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Juma Khutba given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday, 25 Zul-Hijjah, 1427 / January 4, 2008
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi, Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Alhamdulillah, astaghfirullah, shukr Ya Rabbi. Allah subhana wa ta’ala
is saying, “Wa laqad karramna bani adam. We are giving honor to the
children of Adam. We have given them high honor. We have made them the
most perfect creatures in creation.” The children of Adam. These words
are for the children of Adam, not for the people who are claiming that
they are coming from monkeys. If you are saying, “Yes, I am from the
children of Adam”, then you must be an honorable one. Allah is giving
(that honor). You cannot get that from the supermarkets, you cannot
get it in the universities, you cannot get it with the clothes you are
wearing, you cannot get it with the worldly titles that you have. It’s
given, given by Allah subhana wa ta’ala to His servants.

What is for us? To keep it. He has given that honor. It is for you to
keep that honor. How are we keeping that honor? Going around saying,
“I am. I am the most honorable one”? No. He has turned around sending
124,000 prophets to us, warning us, showing us the ways, saying to us,
sending us books, saying, “If you keep the orders of these books then
you keep your honor up. Remember Me. Be with Me. Then your honor is
up. If you are forgetting Me then your honor is down.” We must check
ourselves how much we are remembering our Lord. Daily, count it, how
much (you are) remembering. Not to take the tasbih sitting over there,
shaking it, sleeping, not realizing what you are doing. Becoming more
heedless, on the one side saying, `Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah’ but not
being with Allah! Not remembering Allah! Hmm.

So this Sheytan must be coming to fool us that way too. Shake
yourselves up. Wake up. Yes, we must wake up. If we don’t wake up then
what happens? Nar is waiting for people. Ahle Nur and Ahle Nar. People
of Paradise and people of Hell. Allah is not putting you to hell. He
is not putting us to hell. No. He has given us honor and said to us,
“Keep that honor. With that honor you are entering to My Paradise.” He
is saying, “That Nafs, that ego, that Nafs that is pleased with his
Lord and his Lord is pleased with him, enter to My Paradise.” This is
what we have to look. 124,000 prophets came to teach us how to take
this Nur out from the fire, how to take the sprit out from the fire.
Allah subhana wa ta’ala is giving that secret and (He is) saying,
“Until you separate the Nur from the Nar, you are not even going out
from this world.” Don’t look to say, “Oh, we are strong. Our hands are
working, holding, running.” Look how many people are lying in the bed
not dying for years. Why is it happening? What’s happening? Why is it
not dying? If it’s necessary for Allah subhana wa ta’ala to take the
Nur that He has given to that servant, He will keep that servant in
that situation for one thousand years. He will create time inside time
and place inside place. It will look to you from the outside that it’s
just happening instantly but it’s not happening like that.

So the freedom. Yes, we are free. We are given free choice. Free
choice is not to say, “I do as I like.” Free choice is to say, “I do
what my Lord wants me to do. And He has given me this will power that
He has not given to any other creature. He has given it to Me and I
must use this will power on my ego to direct my ego from the wrong
side to the right side, to be that ego that Allah is saying about it,
“He is pleased with his Lord and his Lord is pleased with him. Enter
to My Paradise.” Six thousand six hundred and sixty-six ayats of the
Quran is teaching this to a man, how to move from Dunya to Akhirat and
how to leave the slavery of this Dunya to become a servant to the Lord.

Yes, one day the Holy Prophet (sws) was bringing the Sahaba-e Kiram,
teaching them, teaching them to teach us. Just one instant look at
that Prophet (sws) was enough for them. Nothing else. But it took
twenty-three years time of work and the Prophet (sws) worked with them
for twenty-three years. And in twenty-three years time every incident
that happened, the Prophet (sws) showed the answers through teaching
the Sahaba-e Kiram, teaching us. We are the last nation on this earth.
No more is coming. And we are the last group of people on this earth,
not only the last nation but the last group that came.
Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “This world is one and a half day after
me. There’s only one and a half day left to this world after I came.”
Calculate. Look. We are reaching to fifteen hundred years almost.

Holy Prophet (sws) bringing the Sahaba-e Kiram to a dumpster site. In
the old days they were opening big holes and throwing every garbage in
there. And when that fills up they were covering it and opening
another one. Not like today’s people. They waste the whole world too.
Wasting. If the whole world was using the same things that America is
using then you cannot live in this world for another ten years. In ten
years time it will be finished. The wasting that the Americans are
doing… the most spoiled nation on the face of the earth! Yes. The most
spoiled one.

