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Maple sap is extracted for only six weeks early Spring, as trees wake up from their slumber and water runs up from the roots. The sap is collected literally drop by drop, so the quantity of tapped tree bark is the key. This tad sweet water is boiled and evaporated to produce a natural syrup. It usually takes 35-40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup!

Mehmet Ali's Maple Syrup

Below are videos of Mehmet Ali extracting from a variety of maple trees, and a local syrup production facility in Bainbridge, NY. Maple syrup makers are easily spotted by the vapor clouds that rise from the boilers.



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Juma khutba delivered by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 6 Ramazan, 1427 / September 29, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Alhamdulillah wa shukr Allah.
Astaghfirullah al-azim wa atubu ilaih.
Medet Ya Seyyidi, Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

We are thanking our Lord Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) and asking
forgiveness for our shortcomings. He has created us from a drop of
water. The beginning is that and the end is only a handful of dust
that is going to remain of a man. Between these two, from beginning to
end, He is giving a body to us and He is watching our behavior. All
orders, from the beginning of Adam (as) to the Last Prophet, the Seal
of Prophets Muhammad (alayhi salatu wa salam) Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) sent 124,000 prophets and so many books just for man to reach
to the most perfect station, Ahsani Taqweem. He has created us as the
most perfect one. When we reach to maturity we start moving left and
right and our ego takes over. When the ego takes over and when man is
running after his ego, then he is no longer worshipping his Lord, he
is worshipping his ego. Whatever the ego says that’s what he does.


So there are two roads, two roads going in opposite direction from
each other. One is Haqq and the other one is Batil. One is truth and
the other one is false. There is no other way. So man is given
intelligence and is given freewill to choose which side he is going to
go, which side he wants to go. The Lord of Heavens has created man to
be in Sirat-ul Mustaqim. But when man is turning his face to the other
side and starts running after his ego, he is turning his back to the
Sirat-ul Mustaqim and continuing to the opposite direction. When he is
continuing in the opposite direction then Sheytan becomes his guide.
The cursed one, the one who has been kicked away from the Divine
Presence, that one becomes the guide to him who lost the direction
from the Sirat-ul Mustaqim.

Whatever station you are in, don’t think that Sheytan is going to come
to say, “Oh, don’t pray, don’t do this and that.” No. If he sees that
you are holding the prayers tightly then he will fool you from the
other side praising your ego up. If he sees that you are keeping the
zikir strongly then he will fool you from the other side. He is not
trying to fool you from the side that you are holding on tightly. It’s
the opposite. Whichever side is weak, if you give him something, he
takes inch, meter and before you turn left and right he starts ruling
you. When you are under the ruling of Sheytan you are no longer the
servant of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). You may be making sejdah but
your sejdah is not accepted, you may be making zikir but your zikir is
not accepted, you may be fasting but your fasting is not accepted. But
from the other side, even if you do very little for the sake of Allah,
it’s accepted. On the other hand, if you are sitting twenty-four hours
and praying and just putting a little proudness to yourself and taking
credit to yourself and saying, “Oh, I am doing something”, ego knocks
you down instantly and it takes over.


We must be careful. All these prophets came to teach us and to show us
not to fall into the hands of our ego and not to get fooled by that
ego. If man is getting fooled by the ego in this world and he goes
with that from this world then it will be very hard for that man to
save his faith. Everyday Sheytan is running left and right to make the
person weaker towards his faith. You have to have faith willingly. It
is with freewill. You are saying ash-hadu an la ilaha illallah wa
ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu, through the tongue and
believing it through the heart freely. It’s not like some squareheads
now left and right in this world who are saying, “Islam came by sword”
or “Islam is a forceful religion” or “Islam is this religion or that
religion.” From the porter to the Pope everyone is trying to attack
Islam. No! It shows that they are under the hand, under the control of
their ego. They have not seen anything of what Jesus brought to them.

If the Jews are attacking (Islam) then they have not seen anything of
what Moses brought to them. They have deviated from that road. If they
are seeing correctly, if they watching correctly what Jesus and Moses
brought to them then definitely that road must bring them to Islam. If
they are not watching correctly and they got fooled by Sheytan again
somewhere somehow then we may say, “Stop there! Don’t pass your
limits!” There are over fourteen hundred years (wherein) billions of
people have been declaring, “Ash-hadu an la ilaha illallah wa ash-hadu
anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu.” Every single day it’s growing. Do
we have the force now? The sword to run after them?

Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Islam is the religion of intelligence.”
When you are holding tightly to the intelligence and when you are
watching the signs of intelligence then the road will lead you to
Islam. There is no other way. You may be delaying a little bit because
you are going slow, but the end must be the road of Islam. But not so
to those ones who are reaching to the top of their religious figures
today and they are daring to attack the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa
salam). They are under the control of their ego and Sheytan. Nothing
else. If they are attacking Islam then it shows that they have not
seen anything, any values from their own religion too.


So, we Muslims are more heedless because we are running after them. We
are running after the West and the western ideologies. But Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) is opening their faces to us saying, “Look, this
is what is inside of them (those ones who are hating Islam.” He is
saying, “Look, is this what you are running to?” Run. Although they
say, “Eh, we are okay with Islam,” but from time to time Allah makes
them to speak. They only speak what is inside them. They bring it out.
Muslims are still sleeping. They are saying, “Yes master, yes Mr. John
Pope, yes your highness, yes, yes.” This is what the Muslim leaders
are doing. They go and they say, “Papa hazratleri.” Astaghfirullah
al-azim wa atubu ilaih. Saying to that one hazrat? Hazrat? Wait, wait.
Somewhere somehow those Muslims leaders have also not understood the
message of the Holy Prophet (sws).

They are running to say, “We are making dialogues.” Jesus (alayhi
salam) came before the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). When Prophet
(sws) came, did he run to make dialogue with them? Or did he said to
them, “Here, this is the formula. La ilaha illallah muhammadur
rasulullah. If accepting then you are entering to the Sirat-ul
Mustaqim. If not accepting then you are staying short.” He didn’t run
to bow in front of them saying, “Yes, we must give something up for
them to accept Islam.” No. The Prophet (sws) didn’t. Christianity was
still there at that time. After that the Sahaba-e Kiram came. They
didn’t. They made treaties with them. They didn’t go bowing down to
them saying, “As you like.” They said, “As the Lord of the Heavens
likes. Not as you or I like.” The rightly guided khalifahs came and
right after them the kings came and the sultans came. They all made
dialogues up to the limits saying, “The only way that we are going to
sit and go further distance with you, you must say, `Muhammadur
Rasulullah.” We are saying, “Jesus is Rasulullah, we are saying, `Musa
is Rasulullah’, why are you not saying, `Muhammadur Rasulullah’? In
order for this dialogue to continue you must say it. Say, “He is a
prophet but I am not accepting him.”


Say. As the Habashi leader said in the time of the Prophet (sws). He
(sws) sent to them a letter. The envoys came to him. That king knew.
He said, “In your Book it’s saying that the Seal of the prophets is
going to come and he is going to come in the Hijaz area.” He said to
his priests, “What do you think? Is this the one? Go and check out
that one. If that is the one then send a messenger to me quickly. I
must go to him.” The head of the priests said, “Yes your majesty.” He
took over four hundred scholars with him traveling and trying to come
to the Holy Prophet (sws) in Medina and next to him was his brother.
They were traveling and coming to see the Prophet (sws). His brother
was sincere. The head one was not sincere. When on the way the horse
(of the brother) got scared from something, it jumped and he almost
fell down from the horse, he was pretty upset, saying, “All this is
happening because of this man that we are going to.” He tried to curse
to the Prophet (sws). His brother (the head of the priests) closed his
mouth saying, “Don’t say anything!”

