June 2009


As with many discoveries that we make, my introduction to Kefir came from overseas. A friend told me about the benefits he gets from drinking half a cup of this beverage every day. He even produces his own at home.

What they say about Kefir:

Kefir is pronounced (kef e-er). It is a refreshing cultured-milk beverage that is loaded with nutritional benefits. It is made by culturing fresh milk with kefir grains. Kefir grains are not to be mistaken for cereal grains; they are a soft, gelatinous white biological mass of proteins, lipids (fats), and a soluble-polysaccharide kefiran complex. They are famous for there vast mixture of specific friendly (LAB) Lactic-acid Bacteria and yeasts.

This is the most potent source of probiotics (friendly bacteria) you can find. In most probiotic pills found in stores you will find about 15 different strains of friendly bacteria, for example (Lactobacillus bugaricus and Streptoccocus  hermophilus) are just 2 of the more well known strains.


Kefir History

Kefir is the cousin of yogurt and its roots can trace back more than 2000 years. Originating in the Caucasus Mountains of Europe [Europe?] where people live well past 100 years, the word kefir is thought to have been derived from the Turkish word “keif” for “good feeling,” probably due to the sense of well-being experienced after drinking it.



Nutritional and Health Aspects

Kefir is considered a nutritious drink suitable for inclusion in special diets and in the therapy of gastrointestinal disorders. Kefir is very similar to cultured buttermilk, yogurt and any other fermented milk. The gross composition and caloric value are very similar to that of milk, except that about one-quarter of the 5 percent lactose will have been converted to lactic acid. This will be of benefit to lactose-intolerant persons. Furthermore, the bacteria contained in the kefir will provide lactase, the enzyme in short supply in lactose-intolerant individuals. In addition, kefir contains 0.01 to 0.1 percent ethanol and 1 percent titratable acidity.


Nowadays, you can find it in the milk/yogurt isle of most supermarkets.


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Thursday 14 Zul-Hijja, 1427/Jan 04, 2007
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min-ash sheytanir rajim
La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah-il alyyil azim

Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Renew your faith.” Ash-hadu an la ilaha
illallah wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu (sallallahu
ta’ala wa alihi wa ashabihi wa sallim).

Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

The whole secret, the whole marifat for a man who is counting himself
from obedient servants is to be able to give this Shahadat, live
according to the Shahadat and go out from the world with this
Shahadat. That one is a winner. First you have to know the value, how
valuable this Shahadat is. You have to understand the value. When you
know the value and you understand the value then you treat it
valuably. If you don’t know the value and you are mistreating
something that Allah is keeping very valuable then you have no value.
You lost everything. You lost dunya and akhirat. You have no value in
dunya because you are not living according to that faith which you
have with that Shahadat. Anywhere you are finding your benefit you run
towards that side then. Your value becomes according to your benefits.
And it will be easy then to drop the Shahadat or to drop the lifestyle
that the Shahadat, that Allah and His Prophet (sws) is ordering. It’s
because your aim becomes dunya, this world. Your word may be something
else but your aim, your action and your life becomes dunya. So then
you may drop it easily. And if you drop what Allah (subhana wa ta’ala)
is keeping valuable then you lost all values. You have no value then.

It’s not what you eat and what you drink that makes you valuable, or
how big your body is or what kind of clothes you wear. It’s not
something of value (just) to say, “I am a believer.” No. There are
people who claim that they are believers and Allah gives description
about the believers. If the description that Allah gives about the
believers doesn’t fit to you then you are only claiming that you are a
believer. So you have to check first your intention then your actions
to see how you are living and check your actions according to your
intentions, why you are living, what is the purpose of life to you.
You go to work. Why do you go to work? You go to sleep. Why do you go
to sleep? You eat and you drink. You go for prayers. Why do you go for
prayers? You have to know that answer. If you don’t know the answer
then your actions are not of too much value. Then your actions are not
showing value to the Shahadat. And if you are not showing value to the
Shahadat then you have no value. Your value only comes with your
faith. Our value only comes with our faith.

Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “There is no difference in the Presence
of Allah between Arab and Ajam (between Arab and non-Arab).” As today
millions are entering from different nations to Islam. Holy Prophet
(sws) is saying, “There is no difference between the Arabs and
non-Arabs.” But there is a difference. “Except for those who has more
taqwa.” The ones who have taqwa are different. They are in higher
stations and they are closer to their Lord. That’s what we have to run
after. Now the sun set and one (more) day the angels wrapped up one
page for a whole day, twenty-four hours, they closed it, sealed it and
it’s gone. You cannot change anything from last night’s maghrib until
now. Whatever you have done, whatever you did and whatever your
intentions were, the angels now after the prayer finished it and they
closed that page. They put it in a special place where no one can
touch that page until Judgment Day. Whatever you put there is not
changing. Now you have to look, “How did I live today? What I did?
Where I ran? What did I earn? Did I earn dunya, this world? Or did I
earn Akhirat? Or I didn’t earn any one of them?” Shame to you if you
didn’t. If you have earned the dunya and if Allah is giving you some
chances down in the road, maybe you will wake up one day and you will
spend that dunya, that world in the way of Allah and maybe you will
replace some things in the life that Allah has given. But if you
haven’t earned dunya or akhirat, none of them, then shame to you. You
lived as Ahsani taqweem, the most perfect creature on earth, and did
nothing? Hmm.

“I earned dunya.”

Eh, do you have guarantee-paper in your hand that you are reaching to
tomorrow night? Do we have it? Do you have it? You don’t. I don’t have
it. Some says, “Oh, this one is sick and I am crying.” Eh, why are you
crying for that one? Cry for yourself. So many times they open the
grave (I have witnessed it) for the grandfather who is in the deathbed
ready to die and news came the next day saying, “We have to bury the
grandson.” Some accident happened and the grandson died. The man lived
another year. So it’s not how much you are sick and how much you are
healthy. No. Your body may be healthy but if your spirit is sick then
no life. It’s gone. You finished the life. Your body may be sick but
your spirit is strong in the way of Allah, you are okay. You may carry
still more with that spirit in this dunya.

