Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Thursday 15 Jumad al-Thani, 1429 / June 19, 2008
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah-il aliyyil azim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.
Ash-hadu an-la ilaha illallah wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa
rasuluhu sallallahu ta’ala alayhi wa alihi wa ashabihi wa sallim.

Tariqatuna sohbet wa khayru fil jamiat. If we are building our
building on the foundation of the Shahadat, keep the Shahadat under
the foundation, if we are building the building on a strong foundation
then it’s going to stay. Whatever we are building on weak foundations
is going to collapse. The Shahadat is the foundation for everything.
Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Renew your faith.” Everytime
remembering, we are renewing our faith, saying, `Ash-hadu an-la ilaha
illallah wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu.’

Now on this we may build what they are going to send to us to speak a
couple of words for today’s heedless and headless Muslims. All of us
are in it because we have been just taken hostage to the hand of
Sheytan. We are under the control of Sheytan. Sheytan is moving us
left and right through our ego. If you’re saying, `No’ then check
yourself. We check ourselves to see how much orders of Allah we are
keeping and how much we’re leaving. How much orders of the Holy
Prophet (sws) we’re keeping, how much we’re applying to our lives and
how many of them we’re putting aside.

With anything that we replace the hadith and the teachings of the Holy
Prophet (sws), we’re replacing with an innovation, with something that
came later, Bid’at, wrong thinkings, wrong ways. That’s why today the
Muslims are praying five times a day, they go to Hajj, they give
Zakat, they keep fasting but they’re not comfortable, saying, `I’m not
feeling good. I have to go out a little bit.’

The problem is we’re running to do the principles of Islam that Allah
has ordered to us but we’re disobeying the orders of Allah that are
saying to us, `Don’t do!’ Those actions that He has forbidden us.
While we’re doing the actions He has ordered to us, `Do’, we’re
running and doing those actions that He forbid us saying, `Don’t do.’
So then we feel very uncomfortable. We’re not feeling good. Then we’re
supporting our ego and our ego is getting very strong. Yes, our head,
the intelligence is working but when the intelligence falls into the
hand of the ego then we become the most dangerous creatures on the
face of the earth.

This is what happened to us today. This is what happened to the Muslim
Nation today. We’re talking to Muslims. We’re not talking to other
nations and other beliefs. We have nothing to do, we have nothing to
say to them. We’re only saying words to our own selves. And I’m
speaking. If you like, say, `He’s speaking to himself. He’s not
speaking to me.’ All those words that I’m saying apply to me.

So we’re asking Allah subhana wa ta’ala to keep Sheytan away from our
Majlis. When our majlis becomes a holy majlis then Sheytan cannot
enter there. Of course. But some people take their Sheytan with them
and they come. So we say, `Leave it outside. Don’t bring it inside.’
Don’t bring your sheytan here because he’s not going to be comfortable
and you’re not going to be comfortable. So inshaAllah through sohbet
we’ll learn what is for us, what we’re going to do and how we’re going
to do.

`Sheykh, don’t we know how to live?’

Yes. From where did we learn? If you’re not learning from the Holy
Prophet (sws) then we’re not knowing how to live. We’re living
according to our ego then. We’re living according to what we’ve picked
up here and there. Muslims are living according to whatever fits to
their ego also and they take it and apply it to their lives. But Allah
subhana wa ta’ala has sent us the Prophet, Holy Prophet (sws) and he
stayed with mankind for 63 years. But after he was Prophet, when
prophethood was given to him and he declared openly… he was the
Prophet before that too but, so many didn’t know and so many weren’t
accepting. It’s okay. But when he declared the prophethood, 23 years
he lived among the Sahaba-e Kiram. And through his lifestyle he showed
them and he taught them how to live, how to eat, what is the manner,
what is the manner according to Islam, not according to today’s
understanding. Today’s understanding of manner is no manner. That’s
what it is.

So the Holy Prophet (sws) has been sent to us to teach us how to live
and to teach us what is waiting for us in this Dunya, in this life,
what is it that we have to prepare ourselves for and what should we
do, how we’re going to prepare ourselves for the hereafter life. So
the most important thing for a believer, for the Muslims is we have to
concentrate on the hereafter life. If we’re concentrating on this life
then we’re going to lose because we’re not going to be able to connect
ourselves to the hereafter life. Then we’re going to delay, saying,
`I’ll do it later. Later, later, later, later.’ Another trick of
sheytan is to say, `Delay. Later, later, later’, then the Holy Prophet
(sws) is saying to us, `If you’re leaving today’s job for tomorrow
then you have perished, you have lost.’ So we cannot delay anything
that comes to us after we become matured, we enter to the maturity
age, everyday is coming with that day’s responsibilities. And the
responsibilities of those days are not only for us to go to schools to
study, to learn and to say, `I’m going to become a doctor, a lawyer or
some high level job I’m going to have and I’m going to make this much

The responsibility that Allah subhana wa ta’ala has given to us as
servants, how much we’re keeping that. That’s why today, what do we
say? The Muslims are very uncomfortable. They’re doing all this,
praying and doing everything but still saying, `I’m not comfortable.
My spirit!’ Yes, true. We cannot be comfortable because now we are not
living according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (sws). We’re not
taking that very seriously to apply that to our lives. If we’re doing
that then we have to take some other lifestyle and whichever country
we’re living in at that time, we’re going to pick up what is their
lifestyle. And that’s what’s really happening to us.

Huh, do we have our countries anymore? Are there Muslim countries that
are living according to the laws of Allah? No. Already that has
changed too. So we have no role-model countries anymore. So what do we
have to do? We have to run, we have to run to find… because Allah and
His Prophet (sws) is promising us that there’s always going to be
people among you who are beloved to Allah and they are connected with
the Holy Prophet (sws). Run to them, be with them, sit with them, talk
with them, learn from them.

“Be with Saliheen”, Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying. He’s saying
through that ayat and so many Muslims today, so many scholars today
are saying, “Those Awliya were then. There’s no more Awliya now.” And
Allah is saying to us something else in the Quran-e Karim. He’s
saying, “Be with Saliheen. Be with those righteous people.” His word
is living. It’s going to live. It’s going to live until the Judgment
Day and beyond the Judgment Day. It’s living.

So, the arrogance and stubbornness… because man today doesn’t want to
listen to anyone except himself, except his ego. At least in the old
days people were saying, “Well, I’m very happy with my mind but I’ll
take some advice from the holy people too.” Holy People. Today it
doesn’t matter how holy it is. Everyone is thinking of themselves and
holier than the holiest. And today’s people aren’t thinking, `I’m a
servant’. Everyone wants to be treated as a Sultan. That is the
biggest problem that we are facing.

So leave that out because now we know the problem. So leave. We have
to take care of ourselves. Those people have to take care of
themselves when they have realized it, when they have understood,
`Yes, I’m in trouble.’ And? `I need help.’ And when you find the
person or the people or the area that is going to help you, you have
to run. You have to run there. We have to run there. And we cannot go
there with our arrogance. We cannot be there to say, `I know this. I
already know this.’ What you know just brought you there. Don’t you
see what you know brought you so much trouble in your life? Now
something has to change. You have to change something in your life.
You have to get rid of that wrong thinking. You have to make your
heart to start thinking right, not wrong anymore because we cannot
afford it.

Every single day the day is rising and the day is setting. Now the day
is ready to set. This morning it rose. Whatever we did all day long,
that’s what we’re going to live with. When the nighttime is setting
down, the angels are sealing that page and we cannot change anything
until Judgment Day. And our Sheykh is saying, `At least sit and make
rabuta.’ Meaning, sit and think early in the morning a little bit and
when the sun is setting down a little bit. Not just to sit and think
nothing. So many people are sitting and, `What are you thinking?’ They
say, `Nothing’. Think something. Think. Think about yourself. Yes. Think.

`What are you thinking?’

`I don’t know.’

`What are you thinking?’

`I’m thinking how I’m going to fix my car.’

`I’m thinking what I’m going to eat today.’

`I’m thinking wrong thinking.’

These things are going to happen whether you think it or not. You’re
thinking or not thinking, it’s going to happen. So you’re occupying
yourself with wrong thinking. We’re occupying ourselves with wrong
thinkings. That’s why in Majlis like this, holy Majlis, yes, it shows,
it’s enough sign to you to show that it’s a holy Majlis that there are
fifty people but no sound is coming. There’s only one speaking and the
other ones are listening. It’s not going crazy and wild. Hmm? Giving
you peace, giving us peace. It shows that it’s a holy Majlis. Right
away we understand the feeling there. Sometimes some people don’t even
hear anything but they’re feeling. Still, sit over there.

That’s why Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “When you’re passing through
the gardens of paradises, sit there.” And they said, “Ya Rasulullah,
where are the gardens of paradises?” He said, “The Majlis. Those
groups of people who are gathering together to remember Allah. That
place becomes the garden of Paradise. If they get up from there and
they are swearing, saying, `I went to Paradise and I came back’, they
are not lying.”

So how much are we believing on that now as Muslims? How many Muslims
are believing on this? Don’t you think that if all Muslims were
believing in this way, if today on Thursday nights they left
everything everywhere in the world and they gathered together to sit
to remember Allah… because that’s the tradition coming from the Holy
Prophet (sws). Celebration. Celebration for Muslims that, `Yes, we
have entered to our holy day now. The sun is going down and we are
entering to our holy day. And our holy day is not Sunday.’ Sunday is
given to the Christians. They invented actually. It’s not Saturday.
Saturday is the holy day of the Jews.

Our holy day is Juma and we have to show value to that. And because
we’re not showing value to the things that Allah subhana wa ta’ala has
granted us and Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying to us, “You are the
nation of witness. In the Judgment Day you are going to be witnessing
other nations.” And the Holy Prophet (sws) is the Prophet of all
prophets too. He is Ashrafil Makhluqat that Allah subhana wa ta’ala
has created that one saying, `If I had not created him I would not
have created anything.’

So how much blessing has Allah subhana wa ta’ala given us just to be
from his nation? Just to be accepting that Shahadat? Do you think you
still have problem that you’re going to complain? Your complaints
would never end then until the grave and in the grave the angels look
saying to you, `You just entered through the left door. You entered to
the trouble. You should’ve entered through the right door. But because
you’re not standing in the door of mercy and rahmat, not in the door
of patience, not in the door of asking forgiveness and saying, “Ya
Rabbi, whatever you have given to me, I know that I don’t deserve it
but it’s coming to me with your mercy and with your Rahmat.’

`No, we don’t like what we have.’

So because we don’t like what we have, we’re getting into troubles.
And we’re standing in the door of complaint. So if the angel of death
comes to us during that time then we’re entering through the left
door, not through the right door. And if we’re thinking, `Oh, we have
problem in Dunya’, when you leave they’ll say to you, `What did you
send to your grave?’ Look what you sent. With all these complaints
look what you have sent to your grave. And whatever we send, that’s
what we’re going to find.