When he closed his mouth he looked at him and said, “Why my brother?
Why shouldn’t I have said anything about that one?” He said, “Don’t
you see that is the one? That is the one that Jesus has spoken about.”
So his brother was more surprised saying to him, “If you know that
that is the one and you are the head of our church, why didn’t you say
to the king so the king would’ve traveled with us, going and visiting
him and accepting him?” He said, “Oh my empty-headed brother! Don’t
you see? Don’t you see where he came? He is living in the desert. If
we are accepting him then we are not going to have the same luxury
that we are living in. Don’t you see that we have golden canes, we
have golden crosses, we are living like kings. We have the power and
authority to bring down kings and to appoint new ones. They cannot
change us but we can change them. If we are accepting that prophet
then how is it going to be? We have to give up from this.” His brother
said, “Oh, I understand now. I understand.” He kept quiet.

In the beginning he had sincerity with himself. So when they came to
the presence of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam), with that
sincerity as soon as he looked at the Prophet (sws) he said, “You are
the one. Yes, I am accepting you.” He kissed the hands and feet of the
Holy Prophet (sws). His brother looked and said to him, “Come to this
side!” He said, “I am not going to. This is the real Prophet and I am
going to follow this one. I am not even going back there anymore.
Dunya is what you are running after.” Hmm. So that one said, “Ya
Muhammad, we know that in your religion if we pay taxes then you leave
us alone in our religion.” Holy Prophet (sws) said, “Yes, I leave you
alone. I leave you alone. You changed your Akhirat for this Dunya.”
And those ones went back to the Habashi king and they said to him, “He
is not that one. We should wait a little bit more. We are waiting for
that one to come.”

They are still waiting. Fourteen hundred years came and passed. Holy
Prophet (sws) came and passed. Some of them are still waiting. Hmm.
Some of them are sincere and some of them are not sincere. That head
of priests at that time is the same as the head (Pope) in this time.
The same. Same mentality. If they are reaching to that high station
and they are not seeing the reality of Islam then they are in the same
mentality. Something is wrong somewhere. There are some different
plannings somewhere. The Muslims must wake up to understand, “Oh, yes.
That was also during the time of the Prophet (sws). This is what
happened and it’s continuing to happen.”


So if they want dialogue then they must say, “That’s the prophet. We
are accepting him as a prophet but we are not accepting him as our
prophet. We are accepting Jesus.” They have to at least say that. They
are not saying that. Why are you going out of your way? For what?
(Sheykh effendi smiles). Something is wrong with those ones too (who
go out of their way to make dialogue). Why are you running after those
ones and you are not running after millions of people that are in the
streets? Millions! If you speak to them two words they may accept
Islam. They are all empty. Why are you not running after them and you
are running after that one, those top ones? They have lots of worldly
wealth maybe, huh? Everything is coming down. Anyone who is running
after false, the false is coming down. Anyone who is holding to the
false, they are coming down with the false. Anyone who is holding
tightly to the truth, the truth is rising now, opening. It was only a
handful of people. Don’t think that it was millions and billions when
Holy Prophet (sws) came. No. There were less than forty people sitting
in Makkah for years. “Immigrate”, Allah said to him, “Now immigrate.
Move from that town to the town where nobody knows you.” He was
supposed to be become weaker because he is leaving his hometown and
going to a town where nobody knows him. But instantly he became
stronger. His light reached to Medina. From Medina that light reached
to east, north, south, west and everywhere. Today, there is no corner
in this world where the light of Islam didn’t reach. You are still
saying, “Islam is the religion of violence”? Huh, there’s violence
inside of you. You must get rid of that violence.


Why are you quoting from one squarehead person that said something?
Why you are not quoting from millions that came to this world who left
their names, who have found so many big things, and they have quoted
the Holy Prophet (sws)? Although they didn’t accept Islam but they
have quoted the Holy Prophet (sws). They left a name. Hmm. Something
is wrong somewhere. Muslims must wake up. As you like. You don’t have
to wake up too. The one who is going to wake everyone up is coming
soon and that is not coming with, “Yes sir, no sir, yes Papa
hazretleri, no Papa hazretleri.” No! He is coming saying, “This is the
last religion. This is the Shahadat. This is the flag of Allah and His
Prophet (sws). Anyone who is running after the truth must unite under
this flag. Anyone who is not accepting this must separate.” That’s
what’s happening. It’s the beginning now inshaAllah ar-Rahman. We must
hold on tightly to our faith. Sheytan is running non-stop to hit our
faith left and right. We must hold on tightly.


Two roads. One is Sirat-ul Mustaqim bringing people to the road of
Paradise. The other one, the false road is bringing people to the
doors of hell. Whichever side you continue traveling, that’s where you
are going to end. Look at yourself and find, “Am I in Sirat-ul Mustaqim?”


Then continue. “Am I not in Sirat-ul Mustaqim?” Sit down, turn around,
put your senses together and turn back. Turn back from that road
because the end of that road is disaster. This is to you, to me and to
anyone who is hearing these words. These are the words that the Holy
Prophet (sws) brought to us. Two roads. Our Lord is ordering us
saying, “Two ways. There is not a third way. The truth and the false.
You must be on one side.” At least your heart must be on one side. If
you don’t know then at least you have to hold on to one side more
strongly. Your heart must say, “I am holding this side or that side.”
Then you have a freewill and you are entering into paradise with your
own freewill. Man is entering into hell with his own freewill (too).

You are giving the Shahadat with your own freewill and if you are
giving support to Sheytan and your ego, then before the angel of death
is coming and taking your life Sheytan may be pressuring more and you
may be giving that Shahadat freely also. He may appear in different
forms saying, “Look, you are on the deathbed. Give me this and I will
find you this way, that way and then you will be finding safety.” If
your faith is not strong, if the man’s faith is not strong then even
if he is a hundred years old, not a hundred, even if he is a thousand
years old, he is still going to look to live a little bit more. If
faith is strong then he will say, “Who are you? Huh? You are coming to
fool me? I am waiting all this time to reach to my Lord and you are
coming to fool me? Get lost from here! (Sheykh effendi smiles). You
may say that to Sheytan then. Otherwise, you may fall to the trap of
that Sheytan.

If we are holding tightly to the holy ones, if we are holding tightly
to the guides that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has provided us with for
this time, for this Ahir Zaman, if we don’t put doubt in our hearts
about them then there is no way that Sheytan can fool us. Our service
may be very weak. Maybe we do broken salat, broken fasting and
everything is broken. Maybe none of them is fit for the Divine
Presence. Yes. But because we are holding tightly to the holy ones,
Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) will order His angels, “Take this one’s weak
service and throw it into the oceans of those holy ones. I am
accepting it with that ocean.” InshaAllah ar-Rahman

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib.

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

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Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday, 8 Shaban 1427 / September 1, 2006
39th Street, Manhattan. New York.

Auzu billahi minash sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Sultanul Awliya, medet.

