March 2007

Saturday, 28th Safar, 1428 (March 17, 2007)

Springfield, Virginia

Sohbet in Virginia 28th Safar, 1428

Sohbet by Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi
Friday, 20 Shawwal 1425 (December 3, 2004)

Manhattan Dergah, 39th Street, NYC

Audhu billahi min ash-shaytanir rajim
Bismillahir rahmanir rahim
La hawla wa la quwata illa billahil alyil azim.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya, Mevlana Sheykh
Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

Tarikatuna Sohbet wal khayri min jami’at.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala is speaking to us saying, “All your wealth,
your children and your families, whatever you have worldly is only a
confusion.” Your family, your children, your worldly wealth and
everything is a confusion. Grandshaykh is saying, “Whatever Allah
has given to the children of Adam is temporary. It is something that
is given to you temporarily. Why then run after and try to hold on
to it very tightly?” It is given temporarily. It is going to be
taken away. It’s not yours. Nothing is yours and nothing is mine.
Everything is temporary. Only unbelievers, people who do not believe
in the hereafter life run to catch it here and there. But they leave
it also and they go. Everything they leave and they go. The families
that they love so much they leave; children that they love so much
they leave; the wealth that they have they leave and they go. No one
is taking anything with them. Everyone is going by themselves. Not
with anybody else. No! I have never seen an incident yet where two
persons die at the same time and they love each other so much that
they get buried in the same grave. Separate graves are opened for
them too.

So everything you have is only confusion. This is what Allah is
saying to us. Hm� now it’s good. Now we understand. Confusion is
just that what makes us forget about our Lord. You forget about your
Lord and you remember everything else. What’s the value? Nothing.
The whole world praises you and puts you very high and your Lord
doesn’t love you. What’s the value? Nothing. The whole world puts
you down and your Lord loves you, that is what’s valuable. That is
where the value is.

So Allah subhana wa ta’ala created each one of us for His service.
Not for other services. Only for His service. Only for Him. He is
our Owner. No one else can own you again. He pays good and He takes
care of you too. He has created and He pays very high value to us.
He says, “You are Mine. You are for My service.” So anyone who is
not on the service is running after what? Their egos. If you want an
enemy, that is enough for you. Your biggest enemy is your ego.
Nothing else. Your second biggest enemy is Dunya. It’s saying, “I am
yours, take it. I love you so much, take it.” But as soon as you
close your eyes it takes you in and it finishes you. So much love,
finished right away.

So Allah subhaha ta’ala is saying to us, “I have created you for My
service. And if you do that service, everything else I am going to
give you, everything is going to work for you.” If you don’t, eh�
when there’s a car that is working with a battery, if the battery
dies then the car doesn’t work anymore and people have to push it.
What is that car good for? You are pushing the car? The car has to
carry you. What are you going to do when you come to an uphill? You
cannot push it anymore. So when you are running after this world you
are like that car that’s battery is gone and it’s finished and
you’re pushing. For what? Run to Allah, run to the service of Allah,
that is enough.

Also if you are looking to have honor, don’t look for people to say
to you, “Oh you are so good, you are that you are this.” You know
who you are and you know what you are. If you are looking for honor,
be with those who have honor. And only Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu
wa salam) has been honored by Allah subhana wa ta’ala and all those
who are following his footsteps. That is the honor you must look
for. All other titles they are giving to you are garbage and
rubbish. Nothing else. It is only temporary too. If you get that
honor, if you will be in that book once and if they put your name in
that book, that is forever. Dunya and akhirat.

That is what an intelligent man must run after. To make his Lord to
be happy with him. In this short life that Allah has given to us, we
must run to make Him happy. Not to make our ego happy. Our ego is
never going to be happy until the end and when it is going to leave
you, you will ask, “Where are you going?” It will say, “I’ll tell
you. I’ve finished my job and you are going to the dumpster now. You
are finished. That was my job, to finish you up.” Don’t get fooled
by that. We should not get fooled by that because we are carrying
this life with us and we know the tricks and the traps of this ego
and what it is trying to do to us. If you still get fooled then what
do you call those? Ahmak. What is it in English? Say whatever you
want, it’s Ahmak,(fool,idiot) lost.