So if we keep ourselves busy, if we keep our life, our heart occupied
with that thinking then do you think that we’re going to have other
foolish thinkings that are going to come around us? Do you think we’re
going to go around searching other people’s mistakes to attack them?
Although we’re still continuously getting Nasihat from our Sheykh,
saying, `Don’t attack, don’t attack, don’t attack’, and we’re still
attacking? No, we cannot then. But they’re taking themselves so much
high that they’re taking the Sheykh’s words now and saying, `The
Sheykh is attacking.’ Sheykh’s job is to give warning to you and to
himself. And he’s giving warning, they’re giving warning to us. We
have to take it.

So, as we said earlier, the man is not seeing himself as a murid, the
man is seeing himself as a Sultan. If you’re seeing yourself as a
Sultan then you say, `I don’t take anything from anyone.’ It is wrong
because Allah is saying to us, “Above every knower there’s another
knower.’ And He’s not pointing to you only one man. He’s pointing to
us that anywhere you’re going and you’re finding somebody in front of
you saying one word to you, look at that word. Is that word Haqq,
truth or not? If it’s truth then take it and put it on top of your
head. `But it’s coming from the wrong person.’ It doesn’t matter. The
truth is truth. Even if it’s coming to you from Sheytan you have to
take it. You have to use it but you have to think, `Why this Sheytan
is coming to me with a true word? He must be making some other plans
for me.’ So you have to be in a more awakening station.

As a Sahabi one day… this is just to show us where we are and where
they were. The Sahabi-e Ikram one day was just late to get up for the
Fajr prayer. Fajr prayer. He was late, not late that Fajr passed, but
late because he couldn’t run after the Prophet (sws) to the Masjid to
pray. So he had to do it quickly before the sun is rising. And he
punished himself saying to himself, `O my ego, you fooled me huh? O
Sheytan you fooled me huh? And I couldn’t get up to run to the Masjid
to pray with the Prophet (sws)? For that reason I’m punishing you for
one year. For one year you’re not going to sleep.’ So the Sahabi was
forcing himself every night and he wasn’t sleeping. For one year he
punished his ego.

Hmm. It’s hard to believe for 21st Century people. True. It’s very
hard to do, yes, because it’s so hard to go to the masjids anyway.
They are living next to masjids, they are living in the same town but
they come once a week, once a month, saying, `Eh, we have problems.’
Your problems never end. That’s right.

So now the Sahabi one day, after punishing himself, he went to sleep
again. And it just happened that he was going to lose again, and he
was falling into sleep so deeply, Sheytan came and woke him up,
saying, `Wake up’. Sheytan woke him up. (I’m not Sheytan now.
Sometimes some are saying to me that I’m Sheytan, I’m Dajjal, I’m this
and I’m that but it’s okay. I mean, you can say whatever you want. I’m
just a servant. I’m just trying to be a servant). So Sheytan was
saying, `Wake up!’ So the Sahabi got up and said, `Oh Sheytan, you
really woke me up for the prayer. I was going to sleep. But you are
evil. You always do wrong things. You never do right things. And
although you never do right things, it is right. You woke me up. But
what is the evil thing behind there?’

He said, `The last time when you got up late for one day, you
regretted so much and you punished yourself so much, if you only saw
how much reward has been written for you for those days. At least get
up, go for prayer and get the small rewards now. Not the extra
rewards. Because if you don’t wake up then you’re going to punish
yourself again and then you’re going to get lots of rewards again. So
at least get the normal rewards. That’s why I’m waking you up.’

So Haqq is Haqq. The truth is truth. Whatever is coming to you from
truth is truth. You cannot change it. But it depends on how you’re
looking at it, with which eyes and with which heart, with which
thinking. So now, the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us, “My Nation,
there’s one piece of meat in your body. If that piece is good then the
whole body is good. If that piece is bad then the whole body is bad,
the whole body is sick. That is the heart.’ So you all know, we all
know that when the heart is not good and the heart is sick physically,
the whole body is sick. That man is not good for anything really. Hmm?
He cannot go to work. Even if he works he’s very weak. Nothing comes
out from that man because the heart is sick. Bur worse comes to worst
he’s going to die. The heart can be sick and he’s going to die.

But if the heart is sick spiritually, that is the biggest problem.
You’re not only going to die. First you’re going to carry all the
burdens in the world because you’re always going to think wrong.
You’re never going to think from the positive side. You’re always
going to think negative. Wrong. Hmm? Even if it’s wrong, think good in
it. You’re not damaging anyone. You’re giving rewards to your own
self. Because you thought good, you’re going to be rewarded.

But if you think bad about somebody and you’re trying to say something
about that person that he’s not in that state, you may be punished for
it, and in so many cases people are punished. Words come out from
their mouth, they are not knowing what they are saying, they are not
thinking. But down in the road some difficulties are waiting for them
just because of that word because Allah is promising to us, saying,
`Don’t touch My friends. I will declare war on you.’ He says, `The
Friends of Allah, don’t touch them. And don’t go attacking the Friends
of Allah.’ If you say you’re a Friend of Allah then you don’t go
attacking others. (Sheykh Efendi smiles). So the ones who are
attacking are always wrong.

So what does that give to us now? Should we attack or should we defend
ourselves? Don’t do anything. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `Turn your
head to the other side.’ He says, `The answer to an idiot when he’s
attacking you, when he’s saying words to you, the answer to that one
is to keep silent, it is not even to look at that one, not to give
answer to that one. That is enough answer for that idiot.’

So if you want to put yourself in the book of idiots then welcome. So
many Muslims today are doing that too. But the damage is to yourself
and nobody else. You cannot get away to think, `Well, I’m connected to
the Prophet (sws) and I’m going to ask the Prophet (sws) to punish
you, and I’m going to ask this and that.’ Who are you? Did you sit
down to think to understand who you are? You are just partnering with
Sheytan because Sheytan’s job is to attack and Sheytan is not coming
physically to attack. It is through other people. So you’re just a tool.

So inshaAllah ar-Rahman, if we turn back to ourselves and if we search
ourselves, `Do I have that? Let me check it out. If I have it then I
have to stop.’ I heard these words now. I said the words and I heard
them. I have to check it to see, `Do I have it?’ Don’t just come to a
conclusion right away to say, `Oh, I don’t have this.’ Check yourself.
Do you have it? Because that comes into every level now. Do you have
it? `Yes.’ Then say, `Thank you. You just reminded me something and
I’m going to try to fix myself.’ So the intention is good now. Right
away you made a good intention. When your intention becomes good right
away, right away the blessings start reaching to you. And because the
blessings start coming, right away you’ll be able to move yourself out
from that wrong thinking. So the heart will not be burdened then.

People say, `I’m not feeling comfortable. My spirit is very tight.’
True. Because the heart now is burdened. You’re putting so much burden
on the heart. Sheytans aren’t supposed to be there. The heart is the
throne of Allah. So if you are thinking all evil kinds of thinkings
coming through, all wrong thinkings passing through your head, now
you’re giving invitation to Sheytan to come in. Sheytan is not
slicking anymore. You’re giving invitation, saying, `Come inside.’ And
how are you going to say now, `Well, Allah is in my heart too’? Allah
is not there. Allah is saying to us, `Clean your house first, then I
come there. Your heart has to be clean. You have to clean your heart.
Then I will come. You give invitation and then I will come. I will go
inside there.’

So, how are we going to keep that? Very easily. If we remember that
yesterday we were inside our mother’s womb. And if we know that today
we are above this ground, and if we keep it alive in our heart that
tomorrow we may be down there, then we have enough worry. Then we have
enough worry to say, `At least let me fill up my grave with good
things.’ Then you will say, `Let me have a better relationship with
this person. Let me have a better relationship with this one. I don’t
know who he is. Maybe he’ll pray for me when I die.’ And if you didn’t
send anything there then maybe he’ll have some people to pray for you
and it will be just like putting water to the plant. So people will be
sending to your grave then.

So it’s up to us. It’s up to us because Allah subhana wa ta’ala
doesn’t torture, doesn’t punish His servants. He doesn’t punish His
creatures. The creatures go around punishing themselves. First being
disobedient to Allah and then disobedient to His Holy Prophet (sws),
disobedient to the holy ones, then who are you obedient to? Just to
say, one person here and one person there? No. That’s a lie. It’s
cheating. You have to have somebody to tell you, `Do this and don’t do
that. Turn here and don’t turn there.’ You cannot just say, `I’m
connected to the Sultan directly.’ Who are you? Carrying your ego on
top of your head and you’re entering into the palace? Did you ever see
a man coming with his horse and entering into the palace where the
King is sitting and he’s entering into the room with his horse?
Sitting on the horse? Maybe it’s a possibility. And maybe that king is
so good that he will forgive that one. Otherwise, the neck must go. Of
course it’s not a possibility because the guards are not going to let
that one to come in. But maybe one possibility.

So when the man is carrying that kind of an ego, do you think you’re
reaching to Allah and you’re not accepting anything else? You think
worldly you have reached because Allah subhana wa ta’ala is giving you
some high intelligence that you are using? It’s not high intelligence
that you used but the Awliya are looking at you. The Awliya Allah are
praying for you and you reached somewhere, do you think it’s you?
That’s another biggest mistake that the Muslims are doing today. They
are not saying, `This credit is not for me. If good words come out
from me it’s definitely not for me. It’s from Sheykh Mevlana. It’s not
me. The credit has to go to him. I’m just a tool.’

So the same thing is true for worldly thinkings. If good things come
out from your hand, don’t think that you’re alone. No. They are
sending it to you. And they’re sending it to you for a reason. You
have to sit and think. So if we keep our Sheykh’s order when he says
to us, `Early in the morning, sit and think a little bit. Meditate.’
Think what?

`How much business I’m going to make’? Or `How much money I’m going to

To think, `Why I begin today? Why have I been created again today? Why
did I get up from death today again?’ Sleeping is half death. `Why I
got up from death again? What is my purpose today in this life? What
is it that I’m going to do?’ If we think that then we’ll be able to
say, `Well, let me just work a little bit more for Akhirat’ and force
ourselves. When the evening sets and we sit down and we look at the
things that we didn’t do, then we don’t have the time to worry, `How
much money I made and I didn’t make.’ Then it’s, `I missed all this
today. I missed all these rewards that Allah subhana wa ta’ala is
giving. I missed it.’ Yes. And then you don’t worry about how much
money you make and how much money you have, what is your worldly
status then. No.

The worldly status is also moving, especially now, especially from now
on it’s going to move according to the way the believers are moving,
coming closer to Allah subhana wa ta’ala. Everything is being taken
away from the hands of the unbelievers. They’re going to lose it.
Already the valves have been shut. If a little bit is still coming
it’s in the pipe from where the water is coming. But the valves are
shut. No more is coming. No more is going to come to the unbelievers.
We have just entered into the era that Islam is going to rise. And
Islam is rising everywhere. And if we are thinking, `Yes, we want to
be in it. Yes, we want to be one of those ones’, then we have to run
and do certain good thinkings and good things. Not to think, `Well,
everyone has to die. And I’m going to be the only one. Only the young
people are going to live and the rest has to die because they’re all
so dirty.’

