September 2006

Whirling Nakshibendis on the Mall by the Washington Monument:

Sheykh Abdul Kerim’s Ilahi at Tahir’s Place.

“This Ground is Holy Ground” Song by Larry Long at the Mall.

Sheykh Mavlana Nazim hasn’t spoken about this in many years. We are not to attack the Christians or Jews. But if they attack, we have to defend ourselves. In his latest sohbet, he gave an excellent response to the Pope’s speech claiming Christianity follows logic and the intellect and Islam opposes them. What blatant lies! It is Islam that follows logic and the intellect. Christianity does not make sense.

In short, how can you worship a MAN that was afraid and running away from his enemies, died at the age of 33 (being a Prophet for only a couple of years), and was born a week child who fed on his mother’s breast milk. What a week Lord that would be! He was created in the sewere lines of a woman. Isa (Jesus) aleyhis selam and his mother, Meryem aleyhas selam (the Virgin Mary) ate, drank, and went to the toilet. How can you lower God to that level of needing to go to the toilet?! Christians kissing the cross is like people who would be kissing the axe, saying this axe killed our Lord. A comedian joked: If Isa (as) were to be killed – according to their beliefs – today, Christians would have to carry electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses. The cross was just a torture and execution device in Roman times. If God dies, what are we going to do? We’re in trouble. The Creator creates, he is not created.

They claim Islam spread with the sword. Yes, Muhammad aleyhis selam and Muslims used the sword against evil shaytans and tyrants. Isa didn’t even carry a pocket knife. Then why have Chrisitians used the sword to kill each other in the past and are destroying the world today? How are they following the example of Isa? He will be back. But this time with a big sword to separate between the Truth and Falsehood, Beleivers and Nonbeleivers, Good and Evil, and mother and son.

Below is the text from Sheykh Mevlana Nazim’s sohbet:

.Sohbet from 17.09.06

…and I am asking the Pope and the Cardinals…

Audhu bi-llahi mina schaitani rajim
Audhu bi-llahi mina schaitani rajim
Audhu bi-llahi mina schaitani rajim,
Bismillahir Rahmanir-Rahim
Bismillahir Rahmanir-Rahim
Bismillahir Rahmanir-Rahim

As-salamu alaikum, servants of the Lord of Heavens! Welcome for a visiting for a
new understanding about Islam.

Islam always is new, never (it is) getting to be old. Always it is new, but…
Meded ya Sultan ul Awliya… our (under-)standing… we are not trying to bring a
new understanding; yet we are using (the) understanding of past time people!

(The) Holy Quran is always new; (always it is) coming new for the benefit of
mankind, but people are never trying to understand or (to) renew their

People are thinking now about (the) Holy Quran that: “It is an old book“, and
someone, someones from mankind also their understanding (is) upside down…(these)
people, their minds (are) just blocked, never moving; their heads (are) yet like
rocks, getting much more hard, and they are not trying to make their
understanding a little bit to move.

Therefore – I heard that the Chief of (the) Western Church – that he is so keen
for dressing a different dress… – their heads like rock, they are thinking that:
“With our dressing we are changing; if we are putting something on our heads or
over our shoulders“, they are thinking that “we are getting (to become) someone
They are thinking that titles – that it is their invented titles, that titles
that they are using, Catholics or Orthodox or Christian World, they are thinking
that these titles that they are using for somones through themselves (are)
giving them something else from other people.

I am asking – because the Chief of Catholic Church he was speaking something
beyond our mentality, beyond our mind, that means, (something that) our
mentalities (are) never accepting or (something that) can’t be accepted by
minds. And he is claiming that their ways (are) just suitable for (the) minds
and (the) understanding of people – it is 100 % wrong, wrong!
What they can say, which thing they may say that they are using this, that
principle for Christianity… I hear that he is blaming Islamic principles and he
is saying that Islamic principles (are) forcing (the) minds of people; that
means, (that) Islamic principles (are) making the minds of people to be hard and
more… different. He means to say that Christianity (is) walking, its principles
(are) walking nearby of minds and mentality, but Islam (is) not walking with
minds and mentality. How he can say this!

Which principle from Christianity mind or mentality (is) accepting?