Holy Prophet (sws) was bringing them to the dumpster and saying to
them, “Look here. Look. This is Dunya.” And what was that? Garbage.
Dumpster. Saying, “You see that there are some bones there, some
clothes there, some material there, some equipment and some leftovers
there?” Some people were not even being buried. They were taking them
and throwing them in that dumpster. “See those bones? They are the
leftovers of some people, or they are the leftovers of some animals.
You see those pieces of clothes? They are the clothes that they were
wearing nicely on top of them thinking that they were having honor
with it. You see those leftover materials there? They are the
furniture that they were using. All came to garbage.”

Eh, what gives value to a man? What gives us value? The spirit. If the
spirit is not in that body, you fall down. They don’t leave you there
for twenty-four hours. It doesn’t matter. They quickly pick you up and
they bury you under the ground. They don’t keep you up. No value. No
value to this body. The value comes with that spirit. The spirit gives
value to the body. The more you use that spirit in the correct way
your body becomes valuable too because now you have forbidden this
body from wrong actions, wrong ways and wrong doings.

So 124,000 prophets came to teach what to people? Leave Dunya and turn
to Mawla. Turn your face from this Dunya to your Lord. Don’t run for
the titles of this Dunya. Run for the titles of Akhirat. And the only
title for Akhirat is one, not two. One. Servant. Servanthood. Run to
get that. As soon as the man goes out from this world, the first
question (is), “Is it the servant of his Lord or is it the slave of
Sheytan, ego or Dunya?” `Servant of his Lord’. Pass. `Slave of his
Ego’. Stop here now. Now is a big process beginning. Uff, uff, uff.
Who knows how many years, how many thousands of years (it will take).
Still now from the children of Adam who have been buried there
thousands of years ago, still process is going on for so many of them.
It’s not finished yet.

This will come to us too. This end is waiting for us. We didn’t finish
this life yet. Run to finish this life correctly. 124,000 prophets
came to teach man how to live. Injil-e Sharif, Tawrat, Zabur and all
other books that were sent to other prophets and the Quran-e Karim
with six thousand six hundred and sixty-six ayats, came to teach man
how to live. And the whole key is to know yourself and to know your
Lord. To know your ego, to know where your ego is going to fool you,
where it’s going to pull you to the wrong direction.

Not to say, “I am in safety now, I reached to safety.” No. You didn’t
reach to safety. You have not reached to safety. We have not reached
to safety yet. Look at the last breath, the word of Akhir, the last
breath that is coming out, how it’s coming out, how we are brining
that word out. This is what we have to be busy with. Otherwise, you
can go to Hajj ten times and come back or you can go and sit inside
the Kaba, it’s not going to change anything. It’s just going to make
the man become more Firaun saying, “I did this much of this and I did
that. And I am so important.” Yes, that’s what everyone is running to
say, “I am so important. I am very important.”

Yes, you are important. Allah subhana wa ta’ala created only you in
that form. No other creature. But your importance comes as much as you
obey Allah and His Prophet (sws). That much importance we have. And
Allah is saying, “If you are not asking from your Lord, what do you
think is your value? What’s your value?”

“I am doing this today.”

Tomorrow you must do it again. Next day again and the next day again
until the grave. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “For believers, today
has to be better than yesterday. Tomorrow has to be better than
today.” If you are falling into the heedless station then you cannot
be better tomorrow. You are not better today than yesterday. You are
heedless. You are in Ghaflat, sleeping. Not sleeping and resting the
body. No. You need to sleep to rest the body to get up and have energy
to worship. You need to eat to give energy to the body to be able to
stand up in the Divine Presence. Not like the unbelievers running to
eat to fill up the toilets for enjoyment. No. Believers don’t live
like that. Believers know exactly what they are doing, why they are
doing and what is the intention. They must check in the beginning, “I
did this and the end, the result, where I reached is here. Did I win
or lose? I did. I won. Thank you Ya Rabbi. Give me power to do it
better tomorrow.” If you see that you lost then don’t even sleep that
night because you have another day to catch. You lost that day. You
didn’t enter the book that says, “Servant of the Lord.”