Allah is testing real faith and fake faith. And the test comes like
this. There has to be opposition (for us) to say, “We are defending
the Truth.” And Allah is testing people’s real faith to see which
direction they are moving. And they are choosing a side. It (the wrong
side) has to be there. It was not there until the 1900’s. It was there
but hidden, in a very small amount because Islam was ruling officially
until 1923 and really until 1908. When Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan was
removed from the chair, the ruling of Islam finished. He was the last
ruling Khalifah, Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan II (Jennat Mekan). After that
one, two, three more khalifahs came but they didn’t have the power in
their hand. When the Khalifah doesn’t have the power then he is no
longer ruling. Because he is not ruling, Islam is not ruling.

So up till that time Islam was ruling. Topkapi Palace is where the
belongings of the Holy Prophet (sws) are, his jubbahs, his teeth, his
beard, his sword, all other things and what the Sahaba left to us
physically, is there. And the Prophet’s (sws) flag is there. They (the
Ottomans) made another one like that and early in the morning right
after Fajr prayer with official ceremony every morning they were
pulling the flag of Islam. The flag was open (which meant,) “Islam as
a government is ruling and the headquarter is here.” It was saying,
“Islam’s headquarter is here and the ruling of the east and west,
north and south, believers and unbelievers are under the blessing of
that flag.” The Quran was open and recitation of the Quran was
continuing twenty-four hours non-stop, circling. Not from cassettes,
live Hafez people were sitting over there for one hour reciting, one
finishing and another one coming reciting for one hour openly, (and in
this way) the Quran was circling twenty-four hours. Twenty-four hours
it was never stopping. Quran was being recited from the headquarters
twenty-four hours, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five
days a year for over four hundred and thirty five some years. Non-stop.

Islam was Ruling. In the holy places east and west they put holy
people who were following the four mazhabs aqida, the four mazhabs
way, and they were given jurisdiction according to the time and the
need of the people. So Islam was Ruling. The sword was out and the
Shariat was ruling. When somebody breaks the rules and the laws of the
Shariat and the Shariat is ruling, it will not be, “Oh, this is my
cousin” or “This is my brother”, “That’s my mother” or “That’s my
father.” No. You can buy today’s courts very easily. At that time you
couldn’t because Islam was ruling. As people today say, “Allah is
ruling”, (but He is ruling) through the hands of those ones that He
has appointed and they were not weak like women. Today they lost the
identity. Women is given different emotions, characteristics and
everything is different and the man is different. Those who were
ruling and representing Islam correctly, they were not even allowed to
cry in public. Whatever pain comes to them they had to be standing
strong. Their children were falling down, their wives were falling
down, dying, this was happening, that was happening, but they were
standing powerful because they knew that everything happens with the
permission of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala).

Today all that has changed. Islam is no longer ruling. So now when we
go back watching that time and we look at this time, and we go back
trying to find through the hadith of the Holy Prophet (sws) what will
happen after Prophet (sws) leaves this world physically then we are
finding that Holy Prophet (sws) said, “After me there will be
Khalifahs coming and ruling.” Khulafa-e Rashideen, the companions of
the Holy Prophet (sws) and the best ones among the whold mankind. They
came and ruled. Right after the Khulafa-e Rashideen other Sahabis and
Tabiin took over and the kingdoms came. Now Islam is not only a
spiritual teaching but it’s also a worldly ruling. In worldly ruling
there has to be some government ways to rule. At that time Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) chose Islam to be ruling with the power of
Kingdom, the Sultanate, the Maliks, the Sultans has to rule, not
giving votes, buying the votes, later sitting on the chair and later,
“We don’t like you. Let’s throw you down and get somebody else.” Even
if the Khalifah is a little bit crooked like this or like that, it
doesn’t matter. Blessing was coming down because the chair was not
empty. It was occupied.

They ruled according to those nations. It’s not that the Khalifahs
were not correct ones. They were correct ones. Allah chose them. When
the nations started becoming weak and were asking to have something
that they didn’t deserve and didn’t work for it but they were running
to cheat here and there, Allah put a stronger one to rule them. There
was a governor in the time of Harun ar-Rashid (who was a rightly
guided Khalifah) and he was sent to Iraq, today’s Iraq. He was the
tyrant Hajjaj. Hajjaj. Do you know that one? History is saying that he
was a tyrant one. But he was not a tyrant one. He was a strong ruler.
He was not a weak one. He was a strong ruler. Khalifah chose that one
and sent him to the troubled area saying, “Go to this area. This area
is good for you because your sword is always out and you are ready to
cut.” When he came and he made an announcement saying, “Everyone must
come to the Central Mosque because there is a khutba and everyone must
hear it. Everyone must come, especially the officials who are doing
something with the government.” Everyone came sitting but there were
people at that time in that area who were cursing the Khalifah. As
today’s Alawi idea people are cursing, (in the same way) they were
cursing the Khalifah and Khalifah sent Hajjaj there saying, “Go over
there and rule.” He came and he gave the khutba paper to that Imam who
was representing him, saying, “Go up there and read the khutba to
them.” He stood up and he said, “The Khalifah of Islam is sending his
salams to you.” Everyone started boiling inside. They were upset but
they were not saying anything. The Imam said, “Auzu billahi minash
sheytanir rajim. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Selam aleykum wa
rahmatullah wa barakatuhu. The Khalifah is sending his salams to you.”
As soon as they heard the name they were showing their anger to the
Khalifah. He tried to continue but Hajjaj was looking. He said, “Stop
there!” He said to them, “Look at me. The Khalifah, Khalifatullah, the
one who is representing Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) on the face of the
earth, he sat down and he put his arrows in front of him. He chose the
worst poisoned arrow and he sent it to you.” He said to them, “He
chose me. I am the worst poisoned one and he sent me to you.” “Now
hear me good”, he said, “The Khalifah is sending his salams to you.”
Right away they started, “Aleykum selam wa rahmatullah…”. “It must
be!” he said, “You must be giving response to that.”

Taking the paper he said, “Now, the Khalifah is saying that some of
your heads here have started growing, growing beyond their bodies.” He
gave them the khutba and he said to them what is necessary and what
they have to do. Then he took out another list and he said, “As soon
as this conference here finishes, all the names that I am going to
read now must come to my office.” He said, “I am not asking you. It is
an order to you that in this many hours you must come into the
office.” And he recited those names who were uprising and who were
uprising people against the Khalifah. He said, “You must come to my
office.” He went back to his office. He said to his deputies, “When
they come, let them sit over there. Look what happens and you watch
too what kind of ruler came to this part of the world.”

They came and he said, “You! How do you like our Khalifah?”


He said, “Walk through that door. Not a good response. Executioner!
Get that head off.” Instantly.

“You! What do you say?”


“You go too. You?”

“Ah, Khalifah is good.”

“You are a hypocrite. You’ve been saying this, this and this all this
time and now you are saying this? Get his neck off!”

All the names that he called he cut their necks off right away. Hmm.
He said, “If there are any other heads that are growing beyond the
bodies, they must go. And that’s why I am here, to cut those necks off.”

So even that one who looks as if he was a tyrant was not that tyrant.
He was ruling with the authority. He wasn’t a tyrant. He was sent to
that area because that kind people needed that kind of ruler. Not a
ruler with mercy. No. He said, “You are passing beyond your limits and
you are cursing to the Khalifatullah? Huh? To the Khalifah of Allah
you are cursing? Come here!” He said, “These heads are not necessary
to be in these bodies.” He got rid of them. There are so many stories
that Hajjaj has. We are leaving it here now for people just to
understand where we are entering, how Islam is and when did this
weakness enter into us.

