Who is Following the Footsteps of Prophet (SAW)?

Anyone who knows our master, right away their heart is satisfied
with that [one]. They say, “Okay, this is the one.” Even if they see
hundreds of masters later… it cannot be a hundred. It’s one. But
because groups like these, with so many followers, they love their
master so much. They want to put that master very high. But that
doesn’t mean that that master is in that level. We have seen so
many different miracles. So many. We say “keramets” from our
master. That is the one. He is the one who is holding that  station of the Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam) for this time.
Alhamdulillah, we are lucky people following his way. Following the way
that he’s teaching us. Because the Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam)
said in a hadith, “In the last days, my nation is going to separate into 73 different ways.” And he continued, “Only one of them, only
one of them is on the straight path: Ahli Sunnat Wal Jama’at.
Those ones who are following me. The other ones they are all going to be on the wrong road. 72 of them they [are] going to be on the wrong path.”

Now, we are watching which one is carrying the Sunnat of the Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam) very strictly. And we [are] finding
our master. We don’t find other than that [one]. When we find other people who are really following the Sunnat of the Prophet, when we start
searching, he is the murid of our master. So now that shows, that
proves [to] us who is that. Because the Prophet (aleyhis salatu
wasselam) has also given us the [signs] how you [are] going to recognize that person and he said to us what is the specialty that they had. He said one of
the most important things, “They [are] going to carry my Sunnat, my way of
dressing, my way of talking, my way of doing things all the time in
their life time.” Not doing it now and later going outside and
becoming regular person again. No. They [are] going to carry that all
the time until they die.

That’s what we are seeing today. We go to the mosque. We see [the]
imam, [he] goes up to the Khutba. He gives [the] Khutba, he wears white
clothes, [and] he wears something on his head. But [as] soon as he comes out
from the mosque, he wears [a] nice suit and tie and now he disappears
in this jungle. When you see him in the street, you don’t recognize
him from the unbeliever. And that is not the way that [the] Prophet
[aleyhis salatu wasselam] teaches us. Because he said to us also… he said
to us that, “Don’t wear and don’t act like [the] Jews and the
Christians.” He said, “Don’t be like them, from your outside form
too.” We are wearing this. We are wearing baggy clothes. We are
wearing this. We are wearing the turban.

So now we are seeing. We say, “Okay. This is what [the] Prophet
(aleyhis salatu wasselam) had given us [as an] example. These are the
values that these people they [are] going to have.” So then, look if
they have this or not. They don’t have that, they [are] going to come
to you with so many excuses but the excuse does not make you clean
again. Because the excuse is… you have to, you [are] going to find
[an] excuse. People, when they do wrong things, they always find [an]
excuse. “I did this because of that.” Leave “because of.” That means
you don’t have trust in Allah 100%. Because you said “because of
this.” Because if you have trust in Allah 100%, then you must follow
what the Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam) have teach you. How you [are]
going to follow? If you don’t follow that way, then you don’t have the
right to go up there and to claim that you are the one.

That’s what is happening today. Some people, they think they have [it].
And some, they think they have too many followers, too many people.
They still say, “We are the ones.” But no, that’s not what the Prophet
said to us (aleyhis salatu wasselam). He didn’t say to us, “Look at
those people, how many… look at the quantity, how many they are.” No.
He said, “Look [at] how they are behaving.” That is the most
important [quality]. Not thousands or hundreds of thousands. It can be millions.
Millions of them, they are following the Christianity. Millions of
people they are following the Judaism. Millions of people, they are
following the Hinduism. Or all other kinds of religions. That makes
them to become right? No, because that was in the past. What they were
doing is in the past.

Now, a new law came. After the Prophet came (aleyhis salatu
wasselam) 1400 years ago he came and he bring to the humanity a new
law, saying, “Leave everything now what you was following, and follow
this. Because I am bringing you [a] new law.” So those people, some
they accepted it, some didn’t. And they continue on their own way but
that does not make them to be the right ones. All the evidence,
everything is here. You want to talk? Come, sit. We show you where you
are mistaken. But now, when it comes to that, they move themselves
out. So now we say, “Okay, they don’t want to know the Truth.” Anybody
who doesn’t want to know the Truth, it is up to them. It is not our
problem. It is their problem.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq.
Al Fatiha.