Juma khutba delivered by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday 6 Ramazan, 1427 / September 29, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Alhamdulillah wa shukr Allah.
Astaghfirullah al-azim wa atubu ilaih.
Medet Ya Seyyidi, Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

We are thanking our Lord Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) and asking
forgiveness for our shortcomings. He has created us from a drop of
water. The beginning is that and the end is only a handful of dust
that is going to remain of a man. Between these two, from beginning to
end, He is giving a body to us and He is watching our behavior. All
orders, from the beginning of Adam (as) to the Last Prophet, the Seal
of Prophets Muhammad (alayhi salatu wa salam) Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) sent 124,000 prophets and so many books just for man to reach
to the most perfect station, Ahsani Taqweem. He has created us as the
most perfect one. When we reach to maturity we start moving left and
right and our ego takes over. When the ego takes over and when man is
running after his ego, then he is no longer worshipping his Lord, he
is worshipping his ego. Whatever the ego says that’s what he does.


So there are two roads, two roads going in opposite direction from
each other. One is Haqq and the other one is Batil. One is truth and
the other one is false. There is no other way. So man is given
intelligence and is given freewill to choose which side he is going to
go, which side he wants to go. The Lord of Heavens has created man to
be in Sirat-ul Mustaqim. But when man is turning his face to the other
side and starts running after his ego, he is turning his back to the
Sirat-ul Mustaqim and continuing to the opposite direction. When he is
continuing in the opposite direction then Sheytan becomes his guide.
The cursed one, the one who has been kicked away from the Divine
Presence, that one becomes the guide to him who lost the direction
from the Sirat-ul Mustaqim.

Whatever station you are in, don’t think that Sheytan is going to come
to say, “Oh, don’t pray, don’t do this and that.” No. If he sees that
you are holding the prayers tightly then he will fool you from the
other side praising your ego up. If he sees that you are keeping the
zikir strongly then he will fool you from the other side. He is not
trying to fool you from the side that you are holding on tightly. It’s
the opposite. Whichever side is weak, if you give him something, he
takes inch, meter and before you turn left and right he starts ruling
you. When you are under the ruling of Sheytan you are no longer the
servant of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). You may be making sejdah but
your sejdah is not accepted, you may be making zikir but your zikir is
not accepted, you may be fasting but your fasting is not accepted. But
from the other side, even if you do very little for the sake of Allah,
it’s accepted. On the other hand, if you are sitting twenty-four hours
and praying and just putting a little proudness to yourself and taking
credit to yourself and saying, “Oh, I am doing something”, ego knocks
you down instantly and it takes over.


We must be careful. All these prophets came to teach us and to show us
not to fall into the hands of our ego and not to get fooled by that
ego. If man is getting fooled by the ego in this world and he goes
with that from this world then it will be very hard for that man to
save his faith. Everyday Sheytan is running left and right to make the
person weaker towards his faith. You have to have faith willingly. It
is with freewill. You are saying ash-hadu an la ilaha illallah wa
ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu, through the tongue and
believing it through the heart freely. It’s not like some squareheads
now left and right in this world who are saying, “Islam came by sword”
or “Islam is a forceful religion” or “Islam is this religion or that
religion.” From the porter to the Pope everyone is trying to attack
Islam. No! It shows that they are under the hand, under the control of
their ego. They have not seen anything of what Jesus brought to them.

If the Jews are attacking (Islam) then they have not seen anything of
what Moses brought to them. They have deviated from that road. If they
are seeing correctly, if they watching correctly what Jesus and Moses
brought to them then definitely that road must bring them to Islam. If
they are not watching correctly and they got fooled by Sheytan again
somewhere somehow then we may say, “Stop there! Don’t pass your
limits!” There are over fourteen hundred years (wherein) billions of
people have been declaring, “Ash-hadu an la ilaha illallah wa ash-hadu
anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu.” Every single day it’s growing. Do
we have the force now? The sword to run after them?

Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Islam is the religion of intelligence.”
When you are holding tightly to the intelligence and when you are
watching the signs of intelligence then the road will lead you to
Islam. There is no other way. You may be delaying a little bit because
you are going slow, but the end must be the road of Islam. But not so
to those ones who are reaching to the top of their religious figures
today and they are daring to attack the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa
salam). They are under the control of their ego and Sheytan. Nothing
else. If they are attacking Islam then it shows that they have not
seen anything, any values from their own religion too.