We will give you another example. Call that one a tyrant too if you
want. Sheykh Shamil, the Lion of the Mountains. Not lion that is the
donkey kind. No. The one with authority who was taking it from the
Divine Presence and using it. When they martyred the one who was
before him fighting against the Russians, they all came and they said,
“O Imam, We are choosing you to be our Imam and our leader to continue
this fight.” He said to them, “Choose somebody else. Don’t choose me.”
They said, “You are the one who best fits to this.” He said, “Maybe,
but you don’t fit to the kind of orders that I am going to give to
you. You don’t fit to those criteria.” They said, “Ya Imam, we are
going to give bayat to you and until we die we are not going to
change.” When all those leaders came, he said to them, “Are you all
sincere with your promise?” They said, “Yes.” He said, “Then I am
going to tell you what I need, what I want and after that you come and
give me bayat under these conditions. If you give me bayat and later
you change it then know that you will become my worst enemy and I will
put you into the book of betrayers. It doesn’t matter then in which
level of station you reach in Islam.” They said, “Ya Imam, we accept
it.” Then he said to them, “In this fight that is going on with Russia
for so many years, we are not fighting for land and we are not
fighting to provide a better lifestyle for ourselves. We are fighting
for the sake of Islam and because of that we are never going to sit
down and be comfortable until we have our freedom from the hands of
the unbelievers.” They said, “Ya Imam, is this the condition that you
are putting on us?” He said, “Yes.” They said, “This is what we are
here for, this is why we are running to you.” He said, “No. My tactic
is different than the other ones. With what I am going to use against
the Russians now, I am going to drive them crazy. And they are going
to attack our villages. They are going to start killing our wives and
our olderly people. They are going to destroy our villages and they
are going to kill our children. We are going to move up to the
mountains. Coming back we are going to protect whatever we can. If we
cannot then we are going to move back up to the mountains. These
villages are going to stay unprotected. Then when you are going to see
that you are losing so many things, don’t come to me to change this.
Then I will put you in the book as betrayers. Are you accepting this?”
They said, “We accept.” He said, “Then give bayat.” They all gave bayat.

Sometime later when Sheykh Shamil started with his tactics, taking the
secrets from the Awliya Allah and hitting left and right, the Russians
were going crazy. Whatever he said was happening. They were hitting
the villages now saying, “This way we may make them to become weak.
Kill their children, their wives, this and that, and this way they may
come down and ask for a peace treaty.” The Russians sent some envoys
saying, “All you have to do is sit and make a peace treaty with us and
we will stop from everything. We will help you. We will help you to
build your nation again. You will be under our ruling. Nothing else.”
Some of them started becoming weak right away. They wanted to change
but they said, “This is what Imam Shamil said. We cannot change. What
are we going to do?” So Sheytan came to give them direction saying to
them,” You don’t have to go to the Imam. Use your wives. Use your
women. Send them to the Imam’s mother and the Imam’s mother is going
to speak to him. So this way he will not know who is that one. Only
the mother is going to say, `O my son, the Russians are asking this.
Let’s make a peace treaty’, and he is not going to punish his own
mother. So he will change.” And that’s what happened. The women came
saying, “O our mother, we would like to continue this but you know how
it is happening. All our young generation is dying…” and endless
stories. Weak. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) created the women that way.
Weak. Right away her heart couldn’t carry anything anymore and she
came to her son saying, “My son, I have to speak to you about
something very important.”

“What is it my mother?”

“About the matter of the Ummat.”

“Don’t you dare speak to me about the matter of religion and the
politics that we are in.”

“My son, you must listen to me. So many people are suffering and this
and that.”

He said, “My mother, they poisoned you. Hmm. They poisoned you but you
are going to pay the price. Since you dared coming to ask me this you
are going to pay the price.”

And he said to them, “No one is going to do anything. I am entering
into seclusion. When I come out then I am going to make the decision
whether I will still be your Imam to see who is with me and who is
not.” He entered into seclusion and no one dared coming to say to him,
“What are you doing?” Hmm. He sat in seclusion for three days and
three nights not eating, not drinking, meditating twenty-four hours
and finally he came out. All villagers circled around waiting what the
Imam is going to say. He said, “I made my decision. My mother,
although it’s not her fault so much and I know who came and poisoned
her, but because she used that title being my mother and came to
weaken my position, she will be punished with a hundred lashes
according to the Shariat rule. And because she is my mother, I am
going to intercede for her as the Imam. I am going to give her more
pain than a hundred lashes.” He chose the strongest men among his
people, giving them the lash saying, “I am taking the hundred on me
for my mother. So now you are going to lash me a hundred times.” Then
he opened his back and said, “If I die, like Umar (radiyallahu anh)
you are going to continue until the hundred is finished.” It’s because
Umar (ra) did the same thing to his own son. Everyone said, “Oh
Sheykh!” He said, “The ruling is given. My mother is going to watch
from there me getting the lashes.” He gave it to his men saying, “Hit
it.” When he hit once, he said, “It’s not like this.” He put it with
mercy. So he said, “Like that.” He started hitting him, saying, “A
hundred lashes to me like that.” And he got a hundred to himself. Then
he got up and made another speech saying, “From now on if anybody
attempts to do that again, it will be death penalty to those people.”

He won. He didn’t win the war maybe but he won his Akhirat. And all
those people who were with him sincerely won their Akhirat too. From
that time until now those people who didn’t break the laws of Islam
while they were fighting for that cause, they won. Those who deviated
just a little bit saying, “Well, let’s put just a little bit of
foolish thing in it. The Russians are doing this to us. So we have to
do the same thing”, they lost.

Islam was ruling. Now Islam is not ruling. Holy Prophet (sws) is
saying to us, “After me, the Khalifahs will come. After the Khalifahs,
kings will come. After the kings, Sultans will come. After the Sultans
the time of Jababirah, the tyranny time will come. Everywhere in the
east, west, north and south and in every country the tyrants are going
to rule. If you live in that time, try to run away from government
works.” This is what Holy Prophet (sws) is ordering. “If you are
living during that time, I only give you two advices. Speak the truth
and be patient. You are not going to be able to change anything.” He
said to this Sahabis, “A time will come to my nation that they are not
going to be able to speak the truth and they are not going to be able
to stop people from Munkar, from wrongdoings.” So the Sahabis said,
“Ya Rasulullah, what kind of believers are those people going to be?”
He said, “Worse is going to come to them. They are not going to be
able to do that outside. Leave outside. They are not going to be able
to do that inside, to their family members. They are not going to be
able to say what is right and what is wrong. Nobody is going to
listen. Everybody is going to rule as they like.” The Sahabis were
more surprised. Then Prophet (sws) closed the gap a little bit more.
He said, “Worse is going to come to them. “What is it Ya Rasulullah?”
the Sahabis asked. He said, “They are not going to be able to speak to
their own children. They are not going to be able to change their
wrongdoings and wrong things. Their hands are going to be tied by the
governments. They are not going to be able to change and raise their
children in the way of Islam. They are not going to be able to speak
to their wives. Their wives are not going to listen to them. They are
going to say, `Democracy’ and they are going to say, “Feminist
rights’, `women’s rights.'” All these Prophet (sws) is saying, They
said, “Ya Rasulullah, what kind of believers are they going to be?”
You know vinegar is very strong. If you put any kinds of worms in the
vinegar it will die. It will not live in it. But vinegar has its own
kinds of worms that will stay in that vinegar. It will live in that
vinegar. He said, “Those of my nation in that time who are going to
try to live a correct lifestyle are going to be like those worms
inside the vinegar. They are going to live. And my salams to them.” He
is saying from that time, “My salams and my blessings to those ones.”

