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Claiming to be the first attempt of its kind, The 500 Most Influential Muslims starts off on a wrong foot. Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center in Amman and Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding list, lo and behold, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at the top of 1.5-2 billion Muslims. Perhaps coming to the late realization that money cannot buy hearts, it seems that a certain interest group is on an intellectual campaign to win minds.

It is also no surprise that in these End Times of a power vacuum, H.M. King Mohammed IV of Morocco at No. 3 is also a

Contender for the Caliphate
King Mohammad VI’s lineage makes him the only legitimate contender for the Islamic Caliphate, as successor to a 350 year-old dynasty. The Alaouite Dynasty links back to the Prophet Muhammad. He possesses the only authentic claim to an Islamic Caliphate, if one were to be established. Indeed, the Moroccans never recognized the Ottoman Caliphate on the grounds that the Ottomans were not descended from the Prophet Muhammad.

According to Adil James of the Muslim Media Network Staff,

In total 72 Americans are among the 500 most influential Muslims, a disproportionately strong showing, but only one among the top 50.  Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson of Zaytuna Institute is listed surprisingly at number 38.  The world leader of the Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi order, however, Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani, with millions of followers worldwide, spiritual adviser to kings, presidents, doctors, lawyers, professors and others across the spectrum of profession, race, and ethnicity on seven continents, is listed at number 49.  While Sheikh Hamza Yusuf has successfully built the Zaytuna Institute, his influence is confined mostly to American academia, scholars and students.  Surprisingly, Khaled Mashaal, leader of Hamas, (at number 34) is listed before any American Muslim.

Muslim 500 – A Listing of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World

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Juma Khutba delivered by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 28 Ramazan, 1430/September 18, 2009
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah
al-azim wa atubu ilaih. We are asking forgiveness from our Lord Allah subhana wa
ta’ala. He has created us for His service. Nothing but for His service. Only
reason for man’s being in this world is to be under the service of His Lord.
Everything else is becoming malayani. That is for our safety. He has created us,
He sent us here and giving order saying, `If you are doing My order in Dunya
then you are entering to My Paradise. If you are doing otherwise, I will give
you time. I gave you this life. Run around as much as you want. Go to any corner
you want. Do anything that you want. But your rope is in My hand. You cannot
escape. When I pull, you come. You cannot go anywhere. Either you will be in My
service, be My servant, through love or I will make you one. And when I put My
authority on you then you will be counted from the bad servants, not the good
servants. And the bad servants don’t have rewards in the hereafter. They have
another punishment hereafter.’

He is saying, `As you like.’ He is saying to His Prophet (sws), `Don’t worry Ya
Muhammad (sws).’ Prophet (sws) was worrying. For who? For us, for this nation
because he was seeing what is in front of them. He was seeing what was happening
to them, what was going to happen to them. He went to Miraj. He saw everything.
He went to Miraj. He saw paradises and he saw hells. And he said, `The hell is
full with my Ummat, especially the women of this Ummat.’ Hmm.

Eh, what happened today? Today is the worst days. We are living the worst days
on the face of this earth. This world has never seen such a thing like this
before. This world has never seen such disobedience like this. During the time
of Nuh (as) they were disobedient but they were saying to Nuh (as), `We are not
going to listen to you. We are just going to do like the people coming in Ahir
Zaman. Just like them.’ A vision opened to them and saying, `We are just going
to do exactly like them. We are not listening to you. We are living as we like.’
And Nuh (as) was crying for them, saying, `Please, stop this. Come to the ship
for safety.’ They said, `No way!’ Finally order came to Nuh (as) saying, `Leave
them. Leave them. Those who believe, take them to the ship. The rest, leave them
to My hand.’ And they were all punished and perished.

