July 2009


Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Saturday, 16 Muharram, 1428/February 3, 2007

Auzu Billahi Minasheytanir Rajim

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billahil Aliyyul Azim

Hasbunallah Wani’mal Wakil

Tariqatina Sohbet Fil Khayri Min Jemiet

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alemin

We are thanking to our Lord, Allah (subhanahu wata’ala). First, He has

created us a man. Not a donkey. Not an animal. Not a tree. But a man.

Man that He has created in Ahsani Taqwim. The Most Perfect creature.

That all this creation, that knowing and not knowing, what man knows

and what he doesn’t know, from all this creation Allah (subhanahu

wata’ala) [is] continuously creating and He has created the man in

Ahsani Taqwim, the Most Perfect one. What else [do] you want?

Complaining non-stop! Twenty-four hours a day! Because [He] created

you a man? And He didn’t create you [a] donkey. That’s why you’re

complaining? Hasbinallah Wani’mal Wakil.

So Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) has created us the most perfect

creatures. He has not created nothing for no reason. Everything has –

what He has created – everything has a reason of creation. And

everything that you are seeing and not seeing, from the galaxies to

the atoms, they all have [a] reasoning of creation. Nothing happened

just by coincidence, by accidents, or – nothing is a copy. Everything

that you see or you don’t see in the universes or in your world, or on

you, every cell is perfect. Perfect. Allah is perfect, creating

everything perfect. So from all this creation, Allah (subhanahu

wata’ala), He has honored us, the mankind saying, “the Best One.”

Because better than the angels. If you [are] using the titles that is

given to you as a human, the mankind reaches to the station of angels

or higher than the angels. But He’s saying to us, “If you are not

using that title that I am giving to you as a human, you are falling

to the levels of the animals. But He’s saying, “No, now you are lower

than the animals.” Because the animals they know their reason of

creation. And they are living according to that reason of creation.

They have no intelligence. They have only instincts that is coming to

them. Or some animals, they move according to inspiration. Inspiration

[is] coming to them. The angels, they have been created. They have no

will or wish. And they have no desires. And Allah (subhanahu wata’ala)

created them, and saying, “This is what you got to do.” And they do.

They have no ego.

So the man, Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) has created saying, “Ahsani

Taqwim.” Understand that. All this creation that we are knowing, and

things that we don’t known that we start imagining, He created them

saying, “Be.” Kun Fayakun. And everything appeared. Except the man.

The man Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) has created Adam (aleyhis selam).

He has taken from the earth, mixing up the dirt, putting water,

molding, putting a shape to a man with His Divine Hands. Don’t think

this kind of hands now. But He’s teaching us a lesson saying that He

has put a shape to a man. Spending time in His creation. He’s putting

a shape to a man. Then, Allah (subhanahu wata’ala), when that man is

laying down, only a clay body, He’s blowing to that man from His Holy

Breath. Holy Breath. That now you [are] calling that Spirit came. No,

Allah is not giving what is from Him to a man. If He’s giving

something, what is from Him to a man, and that man has to be

increasing always as Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) [is] expanding. And

then the man will declare one day saying, “I am your partner.” That’s

why Allah is not accepting partnership in His Kingdom. And everything

that you know and everything that you don’t know that’s His Kingdom.

Everything that He has created.

So, just this man, He has blown into from His Holy Breath. Not

something from Himself that He’s giving. No, just a Breath that for us

to understand. (Sheykh breathes in and out quickly). You’re taking the

air in and putting it out. That doesn’t mean that you are giving

spirit out. (Sheykh breathes in). You are taking air in and you are

giving air out. So Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) [is] saying to us. He

has blown from His Holy Breath to a man. And that man now became

perfect. Instantly. He stood up. And when Adam (aleyhis selam), that

Holy Breath became spirit to him, became life to him, and when he

opened his eyes, laying down and looking, then when the spirit started

moving into the body, everywhere that is coming in is becoming alive

and moving. And he’s sitting. Before it’s reaching to the feet, when

he sit, then he sneezed (Sheykh sneezes) then he says,

“Alhamdulillah.” First time he has just [been] created. He has just

been given that Breath. He did that and he’s saying, “Thank you Ya

Rabbi,” the “basit”, the lowest level of explanation [of]

Alhamdulillah. Saying, “Thank you Ya Rabbi.”

Why did he say that? The man, [in] Ahir Zaman, man in the Last Times,

living on the face of earth now, they just found that out. Allah is

giving them the knowledge to find that. The Holy People, they have

always known. But these one[s] they [are] just finding out. Allah is

giving them a sign that maybe they wake up. Now they [are] finding out

when you are sneezing, then the heart stops for a split second. It may

not click back on again. So the life is taken (Sheykh breaths out) is

given right back to him and he’s saying, “Thank you Ya Rabbi.

Alhamdulillah you have given me back that life.” And all the spirit

reaching to his feet. And he stood up. Now he’s looking around. And

order [is] coming to him, “What is this, what is that?” He starts

knowing everything. Just with that Holy Breath that Allah (subhanahu

wata’ala) [is] blowing into a man. Angels are in need of studying and

looking and learning. The Adam (aleyhis selam) did not. He didn’t

study. Just that Holy Breath made him. Gave him a life, and made him

to know everything.

So Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) [is] saying to us. That now he’s in

Paradise, looking around. Living. But he’s getting bored after a while

in Paradise saying, “This is Paradise, this is food, this is that.”

Everything that is around him, he’s looking; none of the creation is

one of his kind. [It] is not made out from the same material. All made

out from different material. The Paradise, and the tree[s], and the

angels, and everything surrounding him is not one of his kind. He has

communication with them but is not one of his kind. So he start[s]

feeling lonely in the Paradise. Then Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) when

he’s sitting now saying, “I am tired of this Paradise now,” and for a

split second going to sleep and he’s waking up and he’s seeing

another, one of his kind. It [is] made out from the same material. But

is completely different than him: Hawwa. And they say to him, “What is

this one?” They ask, “What is this?” Right away he knew that one too

saying, “This is Hawwa.” “What is the name, why is [it] Hawwa?”

“Because she has been created from the living one. I have been created

from the mud. But that one has been created from me. To be

accompanying me in this Paradise.” So the Paradise became Paradise

until the cursed Sheytan fooling them and putting them out from the

Paradise to the earth and saying, “Find your way back to the

Paradise.” He started being bored in the Paradise. But now, as soon as

Hawwa came, he’s not bored anymore in Paradise. And they wanted to

stay in Paradise forever. Think. And they commit[ed] the wrong doings

there. Then Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) [is] sending Adam (aleyhis

selam) down to earth. His wife. From their children multiplying, we

are here, Ahir Zaman. The End of the Times. In reality we are all

coming out the same mother, same father. Different colors. Different

shapes. It doesn’t matter. All coming from that two. Male and Female.

Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) is saying, “We have created you from one

nefs,” one, “then from that one We have created Hawwa, then We


What is the reason of creation then now? Why we are here? The whole of

these animals and these trees. The trees they know their job. Every

year, now [it] is wintertime, everything falling, the greens they fall

out. The whole tree, you look, is nothing. No sign of life in it. But

[as] soon as the winter is gone, the summer start[s] coming, you’re

going to see the life growing up again. Same green again. Whatever

that tree is giving, if it’s an apple tree, [the] following year [it]

is not going to mix up to give orange. Or what else? Banana tree. Hmm.

It’s not mixing up. Now those trees, they all know exactly when they

[are] going to open up, how much fruit they [are] going to give. And

when they [are] going to close again. Centuries. Some trees they stay

thousands of years. I met one tree in my country. [It] is over a

thousand year[s] old. It gives fruit seven times a year. Never mixing

up. Always giving that fruit out. Over [a] thousand year old tree.

Right in our mosque, is only one there. Somebody, some Holy Man,

brought it from somewhere, planted there, it became [a] huge tree.

That huge tree is giving this much small fruits on it. And [it] is

never giving the fruit on the branches. [It] is giving it on its own

trunks area. This much opens up. [It] is [an] unusual tree.

Alhamdulillah. Sheykh Mevlana is eating from that one’s fruit all the

time. We are eating too so many times. But [a] thousand-year-old tree

is never mixing up. Always giving out the same fruits. From the time

that I’ve known myself, the same fruit. I ask elderly people. They say

[it] never mixed it up. Giving the same fruit. Man – mixing up

everything. One day like this, one day like that. One day believer,

one day unbeliever. One day he’s thinking I am from the children of

Adam. One day he’s thinking saying, “Monkey, Darwin, I am monkey,” and

they [are] running after [a] monkey.

They don’t want to carry no responsibility. That’s what it means. They

want to live like animals. But [the] animal world is not accepting too

saying, “We have our own laws. You cannot carry these laws.” You want

to live like animals, go out there to the forest. Now, look how many

minutes you’re going to stay out there. But all those animals, they’re

finding their house, their finding their way, and eating and drinking

and living. So the man, insisting to live like [an] animal carrying no

responsibilities, carrying no laws, and no order saying, “I am free, I

do as I like.” You are not free.

You are a prisoner between two breaths. I tell you that much. (Sheikh

takes a breath in) If Allah does not permit, this air doesn’t come in

and you die. If He doesn’t permit (Shaykh breaths out) air doesn’t

come out and you die. How [are] you claiming you are free? If you are

that free stop breathing for one hour. No, put it down, fifteen

minutes. Maybe five minutes. No. You cannot. It is not possible. So

you are not free. You are in need of that air. So you must beg for

that air to continue coming. Because that [is] the first need for life

that is given to you. You cannot live without that for two minutes.

Now, the second life is water. Seen in your body. So now we cannot

say, you cannot say I am free. Don’t drink. Why are you drinking? All

the time. Don’t drink. Don’t eat. Continue all these things. So we are

not free.

If we are free, if we are free having authority on your own self, why

are you getting old? Don’t get old. Stay young. You are [getting old].

So that shows to you, that shows to me that somebody has power on us.

Has the authority on us. And is ruling on us. Even if we like it or

not, He’s moving us to that destiny. And He’s moving us to where? To

our grave. No way out. If you can find [a] way out go. No way out.

Forward, going always. But going always forward toward the grave site.

Every single day that is passing. Mashallah, in the West first, people

with empty heads they were jumping up and down celebrating their

birthday. Now, East and everywhere saying, “I am very happy. Right.

