Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 16 Rajab, 1427 / August 10, 2006
Manhattan Dergah, New York City.

Auzu billahi min-ash sheytanir rajim
La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya Medet.

They once asked in the Divine Presence to the Holy Prophet (alayhi
salatu wa salam), one grand-size saint asked, “Ya Rasulullah, what is
the action that makes the believer to fall, one action that makes the
believer to lose everything?” Holy Prophet (sws) addressed saying,
“When a man interferes into something that does not concern him, he
will lose his honor in the Divine Presence.” When something does not
concern you, you have no power in it, you have no authority in that
and your words or your actions are not going to give any benefit,
don’t interfere. The biggest problem in today’s world, from seven
years old to seventy, from males to females, from a garbage-man to the
presidents, everyone is interfering into everything. Don’t interfere.
Say, “I don’t care. My business is with Allah.” Say, “I don’t care.”

(If someone says,) “Do you know what happened here?”

(Say,) “I don’t care.”

“Do you know what happened there?”

“I don’t care. It’s not my business. Allah knows. My business is with

Say it. Then you will find peace. Otherwise, anywhere that you are
sticking your nose in, the heaviness of that comes on your shoulders
too because you interfered. You cannot carry what is given to you. Are
you going to carry what is coming with the other actions? That’s what
happened today to the believers and unbelievers. Everyone is
interfering into everything. But the believers must know who is in
control. Who is controlling this world? Russia or America or China?
Muslims or Christians or Jews? Who is controlling? Who has the
authority of the world in His Hand as well as other creatures? Who?
Isn’t it Allah? Yes. Hmm.

When we are watching (we are seeing that) every single day the
situation is getting worse and worse. It’s not getting better. If
there is something that is a question mark to us then we must sit and
think to see what Holy Prophet (sws) said about this time. What did he
say? How are we going to act and what are we going to do? What is our
duty in that? Holy Prophet (sws) is addressing to us saying to us (the
whole Muslim world and the non-Muslim world knows this hadith), “After
me Khulafa-e Rashideen will come, the rightly guided Khalifahs will
come. They will rule correctly. After the Khulafa-e Rashideen, kings,
Maliks will come. After them Sultans will come who will rule correctly
and justly. After the Sultans Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) in His Divine
Wisdom will be hiding the Khalifah for one century and He will be
giving the ruling of the world to the unbelievers. They will rule
everywhere. They are the tyrants.” He said, “Everywhere every
government officials will become tyrants. If you are reaching to that
time then don’t interfere. Pull yourself away from them. Turn yourself
and ask Allah saying, “Ya Rabbi! There is nothing we can do in this
situation. We are asking and saying that we are not liking and we are
not approving what they are doing.” Say this. This will bring safety
to you. Anyone who will be like that will find safety. Anyone who runs
to change it, eh we have been seeing it for the last hundred years.
Anyone who sticks their nose thinking that they are going to change
and they are going to make it better, they are making it worse. One
problem becomes two, two multiplies to four, four becomes eight, eight
becomes sixteen.

“We don’t like this President. Let’s change it.”

They are changing that President. The new one is coming and it’s
making you to cry for the old one saying, “Oh, the old one was good.
This one is worse.”

“Let’s change this one.”

Eh, change. Another worse one is waiting. Hmm. So, Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) is giving to us, giving to Mankind, saying to us, “When you
leave the Sirat-ul Mustaqim, when you leave the right road that I put
for you, when you leave away, when you go astray from that road, then
I will elect and select the worst ones among you, the worst tyrants
among you and I will make them to become your leaders. They will rule
you and they will bring you into deeper hell then. Then wake up and
turn yourselves to your Lord Allah (subhana wa ta’ala).” If you are
not waking up then worse situation is waiting. Every time worse
situation is waiting for us.

