August 2007


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi

Jumadal Awal 1425 – July 2004, Manhattan Dergah, New York City.

[Q: There is a lot of talk going on about the movie The Passion of
Christ that just came out. I was wondering what is the true version
of the story of Isa (as)? What really happened?]

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya, Mevlana Sheykh
Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

What really happened to Jesus (alayhi salam). For the last 2,000
years foolish people, the people who are supporting ego and Sheytan
and someway somehow the ignorant ones, the blind ones, they are
running after them and for the last 2000 years they are believing in
something that did not happen. And they are not coming around to use
their own heads and their own intelligence to find anything out.
Just by using intelligence it can be known. Intelligence is telling
you something other than what they are showing to the whole world.
But then the question that comes is, why all these millions of
people are following it? Because it is easy to the ego. It fits to
the ego. Whatever is easy for ego, mankind runs after it.

Why was Jesus (alayhi salam) sent down to earth? The first thing we
have to understand is that since the beginning from Adam (alayhi
salam) maybe until Judgment Day, no man, no man! If we say Allah
created Adam (alayhi salam), there are two ideas there. Either
people believe or they don’t believe. That Darwin-monkey, sheytan-
Darwin, he really believed that man came from monkeys. We say,
“We are not monkeys, we are humans and we are the children of
Adam.” Adam (as) was created by the Creator. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) created
Adam (as). So there is a division there too among people. One group believes in
evolution and the other believes in creation.

When it comes to Jesus (alayhi salam), since the beginning from Adam
(as) until Judgment Day, they are fighting about his birth and they
are fighting about his death. He didn’t die yet, but they are
fighting nonstop saying this is what had happened. Then how are we
going to know what had happened? When we sit down and we think
clearly and intelligently we say, “It is impossible for such a
thing to happen.” But for us saying impossible and for them saying
possible is also someway somehow needs support. So we look to the
Book of Allah. We look to the Quran. What did Quran say about
Jesus (as)?

You have to understand the secret there, why we are holding so
tightly to the Quran. We are not stupid people. We are intelligent
people. What does the Quran say? Who said the Quran? Who talked
about the Quran? Quran did not rain down from the sky as a book.
Prophet (saw) was sitting and he was saying, “This is the
revelation that came where Allah is saying this, this, this and
this. This is Ayat. These are verses.” People were keeping notes,
writing down. But the Quran was coming to Holy Prophet (saw). Angel
was coming and telling him and he was saying it to the people.

So now when we search the life of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa
salam) we find that the Prophet (saw) was an illiterate man. At the
same time, it was not like New York City where there are libraries
that you just go and find out in the books what happened one
thousand years ago. Or in these days it’s put in the computers to
be found. There were no computers and there were no books. The
Prophet (saw) was an illiterate man and it was known by everyone
that the activities of the Prophet (saw) were only in that area. He
didn’t go to any other place. He didn’t speak to the people who knew
Jesus (as) or who were claiming to follow Jesus’ (as) religion. The
Prophet (saw) is saying, “Allah is sending me Message, sending
Ayats, and saying this is how it happened with Jesus.”

So when we go to the Ayat we find that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala)
is saying to us that Judas betrayed Jesus (as). In every time there
are traitors around leaders. Judas was one of the persons following Jesus (as)
but for materialistic values and worldly values, he betrayed Jesus (as). And
those ones who wanted Jesus (as) to die, to kill him because what Jesus (as) was
saying didn’t fit to their ideas, they went to the Romans. They were those ones
among the
Children of Israel who were following Samiri, not those who were
following Moses (as). They were the Sheytans who did not believe in
anything, did not believe in the hereafter life and only believed in
the golden cow and worshipped the cow.

So what Jesus (as) is saying to them they found to be not good for
them. They could not accept it. If they accepted it then their
kingdom would come down. So they thought Jesus (as) must go because
he is a brave man and he is speaking words that are spreading
everywhere and everyone is accepting it, intelligence is accepting
it. Intelligence is not accepting what they are doing but they have
the power. They did not want to loose that power so they went to the
Romans and they tried to go to the Roman King saying, “Look, this
one is declaring a Kingdom. So he is going to bring your kingdom

The Roman King knew how powerful he was at that time and how Jesus
was. He said, “How is this one going to bring my power down with
ten people around him? You foolish ones, get out of here.” But
they said, “This one is like this and that.” They were high
authorities inside the Roman Empire and they formed some foundation
where they put themselves into (big) figures. Then the Roman King
says to them, “Whatever you want to do, don’t involve me into
this. I am not believing what you are saying but he is one of you.” Jesus (as)
was Bani Israil. “Because he is one of you do whatever you want, I don’t care.”

So what did they do? Those Jews wanted to know where Jesus (as) was.
It’s like America today who wants to know where Usama bin Laden
is and they need somebody to show them. Jesus (as) was not hiding
like this mouse Usama bin Laden. He was openly walking around, but
protection was coming to him. So that one, Judas, he went and
betrayed him saying, “You are looking for him? I know where he
is. I know where they gather. I will bring you to him.”

And those Jews came with him. But before that, Jesus (as) had people
around him and he sent them away. He knew what was going to happen.
He didn’t want to put any burden on them. So he gave the last
supper and he sent them away saying to them, “Now I will see you
on the other side.” So those people who followed Jesus (as) accepted
the order and left. So Jesus (as) was alone in the room.

Those ones came and they said to Judas, “Now you go inside. He is
your friend. Look if he’s there and then we will come and take
him.” So the soldiers were waiting. He entered into the room.
Jesus (as) had enough time to tell him that he betrayed him and he will be
punished for it. So instantly, Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) changed the head part,
his (Jesus) face turning into him (Judas) and his (Judas) face turning into him
(Jesus). Only the figure outside
changed, not the inside. So that one (Judas) was in shock and
instantly the angels took Jesus (as) up and they brought him to

Now that one is alone inside the room and there’s nobody else.
The Jews who were waiting outside said, “It is taking him too
long. Maybe Jesus killed him. Let’s go inside and look.” They came
inside and found that one (Judas) in front of them. So they
said, “This is Jesus.” They grabbed him right away and he was
screaming,”It’s not me, it’s not me.” They said, “It’s you. Your
face is showing.” So when they took him they didn’t think,
“Where is our man?” Because sometimes when you are doing something and you know
that it is wrong, you do it with that quick way of running, so they didn’t
think, “This is Jesus. Where is our man?”
So they took him over there quickly saying, “Before the King changes his mind we
must put him on the cross.”

What is the cross? This foolish Christianity today is running after
it and putting it around their necks. What is the cross? The cross
was the way of punishment in the time of the Roman Empire. If
somebody was going to be punished they had to nail him to the cross.
It was not some new invention they made for Jesus (as) that they are
saying, “Jesus was on the cross.” Jesus was not on the cross.
The one that they took and put on the cross was Judas. They nailed
him to the cross and he stayed up there. When word spread around
saying, “They hanged Jesus”, some of the followers of Jesus
(as) and some of those people whom Jesus (as) took out of hell, they
came. There were some women who were doing prostitution and this and
that and Jesus (as) took them out from that hell and they loved
Jesus (as) and Jesus (as) took them to the river to wash themselves.
And those people who knew Jesus’ (as) figure, his body, they
looked and said, “Tsk, this looks like his head but the body is not the same

We know that `X’ is a 300-pound man and we know that
`Y’ is 100 pounds. If his head moves to that one and that
one’s head moves to this one then we say, “There’s something wrong. This is not
his body. This is not similar to that one.” You understand?

So when that incident happened, now they have to support their lies
about whatever happened because after they put Judas to the cross,
now they realized it and they were saying, “How did this
happen?” They knew something had happened. They knew this face is
a different face. It is not Judas’ face but the body is Judas’
body. They looked and they said, “If this is Judas, where is Jesus? If this is
Jesus then where is Judas?” They were looking for Judas but he was nowhere to be
found. He disappeared. Judas was on the cross and Jesus (as) was in Paradise
already. So now they have to support their lies.

So what did they do? Good Friday. Today is Good Friday [For Muslims
every Friday is Good and this Sohbet was given on a Friday night].
They say, “Today they put Jesus to the cross, later they took him
down, they put him in a grave, they put a stone on it, and three
days later they came and opened the stone and they found that he
was not inside that hole.” Allah, Allah. How did that happen? If you
are not believing in any miracles [by denying Jesus’s ascension
to Paradise] then how are you believing that the stone moved by itself from
there and it came out? So that’s another foolishness that
they are claiming.

Anyway, one lie that they came up with, they had to support it with
another lie. Check it with yourself. I don’t suggest it to you.
It’s not good to lie. But if you lie once and you remember that lie,
and if you are going to speak to those people again (whom you lied
to) then you are going to say, “Oh, I have to say this here.” So
you have to support that lie with another lie, another lie and
another lie, continuously. But as a spear cannot be kept in a bag
and it is going to come out from somewhere, also those lies are
going to come out somewhere.

So Jesus (as) was in Paradise, Judas was on the cross because his
time was up, and now they have to support their lies, and they
continue for 2,000 years. But no Jews, no Jewish organizations, no
Jewish rabbis, real rabbis, if you go and ask them, until now, no
official mouth will say that the one who was on the cross was Jesus.
They don’t say it because they know that it wasn’t so and
they don’t want to put themselves in more trouble. So they stay
quiet. They say, “These foolish Christians accept that, let’s
support them, let them accept it.” But they don’t say it themselves.
Go and ask. Say to them, “Is this what you did to Jesus?” Go and ask
the Jewish rabbis. Tell them, “Did you hang Jesus?” They have no
time then. They don’t speak that time. So it’s lies, one lie
supported by another, one lie by another, one lie by another continuing for
2,000 years.

Who is going to fix and clean that matter again? Jesus (alayhi
salam). He is coming down to say to them, “Foolish ones, how are
you believing that?” Christians are saying, “Allah put him to the
cross to clean the sins of the people.” What kind of foolishness
is this? Allah cannot clean the sins Himself? He needs someone
to put on the cross to clean your sins? Allah, Allah. They say,
“He is the son of Allah.” Hasha Astaghfirullah! “Son of God”
they say. The God is going to put His son on the cross to forgive you and me?
What kind of a foolish God is this? If I was living in the time of Jesus, I will
tell you the truth, I always say this, I would have asked him, “Are you the son
of God?” If he would have said, “Yes” I would have grabbed him by the neck
taking him hostage
saying, “Give me your powers, otherwise I am going to kill you.”
(Sheykh laughing). How stupid is that?

Foolish! Blindly running after foolishness. But it is not our
matter. They can believe any way they want. The doors of Paradise
are open and the doors of hell are open. People are going to enter
willingly, not by force. If you want to enter Paradise, the doors of
Paradise are open. You have to do this, this and this to enter. If
you want to enter into hell, it’s very easy. Live with your ego
and at the end of the ego you will see the Fire.

Time is up for Maghrib. Now we pray.

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha. Amin.


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Muharram 1426 – February 2005, Manhattan Dergah, New York City.

Auzu billahi minash shaytanir rajim

Nawaitul arbain, nawaitul itikaf
Nawaitul khalwa, nawaitul uzla,
Nawaitu riada, nawaitu suluk,
Fi masjid lillahi ta’ala, Ya Rahmatan lil Alamin

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim
Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel

Tarikatuna Sohbet wa khayru fil Jamiat. Our way is based on
association. Through Sohbet (through association) people learn, they
find their way, they know the reason of their creation and they live
according to the Lord of the Heavens. Mosques are official places.
When you go to a mosque you go there to worship. You already know
that. You cannot even learn how to worship in the mosques these
days. You cannot approach the imams because they have official
titles. When imams have official titles a distance emerges between
them and the followers who come to the mosque. They are holding
themselves like this (Sheykh imitating a proud posture), and so they
are becoming far distant from the people. Tarikat is bringing people
together. Tarikat is making people to understand the Sunnet way, the
Prophet’s way of how to live. If you do not have Tarikat, if you are
not following a Sheykh, your Sheykh must be Sheytan. If anyone says
otherwise, let him come here, and with two words I will prove it to
him. If you have no Sheykh, if you have no guide, your guide must be

Holy Prophet (saw) did not need a guide. Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu
wa salam) was the one who knew the beginning and the end. Allah
taught him. And angel Jibreel (as) was coming to him. Look where the
Prophet (saw) went. He went beyond where Jibreel (as) ever went. If
Jibreel (as) did not go, then he does not know what is beyond that
point (Sidratul Muntaha) but Prophet (saw) knew. Prophet (saw)
knows. But in order to teach us, Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) sent His
Prophet down to earth and He was sending Jibreel (as) to him.
Jibreel (as) was coming and giving the Ayats of Allah to Holy
Prophet (saw). And Holy Prophet (saw) was always saying, “Jibreel
came to me with this Ayat.” He never said, “I know”. In order to
humble himself he would always say, “Jibreel came to me and he gave
me this Ayat.”

