Juma khutba given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 23 Rajab, 1427 / August 18, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzubillahi minash sheytanir rajim
Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel
Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, medet.

Astaghfirullah wa shukr Allah. We are always asking forgiveness from
our Lord for our shortcomings and we are thanking our Lord Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) for creating us, making us from the mankind and
giving us the Shahadat, for making us and counting us from among the

Ahir Zaman, the Last Days on the face of this earth and the last
timing for everything that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has created.
Allah knows the Day of Creation, when he started creating. We don’t
know. We cannot put that number in any calculation. But Allah (subhana
wa ta’ala) is saying to us that there will come a day, the Qiyamat,
the Last Day, to not only this world but everything that He has
created that man can see and think of and things that he cannot think
of. It will come to an end and everything will come for accounting,
for judgment. This is what the believers must prepare themselves for.
And it is such a long journey. When somebody tries to go for a journey
somewhere he prepares everything, whatever his need is. We must
prepare for that journey, whatever our need is in this world. And it
will be easy to prepare when we submit ourselves to our Lord, to our
Prophet (sws) and to those ones that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has
elected and selected for us saying to us, “Follow these ones.” If we
follow those ones then in a short time we must reach to certain
stations that we will then understand what is the value of this world
and what is the value of Akhirat. When we are understanding the value
of Akhirat, the value of this world becomes zero in our hearts. We
will not go crazy for the benefits of this world because we know one
reality that if it’s not today then tomorrow, if it’s not tomorrow
then the next day, if it’s not the next day then one year later or ten
years from now or fifty years from now (death will reach to us). I
don’t think that anyone of us here will live to see another hundred
years. So we know that reality, that a hundred years from now nobody
here is going to stay in this world. They are all going to pass.
People who came before us passed and we are going to pass. We don’t
know how much time is left until the Judgment Day but we must look at
what is for us and how we must prepare ourselves.

So Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) knows that the creatures He has created
are weak and they are running after this world non-stop. So He has
created other special days during the year saying to us, “Watch these
days carefully. Show proper respect to these days and the reward that
you are going to receive in these days you may not receive in your
whole lifetime with all your worship.” It is a very valuable night
that we are approaching. InshaAllah ar-Rahman we are making intention
that tomorrow night is the night of Miraj. It can be tonight, tomorrow
or the next day. Your intention must be solid. You must make your
intention correctly to say, “Ya Rabbi! I want to reach to that night
and I want to get the blessings of that night.”

So what is the Miraj and what is it giving to us? The incident
happened between Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) and His Prophet (alayhi
salatu wa salam). Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is speaking to us through
the Holy Quran that in one part of the night He made His Prophet (sws)
to move from Mecca to Qudus and from Qudus (Masjid-e Aqsa) He is
taking His Prophet (sws) in elevation, Miraj, to the heavens passing
through everything that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has created, passing
through all paradises, seeing what’s happening in Paradise, passing
through the Fire, the Hell, seeing what’s happening there and passing
through everything that is existing and reaching to Sidrat-ul Muntaha
where all creation stops. Nothing moves beyond that. Even Jibreel
(alayhi salam) did not move beyond that saying to the Holy Prophet
(alayhi salatu wa salam), “Ya Muhammad! Beyond this is for you. No
permission is given to me to pass one inch beyond this.” When Prophet
(sws) asked him, “Ya Jibreel, you have accompanied me all the way from
Mecca reaching up to here and you are leaving me alone here? I don’t
know the way.” He said to him, “Ya Muhammad! Beyond this is only for
you, not for me. A strict order is given to me and my Lord Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) is saying, `If you pass beyond this limitation
then you will be sent to non-existence.'” Because of the Nur and the
lights that are coming from Allah (subhana wa ta’ala), He is saying to
His angel, “The elements that I have created you from cannot bear to
see that light. So you will be sent to non-existence. You will not be
created ever again.”

Jibreel (as) represents intelligence and he said, “Ya Muhammad!
Intelligence is ordering to me, Allah has ordered and my intelligence
is saying, `Don’t pass beyond this because you will go to
non-existence.’ I cannot pass.” Beyond this permission is given to you
and your Lord has already prepared the transportation for you. Just
put your foot one step ahead and it will take you there. The Awliya
Allah are saying that reaching from the Sidrat-ul Muntaha to the
Divine Presence five times five hundred thousand years passed. Holy
Prophet (sws) was traveling from that point to the other point. Maybe
(it was) ten times or three times (of that distance) but the
importance is that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is taking His Prophet
(sws) from Mecca in a very short time, in one night, and that short
time turned into millions of years. That’s Allah. Don’t think how it’s
going to happen. How is it going to happen? If you can reach trough
intelligence all the way to Sidrat-ul Muntaha, beyond that you cannot
reach. Beyond that intelligence finishes. Jibreel (as) stopped there
because intelligence stops there, finishes. Beyond that Holy Prophet
(sws) moved through the heart.