Which mind or mentality (is) accepting the Lord of Heavens to be killed on (a)
cross? This our minds (are) accepting? 21st centuries minds and mentality (are)
saying: ‘Yes, God may be crossed‘? What is that! How he can say that
Christianity with mind (is) walking, Islam not? Who is giving (him) that
authority to speak that?

Maybe (he is)…, they are saying… [Someone is saying: “Crazy?“] No, not crazy,
because so old one… seeing wrong (as) true and true (as) wrong… There are some
eyes seeing red (as) green and looking green, seeing red…. How it can be: (the)
Lord of Heavens to be crossed through His creatures? Which mentality (is)
accepting this? And he is finding a way to speak on it! And they are making
(the) cross everywhere and (they are) making (the) cross sacred!
O people, if a persons head (is) cut with an axe, you are always taking that axe
and kissing (it), saying: “You cut our Lords head“?… That is their mentality!
Which mentality accepting this? Must be… that Pope must be taken away, because
he lost his mentality and his words (are) never accepted by mind or mentality!

And they are saying: “Jesus is Lord, Lord of Creation” that he was… where he
was? Through the womb of Mary or not? He was in the womb of Maryam, Mary, Virgin
Mary? Yes. And he was among so many things inside… if it is opening, going to be
sewage channels there… How? He was through these sewage channels sitting till he
is going to be born? That is their mentality to make their Lord among sewage
channels 9 months? That is their mentality, Christians are claiming it is so
suitable for our minds!

Then another point: From where he was coming out? As a child coming, or from
another side coming out? From background or from front coming out? Background
(is) worst!… From where? From mouth? Which thing (of) such a thinking
Christianity (is) going to be accepted by mentality or minds?

He was coming as a perfect man or he was a child? Maryam, Virgin Mary was
carrying him through her chest and bringing to people, he was a little baby!

The Lord of Heavens – how he was a little baby like other children?
He was coming with (a) beard, coming out and saying: “O Mary, I am your Lord,
make Sajdah, bow to me”? He said this?

O Pope, you are claming that Christianity (is) going with mind and Islam no! I
am saying another one… I am full up to here with such an ignorance!

Then: he was growing and his mother (was) feeding her Lord through her breast –
that is mentality? Very good! (That) new Pope (is) saying this. And I am asking
to him. I am nothing in Islam, I am weakest one, but I can destroy whole
‘batil’, false!
What (he is) saying? She was feeding her Lord through her chest, her breast and
he is claiming: “Oh, Christianity with mind and mentality going together!” Leave

O Pope! That baby Jesus – his mother was changing downstairs or not? She was
cleaning her Lord from front, from behind? Yes? How you are claiming that Jesus
is the Lord of Heavens coming from Mariam. What is that rizalet…that nonsense?

Then: if he was Lord, his characteristic, Lord’s first characteristic is to be
powerful, not to be weak! God can’t be weak in front of His creatures! Yes or
not? Why Jesus Christ (was) running away if he was Lord and he has that power of
God? How he was escaping from his servants? Lord means he is Creator! How he was
escaping from his creation, from his creatures? He was fearing for them to touch
him and to give him trouble! That is their mentality?

Yet (in the) 21st century they are claiming this: that they are walking with
mentality and mind. What is that! Perhaps (the) Pope (is) getting more older and
making up and down everything…

Yes, and another one: Ohhh…. when he was growing, he was eating and drinking?
Yes or not? He was not (an) angel. Angels, if he was Lord, he was creating them.
If Jesus is (the) Lord of Heavens, all heavenly beings he was creating and
angels (are) never in need to eat or drink! From where he was giving such a
power to Angels and he is deprived? If he has not something, how (he is) giving
(it) to people? Angels millions of billions of years they are living, they are
not in need to eat or to drink and (they are) so powerful! If he is Lord of
Heavens, how he is creating Angels and he is so weak?
That is (the) mentality of Christianity that (the) Pope (is) claiming: ‘It is
just Christianity going with mind and mentality‘? He must blame, he must ashame,
when he was claming such a thing!

