Some pictures of our Sheykhs in the silsila:

Sheykh Mevlana Nazim

3 Responses to “Our Sheykhs”

  1. hakkani7 Says:


    As’Salaam wa Aleykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barkatahu,

    Allah hu Akbar! What amazing photos! Can’t wait to see more! Subhan’Allah – excellent site! May Allah bless our Sheykh Mevlana, our Sheykh Effendi, all of the Mureeds, and you and your family. Ameen. For the sake of our Sheykh.

    Allah emanat ol,

    Was’Salaam wa Aleykum

    – Haidar Ali

  2. hakkani Says:


    All is possible with our Sheykh’s meded. More is on the way inshallah.


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