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Juma Khutba given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 28 Shawwal, 1428 / November 9, 2007
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, medet.

Alhamdulillah, astaghfirullah, shukr Allah. We are living the last
days of this world. Man may try and run as much as he wants to build
the world but the end came to this world and to everything that Allah
subhana wa ta’ala has created. He has put time, limit, for everything
He has created. Everything that is in creation must come to an end. He
has created us, the Mankind, not for this world but for Akhirat, and
He has sent us here as He is saying, “I have created you in Ahsani
Taqweem and I have sent you to Asfala Safileen, the lowest place.”

For what reason has man been created? This is what man has to look at
first in the world. This is what he has to learn first. “What is the
reason for my being in this world?” They didn’t teach you in school,
or your parents, or in the workplace, it doesn’t matter. One day that
question must come to you, to say to you, why are you in this world,
what is your reason of existence and why are you occupying this space?
Nothing in this world is there without any reason, as you can see it
from the mosquito to the galaxies. Everything has a reason. What is
your reason that you have control of this world and everything in it?
It’s not enough, now (they are) trying to go up and trying to go down.
Ya hu, fix what is at the bottom first and later you will go up or
down. But man is greedy. Man has this greediness that he is thinking
he is never going to go out from this world. But there are two doors.
You enter from one door and going out from the other door, and every
one of us here, (if you don’t know), we have made halfway of the road
or we are close to the doorside to go out to the other side.

The bottom point is, from the day that you know this world… they are
teaching you in schools that for this many years, this many centuries
and this many millenniums this world is existing. It doesn’t matter.
We know one thing, that your life and my life in this world is not
passing seventy years. So what is it that you have to do in this
world? You are running after the world to build the world. But it’s
not for you. You are going to leave it for somebody who is coming
behind. So what’s the idea behind this? What are you earning from
this? If it is not for the sake of Allah then nothing. If it is not
for the sake of Allah then punishment, because Allah subhana wa ta’ala
has given us intelligence and He has sent prophets to us to warn us
and to say to us, “Your reason of creation is to know Me and to
worship Me.” And if man is not knowing his Lord and he is not running
to worship his Lord then who is he knowing? Knowing his ego. If
anybody is touching, he is saying, “Don’t touch me. I am this one and
I am that one.”

You are no one. If Allah subhana wa ta’ala is not permitting then you
cannot move your finger. You will become less than the mosquito. Yes,
that mosquito action, you cannot do. You need thousands of machines to
fly in the air. So man must look and understand.

And the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “My nation is going to divide in
seventy-three different divisions. One of them is standing on Sirat-ul
Mustaqim. The other ones are falling short, going out of the road.”
And he is saying to us, “Watch that one (group). They are the ones who
are running holding very tightly to my Sunnat and the Sunnats, the
traditions that my Sahabis left to them. They will still be living in
this world but they will not be going out of the way. Sheytan cannot
fool them.”

Check yourself. Don’t wait for anybody to say, “You are this one and
you are that one.” Check yourself sincerely, “Both my actions and my
intentions, does it fit to what Holy Prophet (sws) is ordering? Does
it fit to me? Today I am in this situation. Tomorrow the wealth of
this world may be given to my hand. Would I do the same thing or am I
just going to go out of the road?” Test yourselves. You know the
answer by yourselves. No need for anybody to say anything to you.

Eh, I am finding some people getting a couple of dollars in their
hands and they are dancing. Allah, Allah. Eh, if Allah gives the
authority of this world early in the morning including all wealth in
it, all gold, think whatever, it is yours, you should not be happy.
The believer, believer is that one who has a strong faith inside,
should not be happy for that worldly nonsense because his aim is not
Dunya. His aim is Akhirat, Allah subhana wa ta’ala. Huh, if Allah is
taking that away from you by the evening time you should not be sad
because Allah is the Provider. He has provided you when you were a
little child and He is providing you now that you are a disobedient
creature. He is still providing while you are in this world. So you
should not be happy and you should not be sad because that is taken
away from you. If you are finding that your heart is moving with the
worldly matters then understand that you put something else in that
heart other than Allah. It’s because maybe you have no choice now,
those people who are running after Islam now, maybe they have not
choice, that’s why they are doing that maybe. But when the world is
coming to them then look. The test time is at that time.