Be intelligent. Intelligence is not how much you read and how
much you write. Intelligence is not how much computer you know.
Intelligence is not how much you know how to count money. Everybody
can do that. If you train them they can do it. Intelligent man is
that one who asks and who questions saying, “Who am I? What am I?
What am I doing and where am I going?” That one is intelligent,
asking questions. If you sit and you ask that question sincerely,
then you are going to need to find an answer for that. Otherwise you
cannot sit comfortably after that. But if you say, “I am just like a
grass. Growing, rain comes, growing, sun hits and then dying”, that
is not intelligent. We must be different than the grass; we must be
different than the tree; we must be different than the animals. We
are humans.

And Allah has created us in Ahsani Taqweem (Most perfect form). No
creature can know their Lord or find their Lord except man. Without
a guide. You don’t need a guide, you don’t need a prophet, we don’t
need a book. What Allah put here (pointing at the heart), if we sit
and think and calculate and understand we can find our Lord. But He
sent prophets, books and guides to us to make it easy for us and
saying to us, “This is the reason that I have created you. Work for
that and everything around you will work for you.” Everything Allah
has created for man and everything has been given under the
authority of man. Who are you that this metal has to listen to you
(Shaykh tapping on the pipeline in the room)? Don’t you see? The
metal is obeying the man. It’s such a hard object but it obeys the
man. Any shape that the man puts it into, it stays there. You hit it
with your fist and your fist breaks but you put it in that shape and
it stays there because the Owner of that one is saying, “I have put
you under the authority of that man. So you must obey.”

And everything that Allah has created He has put under our authority
saying, “You are not alone. You are under My authority. You must
watch out what I say and what I say is good for you.” This is what
our Lord is saying to us. “What I want for you is what is good for
you in Dunya and Akhirat.” Anyone who holds that tightly wins in
dunya and akhirat. Anyone who left that lost. This world, this
ground here, ohh� What are you and me? We are nothing. It has seen
so many Firauns who had power in their hands. They were not
powerless like us. They had something. They had everything. Anywhere
they looked they said, “This is mine” and no one could object. No
one could say, “It is not yours.” They said, “Yes your highness it
is yours.” “That one is mine, this one is mine, this one is mine”,
and that Firaun even said, “Anal rabbul `ala.” “I am your biggest
Lord. Bow down!” And everyone did. But this world that was saying to
him, “I am yours, I am yours, I am yours”, it swallowed and finished
him. Huh� I am yours. “You were giving me everything and now you are
taking me in? Treat me good!” You open the grave only to find dust.
Not only disobedients but obedients too. All prophets are buried
there. Everyone that Allah has created is under that earth. Today
you and I we are here, tomorrow we may not be. We may be those ones
who are gone with the wind, down there, finished.

In these days it is more difficult and there’s another prayer we are
making that, “Ya Rabbi! Don’t let us without a grave.” Another
special prayer you must make in these days, for somebody to find us
when we die and to bury us. For in these days unusual ways of death
are happening everywhere. Building burns, oh� What happened? They
come to you. You say, “What is that?” “Eh� from DNA we find this is
your family. Here are the ashes, take it. Go home, you want to drink
it or do whatever you want with it.” It’s not a joke. It is real.
Car accidents, car crashing into each other, planes crashing, planes
falling down to the ocean, fishes say, “Oh we have some fresh meat.”
Before you know, who knows until Judgment Day you may be spending
your life inside another fish and that fish is eaten by another one
and another one, who knows what kind of things you will be passing
through. So in these days we must pray another special prayer
that “Ya Rabbi, when it is good for us take our lives and make us
rest in our graves.” Otherwise it’s pretty dangerous. Be