So that’s what we have look at. If Allah gave you both the spirit and
the physical form strong and you are running to waste it in some other
places then you will cry a lot later because chances are given one
time, not two. In this world chances are only given once, not two
times. But every breath that you are taking is a chance given to you
for another life. You are not realizing and not taking care of it
properly. Every breath of life is giving another life. But once it’s
ordered for the air not to go in, you will die. And that life that is
given to you is only one time. You are not coming back to this world
again. Whatever you collected in this world, you go out with it. If
collected this world with it, eh, not much you can take with you
because governments put new laws saying, “You cannot take anything
with you. It’s a government property. It belongs to the nation. You
cannot take your gold with you, you cannot take your silver with you,
you cannot take your dollars with you, you cannot take your clothes
with you, you cannot take your shoes with you, you cannot take your
turban with you, nothing. You go empty to the grave. If you run after
emptiness then that’s what you will find in the grave. Emptiness. If
you run after something of value then that’s what you will find.

And what is of value? To say the Shahadat: ash-hadu an la ilaha
illallah wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu, and to live
according to that Shahadat. If you say the Shahadat and you live
according to the Shahadat then you have no worry. If you are saying
the Shahadat and you are not living according to that Shahadat, when
the angel of death comes, you may not remember to say that Shahadat.
Most of the time that’s how it is because you are still thinking that
the doctor is going to help you. That doctor is in need of help. Or
(you are thinking that) the president is going to help you. He is in
need of help. Or (you are thinking that) the king is going to help
you. He is in need of help. Or (you are thinking,) “The Sheykh is
going to help me.” He is in need of help. Hmm. Then everyone is in
need of help. So you fall down and the spirit leaves the body. No
matter how good you are or physically how beautiful you are, it starts
rotting, it starts smelling and it starts becoming very ugly because
the spirit left that body. And (they say,) “Take this and throw it to
the dumpster. The world is a big dumpster. Don’t leave it here open.
It will give smell everywhere. Put it under the ground. Close it.” Or
some are more advanced and they say, “Let’s start burning it from
now.” Hmm. They burn the whole body and throw the ashes to the sea.
Or, “Tie one stone to his feet and throw him into the sea.”

We are living in the Ahir Zaman, very difficult days on the face of
the earth. The difficulties of the world is nothing. What is waiting
for man, difficulties of Akhirat is more trouble because Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) is favoring the mankind of this century with
everything. All those who are complaining for life, they have
everything. Everything. They are living like kings, better than the
kings. Even those who are on welfare live like kings. Still they are
complaining. That’s why Ahir Zaman people are in the most trouble that
ever came to people. At least those people before may only had one
pair of clothes. It’s ripping off here, hole here and hole there and
they were putting patches. How many clothes you have with patches? Of
course, they do. It’s a fashion. It’s not only patches. They rip it
off to show their private parts. They lost the mind too. They are
claiming that they are 21st century ones and the most intelligent ones
and they lost their intelligence too. Their clothes are so tight that
it’s not letting the blood to circle around too. They lost the mind.
Or, they are ripping off, cutting off everywhere and they are putting
patches. It’s not because of the need, no. Because that’s the
direction that Sheytan is ordering saying, “That’s modern, that’s
fashion.” Fashion headquarters is in the hand of Sheytan. Sheytan is
giving idea saying, “Fashion.” Must be. “Make your hair fall like this
or shave it like that. Put this kind of marks on your head.” Hmm?
“Wear pants like this or skirts like this or nothing. Wear a couple of
ropes around your body.”

Directions are coming from Sheytan. Be careful. Even if you are not
doing to yourself but if you are seeing those things and if you are
looking at it saying, “How beautiful is that”, so many Muslims are
doing that. They are afraid either from their families or their
community to do such things like that but their heart is with that.
You lost everything then. You must be careful, we must be careful. You
must not see anything of beauty in something that Sheytan is
directing, showing to you or anything that is other than Islam to say,
“This is beautiful.” No, it’s not. There’s some hidden agenda in
there. You must look with the proper eyes.

What is beauty is what Allah and His Prophet (sws) ordered. That is
beautiful. That is Haqq. What Allah and His Prophet (sws) forbid, that
is ugly and that is haram. If you are looking at that thing saying,
“Oh, it is beautiful”, your heart is with Sheytan then. Your bodies
may be, as I said earlier, because your community is not accepting you
in other ways, even if a woman is covering or a man is wearing
Islamicly, but your heart is in some other place. It’s not good. It’s
gone. That means you are not living according to that Shahadat. That
means you are not showing value to that Shahadat. If you are showing
proper value to that Shahadat then every wrong thing is going to open
up in front of you then. You are not going to have desires for the
wrong things and you are not going to have hopes for the wrong things.
You are always going to run to hold on tightly to what you believe.

And even if you don’t run after that in your lifetime and Sheytan gets
you dizzy, when you go to the death-rope and the rope is around your
neck, that is the time you say, “Well, I didn’t live according to it
but at least let me hold on to the Shahadat and to go out with the
Shahadat.” At least in the last chance you may be the winner then. But
that chance is not given to us all the time and to everyone because
the angel of death comes unexpectedly so many times and so many times
when it hit you just go out from this world and whatever the last
words are that comes in your heart and out from your mouth, the Ahir
words, angels they keep it, mark it saying, “Well, he lived like this
and the last words are these. Hold on to this.”

We must hold on tightly to the Shahadat now. We must put the Shahadat
into our lives. We must look at that Shahadat and we must live
according to that Shahadat. Shahadat is to believe in Allah, that
there is no other creator except Him and to believe in all prophet and
His Holy Prophet (sws) and believe in His last message and to try to
live according to what Holy Prophet (sws) has ordered to us. If we do
that we are the winners in dunya and akhirat. If we don’t do that then
we will be the losers.

