We often overlook the spiritual guide’s jelal (majesty and wrath) state. Not all Murshids have this characteristic. It is unmistakably genuine and oddly charismatic. This picture of Sheykh is a stern warning to my pharaonic ego. I say this with regret but a harsh dose of reality.


(Thanks to Haydar Ali’s Flickr photos at Osmanli Traveller’s Photostream)

Sheykh Jelal ed-Din Rumi (qs), known as Mevlana in Turkey and Rumi in the West, was not named with jelal in vain. The jelal state has real substance that is supposed to scare the rebellious ego, to hold it under control, amongst other things. Consider this picture of Jelal ad-Din Rumi below, which I prefer over the popular image of him with a bowed back and a tilted neck out of humility in the presence of his Lord.