That shows your dirtiness. And Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying to
us, `If it’s not for the little babies that just came out from their
mothers, and if it’s not for those little sheep, and if it’s not for
the old people who are sitting in prayers, I’ll not send a drop of
water to this world. And I will make everyone to die from thirst. But
because of those old ones that they are holy ones, they are asking,
they are continuously good with Me and they are asking, because of
them I’ll send it to you.’

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

If you want to, if we want to have some changes in our lives then we
have to take these words seriously. If not then, yes, there are so
many people speaking everywhere and so many of them are saying good
things, but if you’re not taking it then you’re not going to make
progress. So many are saying bad things. If you’re taking those bad
things then you’re going to make progress in the wrong way.

So first we have to know what is good and what is bad and what is it
that we are earning. We have to choose our side and inshaAllah
ar-Rahman then we’ll become good servants to our Lord, good Nation of
the Holy Prophet (sws) and good murids to our Sheykhs.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.




Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Thursday 1 Jumad al-Thani, 1429 / June 4, 2008
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Tariqatuna sohbet wa khayru fil jamiat. Our Sheykh is saying, “Even if
it is for five minutes, two persons – two, three, four or five,
however many we are, just one speaks and others listen. This way we
will get the benefit of what comes out from those words inshaAllah and
we will be blessed because the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Din-i
Nasihat.” Din is advice. And Shah Naksibendi (qaddasallahu sirruh) is
saying, “Our way continues through sohbet, through association.” We
are not in any level to make sohbet now. Just making a couple of words
that maybe it will make us to wake up from the heedless station.

Sohbet is for people who are ready. Not for people whose physical body
is there but their spirit is circling in some other places, or
escaping or running, like last minute running to come to sohbet.
That’s not sohbet. You cannot make sohbet that way. But because we’re
here now, inshaAllah, we’ll see what the holy ones make us to say and
those words are for me and for you. If you take and you apply to your
life, you’ll win. If not then you say, `I listen to myself, my ego.’

That’s exactly what Sheytan did. He didn’t listen. He did not listen.
When Allah gave him order, “Make sejdah to Adam’, means, now listen to
Adam. From now on listen to him. He didn’t listen because he listened
to his ego saying, `I’m better. So how can I listen to that one.’ If
he would’ve listened then the secret that Allah subhana wa ta’ala has
planted into Adam (alayhi salam) would complete Sheytan’s knowledge.
But he didn’t. Because he didn’t listen he became disobedient.

The first disobedience in the Divine Presence, Sheytan. Second
disobedience, the ego. If the person is saying, `I’m a believer, I’m a
Mu’min’ then what is the sign? That means he listens to his Lord.
Mu’min is that one who listens to his Lord. Listening to the Lord is
not saying, `I’m taking the Quran and reading.’ No. Listening to the
Prophet (sws). He’s so far away from us now too. Eh, we have to find
somebody that we say, `Okay, I’m listening to this one. Anything that
I want to do, I may consult with this one. I may ask what is
benefiting me and what is not.’

Then even if that is a wrong one… because it’s another sickness in
today’s people that they are running to test the teachers. How are you
going to test the teacher? You’re a student. How are you going to
understand that one? So it’s another sickness. Sheytan is fooling that
way saying, “Well, there used to be good sheykhs in this world but
there is no more now.” That shows that that one is completely ignorant
because until the Judgment Day that must continue. They say, “There
used to be saints in this world but there aren’t anymore saints.” I’m
hearing here and there. Completely ignorant and idiot! Not
understanding anything. What makes that one to talk like that? His
ego. His ego is saying, “Don’t submit yourself anywhere. To me.” Ego
says, “You must listen to me. Nobody else. And when you listen to me
then I’m happy. If you’re not listening to me I’m not happy.”

So the 21st century people in the east, west, north and south… you’re
living in America, don’t think it’s only in America, no. Not anymore.
Before in some continents maybe but the majority of the people were
staying on the right road. No more. Only a handful of people
everywhere in the world are hiding themselves in the corners. The West
is running top-speed for what? For Dunya. One of the biggest trick and
trap of Sheytan is Dunya. Nothing else. If you’re falling for that
one, oh that means you give the leash to the hand of Sheytan.

So who’s an unbeliever? Who’s a Kafir? That one who listens to
Sheytan. The believer is that one who listens to Allah and the
unbeliever is that one, Kafir is that one who listens to Sheytan. Is
he listening to Sheytan directly? No. He’s listening to his ego and he
doesn’t want to hear anything from anyone. As to a seven-years-old kid
of today if you say, “Do this.”

“No, I don’t do.”

Eh, what do you know? What is right and what is good for you? You
don’t know. You have to listen.

But the adults lost their direction. So they don’t know how to teach
their children the simple things. I was watching one man who went to a
store with a little kid and there’s a box there. So many different
sandwiches and different things there and he was saying, “What do you
like? Which one do you like?”

“Ah, I want that one.”

He’s choosing something that not even an adult can eat if he’s not a
hundred percent hungry. And the man said, “Yes, give this to him.”

That kid doesn’t know what he’s going to eat and what he’s going to
choose. But the squarehead man is letting that kid because he doesn’t
understand and he doesn’t know what he’s going to give to the kid to
eat and to drink.

So it is just a simple example that is daily a hundred percent in our
lives. Saying, “What you like? What do you like honey? What you like?”
Put it in front of him and say, “Eat this.” Check out what is good for
that one and say, “You must eat this.” But leave that part. People are
sick and their mothers and their fathers aren’t putting in front of
them the right thing too, saying, “I don’t care.”

Yes, you don’t care. That’s true because you’ve just fallen into the
tricks and the traps of your ego. And (saying), “I’m trying my best.”
You’re not trying your best. You didn’t try your best. If you tried
your best then something is going to work there. But you’re not trying
your best. That means either you are disconnected from Allah subhana
wa ta’ala. If you are disconnected then you are connected to where?
You must be having connection somewhere. To Sheytan. And Sheytan is
putting laziness, Sheytan is making man to lose hope and Sheytan
making man to think, “I did my best. So I don’t care.”

But from time to time I’m watching in the Janaza prayers all those
people who are laughing and jumping up and down, one person is going
in the front, thousands behind sometimes, I’m watching in the
television but they are not jumping up and down anymore. So many of
them aren’t knowing that person. They’re just in that crowd going. The
heaviness of death makes everyone to become silent, sad and they start
thinking, “It’s coming to my way now.” That’s right.

So the believer is that one who keeps that alive in himself all the
time, knowing and thinking, `Azrail may come to me. If Azrail comes to
me in this state, what’s my state now? Where am I standing? Am I a
believer or an unbeliever? Is the faith in my heart or is it out of my
heart?’ When once we are giving the Shahadat, the faith is in our
heart but when we start doing the forbidden things that Allah and His
Prophet (sws) forbid us then the faith doesn’t stay in the heart
because the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “The faith and the kufr
cannot stay in the same heart.”

When you are preparing to do a wrong thing and you are coming and you
start doing it, the faith comes out from your heart. Kufr is inside
the heart now. Sheytan is ruling on you. You do that action and the
faith circles around your head. If it’s a small matter and later you
realize it and say, `Astaghfirullah’ then the faith may come in. If
it’s not a small matter then you are going to need to consult with
somebody, a holy person, to say, `I did this action. This was a very
bad action. I’m not comfortable anymore.’ Yes, you’re not going to be
comfortable anymore. So many people that are comfortable now, a time
will come when they’re not going to be comfortable because that is not
in your hand again. You cannot escape.

We cannot escape from the ruling of Allah subahna wa ta’ala on us.
From time to time we’re just moving out from the road this way and
that way but we cannot escape. The rope is in His hand. If he doesn’t
permit us then we cannot breath the air. So, “We live as we like.” We
don’t. That’s how it looks like that we do, but we don’t. Down in the
road they catch us. There are guards that are waiting and stopping,
saying, “This is the area. You cannot pass beyond this. Let’s see what
you came here with.”

So who’s an intelligent man? An intelligent man is he who runs after
his faith to protect his faith. That one is an intelligent man. And
the intelligent man must have faith. Faith, intelligence. Faith,
modesty. When Adam (as) was coming out from Paradise Allah subhana wa
ta’ala sent Jibreel (as) to him saying, “Ask him to take one of these
three as a present to him when he’s going to Dunya.” And Jibreel (as)
came with intelligence, faith and modesty. And he said to Adam (as),
“Allah subhana wa ta’ala is favoring you. Take one of them going down
to Dunya. You are going to need it. You are only allowed to take one
of them.”

Adam (as) looked at it saying, “I’ll take intelligence.” And Jibreel
(as) said to the other two, “Go back to your place.” And faith said,
“Oh, I cannot go back.” He said, “Allah is ordering Adam to take one.”
It said, “Yes, but at the same time Allah subhana wa ta’ala has
ordered me saying, `Where’s intelligence that’s where you’re supposed
to be. Never separate from the side of intelligence.’ And Jibreel (as)
said to modesty, `Go. You go.’ It said, `I cannot because Allah has
ordered me where’s intelligence and where’s faith, I must accompany
them. I cannot separate from those ones.’ And he said, `Take all and
go down to the earth.’

And he came down. And with that intelligence, with that faith and with
that modesty Adam (as) understood what he did. He came back to
himself, he understood, he stood up and he started crying. He started
showing his weakness saying, “Ya Rabbi, I’m your weak servant. If you
close Your door to me then I have no place to go except to stand at
Your door and to cry. There’s nothing else I can do. I cannot eat and
I cannot drink and I am not going to move from here. I’m going to cry
only because I’m a weak servant and you’re a powerful King. King of
kings. Sultan of sultans. And I’m asking forgiveness.”

Three hundred years, not three days. Today’s people not five minutes.
Something happens to them, five minutes.

`Do. Continue.’

`I give up.’

You give up? Where are you going to go? Giving up means, `I’m turning
my way back to hell now. The doors of hell opening and he’s running.
Don’t give up. Sheytan is coming to make man to give up from his
responsibilities. First from his intelligence. Intelligence is not
working anymore. People lost their minds. They are drunk, running in
the streets drunk.

We were not like this before. Especially, the Muslim people.
Especially, the people who are coming from the eastern countries. You
were not like that before, running in the streets. This was the style
of the West once and the West is waking up. That is the style of the
Capitalist countries. Their commercialism is making them to run back
and forth to the stores. What is your business in the streets
twenty-four hours? What is your business in the marketplaces
twenty-four hours? What are you going to do? You don’t need anything.
It’s because they cannot sit home. Yes.

`I cannot sit. I’m tired. I’m bored. You know I’m suffocating.’

If you’re suffocating then go to the cemetery and watch. Maybe you’ll
feel good then. Go to the hospitals and watch how much people are
suffocating. Look and say to your ego, `That one is you. That may come
to you one day. If you don’t put yourself on the straight road then
that action may come to you.’

