Some people are sitting on the bed for
twenty or thirty years. They are not dying. They are not good for
themselves and they are not good for others. They are suffering but
they are not dying. The life that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has given
is not finished. And sometimes you are seeing a young person walking
around (about whom they say), “You know, that person just died.” You
say, “How? I just saw him one hour ago. He was okay. He was healthy.
He died? What happened?” What happened is that his end came. Either he
is going to go with an accident or something is going to happen and
(they will say), “Because of that. Because of that it happened.” But
the life is coming out from that body. And none of us has gone through
that experience yet. We are going to. We are all going to. We cannot
escape. We are going to go through that experience because Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) is saying to us, “Every soul that I have created
is going to taste dying. They must die. They are going to taste dying.”

Dying is not the end. Dying is the beginning of the real world. So
whatever we have planted in this world we are going to harvest on the
other side. So we may find again everything on the other side
according to what we have planted, what we did in this world, what
good acts we did, and what were the intentions of our acts. So that is
the most important thing that we have to watch out. Don’t think that
because someone did wrong to you, you have to do wrong to them. No.
Leave it. We must look at what right we are going to do, not what
wrong what we are going to do. We have to look at what right we are
going to do for our own selves because no one is doing anything to
anyone in reality. If you are harming someone, if you are doing some
wrong thing to someone and you are escaping from the hands of the
government (you still have to face the consequences on the Judgment

As today, we are finding so many terrorist activities, wrong
activities happening in the world, and by the way, I must say that
they are calling it `Islamic terrorism’. They must take it out. There
is no terror in Islam and there is no Islamic terrorism. You may say
Pakistani terrorist, you may say Turkish terrorist, you may say Arab
terrorist but you cannot say Islamic terrorist. This is a message to
you, to me and to the whole world. I have never heard them saying,
“Christian terrorists.” There are so many Christian terrorists too but
I have never heard them saying `Christian terrorists’. They say what?
IRA, Irish Republican Army, or ETA, Spanish terrorists, or whatever.
Timothy McVeigh, do they call him a Christian terrorist? He is a
Christian. Timothy McVeigh, huh? They are not saying that he was a
Christian terrorist. (They say that) he is an American terrorist. But
when it comes to Muslims they say Islamic terrorists. It is wrong. We
are not accepting that. The whole world must know this. Any kind of
terrorist is not accepted anywhere anyway. You don’t even have the
right to go and terrorize a man, to put fear in him. Allah is the one
who puts fear. If you have not been given permission through the Holy
Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) then you cannot even go to tell
people, “Oh, you are entering into the hellfire.” You cannot. It’s not
our duty. It’s the duty of those who have been given permission. The
prophets came, they gave good news to the people and when people were
disobedient to them to the extreme then Allah said to the prophets,
“Say to them this now. If they continue being arrogant and stubborn
ones then put fear in them with (the news of) the fire, with (the news
of) a punishment, that Allah’s punishment is going to come on them.”

So we must turn to ourselves, try to correct ourselves and try to
become better ones for our own selves, for our own community and for
this world. If we do that then we will be a good servant to our Lord.
If you don’t do that then no matter what you call yourself (you may
call yourself a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever you are
going to call yourself) it’s not good for anything. First you have to
be good for something to yourself, then to the community and
everything that is surrounding you. Whatever comes in front of you,
your duty and our duty is, order is coming from our Lord, to do good
things, not bad things. The bad and evil order is given to Sheytan and
that is his job. He is going to do it. If anybody wants to be in that
category then they are welcome. The door is open to those but they
will be judged with the evil ones and sever punishment is coming to
that one and to the evil ones. Those who are harming people, those who
are terrorizing people and those who are tyrants, tyrants to others
and to themselves, will be punished. They are going to be punished,
unless the tyrant ones turn around and ask forgiveness from their
Lord. Then Allah is saying to us, “And you will find your Lord
forgiving.” InshaAllah ar-Rahman we are asking forgiveness and we are
asking to be the good ones for ourselves and for everything that is
around us.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmtil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.


Shaykh Effendi is saying our duty and reason of creation is to be a
servant. Human beings have been honored with servanthood. No other
creature has this honor. Allah has made it easy for us for our feet
to run to masjid. It is a grant to us, from Allah. We have no reason
for bragging and being proud. We should be thankful for that

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