Eh, Ahir Zaman, about Ahir Zaman the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `It will be
the second Jahiliyya that is worse than the first Jahiliyya.’ This is what
happened and that Jahiliyya is entering everywhere and Sheytan is very happy.
Sheytan is very happy with Muslims today saying, `I couldn’t do it better than
them. They are fasting, yes, but they are doing the things that the Kafirs are
not doing.’ He likes it. He’s very happy. And Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying
to us why we have to fast. He is saying, `I have ordered the nations before you
for fasting and I have ordered you too for fasting. This way you will find
safety. It will be protection to you from the hands and the tricks and traps of
Sheytan.’ And the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `The fasting of Ramazan is a
shield between you and Jahannam.’ Are we feeling that shield? Are we feeling,
`Yes, we are protected’? How are you going to be feeling that you are protected
when you are angry twenty-four hours during Ramazan? Not only that you are
angry, you are saying words and cursing that you never did before. Not only
that, you are becoming Firaun destroying everything surrounding you. MashaAllah,
Allahu Akbar. So that person is not counted from the believers then and the Holy
Prophet (sws) is saying, `If you die during that time, you will die in Jahiliyya
time.’ The faith is not in the heart at that time. The faith is up there
circling around until you will ask forgiveness and the faith comes back into the

Alhamdulillah. Too sad, they should be too sad, those ones who have destroyed
this whole month of Ramazan. They didn’t show the proper respect. They didn’t
take care of it. Who did it, they should be very happy. Who kept the Ramazan
properly, with proper respect, giving their respect to Allah and His Prophet
(sws), they should be happy. They should be happy now and they are going to be
happy in the Judgment Day. Beyond that too.

So Allah subhana wa ta’ala sent us to this world and He is saying to us, `Either
you choose the hard way or you choose the easy way. There are two ways. If you
choose the hard way it’s not for you. You are going to suffer a lot. If you
choose the easy way, the easy way is obedience. Through obedience you are going
to find everything coming easy to you. Through disobedience everything is going
to be hard. The more disobedient, the harder it’s going to come to you. The more
disobedient, the harder it’s going to happen. If you didn’t find, if you didn’t
catch that in Dunya, don’t think that you are going to get it in the grave.
Whatever you prepared in this world now, that’s what you are going to find in
the grave. If you show the proper respect during this month to Ramazan, if you
die during this year, you are going to find the blessing of Ramazan in the grave
for you. If you didn’t, then you are going to find extra punishment for you for
the Ramazan.

InshaAllah ar-Rahman, these words should make some differences in our lives. As
much difference it will make, it doesn’t matter now, the Ramazan is finished.
Those who didn’t take care should’ve thought better. It passed. The Ramazan
passed and it took your good deeds and your bad deeds with it and it sealed it
and it’s going to be there. Ramazan is going to complain about some people on
the Judgment Day. Fasting is going to complain too. Eh, you should check, we
should check ourselves to see where we are, what we did, to regret, to run back,
ask forgiveness, try to catch up. Not too much to catch up but Allah’s mercy may
reach. We don’t know anything. Anyone who is claiming to know something, they
are the most ignorant ones. But Allah subhana wa ta’ala is telling us, `Run. If
you did the mistake, turn around. Turn around and don’t be arrogant and stubborn
like Sheytan.’ That’s what it is. If the person is carrying as we said in the
beginning of Ramazan, `Don’t fast only from eating, drinking and different
activities. Fast from anger, fast from proudness, fast from arrogance, fast from
stubbornness, fast from jealousy and envy. Fast from these things. Get rid of

During the month of Ramazan it should’ve become easier. To some it didn’t. That
shows that you are supporting your ego. Sheytan is not there. Sheytan is
chained. That shows that you are a slave to your ego. You are not a servant to
Allah subhana wa ta’ala. You are a slave to the ego. And those who are knowing
should ask forgiveness and turn around. Every one of us should ask forgiveness
and not to think that, `Oh, mine is complete.’ No. Nobody in these days is
complete but some people make it open. So, when you do something right, hide it.
If it’s going to help other people, spread it. If you do something wrong,
definitely hide it and keep it hidden. In the Judgment Day Allah subhana wa
ta’ala may not make you the biggest fool.

