Tuesday, February 24th, 2009


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Thursday 24 Jumad al-Ahir, 1427 / July 20, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York

Auzu billahi min-ash sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

We are asking support from our Sheykh to send us what is necessary for
us in these difficult times and difficult days that we have entered.
More difficulty is waiting for the believers. For the unbelievers
disaster is waiting.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

We must know that we came from Allah and we are returning back to
Allah. We must keep this alive in ourselves. If we fall into
heedlessness and we forget that the angel of death, Azrail is going to
reach to us, then any day that we are forgetting we are getting into
trouble. We must keep it alive in ourselves. We must prepare
ourselves. We are believers. We have to live like believers, not only
talk like believers or to sound like believers. We must live like
believers. We must take whatever Allah and His Prophet (sws) ordered
us and put it in our lives. We must not sit and wait to think that we
are going to have the control of this world and the luxury of the
world in our hand. No. We must not even ask for that. The more that is
coming the heavier burden is coming with it these days to everyone who
is holding.

Once, after the Holy Prophet (sws) passed away from this life and Abu
Bakr Siddik (radiallahu anh) was the Khalifah, some groups of Muslims,
believers, uprised and said, “We don’t need to pay Zakat. We have to
stop paying Zakat.” The Khalifah declared war on them. Abu Bakr Siddik
(ra) gave order and they went to a war. So many hafez of Quran were
dying in that war. That’s why they later came to say, “We must collect
the pages of the Quran and put it together.” Up till then they didn’t
want to do it because that wasn’t the sunnat of the Prophet (sws). It
was to pass from man to man. But all the hafez were dying in that war.
Think and understand! They went to war not against people who were
running to destroy Islam. They were people who uprised against the
Khalifah saying, “We are not going to give Zakat. We are doing
everything else but we are not giving Zakat.” And Khalifah declared
war on them knowing that so many hafez of Quran were dying and the
Quran was disappearing even. He was saying to them the hadith of
Rasulullah (sws) that, “The one who is not giving Zakat has no prayer.
The one who has no prayer has no Islam.” Today in the east, west,
north and south the Muslim people are in trouble and the biggest
problem is that. They stopped giving Zakat.

Let’s put that aside now. When Umar (radiallahu anh) was the Khalifah,
he heard that some things were not going right in Damascus, in Sham.
The rulers in that area were doing some things that were not fitting
to the sunnat of Rasulullah (sws) and he wanted to see it firsthand
with his eyes. He took the person who was helping him (not to say
`slave’ but the person who was helping the Khalifah), and together
they went to Damascus. As the Khalifah was traveling, sometimes he was
traveling on the camel and sometimes he was coming down putting the
person who was helping him on the camel and pulling it. He was crying,
saying, “Ya Khalifah, you must be on the camel.” He said, “No. We must
be just.” Traveling (thus) he came to Damascus. He looked around. He
went around and saw. And he was seeing certain things that were not
making him happy because he had seen the Holy Prophet (sws), how he
was living and what he was doing. They were changing certain things
because of worldly matters and he was very sad.

He knew that Abu Darda (ra) was also living in that city. He asked his
servant, “Go see where he lives. We must go to visit him too.” He
found him and they came. It was dark. Abu Darda (ra) didn’t know. They
opened the door and entered inside. It was one room. Abu Darda (ra)
said, “Who’s there?” Khalifa’s helper said, “The Amir-ul Mu’mineen is
here.” He said, “O Ya Umar, are you the one who came?” He was very
happy. He got up and hugged him. Umar (ra) looked at his place. In all
the other places everyone was living in luxury. The only thing he saw
in his place was a prayer rug and nothing else. He said, “Ya Abu
Darda, you are a great Sahabi. I told you not to leave Madina. There
would’ve been something for you there. Look how you are living here.”
He said, “Ya Umar, don’t you know the hadith of the Prophet (sws)?
Have you forgotten? These people have forgotten here and they are
running for the luxury of this world. Have you forgotten what Holy
Prophet (sws) said?” Umar (ra) said, “Remind me.” He said, “Didn’t
Holy Prophet (sws) say, `You only need from this world as much as a
traveler needs.’ We are travelers in this world and this much is only
what we need. We must concentrate on it. The day that the believers
break that they are going to lose everything.”

This is what happened to us. We lost that faith. Never mind about
losing it. We don’t want anyone reminding us too. And this world is
fooling young, old, women, men, female, male and so many millions.
They are running, running after dunya. Day and night everyone is
sitting and calculating, “How much business am I going to make, from
where am I going to make money, how am I going to make it, what am I
going to make and how am I going to make it.” We are travelers in this
world. We may own the whole world but we are going to have lots of
questioning. We must try to live simple lives. We moved out from the
city life. We moved to a completely simple place, a village. Nobody’s
going to come to check our house to say, “You have this luxury and you
have that luxury.” Alhamdulillah, we have everything. Allah gave us
everything. We must concentrate on holding on tightly to our faith and
what came to us from Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). Worse is
waiting for us. So many of this mankind, from officials to religious
people to everyone, so many people are betraying so many things only
for this dunya. If Azrail comes and takes your life now, your life or
my life, we will just be going empty-handed. We cannot bring anything.
We must concentrate on that matter. We must look at our faith and we
must look at our submission, how much we are submitting to the one
that we believe in.