That chance is given to us right now. There are billions and billions
of people sitting in their graves. They are wishing that this life,
this breath of life will be given to them one more time just to come
to this life and their life to be taken away. Just one breath of life
to be given to them to say what? To say ash-hadu an la ilaha illallah
wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu and to go away from
this life with that Shahadat.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.


Kızıl Elma, Türkler özellikle Oğuz Türkleri için Kızılelma, üzerinde düşünüldükçe uzaklaşan ancak uzaklaştığı oranda cazibesi artan ülküler veya düşlerdir.

Kelimenin tam olarak ne zaman, nerede ve nasıl geçtiği bilinmemekle birlikte tarihi akış içerisinde hep batı yönünde ilerlemenin bir sembolü olmuştur.

İstanbul’un Fethi‘nden sonra, Kızılelma’nın, Roma‘da bulunan Saint-Pierre Kilisesinin mihrabındaki altın top olduğu ileri sürülmüştür.

Bir milletin yürütücü kuvvetine ‘ülkü’ denir. Toplumlardaki kişileri birbirine bağlayan nesne, sadece kök birliği, çıkar ve ihtiyaç değil, bunlarla birlikte ve aynı zamanda ülküdür. ülküsüz topluluk yerinde sayan, ülkülü topluluk yürüyen bir yığındır. Sözlük anlamı ‘and’ ve ‘uzak hedef’ demek olan ‘ülkü’, topluluğu aynı yolda yürüten bir kuvvettir ki, bu uğurda insanlar birbirlerine karşı içten sözleşmiş gibidirler.

ülkü, ilkönce, insanların gönüllerinde, gönüllerinin derinliğinde, şuuraltında, hayallerinde doğar ve kendini önce destanlarda gösterir. Sonra şuura geçer, büyük kılavuzlar tarafından açıklanır. Daha sonra da büyük kahramanlar, onu gerçekleştirmek için büyük hamleler yapar. Bu hamle sırasında da ülkülü millet, kahramanlar ardından gönül isteği ile koşar. Bütün bu uğraşmalar arasında da millet yürür; önce manen, sonra maddeten ilerler, olgunlaşır, erginleşir.

Türk destanlarından çıkan anlama göre, Türklerin ülküsü, fetihler sonunda büyük ve üstün bir devlet kurarak bu devletin içinde bolluğa ve mutluluğa kavuşmaktır. Aşağı yukarı, her millet, aynı şekildeki milli gayelerin ardındadır. Milletlerin çapına, kaabiliyetine göre milli ülkülerin ayrıntılarında farklar olmakla beraber, ana çizgiler bakımından hepsi birbirine benzer: Büyümek ve rahatlığa kavuşmak!

Türkler, kendi ülkülerine niçin ‘kızılelma’ demiştir, bunun sebebini bilmiyoruz. Yalnız bu addaki saflık ve tabiilik, Türk ülküsünün çok eski olduğunu göstermek bakımından manalıdır. Kızılelma adı, ülkünün aydınlardan önce halk arasında doğduğunu gösterse gerektir.

Kızılelma ülküsü, Osmanlıların parlak çağlarında iyice belirip şekillenmiş ve konak konak, Türk büyüklüğünün, yükseklik fikrinin, ilahi bir gayenin timsali haline gelmiştir. Bu büyük düşünce olmasaydı, XI. Yüzyılda Anadolu’ya gelen, ençok bir milyon Türk, Bizans’ın Asya ve Avrupa’daki topraklarında rastladıkları diğer Türklerin birkaç tümenlik hrıstiyanlaşmış döküntülerinin yardımı ile de olsa, bu dünya çapında devleti kurup dört kıta ‘dördüncüsü Okyanusya’dır’ üzerindeki teşkilat ve medeniyet şaheserini yaratamazdı.

Milletlere milli inanç ve güvenç veren ülkünün ne büyük bir kuvvet olduğunu anlamak için bugünkü olaylara bakmak yeter:

60 milyonluk bir millet olmalarına rağmen dağınık, teşkilatsız ve geri olan Araplar, milli ülküleri olan Arap Birliği düşüncesi sayesinde toparlanma yoluna girmişlerdir. ülkülerinden aldıkları güçle, Filistin işinde İngiltere ve Amerika’ya kafa tutmaktadırlar. ülkü sahibi millet oldukları için de dünyada itibarları ve değerleri artmıştır. Bizim için çok büyük isret ve ders olan şu olay, Arapların itibarını göstermesi bakımından manalıdır: Birleşmiş Milletler teşkilatının 11 üyeli Güvenlik Konseyi’nin beşi ‘Amerika, İngiltere, Fransa, Rusya ve Çin’ daimi, altısı geçicidir. 1945 yılında, bu altı üyelik için seçim yapıldı. 900 yıllık büyük bir geçmişi ve tarihi olan, askeri devlet olarak nam kazanmış bulunan Türkiye bu seçimde ancak bir tek oy alarak Konsey’e giremediği halde, İngiliz işgalinden henüz kurtulamamış olan ordusuz, donanmasız Mısır, 45 oy alarak bu üyeliğe seçildi. Demek ki, o zamanki Birleşmiş Milletler teşkilatına dahil bulunan 50 devletten 45’i, Mısır’ı bizden daha itibarlı ve üstün görmüştü.

1946’da geçici üyelik için yapılan seçimde de, Türkiye’ye kimse oy vermediği halde, Suriye 45 oy aldı. Bir iki yıllık bir devlet olan o zamanki üç milyon nüfuslu Suriye’nin Türkiye`ye tercih edilmesinin sebebi açıktır: Suriye, bir ülkünün ardındadır. Yani prensip sahibidir. Bundan dolayı da, düşmanlarının bile saygısını kazanmıştır.