So the intelligent man keeps the straight way, the Prophet’s (sws)
way, keeps his modesty and doesn’t interfere into anybody’s business.
He looks to perfect himself, to put protection, especially in these
days. He doesn’t open his mouth to speak nonsense.

Sin! What is one of the biggest sins? Committing adultery is between
individuals and their Lord. That is a sin between the individual and
the Lord. There are sins, forbidden actions that are between Allah and
the individuals who are doing it. There are sins that are between
Allah, the individual and the whole mankind. If you are sharing that
sin it is very heavy. And one of that one, the biggest one, is
backbiting, slandering, lying and cheating on other people. What is
the Holy Prophet (sws) saying? “The believer will not cheat anyone and
the believer will not be cheated by anyone.” If he’s a believer then
he cannot cheat and he will not be cheated by anyone.

So we are watching today, it is a very sad thing to see that the world
is running to hell, the mankind from the east, west, north and south,
people are running into hell, Sheytan is driving them to hell. We say,
`Save, save yourself and save somebody with it.’ If there’s a big fire
going on in this building, I hope it never happens, but if there is
then what are you going to do? The first thing you have to think is,
“Let me save myself out from this fire.” If you are thinking and
knowing that you are strong and you are going to be able to save
yourself then the second thing you’re going to think is, “Let me save
some valuable stuff from here.” This is what you’re going to think.
The whole mankind is running towards the hell side, Sheytan is dancing
in front of them and everyone’s running behind but not waking up to
save themselves and at least to save somebody else.

Slandering, lying and backbiting are some of the biggest sicknesses of
the Muslims today. In the old days people weren’t daring, saying,
`This person is a Sheykh.’ Even if he was a bad one no one was saying
anything about that bad one because, `Maybe he has some good
connection and I’ll be punished.’ Today’s people lost that faith. It’s
a sign that the faith is lost. There’s no faith there. That is enough
sign that, `Yes, you lost that faith.’

Today you saw that person doing something wrong with your own eyes,
let’s say. Maybe tomorrow he has asked forgiveness and Allah subhana
wa ta’ala has forgiven that one. What is your business to go opening
that one up? It is a forbidden action. Allah forbid it, Alayhi salatu
wa salam forbid it and the Awliya Allah are forbidding. Who’s giving
right to who? Sheytan must be.

So maybe people don’t know the heaviness of that. I may say the
heaviness. Those who are backbiting and slandering, these words are
for those. Huh, if they are speaking the truth then they are not given
the permission to speak the truth because Allah is saying, `If I’m
opening something wrong about that one to you, it is only for you to
look at it, take lesson and to cover it and walk away. It’s not your
business to interfere what that one does and to go around making
confusion.’ Confusion is another biggest sin that man can do.

So the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `If it is a man who’s backbiting
and slandering, his sin is just like that man who’s standing right in
front of the Kaba and making adultery with his own mother.’ Did you
like that one now? Think on it. `If it’s a woman who’s doing that it
is just like that woman standing in front of the Kaba and making
adultery with her father.’ The heart must be shaking now. For people
who have faith, their hearts must be shaking. And if I, you or anyone
who’s doing that, right away you must say, `Astaghfirullah Ya Rabbi!
And I’m not doing that anymore.’ If the person thinks that he has the
luxury to continue with that, mashaAllah. Ohho, Abu Jahil said so many
things to the Prophet (sws) in front of him and behind him. It didn’t
give him high titles. It just put him through the lowest hells.

Did the Holy Prophet (sws) lose something? No. The more they said to
him the more Allah subhana wa ta’ala praised him to higher stations.
That’s how it was, that’s how it is and that’s how it’s going to stay.
Mu’min is that one who listens to the Lord’s order, his Prophet’s
(sws) order, his Sheykh’s order and runs to do good things to himself,
to protect himself from the fire, tries to be a better one to work for
his Sheykh to protect others. At least just to give something to
others. At least to give their hand.

Yes, so many are fighting in these days, especially in our tariqat,
about who’s a wakil, who’s a Sheykh and who’s not. They are just tying
the whole tariqat circling around two men. This tariqat didn’t start
yesterday. From the time of the Holy Prophet (sws) it’s continuing.
Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra) took the secret from the Holy Prophet (sws). He
had 124,000 Sahabis around him and every one of them took secrets from
the Holy Prophet (sws). Hazrat Ali (ra) wasn’t saying, “Ali is the
only door going to the Prophet (sws) or going to Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra)”
or “This one is the only door.” Every Sahabi had their own secrets and
Allah subhana wa ta’ala is giving secrets to every creature. Every
creature has its secrets.

So Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra) when passing from this world passed the secret
to Salman-e Farsi (ra). So many more people entered into Islam and so
many more people started working for Islam, started working in that
tariqat, spreading everything away. Coming down to this time when all
tariqats must lead to one tariqat, all tariqats are leading to one
tariqat and that tariqat is the Naksibendi Hakkani Way, all tariqat
roads are entering into that main highway and some people are
disconnecting, cutting everything off and saying, “We’re just giving
this title to two men.”

Who’s giving the titles? Who’s the title giver? Sheykh Mevlana? He’s
such a great Sultanul Awliya, everyone’s saying that he’s such a great
Sultanul Awliya, and he can only raise two persons? Two men as his
door that he’s reaching to the east, west, north, south and in the
whole world? That is only ego. Nothing else. Those who’re saying it
are working for their ego and those who’re accepting that are also
working for their ego. Not only those ones who are saying but also
those ones who are accepting, saying, “I am the only one”, they are
working for their ego also.

So what’s Grandsheykh saying? What’s Sheykh Mevlana saying? I’ll tell
you what’s Sheykh Mevlana saying. Sheykh Mevlana is saying, he said it
so many times in front of me, he said it so many times in front of
other people, saying, “If a man can manage to bring forty people
around him, if he’s living on the other side of the world and he has
never seen me and he accepted me through his heart, he’s my wakil on
those people. If they’re accepting him and he’s accepting them, then
I’m accepting that one. He’s my wakil.

Who’s the wakil? Wakil is not that one who goes around backbiting,
slandering and attacking other people. Wakil is that one who runs to
do a work for his Sheykh, for his Prophet (sws), for Allah subhana wa
ta’ala and for the whole mankind. That one is a wakil. Allah subhana
wa ta’ala has given a higher title than that to a wakil. Allah is
making man to be His Khalifah on the face of the earth. You want
something higher than that? He’s saying, “I have honored you to be the
Khalifah on the earth.” Khalifah not only to these people because
everyone is one Khalifah. But mankind is not carrying their secrets
that Allah has given to them. So they’re not knowing what to do with
it. Everything that Allah has created, everything that is in creation
is under the authority of Insan-i Kamil, the Perfect Man that Allah is
giving authority. Everything that He is creating is under the
authority of that man.

So inshaAllah, this much should be enough for you and for me because
I’m hearing back and forth, people are attacking back and forth,
especially to our sites people are attacking, I’m hearing. We’re not
responding to them. We’re not going to respond to them. Those people
who are following the Osmanli Naksibendi Way, Osmanli Way is not just
to go opening your mouth back and forth to fight. We’re not responding
to them. They can attack as much as they want. We are going to
continue our journey. As another saint said once upon a time, “The
dogs are always going to bark. The caravan is going to continue on its
journey. That one is a fool who stops and starts barking back to the
dogs.” Don’t bark to the dogs. The job of the dogs is to bark and the
job of the wise man is to watch and not to get bitten by the dog and
continue his journey.

We have a journey and we must make it before Azrail is reaching to us.
We have so much work to do on our own selves, in our own families and
in our own loved ones that are surrounding us. If we finish all that
then ohh… if you’re in America then America has 300 million people.
Reach to them. Don’t fight with each other. Saying, “One Sheykh in
America? Not one Sheykh, 1000 Sheykhs are not enough for America. Not
one thousand!” Hmm. Who’s saying this? Grandsheykh said. I was
present. That time some nonsense was going on again, saying, “One
sheykh, one sheykh.” He said, “What one sheykh?” We were getting out
from the car trying to move to one place, before we were reaching from
one house to another house twenty-four hours passed. He said, “Not one
Sheykh, not 1000 sheykhs are enough for this country.”

Yes, this is only in America. We are worldwide. At least accept to say
that there are 124,000 Sahabis and there are 124,000 Wali who are
representing those Sahabis. At least accept that part. No! The ego is
saying, “Everything is for me. I want this and I want that one.” What
Allah is giving to you is yours. No one’s going to take it away. What
Allah is giving to that one, you cannot take it away.

In the army the Generals are giving the stars to some people. They
pass their tests and they get their stars. The head, the Genel Kurmay,
the head of the army, what do you call that one?

“The Chief of Staff.”

Chief of Staff or whatever is passing from there, giving sign saying,
“Now this one has three stars.” The one who has three stars is trying
to take that away or the one who has four stars. You cannot take that
away because you’re not the one who’s giving. The highest one is
giving. You cannot even take from the one who has one stripe here. You
have to show thousands of reasons before you are taking that stripe
away. The Turks adapted themselves into tariqat very well because they
have always been trained through the army way. And yes, most of the
things in the army are just like working in the tariqat.

In these days, because there’s so much weakness, we’re not working
that way. We’re just working a little bit differently. So because of
that so many dogs are barking. We must continue in our journey. Work
on our websites, do things, spread whatever you can spread. Permission
is given. If you think that you are sincere to spread, to put words to
people, open up a site and spread it. Even if you’re putting your own
pictures in it, it’s okay. Put a picture and spread the word, spread
the word to other people. Try to reach to other people. You’ll be
rewarded for that. One day that man may wake up and say, “What am I
doing? Why am I doing it in this egoistic way? Let me do it in the
right way again.” And according to the person’s intention Allah
subhana wa ta’ala is going to direct that one to the right way. The
Awliya Allah are watching, they are watching our activities what we
are doing and how we are doing and that’s how we’re going to be
rewarded inshaAllah ar-Rahman.

This much should be enough for you and for me. We are not going to
attack those ones who are attacking us. And as a matter of fact I have
news also that some people, as they did it before, they entered to our
websites, our groups and this and that, spying, taking words, taking
people’s email addresses, attacking them, writing to them and saying
bad things to them. It is easy to find them out and to kick them out.
We are not kicking them out. They are going to stay in our sites
unless they take themselves out. They are going to learn some manners.
They are going to learn some manners because most likely the areas
that they are following have no manners. So they don’t learn manners
that way. They may learn manners. We don’t attack them. They can come
to our dergah, they can sleep, they can eat, they can sleep, they
don’t have to do anything else. Only thing is they just have to be
under the authority.

Welcome to those who comes.

Farewell to those who leaves.

That goes to you, to me and to every one of us.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.



Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 9 Ramazan, 1428 / Septermber 21, 2007
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

[After the Juma prayer someone asked Sheykh Efendi about the Canakkale
War of 1915 saying, “Many are now saying that the clouds that appeared
in Canakkale taking in British soldiers and disappearing, it’s just a
story. Is it true?”]