Then I am asking that Pope: “Your Lord was going to toilet? Toilet going, Lord
of Heavens? Not going?…
You are Italians… where are Germans?…Germans also no mind people, taking Pope
for Germans… Italians lost, very sad with new Pope… they were thinking that
after (that) Polish Pope (there) must come an Italian, and coming from
Protestant people new Pope!… His Pope title, do you think that (it was) granted
from Heavens or Cardinals giving? He had been granted that highest rank from
Heavens or from Cardinals? And some Cardinals (are) saying: “He is not good
one“, some others saying: “He is good.” …

And I am saying to Cardinals also: “Your Lord (was) not eating and drinking?”
They should say: “Yes, because he was not (an) Angel.” “If anyone (is) eating
and drinking, everything (is) going to be inside, or asking to come out also? Do
you think that he was going to toilet?” They can’t say no. Blame to you, making
the Lord of Heavens to enter toilet!
This is their mentality through (the) 21st century and they are claiming that
Islam (is) never going with mentality and mind, but Christianity (is) much more
running with mind and mentality!

What we shall say! What we shall say? That means they lost their understanding,
they lost their mentality, they lost their minds, they lost their knowledge …I
don’t know how I am going to describe them!

And now this word that they are using about the Seal of Prophet… the Seal of
Prophets never he was saying: “I am your Lord.” He was saying: “I am (the)
servant of our Lord.” Christians (are) saying: “Jesus, the Lord of Heavens“,
Islam (is) saying, Islam’s Prophet (is) saying: “I am (the) servant of the Lord
of Heavens.” Which one is closer to (the) understanding and mind and mentality?
They are not ashaming to say such a things and making (the) Islamic world to get
up and to attack on them? For what!

Islam (is) just right way! Yes, Islam just used (the) sword, we have been
ordered to use (the) sword for shaytan and satanic groups, who are against
truth. (The) followers of satan’s ways they are dragons! For dragons we use
sword, not to kill everyone, no!

It is okay; if they are blaming us that we are using, we used (the) sword,
(that) our Prophet used (the) sword, and Islam (was) just spread by sword – I am
asking to them: If Jesus Christ was never carrying even one knife – I am
carrying, because I am Muslim, I can carry, (but) Jesus (was) never carrying any
sword or knife – how Christians (are) using (the) sword (since) 2000 years? If
in Christianity to use (the) sword (is) forbidden, why Christian nations (since)
2000 years (are) using swords, killing each other? Why? If they are real
followers of Jesus Christ, it was true for them not to carry even (a) small

But they are doing every kind of weapons to destroy humanity on earth as you are
looking now…

Why (the Pope is) not blaming those nations, whom they are killing and burning
and destroying everything and he is coming to say (that) Islam by sword just
spread? He is not speaking truth!

Yes, we used (the sword) to take away tyrants, to take away shaytanic groups, to
prevent shaytans to harm people, we used it, just we are using.

Why they are not blaming Moses, that he was always using sword? Why they are not
blaming David – alayhi salam – and he was King and Prophet? Why their Pope (is)
not blaming King Suleiman that he was King and Prophet?
Why they are attacking on Islam? Islam (is) perfect! Perfect religion – raghman
’ala anfihim – in spite of those people that they have been born to be enemies
(of) and to refuse Islam!

Allah should be .. He gave power the Seal of Prophets! He was growing… his
father just passed away and he was in the womb of his mother and his mother just
passed away when he was 4 years (old). He was an orphan; no armies, no power, no
money, no treasures (for him) and everyone (was) attacking on him and asking to
harm him, asking to defeat him, asking to kill him.

But the Lord of Heavens saying: “O My most beloved one in My Divinely Presence,
don’t worry, don’t fear, I am with you! And your religion (is) going to cover
(the) whole world. Even may be from the life of Dunya (only) one day, I am
making the whole world to be Islam – to surrender to Me and to declare your

May Allah forgive us and give us good understanding! Ya Allah, Ant Allah, Ant

And I am sorry to say that Muslims (have) just (been) cheated by Christians and
they are following (the) Christian world, (they are) not coming to use Islam’s
principles. Everyone is running to be ‘westernised Muslims‘. (There are) no
‘westernised Muslims‘, no! Muslims (are) just Muslims and we have principles and
we are Muslims following the principles of Islam!