Yahudiler de, ülkü sahibi olmanın ikinci bir ibret verici örneğidir. Korkaklığı atasözü haline gelen bu millet, bugün, bir milli ülkünün ardında, herhangi bir millet kadar cesaretle çarpışıyor. Milli kahramanlar ve bu milli kahramanlar, idama mahkum edildikleri ve bağışlanma dileğinde bulunurlarsa ölümden kurtulacakları halde, İngiltere’den af dilemeyerek milletlerine şeref vermek suretiyle ölüyorlar. Bu milli ülkü sayesinde, Filistin’deki yarım milyon yahudi (O zaman Filistin’de yarım milyon Yahudi vardı), yalnız Araplarla değil, koca İngiltere ile savaşı göze alıyor, Amerika’ya meydan okuyor. Milli ülküye yapışmak sayesinde Yahudiler o kadar kuvvetlenmişledir ki, bugün İngiltere imparatorluğu onlara karşı bir şey yapamıyor. Tebaasında bir tek kişinin hapse atılmasını savaş sebebi saban İngiltere, bugün, İngiliz askerlerinin öldürülmesine, İngiliz subaylarının kaçırılıp dayak atılarak horlanmasına, masum İngiliz çavuşlarının Yahudiler tarafından canice asılmasına ses çıkaramıyor.

Bütün bunların en önemli sebebi Arapların ve Yahudilerin olağanüstü kuvvetli olmasıdır. Bu kuvvet maddi değil, manevidir, Yani ülkü kuvvetidir.

Kızılelma ülküsüne ‘tehlikeli maceracılık’ diyenler, bugünkü Araplar ile Yahudilere bakıp düşünmelidirler. Hele Yahudiler 2000 yıl önce kaybettikleri vatanlarını yeniden ele geçirmek ve yalnız kitaplarda kalmış olan İbrani dilini diriltip bir konuşma dili haline getirmek uğrundaki çalışmaları ile dünyaya örnek olmuşlardır.

Biz ise bir yandan ‘bir Türk dünyaya bedeldir’ vecizesine inanmış görünürken, bir yandan da kendimizi baltalayıp inkar ettik. Büyüklükten korktuk. Küçüklüğü benimsedik ve milli ülkü ile delilik diye alay ettik. Güvenlik Konseyindeki seçimler göstermiştir ki, kimseden bir şey istememek, herkesle hoş geçinmek, ittifaklar yapmak bir millete itibar sağlamıyor. Kızılelma ülküsünü bir delilik sayacaksak, büyüklükten değil, yaşamaktan da vazgeçmeliyiz. ‘Tarihi görevini yapmış ve artık ölmeye yüz tutmuş bir topluluk’ olmayı kabul etmeliyiz. Eski Asurlular, Hititler, Romalılar gibi haritadan silinmeye razı olmalıyız. Buna razı değilsek milli ülkünün peşine düşmeliyiz ve demiryolu yapmakla birkaç fabrika kurmayı ülkü diye göstermek gafletinden çekinmeliyiz.

ülküler için ‘maddi faydası nedir?’, ‘uygulanabilir mi?’ diye düşünmek doğru değildir. Hiçbir inanç riyazi mantığa vurulmaz. Tanrı’nın varlığı da riyazi metod ile isbat edilememiştir. Fakat yüz milyonlarca insan ona inanmakta ve bu inançtan güç almaktadır. ülküler de böyledir.

Kızılelma ülküsünün gerisinde savaşlar ve büyük sıkıntılar görüp de korkanlar bulunabilir. Kendi rahatı ve keyfi kaçmasın diye insanlık davası (!) güdenler, ülküyü inkar edenler her zaman, her yerde çıkabilir. Fakat bir milletin içinde büyük bir çoğunluk milli ülküye inandıktan sonra, geri kalanlar da ister istemez bu milli akıntıya uymaya mecburdurlar. Bizim için önemli olan, dost kılıklı yabancıların milli ülküyü güya milli çıkar adına baltalamasının önüne geçmektir.

Bir topluluktan ortak ülküyü kaldırın, insanların hayvanlaştığını görürsünüz. Ortak düşüncesi olmayan toplulukta, herkes, yalnız kendi çıkar ve zevkini düşünür. Böyle bir toplulukta fedakarlık, saygı, nezaket kalmaz. Bencillik, kabalık, rüşvet, iltimas ve namussuzluğun türküsü alır yürür. Maddileşmiş bir insan vatan için ölür mü? Bencil bir insan muhtaçlara yardım eder mi? Milletine inanmayan bir adam yabancı ile işbirliği yapmaz mı? Erdemi gülünç bulan birisi çalıp çırpmaz mı? Kızılelma, Türk milletinin manevi besinidir. Açlar yiyecek bulamadıkları zaman nasıl faydasız, zararlı, hatta zehirli nesneleri yerlerse; Türk milleti de ‘Kızılelma’ kendisine yasak edildiği için marksizm ve kozmopolitizm gibi zararlı ve zehirli fikirlere el uzatıyor.

Fakat artık bu devir kapanmıştır. Gittikçe uyanan milli şuur karşısında gafiller ve hainler, Türk milletini daha çok aldatamayacaklardır. Kızılelmanın yolunu kapatamayacaklardır.

Ziya Gökalp’ın mısraları düsturumuz olacaktır:

Demez taş, kaya Yürürüz yaya… Türküz, gideriz Kızılelmaya.
Kızılelma, 1.sayı, 31 Ekim 1947



People are ignoring the Shariat by claiming that they have reached
Hakikat and Marifat. In this sohbet Seyh Mevlana Nazim is saying
that he is not an easy one when it comes to Shariat. Sheykh Abdul Kerim was
saying in his sohbet one night that Shariat applies to everything and in every
level. Shariat has its own Shariat, Tariqat has its own Shariat, Hakikat has its
own Shariat and Marifat has its own Shariat. Nothing is without laws.


Sheykh Mevlana Nazim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

25th December, 2001.