Sheykh Efendi: Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim.
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Millions today are making jokes about how the cloud appeared in
Canakkale and took one group of British and just disappeared and still
their bodies are not known anywhere. Now they are making stories. But
people from that time believed because they saw and they witnessed.
After them their children, they are also not believing because it’s
something extraordinary. It’s showing (to the non-Muslim forces that
came against the Ottoman Empire) that the God that you are worshipping
is helping these people and it’s not helping you. So it’s not such a
good position that you want to be in, right? How are you going to say,
“The side that we were fighting against, they were right and the Lord
helped them by sending clouds and everyone disappeared in it.” It
wasn’t just ten people in it.

Not only that but so many other unusual things happened there. Who was
in Canakkale? Our Grandsheykh (Abdullah Daghestani QS). So is it so
hard for us to understand who is making all these things? Heh, there
was a General who didn’t like the Grandsheykh. And a bomb flew and
fell into the area where the Grandsheykh and everyone were in. Almost
everybody died or became wounded. Where Gransheykh was, where it fell,
it just became a big hole and Grandsheykh was sitting and praying
there. The General was shocked and he came down to the Grandsheykh. He
kissed his hand and said, “I didn’t believe in God. I didn’t believe
in anything but I believe you from now on because I have seen with my
eyes what had happened.” He said, “You are a different individual from
everything else.” And that General started following the Grandsheykh.

Not only Grandsheykh but so many other sheykhs and saints entered into
that war. 250,000 people died. It’s not 250. Two hundred and fifty
thousand people died there in that short time. Only from the Turks.
Almost 300,000 died from the other side. Over 300,000 people. You are
talking about more than half a million people dying in those waters
and in those lands there. Everywhere you are stepping on there are
bodies underneath it.

I spent three nights there and early in the morning when I was calling
the Azan… I was calling the Azan very strongly early in the morning,
(there was one tomb, that of Suleyman Pasha, he did great things there
too) near his tomb and I was going there for prayer and you can see in
far distance the lights of the Greek islands there, right on the
border. People came from the other side. In the morning when I was
calling the Azan right before dawn, things were setting down and I was
seeing all these beautiful rains of light coming down. Like rain drops
light was coming down and with that different smells were coming. And
there was a voice speaking to me saying that all those drops are
representing all those soldiers, and everyone has a different smell.
So everywhere I was walking I was seeing different lights. I was
walking, passing through their tomb sites and you would think that
there are so many tombs there but it’s not. In the mountains and
everywhere you see that light connection coming from the Paradise to
there, from their tombs going up.

That’s why people who don’t have strong spirituality cannot live
around there. It’s pretty heavy for them. People who have high
spirituality want to live there all the time but they don’t leave them
too because you discover so many secrets there. It opens up. Unless
you are keeping the secrets, then they keep you there for some time.
Otherwise (they don’t). You can see that all those areas are not
packed up with things. Everywhere is almost empty. In the villages,
you see the people, you look at their faces, no arguments, just peace
coming from their faces and they are always walking, going back and
forth but no talking. No sound. It’s like a dead valley. No sound.
It’s like a different world that you are living in. Even just an
ordinary person can feel that right away and understands that it’s
completely different here now.

Huh, all those soldiers, British, ANZAC, all those are very happy to
be buried there. They are saying, “Mistakenly we have fallen into
Paradise.” (Sheykh Efendi smiles). Everything smells different. The
flowers smell different there, the mountain flowers, they all have
different smells and different colors. You can see that heavenly look
on everything there. All the stones they put there are symbolic. They
are not underneath there. They just carried so many of them and they
buried them in mass graves and they put those stones there. But there
are special places where special incidents happened. Those areas are
completely different. You see how it is there. But you can see it on
the stones. Every stone that you pass, the age that all died were 19,
20, 21.

Did you see the trench? The war trench behind which they were hiding?
You didn’t go there?

`X’: No, I didn’t.

Then you didn’t see anything what the soldiers the built. Do you know
how close they came to each other? From here to there where `Y’ is
sitting [approx. 10 meters]. The world has never seen a war like that
before. Never. No way that it can get that close. You have trenches
here and you have trenches there [Sheykh Efendi pointing to the two
opposite walls of the dergah and the distance between them is about 30
ft.]. That’s how close they got. Everything was so close there. The
fear and the smell of death and the smell of the love of Paradise that
kept those people keep on coming and going. People without faith
cannot stand there. The other ones had no choice because they were
dumped there with ships. So they had no place to go now. So many were
brought from the Subcontinent countries. They were Muslims. Afghanis
and [today’s] Pakistanis. So many were put in ships and brought there
[by the British] to fight the Khalifah’s soldiers. Khalifah’s
soldiers! They didn’t know. They tried to give up but they [the
British] said, “You cannot go anywhere. We will shoot you down into
the water.” So they were fighting.

People are having everything easy now, everybody speaks on everything
and Islam became a game to everybody. A game. Nothing but a game. Not
accepting anything. People gave lives! Not life. Lives! One house
giving three, four sons to die in that war. Can you imagine? Four
sons, five sons died in that war. Three sons died and the husband
died. I met a lady. Looking at her face is like looking at a heavenly
person, as if heaven appeared through her face. It is not sad and it
is not khek khek khek. It is a beauty that is appearing. So beautiful
and calm. She was talking, she was praying and she was saying to me
what happened. The husband died and three sons died. And she was
saying, “Alhamdulillah. I hope I didn’t make a mistake. But I have no
regret. If I had ten sons then I will give again. But I am looking at
the situation of this country now and I am very sad. I think those
ones will be sad too.” Looking at her face, (I saw) Paradise coming
out from her face. And she said that she didn’t cry. She cried from
the pain but she didn’t cry for anything and she was very happy with
what Allah did. Then she was living all these years after that by
herself. She had another daughter and she died too after some time.
And she is still living. Allahu Akbar! People going through all that
pain, do you think it’s easy? Think on it. Just to think on it. So
many people I say these to, they say `Eh.’ I say, “Compare, just
compare with yourself and look what happens.” No comparison.
Impossible to compare. They were believing. That’s all. They were
believing in what they were doing. They were sincere with what they
were doing.

I met another lady. She fixed the whole village with her father’s
death money that was coming. The government was not taking care of the
tombs of the people, okay? And he was one of the persons who died in
Canakkale and it’s near the village there. So they brought him to the
village and they put him there and at that time the government put
money out saying they have to take care of those areas. They did it.
Then [later] everything was falling down. So she was showing me the
tomb site that she fixed and she was saying to me, “He fixed it
himself.” I said, “How it happened?” She goes, “Everything was falling
down and the little money that they were giving me from the government
for my father’s death, I saved little for me for whatever was
necessary for me to live on, and the rest to this village. He is in
the grave and with his money we are still living. He is in the grave.
With his money we are still living. The village is still living with
the money that is coming because of him. And they are fixing his tomb
with his money.” Allah, Allah. Unusual things are happening around

Astaghfirullah al-Azim wa atubu ilaih.



Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday, 4 Rabi-ul Awwal, 1428 / March 23, 2007

W 39th St. Dergah, New York City.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim


Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.


Tariqatuna sohbet wa khayru fil jamiat. Through this association believers, those who attend, those believers may find ways and live the way that Allah and the Holy Prophet (sws) brought to us. If there is no association then the Muslims don’t know how to live. If Muslims say they know how to live then look at it. East and West, North and South, not America but look at Muslims countries and you will know whether they know how to live. They don’t know how to live because the associations, the tariqats are banned.

The Sheykhs are banned and new ideas and new ideologies came with this Wahhabi understanding. It’s coming from the West, fitna coming inside and saying, “It’s okay. Take the book and read. You will find the way.” No way. Impossible. If that was possible then Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) will not put a protocol to send 124,000 prophets to mankind. He is sending guides to them, saying to them, to us, to the past ones, to the present ones and to the ones who are coming in the future, saying to them, “If you are looking to find the way when you are fed up with this world, when you are understanding that this world is a dumpster, it is a very small benefit which you can get from this world, and when you understand with that high intelligence that I am giving to you as man, you must find the prophets, you must find the ways to show you where to go, which way to go and how to go, how to travel on that road.”

Otherwise, it is impossible for man to make it in the world, to live a peaceful life. Not peaceful life the way that your ego wants but peaceful life the way that it came down from Allah and through the teachings of the Holy Prophet (sws).


Mankind lost (actually we should say Muslims). Muslims lost their head over a century ago and they became headless. Because they are headless they became heedless. Because they are heedless everyone is fooling them. The West, western people are fooling the Muslims. West understood one thing. They studied good and said, “These Muslims, as long as they hold on tightly to their Prophet, we are not going to be able to bring them down. As long as they hold on tightly to the orders of their Prophet, we are not going to be able to put them down.” They knew that. They understood that. And they said, “As long as they are watching what is halal and what is haram, we cannot put them down.” The West understood that. And they said, “How are we going to enter? First we must get rid of their head, then we have to separate them, we have to say to them, `You are Pakistani, you are Turk, you are Arab, you are Chinese, you are Boshnak, you are Goshnak'”… and now we have all kinds of nations. We don’t have Islam. We have nations that are claiming Islam saying, `Republic of Pakistan’. MashaAllah. `Islamic Republic of Iran’. MashaAllah. Ey, either you are Republic or you are Islam. Islam has its own orders and laws how you are going to build a community and a nation. Never in history such a thing like this happened. But today Muslims are doing it because they are following the West. They are not following the Prophet (sws). By name, by tongue they are following. By heart and by action they are following the West.

West is the guide to us and who is the master of the West? Master key: Darwin Sheytan. The first one saying, “You must all follow me.” The ones who are not following Darwin, they are saying, “It’s okay, it’s better. You are not a monkey too. Atheist. Just came, appeared and you are just going to disappear.” All people with books are following that theory. Muslims top-speed saying, “Look, they may be better than you. Look. We are Muslims but we are very modernized. Modern Muslims we are, don’t you see? Men shave the beard, shave the mustache and we are wearing three-piece suit now. Don’t you see? Our women, we like them to be open. We have beauty pageant. We have it everywhere now.” In the streets also. You cannot make it in the streets in the West. The other day somebody showed me something saying, “Lebanon, they have a beauty pageant in the street.” Allah, allah. Street? They are almost naked in the street and everyone is cheering. Lebanon. Hmm. You don’t find that here in America, do you? I haven’t found it here in America for thirty years. There you find it, mashaAllah.