Some people are worrying, today’s foolishness, in front of ten people, five
people, fifty people, a hundred people, a thousand people, `Oh, I don’t know how
this one is going to think about me. You know what happened now? This one is
going to think so bad about me, about this situation.’ Huh, you are worrying
about that. You are not worrying about the Judgment Day? You are not worrying
about the Judgment Day that Allah subhana wa ta’ala is going to pull you in His
Presence saying, `Oh my servant, in Dunya you have worry because people say
things. And what about today? Did you think about today?’ `No.’ Then that is a
hidden shirk. If you are only worrying about people and you are not worrying
about what Allah and His Prophet (sws) is thinking about you, that is a hidden
shirk. Then Allah is saying, `Run to those to help you that you were worrying
about. You didn’t worry for Me, you didn’t care for Me that My eyes are on you
twenty-four hours. I am your Creator and I am sending everything to you. You
didn’t care and I sent you that holy month to fix yourself, to become better for
more things to open to you, ways to open to you. You shut every door.’ Hmm.

Eh, now you will fall into the foolishness of the Judgment Day and you are the
worst one then, yes. And there is no way to run. Everyone on the Judgment Day
will watch you. This Nation will watch you. The nations that passed, they will
look at them and say, `How foolish these ones are! These ones have been counted
from the Nation of Muhammad (sws) and they lived life like this.’ The prophets
will look and they will say, `How foolish these servants are that Allah subhana
wa ta’ala granted them to be from the Nation of Muhammad (sws) and so short life
during their time, and they got so fooled by Sheytan and they lost everything?
How fool you are!’ The curse will be coming then. That is worse than Jahannam.

So, inshaAllah ar-Rahman, we must ask forgiveness all the time. We must turn
around and ask forgiveness all the time for the good things and the bad things
that we do for our Lord to forgive us and make us to become better servants to
Him. If we do that then we are going to become winners.

As we always remind, we will remind again. It’s not too far. The angel of death
is not too far distance away. Don’t think that it’s so far away. Don’t think
that these years are going to continue so much. It’s only counted. It’s
finishing. Turning left and right it’s finishing. Akhirat is waiting. Akhirat is
waiting to every one of us. Everyday we are running, moving towards Akhirat.
Everyday the angel of death is taking at least a hundred and fifty thousand
people’s lives on this earth. At least a hundred and fifty thousand. Who says
that you are not one of them today or tomorrow? We might be. So if we think and
we keep that alive in ourselves then we will be able to close our ears for wrong
talks, we will be able not to hear them, we will be able to close our tongues
not to talk wrong talks, we will be able to close our eyes not to look at the
wrong things. When we cannot change anything then we turn back to our Lord
saying, `Ya Rabbi, I cannot change anything but don’t count me from those ones.’

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.


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Uçup gittin buralardan, canımın canı nerdesin?
Uçup gittin buralardan, gözümün nuru nerdesin?

Gittiğin yol çokmu uzak, dönülmeyen yerdemisin?

Gel, yağmur ol gel! Gel, rüzgâr ol gel!
Bulutlar yoldaşın olsun, Allahım seni korusun
Yolun açık aydın olsun, turnalara tutunda gel

Şimdi hangi yaban elde, belki dağda esen yelde
Allah aşkına dön gelde, şu gönlüme bayram olsun


Rough Translation

You flew away from here, the life of my soul
Where are you?
You flew away from here, the light of my eyes
Where are you?

Is it far away where you are? Can’t you return?

Come… come as the rain
Come… come as the wind

May the clouds accompany you
May Allah protect you
May your roads be open and clear
Hold on to the cranes, and come

Now in what strange lands
Perhaps in the windy mountains
For God’s sake, come, return
So my heart can celebrate



Juma Khutba delivered by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 27 Shawwal, 1430/October 16, 2009
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi, Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, alhamdulilahi rabbil alameen. Astaghfirullah,
astaghfirullah, astaghfirullahil azim wa atubu ilaih. The Holy Prophet (sws) is
saying to us, `Don’t interfere to the work that doesn’t concern you. Don’t
interfere to the knowledge that doesn’t concern you. If you are interfering to
the knowledge that doesn’t concern you, that is enough sign showing to you that
Allah doesn’t love you.’ This place here, not this place, the Khutba place, for
fourteen hundred years, from the day that the Holy Prophet (sws) immigrated from
Mecca to Medina, the first Khutba, the first Juma he gave outside of Medina and
from that day until today there is Juma going on in every Juma. Juma is
obligation. It’s Farz to believers to attend to Juma, in the Juma time to tell
the believers, `Have fear from Allah.’