One more year that I got elderly now. That’s why I’m happy.” Getting

old. Then you say, “How old are you?” Especially if it’s a woman in

the old days, they don’t say. Now, the men, they don’t say too. “Don’t

ask my age. I feel, I feel like my heart is eighteen years old.”

Mashallah, hehe, but your body is finished, expired. Ha-ha. Say, “Fool

yourself as much as you want to fool. Eighteen or twenty.” Hmm. The

bottom point is you can feel, you can act, you can look. But there is

a certain limit life is giving to you and to me. Once that’s finished,

shwww, out from this world.

And that life is not given to us saying this many years you’re going

to live. That life is given to us this many breaths of air (Sheykh

breaths in and out) You’re going to breath in and you’re going to give

out. This many. It’s counted. Don’t make no mistake.

So all this that Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) is giving to us, and is

teaching us, sending prophets to us, sending books to us, to makes us

be aware of our own self and to be aware of Him. First to know our

self, and to know Him. We have to know two things: One, we have to

know our self, then we have to know Him, Allah (subhanahu wata’ala).

Why created. We must know. All this for what? To know Him and to

worship Him. He has not created us to be running after this world, to

be slaves for this world. He has created us for His service. So all

these things that we’re seeing it in this world, He has created for

our service. Everything is working for us. From this snow that is

coming down, for this water, the air, the mountains, trees, animals,

everything for us. Us to Himself. For His service. And He’s saying,

“When you are in My service, I have created everything for you, and

you for My service,” so, “when you become [a] good servant for Me, I

am for you also.” Allah Allah. The mankind [is] running away from the

service of Allah. Wants everything, but still running from the service

of Allah. Saying, “I am for you. Ask, I give you everything. That time

I work for you too. Everything, I created for you.”

So now, we have to know who we are and who is our Lord. We have to

learn. We have to try to live according to that. If we are not living

according to that, then we are living according to our ego. And this

short life that is given to us, one day [it] is just going to finish,

expire. (Sheykh breathes in) The breath of air is going to expire,

(Sheykh trying to breathe) you won’t be able to take in anymore.

Finished. They say, “Your time is up.” The air is there. “We have

given you [a] calculated amount of air.” You have just finished. Take

to the hospital. They put all those gas on your head, mask pumping the

air in. Eh, that’s what they’re pumping. Air. (Sheikh breathes in) Now

how much [would] you pay for this air? Free. Go to [a] hospital. Look,

one tank. How much they’re going to charge you? Easy, go and ask them.

Would you give the whole world that you have that time? Of course you

would. How much [would] you give for this glass of water? Nothing. For

free. We’re not understanding the value. If the water is not here what

we will do? Seventy percent of your body is water. This body is water.

Seventy percent.

So treat that body properly. Don’t listen to stupid music. Listen [to]

good music. Don’t use bad words. Use good words. Because they have

just proven also that, [when] you’re speaking nice words into this

water, then the water turns into beautiful crystals, beautiful shapes.

And when you let the water listen to Rock & Roll music, or dirty

words, those crystals, they turn into very ugly shapes. Evilish

shapes. So this water is your body. Seventy percent. Treat this water

properly too. Honor the water.

We have what? What we will do with this water? If you don’t have

water? If you own this whole world and I have this glass of water and

you are ready to die from thirst. If I tell you, “Give me half of the

wealth that you have, I give you this glass of water.” Would you give

it to me that time? Half of the wealth that you have. No? You would

give to that person who’s going to give you a glass of water because

you’re dying from thirst. For that glass of water, you will give half

of the wealth.

And what about, [if] you just drank that water, now Allah’s authority

on you [is] saying, “This water is not coming out, that you just have

drank.” Meaning you cannot go to [the] toilet now to bring this water

out. And somebody [is] there saying, “Give me the other half of the

wealth, I’ll let you to go to [the] toilet to take this water out.

Would you give the other half? Of course. So, he gave the whole world

for a glass of water. Now you understand the value of the water? Yes,

we must understand. Now, we must understand the value that Allah

(subhanahu wata’ala) has given to us. Now, we’re trying to understand

the value of things that [are] so easily coming to us that we [are]

not showing value. And Allah is saying to us, “I have created you

Ahsani Taqwim.” The most perfect creature. Haaa.

So now, if we start understanding the value that is around us, that

Allah created for our service, slowly when we are understanding our

own value, then when we start understanding our own value we look at

it saying, “We are no good for nothing.” Yes, that time we look at the

animal we see, the Sheep eats green only, grass. Then it gives milk.

It gives meat. It gives the fur. It gives the skin. It gives the

horns. It gives the bones to me, and everything is useful. And me, I

am eating everything. What comes out from you? You know what comes

out. It’s not even good for putting [for] fertilizing the land. So the

animal’s waste is also good, fertilizing the land. Everything coming

out is good. So now that you are seeing that you have no value at all,

and Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) is saying, “I have created you the most

perfect one. I am giving value to you.” What else [do] you want now?

You’re still insisting? Oh mankind, still insisting saying, “I am

monkey.” Or you’re still insisting to say, “I am a creature that Allah

(subhanahu wata’ala) has created.” That time you reach somewhere.