Take lesson from history. Namrud [Nimrod] declared that he was the lord of the
earth. Didn’t he? He declared. All holy books are saying this. Not one
but all holy books are saying, from Tawrat to Bible to Qur’an it’s
saying that Namrud declared war to Allah. He declared war to Allah
through Ibrahim (alayhi salam). When Ibrahim (as) went to him and said
to him, “What do you have? And you are declaring war to my Lord?” He
said, “Where is your Lord? Tell Him to come. I am declaring war on
Him.” Ibrahim (as) came back and he said to him, “You are in trouble
because the Lord accepted your challenge and He said (for you to)
prepare your army and He is sending His army too.” He asked, “Where?”
Ibrahim (as) said, “Prepare your army anywhere and He is going to send
His army to you.” Before you know Namrud made all his soldiers wear
(today’s bulletproof vests. The bulletproof vests of that time were
different) all these metal protections around them. They were all
waiting and he was thinking, “Let me build my castle (high) up
surrounding it with glass to see what’s happening. I don’t even want a
mosquito to enter into this room.” Hmm. He started shivering. He got
very scared because of the unknown challenge. He challenged but he is
not knowing what is coming. And Ibrahim (as) was saying, “Prepare your
army. You are in trouble now. Allah is sending the army and I don’t
even know what kind of army He is sending to you.” Allah sent to him
the mosquito army, the army of mosquitoes. The sky was open. When
looking at it (you would have seen that) there was sunshine
everywhere. Then all of a sudden there were black clouds moving.
Nobody knew what was happening but those black clouds were mosquitoes,
the mosquito army, coming. Ibrahim (as) was saying, “Is this is the
army that you are depending on?” All those mosquitoes finished that
army instantly. They entered through every hole, eating them up and
their skeletons were all falling down.

Namrud was sitting in his palace watching and he was terrorized,
shaking and now he was hearing some (buzzing) sound coming. The holy
books are saying that he made the holes of the doors, the keyholes
(like a maze) through the underground that there were different ways
(with twists and turns) to enter through the holes. And one broken
legged mosquito was crying and saying, “Oh my Lord, I cannot go to war
with the other ones. My leg is broken.” Allah said, “Don’t worry. I
have saved you for something very important, for the lord of the
earth. You are going to finish that one.” That little mosquito entered
through that keyhole and Namrud was going crazy looking and thinking,
“I am looking outside (and seeing that) all these mosquitoes finished
everything. Now I am seeing that one is entering.” He was trying to
catch that one and that one was playing around with him. Finally, as
soon as he got tired it entered through his nose and started eating
his brain.

This is not a joke that Allah is joking and making a story for us to
understand. He is telling us and He is showing us who is in control,
who is controlling and who is ruling. No man today can declare the
same power that Namrud declared. He was ruling the world. He had all
the power in his hand. Allah did not count him for anything. He didn’t
even send him from one of his kind. He sent to him a broken legged
mosquito to finish him. He is mentioning this to us in every holy
book, not only in the Quran. If the Christians open their book they
will find it there. If the Yahudis, (Bani Israil not Yahudis), if the
Children of Israil open their book they will find it there too. If the
Muslims open their book they will find it there.

The Muslims became heedless and headless because their faith is shaky
now. They are not believing what they are reading there. They are only
believing what they are seeing, saying, “Ohh, they are coming! They
are sending planes and fire on top of our heads!” Yeah. Fire. Allah
sent to (other) nations fire too, (right) on top of their heads. But
the ones He wanted to save, He saved those ones. Nothing has touched
them. To the nation of Lut (as), the nation of Hud (as) and again in
the time of Ibrahim (as) when they went out of their way, they left
the Sirat-ul Mustaqim and they have pulled the curse on themselves.
This is because there are two tajallis that are continuously coming
down to the world. The mercy of Allah and the curse of Allah are both
raining down. People are running saying, “Fire is raining on me. Let
me find a shelter.” Nobody is running to say, “The curse is raining.
Let’s find a shelter. Where is that shelter?” That shelter is only on
the Sirat-ul Mustaqim, on that road. The curse is raining on all other
places now. Don’t stay in those areas. And I am watching that people
are running to make demonstrations. The curse is raining. Run to
demonstrations and you will be under more curse, calling to it more
saying, “Come to me more.” Hmm. Why are you not running to the mesjids
of Allah saying, “Ya Rabbi! We are weak servants. You are sending
these evil ones to destroy us. We are asking for help.” As Husayn
(radiyallahu anh) was saying, “I am asking You Ya Rabbi! If it is good
for us to be helped then help us. But if there is something in it that
we don’t know then give us the patience to be patient and to come to
Your Divine Presence clean.”