For fourteen hundred years it’s going on. It started from one masjid in Medina
and it spread everywhere in the world. For over fourteen hundred years in every
Juma every Imam is standing on that point, reminding themselves and their
Jama’at, `Have fear from Allah.’ Allah subhana wa ta’ala is showing to us
saying, `I am reminding you. You are My servants. I have sent you to this world
and you are going to do as I say, not as your ego says.’ And for fourteen
hundred years the unbelievers are running and attacking Islam, trying to bring
Islam down. But the worst is that the believers from the inside are running and
they are thinking that they are going to bring Islam down or they are going to
invent some kind of Islam that fits to their ego. It’s not going to happen. It
didn’t happen when the Holy Prophet (sws) was one man, one individual. Do you
think that it will happen now? But the ignorant man who is blind twenty-four
hours a day is thinking that way.

So today, yes for almost one hundred years now, right after our Sultan, our
Khalifah, Ulul Hakan Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan, right after that one, Allah
subhana wa ta’ala has hidden, putting the Khalifah aside and this mankind became
very wild, running very wild, males and females. Everyone is interfering into
everything. Don’t! It is not good for you. It is not going to do good for you.
Not in Dunya and not in Akhirat. Especially, interfering in the matters of
religion, don’t. Dunya? Eh, if you are talking in Dunya, when the man with that
knowledge confronts you, you finish, your knowledge finishes anyway. You make a
fool out of yourself. What about the Akhirat knowledge? So many fools are
interfering today of course. So many fools whose minds are not with them,
running after them.

Eh, Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying to us, `I have created Jannat and
Jahannam. I have created Jahannam also and I mean to fill Jahannam with people.’
Whichever side you want. Don’t think that Allah subhana wa ta’ala has no mercy
and He is going to take little creatures that He created and throw them inside
the fire. No. But He is giving enough chance to that little creature in Dunya
saying to him, `I did send you to this world and I am taking you also. If you
would’ve come to this world by yourself then you have the right to do whatever
you want. But you didn’t. I sent you. So I put two roads for you in this world.
Sirat-ul Mustaqim, the right road and the road that leads behinds the sheytans
to Jahannam. In Sirat-ul Mustaqim, on the right road, I put leaders who are
leading that road. Follow them.

Your duty is to follow. You don’t. Your ego is saying no. Eh, Sheytan is more
clever than you and me. He has so much knowledge that he even fooled Adam
(alayhi salam). Adam (as) has no partner in his creation. Allah subhana wa
ta’ala created only him in that way. No other creature Allah subhana wa ta’ala
has created like Adam (as). He didn’t create you and I like that. He didn’t
create our Holy Prophet (sws) like that. He did not create any prophet like
that. He spent time, He put design to him. And He gave warning to Adam (as),
saying to him, `This Sheytan is your enemy. Be careful.’ And Adam (as) just got
weak in one point and Sheytan managed to fool him. That’s why Allah subhana wa
ta’ala is saying to us, `No matter what happens, don’t get weak in religion.
Hold on tightly if you are believers because in the end you are going to win.’