There was a time when a funeral was going on and people were all
crying and this and that and I said, “Well, what can you do? Be
patient. The man was at this (old) age and it’s okay. What can we
do? Inshallah he reached to this age and he is going to a cemetery.
It could be worse than that.” “What are you saying?” Somebody is
upset with me. “It can be worse? What can be worse than that?” Then
the bearing came, people got up, everyone was crying and before you
know it, we were traveling under the bridge. A car made accident up
there while the funeral car is passing from underneath. A big tanker
slips on the snow, it falls down and it falls down on top of the
funeral car and starts burning. They couldn’t take out the box. Ha�
The worse can happen, can come any minute.

Allah has granted this life to us. We didn’t do anything to earn it.
He is giving it to us nonstop and saying to us, “Spend this breath
of life properly because I am going to question you one day.” And if
you do it you will win. If not, the pleasures and the treasures of
this world is very little and it is very short. Temporary? We cannot
even use that word anymore. It is very very short. In the old days
at least those people who were Firauns would live almost a thousand
years so many of them. A thousand years in the world. Now fifty
years of life, sixty, a hundred. Can you pass beyond that? If you
pass beyond that you pray to die then. You say, “Everything expired
and I cannot die.” My wife’s grandmother was begging to die. I
said, “Don’t beg to die. Wait. Your time is not up yet.” She was
saying, “Well I am good for nothing, I cannot even put food to my
mouth.” I said, “So, Allah has put you in this difficult position.
Be happy that He has left you so many children and they are looking
after you. They didn’t throw you in the hospital. They are cleaning
and feeding you. Don’t worry. Be happy with this and you will be
alright.” She was crying to die. Hm� I don’t think we also want to
reach to that age because after that age your health is gone and you
become helpless. Your children sometimes say words that are hurtful.
You cannot do anything, you cannot change anything.

So Allah subhana wa ta’ala has granted this life to us and He is
ordering us to use it properly. If we don’t use it properly we will
be sorry here and hereafter. The intelligent man must be heedful.
Otherwise, so many people came, billions, and they are gone. And we
are going to go also. We must keep that alive in our hearts.
Eshrafil Mahlukat the Holy Prophet alayhi salatu wa salam. And
everything else has been created for his sake. He is also a guest
under the ground in this world. The earth is holding him as a guest,
another temporary life there. So if we keep that alive in your
hearts, Shaytan cannot find so many ways to fool us and to make us
to fall in love with this world. There is only one we must fall in
love with, Allah and His Prophet (saw). If we fall in love with
other than that, it is foolish. They are going to use you and when
the time is finished they are going to drop you. No matter how much
they love you. “My wife, you love me so much?” “Yes, ohh�.”
Say, “What will you do when I die?” “Well, I am going to fix you,
bring you to the cemetery to bury you. After that, well the truth is
I have to come back home. I cannot stay there.” Same day? Of course,
same minute. As soon as they close that grave it is like it never
happened. In these days they say, “You have something you left for
me? You go there and I am starting my life again.”

There is nothing to enjoy. One thing to enjoy is to be the servant
of Allah subhana wa ta’ala. If you are looking for that Allah makes
everything around you to be enjoyable to you. Otherwise you are
always going to live fearfully and with that fear you cannot be
comfortable with anything anywhere anytime any minute.

Wa min Allah at-taufiq
Bi hurmatil habib
Bi hurmatil fatiha.

Sheykh said in Juma Khutba recently that the number of salawat that we recite is not that important. What matters is the manner in which we say it: the wakeful station. One should sit somewhere for fifteen or twenty minutes, or half an hour or an hour, and make salawat while paying attention. This way we will get closer to the Prophet (sallallahu aleyhi wasallim) inshallah.

Sayyidina Muhammad (saw)

We are reciting as many short salawat as possible in preparation for the celebration of the birth of our Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad (salallahu aleyhi wasallim).