So you have a cup. The cup is your heart. One cup. It has to be filled
either with water or milk or vinegar. You cannot fill the same cup
with water and milk together. It cannot be filled up with milk and
with water. It has to be filled with milk only or it has to be water
only. If you are mixing up milk and vinegar then…ohh. Today’s people
did it worse. They mixed it up with sewer, sewerage things in it. Get
rid of it! Don’t think, “Oh, who is he saying that to?” To you and to
me! Clean your heart from the dirtiness, from the wrong ideas and put
Allah in it. Not by word. Say, “Ya Rabbi, I am your servant. I am
trying to be Your servant Ya Rabbi. Open Your door to me.” Get rid of
it! Clean it first and then look how fast it will come to you. And
look at the value of this world then. You have to look with those
eyes. That is the time you will understand what I am saying. It’s
sewer, worse than the sewerage.

This Dunya, yes. If you don’t believe me then look at the food that
you are eating, how beautiful it is. How delicately you go preparing
them. Some people are so proud that if one fly comes and fall inside
they are throwing the whole bucket into the garbage saying, “Fly
touched it.” Don’t worry. As soon as it touches your stomach you are
going to make it worse than that. Don’t worry. Hmm. Understanding your
value? Understanding what you are? If you didn’t get rid of that sewer
there, then don’t run to clean it outside so much. You have to clean
it inside first. Once you clean the inside, outside is very easy, one,
two, three to wash it up.

So Islam came to make us to be clean, to be clean from every wrong
idea and to enter into Paradise. Paradise is for the people who are
clean. It’s not for the people who are dirty. No. Paradise belongs to
clean people. And anybody who claims, “I am clean”, must be following
the orders of the Holy Prophet (sws). That kind of cleanness Allah is
asking from us. Not to say, “I am washing everyday, I am taking shower
everyday, new clothes everyday, I am putting nice perfumes.” But the
smell that is coming from your ego, if Allah opens it to the world and
the people smell it, they will fall down and die. So that is
important. You must get rid of that smell. You must get rid the inside
dirtiness. That’s why Islam came, to get rid of the characteristics of
the ego. And if you are not getting rid of the characteristics of the
ego then your actions may be this today but tomorrow if anybody says
to you, “Come this way. Look, I have better things to offer to you”,
you are going to run to that side. Check yourself. If you have the
love of Dunya in your heart then that’s what’s going to happen. If
somebody comes and offers you this Dunya then you will run after it.
Then you have a price.

So we are in this world and we know one thing. We entered through one
door and we are going to go out from the other door. That’s the
journey we are making. The intelligent man never runs to carry that
much burden on his neck while he is traveling. Today they say `Light
travelers’. Turks are always going with ten baggages everywhere.
Moving from here to there they are carrying ten baggages. Before you
know they are going to rent the whole plane. They don’t need it. Eh,
it’s just a show. But Americans learned a little bit. They go around
with one baggage, pulling it. They are not even carrying it. They are
learning a little bit. Light travelers, easy travelers, yes. You are a
traveler in this world. You are entering through one door and you are
going out through the other and as soon as you go out through the
other door they are not accepting even your clothes, saying, “This is
too heavy. We are not accepting these clothes on the other side. Get
rid of it.” The way that you were born from your mother, that’s what
you are going to go back with to the Divine Presence. You are not
bringing anything from this world.

So this world is a big trick and trap for the whole world. It is okay
for unbelievers to fall for this world. It may be okay for the
Christians and the Jews but it’s not okay for the Muslims because Holy
Prophet (sws) came not to teach us to run after this world but he came
to teach us to run after Mawla, to our Lord and to the hereafter life.
And he is saying to us, “As much as you need this world, work that
much. As much as you are going to live in it, work that much for this
world. As much as you need Akhirat and as much as you are going to
live in Akhirat, work that much for Akhirat.” So think.

“Eh, I am not believing in Akhirat.”

Who cares? Your believing or not is not changing it. You are going.
One thing you are believing, that you are going to enter into the
grave. Beyond that there is another life. You are not believing
because you are drunk with this world. You have just got drunk with
the world. That’s why you are not thinking to believe. You are not
using your intelligence that Allah has given to you. That’s why you
are not believing. If you think, if you use that intelligence then
definitely you will believe. And if you are believing, you are saying
that you are believing and you are still running to collect the
garbage, then you have no intelligence. The one who is not intelligent
is not entering to Paradise again.

“He lost his mind.”

