Juma Khutba given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday, 6 Zul-Qadah, 1428 / November 16, 2007
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Alhamdulillah, shukr Allah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah wa atubu
ilaih. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying in Surat-ul Bakara that He
does not burden His servant with something that the servant cannot do.
And the servant is saying, “Oh our Lord, don’t burden us with things
that we cannot do and don’t burden us with the things that You have
burdened other nations.” So this nation, the nation of Muhammad (sws),
has it more easy than all the other nations too. But Allah subhana wa
ta’ala has never burdened His servants with something that the servant
cannot do and He will not question them for that which He didn’t
burden them with. Some people are running to take some burden on their
neck thinking that they are going to carry it for a long time and they
are dropping it.

So what is the burden? What is it that Allah wants from us? What is it
that today’s people, especially 21st century people, male and female,
so educated people are saying, `I cannot do’? What you cannot do?

`I cannot do what Allah is ordering. It’s very difficult’.

Of course. When you are running after your ego twenty-four hours, how
are you going to do? Not all but not even one you can do because you
are becoming a slave to sheytan and dunya. How are you going to keep
your promise? What is that? Yeah, one promise. One promise that we
gave to Allah subhana wa ta’ala, this is what Allah is saying to us to
keep. He is not burdening and He is not saying anything. He is (only)
saying to us, “On the day of creation, day of promises you have
promised Me one thing. You said to Me, `You are our Lord and we only
worship You.’ That’s what I am asking. Keep your promise.” And that
one who is not keeping his promise should not expect anything from
Allah. But Allah is still giving. Allah is making it so easy by
sending prophets, sending messengers, sending Saliheen, righteous
people, sending books, sending reminders and if nothing is working
then everyday He is sending something to mankind to remind them
individually showing something on their road, on their way. If they
still insist on going to the wrong sides then sometimes little
incidents happen to them to wake them up.

No… nothing is waking up today’s heedless, headless, arrogant and
stubborn people. The world has never seen such a thing like that
before, never and ever. It’s going to enter into the history books,
“The worst arrogant creatures that lived on the face of the earth.
Eating and drinking their Lord’s favors, twenty-four hours they are in
need of their Lord and twenty-four hours they are rebellious to their
Lord.” This is what’s entering. And the angels are putting curses on
those. All other creatures that are being servants to Allah subhana wa
ta’ala are putting curses saying, “You are the Ahsani Taqweem, the
most perfect ones that have been created, knowing all this you are
running after your ego in the very short time that Allah has given to
you in this dunya? Changing the eternal life for this couple of days
of life? Curses to you.” Animals are putting curses, the water is
putting curse. Everything that is serving the man is saying, “Haram
olsun. It is forbidden for you to eat from me. Allah subhana wa ta’ala
has ordered me to serve you with my favors but it is forbidden to your
from me. On the Judgment Day I will ask my rights.”

Yes, if Allah didn’t send books, if Allah didn’t send prophets, if
Allah subhana wa ta’ala didn’t send anything to man and if He only
sent one ayat saying to us, “I have created you and on the day of
promises you have promised Me that you are going to keep your promise,
your servanthood to Me.” And that should be enough for the mankind.
Nothing else. Nothing else. It should be enough because Allah subhana
wa ta’ala has given intelligence. When it comes to you, to your egos,
`Ah, I don’t like this. This is not good for me. This man is trying to
fool me or that one is running after me.’ You know all this. You know
what is good for you and what is bad for you. You know what is
favoring to you and what is not favoring to you. And you are not
knowing that Allah subhana wa ta’ala is not happy? You know how to
complain when your children are not obedient to you. You know. You get
very sad, hmm? So many they pass out of their limits. They even go
punishing them saying, “I cannot take this.” They commit suicide. You
know how to do that. You know.

Eh, in Turkish they say, `Etma bulma dunyasin.’ Don’t do and you will
not find. Whatever you plant that’s what you are going to find. If you
will be a good servant to Allah subhana wa ta’ala then even if they
are not good ones to you, you will still be happy because you are a
servant. You will say, “Eh, You chose to give this one to me. It is
Your servant. It is not mine. It just happened that I put that one
into this world but it is a disobedient one. Don’t make me to be
disobedient”, and you run after your Lord. Nothing bothers you then.
But if a man is disobedient to his Lord then everything around him is
going to be disobedient to him. If the man is obedient to his Lord
then everything around is going to be obedient to him. Even those who
are disobedient to Him, they have to work for that one’s order. No
other way.

So Allah subhana wa ta’ala is favoring us and saying to us, “I have
created you for My service. For nothing else. I have created all this
that is surrounding you, that you are looking around and seeing, for
your service. But I have created you for My service. And if you are
not under My service, if you are not keeping My service then
everything is going to complaint from you.” Yes. And if a man is
living on the face of the earth, eating and drinking the favors of
Allah subhana wa ta’ala and in twenty-four hours he is not having one
Sejdah then that one is a cursed one. Even just one Sejdah. Allah is
ordering five times, not one time, five. Allah has ordered fifty
times, not five, fifty. With His generosity and with the generosity of
the Rasulullah (salatu wa sallim)… he was going back to Miraj saying,
“Ya Rabbi, I think this will be too much for my nation Ya Rabbi. Put
it down a little bit.” And down and down and it came to five times

And all those of today’s intelligent squareheads who are saying, “I
cannot do. I don’t have time”, that five times prayer, if you put it
all together you will not occupy one hour of your life in twenty-four
hours, not one hour. And you are living twenty-four hours on the face
of the earth, you are eating and drinking the favors of Allah subhana
wa ta’al and you are not saving one hour for your Lord? You must be
the cursed one. Yeah. What are you doing? Preparing the world? For
what are you preparing it? Hmm? Whatever you prepare you are going to
leave and go.