And (those) who are making, keeping (the) principles of Islam, they have been
granted also honour through this life through their physical being, (and) they
are granted also with spiritual powers. We have spiritual power also!…
When Jesus Christ (is) coming, he is going to be declare this power… and blaming

May Allah forgive us and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured one in
His divinely Presence, Fatiha… Oh ya Rabbi, Sen bilirsen (You know)…

We are writing to our senators and representatives about the incident with law enforcement during the Prayer Vigil for Earth. Some useful organizations are ACLU and CAIR. You can start writing by clicking on these links.

Below is a sample letter we drafted. We recommend making some changes if you use it.




Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I urge you to support legislation combating racial profiling.

On the morning of Sunday, September 17, 2006, about twenty members of the Osmanli Naksibendi Dergahi were stopped and questioned by the Metropolitan Police of Washington, D.C. and the Secret Service while walking from our parked cars to the Prayer Vigil for the Earth by the Monument in D.C. We were scheduled to speak and perform as we had done the day before. The names of the speakers were made public in the agenda, and the organizers and attendees were expecting us on time. However, our detention and harassment by the Police and Secret Service delayed us for hours and jeopardized the program schedule.

We were subject to unnecessary interrogation to detract private information. In particular, everybody attending was asked to provide a Driver’s License and a Social Security Number. Some of us complied under pressure. We were not provided with a reason for our obstruction, nor were we charged with anything. Attached are pictures from the incident.

I believe the time has come to pass legislation that concretely deals with the problem of racial profiling. Hundreds of thousands of Native Americans (Indians), African Americans (Blacks), Muslims and Arab-Americans, Asians, and Latinos have experienced the humiliation of being stopped while driving, flying or even walking for no other reason than the color of their skin, ethnicity or religion.


I understand that some states and local governments have made progress in dealing with racial profiling, but much more needs to be done. I have read that roughly half the states are not collecting data to determine whether racial profiling is occurring. Federal intervention is necessary to address this nationwide problem.

I believe that racial profiling violates the Constitution and detracts law enforcement resources from the detection of real threats. It also builds a wall of distrust between minority communities and law enforcement.

Passage of legislation forbidding racial profiling would send a strong message to minority communities that the federal government is committed to eliminating racial profiling and improving the relationship between police departments and the people they serve.

Again, I urge you to support efforts to halt racial profiling.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter of great importance.


[Your name]

[Your Address]

Sheykh said we would be starting Tarawih prayers Friday night and fasting on Saturday. Alhamdulillah, the night sky was clear last night and tonight, and we were able to see shooting stars.

You’re probably aware by now that we had an interesting weekend full of excitement and surprises. Many photographs were posted around, so we’ll add some more later.

Here are two videos capturing the moment while the police was stopping us and we were proceeding to the event grounds chanting ‘La Ilaha Illallah.’

Almost every night, we accompany Sheykh to his house. When the lights are out in the Dergah and the sky’s cloudy, it can get pretty dark. Sheykh said, “This is how I like it now. Not too much light.”

On other occasions, he advised us to get used to the dark and find our way with minimum use of flashlights.

Walking Sheykh Home

During dinner tonight, Sheykh made a point of having tomatoes and parsley with the barbecued chicken. He said quoting from the hadith of the Prophet (s): “He who knows himself, knows his Lord.” He continued: “To know yourself, you must know how to eat. There is no other way. Impossible.”

Barbecued Chicken

It’s been a busy two weeks for us. We have been waiting for Ishrak after Fajr following our Sheykh’s recommendations. Some of us have also been making extra Nafila salats, ten a night, two rekats each with ten Ikhlas. The aim was to make it total a hundred rekats by tonight. Even if we couldn’t accomplish our aim, alhamdulillah we prayed a hundred rekats behind Sheykh. This was a first for many of us.

This blessed night turned out to be Berat Night. If our year’s activity was pleasing to Allah, we will pass with an acquittal and the next year will be better in every way. Otherwise, hardship is waiting for us.

A fog descended over our area last night and it was also present tonight. But tonight, we also had a bright full-moon that lit the night sky. Again, the rings around the moon were visible with light beams emitting like rays through the fog.

Sheykh loves foggy nights. He says real wolves are out at this time.

FogFull Moon