So the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us, `If you are living with the knowledge
that you know, if you are applying the knowledge that you know to yourself,’
because too many people are coming today to me saying, `How are we going to know
this, Sheykh? And how are we going to know that? How are we going to know if
this Sheykh is right? How are we going to know if this Sheykh is wrong?’ It’s
another confusion and fitna coming from Sheytan. It’s so easy. So simple. But of
course, the ego is declaring something, saying, `I am so good. So I have to look
to find the good ones.’ And the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us, `If you live
with the knowledge that you know sincerely, the knowledge that you know, if you
apply it to your life, Allah subhana wa ta’ala will teach you the knowledge you
don’t know.’ So then any simple knowledge that you know, if you are not a
hypocrite and if you are living according to that knowledge, every other
knowledge that is concerning you, Allah subhana wa ta’ala will teach you. Don’t

So the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us, `If the knowledge is in China, go and
seek that knowledge.’ So many squarehead Imams today and sheykhs are saying,
`You see, the Prophet (sws) is saying to us to read. Go to the universities even
if it is in China.’ And I say, `Hey squarehead Imam or Sheykh! Calling yourself
Sheykh! The universities are everywhere today. It’s not only in America. Cyprus
is a small island like this, go and count to see how many universities are
there. But our brothers are finishing this university and still saying, `I have
to go to America or London.’ Why? `Because I have to get a bigger diploma from a
bigger Yahudi place.’ That’s what happened.

So, that is not the knowledge that the Holy Prophet (sws) is talking about. And
he is not talking to you about the knowledge itself. To learn the knowledge you
need a teacher, you need a master. He is saying, if the knowledge is in China,
go and seek that knowledge. Go there and seek that knowledge. This knowledge.
The knowledge of Akhirat. How many are left in this world now? Go and look to
those nations. Today, over 100,000 masjids in Turkey. Over 100,000! In over a
hundred thousand mosques and masjids they are giving Khutba. But the Khutba is
prepared by a couple of soldiers and is given to their hands and is said, `Read
to the nation.’ If it’s otherwise, tell them to come and speak to me. Same thing
is happening in Egypt, same thing is happening in Saudi Arabia, same this is
happening everywhere. Exceptions are countries like this that they don’t come to
interfere to me to say to you, `Read this.’ That’s why they are going crazy left
and right saying, `We cannot control this religion. Somewhere somehow somebody
is standing up and speaking again the ayats that we are hiding, the hadith that
we are hiding.’

And as I said, there are so many hypocrites, Munafiqs who are in the religion,
who are coming to the dergahs, to the sheykhs not to fix their ego to become
better but they are thinking, `We are going to go to get some power.’ What power
are you looking for? What power you think that the Sheykh has to give to you? If
he has the power definitely he is not going to give to you. If Allah gave to him
then he is saying, `If Allah wants He is going to give to you too. If it is
given to me, I am not even going to show to you what is that.’ But so many
squareheads are fooling the other ones. They are thinking, talking so big,
entering into so many matters that don’t concern them, entering into the
knowledge that they get dizzy and later Sheytan is coming to them saying, `This
is what you are looking for. Don’t worry. I will give you something.’ They
become black magic people. That’s what they think this religion is. It’s not.
Allah subhana wa ta’ala is in control. He has the control of this world and
everything is in His hand.

He is saying to us, `I let your rope a little bit loose. Run around. But your
rope is in My hand. When I pull, you are going to come. Run as you like if you
think you are going to run. But this world is so small. In the end, you are
going out from one door.’ You entered through one door and you are going out
from another door. One door entrance, two doors exit. You entered clean. We are
not Christians to say, `You were born to this world dirty.’ No. You enter clean.
You are clean up to the maturity age. After the maturity age you are dirtying
yourself with your dirty mind, with your dirty thinking. And turn around and ask
forgiveness and clean yourself again in this journey. While you entered through
that door you are continuing that journey. You are going to go out from the
other door. Two doors are waiting for you. Either you go out from the right side
which is Selamat, Safety, or you go out from the left door. The troubles begin
that time. You are complaining now that you have trouble? Hmm, hmm. You are
complaining now that you have problems? At that time you will see what problem

So wake up to yourselves. These words are for you, for me and for the whole
mankind who is hearing this. If anybody is saying, `I am exception from this’
that one should not be a human. Maybe it’s an angel or maybe it’s lower than the
animals that Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying because Allah subhana wa ta’ala
is putting ego and is saying to us, `Your ego is your worst enemy.’ And the Holy
Prophet (sws) is saying this to us. You cannot take care of your ego. You need a
master. You need somebody to fix it for you, to show you what is right and what
is wrong. If you don’t then your guide is going to be Sheytan. Sheytan is going
to lead you. And you are still going to think that you are in the Sirat-ul
Mustaqim but you are already going to be in the wrong road. When the angel of
death is coming to you, you are going to go out from this world through the
wrong door and all the problems begin then.

