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Who is Following the Footsteps of Prophet (SAW)?

Anyone who knows our master, right away their heart is satisfied
with that [one]. They say, “Okay, this is the one.” Even if they see
hundreds of masters later… it cannot be a hundred. It’s one. But
because groups like these, with so many followers, they love their
master so much. They want to put that master very high. But that
doesn’t mean that that master is in that level. We have seen so
many different miracles. So many. We say “keramets” from our
master. That is the one. He is the one who is holding that  station of the Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam) for this time.
Alhamdulillah, we are lucky people following his way. Following the way
that he’s teaching us. Because the Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam)
said in a hadith, “In the last days, my nation is going to separate into 73 different ways.” And he continued, “Only one of them, only
one of them is on the straight path: Ahli Sunnat Wal Jama’at.
Those ones who are following me. The other ones they are all going to be on the wrong road. 72 of them they [are] going to be on the wrong path.”

Now, we are watching which one is carrying the Sunnat of the Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam) very strictly. And we [are] finding
our master. We don’t find other than that [one]. When we find other people who are really following the Sunnat of the Prophet, when we start
searching, he is the murid of our master. So now that shows, that
proves [to] us who is that. Because the Prophet (aleyhis salatu
wasselam) has also given us the [signs] how you [are] going to recognize that person and he said to us what is the specialty that they had. He said one of
the most important things, “They [are] going to carry my Sunnat, my way of
dressing, my way of talking, my way of doing things all the time in
their life time.” Not doing it now and later going outside and
becoming regular person again. No. They [are] going to carry that all
the time until they die.

That’s what we are seeing today. We go to the mosque. We see [the]
imam, [he] goes up to the Khutba. He gives [the] Khutba, he wears white
clothes, [and] he wears something on his head. But [as] soon as he comes out
from the mosque, he wears [a] nice suit and tie and now he disappears
in this jungle. When you see him in the street, you don’t recognize
him from the unbeliever. And that is not the way that [the] Prophet
[aleyhis salatu wasselam] teaches us. Because he said to us also… he said
to us that, “Don’t wear and don’t act like [the] Jews and the
Christians.” He said, “Don’t be like them, from your outside form
too.” We are wearing this. We are wearing baggy clothes. We are
wearing this. We are wearing the turban.

So now we are seeing. We say, “Okay. This is what [the] Prophet
(aleyhis salatu wasselam) had given us [as an] example. These are the
values that these people they [are] going to have.” So then, look if
they have this or not. They don’t have that, they [are] going to come
to you with so many excuses but the excuse does not make you clean
again. Because the excuse is… you have to, you [are] going to find
[an] excuse. People, when they do wrong things, they always find [an]
excuse. “I did this because of that.” Leave “because of.” That means
you don’t have trust in Allah 100%. Because you said “because of
this.” Because if you have trust in Allah 100%, then you must follow
what the Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam) have teach you. How you [are]
going to follow? If you don’t follow that way, then you don’t have the
right to go up there and to claim that you are the one.

That’s what is happening today. Some people, they think they have [it].
And some, they think they have too many followers, too many people.
They still say, “We are the ones.” But no, that’s not what the Prophet
said to us (aleyhis salatu wasselam). He didn’t say to us, “Look at
those people, how many… look at the quantity, how many they are.” No.
He said, “Look [at] how they are behaving.” That is the most
important [quality]. Not thousands or hundreds of thousands. It can be millions.
Millions of them, they are following the Christianity. Millions of
people they are following the Judaism. Millions of people, they are
following the Hinduism. Or all other kinds of religions. That makes
them to become right? No, because that was in the past. What they were
doing is in the past.

Now, a new law came. After the Prophet came (aleyhis salatu
wasselam) 1400 years ago he came and he bring to the humanity a new
law, saying, “Leave everything now what you was following, and follow
this. Because I am bringing you [a] new law.” So those people, some
they accepted it, some didn’t. And they continue on their own way but
that does not make them to be the right ones. All the evidence,
everything is here. You want to talk? Come, sit. We show you where you
are mistaken. But now, when it comes to that, they move themselves
out. So now we say, “Okay, they don’t want to know the Truth.” Anybody
who doesn’t want to know the Truth, it is up to them. It is not our
problem. It is their problem.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq.
Al Fatiha.