Leave all these shows to say, “I am this one and I am that one.” Look
at everyday that is passing, every page that is coming to the Judgment
Place. Everyday there are twenty-four drawers. In twenty-four hours
what you are doing, what you did and who did you live for? Twenty-four
hours. Every action that you did, what was the intention behind it?
This is what’s important. This is what the prophets came to teach us
and this is what Islam is ordering to us. The 500 good deeds that Holy
Prophet (sws) is ordering us to keep, this is what it’s teaching us.
And the 800 forbidden deeds that are keeping us away from becoming
better servants of our Lord and supporting our ego.

He has created us, He sent us to this world and He is continuously
sending us whatever our need is. Only thing that we have to do is to
turn back to say, “Oh Ya Rabbi, You created me and You gave me all
this. You love me and I love You back.” That’s all. That’s what man
has to do. And if you cannot do that too, thuu… you are a cursed one.
Not to say that you have honor. You have no honor. Your honor belongs
only to the toilet, to sit on the toilet bowl and to say, “I am the
most honorable.”

Allah subhana wa ta’ala has given the honor to the children of Adam
and He is ordering us to keep that honor and He is teaching us how we
are going to keep that honor. Not to go around to say, “I am wearing
this clothe. Look I am wearing this kind of turban. Look I am wearing
this.” No. No! The unbelievers are running with one foolishness and
the believers are running with another foolishness. Yes. Leave this.
This is not giving anything. Just taking away, taking away from your
values. Become a valuable one. If you are looking for safety in Dunya
and Akhirat then this is what we must be busy with. Otherwise, you can
bring not one thousand books but one hundred thousand books, it’s not
going to help you.

The Hajj session finished. Millions went to Hajj and came back. So
many came back empty-handed and so many as soon as they moved from
there Sheytan put his rope around their necks right away saying, “Come
back to me. You cannot run.” Run to escape from that slavery. Run to
the servanthood of Allah subhana wa ta’ala.

InshaAllah ar-Rahman we are entering… in some more days we are
entering the holy month of Muharram. The New Year of the Muslims, not
the New Year of the pagans that people were worshipping (other than
Allah). The New Year of the Muslims. Muharram is coming. We are
entering in it. Prepare yourselves for that. As everyone is running to
copy saying, “What is your New Years Resolution? What are you going to
do? What is the intention you made that you are going to change this

“Yes, I am going to become more donkey.”

That’s what they do. They are running at midnight in the streets. Eh,
if you are running at midnight in the streets then you are becoming
the nominee to become another donkey for that whole year. No honor.
The honor is not in the streets, to drink and to lay down in the
corners of the streets and not even knowing where your house is.
That’s not an honor. New Year is coming, yes. Make to your own self
saying, “Ya Rabbi, I am making intention to become a better servant to
You this year. I am a weak servant. Help me.” Say `Help me’ sincerely
and look how fast help is going to reach to you. It’s not far. Very near.

Once the Sahaba-e Kiram were making du’a very loudly. The Holy Prophet
(sws) came to them saying, “You are not asking someone who is far from
you. He is very near to you. He is nearer to you than your jugular vein.”

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.



Hain eller seni aldı götürdü
Mahkum etti zindanlarda yatırdı
Yusuf’da zindanda posta oturdu
Kimseler bilmesin ben biliyorum
El bağlayıp sana SULTAN diyorum.

Zindanları yeni bilmiş degilim
Dertlerden maziyi silmiş degilim
Beklenen birliği bulmuş degilim
İnce ince elekle eliyorum
El bağlayıp sana SULTAN diyorum.

Ezeli zindan da nur var ALLAH var
Ebed müdded sana yar var ALLAH var
Her halinden haberdar var ALLAH var
Usul usul yoldayım geliyorum
El bağlayıp sana SULTAN diyorum…..

söz/müzik: Osman Öztünç

ALLAH’ın Askeri, OSMANLI Şeyhi Abdul Kerim el Kıbrısi Hz. “Abdulkerim” – Osman Öztünç vimeo.com da Haqqani OSMANLI