Intelligence is showing to the man, saying to know what he wants, to understand
who is his enemy and to try to fix himself before the angel of death is reaching
to him. When is this angel of death going to come you think? It may come one
minute later, it may come tonight, it may come tomorrow. Keep this alive. Don’t
make it so long. Don’t think it’s so far distant as everyone is making so many
plans, `I am doing this and I am doing that. I am going here and I am going
to…’. A Sahabi one day came to the Holy Prophet (sws), a young Sahabi, and said,
`Ya Rasulullah, I have borrowed some money. I made a deal with this person that
I am going to pay in one month’s time. Please pray for me that I will be able to
make it.’ And the Holy Prophet (sws) looked at him and said, `Oh, what a long
term plan you made. How did you do this?’ To a young Sahabi he is saying, `How
did you make this long plan? One month? Who says to you that Azrail is not
coming to you five minutes later?’

That word was to the Sahabi and to every believer who is coming after, to you
and to me. Not to think that, `Oh, it’s going to be long term’ or so many are
saying, `I am doing wrong today but one day I am going to change. Okay, I am
making intention that by next year I am going to change.’ Just like the Yahudi
and the Christians, saying, `This year, this new year I am going to do this and
then I am going to start changing.’ New Year. Their new year is Christmas of
course. These kinds of Muslims are celebrating Christmas and New Year.

Wake up to yourselves. The Holy Prophet (sws) is Mubashshiran wa Naziran. He
gives warning and he is giving the good news to mankind. And all his inheritors
are doing the same. And Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying to us, `You and the
people that you speak, don’t forget the Judgment Day. Oh, those ones that are
speaking!’ He is talking about the Imams and Sheykhs and everyone, saying, `Oh,
those ones who are reminding their people but they are forgetting about
themselves. You wait to see what happens to you.’ That is for me and to all
those people who are standing up and speaking to their Jama’at.

These words, as I said earlier, are for you and for me. If you want, take it,
you will win. If you don’t want it, there are two doors. Either you are going
out from the right side or the left side. America is not going to save you.
Whoever is promising, giving promises is not going to save you. Your good deeds
and the intention in the good deeds are going to save you. Nothing else. Maybe
then you will find some good lawyers. Because you have good deeds and you have
good intentions, then you may find good lawyers who will speak for your behalf
in the Judgment Day.

So many people today are losing their lawyers too. They go against their
Sheykhs. They do so many secrets behind their Sheykhs. They think that the
sheykhs don’t know. Oh, what kind of Sheykh do you think that is going to be? If
it’s just like your thinking and if one wall is separating him from the wrong
thing that you are doing, definitely that one is not a Sheykh. Know that. But if
that Sheykh is going to use some technology to know, definitely that one is not
a Sheykh too.

So wake up to yourself, inshaAllah ar-Rahman. We are meaning to enter to
Paradise. And Paradise is our place. We are lonely in this world. No matter who
is around you, you are always lonely. You are longing for your original house
and you are bound towards that. But so many times, so many people are entering
to the road that Sheytan is guiding. You are longing for your house and you are
running into Jahannam?

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.