Why are these Muslims sleeping heedlessly? They are not taking the
lessons from history? That is the grandson of the Holy Prophet (alayhi
salatu wa salam), the Seyyid of the paradises. He sacrificed. Allah
sacrificed that one and he submitted himself to his Lord. The Muslims
didn’t run to make demonstrations (then). They didn’t run anywhere.
They ran to help for the beloveds of Allah to be slaughtered. Now
Muslims are running, running to the Christians saying, “Help us”, to
the Jews saying, “Help us.” This is what the Muslims are doing. Islam
is far away from those. Islam is high. To anyone who is going with
that lowest station (we say), “Either stay in this world with the
honor of Islam or go away from this world. It is better.” Millions
have died and millions are going to die. What is that running? Saving
what? If the one life that you have, you are not keeping it correctly
the way that Allah and His Prophet (sws) wants, then what is there to
live for? They lost everything today and they are running to lose
more. Don’t run after that. Look what Allah is saying to us, what
Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) and His Prophet (sws) is saying to us. Don’t
think that this is happening only now. From the Children of Adam (as)
separation happened and it’s continuing non-stop. From time to time it
happens under the ground and from time to time it’s coming above. But
mankind has never altogether run like this to build and support the
kingdom of Sheytan. Muslims, non-Muslims and everyone is running to
put one brick to support the kingdom of Sheytan.

He is the cursed one. He is the first one who interfered in the work
of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). He is the one who interfered. When Allah
said to him, “Make sejdah to Adam”, he interfered in the work of Allah
saying, “There is a mistake here.” Hmm. He is the first one. What
happened to him? He lost his honor, he lost his title, he lost his
high station and he became the cursed one from that time until the
Judgment Day and beyond Judgment Day. It’s because he interfered in
the work of Allah. Don’t interfere. Allah knows what He is doing. The
Awliya Allah are not interfering. They are pulling themselves back.
They are not looking and they are not seeing. They don’t want to see.
Those who prepared the fire are going to be burned in it. Don’t run.
Don’t run for saving others. No. Run to save your own self. Run to
say, “Ya Rabbi! I am your weak servant. I did commit a lot of sins. I
am asking for forgiveness. Forgive me.” This is what we have to do.
There is no other thing that you can do now. Once they have touched
this button, now this fire is circling everywhere. It’s taking
everyone in it. Those who are looking for safety must turn back to
their Lord, must run back to Allah and His Prophet (sws). If anyone is
looking for safety then they must run, they must look and they must
try to understand what Holy Prophet (sws) said. They must take those
words, kiss them and put them on top of their heads. Then safety will
reach to them. If they are not doing that then don’t have sympathy in
your heart towards them. Allah will count you among them.

Either we are with Allah or we are not. Allah is in charge. He is in
charge. And those people who made these evil things in this world are
going to pay a price. Don’t interfere. Pull yourself away. When the
Azan is calling run to your Sajjada (prayer-rug). Pray two rakats
extra saying, “Ya Rabbi! I am asking forgiveness for those beloved
ones that I have. Turn their hearts away ya Rabbi.” That’s the only
thing you can do. Nothing else. If there were something else to be
done then Holy Prophet (sws) would have told us. He told us not to
interfere when that time comes. No one is going to be able to change
that reality until one person appears. He said, “One person from my
lineage will come.” Mehdi (alayhi salam) is the one who will change
everything. Until he comes don’t interfere. Just try to keep your
faith strong and stay in Sirat-ul Mustaqim. Don’t think that the power
is in their hands. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is just making them to
punish each other.

Holy Prophet (sws) is addressing saying, “In Ahir Zaman every nation
is going to become enemies to each other, they are going to start
fighting with each other and they are going to turn Islam into
nationalism. Muslims are going to separate into different
nationalities and they are going to start fighting with each other.”
Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is declaring in His holy book the Qur’an,
“Only the believers are brothers.” He is not separating us through our
nationalities. If you are believers then you are brothers. Islam is
bringing them together. If they are finding separation with their
nationalities then they lost their faith. Look everywhere now. Muslim
nations are fighting with Muslim nations, not with the non-Muslim
nations. Muslims are fighting with Muslim nations because of
nationalities and because of land. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) forbade
us (to take) our lives among each other, to steal our lands and to do
wrong things to each other. They are doing it. Keep yourself away from

But the Holy Prophet (sws) is addressing, saying, “The worst is going
to come to those nations. When they leave the way of Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) He will make those nations to be separated inside themselves
and the same nation will be fighting with each other.” Is that what’s
happening today? The Turks are eating each other, the Pakistanis are
eating each other, the Afghanis are eating each other, the Arabs are
eating each other, the Iranians are eating each other, the Chechens
are eating each other and everyone is eating each other. They don’t’
need enemies from outside anymore. They separated into two different
sides and they are eating each other. What is your duty and what is my
duty in it? Pull yourselves away from that. From both sides, pull
yourselves away. Don’t interfere. This is the order that Holy Prophet
(sws) is giving to us, saying, “Don’t interfere Any cruelties that
they did, they are going to pay for it with their lives.” And this is
what’s happening today. If you know that you are a good one then save
yourself. Turn yourself to Allah and His Prophet (sws) and hold on
tightly to the guides that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has blessed us
with in this time. You must hold tightly to their advices. Their
advices are for us, not for themselves. They have already reached to
safety. Open Surat-ul Yasin. Every morning we are reading it. Read
(what it says). “Follow those who do not ask from you any fee. They
have reached to the station of safety. Follow them.” They are in this
world for us. Those who are looking for safety, they can see them from
a far distance. Anywhere you are sitting and you are saying, “Ya
Rabbi! I am looking for that safety”, they will open ways to you.
Don’t worry. If there will be fire everywhere in this world, they can
reach to you. Ask and they will come. Ask sincerely. You will find
safety. Otherwise, there is no safety in the east, west, north or
south. The whole globe is in big trouble.