How foolish we became! How foolish Muslims became! Later, running in the street making demonstrations saying, “Yes, we want this, we don’t want that.” Ey, if you don’t turn back to your Lord, not by word saying, “I believe in Allah”, but by following His Prophet (sws). If you are not following His Prophet (sws) then it’s not good for anything. One day Sheytan is going to fool you, Sheytan is fooling you. LEAVE


So, alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen. Now we have entered to the Holy Month in which the Holy Prophet (sws) has been born. Everyone is fighting back and forth, saying, “Should we celebrate or not?” Leave those squareheads because that is another problem we have now with believers. They are arguing back and forth and they are spending their lives also with arguments. That’s how Sheytan is fooling us. What do you believe? You believe this life? “Yes.” Then follow. Leave everything else. Is that what the Holy Prophet (sws) said to us? Yes. He said, “In Ahir Zaman you are going to reach to a time when you may know very little. Hold on tightly to those things and live according to that. Be sincere ones. You will find safety.” It is not our duty to run around now to try to change this world. No. They don’t want to change. We cannot go back and forth arguing with them. It is forbidden. Holy Prophet (sws) forbid us saying, “No arguments. Don’t argue.” They said, “Ya Rasulullah, even when we are right?” He said, “When you are right, don’t argue. When you are wrong, run away completely from the arguments.” When you are right, eh, if they are forcing you so much then say, “Lakum dinukum walia deen.” Keep your religion the way you want.


Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has created that Prophet and He is saying, “He is Ramatan-lil Alameen.” He is a Rahmat to everything, Alams, all that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has created, what you know, what we know and what we don’t know.” He is a Rahmat and a mercy. And now we are the nation of that Prophet (sws). When the prophets were knowing in the Day of Creation what was going to be given to that Prophet (sws), they didn’t want to be prophets. They just wanted to be one from the nation of that Prophet (sws) like you and I. All prophets asked this. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) said to them, “No, I am pleased with I have given to you and My pleasure is in what I have given to the nation of that Prophet (sws). Keep what is for you. That is how you are going to be pleasing Me.” And Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) accepted one prophet, Isa (alayhi salam) to be the nation of that Prophet Muhammad (sws).

We are the nation. It is given to us for free, without any work, any trouble, any running around. Free. If we understand the value, if we understood the value of our Prophet (sws), then we will understand what has been given to us, and in months like this we will be busy sending Salawats to that Prophet (sws). We must be busy all the time but especially in months like this. Especially in months like this, yes, we need to celebrate. If we celebrate everyday it’s not enough. Maybe two times a day. When a man was wealthy and he wanted to make celebration for himself, for his daughter or for his son, in the old days they were making forty days celebration saying, “I am marrying my daughter. I am giving a feast for forty days.” Today’s people all became stingy. Rich and poor too. There is no more rich. They are wealthy but their heart is poor. Their hand is tight like this. They are not knowing how to use what Allah has given to them. At least those people in the old days knew how to use what they have been given, saying, “Oh, I need to celebrate with my son, with my daughter, with my family at least.” Eh, they cannot celebrate alone. So they have to make the whole village, whole town to join in, slaughtering animals and giving feast to people. You are celebrating. Today’s Muslims are celebrating their birthdays, the majority. Some say, “Well, I have some Christian family members.” I have to use hammer to them not to go in the Christmas time. They say, “We have to go.” “No, you don’t have to go in the Christmas time. Not on the Christmas day. The next day (you may go) or one day before, two days before, two days later but not that day.” I have to fight with them for them not to go. When it comes saying, “Birth of the Prophet (sws). Come, we are celebrating.” “Eh, Sheykh, is it bidat or is it okay to do it?”

Mureeds asking this. Bidat. “I heard that it is bidat.” Ey, you are sunk inside Bidats and you are asking whether it is Bidat? Your whole lifestyle, everything, from the dress code to everything, it is western ideas. You have replaced it with western ideas. You have sunk inside the Bidats and you are asking if it is a Bidat? If it is a Bidat then at least it’s a good Bidat. Something good that you are doing for that Prophet (sws), hmm? But the Muslims as we said, they became headless, then they turned around and became heedless. They took the head away because the head was sitting and from time to time was reminding people with a sword saying, “Shariat speaks.” Now, everyone talks Shariat but when it comes to them, uff, no Shariat. We must put that in our own self. We must work the Shariat on ourselves. We must watch our activities, our actions, our daily life, how we are living, we must try to live according to the orders and the rules that the Holy Prophet (sws) brought to us.


Now is the time to collect the goodies. It’s the time now. It’s only a handful people that are running to follow the footsteps of the Prophet (sws) and the Sahaba-e Ikram because Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Follow my Sunnat and the Sunnat of my Sahaba.” If he was going to continue saying he was going to say, “And the Sunnat of those who are following the Sunnat of the Sahaba.” In another hadith which is similar to that he is saying, “Say this to the people. You are here. You may not be able to keep it. But those who are not here they may keep it better than you.” So those people kept the message and they brought it to us. We are the people of Ahir Zaman, the last nation and the last people on the face of the earth. There isn’t too much time left. We must run to collect. Billions of people are living on the face of the earth right now but those billions are running away from the mercy and Rahmat that Allah is providing them every single day. It’s coming but they are running away. Muslims are running away.

We must run to collect because when the angels are coming they are bringing those mercies, those rahmats, those presents and those nurs that are coming with it, they are not taking it back. Allah is not taking it back. They say, “What should we do Ya Rabbi, with these?” He says, “Give it to those who are in presence.” Fifteen million people in this city. The Rahmat that is coming down now is only for those people who are prepared for the sake of Allah and His Prophet (sws). It’s not for the ones who are heedless. No. Now is the time to collect the goodies. Everyone is looking and asking for Mahdi. When Mahdi (alayhi salam) is coming and taking the Takbir, everyone is going to get their share. Nobody is going to give their share to you. But all those heedless Muslims now are still running around saying, “What is right and what is wrong?” Run. I say, “Don’t come. Run, because we are collecting your share, don’t worry.” They say, “Brother, collect for me.” “Of course. I am collecting for you but it’s for me. In the Judgment Day I will not give it to you.” (Sheykh Efendi smiles). “You want to collect? Come. You don’t want to collect, you don’t believe. It’s okay. You believe in what?” “Dollar.” “Run for that dollar. Collect the dollars. How many hours do you work?” “I work very hard Sheykh.” “How many?” “Twenty hours.” “Good. Run that much and collect more because you are going to get sick later and you are going to need to pay all that money to the doctors. You need to collect, definitely.”

Allah is my witness, I would not get up from the bed today if it was not for Juma. For a hundred thousand dollars business I would not come down here today. But I made intention. I said, “Ya Rabbi, I am living for You, I am trying to live for You, I cannot move in this bed, give me some energy to get up for Juma.” Before I turned left and right, I was seeing that the sickness is leaving me alone. I got up and I went to Juma. Later testing me again, “Ah, you are hot, you are cold, don’t go down (to the city) so much.” Of course, ego is trying to fool saying, “What are you going to do? Lokman is there, somebody else is there, it’s okay.” It’s not okay. I must go down. Alhamdulillah, we came down. Eh, we are still alive. What would happen if we die? Good. We die in the way of Allah. You are not reading hadith? You must read hadith, yes. Tell the doctor to go home. We have a big doctor. We are asking and help is reaching. Help is going to reach then. If the believers are sincere then the help is going to reach to them. If you are not sincere then don’t ask to sit and wait in the bed. No. You are going to die. Run to doctors then. Collect the dollars and later you need to go to the hospital to give it away. That’s what happened. That’s what happened to this mankind. That’s what’s happening every single day. Because you are not seeing, we are not seeing, don’t think that it’s some other way. No. That’s the way it is. That’s exactly how it’s happening.


We must wake up. These days are not coming back. Every day that is passing is not coming back. Every hour that is passing is not coming back. We cannot bring it back for anything. We are believers. Believers are who? Allah is giving description. “Those who believe in Allah and His Prophet (sws), those who keep their prayers and who believe in the Judgment Day.” Surat-ul Tawba. “They build and they maintain the house of Allah.” He is giving some description who are the believers. Believers, we are believing in Allah and His Prophet (sws), we are running to keep our daily prayers, one month of Ramazan. “And they believe in the Judgment Day.” Yes, that’s important. And that has to be priority in our book. Everything we are doing daily, we have to check, “These daily activities that we are doing, does it fit to the Judgment Day?” “No.” Leave it. If they give you the whole world, leave it. If it’s not fitting then we are going to pay a lot of price for that in Dunya and Akhirat. We must leave that and we must put it aside. “The whole mankind is living in a different direction.” Leave them. Leave them to live. Follow your way. You found your Sheykh? “Yes.” Hold on tightly and follow. There is no other way. There is no other safety.


There are two ways. People are traveling in the wrong direction and they are thinking that they are in the Sirat-ul Mustaqim but they are traveling in the wrong direction. And at the end of the road they are finding, “Oh, I came to the doorsteps of Jahannam.” Yes. You have to know the right direction to go. Now you have to have a guide in front of you. If you don’t have a guide in front of you then you are going to lose the right direction. The guide is that one who sees. That’s what Sheykh means. Sheykh is the one who sees ahead. It’s not an ordinary person’s seeing, no. If Sheykh has the ordinary vision too then it’s no good. That is a jubbah sheykh, zikir sheykh but it’s not a Murshid. Murshid is that one who knows when the road comes to fork, which way to turn. He sees the light going ahead and the Holy Prophet (sws) is holding that torch. Anyone who is following, they may go then, InshaAllah ar-Rahman.

So these kinds of sohbet makes us to come back to our own senses, to come back to our life again, to collect some bullets because Sheytan is waiting outside as soon as you go. “How?” It’s coming through different people saying, “What are you doing there, brother? You cannot pray home? Brother, you cannot go to a masjid? Brother, you cannot…?” Hmm. This Sheytan is coming from different sides, different angles. Don’t give up for anything. If you do then you will be in trouble by yourself. This has been like that from the time that the Holy Prophet (sws) came to give invitation. All Sahaba who followed him correctly found safety. Those who didn’t follow the Holy Prophet (sws) correctly, sometimes later they deviated to different roads. I don’t think that you or me or anybody are not knowing where they are now. You know where they are. Those who were in the way of the prophets, they are with the prophets. Those who were opposite to the prophets, they are with their sheytans. That’s all. Wa min Allahu taufiq.

These couple of words our Sheykh is speaking to me and to you. If we take it then we will benefit. If you don’t take it then go. I will collect all that too. Later I don’t give it to you in the Judgment Day saying, “It’s mine.” (Sheykh Efendi smiles). Wa min Allahu taufiq Al-Fatiha.



Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Monday, 22nd Shaban, 1428 / September 4, 2007
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

After reading from the Sohbet of Sheykh Mevlana Nazim al-Hakkani
Hazratleri, a murid asked Sheykh Abdul Kerim Efendi the following

“Is the Space really empty as they say?”

Sheykh Efendi:

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

The Space as well as everything in creation, everything you see and
you don’t see, you know and you don’t know has been created by Allah.
Everything, living or dead, dry or wet, has life or has no life, it’s
a creature that Allah has created; even one piece of sand; from the
sea to the galaxies, to every orbit, to space, to the galaxies, to
emptiness and to darkness. Darkness is a creation of Allah too. Light
is a creature. Everything.

Nothing is empty. It may look empty but nothing is empty. If it’s
looking empty then there must be a reason in it, there must be another
secret in it. There is no emptiness. What is emptiness? Find, what is

Murid: It’s just an idea that there’s nothing there.