A new day, new provision. Every day is different.. One of the 54
obligations of a believer is to know who is his enemy…Man needs a
guide. Who has a guide is on the straight path. Someone must go ahead
and people must follow. You cannot guide yourself, you need a guide,
that is the arrangement of Allah. All prophets were shepherds- first
for sheep, then for people.

They were guiding people on the way of truth to Allah, it is their
duty. Ho cannot distinguish the friend from the ennemy, will be
harmed. You must know who is your ennemy, and who is your friend. A
friend is someone who cares about you, who is on your side, who may
burn for you. The ennemy is the one who wants to harm you, who is
against you and who is asking to burn you. The ennemy wants to destroy
mankind, the friend wants to keep mankind alive and bring them to safety.

All prophets were informing about mankind’s ennemy Shaitan. Shaitan
declared himself ennemy of Adam from the beginning. He was the reason
that Adam had to leave Paradise, where life was effortless, everything
was ready for him there, he was like a Sultan. Shaitan cheated him and
he was thrown down to Dunya, the Dar-ul-Bela, the place of misery, not
of peace. And Adam warned his children to beware of Shaitan, and after
him all prophets were warning their nation and informing them that
Shaitan is our ennemy. Who is asking support and help from Allah, will
be helped by Allah. Who is asking support for his ego, willl be helped
by Shaitan. In the 21st century 99% of the people are friends of
Shaitan, best friends. They say :’We cannot live without him’, because
he is teaching them how to live a modern life, and he is teaching
their ego. Prophets teach us discipline, and feed our spirituality.

What about someone who is working part-time for the Turkish army, and
the rest of the day for the Greek army? Who will accept him? Nowadays
Muslims have let themselves be cheated. They told them: Prayer is one
thing, Dunya something else. Pray, but don’t forget about Dunya. Work
for Allah and for Shaitan, make him happy. And it is impossible.
Darkness and light cannot mix.

And we don’t have two hearts with two Thrones in it. There is only one
Throne, and it must be for Allah. In a country also there can be only
one Sultan. So either you give your heart to Allah, or to Shaitan. And
the heart is the House of Allah, Bait-u-llah. The heart is the Kaaba,
and it is not empty. If it was empty, why He would call us to come
there? If I am not here, would my invitation have any taste? Has an
invitation where the Sultan himself is not present, any value?

Allah wanted to invite the people, His servants. They asked Ibrahim:
‘Where can we visit our Lord?’ And Allah ordered Ibrahim to go with
his son Ismail into the desert and to build His House. They made a
building of black stones- just four walls. This is 5ooo years ago, and
still this building is there. It is known as the Kaaba, Bait-u-llah,
the House of God. When they had finished, Allah told Ibrahim: ‘Go to
this mountain and call My servants. Tell them who wants to visit Me,
may come to My House, the Kaaba. This is My House in Dunya, and I will
accept their visit. They shall not have any difficulties and they
shall be under My protection.’ Ibrahim was calling: ‘O servants of
Allah and Ummah of Muhammad, come to the House of Allah.’ And all the
people and the seeds of the uncreated generations were making the
talbiya:’Labbaik, Allahumma, labbaik, labbaika, la sharika laka,
labbaik! Inna-l hamda, wa ni’amat, laka wa-l mulk, la sharika lak! O
our Lord, Yours is the order, we know no God except You, we are coming
to visit You!’

There are so magnificient building around the world, but people don’t
go there. Why? Europe is beginning to wonder. Allah is sending
interest to their heart before Qiyama. This building is there since
thousands of years and nothing has harmed it. What is the secret
behind it? Our priests don’t recognize Islam and prevent the Quran
from being read. Can anyone prevent knowledge? Why are they fearing we
could read this Book? What is behind it? Where is this power of
attraction coming from? The Europeans are coming to their senses. A
magnet is also a piece of iron, but it has a special power of
attraction to attract other iron. They go to Jerusalem in these days.
But how many are going each year? No more power of attraction. But the
power of attraction is alive in Islam, and with joy each year millions
of people prepare to go for Hajj. If they would not prevent them, 2o,
3o, or 5o million people would go. But they are asking: ‘How would
they fit?’ ‘You stupid one- Who is the One inviting them? You or Me?’,
Allah is asking them. Allah has the power to make place for all people
to pray freely, but they think it this a joke. Who told you to build
these huge buildings? And again people don’t fit. My last Hajj was
198o, and that time already we didn’t fit. But 6o years ago, the first
Hajj-ul-Akbar after the Second World War, I didn’t pray one single
prayer outside the Haram. Now they enlarged it 1oofold, but people
don’t fit, they step on each other, they can’t find any place to pray.
That is, because belief has sunk to zero; they think they must help
Allah and they made it bigger. And Shaitan is teaching them so many

‘Leave My House alone,’ Allah says, ‘whoever wants to come, may come’.
But they make contingents for each country, and more than that may not
come, and also you can come only once- they make so many restrictions.
That is not Shariat. Everybody who wants to, may go. If the House was
empty, nobody would want to go there… I went 25 times…Insha Allah
there will be an opening this year to go without passport and
visa…And if Allah gives me the power, I want to come through the
desert, walking… Run to His servanthood, leave your ego. May Islam
appear, Kufr disappear. May S.Mehdi come and we be with him.

If an animal is walking on the straight path, its owner is not going
to beat it…If a Muslim is obeying Allah, His Prophet and the
government, nobody can harm him. But so many people do stupid things
and they make fitna, and Allah sends punishment on them. Islam doesn’t
accept fanaticism and fundamentalism- that is fitna, we are not
accepting it.

Jihad is when the Sultan will come and take the Beyat of the people.
Then he may declare Jihad or peace. Not everybody can declare Jihad
against America, England or Europe. We have a Shariat and we must
follow it. One group of people says: We make Jihad?! How? Where is the
flag of the Prophet? Only the Sultan of Islam may order. They are
shouting: Jihad- but where is their Imam? Their Imam is Shaitan. It is
Haram to bring people into difficulties and cause them to be killed.
Bin Laden is responsible for what is happening in Afghanistan. Why he
went there? He is Saudi. If he wanted to make Jihad, let him go to
Jerusalem to conquer Bait-ul-Maqdis for Islam…Why he went to
Afghanistan? Muslims make Jihad against Muslims?! And Palestine needs
someone to save it. Israel made Jerusalem the capital of Israel. They
have rights to pray there, and the Christians have rights, but the
power and the keymust be with us Muslims.