One of the earliest Sahabis to set foot in India was Hazret Malik ibn Dinar (RA). At the entrance to the old part of the masjid, which is surrounded by the new complex, a calligraphic brief history is mounted on the archway. It reads as:

Malik ibn Dinar (RA) Masjid

This is the Malik ibn Dinar Masjid. A group of Arabs travelled to India to build masjids and bring the religion of Islam. They are the honorable Ibn Malik, his brothers from the mother of Malik ibn Dinar, and his nephew Malik ibn Habib ibn Malik. They arrived at the town of Kangerkut. A Jami Masjid was built on Monday, 13th of Rajab, 22nd year of the Nabawi Hijra. He appointed his son, Malik ibn Ahmed ibn Malik, as judge. May Allah sanctify their souls, illuminate their graves, and benefit us with their overflowing bounty. Later, it was rebuilt by Malik, owner of the town, in 1223 A.H.

Malik ibn Dinar Tomb

Malik ibn Dinar’s (RA) Tomb

Malik ibn Dinar old part

In The Old Part of the Masjid




Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Thursday 15 Jumad al-Thani, 1429 / June 19, 2008
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah-il aliyyil azim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.
Ash-hadu an-la ilaha illallah wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa
rasuluhu sallallahu ta’ala alayhi wa alihi wa ashabihi wa sallim.

Tariqatuna sohbet wa khayru fil jamiat. If we are building our
building on the foundation of the Shahadat, keep the Shahadat under
the foundation, if we are building the building on a strong foundation
then it’s going to stay. Whatever we are building on weak foundations
is going to collapse. The Shahadat is the foundation for everything.
Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Renew your faith.” Everytime
remembering, we are renewing our faith, saying, `Ash-hadu an-la ilaha
illallah wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu.’

Now on this we may build what they are going to send to us to speak a
couple of words for today’s heedless and headless Muslims. All of us
are in it because we have been just taken hostage to the hand of
Sheytan. We are under the control of Sheytan. Sheytan is moving us
left and right through our ego. If you’re saying, `No’ then check
yourself. We check ourselves to see how much orders of Allah we are
keeping and how much we’re leaving. How much orders of the Holy
Prophet (sws) we’re keeping, how much we’re applying to our lives and
how many of them we’re putting aside.

With anything that we replace the hadith and the teachings of the Holy
Prophet (sws), we’re replacing with an innovation, with something that
came later, Bid’at, wrong thinkings, wrong ways. That’s why today the
Muslims are praying five times a day, they go to Hajj, they give
Zakat, they keep fasting but they’re not comfortable, saying, `I’m not
feeling good. I have to go out a little bit.’

The problem is we’re running to do the principles of Islam that Allah
has ordered to us but we’re disobeying the orders of Allah that are
saying to us, `Don’t do!’ Those actions that He has forbidden us.
While we’re doing the actions He has ordered to us, `Do’, we’re
running and doing those actions that He forbid us saying, `Don’t do.’
So then we feel very uncomfortable. We’re not feeling good. Then we’re
supporting our ego and our ego is getting very strong. Yes, our head,
the intelligence is working but when the intelligence falls into the
hand of the ego then we become the most dangerous creatures on the
face of the earth.

This is what happened to us today. This is what happened to the Muslim
Nation today. We’re talking to Muslims. We’re not talking to other
nations and other beliefs. We have nothing to do, we have nothing to
say to them. We’re only saying words to our own selves. And I’m
speaking. If you like, say, `He’s speaking to himself. He’s not
speaking to me.’ All those words that I’m saying apply to me.

So we’re asking Allah subhana wa ta’ala to keep Sheytan away from our
Majlis. When our majlis becomes a holy majlis then Sheytan cannot
enter there. Of course. But some people take their Sheytan with them
and they come. So we say, `Leave it outside. Don’t bring it inside.’
Don’t bring your sheytan here because he’s not going to be comfortable
and you’re not going to be comfortable. So inshaAllah through sohbet
we’ll learn what is for us, what we’re going to do and how we’re going
to do.