Sheykh Efendi: There’s nothing there. But is there something where
there is nothing there? We are sitting here, we are holding the space
here, but this here (around us) looks empty. Is it empty? It’s full
with air for one thing. What’s inside the air? When you go deep down
into those understandings and you enter into that knowledge, looking
at those little atoms, what’s inside those atoms, you get dizzy.
That’s the greatness of Allah subhana wa ta’ala that there is no end
to the smallest particle that’s going down and there is no end for the
biggest galaxies that He can create. They are both the same to Him.

So man’s understanding stops somewhere. Your understanding, man’s
understanding stops. For instance, hours, minutes, seconds, and you go
down a little bit more, little bit, little bit more and it stops. But
it doesn’t stop there in reality. One piece of hair. How big is a
piece of hair? With the knowledge that Allah subhana wa ta’ala is
giving, the Awliya Allah can divide it into a hundred pieces, a
hundred separations inside.

“Ah! How can it be?”

Yeah. And Allah subhana wa ta’ala is putting into this body veins
thinner than the hair and blood is flowing inside those veins, going
up and down, running top-speed. You cannot even think to see. You
cannot really see it. You need to put big microscopes to see it. But
that blood is flowing, running inside, circling inside. And if you are
taking those hair-thin veins and you are tying them next to each
other, you can circle this whole globe ten times maybe. Maybe you can
make a road from here to the moon, to the sun. It’s there. How man is
going to understand? It’s there in you. You cannot deny that reality
but you cannot even understand how all these things are running. But
it’s working, right now that we are talking. That’s the greatness of
Allah subhana wa ta’ala.

Subhanallah that He can do anything and everything! Nothing is limited
to His power. Unlimited. There is no limitation. You cannot put
limitations to the smallest particle. Your knowledge, our knowledge is
up to the smallest atom. But it’s not Allah’s knowledge and when that
Divine knowledge is opening to you then who knows maybe you are seeing
that little atom like a giant galaxy in that real world.

That’s why Sheykh Mevlana is saying, “You cannot learn this knowledge
through reading books.” It’s not possible. That knowledge cannot be
contained into the books. You cannot put it into pen and paper. Pen
becomes Ajis, hopeless to write that knowledge. When Allah said to the
pen, “Write”, it said, “What to write Ya Rabbi?” He said, “Write
BismillahirRahmanirRahim.” For seven hundred thousand years the pen
wrote it. Then it stopped saying, “What to write?” “Write!” again and
again and again. What kind of pen is this that Allah is talking about?
The pen that we have in our hands writing? Of course it’s not. (Sheykh
Efendi smiles).

So that kind of knowledge we cannot learn through books. We need to
experience it through the sohbets of the Awliya Allah and through the
sohbets, if you give your heart in it, slowly it may open up to your
heart. If you are trying to understand through the mind then you are
not going to, it’s not working. You may be accepting what is said
there but you are never going to understand. You cannot deny that
reality. Once it’s coming from the real world and they are saying to
you, they are putting the evidence right in front of you, you cannot
deny it but you still don’t understand.

It’s like in the beginning when a man said that the world is a globe,
it’s like an egg, who first punished that man?

Murid: The Catholic Church.

Sheykh Efendi: Catholic Church. The religious figures said, “How
foolish you are that you are saying such a thing like that?” That
shows that the religion that they were following, the kind of beliefs
that they were following, it was a blindfold to them that they have
not seen that reality. They only made the world according to their
understanding, a flat world. But in reality it was like that (as the
man said). Did the world change since that time up till now? No. It
was like this. But today it’s very simple for everyone to understand
that this world is round because that knowledge is spread and open
everywhere now. There is no hidden knowledge in it. It’s everywhere in
front of people’s eyes. So, if somebody comes and says to you in this
time now, “The world is flat”, you are going to say, “Are you crazy,
you idiot? Get out of here.” You are not even going to spend time on
that one now to say, “Put him in jail.” Hmm? If any Christian comes
out and says now, “The world is a straight land”, the Vatican should
put them in jail again now and declare them crazy. Don’t you think so?
Why are you declaring the man crazy when he said that it’s round and
now the opposite? (Sheykh Efendi laughs).

So that knowledge is stale. They are going through that knowledge,
that book knowledge that is stale and they are stuck there. They
couldn’t even understand the knowledge, the real knowledge in that
book anyway. The evidence is showing, as you said. Who is that one
(who punished the man)? It’s not an ordinary man, it’s not the secular
people and it’s not the people who say, “We don’t believe in God.”
It’s the people who are declaring that they are the best believers in
God. And they are doing such a thing like that.

So definitely there are so many things we don’t understand now and who
knows maybe fifty years from now it’s going to be common knowledge to
everybody. It’s going to open up to everybody maybe, that knowledge.
So, is knowledge going to end there? It’s endless.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq




Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 2 Ramazan, 1428/September 14, 2007
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

`X’ asked after the Juma prayer: How many times Farz is counted, the
obligatory salats are counted during Ramadan?

Sheykh Efendi: Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim.
BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya Medet.

Obligatory is already obligatory. It’s obligation. You want to get
that extra too? You know what’s counted during Ramazan time? The most
important that gives endless rewards? Giving out, Sadaka, money,
feeding people. Alhamdulillah. So obligations are obligations. You are
doing it anyway. You have to do it. It’s not voluntary worship. It’s
obligation. And Allah is giving reward for it. Subhanallah. What a
boss is that. Boss is saying, “Work, you are getting this much pay”,
and on top of it He gives you reward.

Narul Hasarat is going to burn those who are not taking Allah’s orders
seriously. He is not taking them to His Presence, saying, “Didn’t I
deserve to be worshipped? I gave you everything and you ran away for
your ego? Didn’t I send you a message saying your ego is your enemy
and Sheytan is your enemy? And you became ally with Sheytan against Me
that I have created you and given you everything? Go!” Awliya Allah
are saying that, that person wishes saying, “I hope that the Lord of
the Heavens puts me through every hell to burn forever not to speak to
me like that.” That time he wakes up. But it’s too late. It’s too
late. Narul Hasarat starts burning from the inside then. The
loneliness of separation, feeling the separation from his Lord, that
fire starts from the inside and starts burning inside. At that time
the outside hell is nothing.

These little creatures, little humans, little shrimps-kind, little
worms, you know worms? Ants. The ants are keeping their Lord’s orders.
Man created in Ahsani Taqweem is finding thousands of reasons,
believers, believers are finding thousands of reasons not to keep it.
Unbelievers are already unbelievers. Hmm.

So what is your power, what is your authority? Nothing. Prisoner
between two breaths. Man is left alone and he is thinking that he has
created this world. “I do as I like.” Allah subhana wa ta’ala has
given permission to the unbelievers to control this world for one
hundred years and now in that time the believers are also running
top-speed after the unbelievers saying, “They are doing it. We have to
do it too.” It’s only a short time that Allah has given.

In Cyprus up till the 1930’s, up till the 1940’s as a matter of fact,
the second world war, it was under the British Law. And during the
month of Ramazan you couldn’t eat anything in the street. The Police
will take you and arrest you, put you in jail for one month, keep you
in jail for one month during the month of Ramazan. If you didn’t have
enough excuse, they take you, they put you to the court, they bring
you in front of the Judge and the Judge has next to him a religious
man who knows the authorities, who knows what laws apply to people and
he is asking, “What is your excuse that you are not holding fasting?”
It’s coming from the Ottoman times and continuing. “And you are not
only breaking the fast but you are walking around and tempting people
by eating. What is your excuse? Are you sick? Are you this or are you


“One month in jail until Ramazan ends. You have no place among people.”

Subhanallah. (Sheykh Efendi laughs). It doesn’t matter which police
catches you. British Police, the Greek Police, Turkish Police. How’s
that part? Today’s Muslims, they say,

“I do as I like. I don’t fast. You got a problem?”

Oh, you got problem. Nobody else. But you have a problem. Definitely
you have a problem that no one is going to be able to solve.

Sometimes anything I say, people get upset. Such soft-hearted people.
To the horse you have to show the whip.

“Oh, what tyrants! Tyrants!”

Tyrants? If that horse doesn’t see the whip, it will never obey you.
Once it’s seeing the whip it’s saying, “Yes sir, as you like.” Then
you are putting that metal thing around its mouth. They say, “What a
cruelty!” Of course. That’s the only language Allah put for that
animal and that language it understands perfectly and it does what is
necessary for that animal to do at that time. Otherwise, how are you
going to control a two thousand pounds animal? Hmm?

If Allah would have given to that animal just the action that a cat
does freely, man will not be able to walk in the streets then. He is
going to run. If Allah set them free saying, “No fear for you. Go
among the humans too.” How are you going to control them then? But
Allah is setting laws. That’s why we say that the western ideas, the
western understanding is bringing weakness to people and when that
weakness is entering then slowly they start taking out the laws
saying, “This is cruel. Take it out. This is not human-like. Take it
out. This is not this. This is not that”, and then they say, “We make
religion as we like. We are going to live like worse than animals. We
are free. We have to do what we want.”

And Allah is saying to Shariat, to the Law and the law-makers saying,
“Keep the sword out and keep the sticks in the water for Falaka.” When
the sword was out and the sticks were ready for Falaka then you found
people doing everything 100% correctly, running. No one was running to
break the laws of Allah then, at least not openly. If they were going
to break it, they were doing it hiddenly watching one million times,
saying, “Oh, if we get caught then this is what is going to happen to

So yes, the ego has the characteristics of animals. I am saying, “Go
and pet the lion saying, `Oh, baby cat. Pisi pisi.” But the man goes
in there with a whip in his hand, the trainer, hmm? The lion goes,
“Arghh”, he is raising his hand like this, he doesn’t even hit the
animal. He knows where he is going to hit and so the animal pulls
back. It’s a huge animal, huh? If it smacks you one time, finished.
You will never see the sun again after that. The man with a whip or
stick in his hand, knowing what he is doing, enters into that cage and
trains that animal. Later he makes that animal like a pussy cat. Or
the horse or any other animal. If it’s not that stick, if it’s not
that trainer’s tool (It’s a tool for training), if it’s not that then
that animal is not going to be trained. Then that animal is going to
be eating you and mankind. You will be running away.

So now people became too soft saying, “Ah! This is wrong. That is
wrong.” Wrong? For what? Your ego is the same way. If it’s not
whipping then never accepting. But the whipping is coming differently
now to mankind too. Some people are arrogant and stubborn, not
accepting. They say, “Don’t worry. There will be ways. It’s very easy.
You don’t like the easy way. Okay.” Once you start falling and you
have no power anymore, then they make you understand also, “You are
getting this because of that.” Then you will be trained easily. Say,
why is there cruelty from Allah subhana wa ta’ala (Hasha
astaghfirullah) giving all these sicknesses and pain to man. Isn’t it?
Hmm? Once you keep yourself in the Sirat-ul Mustaqim, on the right
way, that never reaches to your sight. That kind of treatments will
never reach to you. If Allah is going to test you then He puts that
sickness on you but He removes the pain away from you. So you will be
happy with your Lord again.