Before Holy Prophet (sws) started moving from Mecca so many other
incidents happened in Mecca. We are not entering into that in this
Juma time. You may read it in so many other books inshaAllah. But one
incident that happened was that angels came and they opened the heart
of the Prophet (sws), the chest, and they took the heart out. They
washed it with what they brought from Paradise. They washed that heart
and they put it back inside. With whatever they put there the Holy
Prophet (sws) was now capable to move beyond that point. As the Awliya
Allah are saying, anyone who is going to enter into Paradise must
enter through a river, a river that is giving light, passing (through
it) and entering. We cannot enter into Paradise with this body but
when we enter into that water, that water is going to change (this
body), it’s going to put other secrets into this body to enter into
Paradise, inshaAllah ar-Rahman.

What does it give to us? What do we have to understand when Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) is washing the heart of that Prophet (alayhi
salatu wa salam)? That heart was completely pure. There was no mistake
in it. It had complete submission to Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). This
incident happened several years later after his declaring `La ilaha
illallah Muhammadur rasulullah.’ During that time so many enemies of
the Holy Prophet (sws) was attacking him. He was all alone almost.
Only a handful of people were around him then. And Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) took him from Mecca bringing him to Qudus. There 124,000
prophets were ready for the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) and he
made two rakats prayer with them before he elevated from the earth to
the paradises. There is another sign that Sheykh Mevlana is putting in
our heart now that elevation to the paradises through the physical
form must be from there (Qudus). So many doubts Muslims have today
saying, “Oh, Prophet (sws) went there with spirit, through dream and
not body”. It must be spirit and body together. If it was a dream then
he has seen hundreds of thousands of dreams. Why does he have to say
that (Miraj) to us? The body, the physical form moved. Allah (subhana
wa ta’ala) moved it from Mecca to Qudus and from Qudus to His Divine

When Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) came to Mesjid-e Aqsa
124,000 prophets were ready. They gave beyat (pledge of allegiance) to
him before he reached to Paradise. They accepted his prophethood. All
the prophets came and passed before he came. They accepted that he is
going to come. But Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) made them ready there to
accept and to give beyat to that Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam)
before reaching to that journey. So all nations coming through all
those prophets, the prophets gave beyat and (thereby) all those
nations gave beyat to the Prophet (sws), the believers, those who were
believing in their prophets. It is a big blessing to them. But what
about us? And Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us, “If two days are the
same, if the believer’s two days are the same then the believer is
losing.” We must not make two days the same. Every single day you must
progress. (Progress) is not only by the worldly understanding that,
“We have one room, make it another room, make it another building.”
No. You must prepare yourself, we must prepare our hearts by removing
what is wrong in it and putting inside it what is good as the Holy
Prophet’s (sws) heart opened and something was put in it, we must
prepare our hearts and we must prepare ourselves to be ready for that
Miraj, to be ready for that elevation because what is given to the
Holy Prophet (aleyhi salatu wa salam) is given to his nation, it is
given to those people who are following his footsteps.

The Miraj incident was a (cause) of separation between the believers
and the unbelievers, between the believers and the hypocrites. When
Holy Prophet (sws) came back and said the incident that had happened,
the unbelievers thought that now they have a big weapon in their hand
and they are going to launch that everywhere and to everyone around
the Prophet (sws), they are going to say to him, “You are crazy” and
they (the Sahabis) are going to run away. There were so many believers
at that time also who believed Abu Jahil and all the other ones who
were attacking and they changed their lines from the believers’ to the
unbelievers’ side. They were believing up till that time. When Abu
Jahil came using his own intelligence and saying to them, “Look, is
this possible? This man is crazy. Don’t follow him anymore”, so many
started changing their ways. But they were looking to the big ones who
were holding the pillars of Islam and they reached to Abu Bakr (ra).
They said, “If we fool this one too then all that are around him are
going to leave him.” So they came to Abu Bakr Siddik (ra) and said to
him, “Ya Abu Bakr, you are an intelligent man and now we came to you
with intelligence. That man whom you are following (the Prophet aleyhi
salatu wa salam), now he is saying (you didn’t see him yet), but he is
saying that he went to Miraj in a very short time at night and he came
back and all these stories. What do you say to this? You are an
intelligent man.” He said to them, “If he said that then I accept. I
don’t have to hear him. Are you saying that he said that?” They said,
“Yes.” He said, “Then I accept it because now I have enough evidence
to understand that Allah is giving no limitations to that Prophet
(sws). He is a Prophet.” Alhamdulillah. So that way Abu Bakr Siddik
(ra) was given the title `Siddik’, the most trustworthy one.”