Juma Khutba delivered by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 11 Zil-Qadah, 1430 / October 30, 2009
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York

Auzu billahi min-ash sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah,
astaghfirullah al-azim wa atubu ilaih. Inna ad-dina indallah-ul Islam. One
religion in the presence of your Lord. Islam. Saying to us, `Don’t come to my
presence with something else. You will be failing. The only religion that I’m
accepting is Islam. The only book that I’m accepting is the Quran. The only
prophet and the last prophet that I’m accepting is Muhammad (alayhi salatu wa

Eh, the 21st Century people are reading a lot, they have so much computers, they
built these computers mashaAllah, they built so much technology, but they are
buried in it. They sink in it. They are knowing nothing because they are not
knowing what is good for them and what is bad for them. They are running
top-speed after illusions and delusions and so many wrong thinkings. And Allah
is sending to us saying, `Islam’. Islam is open. You cannot hide anything to the
corners. Everything is open. He has sent 124,000 prophets and all these prophets
were calling their people to Islam, to Allah, saying, `La ilaha illallah.’ That
is Islam. Saying, `Submit yourself to your Lord. One and Only. No other one. He
has no partner.’

During those times prophets came in their nations. Some believed and some
didn’t. So many prophets came and not even one person believed on them. It
didn’t change the reality. That one who came and who gave them the message is in
safety now and those ones who became disobedient are in trouble. They are in
trouble in their graves. After Judgment Day more trouble is coming to mankind.
This is what man is building to himself because the ego is standing.

The ego is always saying, `Me, me and only me. Whatever you say, I don’t care.’
That’s what the ego says. Males and females, the same, saying, `What I say,
that’s what has to happen. I am a Muslim but what my ego likes, that’s what I’m
going to do.’ No you are not a Muslim then. You lost Islam. Islam is to submit
yourself to your Lord, to submit yourself to His orders, to submit yourself to
His Prophet (sws), to submit yourself to the rightly guided ones. If you are not
submitting yourself to them then you are following the desires of your ego. So
you are a servant of your ego. You can do any kind of forms then. You can be a
Buddhist, sitting like Buddha, you can be Christians going to church, or Jews
going to synagogue once a week, or Muslims going to Juma, or from time to time
going into masjids, but you are following your ego. Finished. You are not
following the orders of Allah subhana wa ta’ala because you don’t know which
ones are those. You do things according to your ego then.

Eh, 21st Century people, from the normal people to murids to the Sheykhs now,
cigarettes in their mouths. They are smoking cigarettes. What is that? If a man
can’t control himself with a cigarette, if he cannot stop his ego from that
cigarette, how is he going to control himself with other orders that Allah is
giving to do and don’t? Impossible. The simplest thing and the worst thing, to
you, to your community and to your nation, financially and in every way. You
cannot stop yourself from that wrong action. How are you going to stop yourself,
your ego from so many other tricks and traps that Sheytan is coming to play with

Yes, today the name of Islam is there, today the appearances of the Quran is
there, the appearances of Masjids are there, but Mu’mins, where are they? We are
looking. Where are they? They are hiding. They are pulling themselves to the
corners. And the hypocrites, the fools and the ignorant, the tools for Sheytan
are appearing here and there. This is the way that it has to happen. That’s what
the Holy Prophet (sws) said, `The ones that are giving light are going to pull
themselves to the corners. So you are not going to see light. Those who are
looking for light, they are going to run after, they are going to find them. But
those who are not liking the light of Islam, they are not going to care. They
are just like the bats. As soon as they see the light, it’s bothering them.’

Sheytan already changed so many signs in Islam since the 1920’s. `One Way’ is
the other way. Everyone is saying, `I am finding my way.’ How are you finding
your way? From where are you taking that? Sign is showing that way but already
somebody has played around with it. One time I was driving in Cyprus. I see one
sign showing one road, saying, `Gecitkoy’. So if you follow that in the map, you
see that there is a Gecitkoy and you have to follow that road to go to that
village. But somebody came down from their car someday somehow and they took G,
E and C out and now the sign says, `Itkoy’. You are looking at the map, there is
no such thing as Itkoy. There’s Gecitkoy. So I say maybe it’s a wrong direction,
I have to turn to this side. But when you look at it closely you see that
somebody took those couple of letters out. Huh, it’s a completely different
meaning too. Gecitkoy means giving way to you to pass. Itkoy means the dog’s
village. That’s what it means.