They are running saying, “We are going to stop terrorism.” Hmm. Where
is it stopping? Every single day we are seeing worse happening. Worse
and worse. Before you used to carry bags (in the airports) and so many
things inside the bags. Now they say, “You cannot carry knives.” Okay,
they took the knives. Later they said, “You cannot carry nail
clippers.” Okay, they took that. Now they say, “You cannot carry water
or any kind of liquid.” Good. Next they are going to say, “Take out
your clothes. We have to watch you. Only with your underwear you can
go.” (Sheykh effendi smiles). Safety. Huh! Is this what mankind is
running to do? Is this the safety that they are running to get?
Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen.

Pull yourselves away and keep your honor. The honor comes with Islam.
Anyone who drops Islam lost their honor. They lost their honor in the
Divine Presence. People may give votes to them, today they may make
them the presidents, but the next day they will bring them to hang
them. This world has seen that all the time and it’s always seeing. We
must escape from this world. From Dunya to Mawla. That is the
direction that the believer must turn to. The believer must know, “I
am reaching to Maghrib time but I don’t know if I am going to reach to
Fajr time.” That’s how a believer must prepare himself. And (he should
be) saying, “Ya Rabbi! If it is good for me to die then take my life
clean. If it is good for me to stay then keep me in this life.”
Everything is under the protection of Him. We cannot protect anything.
We cannot protect even our own selves. He is the Protector. We must
turn back to Him and we must insure ourselves with that. If we don’t
insure ourselves with that then you can insure yourself with the whole
world’s insurance companies but they cannot reach to you. Impossible.
They cannot reach to them. Impossible. If we insure ourselves with
Allah and His Prophet (sws), if we insure ourselves with Allah, His
Prophet (sws) and His beloved ones, then we have found safety in this
world and in the hereafter. If we don’t, if you don’t, then live as
you like. If these words are not suiting you then leave them here. I
will take them to myself.

Live as you like. You are entering to your own grave by yourself and
they are closing that grave with you in it by yourself. Whatever you
are sending there that’s what you are going to find. If you are
sending your egoistic actions and desires into that grave then that’s
what you are going to find. Or, as Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is
saying, “You are fighting against your ego. When you make that ego the
Mutma’in ego that is pleased with Allah (subhana wa ta’ala is pleased)
and He is pleased with that ego, enter to My Paradise.” If you are
looking for that then this sohbet, this association is for you. If you
are looking for this world, the benefits of this world, then you have
nothing to gain here. Don’t spend your time (here). Please go out
quickly and run after this world because you don’t have too much time
also. Those who are running after this world don’t have too much time.
Those who are running for Mawla have great days waiting for them. It’s
not only what is coming with Mehdi (alayhi salam) but what he is
bringing after too. Anyone who has tyranny in their hearts someway
somehow (to any one of us, to any one of them or to someone at all)
should prepare themselves for that punishment. Turn yourself saying,
“Ya Rabbi! I am asking help and support from You against this tyranny
that is inside of me. Clean me from that.” Then you will be counted in
the book as `The people of Mehdi (alayhi salam)’ and you will be among
those that the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) praised and he is
giving salams saying to his Sahaba, “I cannot wait to meet my brothers
in the Judgment Day.” They said, “Ya Rasulullah, aren’t we your
brothers?” He said, “No, you are my companions. My brothers are those
who are going to come in the Ahir Zaman. Everywhere everything is
going to be for their ego but they are going to leave that way and
they are going to run, they are going to hold on tightly to my
traditions. Those are my brothers.” And he said to them, “I am giving
them salams in front of you.” Holy Prophet (sws) is sending salam to
us, whoever is coming until the end of times.

Salam aleykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu Ya Rasulullah. We are
sending salams back to him, endless salams.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.