Hmm. These are the times that we are in now. So many people are not
understanding what is really happening in this world because they are
not understanding how Islam will rule and what is the ruling system in
Islam, and people are fighting and arguing (on this matter). Sheykh
Mevlana saved almost millions of people’s lives. He gave everything
from himself. He didn’t take anything to himself from any people. I
know. I grew up next to him for so many years and I have been watching
him and his activities for so many years. He is not taking anything
from anyone. If he takes something from you then don’t think that he
is taking for himself but he is taking and giving it to those ones who
needs it. So he is not taking anything to himself. He worked all his
life for his food. No one can say, “I have fed Sheykh Mevlana.” No. He
did not eat one penny haram in his life and he did not speak one wrong
word in his life. He is concentrating from that time until now and he
is showing (he is not even attacking), he is showing his dislikeness
to democracy systems. Nothing else. And the governments know what kind
of help he did to the mankind. So many people were ready to commit
suicide and he saved them. So many people were in drugs and he saved
them. So many people were addicted to so many kinds of wrong things
and he saved them. So many families were ready to get divorced to
destroy themselves and he saved their lives.

He only did good things. Not only we know it but those governments who
are running after him know that too. The Cypriot government was
bankrupt. All those people who were coming from Europe or foreign
countries (to visit Sheykh Mevlana), the money that they were bringing
into the country, the Deutch mark, the foreign currencies that they
were bringing into the country was enough for them to circle around
their jobs. Still they are attacking him. Still they are running after
him because he didn’t say what they are asking. He didn’t say, “Yes,
democracy is a good system.” Sheykh Mevlana has to say only one word
and look tomorrow (how everything is going to change). As some groups
are doing, which I am still not understanding. They are announcing
about Sheykh Mevlana to the Turkish authority that he is the Mufti, he
is the Hanafi scholar Mufti of Cyprus. They are still announcing that,
they are still running after him and they say, “He is a Mufti.” But
Sheykh Mevlana is banned to go to any mesjid to even speak. Mufti? Why
people are still insisting on that to say, “He is the Mufti. He is the
highest authority in Hanafi fiqh.” Hmm. I am watching. There must be
something wrong somewhere. He is not a Mufti. He is not an official
Imam, alhamdulillah, because if he was an official imam then he would
be in big trouble too. He has to speak what the bosses want. He is not
speaking what they want. He is speaking what comes to him from the
Divine Presence. And he is still not attacking. He is just saying to
people what they have to do to find safety. Nothing else.

So they are running after him. He is an over eighty years old man and
now they are banning him from making khutba. Hmm. There must be
something wrong somewhere. Put your heads together and understand.
There must be something wrong. He is an eighty years old man. Why are
you stopping him? He has been speaking for so many years. Hmm.
Something is wrong somewhere. Of course, you don’t have to be an
Awliya too to understand certain things, how things are working, when
you know how political movements are moving and some people are moving

Leave that part aside too. We don’t want to interfere into that
dirtiness. That is a dirtiness that is happening behind the doors. But
the people who are doing that are only fooling themselves. They are
not fooling anybody else. On the Judgment Day everything is going to
be opened in front of the whole world. Allah is saying to us and to
everyone, “Do you think that you are doing something behind the doors?
You may get away in this world. If Allah is not forgiving you then He
is going to open your dirtiness in the Judgment Day in front of
everybody. Where are you going to go then?” So that’s what’s happening
to the nation, that’s what’s happening to us. We left the way of the
Holy Prophet (sws) and we are running, asking, trying to get medet,
help from the unbelievers. And the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us,
“The Jababirah time will enter.” It doesn’t matter which government
anywhere. It is Jababirah. They have entered into that category.
Muslim countries and non-Muslims countries. Everywhere.

So the Khalifah moved from the chair and the Khalifah is not ruling
now. So no more blessing is coming. Because no more blessing is
coming, now all wrong things are opening, coming to the surface.
Before, the Khalifah was there, more blessing was raining and in the
east, west and everywhere there was proper ruling. As I said again,
you don’t have to become an Awliya Allah to understand. The one
biggest mistake that the Muslim people today have is that that they
don’t know the history. First, you have to check the history. Open the
pages back a little bit. Turn it back. Look where the trouble started
and since then if the trouble stopped. When did it start? Right after
Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan the trouble started everywhere in the world.
Non-stop, twenty-four hours a day. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “The
blood is going to move like a river on earth.” Is it happening today
or not? Squareheads think that there is going to be a river running
with blood like that. No. Look everywhere. Every single day. Look at
Iraq. Huh? They brought democracy. Mashallah democracy. At least fifty
a day die. They didn’t like Saddam but not one was dying in his time.
He was getting the heads off those he didn’t like. That’s it. At least
the ones who were staying away from the tyranny of Saddam were living
comfortable lives. Now nobody. Now you cannot go to the mesjids.
Before you know the mesjids blow up. The mosques blow up everywhere.
Huh. You are running to change things from the way of Allah and you
want to put your ruling system to the world? Look. Look what else is
coming behind this. And those who are helping these systems are going
to be burned with that too. No safety. It doesn’t matter imam or
sheykh. Run. Run. Put a little bit more fuel, help them a little bit
more and look how much the fire is going to eat you up too.

So what is the Holy Prophet (sws) ordering to us? He said, “If you are
reaching to that time speak the truth. If it’s necessary to speak then
speak the truth or keep silent. And be patient. That’s all.” Holy
Prophet (sws) is saying, “If you know that you are a good one and if
you know that you have a weakness don’t go in the frontlines. Stay
behind. There are so many other lions who are going to move to the
front. When you are occupying the front then they are not going to
move. They don’t fight for that. They won’t drag you back. Move back.
Let the lions to go front. You are not even a cat anymore. They are
not listening to you. Move back. Let the lions to stand.” This is what
happened to us, to our nation, to the nation of Muhammad (don’t think
that I am saying Turkic nation, Pakistani or Arab. To the nation of
Muhammad sws).

This is what happened to us. We have been separated. We have been
separated in so many different flags, different nationalities and that
is enough for us to eat each other. Because of this baloney democracy
nations inside have separated into ten, twenty, forty or fifty
different parties. Fifty different parties mean it’s democracy.
Democracy has so many parties. Yes. You have to have so many different
divisions. Muslims? Is this Islam? Is this how Islam was ruling? Is
this how Islam is supposed to be ruling? Later everyone is saying,
“Democracy is coming from Islam. Abu Bakr Siddik was elected. And Abu
Bakr Siddik, Prophet’s grandsons, Muhajireen and Ansars divided. So
they had different parties. It’s democracy. And they were debating.”
Hasha astaghfirullah. They say that the Prophet’s (sws) grandsons were
debating with Abu Bakr Siddik or the Ansar were debating with the
Muhajireen. They were fighting for who is going to rule after the
Prophet (aleyhi salatu wa salam). This is what they are saying. I
don’t think that person or those people who are believing in that kind
of thing have any knowledge of the history of Islam. Leave anything
else. Or, they have the knowledge but they have a different aim. We
don’t know. We are not responsible. Everyone is responsible from what
they say for themselves. We are not responsible for what they say.