So many stupid ones make problems for the governments…I am not for
America, but I can teach you the Shariat. I am not an easy one…

[Source: http://www.sufismus-online.de/]


Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi

Tuesday 8 Shawwal, 1427/October 31, 2006
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Khan (Jannat Mekan). Sultan Selim Khan was going to
conquer Baghdad, Iraq. He was moving towards Iran. All (Ottoman)
Sultans moved towards the West. Sultan Selim, the Khalifah, was moving
towards the East, breaking down the Shiites, hammering them because
they are against the Prophet (sws) and the Sahaba-e Kiram. So his aim
was to reach there, to come to Baghdad and all that area. They were
changing the aqida, beliefs. They believe that Ali (ra) was supposed
to be the Khalifah and this and that. So Sultan Selim was saying, “You
are, huh?” So he was moving the army to that side.

But he was giving order in Baghdad before they were entering, saying,
“I will not take any soldier to the army unless they have their
mustache. If they have no mustache that means they are not man yet. So
I am not taking them as soldiers to the Prophet’s (sws) army if they
don’t have a mustache.” So Genc Osman, young Ottoman, was somebody who
wanted to be in the army to fight in that war. But they said to him,
“See, you don’t have a mustache. And Sultan is ordering such and
such.” He said, “But I am grown. My age is young but I am this and I
am that.” He was pretty healthy and strong. Still they said, “No, no,
no, no.” But one General was liking him. So he said, “I will move you
to the Sultan maybe. Maybe he will give you permission.”

It’s not like today that you cannot even go to see a Mayor. In no time
he finds himself in the presence of the Sultan and the Sultan was
saying, “My son, I put that law. You are still very young. I don’t
want to finish you. Now you have other duties. You are going to come
later to become a soldier. Learn other things and then later you
come.” He said, “My Sultan, I want to become a soldier. I want to
fight in this Baghdad against these ones who are the enemies to the
Prophet (sws) and the Sahaba. I don’t want to fight with the other
ones (the Europeans).”

The Sultan said to him, “But you know I put a law. The law is saying
that you don’t have a mustache.” He said, “My Sultan, I have a
mustache.” The Sultan said, “Where is it?” He took out a comb from his
pocket and he hit it right on his lip. He put the comb there and
smiling, saying, “Now I have a mustache. Look.” The Sultan said, “I
have to break that law. If the soldier is brave like this, let him

He did great things in Baghdad and he became a martyr in that war.

These kinds of things you cannot speak now. This you cannot put into
the young generation to give them some energy. They say, “Teach them
about Michael Jackson. Teach them about moving like that.” (Sheykh
Efendi sarcastically moving his body). This is what they want. “Teach
them other role models, rock `n roll and this and that. But don’t
teach them about the role models of Islam.” Why do you think they are
fighting with us? Hmm. “Teach them to be McDonald’s boys.”



With a lineage that traces to Daghestan as well, Sheykh Abdul Kerim (Aydogan Fuat) elegantly displaying the black wool hat.

Sheykh with Çerkes/Kafkas Hat

[Picture courtesy of yursil.com/blog]

Sheykh with Kafkas Hat 02

[Picture courtesy of Virginia Hakkani]


The following is the simplified translation of a letter written as an answer to a university student by ‘Abdulhakim-i Arwasi (quddisa sirruh) when he was the senior professor of Tasawwuf at the Madrasat al-mutahassisin, the Faculty of Theology, which was located in the Sultan Salim Mosque in Istanbul during the declining years of the Ottoman Empire.

Go out of the area of the Omnipotence of Allahu ta’ala with all your strength, if you can! But you cannot. Outside this universe is the place of nonexistence. And this place of nonexistence is also under His Omnipotence!

On an occasion, somebody asked [the great wali] Ibrahim ibn Adham (quddisa sirruh) for advice. He said:

If you accept six things, nothing you do will harm you. These six things are:

1) When you intend to commit a sin, do not eat the food He gives! Does it befit you to eat His food and to disobey Him?

2) When you want to rebel against Him, go out of His Domain! Does it befit you to be in His Domain and to be in rebellion against Him?

3) When you want to disobey Him, do not sin where He sees you! Sin where He does not see you! It simply is unbecoming to he in His Domain, to eat His food and then to sin where He sees you!

4) When the Angel of Death comes to take away your soul, ask him to wait till you repent! You cannot turn that angel back! Repent before he comes, while you have the chance at this very hour, for the Angel of Death comes unexpectedly!

5) When the two angels Munkar and Nakir come to question you in the grave, turn them back! Do not let them test you! “It is impossible,” said the person who asked for his advice.

Shaikh Ibrahim said, “Then prepare your answers now!”

6) On the Day of Resurrection, when Allahu ta’ala declares: “Sinners, go to Hell!” say that you will not!

The person said, “Nobody will listen to me,” and then repented; he did not disavow his sense of penitence up until death. There is a Divine Effect in the words of Awliya.

Ibrahim ibn Adham (quddisa sirruh) was asked, “Allahu ta’ala declares: ‘O My human creatures! Ask Me! I will accept, I will give! Nonetheless, we ask but He does not give?” Hadrat Ibrahim said:

“You entreat Allahu ta’ala, but you do not obey Him. You know His Prophet (sall-Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), but you do not follow him. You read the Qur’an al-karim, but you do not follow the way it prescribes. You utilize Allahu ta’ala’s blessings, but you do not thank Him. You know that Paradise is for those who worship, but you do not make preparations for it. You know that He has created Hell for the disobedient, but you do not fear it. You see what happened to your fathers and grandfathers, but you do not take a warning. You do not see your own defects, and you search for defects in others. Such people must be thankful, since it does not rain stones on them, since they do not sink into the earth, and since it does not rain fire from the sky! What else could they want?” Would not this suffice as a recompense for their prayers?”