`Sheykh, don’t we know how to live?’

Yes. From where did we learn? If you’re not learning from the Holy
Prophet (sws) then we’re not knowing how to live. We’re living
according to our ego then. We’re living according to what we’ve picked
up here and there. Muslims are living according to whatever fits to
their ego also and they take it and apply it to their lives. But Allah
subhana wa ta’ala has sent us the Prophet, Holy Prophet (sws) and he
stayed with mankind for 63 years. But after he was Prophet, when
prophethood was given to him and he declared openly… he was the
Prophet before that too but, so many didn’t know and so many weren’t
accepting. It’s okay. But when he declared the prophethood, 23 years
he lived among the Sahaba-e Kiram. And through his lifestyle he showed
them and he taught them how to live, how to eat, what is the manner,
what is the manner according to Islam, not according to today’s
understanding. Today’s understanding of manner is no manner. That’s
what it is.

So the Holy Prophet (sws) has been sent to us to teach us how to live
and to teach us what is waiting for us in this Dunya, in this life,
what is it that we have to prepare ourselves for and what should we
do, how we’re going to prepare ourselves for the hereafter life. So
the most important thing for a believer, for the Muslims is we have to
concentrate on the hereafter life. If we’re concentrating on this life
then we’re going to lose because we’re not going to be able to connect
ourselves to the hereafter life. Then we’re going to delay, saying,
`I’ll do it later. Later, later, later, later.’ Another trick of
sheytan is to say, `Delay. Later, later, later’, then the Holy Prophet
(sws) is saying to us, `If you’re leaving today’s job for tomorrow
then you have perished, you have lost.’ So we cannot delay anything
that comes to us after we become matured, we enter to the maturity
age, everyday is coming with that day’s responsibilities. And the
responsibilities of those days are not only for us to go to schools to
study, to learn and to say, `I’m going to become a doctor, a lawyer or
some high level job I’m going to have and I’m going to make this much

The responsibility that Allah subhana wa ta’ala has given to us as
servants, how much we’re keeping that. That’s why today, what do we
say? The Muslims are very uncomfortable. They’re doing all this,
praying and doing everything but still saying, `I’m not comfortable.
My spirit!’ Yes, true. We cannot be comfortable because now we are not
living according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (sws). We’re not
taking that very seriously to apply that to our lives. If we’re doing
that then we have to take some other lifestyle and whichever country
we’re living in at that time, we’re going to pick up what is their
lifestyle. And that’s what’s really happening to us.

Huh, do we have our countries anymore? Are there Muslim countries that
are living according to the laws of Allah? No. Already that has
changed too. So we have no role-model countries anymore. So what do we
have to do? We have to run, we have to run to find… because Allah and
His Prophet (sws) is promising us that there’s always going to be
people among you who are beloved to Allah and they are connected with
the Holy Prophet (sws). Run to them, be with them, sit with them, talk
with them, learn from them.

“Be with Saliheen”, Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying. He’s saying
through that ayat and so many Muslims today, so many scholars today
are saying, “Those Awliya were then. There’s no more Awliya now.” And
Allah is saying to us something else in the Quran-e Karim. He’s
saying, “Be with Saliheen. Be with those righteous people.” His word
is living. It’s going to live. It’s going to live until the Judgment
Day and beyond the Judgment Day. It’s living.

So, the arrogance and stubbornness… because man today doesn’t want to
listen to anyone except himself, except his ego. At least in the old
days people were saying, “Well, I’m very happy with my mind but I’ll
take some advice from the holy people too.” Holy People. Today it
doesn’t matter how holy it is. Everyone is thinking of themselves and
holier than the holiest. And today’s people aren’t thinking, `I’m a
servant’. Everyone wants to be treated as a Sultan. That is the
biggest problem that we are facing.