If you like, you follow that way. If you like, follow what we were
just saying. We are not saying to you, “Follow us”. No. Follow your
own intelligence, your heart and your own faith. Nothing else. No one
is standing in front of you to stop you from growing. No. We want
people to grow and we want people to move forward in the way of Allah.
We want them to reach to higher stations. You cannot reach to higher
stations when you are dismissing the teachings of the Holy Prophet
(sws) and when you are dismissing the teachings of the Sahaba-e Kiram.
Yes, there were some people who elected (Abu Bakr Siddik ra). Seven
people elected the Khalifah. The majority of those seven people later
became Khalifahs. So they were at the same level of the Khalifah and
they were just electing (not because of election-election), but they
were just saying, “Because the Prophet (sws) did this to us and said
(such and such), so we must choose the olderly person”, and that’s
what they did at that time. They put Abu Bakr Siddik (ra). No one was
going to stay, no one was going to fight saying to Abu Bakr Siddik
(ra), “No, no. I have to be the Khalifah.” How is it going to be said
that the grandchildren of the Prophet (sws) established a party and
they were debating with Abu Bakr Siddik? Who? Hasan and Husayn? The
grandchildren. Hasan and Husayn were debating against Abu Bakr Siddik?
What kind of mentality is this? It must be coming from western
ideologies, from western ways of teachings.

So it’s not how much you know or how much you read. You may memorize
the whole Quran by your heart. What is Holy Prophet (sws) saying? “In
Ahir Zaman there is going to be so many Hafez. They are going to
recite the Quran but the Quran is not going to enter below their
throats. It’s not going to enter to their hearts. They are going to
recite and they are going to make people hearts move. But the Quran is
not going to help them.”

We are asking forgiveness for all things that we have said, inshaAllah
ar-Rahman, we are asking Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) to correct us for
the wrong things that we have said and make us to follow the good
things and the right things that we are saying. We are not claiming
anything. We are just trying to be good servants. We are sharing this
knowledge with you. Everyone is free to accept or not to accept.
That’s what I am seeing and that’s how I am walking. If anybody wants
to accept then welcome. We walk together on this road. If anybody
doesn’t, choose any way as you like.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.



Timur riding the Morgan “Yildiz” (Star) in Winter 2009 at the Osmanli Dergahi, New York.



Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi

Saturday, 2 Shaban 1427 / August 26, 2006.
Stamford, Connecticut.

Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya Medet.

(Sheykh Efendi was conversing with the guests and one of them asked
him the following)

Q: What was the religion of the Turks before Islam?

Sheykh Efendi: The Turks came from Central Asia. They came from
Erganakon. The Turks are the most rooted nation on the face of the
earth. They are coming from the son of Nuh (aleyhi salam), the one
that went to Central Asia. After they came out from the ship he went
to Central Asia. Nuh (as) had three sons. Sam, Ham and Yafes. Yafes
went to Central Asia, stayed there and children came from him. The
Turkic nations are coming from the generations of Yafes. All Turks are
coming from him. Yafes had a son whose name was Turk. In the
dictionary Turk means powerful, strong. From that generation the Turks
are coming. They were living in Central Asia.

So at that time in Central Asia they slowly started deviating from the
religion. The Turks started believing in what we call Shamanism. You
know Shamanism? Shamans. But the Turks were always believing that
there was a God living in the sky. He was not like humans. He was
living in the sky. That was the religion that they were believing in.
When Prophet (salatu wa salam) came, he said to the Sahaba, “Don’t
fight with the Turks. Go and give them the religion. They are going to
accept easily.” It’s because they were believing that there is a God
in the sky. There were Gokturks (sky-turks), Ayturks (moon-turks) etc.
Some groups were believing that the God is living in the sky and some
groups were believing that the crescent is supported by the God. So
they were taking that, The Gokturks, Hunturks (Hun Turks) and all the
other ones.

When Islam came they accepted easily. When they were following the
Shamanism religion, at that time in that part of the world Buddhism
was also very active. So some groups of Turks started following
Buddhism. They were highly spiritual people. But really the rulers of
the tribes kept it strong through generations because the Turks are
always living with tribes and they are looking at the leadership. They
don’t want to separate from the leadership through history. When in
Erganakon, right in Central Asia, the water finished and everything
finished, they had to come out. But there was no way out form that
area. So they started melting the mountains from the inside, they
found roads and they came out from top of the Himalayan Mountains and
then they separated into different groups and different tribes. Three
tribes moved up to the north from Central Asia. One tribe stayed in
today’s what we call Mongolistan. They stayed there and they turned
into Mongolians. The other went up to Siberia and they stayed in that
area and the other tribes moved and circling around Alaska they came
to America (and became) what you call the Indian-Americans (native
Americans). Indian-Americans are coming from Turkic backgrounds.


There are profiles for nations. For rooted nations there is a profile.
The nations that later break away, like today’s Hungary, those whom
you call the Hungarians, are Turks. Hun Turks. Finlandians are Turks.
Fin. They are coming from Turkic nations. But because they left the
religion of Islam and they took Christianity, it’s lost. So many
tribes in Bulgaria are also Turks.

Q: So the Turks of the existing nation of Turkey, what was their
religion 2,000 years ago?

Sheykh Efendi: Shamanism. Some Buddhists and some Shamanists. But they
were always believing, in the Shamanism religion they were believing
that there is a God. The Turks never worshipped idols. They didn’t
accept idol-worship. So when Islam came they said, “This religion fits
perfectly to us. This is what we believe.” But some leaders knew that
it’s not going to be helping them. So they uprised against them (the
leaders inclined to Islam). There are other groups where the king took
over and cut the necks off those leaders who uprised because they were
very powerful. They finished that part and they accepted Islam. When
the kings accepted Islam their whole nations accepted Islam. So Islam
started growing in Central Asia very fast and going everywhere from
Central Asia at that time. This is before the kings of that part (of
the world) started accepting Islam. For instance, Iran was not
accepting, the Persians were still not accepting at that time. But the
Turks accepted it in Central Asia.

So they were standing between their area (Persia) and Central Asia and
they were becoming a big powerful nation. It was a big threat to
Persia now because they cannot fight anymore. The Seljuk Turks were
coming. The Seljuks were very powerful. What happened was that there
was a time that a big separation was happening, the Shia and the Sunni
separation was happening [late 10th and early 11th century A.D.]. Now
the Seljuk King (Togrul Beg) got inspired to come and understand from
the ruling (Abbasid) Khalifah. (He thought), “This is the grandson of
the Prophet (sws) and I have to go visit him, watch what he is going
to say and I am going to go according to that.” So the Turks were
moving from Central Asia and they were fighters. No nation was able to
stand in front of them. If they aimed at something they would knock
them down easily.