[Allahu ta’ala declares in the sixtieth ayat of Mumin Sura, “Make dua to Me, I accept (ask for, I give)”. There are five conditions for the dua being acceptable. The one who makes dua, must be Muslim; should have Ahl-as sunnat belief; should not commit haram; particularly abstaining from eating and drinking haram things; should make fards; should perform five times of namaz; should fast during Ramadan; should give zakat; should know and adhere himself to the causes of what he wants from Allahu ta’ala. Allahu ta’ala creates everything through a certain means. When asked for a certain thing, He sends the cause of that thing and makes that thing effective. Man adheres himself to this cause and obtains that thing. For the sake of His Awliya, apart from His usual means, when they make dua or when dua is made for sake of Awliya, the things wished are given directly to those as (Karamat) without adhering to any cause.]

As you have not come from nonexistence to this world of existence by yourself, so you cannot go there by yourself. The eyes with which you see, the ears with which you hear, the organs with which you perceive, the intellect with which you think, the hands and feet you use, all the roads you will pass, all the places you will go, in short, all the members and systems connected with your body and soul, all of them, are Allahu ta’ala’s possessions and creatures. You cannot misappropriate anything from Him! He is Hayy and Qayyum, that is, He sees, knows and hears, and He for every moment keeps in existence everything that exists. Even for a moment, He is not unaware of the state of all and controlling all. He does not let anybody steal His property. He is never incapable of punishing those who disobey His commands. It would not make any difference, if, for instance, He had not created any human beings on this globe, as He had not on the moon, on Mars or on other planets; His greatness would not have diminished for this reason.

A hadith qudsi states: “If [every one of] your ancestors and descendants, the young and the old, the alive and the dead, human beings and genies, were like My Most Devoted, Most Obedient Human Creature (‘alaihi ‘s-salam), My Greatness would not be increased. Conversely, if you all were like My enemy, who opposes Me and despises My Prophets, My Greatness would never decrease. Allahu ta’ala is free from needing you; He needs none of you. As for you, in order that you might exist and keep on existing and in everything you do, you always need Him.”

He sends light and heat by means of the sun. He makes waves of light reflect from the moon. Out of black soil, He creates many vivid-colored, sweet-scented flowers and beautiful appearances. From a breeze, He pours out the breath which gives relief to hearts. From the stars that are a distance of many years, He makes it rain haloes on the earth, out of which you came about and under which you will be buried in the end. Through many a vibration, He creates effectivity in particles. [On the one hand, by turning dirt, which you dislike and are disgusted with, into soil by means of His smallest, most trifling creatures (germs), He turns this soil, which you tread on, into a white-of-egg-like substance, protein, the constructive matter of your body, from the factory of plants. On the other hand, by combining the water in the earth with a suffocating gas in air, again in the factory of plants and by stocking in them the energy which He sends from the sky, He creates starchy and sugary substances and oils, the sources of energy that will operate the machine of your body.] Thus, in plants, which He causes to grow in fields and deserts, on mountains and in rills and in animals that He enables to live on the earth and under the seas, He prepares food which will go into your stomach and nourish you. By placing chemistry laboratories in your lungs. He isolates the poison from your blood and puts useful oxygen in its place. By implanting physics laboratories in your brain, the information coming from your organs of perception through your nerves are taken there and, as He has placed a magnetic power into the stone of iron, so with the effect of intelligence, which He has placed into your brain with other immaterial powers, He can put into your heart various plans, commands and actions that are prepared simultaneously. By making your heart work through very complex mechanisms, which you consider very extraordinary, He makes rivers of blood flow in your blood vessels. He weaves many a dumbfounded net of roads through your nerves. He conceals stocks in your muscles. With many, many other phenomena. He equips and completes your body. He establishes and fits all of these in an order and harmony to which you give such names as laws of physics, chemical reactions or biological events. He places centers of power inside you. He projects the necessary precautions into your soul and consciousness. He also, gifts a treasure called the intellect, a gauge named reason, a means named thought, and a key which you call will. In order that you might use each of these correctly, He gives you sweet and bitter warnings, hints, inclinations and ambitions. And as a greater blessing, He openly sends instructions through faithful and dependable Prophets (‘alaihimu ‘s-salam). In conclusion, operating the machine of your body and instructing you with its experiments, He hands it over to you so that you may use and utilize it in objective affairs. He does all of these not because He needs you, your will or help, but to make you happy by giving you a distinguished position and authority among, His creatures. If, instead of leaving it to your hands, your feet and all of your limbs that you can use as you wish, He used them without you knowing it, like the beating of your heart, the expansion of your lungs and the circulation of your blood, if He rolled you by force, with reflex actions, with paralyzed hands and feet, if each of your actions was a vibration and every movement was a twitch, could you claim to possess yourself and the things He has lent you? If He made you move under the influence of external and internal powers, like the lifeless, or unreasonable and unconscious powers of animals, and if He put in your mouth, like pack animals, a morsel of the blessings -which you take in large amounts to your houses now- could you take and eat that morsel?

Do you think of your state before and when you were born? Where were you, in what were you, during the creation of this globe on which you live, eat and drink, go about, amuse and divert yourself, discover the means that are remedies for your diseases, and the means to protect yourself from the attacks of wild and poisonous animals and enemies? Where were you while the stones and soil of this globe were being baked on fires in the ovens of creation and while its water and air were being distilled in the chemistry laboratories of the Omnipotence? Have you ever thought? Where were you while the lands, which you claim to be yours today, were gliding away from the seas, while mountains, rivers, plateaus and hills were being laid down? Where and how were you while, by means of Allahu ta’ala’s Omnipotence, the salty waters of seas evaporated and formed clouds in the sky, and while rains, falling from those clouds, took substances [for nourishment prepared by lightning and waves of power and energy in the sky] into the motes of burnt, dried soil, and while these substances, stirred [by the influence from rays of height and heat], vibrated and nourished the cells of life?