We are following his way. We are following the Naksibendi Way which is
the Siddik Way, the way that is coming from Abu Bakr Siddik (ra) is
reaching to our time. We must correct ourselves, especially in these
days and especially in these nights we must leave the heedlessness
aside, we must leave the wrong egoistic desires aside, the wrong
egoistic ways aside and we must ask from our Lord Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala), “Ya Rabbi! We are asking forgiveness for every shortcoming
that we are doing. We know that we have not reached anywhere. All
things that we are doing do not fit to Your Divine Presence. Accept
this weak service, make us the worthy ones, the good ones and count us
among those ones.” We must ask. This is one thing also that the
nation, the ummat has lost. It’s not asking. We used to go to the
mesjids and see old people sitting for hours opening their hands
crying and asking. When we were young we were saying, “Why these men
are crying so much and asking? What are they asking for? What do they
want?” They didn’t want anything worldly. And they are correct ones
who spent all their lives in the mesjids. That’s what we knew. They
were still sitting over there for hours and hours asking and crying.

This is what we have lost. Sheytan is fooling us. Sheytan is saying to
us, “Ah, the mercy of Allah is there. Don’t worry.” Then Allah is
saying to us through another ayat, “That Sheytan comes to you with the
mercy of Allah. Don’t be fooled by that.” You have to do what is for
you. You must carry what has been given to you. If you are not
carrying that then you have no right to be expecting the mercy of
Allah because you are not asking and you are not preparing. Man may do
all kinds of wrong things but if his heart is in the right way and he
is trying his best all the time, going out doing wrong things and
coming to the Presence of Allah, saying, “Ya Rabbi! I am a weak one.
Please forgive me.” That one may expect and wait for mercy. But they
are not even bothering to ask, they are not even bothering to say, “Ya
Rabbi! Forgive me.” Especially, in these days when you are speaking to
people saying, “Why are you not asking? Why are you not asking for
forgiveness?” They say, “I didn’t do anything wrong. Why do I have to
ask for forgiveness? I am okay. I am not bothering anybody. I am not
doing this and I am not doing that.” Hmm. That’s enough for us. So we
must take the past ones as examples. When we look at their lives and
compare it to our lives then we see that there are millions of years’
distance between us and them. They didn’t live for this dunya. They
lived for Akhirat. They lived for Allah (subhana wa ta’ala), they
prepared themselves for Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) and His Prophet
(sws). They watched everything and every step correctly (and still)
they were standing there and asking. That is the sign of servanthood.
The servant must ask.

In that Miraj Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is giving a big blessing to
us, to the nation of Muhammad (sws). A big blessing. The mercy and
blessings is given to the whole nation, to Muhammad (sws) and all
those who are coming after. It is the five times daily prayer.
I listened to some Sheykh in the video the other day saying, “Allah’s
Prophet (sws) made interfaith with Moses and Moses said to him, `Go
back to Allah and ask! He is Merciful! He will take it away! Fifty
times prayer is not good. You must drop it and you must get a
discount!'” Astaghfirullah al-azim wa atubu ilaih.

[That Sheykh was saying], “And finally Moses said, `Five times? Ask
Muhammad. He is Merciful. He must give you. Ask for nothing. No
prayers! Ask for no prayers!'”

The prayer for a believer is a blessing and you [that sheykh] are
saying, “I don’t want that prayer.” Hmm.

What is Holy Prophet (sws) saying to us? He is saying to us, “The
Miraj of a believer is his prayer.” So when you are in the prayer you
are reaching to Miraj and you are asking not to reach to Miraj. Eh,
if you are not reaching to Miraj then where are you going to stay? In
the dirtiness of this world. You are never going to be able to
separate yourself from dunya to akhirat.

But life is passing. Every single day we are getting older. I have my
picture there. I am looking at my picture and that picture was not
even taken ten years ago. It’s not ten years ago. All my beard was
completely black. I wasn’t having a single white in it. Now it’s
almost completely white. Huh. I don’t need anybody to remind me that
Azrail is waiting here (Sheykh effendi pointing to his neck). So this
world cannot fool you then because you are not running after this
world. You must not run after this world but you have to prepare
yourself from early ages. You have to get rid of the desires of the
world slowly and understand that you have been created for the service
of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala).

So Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is blessing this nation, blessing this
Ummat with the five times daily prayer. Understand the reality! The
prayer was an obligation to every prophet before. All prophets, from
Adam (as) up till Isa (as), were praying, not their nations. It was
not an obligation to their nations. But it was an obligation to the
prophets. Those who were reaching to high stations and running after
their prophets were praying. Holy Prophet (sws), before that incident
(Miraj), was praying. Abu Bakr Siddik (ra) and the other ones were
praying with him. They were strong ones. They didn’t want (the order
to be) coming to them directly. They said, “What will happen if we do
it? We are not going to lose anything. We will just be copying our
Prophet (sws). Prophet (sws) has been given the order to do it, so we
have to do it too.” This is what they were running to do. The weak
ones were not doing it.

Then Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) sent blessings to us, saying to
us, “Pray. Come to My Presence five times a day. That is the time
that I clean you out. Everytime you say `Allahu Akbar’ it takes away
every wrong thing that you did between the prayers. When you are
coming to My Presence and you are saying `Allahu Akbar’, all the
wrong things that you did up till that time will be falling down from
your bodies like trees dropping their leaves. So you will become
completely clean. When you get up from there to go out again you are
clean. You go out and do wrong things again, come back to the Divine
Presence again.”

The prayer is the Divine Presence for believers. When the believers
are pulling their hands like this and putting it in the back (during
the takbir), it means, “Ya Rabbi! We are throwing all this Dunya
behind us and we are standing right in front of You. You are watching
us and You are seeing us. We are not seeing You. We are simple and
humble servants. Accept this.” When you look at it that way then it
is a blessing. When you look at it the other way then you cry
saying, “Take this prayer away. Not fifty, not even five times a

And it is a sad thing to say that the Muslim leaders are saying this
in these days. Not the Muslims, but the leaders are saying these kinds
of stories, that they made interfaith, that Prophet (sws) was asking
advice from Musa (as). He didn’t know anything. So Musa (as) was
giving him advice. But aren’t you knowing that before he reached there
Musa (as) was down in Qudus praying behind the Prophet (sws)? You
think that the Prophet (sws) didn’t know? Yes, Prophet (sws) knew
everything. If anybody is saying that the Prophet (sws) didn’t know
then do you need to take advice from that one? Who is the Habibullah?
Musa (as) or Muhammad (sws)? Musa (as) is the Kalimullah. He is the
Kalimullah but Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) didn’t speak directly to him.
He spoke to the tree. Allah took Prophet (sws) to the Divine Presence,
in front of Him. He is saying to us in the Holy Quran that they came
so close (that it’s) like two bows’ ends coming together and they are
coming closer. What is the meaning of that? How are you going to
understand that through the mind? And Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) gave
to that Prophet (sws) fifty prayers a day because the reason of
creation for man is to worship Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). Nothing
else. Fifty times. When Prophet (sws) was bringing it down then Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) said, “Ya Muhammad, anybody who keeps these five
times prayers, I will give them the reward as if they are doing it
fifty times daily.”

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. We must understand this. We must not
become weak on our prayers. Don’t listen to anybody. If anybody says
to you, “Leave your prayer”, that one is a partner with Sheytan.
Sheytan didn’t want to make prayer, didn’t want to make sejdah and he
became Sheytan. He has been kicked away from the Divine Presence.
Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying to us, “Your value to Me only
comes as much as you come closer to Me.” And the closest way to come
nearer to Me is through the prayer, through your intention and through
your sincerity. You must keep that. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us
about the prayers, “The sign of a believer and the sign of a munafiq
(hypocrite) is distinguished by the prayers.” Among the believers
there were munafiqs. He said, “Those ones (hypocrites) only come to
the prayer when they want to make show at noontime and the afternoon
time. You will not see them in the morning or the Isha time. That is
the sign of munafiqs.”

We must be together for Fajr prayer. That is the most important
thing. The most important thing is to keep the Fajr prayer together.
If you keep the Fajr prayer together then during the daytime you may
miss here and you may miss there but you did the king of the prayers.
And Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is making it so easy. Two rakats in the
morning time. Two rakats, saying, “Come to My Presence and I will
grant you whatever you need daily. Keep Me priority. Put Me above
everything early in the morning and then later I will fix all your
jobs. You run and everything will work for you.”

Anybody who keeps it that way must check their calendars. You must
pull back the days, look and understand that in the days that you did
two rakats (Fajr prayer) sincerely early in the morning, you are going
to see that that day was running for you. That day was working for
you. But the day we are not running sincerely and we are just having
doubts, that day may have ups and downs. It doesn’t matter. Still we
have to come to the Presence.

The prayer is a blessing to the nation. Through the prayer Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) is giving to us what He has given, what He has
granted as presents to His prophets and through those prayers
inshaAllah ar-Rahman, when we fix ourselves, when we fix our
spirituality, our hearts, our spirits, when we take the control of our
ego in our hand, then we may disappear from the prayer lines and we
too may reach to the Divine Presence. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is the
Most Merciful and the Most Powerful one.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.