Eh, then he is in the…’Mental Institution’? Crazy. They are saying
`Crazy’. Yes, He is not entering into Paradise. He will be standing
between hells and paradises and both sides will be taking that one as
an example, “He lost his mind.” Don’t lose your mind. Don’t run to
lose your mind. Dunya will make people to lose their minds. Towards
Mawla, the older you get the wiser you get. You don’t lose your mind

So get rid of the wrong things in your heart and put Allah subhana wa
ta’ala in it. It will be very easy for you and for me to say, “Yes, we
are from that one division that the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying.” No,
it’s not only, “I have a beard, a turban and a jubbah” and the women
saying, “I am wearing a hijab.” Eh, what? The Christian nuns are also
wearing hijabs, covering themselves. So, Muslims? Eh, the Orthodox
priests are also wearing beards, head-covers and everything. Check
this here (Sheykh Efendi pointing to the heart). Is it following the
Holy Prophet (sws) or not. That’s what is important, inshaAllah

Allah subhana wa ta’ala in one ayat is making it easy for us, how we
are going to know that, saying, “Obey Allah, obey your Prophet (sws)
and obey your leaders.” Obey your leaders is not when they say to you
something that fits to your ego you say, `Yes’ and when something
doesn’t fit to your ego you say, `No, I do as I like.’ That is the
time you are going to obey because what you like, what your ego likes,
that is what’s not good for you and one day that is going put you in
big trouble. You are going to enter into a hole from where no one is
going to be able to pull you out then. You are going to stay in that
hole until Judgment Day, in Dunya and Akhirat. While you are in Dunya
if Allah puts you in prison in this Dunya then you are going to run
around but you are going to be in that hole. No one is going to touch
you. No one will have permission to touch you then.

So we must wake up to our own selves. The days are approaching faster
and more openly. We are watching that the whole world is falling into
that dumpster. You must try to move out and stay out. Allah subhana wa
ta’ala has blessed us. He made us to understand some things from what
is good and what is bad for us, what is for our benefit and what is
not. We must run to fulfill that order. Not to stay on that road, on
that side but not doing anything again.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.




Juma Khutba by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday, 13 Zul-Qadah, 1428 / November 23, 2007
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Alhamdulillah, shukr Allah, astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah al-azim wa
atubu ilaih. We are asking forgiveness from our Lord. He has created
us in Ahsani Taqweem, sent us to this world and is asking one thing
from us, “Be My servant.” That’s the only thing He is asking. Don’t
let Sheytan fool you to say, “I have this, I have that, I am so much
big”. No. “Be My servant and I am providing everything for you.”

When you go to work if somebody tells you, “How do you like it? You
are going to be standing in front of the door everyday. As I am coming
in, you are just going to salute me and I am going to give you food,
your Riziq, everything you need and on top of it I am going to give
you whatever you want.” Which one is going to say, `No’. That’s what
you are doing. That’s what man is doing. Running to serve other than

“I have work. I don’t have time. I am very busy.”

If you are going to say that when Azrail is coming then say it now. If
you are not able to say that when Azrail is coming then don’t say it
now. Look to become a servant because Allah subhana wa ta’ala is
telling us about Jahannam, what is it, how Jahannam is working and
what kind of fuel Jahannam is taking to work. He says, “Only humans
and jinns are there. That’s the fuel. But We are not putting you in
Jahannam. You are insisting to enter there, forcing yourself to
enter.” And Allah is saying, “We are opening doors to you on every
side to escape. But as long as you are running for this Dunya there is
no way out.” There are two roads. One is going to Mawla and the other
one is going to Dunya. If you are standing on the road to Dunya then
the end of the road is bringing you to the fire. You cannot escape. We
cannot escape. Those people who are insisting to be the servant of
Dunya are the servant of Ego and the slave of Sheytan. Nothing else.

So Allah subhana wa ta’ala is making it easy for us in every way as He
is saying, “Say the Shahadat. Keep your Shahadat strongly, keep your
prayers, keep one month of Ramazan, give Zakat and go to Hajj.” All
these principles of Islam are to make us strong in our faith. Faith is
through the tongue first. Through the tongue and through the inside.
You say, “I believe.” Eh, how are you supporting that belief? Then
Allah is saying to us, “I am putting the other principles surrounding
it so that you will keep your Shahadat strongly. If you don’t keep the
other ones then Sheytan is going to fool you. You are going to say the
Shahadat on the one side and you are going to run to the other side.
Sheytan has so many ways. He aimed, he promised and he declared war to
Allah saying, “I am going to run after them and I am going to fool
them.” And if you get fooled by Sheytan going out from this world then
you will be punished two times, not one time. Allah is supporting you
and you are falling into the hand of Sheytan?

