People are ignoring the Shariat by claiming that they have reached
Hakikat and Marifat. In this sohbet Seyh Mevlana Nazim is saying
that he is not an easy one when it comes to Shariat. Sheykh Abdul Kerim was
saying in his sohbet one night that Shariat applies to everything and in every
level. Shariat has its own Shariat, Tariqat has its own Shariat, Hakikat has its
own Shariat and Marifat has its own Shariat. Nothing is without laws.


Sheykh Mevlana Nazim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

25th December, 2001.

A new day, new provision. Every day is different.. One of the 54
obligations of a believer is to know who is his enemy…Man needs a
guide. Who has a guide is on the straight path. Someone must go ahead
and people must follow. You cannot guide yourself, you need a guide,
that is the arrangement of Allah. All prophets were shepherds- first
for sheep, then for people.

They were guiding people on the way of truth to Allah, it is their
duty. Ho cannot distinguish the friend from the ennemy, will be
harmed. You must know who is your ennemy, and who is your friend. A
friend is someone who cares about you, who is on your side, who may
burn for you. The ennemy is the one who wants to harm you, who is
against you and who is asking to burn you. The ennemy wants to destroy
mankind, the friend wants to keep mankind alive and bring them to safety.

All prophets were informing about mankind’s ennemy Shaitan. Shaitan
declared himself ennemy of Adam from the beginning. He was the reason
that Adam had to leave Paradise, where life was effortless, everything
was ready for him there, he was like a Sultan. Shaitan cheated him and
he was thrown down to Dunya, the Dar-ul-Bela, the place of misery, not
of peace. And Adam warned his children to beware of Shaitan, and after
him all prophets were warning their nation and informing them that
Shaitan is our ennemy. Who is asking support and help from Allah, will
be helped by Allah. Who is asking support for his ego, willl be helped
by Shaitan. In the 21st century 99% of the people are friends of
Shaitan, best friends. They say :’We cannot live without him’, because
he is teaching them how to live a modern life, and he is teaching
their ego. Prophets teach us discipline, and feed our spirituality.

What about someone who is working part-time for the Turkish army, and
the rest of the day for the Greek army? Who will accept him? Nowadays
Muslims have let themselves be cheated. They told them: Prayer is one
thing, Dunya something else. Pray, but don’t forget about Dunya. Work
for Allah and for Shaitan, make him happy. And it is impossible.
Darkness and light cannot mix.

And we don’t have two hearts with two Thrones in it. There is only one
Throne, and it must be for Allah. In a country also there can be only
one Sultan. So either you give your heart to Allah, or to Shaitan. And
the heart is the House of Allah, Bait-u-llah. The heart is the Kaaba,
and it is not empty. If it was empty, why He would call us to come
there? If I am not here, would my invitation have any taste? Has an
invitation where the Sultan himself is not present, any value?

Allah wanted to invite the people, His servants. They asked Ibrahim:
‘Where can we visit our Lord?’ And Allah ordered Ibrahim to go with
his son Ismail into the desert and to build His House. They made a
building of black stones- just four walls. This is 5ooo years ago, and
still this building is there. It is known as the Kaaba, Bait-u-llah,
the House of God. When they had finished, Allah told Ibrahim: ‘Go to
this mountain and call My servants. Tell them who wants to visit Me,
may come to My House, the Kaaba. This is My House in Dunya, and I will
accept their visit. They shall not have any difficulties and they
shall be under My protection.’ Ibrahim was calling: ‘O servants of
Allah and Ummah of Muhammad, come to the House of Allah.’ And all the
people and the seeds of the uncreated generations were making the
talbiya:’Labbaik, Allahumma, labbaik, labbaika, la sharika laka,
labbaik! Inna-l hamda, wa ni’amat, laka wa-l mulk, la sharika lak! O
our Lord, Yours is the order, we know no God except You, we are coming
to visit You!’

There are so magnificient building around the world, but people don’t
go there. Why? Europe is beginning to wonder. Allah is sending
interest to their heart before Qiyama. This building is there since
thousands of years and nothing has harmed it. What is the secret
behind it? Our priests don’t recognize Islam and prevent the Quran
from being read. Can anyone prevent knowledge? Why are they fearing we
could read this Book? What is behind it? Where is this power of
attraction coming from? The Europeans are coming to their senses. A
magnet is also a piece of iron, but it has a special power of
attraction to attract other iron. They go to Jerusalem in these days.
But how many are going each year? No more power of attraction. But the
power of attraction is alive in Islam, and with joy each year millions
of people prepare to go for Hajj. If they would not prevent them, 2o,
3o, or 5o million people would go. But they are asking: ‘How would
they fit?’ ‘You stupid one- Who is the One inviting them? You or Me?’,
Allah is asking them. Allah has the power to make place for all people
to pray freely, but they think it this a joke. Who told you to build
these huge buildings? And again people don’t fit. My last Hajj was
198o, and that time already we didn’t fit. But 6o years ago, the first
Hajj-ul-Akbar after the Second World War, I didn’t pray one single
prayer outside the Haram. Now they enlarged it 1oofold, but people
don’t fit, they step on each other, they can’t find any place to pray.
That is, because belief has sunk to zero; they think they must help
Allah and they made it bigger. And Shaitan is teaching them so many

‘Leave My House alone,’ Allah says, ‘whoever wants to come, may come’.
But they make contingents for each country, and more than that may not
come, and also you can come only once- they make so many restrictions.
That is not Shariat. Everybody who wants to, may go. If the House was
empty, nobody would want to go there… I went 25 times…Insha Allah
there will be an opening this year to go without passport and
visa…And if Allah gives me the power, I want to come through the
desert, walking… Run to His servanthood, leave your ego. May Islam
appear, Kufr disappear. May S.Mehdi come and we be with him.

If an animal is walking on the straight path, its owner is not going
to beat it…If a Muslim is obeying Allah, His Prophet and the
government, nobody can harm him. But so many people do stupid things
and they make fitna, and Allah sends punishment on them. Islam doesn’t
accept fanaticism and fundamentalism- that is fitna, we are not
accepting it.

Jihad is when the Sultan will come and take the Beyat of the people.
Then he may declare Jihad or peace. Not everybody can declare Jihad
against America, England or Europe. We have a Shariat and we must
follow it. One group of people says: We make Jihad?! How? Where is the
flag of the Prophet? Only the Sultan of Islam may order. They are
shouting: Jihad- but where is their Imam? Their Imam is Shaitan. It is
Haram to bring people into difficulties and cause them to be killed.
Bin Laden is responsible for what is happening in Afghanistan. Why he
went there? He is Saudi. If he wanted to make Jihad, let him go to
Jerusalem to conquer Bait-ul-Maqdis for Islam…Why he went to
Afghanistan? Muslims make Jihad against Muslims?! And Palestine needs
someone to save it. Israel made Jerusalem the capital of Israel. They
have rights to pray there, and the Christians have rights, but the
power and the keymust be with us Muslims.

So many stupid ones make problems for the governments…I am not for
America, but I can teach you the Shariat. I am not an easy one…