Holy Prophet (saw) is the teacher of the Quran. He taught the Quran.
Then (after him) when the Sahaba-e Ikram were speaking, they never
said, “We know.” They said, “Holy Prophet said and we heard. He said
this and we heard.” When the Sahaba-e Ikram passed away then the
Tabiyeen (the generation after the companions) came and they
said, “I heard this from this Sahabi. I learned from a Sahabi.” The
Tabiyeen did not say, “I have a Quran. I am reading it and I am
learning it.” The Sahaba were witnessing angel Jibreel (as) coming
down. They were witnessing that the Ayats were being given to the
Prophet (saw), because Holy Prophet (saw) was entering into
different stations when he was receiving the Ayats. Depending on the
level of the Sahabis (they were witnessing the descending of
revelations). (For example) Ebu Bekr Siddiq (ra) was capable to see
Jibreel (as) when he was coming. And the lowest level Sahaba said, “When
we were in the presence of Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) and
the Ayats were coming from Allah, we were seeing Prophet (saw)
closing his eyes. He was sweating and there was a sound coming from
in front of him which resembled the sound of a bee. That is what the
lowest level Sahaba were hearing and they knew that something is
happening. So when Prophet (saw) said, “This is the Ayat” they did
not become disobedient. They accepted it.

So transmission was coming in this manner and the Holy Prophet (saw)
was saying, “Jibreel came to me.” And the Sahaba-e Ikram were
saying, “The Holy Prophet (saw) said.” The Tabiyeen were saying, “We
heard from the Sahaba.” Those people who continued to carry that
chain and that transmission which continued to come down said, “My
Sheykh said, (my Sheykh’s lineage is reaching to that) and I heard.”
We are saying, “Elhamdulillah, our Sheykh said this and we are
hearing. We are seeing.” But so many people today, twenty years old,
thirty years old (who are trying to represent Islam), the majority
of them do not even know how to enter into the toilet. When they are
entering into the toilet, ask them, “What are the obligations and the
Sunnets of making wudu.” They don’t know. They cannot
say, “According to this Mazhab this, this and this.” I can even ask
here (among the audience). If anybody wants to challenge, then I can
ask right now, tell me according to your Mazhab. They don’t know.
But when it comes to the Quran they know everything. They don’t need
any teachers. They say, “Brother, I am reading from the Quran.”
Which Quran?

Now you have another big problem. The Americans are printing the
Quran using some Islamic scholars and they are spreading that Quran
in the Muslim countries. They are giving it away in Kuwait, Saudi
Arabia and everywhere and they are changing so many words in it
saying, “We don’t like the word here. We have to change this. We
don’t like this and we have to change that. We don’t like that about
Jesus so we have to put Jesus to a little higher station. Muhammad
is praised too much so we have to bring him a little bit down.” This
is what they are doing today. So now we are in bigger trouble than
ever before. How are you going to come out? The generation that is
living now who are reciting that Quran, within ten years (if I am
alive) they are going to come to me and say, “Sheykh, you know
nothing. We know this.” Of course. That knowledge that you learned
is coming from Sheytan, not from Rahman.

There are two kinds of knowledge. One is coming through scholarship
and the other is coming through spiritual connection. That scholarly
knowledge is disappearing now, it is finishing. Everything is mixing
up and nobody really knows which side to take anymore. Since the
time of the passing of Holy Prophet (saw) they have put some wrong
hadiths into the hadith of Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). In
the time of Harun al-Rashid (when he was the Khalifah), he called
all his scholars and he said to them, “Sit down and correct. Come to
me and say to me that these hadiths are Sahih and these hadiths are
not Sahih.” So his scholars went, checked, came back to Harun al-
Rashid and said, “Ya Khalifah, we have found four thousand Gharib
hadith, weak hadith that we do not know. We are not saying that Holy
Prophet (saw) did not say these hadiths because Holy Prophet (saw)
is saying, “If there is one hadith that I said and you say that I
did not say it, prepare yourself for the hellfire. And if there is
one hadith that I did not say which you say that I did, prepare
yourself for the hellfire also.” They said, “Because of this hadith,
which is very strong, we are not saying and we cannot say that those
are not good hadith.”

So how did it come to be this way? One of them who was sitting in
the presence of the Holy Prophet (saw) was Ibne Sab’a who came out
with the idea of Ali (ra) being god or the Alawi ideas. He put so
many things in it. They came and said, “Prophet in this time said
this, this, this and this word.” They took one word out and they
replaced it with another word and they changed the meaning of the
hadith. So the Sahabi that came and (the people that came after
them), the Tabiyeen and Tabi Tabiyeen, they checked and
said, “Although it is questionable to us but we are not saying that
it is wrong or right.” This is what they said to the Khalifah. So
the Khalifah said, “Then you must put these into one book
saying “These are the hadith that are Gharib and we do not know one
hundred percent if they are authentic.” The Sahih hadiths, Sahih
Bukhari and Muslim are very high. Because Imam Bukhari never wrote a
hadith unless he went and he verified it by the witness of so many
people, and then he would make two rakat prayer, go to Holy
Prophet’s tomb, he would go to sleep and Holy Prophet (saw) would
come to him saying, “This is Sahih and that is not.”

From that time until now there are two kinds of knowledge that is
coming. Ilm-e Ladin, the secret knowledge that is coming to the
hearts of the people and the scholarly knowledge. There are some who
need to do all those performances to know from the Holy Prophet
(saw) whereas, there are some (other ones) who just meditate and it
comes to them enabling them to know whether it is Sahih. This is a
matter of faith now. You may take the books you find here and there
(you would be running and going crazy for books that are poisoned
inside) and you may learn from those books. And your knowledge will
be according to that book that you do not even know who its author
is. You do not even know if he is a Muslim or if he is a Christian.
You do not know if he is a believer or if he is an unbeliever. So
many unbelievers today are writing books and they are spreading them
in the Muslim countries; but they are unbelievers. Go to the
universities here. From Columbia to Harvard, any university. They
are teaching you hadith and Quran. The teachers that are teaching
there are not Muslims. Of course, so many things they are teaching
are right. But can you take them as a guide? If they have found the
way then first they will say the Shahadat. They did not find the

You have to know what you are reading, from where you are learning
and who is it that is teaching you. What is his intention? (You may
say) “He looks like a nice guy. He is okay.” I know so many Imams
today who are on the payroll of the CIA. They can hide themselves
here but they cannot hide from the Divine Presence. You don’t need
to go to find them in order to see. Those ones who are connected
already know. They (Awliya) just watch the book up there (in the
Divine Presence) and they see the names. They (the Imams) are
working for the CIA and the FBI. There are so many today in
Pakistan, Turkey and in different parts of the world. They (the
secret service agencies) are openly saying, “You can come and you
can register with us and if you see any terrorist activities in your
mosques then come and tell us.” If they (the Imams) can do that, do
you think that the next time when the money is a little bigger, they
will not do something else? Sit and think again.

America has a lot of money. Of course. Sucking from our countries,
bringing it here and then buying our leaders saying, “We will never
let the Muslims have leaders. When the Muslims have one leader then
it is finished. We let them have it once and they came to the doors
of Vienna. There is no borderline to these people when they have one
leader. So now we have to give them that poison into their roots,
into their veins saying, `Democracy’ and saying, “Elect and select
your leaders’.” The leadership does not come from the feet to the
head. The feet cannot elect the leaders.

America elects their leaders. They have two nominees for presidency.
No? They have two nominees – not three. America has over 300 million
people. From 300 million people you have two nominees only. You have
to elect one of them. One of them was a guy that burned his brain
with drugs up until forty years of age. The other one is a spoiled
rat. Which one is going to be the leader of this country and then
rule the world correctly? Say! Bush? Or Gerry? Kerry? So when the
feet select the leader, meaning, when the sheep say, “I want to
choose my own shepherd” that is what happens (Sheykh smiles). This
is what happened today.

The leader, the head has to have authority on you in every way. My
leader, my head must have some power over me to make me speechless
when I am in his presence. He must have authority on me or otherwise
I don’t accept that leader. I cannot accept that leadership. Because
as long as I know I am stronger than that leader I will not accept
that leader. The kind of leader (that I am talking about) is he who
has been given heavenly power coming from up to down, not from this
(Sheykh pointing at his feet) to up.

So this is what happened to Islam today and the Muslims lost their
direction. And that is why the Muslims became headless. And they are
running for democracy to elect their leaders in their own countries.
Who are these leaders? (They think to themselves) “I like this kind
of ways for my nation.” Then they call all the Imams and say, “You
are under my authority.” If the government is leaning towards
Communism then they teach you that kind of religion. If the
government is leaning towards fascism then they teach you that kind
of religion. So the religion is never free.

Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has sent prophets to us saying, “Follow
them and those ones who are following the footsteps of the prophets.
Follow those who found the way.” Living in Dunya is difficult but
entering into Paradise is a little more difficult than that. So you
have to work on it. Don’t think, “I am just going to go to sleep
tonight and if I die tomorrow I will be accepted and I am entering
into Paradise.” You know in your heart what you are doing, why you
are doing, what are you trying to learn and what are you trying for
the sake of Allah. Everyone knows themselves. If you are sincere
then you have nothing to worry. If the angel of death comes to you,
you have nothing to worry also.

You should have nothing to say (on the contrary) because every word
that I am saying is to you and to me. It is not only to you but it
is to me too. You have no problem and I have no problem. We have no
problem with it. I have no problem with these words that I am
saying. I am under the obligation of these words that I am saying.
And you should make yourself think. Our Grandsheykh (Sheykh Abdullah
Daghestani qas) is saying, “Think, while I am speaking to myself. Then
you are listening. If you are finding something good then take it
for yourself. If you are not finding then leave it to me. I am
speaking to myself.” The ones who have no Sheykh, their Sheykh is
Sheytan and their ego. Their ego is controlled by Sheytan. Sheytan
is going to direct them left and right (Sheykh smiles).

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihuramatil Fatiha.


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Muharram 1426 – February 2005, Manhattan Dergah, New York City.

Auzu billahi minash shaytanir rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim.

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya, Mevlana Sheykh
Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

Ahir Zaman. The End of the Times. Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa
salam) is saying, “Islam began strange and it is going to end
strange.” We are in the end. Ahir of the Ahir. Yes, everywhere there
are so many mosques but no Jamat. No people. You’re keeping the
mosques but no Jamat inside. That means they are not in need of the
mosque. No need for that. Because the mosque can only be built if
the Jamat runs it. But the Muslims lost direction because everyone
reads the Quran today. That’s the problem. Everyone reads the Quran
today. Well, if you read the Quran then you understand what Allah
says. Allah (swt) says, “The Mesjid of Allah is built and maintained
by believers.” It is not built by rich people or business people or
business groups. “The Mesjid of Allah is built and maintained by
believers.” If we are believers and we are building a mesjid then we
can maintain that mesjid. That means we are in need of that mesjid.
That means we have to go there. We cannot build the mesjid and leave
it empty. Why then are you building it? For what reason? To make a
show to the outside (that you have built a mesjid)? The purpose of
the mesjid is for the believers to be there to learn what Allah
wants from them. What Holy Prophet (saw) has taught them. Today
everyone has a mesjid in their house. Women and men. But they don’t
have a room for the mesjid. They’re mesjid is the computer. Tack,
tack, tack tack… [Sheykh imitating mouse clicking sound]. Talking to
each other, trying in their own minds saying,

“We are spreading Islam”.

“What do you know about Islam that you are spreading it?”

“I think.”

“Who told you to “think”? Are you living according to what Holy
Prophet (saw) brought to you? Are you living according to Allah and
His Prophet’s Shariat that you are trying to spread it? What are you
spreading? Only poison, nothing else.”

Today the majority of the Muslims know how to read and write. The
majority have books in their hands. The Muslims are the richest ones
on this planet today. The Muslim world is sitting on the richest
resources. But never mind reaching to non-Muslims, they cannot even
reach to themselves. (When you look at the Muslims today you find
that) they are living the life of Christian-Muslims. They are living
Christian lifestyle. Western lifestyle. Islam has its own identity
in every way. From waistcoat to anything (that you can think of).
It’s in Islam. Holy Prophet (saw) brought it to you. You cannot
speak (from your own desires).

“But I don’t know”.

“Go and learn. Find a place to learn.”

You must live the Sunnat of Rasulullah (saw) and the Sahabe-e Ikram.
Otherwise you shouldn’t call yourself a good Muslim. No. The good
Muslims are those who are taking the Sahabis and the Tabi’in as
their role models. They eliminated so many things in order not to
look like the Christians and the Jews because that is what Holy
Prophet (saw) is saying to us. He is saying to us, “Oh my nation!
Don’t look like Christians and Jews because whoever you look like,
slowly you start living like them.” Eh, you speak to someone (about
it) and they say,

“This is the West brother.”