So Shariat, Law, it means Law, Law without the sword is not working.
Look, the man goes out doing so many foolish things, they are catching
him and putting him in jail. Now he knows, “I am going to come out. So
let me rest here a little bit, eat nice and comfortably, let these
fools to help me and feed me, and then I go out again.” They come out
again, they do again, again and again. Although I don’t like so much
what’s happening in Saudi Arabia and other countries where they are
calling it Shariat, but at least…Go and check the crime rates there.
Or if anybody is falling into jail one time, are they going to want to
go back to jail again. Why is that? Because they don’t say to them,
“Oh, your highness” or when the prisoner goes inside and the guardian
is trying to say something he goes, “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!
I’ll sue you!” Sue you? You are in jail re, fool. Don’t touch you?
Then they say, “Come, don’t touch you. We put you under the Falaka.”

They get a little Falaka, starts screaming and later these westerners
say, “What a cruelty!” (Sheykh Efendi smiles). You are dropping bombs
on people’s head, you are burning them alive, babies, old, young,
sick, it doesn’t matter, hospitals, everything, everything, burning
them alive and you are calling that Falaka cruelty? You see? And the
foolish Muslims are running after that thing saying, “Yes, our brother
westerners are so nice. We have to become with them.” Yes? They are
not dropping rainbows on top of you. Fire. And Allah is saying, “Only
Allah reserves the right to punish people through fire. Nobody else.”
Mashallah, astaghfirullah. On their own kinds too, it doesn’t matter
whether Muslims or not. Don’t think that I am talking only about
Muslims. It’s like the wild kingdom out there. Whichever country is
more powerful is running and attacking the other ones, eating them
alive, hum, hum, hum.

Islam! In Islam it never happened like that. Foolish Muslims fall into
that kind of category today because Islam is not ruling today. Today’s
ruling is given in the hands of unbelievers. They are ruling, not the
believers. But news to everyone, it’s coming. You are escaping now but
you are not going to be able to escape then. You are not going to be
able to say, “I do as I like.” You are not going to. So it’s better
now for you names to enter into that book saying, “Obedient Servants.”
If you are entering into the book, “Disobedient Servants” then they
will fix those who are disobedient. Disobedience to Allah and His
Prophet (sws) is not accepted. Anyone who is doing that are punishing
themselves. Allah is not punishing them. They are punishing themselves.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala has created us, He has given us this life, He
is giving us the breath of life continuously, from water to air to
food, anything and everything is coming from Him. All He is asking
from us is saying, “Be a thankful servant.” And being a thankful
servant is, during these times you do this and during these times you
do that. One month Ramazan is for you. Keep your engines shut down.
Otherwise you are going to burn it. For one month clean yourselves.
Come out from that heedless station. Become awakening individuals.

Eh, everything is for us again, not for Allah subhana wa ta’ala. And
He is giving us all this treatments and He is saying to us that on top
of it He is going to reward us for it. But now today’s squareheads are
not running to do them because it’s Allah’s order but are running to
say, “Ah, how much reward am I getting for this?” Are you asking how
much punishment you are getting for things that you are not doing? Why
not? Ask that. Firstly, that is important, the most important. How
much punishment am I going to get when I am coming late to prayers.
Something to think about now. Yes.

“Oh, as I like I go.” “I couldn’t make it.”

That’s right. As you like. But Allah is saying that it’s obligation to
make it in Jamat. To go on time is Allah’s order. Not your time. So
when it comes to that they are not asking. They are only asking, “How
much reward am I getting.” First you have to ask me that part and
later this. Then I give you both sides.




Juma Khutba delivered by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 3 Ramazan, 1428/September 14, 2007
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Note: The audio for this khutba is in the Sohbets section of

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Alhamdulillah, astaghfirullah, shukr Allah. Ya Rabbi, shukr. Shukr.
Believers must be standing at that door of thankfulness. Always asking
for forgiveness and being at the door saying, “Thank you Ya Rabbi for
the favors that you have granted to us.” Especially in this Ahir
Zaman, the Last Days that east, west, north, south, believers and
unbelievers are running for their ego top-speed. Those who are finding
even a little bit escape from the hand of the ego must be sitting and
thanking, asking for forgiveness and asking Allah subhana wa ta’ala to
close those doors to them. If you ask then you will find. If you don’t
ask then you are just going to find what you are expecting.

The month of Ramazan is coming with its blessings. Lots of blessings
are coming during this month for those people who are keeping this
month high, holy and respected. Those who are not keeping the month
high, holy and respected should not expect anything good. They should
prepare themselves for worse because Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying
in one ayat, “For those who are keeping their Nafs, their ego,
desires, the need of their ego, stopping the need of their ego with
patience, Allah subhana wa ta’ala will not question them on the
Judgment Day and He will have endless rewards for them.” And Holy
Prophet (sws) is saying, “For every deed you may get ten rewards. But
for Ramazan fasting, Allah knows only, I don’t know. He didn’t show it
to me.” And Allah subhana wa ta’ala is giving the rewards of Ramazan
to people endlessly. In another hadith Holy Prophet (sws) is saying,
“During the Ramazan time the doors of hell will be closed. The doors
of Paradise will be opened. The Sheytans will be put in chains and one
announcer will be saying, `Where are those people who want to do good
deeds? We will count endless rewards for them. And those who want to
do bad deeds have no place.'”

Understand the meaning now. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying, “Now
you have no place on earth or anywhere.” Severe punishment is coming
to that one who is not taking Allah’s orders seriously. From the first
man Adam (as), first prophet, up till the last prophet, our prophet
Muhammad (salatu wa salam), Allah subhana wa ta’ala has ordered
fasting to the whole mankind, from the Children of Adam (as) coming
down. Almost every religion after a while put that aside (saying),
“It’s too difficult. It’s too hard.” Yahudis have forty days. The
Christians are the same. All the other beliefs put it aside. Islam is
separating between believers and unbelievers. This fasting is also
putting separation between believers and unbelievers. We must keep it

Allah subhana wa ta’ala is giving this month to the believers saying,
“This is for you. Your month. It’s resting time for you. Resting from
eating, drinking, running and foolish activities. Put that aside.” You
are reaching to this month and if you keep the fasting properly then
you will be reaching to the level of angels. Very little eating. You
are keeping the control of your ego in your hand, wanting to eat and
drink but you are saying, “No!” And Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying
to us, “You may reach higher than the angels” because the angels are
not given that desire but the man has it. When the man is given that
and he is trying to keep himself only because it’s the order of Allah
subhana wa ta’ala and it’s not because you are stuck somewhere and you
are not eating and drinking. That’s not counted for fasting.

That’s why it’s also important to make the intention. Without the
intention you are not getting that much. Of course, because the whole
month is obligation to the believers, if they do the intention one day
when they are getting up for Sahur to eat a little bit, that’s
considered as intention because it’s obligation to us to keep this
month. During this month, every day, the whole month of Ramazan we
must be fasting. Congratulations to those who are making the intention
and keeping it. Sadness is coming to those who are not keeping that
month, who are not keeping the fasting. Why are you not fasting? Do
you have any excuse? Not the excuse that your ego says, the excuse
that Allah and His Prophet (sws) is saying. If you are fitting to one
of those categories then you should not fast. But if not…

“Ah, I couldn’t. My stomach was bubbling.”

Or, “My stomach was speaking to me. So I needed to drink some water.”

Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Take a glass of poison and drink. It’s
better for you.” During the month of Ramazan anyone who is eating and
drinking, it is better for them to drink glasses of poison all the
time because during that year there must be some punishment coming to
them. If it’s not that year then down in the road. Until they go out
from this world they have to pay for it. Out of this world, worse is
waiting. They are going to bring fireballs to them in the grave.
Fireballs. The angels will say, “Take this and eat. This is when you
were eating in the Ramazan time, and drinking.”

So this is very serious for believers, for those who believe in Allah,
His Prophet (sws) and in the Judgment Day. For those who have no
intelligence up there (saying), “Eh, I don’t hold the fasting. What
happens?” Check yourself. Before the year ends, before Ramazan, before
the next Ramazan is coming, you are running to doctors. That’s early
warning to you, coming. You go to a doctor, you are screaming and your
voice is being heard all the way to Sidrat-ul Muntaha. But they are
not giving any cure to you.

“My stomach! Ah! I have stomach pain!”

Must be. No cure to that one. Understand that that one is eating in
Ramazan. In the Ramazan time he is chewing. Hmm. You are chewing in
Ramazan time what Allah subhana wa ta’ala is giving as Riziq to you.
What will you do if He stops it? Nothing comes out. What will you do
then? By force? No. By force you are not a believer. If it was by
force then no need for you to be in this world. Allah subhana wa
ta’ala is testing us through will. He has given us a will power and He
has given us the orders, do’s and don’t’s and He left us between these
saying, “Choose whichever side you like. I have set some timing to
you. During that time you are going to live in this world and after
that you are going out from this world. Whatever you did during that
time, do’s and don’t’s, whatever I have ordered to you, if you kept it
holy and high, and whatever I have forbidden you from, if you stopped
from it then expect and prepare yourself for a better life. If you
didn’t keep this and you are just being arrogant to your own self,
tyrant to your own self, then you are already making punishment to
your own self. Nobody is punishing you.”

So Allah subhana wa ta’ala is separating us from the angels and from
the animals. He created us between these two creatures. He has given
us freewill and He has given us an intelligence to think. He has sent
books to us and He has sent prophets to us to give us the warnings and
to give us the good news. If you want better life for our own selves
in this Dunya and Akhirat then you must run to keep the orders of
Allah subhana wa ta’ala strongly and holy. Don’t say, “I cannot.” Yes,
you can. If Allah is saying, “You can”, then you can. But your ego
never wants to give up. Your ego is always saying, “Yes, you cannot.”

The animals, tie them over there. If you don’t give them food, one
day, two days they are screaming and then they stop. They are waiting.
If you give them then they eat. If you don’t give them then they wait.
They have no choice. Allah subhana wa ta’ala could have done the same
thing to us. He didn’t. He left us alone in this world and He said to
us, “That is an honor to you. I am giving the highest station to man.
I have created you in Ahsani Taqweem and I am giving you freewill.
With that freewill you are choosing. You are choosing where you want
to go. I have prepared Paradise for you. My wish, My will, My desire
for you is to enter to that Paradise. But if you are running away from
that Paradise then I have prepared the fire. You are running into that

If we take these words…it’s for you and for me, for every believer. No
believer can escape from these words. These are the words coming from
the Holy Book of Quran and through the Holy Prophet (sws). If we take
it seriously then we will win Dunya and Akhirat. If we don’t then we
will lose Dunya and Akhirat. Believers are those who keep their
promise to Allah subhana wa ta’ala and they are being patient always
until the angel of death will reach to them.

Wa min Allah tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

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