So, we Muslims are more heedless because we are running after them. We
are running after the West and the western ideologies. But Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) is opening their faces to us saying, “Look, this
is what is inside of them (those ones who are hating Islam.” He is
saying, “Look, is this what you are running to?” Run. Although they
say, “Eh, we are okay with Islam,” but from time to time Allah makes
them to speak. They only speak what is inside them. They bring it out.
Muslims are still sleeping. They are saying, “Yes master, yes Mr. John
Pope, yes your highness, yes, yes.” This is what the Muslim leaders
are doing. They go and they say, “Papa hazratleri.” Astaghfirullah
al-azim wa atubu ilaih. Saying to that one hazrat? Hazrat? Wait, wait.
Somewhere somehow those Muslims leaders have also not understood the
message of the Holy Prophet (sws).

They are running to say, “We are making dialogues.” Jesus (alayhi
salam) came before the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). When Prophet
(sws) came, did he run to make dialogue with them? Or did he said to
them, “Here, this is the formula. La ilaha illallah muhammadur
rasulullah. If accepting then you are entering to the Sirat-ul
Mustaqim. If not accepting then you are staying short.” He didn’t run
to bow in front of them saying, “Yes, we must give something up for
them to accept Islam.” No. The Prophet (sws) didn’t. Christianity was
still there at that time. After that the Sahaba-e Kiram came. They
didn’t. They made treaties with them. They didn’t go bowing down to
them saying, “As you like.” They said, “As the Lord of the Heavens
likes. Not as you or I like.” The rightly guided khalifahs came and
right after them the kings came and the sultans came. They all made
dialogues up to the limits saying, “The only way that we are going to
sit and go further distance with you, you must say, `Muhammadur
Rasulullah.” We are saying, “Jesus is Rasulullah, we are saying, `Musa
is Rasulullah’, why are you not saying, `Muhammadur Rasulullah’? In
order for this dialogue to continue you must say it. Say, “He is a
prophet but I am not accepting him.”


Say. As the Habashi leader said in the time of the Prophet (sws). He
(sws) sent to them a letter. The envoys came to him. That king knew.
He said, “In your Book it’s saying that the Seal of the prophets is
going to come and he is going to come in the Hijaz area.” He said to
his priests, “What do you think? Is this the one? Go and check out
that one. If that is the one then send a messenger to me quickly. I
must go to him.” The head of the priests said, “Yes your majesty.” He
took over four hundred scholars with him traveling and trying to come
to the Holy Prophet (sws) in Medina and next to him was his brother.
They were traveling and coming to see the Prophet (sws). His brother
was sincere. The head one was not sincere. When on the way the horse
(of the brother) got scared from something, it jumped and he almost
fell down from the horse, he was pretty upset, saying, “All this is
happening because of this man that we are going to.” He tried to curse
to the Prophet (sws). His brother (the head of the priests) closed his
mouth saying, “Don’t say anything!”

When he closed his mouth he looked at him and said, “Why my brother?
Why shouldn’t I have said anything about that one?” He said, “Don’t
you see that is the one? That is the one that Jesus has spoken about.”
So his brother was more surprised saying to him, “If you know that
that is the one and you are the head of our church, why didn’t you say
to the king so the king would’ve traveled with us, going and visiting
him and accepting him?” He said, “Oh my empty-headed brother! Don’t
you see? Don’t you see where he came? He is living in the desert. If
we are accepting him then we are not going to have the same luxury
that we are living in. Don’t you see that we have golden canes, we
have golden crosses, we are living like kings. We have the power and
authority to bring down kings and to appoint new ones. They cannot
change us but we can change them. If we are accepting that prophet
then how is it going to be? We have to give up from this.” His brother
said, “Oh, I understand now. I understand.” He kept quiet.

In the beginning he had sincerity with himself. So when they came to
the presence of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam), with that
sincerity as soon as he looked at the Prophet (sws) he said, “You are
the one. Yes, I am accepting you.” He kissed the hands and feet of the
Holy Prophet (sws). His brother looked and said to him, “Come to this
side!” He said, “I am not going to. This is the real Prophet and I am
going to follow this one. I am not even going back there anymore.
Dunya is what you are running after.” Hmm. So that one said, “Ya
Muhammad, we know that in your religion if we pay taxes then you leave
us alone in our religion.” Holy Prophet (sws) said, “Yes, I leave you
alone. I leave you alone. You changed your Akhirat for this Dunya.”
And those ones went back to the Habashi king and they said to him, “He
is not that one. We should wait a little bit more. We are waiting for
that one to come.”

They are still waiting. Fourteen hundred years came and passed. Holy
Prophet (sws) came and passed. Some of them are still waiting. Hmm.
Some of them are sincere and some of them are not sincere. That head
of priests at that time is the same as the head (Pope) in this time.
The same. Same mentality. If they are reaching to that high station
and they are not seeing the reality of Islam then they are in the same
mentality. Something is wrong somewhere. There are some different
plannings somewhere. The Muslims must wake up to understand, “Oh, yes.
That was also during the time of the Prophet (sws). This is what
happened and it’s continuing to happen.”