So leave that out because now we know the problem. So leave. We have
to take care of ourselves. Those people have to take care of
themselves when they have realized it, when they have understood,
`Yes, I’m in trouble.’ And? `I need help.’ And when you find the
person or the people or the area that is going to help you, you have
to run. You have to run there. We have to run there. And we cannot go
there with our arrogance. We cannot be there to say, `I know this. I
already know this.’ What you know just brought you there. Don’t you
see what you know brought you so much trouble in your life? Now
something has to change. You have to change something in your life.
You have to get rid of that wrong thinking. You have to make your
heart to start thinking right, not wrong anymore because we cannot
afford it.

Every single day the day is rising and the day is setting. Now the day
is ready to set. This morning it rose. Whatever we did all day long,
that’s what we’re going to live with. When the nighttime is setting
down, the angels are sealing that page and we cannot change anything
until Judgment Day. And our Sheykh is saying, `At least sit and make
rabuta.’ Meaning, sit and think early in the morning a little bit and
when the sun is setting down a little bit. Not just to sit and think
nothing. So many people are sitting and, `What are you thinking?’ They
say, `Nothing’. Think something. Think. Think about yourself. Yes. Think.

`What are you thinking?’

`I don’t know.’

`What are you thinking?’

`I’m thinking how I’m going to fix my car.’

`I’m thinking what I’m going to eat today.’

`I’m thinking wrong thinking.’

These things are going to happen whether you think it or not. You’re
thinking or not thinking, it’s going to happen. So you’re occupying
yourself with wrong thinking. We’re occupying ourselves with wrong
thinkings. That’s why in Majlis like this, holy Majlis, yes, it shows,
it’s enough sign to you to show that it’s a holy Majlis that there are
fifty people but no sound is coming. There’s only one speaking and the
other ones are listening. It’s not going crazy and wild. Hmm? Giving
you peace, giving us peace. It shows that it’s a holy Majlis. Right
away we understand the feeling there. Sometimes some people don’t even
hear anything but they’re feeling. Still, sit over there.

That’s why Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “When you’re passing through
the gardens of paradises, sit there.” And they said, “Ya Rasulullah,
where are the gardens of paradises?” He said, “The Majlis. Those
groups of people who are gathering together to remember Allah. That
place becomes the garden of Paradise. If they get up from there and
they are swearing, saying, `I went to Paradise and I came back’, they
are not lying.”

So how much are we believing on that now as Muslims? How many Muslims
are believing on this? Don’t you think that if all Muslims were
believing in this way, if today on Thursday nights they left
everything everywhere in the world and they gathered together to sit
to remember Allah… because that’s the tradition coming from the Holy
Prophet (sws). Celebration. Celebration for Muslims that, `Yes, we
have entered to our holy day now. The sun is going down and we are
entering to our holy day. And our holy day is not Sunday.’ Sunday is
given to the Christians. They invented actually. It’s not Saturday.
Saturday is the holy day of the Jews.

Our holy day is Juma and we have to show value to that. And because
we’re not showing value to the things that Allah subhana wa ta’ala has
granted us and Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying to us, “You are the
nation of witness. In the Judgment Day you are going to be witnessing
other nations.” And the Holy Prophet (sws) is the Prophet of all
prophets too. He is Ashrafil Makhluqat that Allah subhana wa ta’ala
has created that one saying, `If I had not created him I would not
have created anything.’

So how much blessing has Allah subhana wa ta’ala given us just to be
from his nation? Just to be accepting that Shahadat? Do you think you
still have problem that you’re going to complain? Your complaints
would never end then until the grave and in the grave the angels look
saying to you, `You just entered through the left door. You entered to
the trouble. You should’ve entered through the right door. But because
you’re not standing in the door of mercy and rahmat, not in the door
of patience, not in the door of asking forgiveness and saying, “Ya
Rabbi, whatever you have given to me, I know that I don’t deserve it
but it’s coming to me with your mercy and with your Rahmat.’

`No, we don’t like what we have.’

So because we don’t like what we have, we’re getting into troubles.
And we’re standing in the door of complaint. So if the angel of death
comes to us during that time then we’re entering through the left
door, not through the right door. And if we’re thinking, `Oh, we have
problem in Dunya’, when you leave they’ll say to you, `What did you
send to your grave?’ Look what you sent. With all these complaints
look what you have sent to your grave. And whatever we send, that’s
what we’re going to find.