Then what about the East? This is the West. What about the East?
What about Turkey? What kind of lifestyle are they living there? Is
it the Islamic lifestyle? Or Egypt. Islamic lifestyle? Or Pakistan
or Bangalistan. Which country? Saudi Arabia? The worst example. Hmm.

So where is Islam? We buried it. Don’t think that tomorrow in the
Judgment Day you are going to escape by saying, “Well, we didn’t
have role models, we didn’t have leaders, and we didn’t have the
Khalifa. So we lived as we liked.” What did you do about it? How did
you live? Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) is saying to
us, “When you see something wrong you change it with your hand. If
you cannot change it, then change it with your tongue. If you cannot
change it with that too then say, “Ya Rabbi! My hand is not
reaching, my tongue is not reaching; but I am not approving what they
are doing. So I am trying to save myself. I am trying to live as you
like and I am trying to live as Prophet (saw) likes because my hand
and my tongue is not reaching.” And the Holy Prophet (saw) is saying
to us, “If you are doing that then that is the weakest faith.” And
today which one of us is not doing that? Everyone of us. Not every
Muslim, but everyone who tries to copy the Sahaba-e Ikram, the
Tabi’in and the other ones, this is the weakest faith that we have.
We say, “We cannot reach to that by tongue or by hand. So we
say, “We are not approving what they are doing.” That is the weakest
faith. But I am finding so many Muslims here and there, the Muslims’
leaders, (who are) saying, “It’s okay brother. Christians are not
that bad. Our buddies Jews are not that bad. Most of our families
have Christian backgrounds. So we have to have familiarity with
them. Close ties with them.” Hmm. That is why we need a center. We
need a bridge to understand how close are you going to get and how
far are you going to get. What is the distance that you can get
within. And once you pass beyond your limits then you lose
everything. That means you came too close. But you cannot get too
far also. So you have to find the balance. If you don’t find the
balance then you are not reaching anywhere.

All these Muslims today are educated through computers and through
everywhere, and they are even teaching in American universities too.
So what are you doing? Are you becoming a role model to someone to
accept Islam? Hmm. So what is all this richness for? What are you
doing with all this richness? That means Muslims became egoistic
ones. They have turned to themselves now. Everything is “Mine”. But
Islam says, “Yours”. “I am in Your service. As You like, not as I
like. Not as I think, but the way You have ordered to me. If You
leave it to my ego, my ego likes it. Whatever is the worst that is
what my ego likes.” The characteristics of the ego are the same. If
you are not seeing your ego worst than Abu Jahil’s ego or worst than
Sheytan’s ego then you still have pride in your heart. You are still
proud with yourself someway somehow. We have no right to look down
upon them. We have rights to take lessons from them to say, “These
ones were disobedient and their disobedience made them to reach
these ugly stations”. This is what we have to take for our own

The whole key of this life is not to be born and to live and to die.
The whole key, the whole secret is to be born to this life clean and
to go out of this life clean. To live with your honor and with your
dignity of Islam. The honor comes with Islam. And if you want to
increase your honor you have to be with those who have honor. You
have to keep them high and then your honor goes up too. Otherwise,
you can claim that you have honor but at the end of the road, when
they fill up your book and you check your papers you go, “Ohh, my
name is not in the book that says, `They had honor and they lived
with the honor’.” Hmm. If you have this worry, if this is really
worrying you, do you think you will have some other bad places to
look around now? Or are you going to be busy with yourself
saying, “Is my name in that book which has the names the ones who
have honor?” Maghrib entered and the day finished. One day, Fuu… As
soon as the Maghrib ezan calls, the angels close their pages.
Whenever your pages are closed they put the seal on it; and they take
it to the (appointed) place. No one can change it then. Whatever you
did in those twenty-four hours is there. Sit and think! Don’t tell
me you know so much, you know so much Quran and this and that.
Think. When the angels close the books tonight in the Maghrib time,
did they put your name into the side that says, “He was a servant
today to his Lord?” “Or he wasn’t?” “He lived with the honor or he
didn’t?” Which side? When you sit, don’t excuse yourself. Let the
whole world excuse you but don’t excuse yourself. That’s one thing
Sheytan is playing on today’s people. Everyone has billions of
excuses. Whichever way you turn there are excuses. Don’t excuse
yourselves. Let others excuse you. But still when they are excusing
you, don’t excuse yourself. Say, “I had this, this and this chance to
live like that but I didn’t live like it. I didn’t do this and I
didn’t do that. The Maghrib closed, the pages closed. What have I
done today.” If you think about today and you are sincere with your
Islam then you make intention, “Now I am entering to a new day. I am
going to live with honor and I am going to try to have my name
written in the book tomorrow night, when the angels are closing that
book again it will say, `This one was servant today.'”

Don’t look for when is the Judgment Day. Why are you going so far?
Why are you looking when the Judgment Day is? You think Holy Prophet
(saw) didn’t know when the Judgment Day is? When Jibreel (alayhi
salam) came and said, “What is Islam, Ya Muhammad?” Holy Prophet
(saw) said that Islam is this, this, this and this. He (Jibreel as)
asked, “What is Iman, what is Ihsan and tell me about the Judgment
Day.” He (sws) said, “Not much is known.” It is said that Jibreel
(as) came to teach us our religion. Then another day Holy Prophet
(alayhi salatu wa salam) was giving Khutba. Another person came and
said, “Ya Rasulullah, when is the Judgment Day.” He (sws) said, “O
Bedouin, what have you done for the Judgment Day? The Judgment Day
is a very long and hard day. What have you done for the Judgment
Day? Never mind about when the Judgment Day is. Look at what you
have done for the Judgment Day. What did you do?” He says, “Ya
Rasulullah, I am a weak person. I keep the orders what you are
saying. I pray five times a day. I know I am weak. I try to give
zakat. I did this and I did that. But the most of it, the more
important of it is that I love you.” He (sws) says, “That should be
enough for you.” He said, “I keep all those obligations that you are
telling me but I know that it’s nothing. But I love you.” He(sws)
says to him, “That’s enough for you.”

So many people are coming and going asking when the Judgment Day is,
when Mehdi (as) is coming. Those who believe in Mehdi (as). Now
millions of Muslims don’t believe in him. Mashallah! (Sheykh
smiling). Are you understanding the reality of that? And don’t think
that they are going to call you on the telephones from the other
side of the road to tell you, “Mehdi just came.” If you are not
hearing from here when he calls (Sheykh pointing at the heart), you
may lose the caravan, because at the same time Dajjal is coming too.
It is whatever you are busy with and whatever your heart is busy
with. If you are busy twenty-four hours thinking to please your Lord
then don’t worry you will be in safety. But if you are busy pleasing
others and trying and running to be a slave to this world then there
is a big question mark there. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying to
us, “What are you? You are nothing. If it is not for your faith your
value is nothing in My presence.” You know it and I know it. If it
is not for our faith what is our value? What is the difference
between me and the persons in the streets who are unbelievers? What
is the difference? There is no difference.

Twenty-four hours everyday, everywhere in the world people are being
born and people are dying. And those who die it is Judgment Day for
them. Finished. They closed their books. If they left certain things
open then the book will still be filled for them with good deeds
until Judgment Day. If they left certain things open for bad things
then those bad things are going into the book. But their Judgment
Day is here. That is Judgment Day to them. You don’t know when it is
for you and when it is for me. Maybe five minutes later. (You
sometimes think) it’s taking so long that it’s unreachable to you.
Angel of Death is waiting. Anytime your breath of life finishes he
knocks you down right away. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether
on the street, in the workplace, in the bed, in a good place or in a
bad place. Be careful! Don’t die in a bad place. Die in the good
areas. That is another reward. If you die in a bad place then that
is another punishment. What were you doing there? Do you think you
are going to have excuses for that? If you are working with the
haram (forbidden things) and then you die that way, it is very

So the Last Days. The signs of the Last Days. Holy Prophet (saw) is
saying, “You come out of your house early in the morning as a
believer, you come back to your house at nighttime as an unbeliever.
Oh my nation, renew your faith. Renew your faith!” It is not how
many mosques you have or how beautiful places you have. It is how
you live. It is not how much Quran you know. It is how you live
according to the Quran that you know. It is not how much hadith you
know. It is how much hadith you live according to in your life. That
is the most important matter. When you are running and learning
more, more, more and more you are getting more burden on your neck
and Allah is saying to us, “They are like the donkeys carrying loads
of books on their backs but those books are not giving any benefit
to them.” He is saying it in the Quran. There are so many people who
know so much, they read so much but they are like donkeys. You put
loads of books on their backs and they carry it. So He (subhana wa
ta’ala) is saying, “They are like donkeys.”

One day I was in Turkey and I was in a private house talking, making
some Sohbet. Some people came who were the mureeds of Sheykh Mewlana
for a long time. So these ladies came and they sat with us in the
room and one of them said to me (she was sitting very showily), “You
know you are breaking the Sharia right?” I say, “How is that?” She
goes to me, “Well, you are sitting here with the women and there’s
supposed to be a wall in between.” Hmm. I say, “Yeah, if I am
breaking the Shariat then there’s a reason.” I say to her, “What
about you, you are not breaking the Shariat?” I asked, “How did you
come here.” She says, “With my friends, with my girlfriends.” I
said, “Where in the Shariat does it say that you can walk around
with your girlfriends in Istanbul at 8 o’clock at night? Show me
that Shariat.” I said, “Now sit and don’t talk too much.” She
goes, “I am the mureed of Sheykh Nazim for twenty years and I am one
of his followers and deputies in the city.” “Mashallah” I said.

So I am talking and every time I am rephrasing an Ayat from the Quran
in Turkish because I am addressing Turkish people, she reads it from
the Quran. She speaks very good Arabic. She is catching the Arabic
Ayats and saying, “This is what it says”. I said, “Mashallah very
good, mashallah very good, mashallah very good (with every Ayat that
she read).” Then finally we came to this Ayat where Allah is
saying, “There are so many people that have so much knowledge but
they are like donkeys carrying loads of books”. She jumped. She
said, “No, not donkeys.” I said, “What then?” She said, “They are
very bad ones.” I said, “Do you know the Ayat? If you do then recite
the Ayat. Say to these people if it is saying donkey or not.” She
says, “Yeah, but we shouldn’t use that word here.” I
say, “Mashallah. So you are changing the Ayat of Allah because you
are one of the donkeys.” She goes, “No!!! What??? Are you talking to
me?” I said, “Yeah, to you because you know that book. You are a
Hafez but you are a donkey. You are nothing else but a donkey.” She
says, “Nobody has ever spoke to me like this before.” I
said, “Definitely. I am talking to you like that and I will be
responsible in the Judgment Day because you are a donkey. Sit and
learn. You want to learn? Sit and learn. Don’t interfere too

Allah is saying that to me too, and to you and to everyone. He is
saying, “If you live according to the knowledge that you know, if
you know a knowledge and you live by it then Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) will be your teacher. He will teach you the knowledge that
you don’t know.” But there is a condition attached to it do you see?
He (subhana wa ta’ala) said, “IF you live by the knowledge you know,
then Allah teaches you the knowledge that you don’t know.” So we are
watching the lifestyle of the Sahaba-e Ikram. We didn’t live during
that time but we can understand how they were living. We can
understand that just to keep high the name of the Prophet (saw),
they were ready to go into the fire. They (the unbelievers of Mecca)
burned them alive. They punished them, they destroyed their houses,
they destroyed everything that they had, but the Sahaba never
betrayed the Prophet (saw). So now we know, we understand that
although they could not escape from that city and everyone (in the
city) was against them, they did not betray him. The Sahaba-e Ikram
did not betray the Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam).

What about us? This is what we have to look at. We should not try to
find so many excuses but instead ask ourselves, “Are we living
according to the laws of Islam or the laws of the country that we
are living in?” Of course we have to obey the laws of the country.
But the laws of the country (the country that we are living in here)
are not forbidding us to live the Islamic lifestyle. They are just
making it a little bit difficult for us so that we don’t live it.
But it is not the law here that is forbidding us. It is not like in
Turkey where they come and put you in jail, nor like other
countries. So we have nothing with which to escape in the Judgment
Day. Don’t think that you can escape by saying, “I had work. I had
to work so I couldn’t do (the Islamic lifestyle).” So what? What are
you working for? Why are you working? Allah created you to work or
to worship? What does the Book say? What does the Quran say? Does
the Quran say to us, “I have created you to work?” I never
saw that.