You may keep a daily record of your salawat and turn them in to Mustafa on Friday, 12th Rabi al-Awwal.

Assalatu Wassalamu Aleyka YaRasulallah.

Friday, 20 Safar, 1428 (March 9, 2007)

Osmanli Nakshibendi Dergahi, Manhattan, NYC


Manhattan, Safar 20, 1428


Sohbet by Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi
Friday, 13 Shawwal, 1425 (November 26, 2004)

Manhattan Dergah, NYC

Nawaitul arbain, nawaitul itikaf
Nawaitul khalwa, nawaitul uzla,
Nawaitu riada, nawaitu suluk,
Fi masjid lillahi ta’ala, Ya Rahmatan lil Alamin.
La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil `aliyil `azim
Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakil

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya, Mevlana Sheykh Nazim
al-Hakkani. Meded.

Tarikatuna Sohbet wal khayri min jami’at.

Our Tarikat, our way is founded on association. Without association believers
cannot know what to do. Through association we listen, we learn, we take, we
apply to our lives and we become better servants everyday. Holy Prophet is
saying, (alayhi salatu wa salam), that if we take one hadith, not one million
but one, and if we concentrate on that hadith; if we take that hadith, the word
of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam); not the whole Quran, not the other
words of the Prophet (saw), just one and any hadith; if you are sincere, you
take that hadith and you apply that hadith to your life and you say, “I am going
to live according to that hadith every single day”. Then you will find that you
don’t need anything else. It is so easy.

So the Holy Prophet (saw) is saying one hadith. “In a believer’s life, today
must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow has to be better than today.” If we
just take that hadith and we apply that to our lives, and we check, “today, hm�
is today our lives better than yesterday?” If not you must make intention to
change it by tomorrow. We just entered to a new day. Sun has set and Islam is
entering to a new day. We closed that page when the Sun had set. It’s been 24
hours and the page is closed. The angels sealed it, took that page and put it in
that area in the skies, “the archives”, where everyone’s records are kept and no
one can open it until Judgment Day. Nothing is coincidence. Allah did not leave
anything to coincidence. Everything is working perfectly but we are ignorant
about it. For us being ignorant about it is not changing it.

So the whole activities of today, everywhere in the world, your lives, my life,
and everyone’s life; the sun has set and its gone. Tomorrow say, “What happened
yesterday?” All these works, all these problems and all these earnings,
everything is gone. It’s going to stay in the newspapers for a couple of days,
then they will go to the newspaper archives and it’s gone. This day, 24 hours,
is gone, finished. So the Holy Prophet (saw) is saying to us, “Watch out! Your
today must be better than yesterday and tomorrow has to be better than today.”
If we take that and we apply that to our lives, as much as we will run for this
world, the same we will run for Akhirat too. Because Holy Prophet (saw) is
saying to us, “Work for this dunya, this world, as much as you are going to stay
in it. Work for Akhirat as much as you are going to stay there.” Which one can
we leave? Which one can we escape?

We worked for this dunya today and our job is finished tonight. Leave the
worrying for dunya tonight. Don’t worry now. You may start worrying tomorrow
morning, but stop worrying now. There is nothing you can do. So now start
worrying more, “What about Akhirat? What about if I don’t get up for tomorrow?”
So if we live according to that then we don’t need a guide. Yes, then we will
become those about whom Allah says in the Quran, “If you live according to the
knowledge you know, I will teach you the knowledge that you don’t know.” So if
we live according to the knowledge that we know, Allah subhanu wa ta’ala will be
our teacher. But Shaytan, ego, egoistic people and selfish people are so much
around us in today’s world that we cannot open our eyes.