So if we keep ourselves busy, if we keep our life, our heart occupied
with that thinking then do you think that we’re going to have other
foolish thinkings that are going to come around us? Do you think we’re
going to go around searching other people’s mistakes to attack them?
Although we’re still continuously getting Nasihat from our Sheykh,
saying, `Don’t attack, don’t attack, don’t attack’, and we’re still
attacking? No, we cannot then. But they’re taking themselves so much
high that they’re taking the Sheykh’s words now and saying, `The
Sheykh is attacking.’ Sheykh’s job is to give warning to you and to
himself. And he’s giving warning, they’re giving warning to us. We
have to take it.

So, as we said earlier, the man is not seeing himself as a murid, the
man is seeing himself as a Sultan. If you’re seeing yourself as a
Sultan then you say, `I don’t take anything from anyone.’ It is wrong
because Allah is saying to us, “Above every knower there’s another
knower.’ And He’s not pointing to you only one man. He’s pointing to
us that anywhere you’re going and you’re finding somebody in front of
you saying one word to you, look at that word. Is that word Haqq,
truth or not? If it’s truth then take it and put it on top of your
head. `But it’s coming from the wrong person.’ It doesn’t matter. The
truth is truth. Even if it’s coming to you from Sheytan you have to
take it. You have to use it but you have to think, `Why this Sheytan
is coming to me with a true word? He must be making some other plans
for me.’ So you have to be in a more awakening station.

As a Sahabi one day… this is just to show us where we are and where
they were. The Sahabi-e Ikram one day was just late to get up for the
Fajr prayer. Fajr prayer. He was late, not late that Fajr passed, but
late because he couldn’t run after the Prophet (sws) to the Masjid to
pray. So he had to do it quickly before the sun is rising. And he
punished himself saying to himself, `O my ego, you fooled me huh? O
Sheytan you fooled me huh? And I couldn’t get up to run to the Masjid
to pray with the Prophet (sws)? For that reason I’m punishing you for
one year. For one year you’re not going to sleep.’ So the Sahabi was
forcing himself every night and he wasn’t sleeping. For one year he
punished his ego.

Hmm. It’s hard to believe for 21st Century people. True. It’s very
hard to do, yes, because it’s so hard to go to the masjids anyway.
They are living next to masjids, they are living in the same town but
they come once a week, once a month, saying, `Eh, we have problems.’
Your problems never end. That’s right.

So now the Sahabi one day, after punishing himself, he went to sleep
again. And it just happened that he was going to lose again, and he
was falling into sleep so deeply, Sheytan came and woke him up,
saying, `Wake up’. Sheytan woke him up. (I’m not Sheytan now.
Sometimes some are saying to me that I’m Sheytan, I’m Dajjal, I’m this
and I’m that but it’s okay. I mean, you can say whatever you want. I’m
just a servant. I’m just trying to be a servant). So Sheytan was
saying, `Wake up!’ So the Sahabi got up and said, `Oh Sheytan, you
really woke me up for the prayer. I was going to sleep. But you are
evil. You always do wrong things. You never do right things. And
although you never do right things, it is right. You woke me up. But
what is the evil thing behind there?’

He said, `The last time when you got up late for one day, you
regretted so much and you punished yourself so much, if you only saw
how much reward has been written for you for those days. At least get
up, go for prayer and get the small rewards now. Not the extra
rewards. Because if you don’t wake up then you’re going to punish
yourself again and then you’re going to get lots of rewards again. So
at least get the normal rewards. That’s why I’m waking you up.’

So Haqq is Haqq. The truth is truth. Whatever is coming to you from
truth is truth. You cannot change it. But it depends on how you’re
looking at it, with which eyes and with which heart, with which
thinking. So now, the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us, “My Nation,
there’s one piece of meat in your body. If that piece is good then the
whole body is good. If that piece is bad then the whole body is bad,
the whole body is sick. That is the heart.’ So you all know, we all
know that when the heart is not good and the heart is sick physically,
the whole body is sick. That man is not good for anything really. Hmm?
He cannot go to work. Even if he works he’s very weak. Nothing comes
out from that man because the heart is sick. Bur worse comes to worst
he’s going to die. The heart can be sick and he’s going to die.