I have been reading the Quran all my life. I never saw an Ayat
saying in it that work is a part of the obligations. I have never
seen it. But in over seven hundred places I have found that the
Quran is saying, “Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray and
worship, fast and pray, patiently pray, give Zakat and pray.”
Everything Allah is saying is connected to prayer, prayer, prayer
and He is saying to us, “Pray on the times.” Not when you want it
too. Pray when the time comes. So now we have to check. We have to
check how sincere we are with our own selves first and then with our
Lord Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). And then we have to ask
ourselves, “Who do we live for? Is it for ourselves? Is it for our
ego or for our Lord?” Our Lord has created us and then He has
ordered us by saying, “This is the lifestyle you are going to live.
Not what you want but what I want.” He (swt) says, “But I left your
leash very long in this world. You can circle around. But don’t
forget your leash is in My hand. When I pull then you come. When I
say to you, “Die and come” then no man can say, “No, I am not
coming.” (Sheykh laughing). That is the leash that Allah is putting.
He is saying, “Die and come”. Angels come knocking saying, “Out!” No
man can say, “I am not going out.”

So we are afraid from everything. We are afraid to become homeless,
we are afraid not to have luxury in our lives, we are afraid that
people are going to call us this and that, but we are not really
afraid of our Lord. What is He saying to us? He says, “I have
created you only for my service. I did not create you for anything
else. When you prove your service to Me then I have prepared
something for you that you are going to be enjoying in the
hereafter. This world is not a Paradise. Don’t try to make it
Paradise.” He is saying to us, “There is very little benefit in this
world for you. So don’t run after this world. You come to this world
clean.” So the Marifat… Marifat is not to fly in the air. Marifat is
not to walk on the sea. Marifat is not to jump from here in order to
find yourself in Mecca. Marifat is that you come to this world clean
and now it is in your hands if you will go out clean or not. That is
Marifat. If you would be able to go out from this world clean and
the angels would wrap your soul in heavenly silk then that is

So many people were there in the time of Musa (alayhi salam) who
reached Sidratul Muntaha through their worship. But they made one or
two mistakes and whoosh… they rolled back down all the way to the
lowest stations. Take Sheytan, him for example. He was worshipping.
His home was this world. He was worshipping in this world and he was
worshipping so much that he started rising and he reached and
entered into Paradise. He worshipped in the Paradise for so many
years. But one disobedience – and not two – one, and it made him the
cursed one. His name was Azazeel and Allah said to him, “Get lost
from the Divine Presence. You are the evil one, cursed one, sheytan
jinn. Stay until Judgment Day where I am sending you. After Judgment
Day there will be severe punishment to you. I am going to give you
time until that Day.” Then he (sheytan) says, “I am going to fool
all the children of Adam. If they turn to me I am going to fool
them.” Allah said, “If they follow you and they die with that
arrogance, then they are also going to the fire with you.”

This is it. This is the whole key. Don’t look at the ones who are
(praising your ego and) saying, “You are that, you are this, you are
so important, oh mashallah you are president, prime minister.”

“Did you come to this world clean?”


“Do you think you will be able to make it out of this world clean?”

Now there’s something to think about. So many people who go to
school are very high intelligence students. They know before the
test that they are going to make it. But still they don’t talk. They
know highly because they study a lot. They say (to themselves), “If
the teacher asks me this question I know the answer, if he asks me
this question I know the answer, if he asks me this question I know
the answer. So there is 90% chance that I am going to pass.” There
are people like that. Even if you are like that, sit and think
again. This is not a school class. We enter into this world clean
and our Lord is saying to us, “You must come out clean because where
you came from is Paradise and paradise is for clean people. When you
go to the world you are dirtying yourself. Clean yourself before you
come out from it and only then will you come back to Paradise.
Otherwise, if you didn’t clean yourself in the world, then the fire
is waiting for you because the fire is the only thing that will
clean you.”

Maybe you don’t know but I used to do welding job; (I was a) welder
and I used to do swords. I was finding (in the job) big pieces of
metals that were very rusty. There was a coal fire burning and when
I was putting it inside the fire, the whole thing was turning red
and I was taking it out, putting in on a metal (platform) and
hitting it with a hammer… tak, tak, tak, tak, two three times and
later when it cooled down I would find that there is no more rust.
It cleaned the rust right away. If you want to clean that rust by
hand it would be impossible. But putting it in the fire, taking it
out, putting it on earth, tak, tak, tak three times and it is shiny
(Sheykh smiles). So Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is saying to us that
if you come out dirty from this life then the fire is going to clean
you. Bodily dirtiness is not like that rust. The body may be dirty
on the outside. Maybe you worked too much and you didn’t get the
chance to clean yourself up and the Angel of Death came to you. That
is okay. Dirtiness is here (Sheykh pointing at the heart). Pride is
the biggest dirtiness that man can have. And praising his own ego,
ooh… Then you do need to stay some time in the fire because that is
a big dirtiness (that you have) inside and it needs to be cleaned.
If you think of life like this and if you think (like this)
everyday, and when Maghrib time approaches we start judging our own
selves making our own accounting, then slowly we will reach
somewhere. Daily we will put our lives in front of us saying, “I did
this, this, this and this today. I got up in the morning I went to
this way I came across this person and the person looked very ugly
to me but I still did not think bad about this person and I prayed
for that one. If that person upset me I did not respond. This
happened that happened…” and you calculate your own self and you can
find for yourself what kind of life you have lived today.

Tomorrow is another day that is waiting for us but we have entered
into that day today. Maghrib is our calendar. The Muslim calendar
doesn’t finish at midnight. It is from Maghrib to Maghrib. It ends
at Maghrib time and it begins at Maghrib time. So our day finishes
at Maghrib. Whatever we have done for yesterday is gone. We have
entered into a new day now. Whatever bad and good (we did) we
calculate it and we can see that this is good and this is bad. We
may work a little extra tomorrow for the Judgment Day. We may put a
little extra there so that it may clean what wrongs we have done
today. If we calculate, if we watch, if we don’t live a heedless
lifestyle then we are going to win. If you are living heedlessly… it
is not that you are drunk. Your eyes are open. So many people whose
eyes are open today but they are sleeping, they are half-sleeping.
You may be sleeping but your heart should be open. Your heart never
sleeps. So Allah and His Prophet (saw) is saying to us, “Don’t be
heedless ones because heedlessness is coming from Sheytan. Know what
you are doing because you are responsible.” Allah is saying to
us, “Don’t let that Sheytan come and fool you by saying to
you, “Don’t worry. Your Lord is Generous. He is going to forgive
everything that you do.” Of course. But what if He says, “I am not
forgiving.” What are you going to do? Did you make a deal with

Some people are coming to me saying, “Well, I am living too much
Islam now. I am going to slow down a little bit. I need to think if
I am going to stay a Muslim or not.” Mashallah. Go to any hell. The
hell is open. If you don’t want to be a Muslim, the hell is ready.
Tear up the paper and go ahead. At least when you say the Shahadat
you have a paper in your hand ensuring that one day you are going to
enter Paradise. No matter what punishment you may come out of, you
are going to enter Paradise because you are saying the Shahadat.
Anybody who says “la ilaha illallah” is going to enter Paradise. But
you are saying, “I am fed up with this.” What did you do that you
are fed up? What did you do for Allah that you are fed up? Huh?
Everything you are doing is for your own self. Nothing else. Do you
think that Allah has put obligations on us yet? We are not running
daily yet to see what is waiting in front of us and which side are
we going to turn. We are still babies. We are not going through
tests. When we are going to do more (towards faith) then Allah is
going to put us through tests. You go to school and they give you
tests. They give you problems according to the grade that you are
placed in, and you have to solve it. You cannot copy it from any
book, nor can you copy it from anywhere else. We are still babies.
They are not putting us through any tests yet. We still have to grow
and then we will go through daily tests. Then when you are getting
up early in the morning everyday you will ask yourself, “Oh, I am
living today. Am I living for Allah or am I living for my ego? What
is waiting for me today? How am I preparing myself for today?”

Before it was in the Western countries and now it is in Eastern
countries, Sheytan with his kingdom is keeping people busy twenty-
four hours on television, on computers and on this and that. People
are running and helping each other but they are not helping
themselves. When the angel of death comes to you what are you going
to say? “I was helping that one”? Don’t you see that everywhere,
especially when you are traveling, they are giving you warnings
first? Every one of you took the plane at least once in your life.
Everytime I am on the plane I am watching those hostesses
saying, “If any accident happens then this is going to come out,
that is going to come out, this is how you have to put the life vest
on you, da da da da da.” Eh, first you have to put it on yourself
and then later your child. Allahu Akbar! “I love my child. Let me
put it on him first.” They will say, “No, first you must put it on
yourself and you must feel that you are in security, and only then
will you be able to reach to others.” How are you going to reach to
others if you are not secured? Impossible.

In life there are so many incidents that are waiting for us twenty-
four hours a day especially in today’s world. In the old days,
people did not have so many incidents like this to happen any time,
any minute or any second. In today’s world there are so many
incidents waiting for us. It doesn’t have to be that an earthquake
is going to occur in the city now, New York City. But when we come
to think of it (it is very possible that) one plane may come and
knock into this building and we will all be burned inside. If it can
happen to the World Trade Center then it can happen here too. Or
(let’s say) you are walking in the street thinking, “I lost
direction”. You come off from the sidewalk and someone runs you
over. So many incidents are happening. The life we are living in is
so delicate today. It came to be so fragile. But we still live a
heedless lifestyle, looking around, especially in this city. The
city that never sleeps. Of course it never sleeps. Sheytan never
sleeps. Humans must sleep. The heart must not sleep. But humans must
rest to be able to walk the next day and to be able to know from
which side Sheytan is going to attack. Sheytan never sleeps. Sheytan
is in the awakening station all the time and he is never heedless
(and he is) saying, “As much as I can take with me to the fire.”
This is his job. Since that day (in paradise when he became
disobedient) until Judgment Day he never sleeps. We must wake up. We
must wake up in the daytime. I am watching everybody and I am

“What are you doing.”

“I am working.”

“Did you earn the world?”

“Not yet.”

“When are you going to? When you are ninety years old? When you are
ninety years old, then you are going to own the building? It’s too
late then even if you own the building?”

Don’t let these days pass you by and fly away. You can claim and you
can say whatever you want. If you say these things to a Turk they
will say, “He is a backward man. He doesn’t know anything.” They
would say, “The life is waiting for us. We have to live up our
lives.” (Sheykh smiles). The angel of death is waiting for you.
Everywhere you turn he is waiting for you. Maybe you are next. Are
you prepared to go? If you are prepared to go then you have nothing
to worry. But if you didn’t prepare then you have to worry. If they
say to you, “Come, we are going to put you on a plane right now to
your country to be with your family members. You may come back in a
month.” Everyone is going to say, “Well, let me prepare some things
to take with me.” But you cannot. When the angel of death comes, he
does not give us the chance to prepare ourselves. We have to prepare
ourselves now with the life that is granted to us. Otherwise, you
may go everywhere. People make so many speeches and they cheer with
each other. But are you preparing yourself. This is what you have to
look at. It is the most important thing. We know that we came to
this life clean. We know we came to this life in a human form. We
came out from our mothers’ wombs in human forms. This body takes the
human form in the womb in four months time. Little fingers, little
eyes, little nose but it is the same human body. We came out (from
the womb) and we are going to go out (from this world). We are going
to go out either as humans or as donkeys. That is the most important
matter that we have to watch.

Allah is our Creator, the Creator of all, even if you accept or not.
If we are living according to the kind of program that He has put
for us, and if we are taking a role model, a guide in this life,
then we are never going to get lost. The Guide is Holy Prophet
(alayhi salatu wa salam). Allah is giving order to us saying that
the Guide is the Holy Prophet (saw) and we must follow his
footsteps. We must try to follow his footsteps and of those who are
following the footsteps of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). At
least we must make our intention to follow. When we make the
intention, slowly according to our intention Allah (subhana wa
ta’ala) will move us. If our intention is good and strong He will
move us to the right way and we will find ourselves on the main
road. We cannot do anything (by ourselves). Allah is the one who is
going to do it and He is asking us, “What is your intention? Do you
want to live the way I want you to live, or do you want to live the
way your ego wants to live?” If we are running to please our ego
(then know that) our ego is never going to be pleased with us. No
matter what we give to our ego, it will always ask for something
else. It is never going to finish.

But if we run to please our Lord, our Lord becomes pleased with us
in very simples ways. Very simple ways. For these days especially,
since you are running in the streets, working here and there so
much, at least when you come home wash yourself before you go to
bed, and for five minutes, (even if you do nothing, wash your hand,
your face and your feet, you don’t have to know anything) just go to
Sejdeh and turn (to Allah) and say, “Ya Rabbi! I am sitting here
five minutes for you. I have worked all day long and I am tired. But
I am spending these five minutes with you. I don’t want them to call
me a backward person. I don’t go to a mosque, I don’t keep a beard,
I don’t wear this and that, but I love You because You say You love
me.” That action pleases Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). Even if you are
doing nothing only that will please Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). So
check yourself. Those who are trying to live Islam correctly and
praying five times a day [if you cannot be like them you don’t have
to] No. Check yourself. Say to yourself, “Before I go to sleep, do I
sit for five minutes with my Lord to ask, to say and to talk?” You
are not hearing Him but He is hearing you. You are not seeing Him
but He is seeing you. That is everything in Islam.