All the signs everywhere Sheytan played around with. And as the Holy Prophet
(sws) is saying, `In Ahir Zaman only the name of Islam is going to stay. The
appearances of Islam are going to disappear.’ That’s what happened. And
appearing so many fools in that Itkoy way, that sign, claiming that they know
Islam, claiming that they are the best ones. Some are claiming that they are
Mahdi, some are claiming that they are prophets, some are claiming that they are
Khizr and some are preparing to declare that they are Mahdi.

Eh, Allah gave you intelligence to put it together and to think and to watch.
Yes, do you have to watch your Sheykh? Of course. You have to watch every
activity that he’s doing. Look. Does it fit into the borderlines of Islam? Yes.
Not according to your ego. According to Islam. According to the time and
according to that place. Where the wolves are, you don’t walk around without the
stick in your hand. When the wolves are around you have to have the gun ready
too. It doesn’t matter if you are a Murid or if you are a Sheykh. The wolf is
not listening. When the wolf is ready to attack you have to be able to pull and
shoot. But so many fools today are not knowing anything. They are not knowing
the simple steps of Islam and they are thinking that they know everything and
saying, `Oh, Sheykh cannot do this. Sheykh cannot say this.’ Sheykh can use
everything that is necessary to save his Murid from hell. He is not looking for
worldly activities. He’s not looking how they are going to think. Sheykh is that
one who has been given permission from the Holy Prophet (sws) depending on the
area that he is working in.

As I said, those fools that they cannot stop themselves from cigarettes, they
are jumping today and finding other fools like them and thinking that they are
going to harm Islam or thinking that they are going to turn Islam as their ego
wants it. You cannot. They have been trying for fourteen hundred years. You
cannot. Impossible. Impossible. Islam, Inna ad-dina indallah-ul Islam, the only
religion that Allah is accepting. And it looks like now that it’s covered but
it’s rising up now. When that cover is taken off, it’s the only one that’s
taking over the whole world again. It is so easy for Allah subhana a ta’ala. It
is so hard for those ignorant ones even to think on it.

It was so easy for Sultan Mehmet Khan when he aimed to Istanbul, because he had
plans and he had aims and he put his life in front saying, `Either Istanbul will
take me or I will take Istanbul. There is no other way.’ They said to him, `Are
you crazy? Have you lost your mind? Do you know how protected this city is?’ He
says, `I know. I know how it is. But I see a vision. And where my sword is
reaching, where my power is reaching, not even your imagination can reach
because you are not knowing Islam. I know and I am reaching there. Watch me.’ He
reached. Watch us. We are reaching back to Istanbul. Watch. We are reaching back
to Rome. Watch. All those fools who think that they are standing in front of
Islam, in front of those ones, they are only giving energy and power to those
who are working in the way of Allah. There’s an Ayat-e Kerima saying, `When they
say to them, `All your enemies have come together, they are preparing against
you’, that’s making their faith to grow stronger and they say, `Hasbinallah wa
ni’mal wakeel. Allah is enough for me.” Yes.

So, any safety that anybody is looking for in Dunya and in Akhirat, Islam. Real
Islam. Islam the way that the Holy Prophet (sws) brought. Not so many fake
things that they put later here and there. Not so many things that they have
changed the road with. You can change all the roads, you can change all the
signs, but the man who has a vision doesn’t need the signs anymore. He doesn’t
need the GPS anymore. He follows the road. He knows the road because there’s a
light going in front of him.

So, if you don’t know then you must follow that guide. You must follow his
orders. You must not follow your ego and your head to say, `I know so much and I
read so much.’ Yes, the more you read the more ignorant you are going to become!
The more arrogant you are going to become in these days! The more fool you are
going to become in these days! Because that’s what they are preparing for you.

Not even understanding that part that there are so many enemies of Islam running
to finish it. Who are the enemies of Islam? The Fascists are the enemies of
Islam, the Communists are the enemies of Islam, the Seculars are the enemies of
Islam, the Laiks are the enemies of Islam, the Feminists are the enemies of
Islam. All these are enemies of Islam. I have more to say but it doesn’t fit to
this Khutba place. Other times I say.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

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