But if the heart is sick spiritually, that is the biggest problem.
You’re not only going to die. First you’re going to carry all the
burdens in the world because you’re always going to think wrong.
You’re never going to think from the positive side. You’re always
going to think negative. Wrong. Hmm? Even if it’s wrong, think good in
it. You’re not damaging anyone. You’re giving rewards to your own
self. Because you thought good, you’re going to be rewarded.

But if you think bad about somebody and you’re trying to say something
about that person that he’s not in that state, you may be punished for
it, and in so many cases people are punished. Words come out from
their mouth, they are not knowing what they are saying, they are not
thinking. But down in the road some difficulties are waiting for them
just because of that word because Allah is promising to us, saying,
`Don’t touch My friends. I will declare war on you.’ He says, `The
Friends of Allah, don’t touch them. And don’t go attacking the Friends
of Allah.’ If you say you’re a Friend of Allah then you don’t go
attacking others. (Sheykh Efendi smiles). So the ones who are
attacking are always wrong.

So what does that give to us now? Should we attack or should we defend
ourselves? Don’t do anything. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `Turn your
head to the other side.’ He says, `The answer to an idiot when he’s
attacking you, when he’s saying words to you, the answer to that one
is to keep silent, it is not even to look at that one, not to give
answer to that one. That is enough answer for that idiot.’

So if you want to put yourself in the book of idiots then welcome. So
many Muslims today are doing that too. But the damage is to yourself
and nobody else. You cannot get away to think, `Well, I’m connected to
the Prophet (sws) and I’m going to ask the Prophet (sws) to punish
you, and I’m going to ask this and that.’ Who are you? Did you sit
down to think to understand who you are? You are just partnering with
Sheytan because Sheytan’s job is to attack and Sheytan is not coming
physically to attack. It is through other people. So you’re just a tool.

So inshaAllah ar-Rahman, if we turn back to ourselves and if we search
ourselves, `Do I have that? Let me check it out. If I have it then I
have to stop.’ I heard these words now. I said the words and I heard
them. I have to check it to see, `Do I have it?’ Don’t just come to a
conclusion right away to say, `Oh, I don’t have this.’ Check yourself.
Do you have it? Because that comes into every level now. Do you have
it? `Yes.’ Then say, `Thank you. You just reminded me something and
I’m going to try to fix myself.’ So the intention is good now. Right
away you made a good intention. When your intention becomes good right
away, right away the blessings start reaching to you. And because the
blessings start coming, right away you’ll be able to move yourself out
from that wrong thinking. So the heart will not be burdened then.

People say, `I’m not feeling comfortable. My spirit is very tight.’
True. Because the heart now is burdened. You’re putting so much burden
on the heart. Sheytans aren’t supposed to be there. The heart is the
throne of Allah. So if you are thinking all evil kinds of thinkings
coming through, all wrong thinkings passing through your head, now
you’re giving invitation to Sheytan to come in. Sheytan is not
slicking anymore. You’re giving invitation, saying, `Come inside.’ And
how are you going to say now, `Well, Allah is in my heart too’? Allah
is not there. Allah is saying to us, `Clean your house first, then I
come there. Your heart has to be clean. You have to clean your heart.
Then I will come. You give invitation and then I will come. I will go
inside there.’

So, how are we going to keep that? Very easily. If we remember that
yesterday we were inside our mother’s womb. And if we know that today
we are above this ground, and if we keep it alive in our heart that
tomorrow we may be down there, then we have enough worry. Then we have
enough worry to say, `At least let me fill up my grave with good
things.’ Then you will say, `Let me have a better relationship with
this person. Let me have a better relationship with this one. I don’t
know who he is. Maybe he’ll pray for me when I die.’ And if you didn’t
send anything there then maybe he’ll have some people to pray for you
and it will be just like putting water to the plant. So people will be
sending to your grave then.