All the others see their lord in front of them but their lord is not
seeing them. They Christians put Jesus in front of them, hanging on
the cross, (making him look like a) helpless man, and they
say, “This is our lord.” Hmm. Mashallah. So is he seeing you? No.
But we are seeing him. Empty-heads. The ones who are worshipping
Buddha may use Buddha’s 25 meters long statue. (They have those in
Indonesia, in that part of the world, (Sheykh smilingly looking
at `X’) his country, around that area). There is one in China that I
saw. Allahu Akbar! I was shocked looking at it and I said, “What are
you doing up there? Come down. Let’s talk.” The Chinese people
around were looking at me and saying (to each other), “What is he
doing?” One asked me, “What are you doing?” I said, “I am telling
your lord to come down. We got to speak.” (He goes), “Hee hee hee
hee.” Even they were laughing. They didn’t get upset. They thought
it is really a joke. It is a huge thing that they made up there and
everyone is bowing down before it. I said to the man,

“You are seeing your lord?

“Yes, this is it.”

“Mashallah. It’s big. It looks pretty strong. Is he seeing

(Sheykh imitated how the guy mumbled to say) “It is made out of
wood. Very special wood.”

He is telling me that it’s made out of wood. I said,

“Is he seeing you, hearing you?”

He says, “No!”

I said, “Look at what I am doing.” I said to him, “Follow me. He
(Allah) is seeing me. He is hearing me and what I need. This one is
not giving you what you need.”

Anyway, let us put that aside. We know that in Islam it (Shahadat)
is everything. Allah (subahana wa ta’ala) made it easy for us, for
our tongue to say, “Ash-hadu an la ilaha ilallah wa ash-hadu anna
Muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu” and our heart to accept. It is a
grant from Him to us. We have to treat it properly. It is very
valuable. That is why Sheytan is running in topspeed in order to
take it away from us. Know that all these prayers, all these worship
and all these things that we are doing are just to save this
Shahadat. It is nothing else. Shahadat is the faith. It is standing
right in the center. Imagine if we had this room filled with gold.
Could we have left the doors open or leave the gold lying on the
street? Within five minutes all the gold is going to disappear from
the street. Even though it is so heavy mankind is going to find
something. When you are looking at this side they are going to take
it from that side, when you are looking at that side they are going
to take it from this side. In five minutes it is going to go. So we
need to put the gold in the room and put night-locks and nice walls
around. In these days even that is not enough. You have to put
harder things. And in these days it is not safe to put it in the
public places. You have to hide it in such a way that they cannot
know where it is. I can tell you that this city is a center of gold.
But do you know where all the gold is in this city? Can anybody know
where the gold is? All the gold is circling here in this city. Do
you know exactly where it is? You may think that it is in 46th
Street. But no. 46th Street is just a show. In big blocks it (the
gold) is circling around and it is down there in the district’s
stock-market area, in the Wall Street area. You are walking on top
of it and underneath that road they are doing that. They are
changing (the values of exchange) every single minute but you don’t
know. If you don’t know exactly where it is then you cannot find

They have to hide it from the mankind which is so clever that it may
find a way to go down and come up. Mankind is so clever that they
are going up and they are going down. The submarines go all the way
down and the rockets go all the way up. The Shahadat that you are
carrying is more valuable than, not this room full of gold, but the
whole world full of gold. If the whole world is full of gold then
still that Shahadat is more valuable than that. You are in need of
putting that Shahadat in safety, and to protect it. And Allah is
saying to us, “First, you must give Shahadat.” Then you are
rich. You are no longer poor. No Muslim is ever poor. He is rich with
Shahadat. Allahu Akbar! You need to protect that.

So that is the first thing. Shahadat. Then five times prayer. You
are putting that valuable stuff (faith) around and Sheytan is
watching for you to become heedless so that he can come and take it.
If you are praying five times a day then you put one wall around.
But Sheytan is never stopping. He is shooting nonstop from the same
angle in order to penetrate that wall. Then another wall is fasting.
Another wall is Zekat, another wall is Hajj, another wall is the
Sunnat of the Prophet (saw) and another wall is the Nawafil Ibadat
(voluntary worship). By putting so many walls now Sheytan is out.
All the way out. If he is able to penetrate through one then you
send your soldiers there to fix that area and it kicks Sheytan out
again. He is never finding the time and place to enter inside and to
steal that faith. If you protect the faith like that then Mashallah
to you. If we protect our faith and go out from this world like that
then Mashallah to us. We are the winners. But if you go out from
this world without the Shahadat then you lived for nothing and you
went to become nothing. Keep that Shahadat high (what Allah subhana
wa ta’ala has granted to us) and keep it valuable.

So many people came to this world that were the rulers of this world
once. They were doing whatever they wanted. If they said, “Hang this
one” that one would be hanged and if they said, “Release this one”
this one would be released. They built cities, they built towns and
they built nations. They were disobedient to their Lord. Their names
stayed in the history books. But as long as their names are staying
(on earth) curse will reach to them. On the other hand, none of the
prophets that came to this world were wealthy. They were rich but
they were not wealthy. They did not have worldly wealth with them.
Worldly they had nothing. They also went out from this world and
they are now sitting in their Paradises. Their names are being
mentioned and all believers praise them. Their stations are going
higher and higher. All those people who are following the footsteps
of the prophets, it doesn’t matter who you are and what you are, the
whole key is, “Are you following the way of Allah or the way of
Sheytan.” In the world you may have so many high titles, you may
finish so many universities but you may become a monkey like Darwin,
because he was claiming to be a monkey and millions are also
claiming to be monkeys like him. They all have university diplomas.
And all universities’ teachings are based on Evolution. Isn’t it? In
the East and the West. Did you not go to universities? Do you go to
school? What is the theory that they are teaching people? Creation
or Evolution, which one? Go to the Muslim countries. Go to Turkey.
Especially in Turkey, if you say that then there’s article 312 and
they would say, “We will put you in jail. Don’t talk too much.”
(Sheykh laughs with everyone). “Leave Darwin alone.” If you say
something about Darwin (in Turkey) they say, “Put this one in jail.”
Here you can say it but there you cannot. So now in the whole world
as the little children are growing up we are teaching them here
saying, “Allah has created you. You are a creature.” They go to
school and the school teaches them saying, “You came from monkeys,
Evolution.” They are not saying monkey because the man may get upset
saying, “I am not a monkey.” (They say) “You came from monkeys. That
is what Evolution means.” Hmm. This is what they are teaching in
every school. Worldwide. From kindergarten now to the universities,
even though the theory is bankrupt. The theory of Darwin is bankrupt
but they are still teaching it saying, “We have not found anything
to replace it with yet and we cannot teach people Creation and about
the Creator. If we teach them then, they are going to be good
citizens. We are not going to have terrorism here and there. So we
are not going to be able to rule as we like. They are going to
question us. So we must make them like this.” This is what the
bigheads are thinking. From this country to everywhere. This is
what they are planning.

So many are saying, “Equal rights. We have the same rights.”
Especially mashallah to women today who are saying, “We have all the
rights.” I just learned today that in Bangalistan there are 130
million people and they did not find one man to make their Prime
Minister. They found a woman to be their Prime Minister. They got
jealous from the Turks and the Pakistanis (and tried to be more
liberal than them). So Holy Prophet (saw) is saying to us, “When
your women become your leaders it is the end of you. You are
finished when your women become your leaders.” So many imams today
and so many sheykhs are afraid to use this word. They say, “Our
sisters’ hearts are going to be broken. We cannot say this because
we have equal rights.” Why is this? I am a man and you are a woman.
How are we the same? Are we the same? Yeah of course we are made out
from the same material. Yeah. (Sheykh mildly laughs).

So the teachings in the schools. If they are teaching people wrong
things in the early times (of their lives) then they grow up wrong
and they struggle between faith and evolution. We don’t find that
settled place to sit and say, “There is a Creator and I am a
creature. I am not believing in that donkey-monkey Darwin.”

Go to a school and ask, “What do you think?”

So many people will say, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know if you are a human or a donkey?”

(They will hurriedly say) “Well I am a human”

“But they are teaching you in the school evolution, that you are a

“Ummm, ehhh…”

We must come back to our own selves to Islam. Allah our Lord is
teaching us who we are and who He is. Who the Lord is. Don’t take
Allah so lightly as the Christians did, taking Allah and putting Him
in a man form saying, “This is your Lord.” Hasha Astaghfirullah. He
has created you. He has endless creation. Not one Adam but the
children of Adam. We are the children of Adam. He came not even
seven thousand years ago. Do you know how many Adam Allah created?
How are you going to know? You have not even figured out this Adam
yet. How are you going to figure out the other ones? Does Allah have
a beginning that we are putting a beginning to this Adam and
continuing? That is the teachings today that you have everywhere
because man’s mind is shrinking, shrinking, shrinking, shrinking and
he is not using the capacity of the intelligence. If a man is using
his intelligence whether he is a rabbi, a priest or anybody, if he
is using it property and correctly then he may reach to the station
of Jibreel (alayhi salam). Jibreel (as) is representing
intelligence. So they may reach that station through intelligence.
What about beyond that? Who is Muhammad (alayhi salatu wa salam)?
Hmm… People today, especially the Wahhabis say, “He is just a
messenger.” “What kind of a messenger? Like Federal Express
messenger? Or the messengers that are coming to your house everyday
giving you mail?” Ask them and they are going to say, “Similar.
Something like that.” Hasha Astaghfirullah.

When Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) came to Sidratul Muntaha
[where the mind’s knowledge finishes he saw that] Jibreel (as) is
representing the intelligence and knowledge.

Jibreel (as) said, “Ya Muhammad, you can go beyond this but I cannot.”

“Ya Jibreel, you are leaving me alone in this journey.”

“Ya Muhammad. The intelligence and the order that is coming to me
from my Lord is telling me that I cannot pass beyond this. If I pass
beyond this I go against intelligence and the light (the Nur) that
is coming from Allah (subhana wa ta’ala), my creation cannot bear to
carry that Nur (that light) and I will disappear, I will go to non-
existence and I will never be created again. So intelligence is
ordering me to stay here. Beyond this is for you.”

For whom? For Holy Prophet (saw) and his nation. He asked for his
nation. He never asked something for himself. (So Jibreel as
said) “Beyond this is for the nation of Muhammad (saw). You can go.”
Between this and the other point (where Holy Prophet met Allah),
some Awliya say that five times five hundred thousand years passed
while Prophet (saw) was moving in top speed. What happened? Where
are all those knowledge? Where is that ilm-e ladin, that secret

Today you say something and they say, “Quran is light.” Do you know
the light from yesterday? Quran is light and Quran is open. But you
have to have eyes to see the Quran. If you close your eyes you
cannot even see the Sun. When a person is closing his eyes tell the

“It is daytime.”

“No it is night. It is dark.”

“The sun is there.”

“I am not seeing it. I am not accepting that light.”

If you are blind then you are not seeing the secret of the Quran.

“Kalu Bela”, the Day of Creation. “Alastu Birabbikum.” Allah spoke
to us. To us, to you, to me and to everyone who is in creation now,
those who have passed and who are going to come.

He said, “Alastu Birabbikum.”

“Kalu.” We said, “You are.”

“Who is your Lord?”

We said, “You are.”

That word which he spoke to us is continuously coming. Twenty-four
hours a day He is speaking to us. (Sheykh smiles) Are you connected
to that word? First you have to connect to that word and you have to
find yourself saying, “Oh I was right here in this place. When the
first initial speech from Allah came and all these billions of
creation were present, I was in the first line or the second or the
third line.” You couldn’t have been in the first line because the
prophets were there. “I was in this line behind this man. On the
right of this one, on the left of that one.” Hmm… First you have to
remember that. When you remember that then everything starts to
slowly come back to you. The program there is not like here where
you can delete it or someone can put a virus and destroy it. It is
there. You can only destroy it by yourself. Nobody else can destroy
it. If you drink liquor you can destroy it. (Sheykh inhales and
exhales deeply imitating a smoker.) If you smoke cigarettes you can
destroy it. If you take drugs you can destroy it. Otherwise, that is
going to be okay. He programmed it properly. Its Owner programmed it
and He did it perfectly.