We must take lessons from history. Abu Jahil, Abu Lahab and Abu Sufyan
were the people who had the most luxurious lifestyle. They had the
world in their hand. Except Abu Sufyan, the other ones lost. Abu
Sufyan came around after Prophet (sws) came back to Makkah, and he
accepted Islam. He became a Sahabi. The hearts of the other ones were
sealed. They couldn’t turn away. There is a reason why Allah sealed
their hearts. When they were running to do harm to the Holy Prophet
(sws) they were running with hatred. They were running with arrogance
and they were running with whatever they had to spend it to destroy
that Prophet (sws). Abu Sufyan was easy on those things. He was not
pushing it so much. Once Abu Lahab was loving the Prophet (sws). He
lost the love. When he lost the love he fell into darkness. This is
what’s happening to the majority of the Muslims today. They are losing
that love. They are losing the love of the ones that Allah loves. Once
you lose that love you are falling into darkness. Whatever you are
doing is not helping you then. It may help a little bit in Akhirat but
in Dunya it’s not going to help anything. We must run to build that
love to the ones that Allah loves.

They have not disappeared. They have just pulled themselves out from
that mess because they are obedient to the Holy Prophet (sws). They
are not interfering into anything. If one of them comes out then the
light comes out. They will finish the problems one, two, three. They
are not doing it. They are pulling back. Everyone pulled back and now
the whole mankind is in bigger trouble. The biggest trouble is waiting
for mankind because today in Cyprus they banned Sheykh Mevlana from
giving khutba anymore in public places. He pulled himself out. He
didn’t fight for it. He pulled himself out. There was one person
always standing in public, speaking what Holy Prophet (sws) left,
warning people and saying to them what to do. They didn’t want that
anymore. Allah sealed their hearts and they banned Sheykh Mevlana. He
is not going to khutba. Whatever he is making is not official anymore.
He is speaking only to those who are accepting. He is not speaking to
those arrogants anymore. Big problem is waiting for mankind. They cut,
they shut down and they closed the door of Rahmat. Rahmat is not going
to reach to them. Rahmat is only going to reach to those people who
have Sheykh Mevlana in their hearts and who are keeping Sheykh Mevlana
as a priority. If not then Rahmat is not reaching to the other ones
too. No more general Rahmat is coming to them. They are going to cry
and scream a lot.

The sad thing is that there are also other people involved, Muslims
are involved who going here and there, running to make that order to
happen. They think that nobody knows. They think that Sheykh Mevlana
doesn’t know too. He knows and those in whose hearts he is sending
also knows. They are going to cry a lot. InshaAllah we will not be
among those. I remember these things, not now, but when we were
children. They were doing the same thing. They were running here and
there to stop Sheykh Mevlana. Everytime Sheykh Mevlana was coming to
Cyprus, giving khutba in Famagusta especially, they were being very
arrogant and trying to stop Sheykh Mevlana sometimes later or some
days later. There were brave people then. One of them was my father
(rahmatullah aleyh). He was working with the British Police and he
knew the news of what was happening. Anytime they were gathering
together to come to arrest Sheykh Mevlana, he was taking him instantly
from one city to another city. One day he did the same thing. He heard
that that’s what they were going to do. So he put him into the car and
he brought him all the way to Papos, to the other end of the island.
Things were quiet there then. He came back to the town. Those
unbelievers were getting together in one coffee-shop and my father was
sitting there all the time watching their activities. One of them
arrogantly said to my father (rahmatullah aleyh), “What did you do
again Fuat Efendi? You stole Nazim Efendi again from being arrested?”
He didn’t say anything. He was sitting on the chair. He got up, he
turned and he threw that chair right above his head. The chair became
a hundred pieces. He said to him, “Say the same words again and the
second chair is going to destroy you. As long as we are living in this
world, none of you are going to be able to touch that Sheykh.”
Alhamdulillah, they passed from this world. So many people are around
but no one is talking anymore. Sheykh Mevlana is not going to say to
them, “Go and talk and scream.” Those people were brave. They were
speaking. They had no fear. They put their lives in front of Sheykh
Mevlana. They were ready to die for him. Allah supported them and
supported Sheykh Mevlana.

This is the way it was supposed to happen. It’s happening. We must
know that worse happened to the Sahaba-e Kiram. Those evil ones were
killing them just because they were believers. They had no safety in
their houses at nighttime or daytime, nor their children or anything.
But they didn’t give up. You must hold on together. It is not the time
to hate each other. It is the time to love each other for those who
believe in the same way. You may have differences. You must put the
differences aside. Everyone is created by Allah (subhana wa ta’ala)
and everyone has rights. We must watch out correctly. We must try to
do what is for us and try to live with those people who are really
believing and sacrificing. Not to fall into our ego, run here and
there and think that we are going to change something. It is only our
ego. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying to us, “Without His
permission and without His knowledge, a dry leaf will not fall down
from its tree.” Whatever is happening is happening with His permission
and His knowledge. The duty for believers is that they must hold on
tightly, they must look at what each other’s benefits are and must try
to protect (each other). Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us, “When
one’s lands and rights are under attack, all believers must support
that one.”

We lost this a long time ago too. We must come back to our senses, at
least to those people with whom we are believing in the same way, in
the same tariqat and with the same Sheykh. We must hold on together.
If we do that we will be the winner. If we don’t do that then we will
be the loser. Allah does not need us. We need Allah. Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) is going to complete His religion. He does not need us. We
need Him. We are asking and begging for Him to make us from those who
are going to complete this religion. But the duty is very heavy. We
must know, we must try to live according to that, we must try to hold
on according to that and to know that whatever happens to us, the
Shahadat is the only thing that is going to save us. If we say the
Shahadat, if we believe in the Shahadat and if we hold on tightly then
safety is with that Shahadat.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.