One of the earliest Sahabis to set foot in India was Hazret Malik ibn Dinar (RA). At the entrance to the old part of the masjid, which is surrounded by the new complex, a calligraphic brief history is mounted on the archway. It reads as:

Malik ibn Dinar (RA) Masjid

This is the Malik ibn Dinar Masjid. A group of Arabs travelled to India to build masjids and bring the religion of Islam. They are the honorable Ibn Malik, his brothers from the mother of Malik ibn Dinar, and his nephew Malik ibn Habib ibn Malik. They arrived at the town of Kangerkut. A Jami Masjid was built on Monday, 13th of Rajab, 22nd year of the Nabawi Hijra. He appointed his son, Malik ibn Ahmed ibn Malik, as judge. May Allah sanctify their souls, illuminate their graves, and benefit us with their overflowing bounty. Later, it was rebuilt by Malik, owner of the town, in 1223 A.H.

Malik ibn Dinar Tomb

Malik ibn Dinar’s (RA) Tomb

Malik ibn Dinar old part

In The Old Part of the Masjid