He is doing everything perfectly. Man is always doing something
crooked but the Creator is always doing it perfect. And He made man
in Ahsani Taqweem, the most perfect creature. That’s why Sheytan got
upset with us. Sheytan didn’t get upset with the donkey. Sheytan is
not the enemy of the animals. He is the enemy of man. Why is he the
enemy of man? He is not made out of the same material that we are
made of. He is a different material. He is made of smokeless fire.
Allah has used almost the same material for the animals as He has
used for us. But Sheytan is not upset with them. He is upset with
us. He is angry with man because when Allah created Maqam-e Mahmud
(the most praised station) Sheytan knew that He was going to give it
to man. But he was after it and he fell in love with it. When he
looked around he did not see anything else but himself. That is why
so many people are looking and seeing only their ego. They are not
seeing anything else. (Sheytan said to himself) “I am the most
perfect one among the creatures. So He must have created that for
me.” So he started to worship nonstop. He was not worshipping to
please Allah but he was worshipping to reach to that station. That
is what made him to become disobedient because he saw that station
and he aimed at it saying, “This (station) is the condition of my
worship.” He said, “(If for that station then) I will do it.” And he
started doing it. Forty thousand years he worshipped in different
levels of the paradises. When Allah created man, he looked at the
man and he looked at the station and then he said, (he was the one
who had knowledge. He looked at the man, he looked at the station
and right away knowledge came to him saying,) “This man fits to that
station.” For that he got upset thinking to himself, “I have been
worshipping for that station this many, many, many years and this
one who has just been created is going to get it? No way. If it is
necessary I will become disobedient to That One.” Hasha
Astaghfirullah. (Sheykh smiling). He became disobedient of the worst
kind. Sheytan is disobedient of the worst kind. He became
disobedient directly to Allah (subhana wa ta’ala).

Hmm. We should put ourselves in that category to see how many times
a day we are disobedient to our Lord. Then you will not find any
space to fight with Sheytan too. We turn to our own selves and when
Sheytan starts attacking us then we turn to our Lord saying (to
Sheytan), “Go away! I am busy with my Lord. I am trying to please
Him, not you.” Then you will reach somewhere. Otherwise, he is so
clever that he can knock us down. Don’t declare war against Sheytan,
because he will knock you and me down so easily. But if we run to
our Owner saying, “Oh our Lord, You have created me and that one. My
aim and my intention is to please You. Whatever you want I am going
to do.” Look what happens then. It is very easy. Very small things
are pleasing to Allah. To Allah it is not small or big. It depends
on the individual. The individual may build fifty mosques in this
(New York) City but it is not pleasing Allah. But an individual may
be walking in the street, taking one stone and putting it aside, and
that act may be pleasing to Allah. You don’t know where and how you
are going to please Allah. Your intention should always be, “I am
doing this. Is this action pleasing Allah or my ego?” When you are
fighting against that (pleasure of the ego) then you are reaching
somewhere. Otherwise, you are worshipping your ego.

You have two places you are worshipping now. When you are
worshipping to two places what are you doing? Shirk. So many Muslims
today are making Shirk. Hidden Shirk, Holy Prophet (saw) is
saying, “That will be a hidden Shirk when you are going to aim to
worship Allah but you are going to do what your ego wants. So then
you are worshipping your ego.” Our Grandsheykh is saying, “When you
are worshipping to two gods, kill one of them. Destroy one of them
and turn yourself to one.” Whichever you want. First start
worshipping one. Then you can understand if it is the wrong one, and
if so then you can turn to the right one. But don’t say to
yourself, “I know I don’t need anything. I don’t need any teacher
and I don’t need any guide. I can clean myself.” You cannot. You
cannot find even this building by yourself. If we didn’t tell you
where we were then you couldn’t even find this address, this room.
There are so many rooms and so many apartments (in this building).
You cannot find it by yourself. And this is just the world. This is
Dunya. The Paradise? If you know the Paradise then you start
shivering again because you don’t want to get lost in the paradise
too. You want to go to your place where you have been designated.
You cannot be running around wildly. Everything Allah has created is
in order.

So Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has created us as humans and He said to
us, “You come into this world clean and your duty is to come out
from this world clean. You come into this world in a human shape and
you have to try to come out of this world in a human shape.” Holy
Prophet (saw) is saying to us, “The way you live is how you are
going to die. The way you die is how you will be raised up.” If we
live according to the laws of Allah and His Prophet (saw) then we
will live a good life and we will live as humans. If we don’t live
according to our Lord and according to His prophets then we are not
living a human lifestyle. Someway somehow we are still carrying that
big animal characteristic and whatever animal characteristic is in
the body (that we live by) when the angel of death comes to you and
if you did not clean yourself from that animal characteristic, then
when you die inside your grave you will be turned into that shape.
You will get up in the Judgment Place in that shape. You will look
at the other ones and you will say, “I was a human. Now I am not.”
They will say to you, “Yes. The title of human was given to you but
you did not use it. It’s too bad. Now go to the area where the four-
footed are standing.” They (the animals) then are not going to accept
those ones also saying, “We have been created animals. We were very
pleased with it.” They will look at us saying, “If my Lord had
created me a human I would be very much more happy. But I am still
happy because He has created me as a dog. But you are not carrying
your stations as humans. If I were given that station I would have
carried it.”

So too much talk and too much conferences. Today there are people
everywhere who are trying to save the world. The world is in the
hands of Allah. You cannot do anything. Save yourselves. So many
leaders of the Muslims are running left and right, they are trying
to look nice and good to their Christian brothers and Jewish
brothers saying, “Look we are moderate Muslims. Accept us among
you.” Hmm. Think again. Don’t try to please them. Allah is saying to
us in the Holy Quran, “If you don’t become one of them, they will
never become one of you. They will never be pleased with you if you
don’t become one of them.” So there is only one place that we have
to run to please, (that is) our Lord. When you run to please Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala), anybody and anything who is pleased with Allah
(subhana wa ta’ala) will be pleased with you. Anything that is not
pleased with Allah will not be pleased with you. You don’t need
them. You need Allah and His Prophet (saw). We are living the Last
Days. The signs that Holy Prophet (saw) is showing us and the orders
that came from our Lord is telling us that the world is living the
Last Days. Not only (are we living) our last days but the world is
living the Last Days. We must try to collect good deeds and to
become better humans before the last trumpet is blown.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.

We can sit and talk until tomorrow, until next week or until next
month. As long as they send we can be here. But the little that we
spoke should be enough for us (if we are sincere enough) to clear
our way and to find our way. Otherwise, if we are talking too much
we are spending our time and we are not doing anything.


Call Ezan.


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi

Friday, 2nd Muharram 1426 – February 11th, 2005, Manhattan Dergah, New York City

Selamun aleykum. Meded Ya Sayiddi, Ya Sultan Evliya, Mevlana Sheykh
Nazim al-Hakkani. Meded.

From millions only a handful are going to find safety. Those who
sincerely believe are going to hide themselves. They are not going
to be in the populated areas. They are going to pull themselves out.
With the power that Allah has given them (Awliya) they can change
certain things. That’s why they are pulling back because they don’t
want to change. More darkness is going to cover everywhere before
the light, and the one who has permission to change, comes.
Otherwise, Sheykh Mewlana is saying that even with the power of all
these Awliya, their change is like the similitude of a big desert.
In that desert there are small areas with lakes and there are very
small rivers. And even with those rivers the water can only reach to
limited places. So you cannot make the whole desert turn into a
green land even if you want it. All those Awliya that are reaching
to some areas are (as if they are) holding those lakes. They have
little green areas around them.

Think of this whole world as a desert and there are some areas where
there is still light coming, (those areas are) like green patches of
land. But the whole world is a desert with so many ignorant,
arrogant and stubborn people. No matter what they are saying, what
they are showing and what they are trying, they have become tools of
Sheytan. They say, “We are against Sheytan” but they are supporting
the kingdom of Sheytan. So when you are supporting the Sheytan comes
in so many different ways and with so many different ideas. It
doesn’t say “Sheytan” (written on it), nor does it come to you with
the two-horned ugly creature that they are showing everywhere. No.

The prophets came to bring people from darkness to light. When whole
people were entering darkness and they were becoming like wild
animals, very cruel to themselves and to the things around them,
Allah sent prophets to them. The mercy of Allah reached and He sent
prophets for them to find the light, to find the right ways and to
live according those laws. Every prophet came with the rules and the
laws of the Heavens to say to people, “This is what you have to do.
This is what you have to keep, this is what you have to do in order
to find light, because now you are suffering. You are in darkness.”
Those who accepted it found light and peace while they were living
in Dunya, they found peace in their graves, and right now they are
in peace. Those who didn’t accept suffered in Dunya. No matter what
they had they still suffered, be they rulers or be they nothing, and
now you cannot even count how many times the sufferings have
multiplied. But they put themselves into that situation.

It is the same thing with the people today. Choose! You’ve got to
choose what is right. Not what is right for you, for that time or
for that minute but what is right according to the Heavenly
Standard. If you only say `what is right for me’ then everyone is
going to come out with their own ideas saying `this is right for
me’. But does `what is right for you’ fit into the category that
Allah has sent? You may have any belief. Go and ask today’s
people, “Does the lifestyle that you are living fit to your faith?”
Ask a Christian. “Does the lifestyle you are living fit to what
Jesus brought to you?” If that one is sincere he is going to say to
you, “No.” So you are living against what Jesus said. Ask a Jew. It
is the same. Ask a Muslim. It is the same. All these different
lifestyles are leading to Sheytan. All these people that are not
living according to what their prophets brought to them but
according to the time that they are living in and the places and the
rules and the laws that are around them, and which is the set
lifestyle around them, who is setting it? If it is not from the
Heavenly Station then where is it coming from? From Sheytan. Very

Everyone is running today saying, “We love Democracy and we are
going to bring Democracy.” What did you do with Democracy? Did you
reach somewhere with that Democracy? Isn’t that the whole trouble
everyone got into in the first place? When Jesus came he said to
them, “Accept what I say to you, what your Lord has sent.” They
said, “No we don’t accept what you say. We accept what we think is
right.” Democracy. Jesus didn’t come to them to teach them
Democracy. He came to teach them Kingdom. They are running for
Democracy and at the same time they are saying, “Jesus is the King”.
Where is his Kingdom? If he is a King and you are following him,
where is his Kingdom? Hmm… The same thing is with the Jews and the
same thing is with the Muslims today. The majority of mankind today,
under different names and under different faiths, are running and
serving Sheytan. If they are sincere with what they believe that
Heavenly Rules and laws came to them, and they hold on tightly, not
even to every law that came but only one Ayat that came to them or
one thing that their Prophet taught to them, then they will find
safety. It is enough to bring them to safety. So it shows that they
are not following even one teaching because they are not reaching to

So people they are not reaching to safety because they are not being
servants to Allah. First you have to be free in order to be servants
of Allah. You have to be free from any man’s authority to be a
servant to Allah (so that you can say), “I am serving You, You are
my Master.” We are not free. If you are not free then you are a
servant to something else. And that must be Sheytan. There cannot be
two Allah, two lords. You must get rid of one. So first you have to
become free. Not according to the understanding that (today’s
people) say, “I am free and I do as I like. I go anywhere I want, I
drink anything I want, I keep what I want, I sleep anywhere I want,
with anybody I want.” Then what’s the difference between you and an
animal? What is it? That’s what the animals do too. But even the
animals don’t do such things like that. Go watch. Yeah. Watch their
world. A bear has a partner and if another bear from far away comes
and looks at the female one, then look what the male does to that
(foreign) one saying, “You’re looking at what I have here?” They
have war. Today’s people don’t have that too. It’s gone. Because the
men lost their identities and the women lost their identities. And
all these sicknesses came because of such things called Democracy
and Freedom. It is nothing else.

So if you are not accepting what I am saying now, do you think that
you are going to accept it when Jesus comes? Do you think that Jesus
is going to say, “Vote for me”? Mashallah. Do you think that Jesus
is coming to ask votes from people? (Sheykh laughing). Is he going
to bring Democracy? The Imams and the Sheykhs, the Priests and the
Rabbis are talking about this today. (They are) saying, “We must
bring Democracy.” The Imams and the Sheykhs. Leave the Priests and
the Rabbis. So many Sheykhs and Imams are running and saying, “We
have to bring Democracy.” Is that what Allah and His Prophet(saw)
brought to you? What is democracy? Do you know the meaning of it?
You don’t know. If you don’t know then why are you running after
something that is going to bring you next to a cliff, and you are
not going to be sheltered by anything, and any amount of wind is
going to blow you down the cliff? Do you think you are a special
creature only because you gave Shahadat by tongue? Only by
saying, “Ashhadu an la…” you became such a special creature? Leave
that. Do you think that if you pray twenty-four hours a day you
become such a special creature? Who are you? You are just a
creature. He is the Creator. Do you think you should be giving
credit to your own self if you are doing that (worship)? What are
you? The more you understand Allah and the more you come closer to
Allah, the more you understand His Majesty and how high His station
is, the more humble you are going to become. The more worthless you
are going to feel and understand that you are not good for anything.
Leave people praising you and putting you up. Then if a person calls
you a donkey you will say, “Elhamdulillah, I wish I was a donkey.”
Don’t get upset. Because then you would look at that animal and you
would say, “This animal is doing what it has been created for and it
is living according to that, but I am not.”