So when the Seljuk King was coming with his nation, he was putting
guards everywhere. He secured everything because he knew the idea of
what was happening in Persia then (what we call Iran now). He knew
that the Shia ideas were moving up and the Sunni belief was going
down, disappearing. He had to choose a side. So he decided to come to
Baghdad to see the Khalifah first. But he knew that Iran was a very
powerful nation. So he put his soldiers (at key points) saying, “Keep
everything under control until I visit the Khalifah. After I come, we
are going to decide which side we are taking.” The (Seljuk) King was
an illiterate man. He didn’t know how to read and write. He said that,
“When I came to the presence of the Khalifah inspiration started
coming to me that I must help the Khalifah for the Ehl-i Sunnat way to
rise again.” It’s because when the Ehl-i Sunnat slowly finishes, Islam
is going to sink completely. So he decided to take the Ehl-i Sunnat
way and he became a very big power against Iran, hitting certain areas
and crushing down the beliefs of the wrong Shiite understanding. He
was moving towards the Middle East because in the Middle East they
(Shiites) were also becoming very powerful, in the Egypt area and
everywhere. He was crushing those down and then he put borders because
the Byzantines and the Greeks (the Europeans) started attacking Islam
[the Crusades]. So they started putting barricades in front of them.
They were the first ones to fight against the European attacks,
standing right over there and stopping everything.

So because they helped the Ehl-i Sunnat way so much, the Khalifah gave
them high titles saying, “You are the rulers now for the Army.” They
started ruling from then, slowly continuing, continuing, going back
and forth and so many things were changing slowly but they were
becoming powerful until the time of the Ottoman Empire. When the
Ottomans came to power, they went to Egypt where the Mamluk Turks
(they are Mamluks that came from today’s Cherkezistan, i.e. Circassia)
were ruling. They were the paid soldiers. After a while the Mamluks
took over the whole country and they were ruling. When the Mamluks
started deviating from the way of the real correct faith then Sultan
Selim (the Ottoman ruler) gave ultimatum to them saying, “I am coming
there to take the Khilafat from you. If you fight with me then I am
going to crush you down completely.” So when they were passing through
today’s Sinai desert (which they couldn’t pass with all their
equipments and Sultan Selim passed it with his soldiers). They (the
Mamluks) said, “It is impossible to pass this desert.” They (the
Ottomans) passed the desert, he (Sultan Selim) came to Egypt, he took
the Khilafat from there, he circled around to Damascus, he gave big
authorities to the religious figures there who were believing in the
Ehl-i Sunnat way and it spread everywhere and he went back to
Istanbul. Since that time until 1923 the Ottomans were the ones who
were ruling as the Sultan and the Khalifah. The whole Islamic world
was under their banner.

(Sheykh Efendi then continued speaking on other topics).



We have celebrated the annual commemoration of the martyrs of Çanakkale (pronounced Chanakkalé) with a mawlid on Thursday night. The actual day was Wednesday, March 18th.

Sheykh Abdul Kerim Efendi reminded us of the significance of this battle as the last real jihad authorized by the Caliph, the Sultan in Istanbul. This 19th Crusade to destroy Islam failed as a consequence of about 250,000 martyrs, mostly young men aged 18-25. It marked the triumph of spiritual and religious power over state of the art materialistic power.

Fatiha on their souls.


Below is an ilahi composition by the Osmanli Dergahi murids and the lyrics in Turkish. Can someone find a translation?

Chanakkalé Ichindé | [Download]

Çanakkale içinde vurdular beni
Ölmeden mezara koydular beni
Of gençliğim eyvah

Çanakkale köprüsü dardır geçilmez
Al kan olmuş suları bir tas içilmez
Of gençliğim eyvah

Çanakkale içinde aynalı çarşı
Ana ben gidiyom düşmana karşı
Of gençliğim eyvah

Çanakkale üstünü duman bürüdü
On üçüncü fırka harbe yürüdü
Of gençliğim eyvah

Çanakkale içinde bir dolu testi
Analar babalar ümidi kesti
Of gençliğim eyvah

Çanakkale’den çıktım yan basa basa
Ciğerlerim çürüdü kan kusa kusa
Of gençliğim eyvah

Çanakkale içinde sıra söğütler
Altında yatıyor aslan yiğitler
Of gençliğim eyvah

Çanakkale’den çıktım başım selamet
Anafarta’ya varmadan koptu kıyamet
Of gençliğim eyvah!



We often overlook the spiritual guide’s jelal (majesty and wrath) state. Not all Murshids have this characteristic. It is unmistakably genuine and oddly charismatic. This picture of Sheykh is a stern warning to my pharaonic ego. I say this with regret but a harsh dose of reality.


(Thanks to Haydar Ali’s Flickr photos at Osmanli Traveller’s Photostream)

Sheykh Jelal ed-Din Rumi (qs), known as Mevlana in Turkey and Rumi in the West, was not named with jelal in vain. The jelal state has real substance that is supposed to scare the rebellious ego, to hold it under control, amongst other things. Consider this picture of Jelal ad-Din Rumi below, which I prefer over the popular image of him with a bowed back and a tilted neck out of humility in the presence of his Lord.




Tuesday 15 Jumad al-Ahir, 1427 / July 11, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

(After reading from the sohbet of Sheykh Mevlana Nazim, a murid asked:
“Great saints like Abdul Qadir Geylani didn’t have so much. Then after
a certain point they were living like kings. What’s the secret behind

Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

It was just said in the sohbet. The world is given in their hand and
under their authority. But they don’t have it for themselves. They
have it for others. He wasn’t sitting and eating like that too. He was
eating only to show people that he was eating. But Allah is saying
that those who reached to that station, their eating is counted as
worship, their sleeping is counted as worship and their talking is
counted as worship. There was a Sheykh who was always giving advice to
his murids about these three things, saying, “Don’t do these three
things. Don’t eat too much, don’t sleep too much and don’t talk too
much. One day some person came from somewhere and the murids heard
that this man is a Sheykh. In the dergah he was talking with them. He
was talking non-stop. The murids were listening to him. When he was
going to sleep he wouldn’t get up. As soon as he gets up he starts
eating non-stop. The murids were thinking, “This man talks like a
Sheykh but our Sheykh taught us that a man shouldn’t drink too much,
eat too much, sleep too much and talk too much. This one is a Sheykh
and he is doing the opposite.” They went to their Sheykh and told him
what happened. He said to them, “There must be something wrong. But
let me just go and look at it.” That one was a hidden one. When the
Sheykh came to him he looked and said, “Don’t you know Allah says that
those who reached to that station their eating is worship, their
sleeping is worship and their talking is worship?” He said, “Yes.
Please, you must speak to every one of us from now on.”

There is a test that Allah puts people through with their lives.
Today, everyone is playing games saying, “Ah, I am under the test.”
There are a couple of questions, whether you give answer to them or
not, you pass. The (real) test is not like that. Allah put those
people through that test with their lives. If they passed that test
then everything was given to them because they were not for Dunya,
they were for Akhirat. Everything was under their authority.

Abdul Qadir Geylani (qaddasallau sirruh) was living alone in the
mountain. He wasn’t running to find food or other things. He was
keeping himself busy with Allah. He wasn’t worrying and running to pay
rent or work saying, “I need this and I need that.” No. He said,
“Allah is going to provide me with what I need. If it’s necessary for
me then He is going to.” That was the submission that he had. He was
worshipping. And whenever it was necessary and he really needed to eat
something, he would find some grass, which I remember from my
childhood that we were doing that on the mountain. We were finding
some kind of mountain grass [greens] that doesn’t need to be cooked
and we were eating it. And it fills you up. What do you need? The
water is there too. What else do you need? What is the need of man?
Man has to know first what his need is. But today’s people’s need is
never ending. There is no end to their needs. They are piling
everywhere and before you know it they are scared to use it too.