Inshallah we do. And if we do that, that time we will win this Dunya,

everything surrounding us becomes Paradise for us, and real Paradise

[is] waiting for us that time. Because Allah is saying, “Ha, you think

this is something for you? This world?” He says, “You cannot even

imagine, you cannot even bare to see [for] a split second what I have

created for you in [the] hereafter life. So be a good servant.”

Inshallahur Rahman, we are making [the] intention to be a good

servant. When you are a good servant, when you are happy with Allah

and Allah is happy with you, then everything is yours. Then Allah is

saying to us, “Yes, that nafs, that ego that Allah is happy with.”

Now, your Lord is happy with you, enter to the Paradise of your Lord

and live there forever. Otherwise, whatever we are planting in this

world, that’s what we are going to harvest this year, [the] following

year, or that season. Whatever that we are planting with our life,

whatever that we are doing in our life, that’s what we are going to

harvest hereafter. If we are turning our face to the direction of

Paradise, one day, even if it is slow, we’re going to reach there. If

our face [is facing the] opposite side to the Hell side and continuing

that way, that’s what we’re going to reach.

So the choice is given to our hands. Allah is saying to us, “Either be

My servant and stay on the way of the Paradise, and when the door

opens you enter in the Paradise. Or runaway from My servanthood. You

cannot run so much, because I have your leash in My hand. No man can

escape from My hand. I’m sending the Azrail anytime I want. And once

Azrail is coming taking your life, then they drag you into that wrong

side. But I have not created you a man to put [a] leash around your

neck and to pull you. I left you free. You are not [an] animal. I am

showing you a lesson.” Allah [is] saying to us, “You are putting a

leash around the necks of animal and you [are] pulling them.” That

bull out there, over [a] thousand pound, you’re putting that leash and

pulling it. Easily following you. Those wild animals, the man has

authority on them. Why? Because Allah has just said to them, “Obey the

man.” And showing [the] tricks and [the] traps to man, and the man is

putting all those huge animals under their control. We must be under

the service of our Lord, Allah (subhanahu wata’ala). That time, the

much as we are under the service of our Lord, that much honor we have.

Otherwise, the honor that you are putting on you with your clothes,

with your worldly titles, you may keep it until the Angel of Death is

coming. When the Angel of Death is coming, they’re taking all the

titles away. [People will be] saying, “Quickly, remove this one from

here. Don’t leave it out here. [It] started smelling. No creature is

going to live that time. Quickly take it and berry it under the

ground.” That’s what the man is good for that time.

So Inshallahur Rahman, first we have to understand the value that

Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) has created around us. To show proper

respect. Then we understand our value. Then we will understand that we

really have no value. Then we say, “Ya Rabbi, Astaghfirullah. I’m just

making prostration to you.” And that time, [the] more Taqwa you have,

[the] more value you have.

Wamin Allahut Tawfiq.

Wahurmatul Habib.

Wahurmatul Fatiha.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin.


It seems that every time I mention to people who are not in this Tarikat, whether in another tarikat or not, about the immanent approaching nuclear war, they shrug it off with disbelief. “No way,” they think. It’s comforting to think so. Yet, upon a little introspection, it is easy to deduce that unfortunately we are heading that way. Both Prophetic knowledge and academic History tells us so.

The following is a popular article that’s currently circulating in the news.

The former defense secretary on the U.S. deterrent and the terrorist threat.


Maclean, Va.

‘Nuclear weapons are used every day.” So says former Defense Secretary James Schlesinger, speaking last month at his office in a wooded enclave of Maclean, Va. It’s a serene setting for Doomsday talk, and Mr. Schlesinger’s matter-of-fact tone belies the enormity of the concepts he’s explaining — concepts that were seemingly ignored in this week’s Moscow summit between Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev.

[The Weekend Interview] Terry Shoffner

We use nuclear weapons every day, Mr. Schlesinger goes on to explain, “to deter our potential foes and provide reassurance to the allies to whom we offer protection.”

Mr. Obama likes to talk about his vision of a nuclear-free world, and in Moscow he and Mr. Medvedev signed an agreement setting targets for sweeping reductions in the world’s largest nuclear arsenals. Reflecting on the hour I spent with Mr. Schlesinger, I can’t help but think: Do we really want to do this?

For nuclear strategists, Mr. Schlesinger is Yoda, the master of their universe. In addition to being a former defense secretary (Nixon and Ford), he is a former energy secretary (Carter) and former director of central intelligence (Nixon). He has been studying the U.S. nuclear posture since the early 1960s, when he was at the RAND Corporation, a California think tank that often does research for the U.S. government. He’s the expert whom Defense Secretary Robert Gates called on last year to lead an investigation into the Air Force’s mishandling of nuclear weapons after nuclear-armed cruise missiles were mistakenly flown across the country on a B-52 and nuclear fuses were accidently shipped to Taiwan. Most recently, he’s vice chairman of a bipartisan congressional commission that in May issued an urgent warning about the need to maintain a strong U.S. deterrent.

But above all, Mr. Schlesinger is a nuclear realist. Are we heading toward a nuclear-free world anytime soon? He shoots back a one-word answer: “No.” I keep silent, hoping he will go on. “We will need a strong deterrent,” he finally says, “and that is measured at least in decades — in my judgment, in fact, more or less in perpetuity. The notion that we can abolish nuclear weapons reflects on a combination of American utopianism and American parochialism. . . . It’s like the [1929] Kellogg-Briand Pact renouncing war as an instrument of national policy . . . . It’s not based upon an understanding of reality.”