Today, they say that you are of monkey descent, and you believe it. When they say that Allahu ta’ala has created you, enables you to live, causes you to die and that He alone makes everything, you don’t want to believe.

O man! What are you? What were you in the veins of your father? At one time, in the veins of your father, whom you insult with such terms as imbecile, old-fashioned and retrogressive, you used to make him feel uncomfortable. Who made you move then, and why did you disturb him? If he had wished, he could have thrown you into a rubbish-heap, but he did not. He hid you like a deposit. While he was so kind as to have entrusted you to a chaste woman, where you would be nourished unsparingly and struggled to protect you for a long time, why do you insult your father by holding him responsible for your inconveniences, instead of expressing thanks to him and your Creator for the blessings you have been given? Moreover, why do you throw your deposit into rubbish-heaps dirtied by everybody?

When people around you follow your wishes and desires, you believe that you are doing everything by creating with your intellect, knowledge, science, power, strength and by inventing all accomplishments. You forget about the task which Allahu ta’ala has assigned to you; you have resigned from that high official duty and have attempted to claim ownership of the deposit. You want to regard and introduce yourself as an owner and ruler.

On the other hand, when those around you do not follow your desires, when external forces seem to overcome you, you can see within yourself nothing but regret and frustration, incapacity and despair. Then you claim that you own no will or option, that you are under the slavery of everything, that you are like a machine, automatic but with a broken spring. You understand qadar not as al-‘ilm al-mutaqaddim (eternal knowledge) but as al-jabr al-mutahakkim (despotic compulsion). While saying this, you are not unaware of the fact that your mouth is not like a record-player.

When your favorite meals do not come to your table, you hold out your hand and tongue and eat the dry bread you can reach, though you are free to eat or not and die of hunger; the dry morsels are not crammed into your mouth by force! You eat, but also think that you are deprived of doing under your control, and it has not been due to involuntary movements. But, though you possess your self- control even at such times as this when you have to, you deem yourself compelled, enslaved, in short, a nothing against exterior forces.

O man! Which of these are you? You claim to be ‘all’ when you thrive and when success and victory are with you, and ‘nothing’ under the forces of fate when affairs turn out bad or contrary to your wishes. Are you ‘all’ or are you ‘nothing’?

O mankind! O man who is floating on deficiency and eccentricity! You are neither ‘all’ nor ‘nothing’! At any rate, you are something in between these two. Yes, you are far from being inventive, dominant and victorious over everything. But, you have an irrefutable freedom and option and a wish and choice rendering you authoritative. Each of you is an official, undertaking individual and collective duties under the command of Allahu ta’ala, who is the Unequalled Authority, Absolute and Unconditional Owner without a partner! You can do your duties under the rules and regulations established by Him, within the limits of your ranks assigned by Him, within the responsibilities and means which He has created and entrusted to you as deposits. He alone is the Sole Commander, the Unique Ruler and the Single Owner. There is no other commander besides Him, nor a ruler resembling Him, nor an owner-partner with Him. Unless the aims and purposes which you lay claim to and rush upon so zealously, the struggles which you set about, the glories which you take pride in and your accomplishments are for Him, they are all false, vain. Then, why do you accept lies within your hearts and turn off into polytheism? Why don’t you obey the commands of Allahu ta’ala, the Unequalled Ruler, and know Him as the Creator? Instead you run after thousands of imaginary idols and get drowned in distress? Whatever you run towards, isn’t it an ideal, an option or a belief that drags you on? Why do you look for that ideal in someone other than Allahu ta’ala? Why don’t you direct that belief to Allahu ta’ala and spend your alternatives in this belief and in the deeds which are the results of this belief?

When you know Allahu ta’ala as the Absolute Ruler and work without violating His regulations and laws, how much better you will love one another and be attached brothers! What won’t the Mercy of Allahu ta’ala create from this brotherhood? Every favor you gain is the result of this brotherhood produced by a belief in Allahu ta’ala, His Mercy and Benevolence. Every problem or calamity you experience is the result of the fury, resentment and hostility which you are filled with as a retribution for not paying attention to Allahu ta’ala, for cruelty and injustice. And this is also the result of attempting to make laws by yourselves and by following others who want to compete with Allahu ta’ala, in short, of not believing only in Allahu ta’ala with a real belief in His Unity.

In short, the chief cause of the problems among humanity is the crime of polytheism committed against Allahu ta’ala. The obscurity of corruption that has surrounded the horizons of humanity, despite the improvements in knowledge and science, is the result of polytheism, disbelief, lack of belief in Allahu ta’ala’s Unity and lack of mutual love. However hard human beings will try, they will not escape sufferings and disasters unless they love one another. And, unless they know Allahu ta’ala, unless they love Him, unless they regard Him as the Absolute Ruler and worship Him, men cannot love one another. Whatever might be thought of besides Allahu ta’ala and the way of Allahu ta’ala, all of them are ways leading to disunity and wretchedness. Don’t you see that those who attend the mosque love one another and those who haunt the tavern fight?

Whatever you give your heart to, or to whomever you worship besides Allahu ta’ala, each of them can be opposed and equated. And all of them are under the Omnipotence and Will of Allahu ta’ala. He is the Single Ruler who does not have a partner, match, like, opposite or equivalent, and He alone is the one whose equivalent is non-valid and false, a nonexistent equivalent, the existence of which is impossible.

Whatever you follow, worship, love or regard as the absolute ruler besides Allahu ta’ala, be it known that it will burn together with you.

Markaz-i da’ira-i iflas wa bi nawai
Sar shar-i sahhay-i khodgami wa na ashinai
As-Sayyid Abdulhakim Arwasi

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