“Ah, I don’t have power.”

You have power. Allah has given enough power to His servants. He is
Just. He says, “I will not give you a burden that you cannot carry. It
is very easy. If I let Sheytan run after you, I also show you the ways
out. Only one thing you have to do. Say, `Oh my Lord, I am trying to
escape.’ And escape to Me.”

Sheytan is coming to you with these worldly nonsense always, saying,
“What about this and what about that? What’s going to happen tomorrow?
Do you know what’s going to happen tomorrow? How are you going to do
this and how are you going to do that?” If you turn back and you look
at what happened yesterday and the day before, you will be alright.
Look. Did you live yesterday?


“The day before?”


If you think, “I lived because of myself”, then you are already in
Shirk. Allah is saying to us, “I have created your Riziq before I have
created you. Everything is going to come to you. If you are becoming a
beloved servant to Me then I am going to make everything run to you.
Everything is going to be around you.”

So, inshaAllah we just entered into another holy month, the month of
Hajj that people, those people who are committing sins left and right
all the time, Allah is making it easy for us saying, “Come to Hajj.
Perform your Hajj. During that time don’t say anything wrong, don’t do
anything wrong, don’t interfere into anything, keep yourself with Me,
watch My favors to you and if you finish your Hajj correctly then you
will come out from Hajj as you were born from your mother clean.”
Everything, all the things that you did is taken away.

But again mankind today found something else. That ayat is there,
hadith is there. It’s not changing. Go and look what’s happening
there. They are kicking each other, biting each other and cursing to
each other like it is normal. Normal like we are walking in the
streets of New York or other cities.

“Push each other. It’s okay.”

It’s not okay. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is testing you, He is testing
us. We have to watch. You have to watch where you are looking, you
have to watch where you are stepping, you have to watch what you are
thinking, you have to get rid of the loads you have that you are
carrying with you. What are the loads? All the arrogance, all the
wrong thinking about other people, all the things that people did to
you, you have to forgive, you have to get rid of it. Then you will be
light. Yeah.

People today are walking around under very heavy loads. Why don’t you
throw that away?

“I am very heavy.”

“Yeah, you are heavy. Why are you carrying?”

Today’s people are like those ones who carry bags of potatoes in their
hands, on their necks carrying those potatoes and if you don’t put it
aside then sometime later those potatoes turn bad and start smelling.
They are still carrying it. That’s what today’s people are doing.

“How are we doing that?”

By having envy and jealousy in your heart for others. Having wrong
thinking inside your heart for others.

“This one did this to me. Ahh! Wait to see what I am going to do if I
get him one day.”

No. Get rid of it. You are just like that donkey who is carrying the
bag of potatoes. But the donkey has been created for that. You have
not been created for that. And the heart belongs to Allah. You cannot
keep two things in the heart. You cannot keep envy, jealousy,
arrogance and stubbornness in the heart and at the same time to say,
“Allah is in my heart too.” You cannot. You cannot keep other loves in
the heart to say, “Allah is in my heart.” You cannot. You cannot keep
the love of Dunya in your heart to say, “Allah is in my heart.” You
cannot. You are a liar then. Allah is saying to us, “You are a liar.
The heart belongs to Me. Keep Me in there and I will make you an
individual that anything you say to happen, it happens. Look. If it’s
happening then you are keeping Allah correctly. If it is not happening
then something is wrong. Get rid of it.

This is not for one person but Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying this
for the whole mankind. He is enough. He is enough for everyone. He is
saying to us, “This is what you have to do. Get rid of it. Put out the
wrong things. Keep Me in your heart.” If you keep Allah subhana wa
ta’ala in the heart then your nights turn into days. Darkness goes
away. Everything goes away and light enters into your heart. Then you
like yourself, other people like you and everything around you likes
you. The people who don’t like you will like you. The people who don’t
love you will run to be around you. Yes, they have to because they are
fed something through you. Something is coming to them. They may still
carry some arrogance and stubbornness. It’s okay. They have to be there.

So Allah subhana wa ta’ala sent His Prophet (sws). This is what he is
teaching us and this is what he is ordering us. We may keep our
obligations on the road, praying, keeping the fasting, going to Hajj,
giving Zakat, giving Shahadat, but if you are keeping the other ones
in it too then it’s eating them. As fire eats the wood, that’s how it
is. You do good deeds on one side and on the other side it burns and
goes away. These words are for you and for me.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

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