All these (wrong things) come to man because of the one big sin that
no one is concentrating on these days. It is almost the biggest sin
which brings after it all the other sins. If you are doing that
(sin) then all the other sins are going to come. What is that big
sin? It is the first sin. Disobedience. Disobedience! (You may say):

“Well I am obedient.”

“To who?”

“To Allah.”

Huh. Do you know what Allah wants from you right now? Do you have
any hotlines that you are receiving something (from Him)? Are you
receiving what is coming down to you? Everyone has one line open.
Direct line is coming from Allah to you, not from you to Allah. Heh!
It is coming from (up) there to you, but it is not coming from you
to Allah. That’s why you are running in different angles to
different stations. If that hotline was open, then you will be a
completely corrected one because now you see what is coming down for
you and you will be living according to that. So, you are
disobedient. (You are) a disobedient creature to Allah because you
don’t know what Allah wants from you.

Allah says to us, “Obey Allah.” He didn’t leave it there. After
obeying Allah, why do you need to obey something else? Have you ever
thought? The first order is to obey Allah. If He is saying to
us “Obey Allah” and we are obeying Allah, then what else do we need
to obey? If you are obeying Allah correctly and obeying something
else also then you are in shirk (polytheism). (Sheykh smiles). We
are committing shirk. We are putting something else. But Allah did
not stop there. He is saying to us, “Obey Allah”. Then He
says, “Obey His Prophet”. And He says, “Obey your leaders.” In other
words, He is spelling it out for us that those who are following
Allah and His Prophet (saw), now it is obligation for them to obey
their leaders.

So disobedience. The first disobedient creature is Sheytan. Everyone
is taking it so lightly. As soon as you mention it everyone
goes, “hehehe ugly one.” But do you know how many centuries that one
worshipped to Allah? Can you calculate correctly? Maybe his
intentions were wrong but he did everything correctly. Hm… Thousands
of years. Not ten years, not fifty years and not a hundred years. If
you were given hundred years of life, the worship that you would do
to Allah, compared to what Sheytan did would be nothing. He
worshipped forty thousand years in each level of Paradise. And after
all that worship, he just used his own ideas once, only for one
thing. He said, “For me to make Sejdeh to him? You are asking a
wrong thing.” As soon as he said that to Allah, Allah said to
him, “Now come down from that high station and get lost from My
Presence. Go down to the lowest place, stay there until Judgment Day
and after Judgment Day you will be severely punished because of
this.” For just one word of disobedience. One. Not two.

Then Adam (alayhi salam), Allah (subana wa ta’ala) created him
through His Divine Hands. Not like you, me and others. He did not
say “Be”, and it happened. He (swt) says that He molded him. He
mixed up water, fire, air, dirt and everything into each other and
He put a shape. Then He left it for hundreds of years. The sun was
hitting and drying that clay and it was entering into different
shapes every single day. Then Allah blew the Spirit from Himself to
that one. Look how much care Allah is showing to that man that He
has created. He is saying to us that He has created the worlds and
the universes in six days. It is written in every book. The Awliya
allah are giving us signs that when Allah created Adam (as), He left
him laying there for over two hundred years. And when He blew His
spirit into his mouth, the spirit stayed only in the head area for
another two hundred years. Imagine how much care and how much work
Allah put into that creature. Then everything entered and the whole
body became alive and he was an obedient creature to Allah.

When he was obedient, he was living with all the beauties and the
goodness in the Paradises. He was doing everything that he has been
programmed to do. Not programmed to do but what Allah ordered him to
do. Angels are programmed. They cannot go out from it. But Allah has
given us will power. That is why we are not programmed. We are
responsible for everything that we are doing. We are choosing
between right and wrong. We are choosing between bad and good. We
are choosing what is for us. That makes us responsible. Angels are
not like that.

All that Allah gave to that body and that Spirit and He gave so much
from His Lordship to that one, giving life to that one, and he was
living correctly in the Paradises. What did he do? He did one wrong
action. For us, we don’t even have the right to see it to be wrong.
Do not make any mistake to say that Adam (as) did wrong. Hasha
Astaghfirullah! Who are we to say that Adam (as) did wrong? Allah
said to us through the Holy Book what Adam (as) did and whatever
happened for him to come out of the Paradises. So one action made
him to become disobedient to his Lord. And that one disobedience
made that creature, our great-great-grandfather suffer. Not for one
day but for over a thousand years down on this earth. Over a
thousand years because his original form was made to live in the
paradises and not on this earth. Just to come out of the paradises
and coming down to earth, his originality was changing and he was
suffering inside, the body was suffering and there was pain.

But leave all those aside. He was not feeling any of those physical
pains. All his life that he was living, he was feeling only one
pain. He was saying, “How have I become disobedient to my Lord?” And
he was crying non-stop. For three hundred years he was crying on the
mountains of Ceylon when he came down. Three hundred years he was
crying there nonstop and the tears that were coming out of his eyes
that were falling into the mountains and going through, today they
are cutting the mountains and finding black pearls, special black
jewels that the Awliya say are the tears of Adam (as). Each one of
them, the smallest one of them costs over a hundred thousand
dollars. He cried. So every time mankind is entering into darkness
in every corner, Allah’s mercy is reaching to us and He is sending
us books where He is saying, “Look what your grandfather did. He did
one thing and he was suffering so much and I accepted what he asked
from Me, but look how much he suffered. Don’t be disobedient ones.
You cannot reach to Me as he had reached to Me. So I am sending you
prophets and guides to you. Hold onto those. Otherwise you will be
lost.” Even if Adam (as) did something wrong he did not have anybody
to guide him. He had to go according to his own inspirations. And he
knew and understood that he did wrong and he asked for forgiveness.
Even after he was forgiven he was asking for forgiveness again
nonstop for what he did.

So Allah is talking about two creatures that were once very obedient
to Allah, and with one action they became disobedient in the
Presence of Allah. To one of them Allah (subhana wa ta’ala)
said, “Get lost. I am the one who has created you. You have no value
by yourself. I can send you to non-existence if I want. Go down to
earth and live there until Judgment Day and severe punishment will
reach to you.” He (swt) could have easily sent that one to non-
existence and create another creature. Then Adam (as) did it. Allah
could have said, “I am not accepting your repentance and I am
sending you to non-existence too.” Who can say what? He is the only
One. There is no other one to debate. Today everyone is making so
many debates. Men and women. Somebody just came and gave me a card
saying, “Middle East Program, Bringing Peace, da da da da”. Whose
peace is it? Who is the peacemaker? The person making peace does not
even know where she is. So everyone is making debates.

We just put some foundations to understand where Adam (as) is and
where we are. And Allah subhana wa ta’ala could have sent him to non-
existence by saying, “You have no value. After you became
disobedient to me you have no value.” But the mercy of Allah reached
to him and he was forgiven. Look at how much time Allah spent on
that one and how easily He (swt) took him down from the Paradise,
and He put him down to earth saying, “Go down there.” He (Adam as)
did not have doctors to go and check his body saying, “Your body
temperature is changing because you just came out from Paradise.” If
today’s people see a little bit of scratch on them they run to the
hospitals. Thousands of doctors are checking and if the temperature
is going a little up, “Oh! Ambulance”, and it’s coming. Adam (as)
was coming down from Paradise and entering in this environment. His
whole body was changing. Do you understand how much he suffered? And
Allah could have sent him to non-existence right away.

So who are we? Who are we? Are you still going to give a little
value to your own self? Say “I am standing on this station.” Say.
Then you become Firaun. Firaun and Namrud. We are taking lessons
from them too. Don’t think that we are better than them. No. But
what did the Firauns do and what did the Namruds do? Whenever you
mention their names in front of people they go, “Ugh! Ugly
creatures.” [However,] they built cities and they had millions of people whom
they fed. Allahu Akbar! They gave them shelter. They looked after
them. Millions. They did not have to worry thinking “I have to pay
my rent.” They did not have to worry thinking “I am still working
and I am going to get kicked out from my apartment.” They did not
have to worry about anything. They knew “I am going to work this
many hours today, ten hours, eight hours, twelve hours and at the
end of the day I am going to find food to eat.” In the nighttime I
have a shelter to go to. I have no landlord coming to me asking for
rent. I have no supermarkets to go to, putting it on my credit card
and increasing my debt. So they were living better lives.

Look at this. The majority are slaves today. If you ask them:

“What are you doing? Why are you not coming to Dergah?”

“I am working.”

“What are you earning? You are not helping Dergah, you are not
helping anything else, you are not helping anybody. Where is your
money going?”

“I am paying my debt.”

“You are working and you have debt?”

So now tell me, are you any better than that person who was under
the ruling of Namrud and Firaun? They did not worry about what they
were going to eat. They did not have to worry about where the
shelter is going to be. The only thing they had to do is work. So
are you doing any less than them today? Twelve hours. Today’s
people. And with the transportation time going back and forth,
fourteen hours. You are more enslaved than them. So Namrud was not
that bad, nor Firaun. Huh, look at it this way now. You have never
heard this before. He was good for his people. They were trying hard
because they were building cities, they were building towns, and
they were building monuments. That is what they were doing. And they
were using them. And if they were doing their jobs correctly they
were going into higher stations (in the state service). When those
people were obeying their leaders they had no problem. They were
living correctly and they were going from station to station.

But Firauns and Namruds became wrong and their names came down in
the history books as wrong ones and the Quran and every book is
saying that they were the worst ones and they are going to be
punished. They did good things but they are going to be punished.
Why? Because they were saying to people, “I am your lord. So worship
me at the same time. I am giving you food, I am giving you life and
I am giving you everything. So now you have to worship me.” But at
the same time Firaun was entering into a room, hiding in it and
saying, “Oh my Lord! I know that you are the Creator. You have
created me and I am Your servant. But once I said to these ones that
I am the lord and they accepted. So now this is what I am saying.”
When he was locking himself into that room he knew. He was
saying, “I am the weak one and I am asking help from You.” So look
where the Firauns and Namruds were.

Now, how many Firauns and Namruds are in the world today? Those
Firauns and Namruds were ruling the towns, the cities and their
countries. They did not ask to get votes from them. They were
ruling. They were building cities and they were building towns.
Today’s ones are getting the votes and then they are turning around
and crooking the people from whom they are taking the votes. Of
course. So many Sheykhs and Imams today are afraid to speak. They
say, “Don’t touch the leadership and don’t touch the politicians
because if you touch them then they are going to put you in jail.”
Allahu Akbar! Mashallah! So then why Allah is sending us the
prophets? Why did Allah sent prophets to Namruds and Firauns. If
they are not to be touched then why is He sending to them? Why is He
sending to the prophets saying, “Go and say this to them. Make them
follow.” They were ordinary people coming from the deserts. And the
Namrud said, “Who are you? You are coming from the desert to this
place? I don’t accept you.” That is what they did. So they did all
the good things to their people but they were disobedient. The
biggest sin. One of the biggest sins that lead a person towards
every other sin. That is disobedience.

“Obey Allah”. If the Ayat stops there then everyone will have a
right to say, “I am obeying Allah as I like.” But Allah is saying to
us “Obey Allah”, and He is sending prophets to us, and sending us
laws and books through those prophets. They are setting the laws and
saying to us, “Obeying Allah is this.” Do you think that in the time
of Musa, Isa, all the other prophets and Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu
wa salam), those people who were following the prophets told
them, “Well, we are obeying Allah but we are not obeying you.” If
they said such a thing they would become disobedient to Allah
because they became disobedient to the messengers of Allah. And the
prophets said to them, “Don’t ask too much. Follow me. Look how I am
living. I am a living guide.” There are so many questions that they
were asking to the prophets and the prophets said, “Don’t enter into
that area. Follow me because you are not in that level to understand
yet. If you had reached to that level then you would not have asked
me this question. So now follow what I am doing.” So obeying Allah
comes down to obeying the Rasul, obeying their Prophet. If they are
not obeying the Prophet then they are not obeying Allah.

But the Ayat did not stop there. If the Ayat stopped there then
today everyone would have the right to say, “I am obeying Allah and
His Prophet. That’s it. This is what the Ayat says.” No. Allah knows
what is going to come and what kind of creatures He has created. So
now He is saying, “Obey Allah, obey His Prophet and obey your
Rightly Guided Leaders.” The ones that are obeying Allah and the
Prophet, we accept them as our leaders and we are under obligation
to obey them. Huh! Holy Prophet (saw) is saying to us, “As long as
you live in their country, if you are living in the country where
they are not living according to the laws of Allah and His Prophet,
as long as you live in their country obey their laws – given that they
are not making you to become disobedient to Allah and His Prophet
with those laws. If they are forcing you to leave your religion and
leave Allah and His Prophet, then leave their country. Emigrate from
there.” So there is no opening for us to escape now.