In other words: Go ahead and wish for a nuclear-free world, but pray that you don’t get what you wish for. A world without nukes would be even more dangerous than a world with them, Mr. Schlesinger argues.

“If, by some miracle, we were able to eliminate nuclear weapons,” he says, “what we would have is a number of countries sitting around with breakout capabilities or rumors of breakout capabilities — for intimidation purposes. . . . and finally, probably, a number of small clandestine stockpiles.” This would make the U.S. more vulnerable.

Mr. Schlesinger makes the case for a strong U.S. deterrent. Yes, the Cold War has ended and, yes, while “we worry about Russia’s nuclear posture to some degree, it is not just as prominent as it once was.” The U.S. still needs to deter Russia, which has the largest nuclear capability of any potential adversary, and the Chinese, who have a modest (and growing) capability. The U.S. nuclear deterrent has no influence on North Korea or Iran, he says, or on nonstate actors. “They’re not going to be deterred by the possibility of a nuclear response to actions that they might take,” he says.

Mr. Schlesinger refers to the unanimous conclusion of the bipartisan Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States, which he co-led with Chairman William Perry. The commission “strongly” recommended that further discussions with the Russians on arms control are “desirable,” he says, and that “we should proceed with negotiations on an extension of the START Treaty.” That’s what Mr. Obama set in motion in Moscow this week. The pact — whose full name is the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty — expires in December. But what’s the hurry? Mr. Schlesinger warns about rushing to agree on cuts. “The treaty . . . can be extended for five years. And, if need be, I would extend it for five years.”

There’s another compelling reason for a strong U.S. deterrent: the U.S. nuclear umbrella, which protects more than 30 allies world-wide. “If we were only protecting the North American continent,” he says, “we could do so with far fewer weapons than we have at present in the stockpile.” But a principal aim of the U.S. nuclear deterrent is “to provide the necessary reassurance to our allies, both in Asia and in Europe.” That includes “our new NATO allies such as Poland and the Baltic States,” which, he notes dryly, continue to be concerned about their Russian neighbor. “Indeed, they inform us regularly that they understand the Russians far better than do we.”

The congressional commission warned of a coming “tipping point” in proliferation, when more nations might decide to go nuclear if they were to lose confidence in the U.S. deterrent, or in Washington’s will to use it. If U.S. allies lose confidence in Washington’s ability to protect them, they’ll kick off a new nuclear arms race.

That’s a reason Mr. Schlesinger wants to bring Japan into the nuclear conversation. “One of the recommendations of the commission is that we start to have a dialogue with the Japanese about strategic capabilities in order both to help enlighten them and to provide reassurance that they will be protected by the U.S. nuclear umbrella. In the past, that has not been the case. Japan never was seriously threatened by Soviet capabilities and that the Soviets looked westward largely is a threat against Western Europe. But now that the Chinese forces have been growing into the many hundreds of weapons, we think that it’s necessary to talk to the Japanese in the same way that we have talked to the Europeans over the years.”

He reminds me of the comment of Japanese political leader Ichiro Ozawa, who said in 2002 that it would be “easy” for Japan to make nuclear warheads and that it had enough plutonium to make several thousand weapons. “When one contemplates a number like that,” Mr. Schlesinger says, “one sees that a substantial role in nonproliferation has been the U.S. nuclear umbrella. Without that, some and perhaps a fair number of our allies would feel the necessity of having their own nuclear capabilities.”

He worries about “contagion” in the Middle East, whereby countries will decide to go nuclear if Iran does. “We’ve long talked about Iran as a tipping point,” he says, “in that it might induce Turkey, which has long been protected under NATO, Egypt [and] Saudi Arabia to respond in kind . . . There has been talk about extending the nuclear umbrella to the Middle East in the event that the Iranians are successful in developing that capacity.”

Mr. Schlesinger expresses concerns, too, about the safety and reliability of U.S. nuclear weapons, all of which are more than 20 years old. “I am worried about the reliability of the weapons . . . as time passes. Not this year, not next year, but as time passes and the stockpile ages.” There is a worry, too, about the “intellectual infrastructure,” he says, as Americans who know how to make nuclear weapons either retire or die. And he notes that the “physical infrastructure” is now “well over 60 years” old. Some of it “comes out of the Manhattan Project.”

The U.S. is the only major nuclear power that is not modernizing its weapons. “The Russians have a shelf life for their weapons of about 10 years so they are continually replacing” them. The British and the French “stay up to date.” And the Chinese and the Indians “continue to add to their stockpiles.” But in the U.S., Congress won’t even so much as fund R&D for the Reliable Replacement Warhead. “The RRW has become a toxic term on Capitol Hill,” Mr. Schlesinger says. Give it a new name, he seems to be suggesting, and try again to get Congress to fund it. “We need to be much more vigorous about life-extension programs” for the weapons.

Finally, we chat about Mr. Schlesinger’s nearly half-century as a nuclear strategist. Are we living in a world where the use of nuclear weapons is more likely than it was back then? “The likelihood of a nuclear exchange has substantially gone away,” he says. That’s the good news. “However, the likelihood of a nuclear terrorist attack on the United States” is greater.