And we feel obligated for so many people in the world, which we must be careful
about, because our lives are given to us and we are responsible for our lives.
No one is going to be questioned for our lives. You are going to be questioned
for your life; you are going to be questioned for your life (Shaykh pointing to
the audience). Your wife is not going to be questioned for your life. Maybe
Allah is going to say to you, “Are you happy with this woman?” “Yes.” (Allah to
the woman) “Go enter into Paradise.” It is so easy for the women. Only if the
woman becomes obedient to her husband and if she keeps her five daily prayers,
Holy Prophet (saw) is saying, and if she keeps one month Ramazan fasting then in
the Judgment day Allah asks the husband, “Are you happy with this woman?” “Yes.”
“Get up and enter into Paradise.” Then the man stays there and very hard
questions are coming for him.

If I ask you a couple of questions here as a Shaykh, you become very tight, you
want to escape and to run away. Some people comes to the dergah one day, two
days, three days, one week and then when I start questioning, they are watching
for doors to escape. There are no doors there to escape. We cannot escape; the
reality is waiting for us. You and me everyone of us who is here now that are
listening to these words; your heart, your spirit is saying, “Yes, these are
right words.” Your ego may say, “don’t listen”. Shaytan says, “don’t get
fooled”. But your spirit is saying, “These are the right words whether you like
it or not.” Say to me that it is not. It is for you and it is for me.

So Tarikat is teaching us how to live. Tarikat is teaching us how to expect and
how to prepare us for tomorrow. Tarikat is teaching us how to take the lifestyle
of Prophet (saw) and put it in our lives. That is what Tarikat is teaching us.
So many people are saying, “Was there Tarikat in the time of the Prophet (saw)?”
Of course. That was a lifestyle without a name. Today so many names, so many
tarikats but the lifestyle has changed. We must go back to that. We must turn
back to our origin. And we can only find the way to our origin if we hold on
tightly to the traditions, sunnats and the lifestyle of our Prophet (saw).
That’s why Allah sent that Prophet (saw) to this world and Allah made that
Prophet (saw) stay in this world for 23 years. And in 23 years He made that
Prophet (saw) go through so many different experiences to show us how we are
going to live.

If you calculate that you will live 60 years of life, put an ‘X’ on twenty
years. From the first age to twenty years are gone. You didn’t really do
anything and up to 16 years of age you were not responsible if you are a man. If
it’s a woman until 13 years of age, she’s not responsible. So twenty years.
Especially in these days they say, “You are young. Go enjoy yourself. Don’t be a
foolish one going next to a Shaykh.” What does it mean? “Go enjoy, go drink, go
do adultery, go gamble, do this and that” meaning, “Dirty yourself. Heh, You are
clean, go dirty yourself.” Later you may have the chance to clean or you may not
have the chance to clean.

So twenty years are gone. From twenty to forty years, man is really running for
this world. The majority of men are running for the treasures and pleasure of
this world only. Now if you make it, you have the years between forty and sixty.
So you have another twenty years of life. So everything you are going to earn
[for Akhirat] is really in that last twenty years. But if you are a wise one you
start collecting [credit from your good works] from twenty years of age. Then
when you reach to forty you say, “Oh! I shouldn’t work so much for this world.
Now I should work for Akhirat.” Because the world’s wealth is never going to
come to an end. Holy Prophet (saw) is saying to us, “When you reach to forty
years of age, if your good deeds are not more than your bad deeds, then prepare
yourself for a long and difficult journey.”

We must turn to our own selves. And if you want safety, then for tonight’s
safety, take that hadith. Say, “Today has to be better than yesterday; and
tomorrow must be better than today.” If we take this hadith today and apply it
to our lives, then tomorrow will be better. The next day will be better than
that. The next day will be better than that, and then we start awakening and
preparing ourselves for that goodness.

Wa min Allah at-tawfiq
Bi hurmatil habib
Be hurmatil fatiha.

General Zikir Sohbet

Saturday, 14 Safar, 1428 (March 3, 2007)

Osmanli Naksibendi Dergahi, Sidney Center, NY

We Have Entered Dejjal’s Time


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