Juma khutba given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday, 14 Shawwal, 1428 / October 26, 2007
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah wa shukr Allah. Astaghfirullah,
astaghfirullah al-Azim wa atubu ilaih. “Hear and obey”, Allah is
saying to us. Listen and obey. Obey Allah, obey your Prophet (sws) and
obey your leaders. If you are not doing that then you are obeying your
Sheytan. We are praying. Are we obeying Sheytan? If you are not taking
the orders of those who are there to train you then you are obeying
your Nafs, your ego and your Sheytan. And what’s the reason for being
in the world? Pleasing Allah. Pleasing Allah with what? Allah is
saying to us, “We have created you to know Us and to worship Us.” This
is the only reason. No other reason. All other things come on the
side. If man is not aiming to that every day, if he has a different
plan every day, then he is not a servant. He is not a good servant to
the Lord of the Heavens and there is a big problem then whether that
one is going to make it out from this world clean or not because if
you are not at least standing on that cleaning road then you are not
going to be able to reach to your destiny and you are entering through
one door of this world and going out through the other.

“When are we going?”

Maybe tonight. Maybe one hour later. Have you prepared yourself? Have
you fulfilled the orders given to you up till this age? Or do you have
plans for your ego. If you have plans for your ego then change it. Run
to change it. Make intention to change it.

“I am a very weak one.”

Definitely. All creatures that Allah subhana wa ta’ala created are
very weak. He is saying, “With Me you will become strong. Turn your
way to Me. Put one step forward to Me and I will make ten steps
forward to you. Walk to Me and I will run to you.” Say, HasbinAllah wa
ni’mal wakeel 100 times a day at least. That gives you power to
understand what you are living for in this world and everything that
you look at and everything that you see, you make your planning
according to that then. Otherwise, your planning is according to your
ego and your ego’s direction is to the Fire, it’s dragging you with
it. As I said, we are praying. Eh, that’s how ego is fooling the
person saying, “Look, all this world is not praying. They are doing
all this wrong things and you are praying. You are okay.”

No. You are not okay. You know yourself when you are okay. You don’t
need anybody to tell you that you are okay. You know yourself you are
okay. When you are taking a liftoff, when you are entering to that
rocket and you know that you entered to that rocket and it’s going to
liftoff, then you understand that you are okay. Otherwise, if you are
still lovely to this world, if you love this world so much and you are
attached to this world and you are not preparing to take off, you are
not okay. You have problems and you must run to fix it. Intelligent
man is that one who runs to fix his problems.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala has given intelligence. To anybody you say,
“Are you intelligent?”

“What do you think? Of course I am.”

“How much intelligence do you have? Let’s test you. Let’s put a test
to you. Are you letting the prayer time pass?”


Then you don’t have that much intelligence because Holy Prophet (sws)
is ordering us saying to us, `At every prayer time pray as if it is
your last prayer, as if you are not reaching to the next prayer. Pray
as if you are not going to be reaching to the next prayer.’ If you are
going to be praying the Fajr prayer with that awakening station then
you will not be coming to Juma at the last minute. You will be in
awakening station saying, `Oh, today is Juma. I must run to Juma.’ And
Allah and His Prophet (sws) is saying, `Anybody who comes to Juma
first, they will be written as the first ones. Angels are writing,
sitting at the doors of the Juma places and they are registering those
people, `This one came. This one came first, so put him at the top of
the list. This one came second, so second. Third, fourth, fifth,
sixth.’ Check yourself.

“Eh, we are in the mountains. It’s okay.”

It’s not because in these mountains you have nothing else to do. In
the city you have so many sheytans holding you back. But in the
mountain if you are still being held back then something is wrong with
you. Something is wrong with your faith. Something is wrong with your
love to Allah and to His Prophet (sws), to the way that Allah subhana
wa ta’ala is ordering. Something is wrong there. That means the love
inside your heart is not moving you.

“Ya hu, we are hearing the same thing every day.”