During his RAND years, in the 1960s, Mr. Schlesinger recalls that “we were working on mitigating the possible effects [of a nuclear attack] through civil defense, which, may I say parenthetically, we should be working on now with respect, certainly, to the possibility of a terrorist weapon used against the United States. . . . We should have a much more rapid response capability. . . . We’re not as well organized as we should be to respond.”

Mr. Schlesinger sees another difference between now and when he started in this business: “Public interest in our strategic posture has faded over the decades,” he says. “In the Cold War, it was a most prominent subject. Now, much of the public is barely interested in it. And that has been true of the Congress as well,” creating what he delicately refers to as “something of a stalemate in expenditures.”

He’s raising the alarm. Congress, the administration and Americans ignore it at their peril.

Ms. Kirkpatrick is a deputy editor of the Journal’s editorial page.


If the Third World War is fought with nuclear weapons, the fourth will be fought with bows and arrows.

Lord Louis Mountbatten

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones

Albert Einstein


The audio for this sohbet from Sheykh Abdul Kerim can be heard at:

Shawal 1, 1427 (October 23, 2006), Sidney Center, NY

Amin. Amin. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Wa Shukur Allah. Wa

We are thanking – sit comfortably. Don’t sit too tight. Move out [a]
little bit. Sit comfortably. Put your feet. Listen. Sit comfortable,
listen comfortable. When you’re sitting tight, then everything will be

We are the people of Ahir Zaman, the End of the Time. And we are the
ones that who came, not in the beginning but in the end. From Adam
(aleyhis selam) time up till Holy Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam).
[One] Hundred twenty four thousand prophets came. Only for one
purpose: To guide people from this World to Allah (subhanahu
wata’ala). For people not to get stuck and to get fooled by this
World. Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) have created the man. He loved them
and he created. And saying, “La sharika lah: I have no partner. And
what I give order to you, you must keep. What the order I put on you,
it is good for you. It is for your benefit, not for Me.” He’s saying,
“If you all sit together [for] twenty-four hours. Leave everything
and twenty-four hours a day, if you sit and you praise Me, it’s not
enough. I have created so many creatures that they’re sitting and
they’re praising Me.” Non-stop. That is their job, only. And no one
knows the beginning, when Allah created those. It is not possible for
a man to know that knowledge.

Two knowledge[s]. One is the knowledge that is staying in Divine
Presence, and Allah has that knowledge only. He’s not sharing that
with anyone. The second knowledge, that He share[d] with His prophets
and with the Evliya Allah. The third one, He’s sending to normal
ordinary people. And He’s sending us the prophets and His friends to
show us the way. Because we get stuck in this World. We get fooled by
this World. We get fooled by our ego. We get fooled by Sheytan. So
He’s constantly reminding us from the time of Adam (aleyhis selam)
until Holy Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam) through the prophets.
Holy Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam), he’s the seals of prophets. No
more prophets coming. Fourteen hundred year ago, over fourteen hundred
years ago, he came to this world and he passed. And until Judgment
Day, no more prophet coming. And Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) saying to
whole mankind, “What I sent it to you through that Prophet, what I
sent it to you through that book, it is enough for all of you to hold
on tightly, to that book, to that Prophet, to find the way. Otherwise,
if you are following the roads that is leading you to Sheytan, to

Those people who’s not believing in Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) they
run to have activities in this World, they run to do so many things.
And they turn this World into a Hell. Everyone now – before it was
twelve hours a day. Now, twenty hours a day running to work. Twenty,
seven days, three hundred sixty five days a year, still not enough. If
you are working twenty four hours a day and three hundred sixty five
days a year, still not going to be enough. It is impossible for a man
to do that. It is impossible. But Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) is giving
us an order saying to us, “Hold on tightly [to] what I have sent to
you, I will make your life easy. Your knowledge is only limited to
that.” But He says, “I have my knowledge that I am sending it to you.”
Don’t think that you get up and you go to work and you are earning and
you are making something. Allah is giving you the power to be able to
do that. If He pulls it away, finish. You cannot do nothing now.

Don’t worry so much what is around you and who you’re taking care. It
is our obligation to run after those people that they are under our
authority to try to make it better for them. But we must not forget
our duty to Allah (subhanahu wata’ala). When you are forgetting that
duty, that time the Sheytan and this Dunya non-stop is forcing you to
go to different directions. So when the man is going to different
direction, he’s becoming disobedient to his Lord. Man, when he becomes
disobedient to Allah (subhanahu wata’ala), everything around him
becomes disobedient to him. When the man becomes obedient to Allah,
everything around Allah makes that one to be obedient to him. This is
the knowledge that [is] coming to us through prophets. And anyone who
follow[s] that, they win Dunya and Ahiret. Anyone who left, that Dunya
life that they had even if they collected, they were not able to spend
it properly. Millions of people today and [the] majority of people
today on the face of earth, they don’t have the poverty that it was
happening [a] hundred years ago. [A] hundred years ago, people they
didn’t have a piece of bread to eat. They didn’t have proper clothes
to wear. They were staying on the Sirati Mustaqim, on the Right Road.