So it’s up to us. It’s up to us because Allah subhana wa ta’ala
doesn’t torture, doesn’t punish His servants. He doesn’t punish His
creatures. The creatures go around punishing themselves. First being
disobedient to Allah and then disobedient to His Holy Prophet (sws),
disobedient to the holy ones, then who are you obedient to? Just to
say, one person here and one person there? No. That’s a lie. It’s
cheating. You have to have somebody to tell you, `Do this and don’t do
that. Turn here and don’t turn there.’ You cannot just say, `I’m
connected to the Sultan directly.’ Who are you? Carrying your ego on
top of your head and you’re entering into the palace? Did you ever see
a man coming with his horse and entering into the palace where the
King is sitting and he’s entering into the room with his horse?
Sitting on the horse? Maybe it’s a possibility. And maybe that king is
so good that he will forgive that one. Otherwise, the neck must go. Of
course it’s not a possibility because the guards are not going to let
that one to come in. But maybe one possibility.

So when the man is carrying that kind of an ego, do you think you’re
reaching to Allah and you’re not accepting anything else? You think
worldly you have reached because Allah subhana wa ta’ala is giving you
some high intelligence that you are using? It’s not high intelligence
that you used but the Awliya are looking at you. The Awliya Allah are
praying for you and you reached somewhere, do you think it’s you?
That’s another biggest mistake that the Muslims are doing today. They
are not saying, `This credit is not for me. If good words come out
from me it’s definitely not for me. It’s from Sheykh Mevlana. It’s not
me. The credit has to go to him. I’m just a tool.’

So the same thing is true for worldly thinkings. If good things come
out from your hand, don’t think that you’re alone. No. They are
sending it to you. And they’re sending it to you for a reason. You
have to sit and think. So if we keep our Sheykh’s order when he says
to us, `Early in the morning, sit and think a little bit. Meditate.’
Think what?

`How much business I’m going to make’? Or `How much money I’m going to

To think, `Why I begin today? Why have I been created again today? Why
did I get up from death today again?’ Sleeping is half death. `Why I
got up from death again? What is my purpose today in this life? What
is it that I’m going to do?’ If we think that then we’ll be able to
say, `Well, let me just work a little bit more for Akhirat’ and force
ourselves. When the evening sets and we sit down and we look at the
things that we didn’t do, then we don’t have the time to worry, `How
much money I made and I didn’t make.’ Then it’s, `I missed all this
today. I missed all these rewards that Allah subhana wa ta’ala is
giving. I missed it.’ Yes. And then you don’t worry about how much
money you make and how much money you have, what is your worldly
status then. No.

The worldly status is also moving, especially now, especially from now
on it’s going to move according to the way the believers are moving,
coming closer to Allah subhana wa ta’ala. Everything is being taken
away from the hands of the unbelievers. They’re going to lose it.
Already the valves have been shut. If a little bit is still coming
it’s in the pipe from where the water is coming. But the valves are
shut. No more is coming. No more is going to come to the unbelievers.
We have just entered into the era that Islam is going to rise. And
Islam is rising everywhere. And if we are thinking, `Yes, we want to
be in it. Yes, we want to be one of those ones’, then we have to run
and do certain good thinkings and good things. Not to think, `Well,
everyone has to die. And I’m going to be the only one. Only the young
people are going to live and the rest has to die because they’re all
so dirty.’

That shows your dirtiness. And Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying to
us, `If it’s not for the little babies that just came out from their
mothers, and if it’s not for those little sheep, and if it’s not for
the old people who are sitting in prayers, I’ll not send a drop of
water to this world. And I will make everyone to die from thirst. But
because of those old ones that they are holy ones, they are asking,
they are continuously good with Me and they are asking, because of
them I’ll send it to you.’

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

If you want to, if we want to have some changes in our lives then we
have to take these words seriously. If not then, yes, there are so
many people speaking everywhere and so many of them are saying good
things, but if you’re not taking it then you’re not going to make
progress. So many are saying bad things. If you’re taking those bad
things then you’re going to make progress in the wrong way.

So first we have to know what is good and what is bad and what is it
that we are earning. We have to choose our side and inshaAllah
ar-Rahman then we’ll become good servants to our Lord, good Nation of
the Holy Prophet (sws) and good murids to our Sheykhs.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.


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