It doesn’t matter. Our duty is to go to the masjid, to sit there and
to pray there. Even if we hear nothing, your duty is that. Allah
subhana wa ta’ala is saying, “Come to the masjids of Allah. Prepare
yourself early. Come and sit. Be with your Lord.” Outside you are
being with Sheytan. Sheytan is saying, “No. Stay far a little more.
You are going to go anyway. Wait, wait, wait until the last minute and
when you reach there at the last minute, as soon as you sit, ohh,
there are so many things in your mind, eh, go to sleep now. No need to
listen to anything. Go to sleep, sleep, sleep. Later, it’s finished,
now run back to me.” Then you will wake up. Dunya is waiting. So,
something is wrong with your faith then. Check it out. If you go out
with that faith then there are lots of questionings we have to face.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying to us how it’s going to be in the
Ahir Zaman. We reached to those days. He is saying that just like when
you are entering into a city or a town, you see in far distance
lights, in the road on the way billboards, some stores here and there,
hmm, that means there is a city, a town coming ahead. He said that
when Ahir Zaman is coming and the End of Times is going to reach to
people, there’s going to be so much activities in the world, everyone
running around and busy twenty-four hours. Pull yourselves out from
those activities. You are entering into a big mess then. And if you
are entering into that mess, don’t expect safety then because safety
comes according to your faith, and if you are in that mess and you are
disconnected from there, then the safety is not going to reach to you.
If you have nothing to do there then don’t enter there. Don’t enter
into that mess. No safety is going to reach to you. Anyone who is
reaching, who is going into those areas during these times now, Ahir
Zaman, the end of the Ahir Zaman, they are going with a big support.
Big support is surrounding them. Anything may happen. (Be prepared to)
take a liftoff from there right away because this mess is not going to

So in Ahir Zaman, don’t be heedless. Wake up to yourselves. Don’t say,
“I am this one and I am that one. I am doing this and I am doing
that.” You are just another servant. Not obedient yet because obedient
servant is that one who runs twenty-four hours to look, “What is the
service of the Lord that is given to me to do? What do I have to do?”
And he runs to do something that is going to give him benefit. Not
selling himself for a couple of dollars of this dunya, selling his
religion, selling his way that he is learning and going, no. If that
is the case then run quickly. You don’t have too much time to collect
anymore. Anything that you collect, don’t save it. Eat and enjoy
because you don’t have time that you are going to enjoy it too.

Eh, what happened? Why are you thinking like that? Because you are
getting into the wagon of those unbelievers. Unbelievers are those
ones about whom Allah is saying that they are not keeping their
prayers. They are not keeping their orders that Allah subhana wa
ta’ala is giving to them. And our Sheykh is saying, “Don’t have
friendship with those ones who are not keeping their prayers. Say,
`Selam aleykum’ and walk away. Don’t sit with them, don’t eat with
them and don’t take anything what they say to you because that is
poison. It’s going to enter in your heart. Once you put that poison in
your heart, slowly it’s going to start eating you and then one day you
are going to say, “Eh, it’s okay. What he is doing is okay. It’s okay.
You think my doing is okay? I am thinking still, I am thinking what we
are gaining from all this time that we are going up and down?” I am
hearing words from the hearts now, not from the tongue. Some people
are going to Sejdah and on the Sejdah that’s how he is thinking. Some
people are saying, `How foolish are you. So many things are waiting
for you outside and you are here.’

Wake up to yourselves. We entered through one door of this world and
we are going out we don’t know when. You can earn the whole world but
you are going to leave it here. You cannot take anything. The only
thing that you are going to be able to take with you is your faith.
And if you are not practicing on that faith, if you are not practicing
on that Shahadat everyday, when the angel of death is going to come,
there is a possibility that you are going to forget about it because
you are going to run to have hope, “Oh, ambulance! Please!” You are
going to look at that one thinking that is going to help you and you
are going to forget the Shahadat. You are going to go out from this
world without that. And then they will put one `X’ to your book saying
that all things that you did in your book has no value. The last words
going out from this world is not with Allah. That means being with
Allah all that time in the world was fake.

Wake up to yourselves from that fake station to the real. This is
reality. Here, there or anywhere. It doesn’t matter. If you are not in
the way of Allah… the way of Allah is not the way that you prepare but
the way that Allah subhana wa ta’ala has prepared for us. And He is
saying to us, “These are the orders that I want. These are the
conditions that I put for you. You are going to live according to
these conditions. Any day that I am keeping high and showing value you
are also going to keep it high and show value. Anything that I am
ordering you to do, you are going to run to do. Anything that I am
ordering you to stop from, you are going to run to stop from it. If
you do it then you are going to win for your own self.”

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.


Sheykh Maulana Nazim emphasizes discipline  by using our will power and reiterates that unlimited freedom is both physically and spiritually destructive.

Sheikh Maulana Nazim el Kibrisi @ The University of California, Berkley from Haqqani OSMANLI on Vimeo.