So if they want dialogue then they must say, “That’s the prophet. We
are accepting him as a prophet but we are not accepting him as our
prophet. We are accepting Jesus.” They have to at least say that. They
are not saying that. Why are you going out of your way? For what?
(Sheykh effendi smiles). Something is wrong with those ones too (who
go out of their way to make dialogue). Why are you running after those
ones and you are not running after millions of people that are in the
streets? Millions! If you speak to them two words they may accept
Islam. They are all empty. Why are you not running after them and you
are running after that one, those top ones? They have lots of worldly
wealth maybe, huh? Everything is coming down. Anyone who is running
after false, the false is coming down. Anyone who is holding to the
false, they are coming down with the false. Anyone who is holding
tightly to the truth, the truth is rising now, opening. It was only a
handful of people. Don’t think that it was millions and billions when
Holy Prophet (sws) came. No. There were less than forty people sitting
in Makkah for years. “Immigrate”, Allah said to him, “Now immigrate.
Move from that town to the town where nobody knows you.” He was
supposed to be become weaker because he is leaving his hometown and
going to a town where nobody knows him. But instantly he became
stronger. His light reached to Medina. From Medina that light reached
to east, north, south, west and everywhere. Today, there is no corner
in this world where the light of Islam didn’t reach. You are still
saying, “Islam is the religion of violence”? Huh, there’s violence
inside of you. You must get rid of that violence.


Why are you quoting from one squarehead person that said something?
Why you are not quoting from millions that came to this world who left
their names, who have found so many big things, and they have quoted
the Holy Prophet (sws)? Although they didn’t accept Islam but they
have quoted the Holy Prophet (sws). They left a name. Hmm. Something
is wrong somewhere. Muslims must wake up. As you like. You don’t have
to wake up too. The one who is going to wake everyone up is coming
soon and that is not coming with, “Yes sir, no sir, yes Papa
hazretleri, no Papa hazretleri.” No! He is coming saying, “This is the
last religion. This is the Shahadat. This is the flag of Allah and His
Prophet (sws). Anyone who is running after the truth must unite under
this flag. Anyone who is not accepting this must separate.” That’s
what’s happening. It’s the beginning now inshaAllah ar-Rahman. We must
hold on tightly to our faith. Sheytan is running non-stop to hit our
faith left and right. We must hold on tightly.


Two roads. One is Sirat-ul Mustaqim bringing people to the road of
Paradise. The other one, the false road is bringing people to the
doors of hell. Whichever side you continue traveling, that’s where you
are going to end. Look at yourself and find, “Am I in Sirat-ul Mustaqim?”


Then continue. “Am I not in Sirat-ul Mustaqim?” Sit down, turn around,
put your senses together and turn back. Turn back from that road
because the end of that road is disaster. This is to you, to me and to
anyone who is hearing these words. These are the words that the Holy
Prophet (sws) brought to us. Two roads. Our Lord is ordering us
saying, “Two ways. There is not a third way. The truth and the false.
You must be on one side.” At least your heart must be on one side. If
you don’t know then at least you have to hold on to one side more
strongly. Your heart must say, “I am holding this side or that side.”
Then you have a freewill and you are entering into paradise with your
own freewill. Man is entering into hell with his own freewill (too).

You are giving the Shahadat with your own freewill and if you are
giving support to Sheytan and your ego, then before the angel of death
is coming and taking your life Sheytan may be pressuring more and you
may be giving that Shahadat freely also. He may appear in different
forms saying, “Look, you are on the deathbed. Give me this and I will
find you this way, that way and then you will be finding safety.” If
your faith is not strong, if the man’s faith is not strong then even
if he is a hundred years old, not a hundred, even if he is a thousand
years old, he is still going to look to live a little bit more. If
faith is strong then he will say, “Who are you? Huh? You are coming to
fool me? I am waiting all this time to reach to my Lord and you are
coming to fool me? Get lost from here! (Sheykh effendi smiles). You
may say that to Sheytan then. Otherwise, you may fall to the trap of
that Sheytan.

If we are holding tightly to the holy ones, if we are holding tightly
to the guides that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has provided us with for
this time, for this Ahir Zaman, if we don’t put doubt in our hearts
about them then there is no way that Sheytan can fool us. Our service
may be very weak. Maybe we do broken salat, broken fasting and
everything is broken. Maybe none of them is fit for the Divine
Presence. Yes. But because we are holding tightly to the holy ones,
Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) will order His angels, “Take this one’s weak
service and throw it into the oceans of those holy ones. I am
accepting it with that ocean.” InshaAllah ar-Rahman

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib.

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

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