I am finding so many times people are coming and going (from
Tarikat). Not only here but in so many other places, when I ask:

“Have you taken initiation?”

“Yeah I took initiation from this Sheykh”.

“And what happened?”

“I left him”.

“Hmm… You are in big trouble now. Why did you take initiation and
why you left?”

First of all you shouldn’t (so hurriedly take initiation). But if
you did, then you have no right to leave. It is the same way if the
Prophet (saw) was here. Do you think that the Sahabi would
say, “Well, we didn’t like this Prophet. We accept what he says but
we are not following him”? This is what people are doing today.

So when you ask them:

“Why you left that one?”

(For them to have the right to leave, they have to say)

“I have seen him committing a sin openly. I have seen it with my
eyes. Not with my theory. Not with what I think. But I did see that
one committing the big sin and I have the right to leave.”

Now you have the right to leave. You have the right to leave that
one (only to) go and find another one who is rightly guided. We
cannot stay alone unless you are a guide. Either you are a guide or
you are guided. So Allah is putting a condition there for us.

So the biggest sin which first Sheytan and then Adam (as) committed;
they didn’t commit adultery, they didn’t kill anyone, they didn’t
lie, they didn’t cheat, they did none of those things that we know
today. What did they do wrong? Disobedience. Allah says to
Sheytan, “Make Sejdeh.” He says, “No I won’t. I am making Sejdeh
only to You.” (Sheykh laughs). Look at the disobedience. He didn’t
say to Allah, “I am not making Sejdeh to You.” He said, “I am not
making Sejdeh to that one but I am making Sejdeh to You.” Allah is
saying to him, “You are making Sejdeh to Me but you are not making
Sejdeh to My order. If I order you to make Sejdeh to a tree you have
to make Sejdeh to a tree. You cannot use your head to say, `I like
this one but I don’t like that one’. You are disobedient. Get down
from that high station that I have given to you.” Get down, meaning,
Allah gave a high station to him. High station means He gave him a
station where the angels used to come to him and ask him new
knowledge and he used to give news from that new knowledge. So He
(swt) says, “Get down from that station. I am taking that knowledge
away from you and go down to the low, low place and stay there until
the Last Day. Then I am going to put you into severe punishment.”

Then Allah says to Adam (as), “Do you see this tree? Don’t come near
this tree. Don’t eat from it. Anywhere you see it in Paradise, don’t
come near and don’t eat from the fruit.” Order was given to Adam
(as). Don’t make any mistake now. The order was given directly to
Adam (as). Allah was the Ruler. There was no Democracy there, men
and women giving vote together. No. Allah created Adam (as). Then He
created Hawa and said to her, “You are in the service of Adam (as).”
You are not in my service. You are in the service of your husband.
Allahu Akbar! (Sheykh smiles). That is why we say that today’s men
have lost their identity. Men and women lost their identities. This
Democracy hypocrisy ideas have made people to loose their identities.

“I love my wife. I give her all the rights. She likes to go there.
So she can go.”

“She can go but she is not going to come back to you.”

(Sheykh mimicking the democratic slogan in a mocking voice)

“Give freedom”. Eh, give freedom and then look what happens. Allah
is saying this is what you have to do. To the men this is the order
and to the women this is the order.

So Hawa came to Adam (as). Sheytan fooled him through her, long
story, I am not going to enter into it, Sheytan entered into a snake
and came and fooled her and she ate from that tree, from that grain.
It was not an apple. It was a grain. It was wheat that you make
bread from. She chewed and thought, “It is not bad. Let me go to
give Adam.” Adam (as) said, “What is that Ya Hawa?” She says, “Ya
Adam, eat from this a little bit. I ate. It is not that bad.” Adam
(as) said, “Isn’t that the tree that Allah has forbidden to us?” She
says, “Yes, but it’s not from the same tree. It’s the other tree
that I picked it up from.” (Sheykh smiles). So for the first time
Adam (as) got angry in the Paradise saying to her, “How foolish are
you! You did something that our Lord ordered us not to do? Didn’t I
tell you that our Lord ordered us not to eat from this tree?” She
says, “Ya Adam, you said to me not from this tree. So I took it from
another tree. Same tree.” He said, “So the same tree anywhere you
see you shouldn’t eat it.” She says, “Since I did, Ya Adam, eat a
little bit, please, please, please. I love you, you love me, please.
If you love me you must eat.”

(Sheykh smilingly recites a couple of verses from a Turkish poem)

With that kind of asking and putting herself low, begging and crying
saying, “Please, please, please” Adam (as) got fooled. He
said, “Look at this poor creature. Okay let me make you happy,
honey.” That’s what today’s people say. “Let me make you happy,
honey.” Hmph! He bit from that forbidden fruit and Allah’s mercy
reached to him again because he did not do it for himself. He did it
to make somebody else happy. Because of that Allah’s mercy reached
to him again and Jibreel (as) came to him touching his shoulders
saying, “Ya Adam, what are you doing?” Then Adam realized what he
was doing and tried to induce vomiting in order to bring that
forbidden fruit out. Because of that you see this bone here (Sheykh
pointing towards his throat) it came out. He couldn’t swallow it. He
said, “What did I do?” He couldn’t swallow it. It was ready to go
down but he couldn’t swallow it. Heat started to come out from his
body making him understand that he did wrong. He was sorry but he
stood there. He only chewed. He didn’t swallow. But as soon as that
action happened, whoosh… the heavenly clothes that they were wearing
came off.

It’s not what today’s animals claim, that the first man and first
woman and all other people who were living in the beginning were
naked, and so we want our rights to be running in the streets naked.
Imagine walking in the streets seeing naked walkers. Subhanallah
astaghfirullah. (How are you going to imagine such a picture). You
would want to run away then. This is what today’s people are asking.
Mashallah. They say, “We want our rights. We were born from our
mothers naked, now we have to have the right to walk in the streets
naked. Mashallah. Estaghfirullah Ya Rabbi! Humans. First heavenly
punishment was also that the clothes were taken away. They became
naked as the first punishment. Allahu Akbar! Now we must sit and
think to understand. It is not so far away from us. There has not
passed an endless time between them and us. It has only been seven
thousand years that the incident happened. So it is not too far

But we are coming to an end. We are coming to the end of this world.
This is the promise that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) has given to us
saying, “Every time you move out of your way, the Mercy of Allah
will reach.” He is sending us prophets to warn us again. And the
prophets have come with laws and rules to bring people out of the
darkness to the light. Those people who are following the prophets
find lights. The Seal of the Prophets came too, Muhammad (alayhi
salatu wa salam). He came. It is finished. No more Prophet is coming
after that. But the mercy of Allah is reaching to us again and we
have the Awliya allah who are in this world. But today because of
the Ahir of Ahir Zaman, the Awliya are pulling themselves away from
public areas. They are hiding themselves. Even if they come out
together, as we said in the beginning of the sohbet, they cannot
make the whole desert to become green. They can only make small
areas of waters and rivers around them green but not the whole
desert. For the whole desert to become green we need rain coming
down from Paradise. And for this world to become correct again, for
all the seven billion, close to seven billion people to turn
themselves back to the right road again, you need someone who is
coming with the heavenly power, heavenly justice, heavenly rules and
heavenly laws. Those ones are Isa alayhi salam and Mehdi alayhi
salam. No one can bring any other peace to this world except those.
So many millions and billions are going to become disobedient to
them too. But those ones are not coming asking people for votes.
Don’t forget. They are not coming to ask votes from us. They are
coming to set rules and laws to us saying,

“This is what your Lord wants. Turn this way.”

“I like that.”

“Leave that and turn this way.”

“No I don’t.”

Their swords are very sharp. It’s cutting from both sides.

(They are going to say) “Democracy? You are going to put courts? Who
is going to judge you?”

Who is going to judge the judges? They are judging all wrong things
and they are doing all wrong things. Who is going to judge them?
Those ones who are coming from heavenly stations are coming to set
the rules and laws back to this world. They are not coming with any
new laws and rules. Don’t make any mistake again. They are coming to
bring back the traditions and the Sunnats of the prophets and Holy
Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). To bring things back alive for
people to follow and find the right way. Otherwise, there is no
right way. Maybe according to individuals, but not according to the
heavenly stations. Right and wrong is according to the books that
Allah has sent down to us, not according to our own understanding.
You go to a Buddhist and ask, “What is right for you?” He will
say, “Buddha.” You go to a Christian to ask, “What is right for
you?” They will say, “Jesus.” You ask, “Who is that one?” He is
whatever the church teaches them. Some churches teach the Trinity
and some churches teach that he is only a prophet. Whatever they

Hah… the rules and the laws have been set fourteen hundred years
ago. Today we are entering the 3rd day of Muharram. It is the new
year of the Muslims which we have entered. What is the year?
(Someone answers, 1426). Fourteen hundred and twenty-six. 3rd day of
Muharram. Today is the 3rd day of our new year. Mehdi (as) and Isa
(as) are ready to come down to set everything back to its place
again. They are not bringing any laws. They are not bringing new
laws. They are not prophets. Isa (as) is not coming back as a
prophet. It is finished. Prophethood is closed. The Seal of the
Prophet Muhammad (alayhi salatu wa salam) sealed it and he closed it.
Isa (as) is coming to set the rules and the laws of Muhammad (alayhi
salatu wa salam) to live according to that. Mehdi (as) is coming to
bring everybody together and prepare them for Isa (as).

If anyone, any other systems or any other groups are saying
otherwise, we are saying here that it’s wrong. That day is coming
when you are going to see that it’s wrong. Right is always only one,
not two. The right way is coming all the way from the Prophet’s
(saw) teachings until today. It is not something new. You may have
heard this new but it’s nothing new. Holy Prophet (saw) talked about
Isa (as) and Mehdi (as) in so many hadiths and he is saying, “Be
careful of the confusion of Dajjal in those days. Not only Mehdi
(as) and Isa (as), but be careful of the confusion of Dajjal.” So
the Sahaba-e Ikram says, “Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam) was
warning us so much about Dajjal that we thought Dajjal was behind
the date trees and he is going to come out right after Prophet (saw)
left.” From that time until today fourteen hundred years have
passed. We have to wake up because now is the time to prepare for
all those incidents to happen, if we believe. If you don’t believe
then live as you like and wait for your end. Everyone is going to
wait for the Angel of death elhamdulillah. I am happy knowing one
thing that everyone is going to die. When we know that, then we find
comfort. Everyone is going to die and then according to your faith
you are going to find things there (on the other side).

All these words that I just said, that is how Grandsheykh also told
them saying, “I am speaking to myself. If you like some of it, take
it for yourself. If you don’t, leave it to me. Everyone of them
applies to me. I am not claiming that I am doing everyone of them. I
am trying inshallah. It is for you and for me. If you take it you
will find safety. If you leave it then no safety. Safety is only
with Allah and His Prophet (saw). There is no other safety. Allah is
saying to us, “Follow those…” Suratul Yasin. Open and read. “Follow
those who do not ask from you any worldly fee because they have
reached to the station of safety.” Allah is giving guarantee to us
saying, “They have reached the stations of safety.” Allah is saying
to us that once they have reached the station of safety, they will
not turn back. He (subhana wa ta’ala) is not letting them to turn
back. So watch out correctly the ones that you choose. And choose
correctly the one that you love. Watch out correctly and love
correctly. Love the correct one and don’t love the wrong one. The
wrong one will make you to suffer in Dunya and Akhirat.

The same goes for the love between man and woman too. Watch out whom
you are going to love. Don’t love a wrong one because that love may
make you to lose your faith. Be careful. Your faith must be the
most important thing to you. My faith is to me. Your faith is to
you. If you accept, then you accept. If not, selam aleykum wa
rahmatullah wa barakatuhu. Inshallah ar-Rahman the blessings of our
Grandsheykh will reach to me and to you and these words will work on

Wa min Allahu taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib

Bihurmatil Fatiha.


Sheykh Efendi saw some signs that indicate tonight as Laylatul Miraj. It is recommended to make four rekats Salatul Tesbih and recite: “Subhanallahi, Walhamdulillahi, Wala Ilaha Illallahu, Wallahu Akbar. Wala Hawla Wala Kuwwata, Illa Billahil Aliyyil Azim.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Salatul Tesbih, other sources mention ten rekats, with three Surat Ikhlas and three Surat Kafirun to be recited in each rekat. At the end of the prayers, a hundred of the above supplication can be recited.

We will also celebrate on Thursday (calender date) and Friday nights.

Miraj Kandiliniz Mubarek Olsun!

Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammadin Wa’ala Ali Muhammadin Wasallim.

Miraj with Buraq

Angels in Prayer