They were not like that. They were going through tests which Allah was
putting. He (Abdul Qadir Geylani Hazretleri) passed the test. He was
eating grass, water and keeping himself busy with Allah only. He
wasn’t running around to teach people too. He didn’t care if he was
going to be a Sheykh or he was going to have these many people
following him. No. He was not running for that. So Allah was looking
at his sincerity. Then Allah inspired him, saying to him, “Go down to
Baghdad and live like a king from now on. Eat like a king, live like a
king and give the secrets to people.” He got the command. He didn’t
worry to think, “How am I going to live like a king.” He said, “Allah
is moving me.” While Allah was moving that one and when he was
entering to Baghdad, Allah was inspiring the richest man in Baghdad
saying, “Go to the entrance of the city and you are going to find My
servant coming. From now on you will be his servant. Serve him and you
will find safety in Dunya and Akhirat.” The man had faith. He had the
money too. He had the wealth. He built everything and he realized,
“Oh, this is what I built it for. So I must go to see the owner who is
coming.” So he went, he saw Abdul Qadir Geylani (qs) coming and he
said, “Please, come to be my guest. Allah is ordering me to serve
you.” He had a place like a palace. He (Abdul Qadir Hazratleri) didn’t
run to build it. Allah built it for him through other people. And he
wasn’t using it for himself. He was using it for other people again.

So alhamdulillah, it is easy for Allah. It is not easy for man. When
he gives a little bit he starts shaking, he starts worrying, he starts
counting, he starts thinking and he starts planning. But Allah has
endless treasures. It (submission) is not by words. Sheykh says to
that one, “Give this to that poor one.” These days they don’t give it
to the Sheykhs also. If Sheykh says, “Bring the treasure and put it
there”, what do people say? What are they going to say? “He is trying
to fool me. He is trying to steal from me.” Sheykh doesn’t need that.
He is not for Dunya. He is in Dunya but he is not for Dunya. He is in
Dunya for people, for their safety. Nothing else. If it’s necessary to
take things away from you then he has to take things away from you
because of your love and attachment to that. So many people say, “I am
so generous” but they are so much in love with those things. They make
show that they are generous but they are not really. So Sheykh touches
from this angle, that angle, moves it a little bit. As soon as he
touches the button then `grrrr…’. Now he says, “Huh, that is in your
heart. Dunya is in your heart.” As long as dunya is in your heart no
love of Akhirat is going to open. Impossible. You are not going to
smell Paradise when the Dunya is in your heart. But when the Dunya is
in your hand then yes. (Sheykh Efendi picks up a saucer with his index
finger and thumb). This is how he was holding the Dunya. He had to,
because he was living in Dunya.

What are today’s people living for? Leave the unbelievers. What are
the believers living for? Dunya. Millions, for Dunya. That’s why they
are not running to tariqats and to Sheykhs to give submission because
submission comes with everything that you have. Not only by word
saying, “I am submitting myself to you.”

“Are you submitting?”


Then Sheykh has the right to say to you, “Take out your clothes and
put it there too.” Do you think that the one who has authority on your
spirit doesn’t have authority on your wealth and your health? He can
take it away from your hand so fast. And it is a blessing if the
Sheykh says to you, “Go bring me this, bring me that and give me
that.” It’s a big blessing to you. But this mentality is gone today.
People lost this faith. People lost faith these days. Murids lost
faith, people who call themselves murids, not murids-murids (real
murids). Murids will never lose faith, the ones who are murid. But the
ones who call themselves murids, some of them lost this faith. As soon
as you touch they start bargaining with you. What is the bargain? Can
a slave bargain with his owner? That is his owner. If the owner says
to his slave, “O my slave, what would you like to eat and drink?” He
says, “As you like. Whatever you give to me.”

He asks, “What would you like to wear?”

“Whatever you give to me.”

“Where do you want to sleep?”

“Any place that you show to me.”

He tries him like this and then he says to him, “Because you have so
much submission like this I am giving you your freedom. You are not a
slave anymore.” And he asks, “How come you are like that?” He says,
“Because I know that I am a slave. And if I am a slave and I am
accepting it then how can I rise and say to you, `I want this and I
want that?’ You are my owner. You know what my need is and you are
going to give me that.” Hmm. Murids have no trust in their Sheykh.
That is Ahir Zaman, the end of times. Trust? You don’t know what
Sheykh has? You don’t know. He is not showing. If he says, “Don’t
breathe the air”, then breathe it. Go ahead. “Who cares?” he says to
them. “You are not in that book as murids anyway. Say anything you
like.” Huh, to be a murid, you need to have Adab, you need to have
manners. Everything starts opening to a man who has manners. The more
opens to him the more obedient he becomes to his Sheykh then. He can
see the paradises, he can enter and come back, but he will never leave
his Sheykh then because what he is looking for is not even in
Paradise. It is in his Sheykh’s hand and nobody else carries that.

So today Sufism, tariqat became people’s running to have some
entertainment. Some are running to have some comfort. Some are already
fed up with the outside world and they are getting old. They cannot do
anything. They are tired of sitting home and so they are running to
tariqat. This is the mentality of today’s tariqat. But did tariqats
change and did Sheykhs lose that power? No. They still have it. But
this Dunya is garbage. So they are not looking for it. They are
circling around this world and they are just checking people. You may
be sitting next to him for twenty years and you may get nothing. He is
circling in the world, he is looking and he says, “This one has good
behavior.” He gives it to that one and walks away. He never finishes.
The more he gives the more comes. But can you give diamond to the hand
of an ignorant person? Can you take a diamond and throw it in front of
a pig? What is he going to do with it?

So first you have to know what the treasure is. You have to know what
you are looking for. And to get that you have to know what you have to
sacrifice. You have to sacrifice something. Everyone has to sacrifice
something. If you are not sacrificing it means that you are not really
ready and prepared to get what is there. You just want it for your own
ego. You are never going to get that for your ego because then ego is
going to cut your neck off. Sheytan is going to take that treasure,
that secret and he is going to go away. And you will be in big trouble
then. So yes, in tariqat sometimes Sheykhs show the people the most
luxurious life and sometimes they show them the worst lifestyle that
people are going through. You have to go through it to understand. You
may be with the Sheykh one week and you will be living like a king and
the next week you will be living like a beggar in the street. Sheykh
has the right to tell you, “Let’s go, we are going outside now to
start begging from people.” Heh, what will you do then? If you have no
submission, what are you going to do? You are going to say, “He is a
thief. Is he trying to teach me how to steal or to ask from people?”

So submission comes with everything you have. You no longer have your
own ideas of thinking and understanding. If you cannot think the way
that the Sheykh is directing you then it is forbidden for you to think
and to try to analyze things by your own self because you are going to
come to the wrong understanding. Sheytan is going to be there. So your
Sheykh is not there. Sheytan is going to be your Sheykh. And you are
still going to say, “He is my Sheykh.” But no. Sheytan is your Sheykh.
Sheytan is giving you directions then.

Wa min Allahu taufiq.

This much is enough for you and for me inshaAllah.