And Allah is saying to us, “Nothing is beloved to Me more than what
obligations I gave to you. My servant becomes beloved to Me when he is
keeping My orders.” Allah, Allah. He is giving orders that you have no
choice and you have to keep, and He is saying, “I will love you if you
keep My orders.” Yes. “If you don’t keep my orders then you will not
become beloved to Me. But I will still serve you. I will still give to
you.” All those that are surrounding you, we are looking at it, they
are eating more than others too, drinking more than others, using the
favors of this world more than others but not giving one Sejdah to
Allah subhana wa ta’ala. Shame on them. There must be shame.

And oh children of Adam, you must wake up to turn back before it’s too
late because Allah subhana wa ta’ala has patience. He is patient with
us, saying to us, “I am giving you life in this world and I am keeping
My promise. When I gave you life in this world, as long as you live in
this world, I am going to send to you. No matter how disobedient you
are to Me, I am still going to send to you. But as soon as the angel
of death is coming to you, then your book is finished. Don’t ask any
help or mercy on the other side because you are preparing it to your
own self. I am giving you the breath of life twenty-four hours a day.
You must remember Me, you must live for Me.”

If somebody just does you a favor, a little favor, every time you see
that person, “Oh, thank you. Thank you, Sir. Thank you. Thank you this
and thank you that.” You know how to say `thank you’ thousands of
times for just a little bit of worldly thing that he gives to you.
Some go out of their way to bow down to that one thinking, “I may get
some more.” Just make one Sejdah to your Lord and look how things
start changing. Sejdah, real Sejdah. Not when you are going to Sejdah
your head is on Sejdah but your heart is in some other place. No.
Sejdah to Allah subhana wa ta’ala. Say, “I am Your servant Ya Rabbi, a
weak one, but I am trying to be Your servant. I am trying to keep Your
orders. Help me Ya Rabbi.” When we go out from this world this is what
the angels are going to ask, “Did he pass? Did he come to this world
with the card saying, `Pass’ or `Fail’? What is it saying on your ID
card, `Servant of the Lord’ or `Servant of his ego and slave to
Sheytan’? The one who is servant to his ego is a slave to sheytan.
Servant to his ego is a slave to dunya, running after dunya non-stop.

What are you going to do with dunya? Dunya came to the end too. It’s
completely in the end. You are not realizing? You are not realizing
that you are living in this dunya for this many years and it didn’t
pass a day that any of us, I am not knowing almost any person in this
century that went to bed with hunger. Huh? If he really went to bed
with hunger then he is completely an empty-head. The governments are
offering everything too, saying, “Come to me, apply with a couple of
papers and we give you housing, we give you food, food-stamps and this
and that.” MashaAllah. If you are finding yourself to be falling into
that situation then go and run for that too. If Allah is giving you
hands, legs and intelligence and you are not using it then go for that
and look, Allah is serving you again.

But be a servant, a good one. When you are being a good one to your
own self then slowly you are going to start thinking, “I should be a
good one, a real good one to my Lord. I should be running to help
others. I should be doing something that is going to be benefiting and
that is going to make my Lord happy.” If we think that way everyday
then our way is going to open up and we are going to have a bright
future waiting in front of us. The older we get the brighter future is
waiting. What is that? Akhirat. If you are not thinking that way then
the older you get the more darkness you will be finding in front of
you because now you are cut off from the hands and from the legs. Once
upon a time you thought that you were running around and doing things.
Later when you are knocked out on the floor then Allah is still
serving you through other people’s hand but your hope is lost,
everything is finishing and the darkness is waiting in front of you.

Don’t enter into that darkness. Allah subhana wa ta’la is asking us to
enter into the road that has Nur, not the fire. “Follow the road of
Nur. I sent you that Prophet (sws) and that Prophet (sws) left Nur
everywhere. Follow the road that has difficulties. Don’t follow the
roads where there are going to be so much hyenas, wolves and all kinds
of creatures waiting to rip you off. Eh, whichever road we are going
to put ourselves that’s what we are going to find. Intelligent man is
that one who runs to keep his word, his promise to his Lord first. If
you say, `I have intelligence’ then you must run, you must put
everything aside as second and first you must keep your Lord’s orders.
You have to run to make Allah happy. Leave making everybody else
happy. Run to make Allah happy first. When you make Allah happy,
everyone who is happy with Allah will be happy with you. Everyone who
is not happy with Allah, they will be slaves to you. They will be
under your authority then. Allah puts them under your authority.

This much is enough for those people who want to change and who want
to correct themselves. We don’t have too much time left in this world,
not living by age but even if you are going to live for another
two-hundred years, if you think life is going to be given to you for
another two hundred years, I don’t think this world is going to
survive for another two hundred years. We are the nations that reached
to the last periods of this world. We must prepare ourselves. Heavy
tests and heavy questioning is waiting for us ahead.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.