Today’s people living like kings. Yes, the one in welfare is living
like a king. Because the kings, when we go back seven hundred, eight
hundred years ago, [a] thousand years ago, two thousand year[s] ago,
the kings, they didn’t have this luxury. Touch here, have the light.
Touch here, have air-condition[ing]. Touch there have heat. Now, no
longer touching too. Everything works automatically for you. Allah
[is] giving this knowledge to a man saying to you, “Look, look you
[are] working with this, I’m making this life easy for you. Earning is
easy. The food is enough in this world that is coming out not to feed
only these people on earth, maybe three times more. But still people
[are] hungry. Still people [are] thirsty. Still people, they are in
debts twenty-four hours a day. Only one reason: Because we broke our
relationship with our Lord. We destroy[ed] that relationship. As of
individual, as of jamiat, the group of people, as of nations. Our
leaders, the nation leaders, [are] running only top speed also for the
World. They [are] not running to make it better for this mankind. To
prepare something for them for better, for the service of Allah
(subhanahu wata’ala). So when we are seeing that our own children, or
our friends, and our loved ones, they become disobedient to us, it is
not too happiness to us. We get very sad. And it is the nature of man,
must be sad. Do you think that Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) is not sad
because you are disobedient to Him? Because we are disobedient to Him.
We must think on it. We must force our self to think on it.

So Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) has created everything on this earth,
on this world. He has created and He’s continuously creating
everything in Paradise. And He’s saying to us, “I have created
everything on earth for your service.” For man’s service. Everything
on this earth is serving us. Because Allah gave [an] order to them. So
they are serving us. From the animals, to all material, they [are]
serving the man. And He’s saying to us, “Only one thing I want from
you. I have created you for My service. Everything else around you is
going to be under your service, you [are] going to be under My
service. And My service – for you to be under My service – I made it
very easy for you. You [are] just going to remember Me. Nothing else.
Remembering Me, I will be remembering you. When you are forgetting
about Me, I will be forgetting you. For you forgetting Me, it is not
[the] same [as] for Me forgetting you. Once I will forget you – Oh,
our Lord, in these Holy Days we are asking, don’t forget us. Amin. And
don’t make us to forget You. Amin. First we must make [the] move to
say, “Ya Rabbi, we are Your servants. We are weak ones. We are doing
so many wrong things. Accept this weakness, that You are the One who
gave this weakness to us also. Accept from us.” That’s the only thing
He wants from us. Nothing else. We go out of our way, to say, “I love
you. I love you my baby. I love you my child. I love you my husband. I
love you my wife. I love you my mother. I love you my father. I love
you my grandmother.” I love. Love, love, love. When it comes to Allah,
we [are] not remembering. He’s the one Who gives us everything. When
it comes to [the] Holy Prophet, we [are] not remembering. He says, “I
have created you for that one’s sake. So you must keep that one above
everything. When you keep, in your hearts, first My love and the love
of your Prophet, everything around you, I will make it to love you.
All those that who’s going to love Me, they [are] going to love you.
And they [are] going to obey you.”

He’s giving us a very easy formula to follow. But we are going out of
our way and making trouble to our own self. And that trouble is
hurting us. He doesn’t want to hurt us. And He’s saying to us, “You
[are] doing so many mistakes. It’s OK. I am Ghaffar. Ask Me. Just ask
Me, I will forgive you. It is easy for Me to forgive you. All you have
to do, you have to ask Me.” Don’t be like Sheytan. Sheytan became
disobedient to Allah (subhanahu wata’ala), and he turned around and he
became arrogant and stubborn. Until today, he’s not asking
forgiveness. If he asks right now [for] forgiveness, He will forgive
him. At this time, he’s not asking, being more arrogant, more
stubborn. And that is bringing him to the fire. When the man is
following that same characteristics, that road is leading him to the
fire too. But we cannot bare this fire. It’s not possible. If you
want, put your hand there (on the wood stove). I am guaranteeing you,
leave everybody else. If you keep your hand there, you worrying so
much, only fifty minutes. [As] soon as the fifty minutes finish, fifty
thousand dollars cash to your hand. And I’m giving you that promise
right here from this Hutbe place, to see, which man is capable to do
that. But we [are] thinking, that now we are able to run here and
there, that we [are] going to be able to run that time?

Whatever we are preparing to our self, that’s what we [are] going to
find. As in this Dunya. Whatever we prepare for our self, that’s what
we [are] going to find. That’s what we are finding. We need food [a]
little bit later. We have to prepare. We have to find, we have to
cook, we have to put, and we have to eat. That’s what we prepare. If
you prepare only cereal. Mashallah. Now, easy lifestyle saying,
“Cereal.” Put some milk, some who knows what kind of nonsense in
there. Eat. fill yourself up. Breh, the animals like it more better.
They like to eat grain and corn. They will be very happy when you give
to them. So, we don’t even know how to treat our self anymore. Those
who hae everything, they cannot know how to eat, they cannot know how
to sleep. They have the houses, that not fitting only two person[s].
It will fit five thousand people inside. Two person[s] fighting in
that house. Non-stop, saying, “Don’t come to this room. I don’t want
to see you.” They [are] running in that house, [in the] opposite
direction. What’s between them? Sheytan only. Nothing else. Remove
Sheytan, put Allah, [and] look how the love is going to come.
Non-stop. And that love is never going to end. [It is] always, going
to increase. Never going to decrease. The love of Dunya is
decreasing. And we have no choice, but we have to leave this World. We
have to – we are running top speed. Something is pushing behind us.
Every single day that is coming, and [it] is passing. [As] soon as we
came out from the mother’s stomach out, something is pushing us,
saying, “Walk this way. That way. Because the end of this road is the
cemetery. Hmm, you go through different stages, but the cemetery is
waiting. We must prepare something to that place. And you must
believe. Because if you are not believing, you are not living [a] nice
comfortable life in this Dunya. Not [a] nice comfortable life [in the]
Hereafter. Nothing can save us that time.

So, Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) loved us and He has created us. And He
made so many special dates in this world for us. And saying to us,
“You are weak servants, you [are] running after this Dunya. You are
getting fooled by this Dunya. Just show proper respect to these days,
I will forgive you again. Look how easy He’s making it for us. Eh,
because today fall – today Eid – it fall on Monday, off, millions of
Muslims they [are] not going to Eid prayer too. They say, “I have to
work.” Mashallah. Breh, what you did working three hundred and sixty
four days? Huh? Don’t work one day! Keep that proper respect for that
day, look what happens to you that time. Just one day. Easily Allah
opens another door. They [are] running. Because the boss – big boss –
big boss of Dunya, Sheytan [is] saying, “Tsk, come to my service. Must
be. Leave that day too. It didn’t fall to Sunday. Don’t you see? Hmm,
it fell [on] Monday. Come here. Ha-ha. Haa. Allah is testing us
through that way too. It would be very easy falling on those days and
everyone packing the masjids. But because we are living [in] the Last
Days, and Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) [is] testing us. Testing us
through that way saying, “Let’s see what My servants they [are] going
to do. Are they going to make one more step forward?” He’s saying to
His angels. And if one makes one more step forward, He gets so happy
saying, “That, My servant just made one more step forward.” He gets so
happy with that one. He gets happy saying to His angels, saying, “You
see, when I tell you when I was going to created this man, and you
told me, `Ya Rabbi, are You going to send, place somebody on this
earth that they [are] going to put bloodshed? And they [are] not going
to obey You. We are obeying and loving and respecting You non-stop.
That is our duty.’ And Allah said to them, “You only know the
knowledge that I teach you. You don’t know beyond that. I’m going to
have people among them that no matter how this Dunya is going to hold
them tightly, they [are] going to find time for Me at least – at least
– one day a year they [are] going to find.” And Allah is very happy
with them. You should be happy. Those who’s leaving all that for this
day, at least, because saying, “This is a Holy Celebration.”

“You must come,” says the King. Giving [an] order saying, “All the
subjects under My authority [are] not working today. Every one must be
coming to [the] palace, to my palace. And I am giving them free meals.
They have to celebrate. And I’m going to give them presents.” What
will happen if one of the person in that Kingdom saying, “No I’m not
going to the invitation to that King.”? Hmm, King saying to his
deputy, saying, “Collect them properly, their names. The one[s] [that]
didn’t come, come to me after the Celebration.” They come after the
Celebration saying, “Oh our King, this, this, this people didn’t came
to Your invitation.” “Now go and bring them by force.” When they came
by force, “You became disobedient to Me? Put them in punishment.” This
is what we [are] doing. This is what Allah is saying to us: “Come for
Celebrations.” And we say, “No! I am busy.” Busy with what? “Sheytan
[is] holding me.” We must leave that. That is our enemy. That is the
biggest enemy that we have. We must know who’s the enemy. The animals
they [are] not our enemy. That is our enemy. We have to watch out.
Because that one [is] kicked away from Divine Presence. He’s very
jealous. Jealous from a mankind.

So Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) created these days for us. If we hold it
tightly He’s saying, “I have created you the most perfect creatures.
And in this Dunya you have two Celebrations. Those people who’s
fasting the Ramazan and end of the Ramazan: “You have two reward[s].
One after Ramazan, this time, Eid celebrations you [are] making.
Second one when you are entering to the Paradises. Those people who
keep those orders, I have more special gifts to them in that
Paradises. We are celebrating more because we are Alhamdulillah
on top of this mountain. Only three years ago, there was not a single
Muslim living in this general area. We worked very hard. Every one of
you did something. We worked. Alhamdulillah we are receiving the
blessings and the rahmet of that work. Anyone who did just a drop of
thing, moving one thing from here to there, they are in that work.
They [are] getting the reward. They [are] getting the blessing.
Another big blessing is – not to forget – so many doesn’t know.

One time [the] Holy Prophet (aleyhis salatu wasselam) came back from
[a] big war. He was pretty old now, physically pretty tired. And he
came to the masjid. All his clothes [in] dust. He came from war. He
make two-rekat prayer. And he sit thinking. His beloved daughter
Hazreti Fatima enter[ed] saying, “Oh my father, all your life you
never rest. When will you be resting?” He looked at her saying, “My
daughter, you see the sun?” She said, “Yes.” He says, “As this sun is
entering to every house in this world, until the Islam, the nur of
Islam, the light of Islam is not entering to every house in this
world, there will be no rest for us.” And she says, “How that will be,
oh my father?” He says, “It’s very soon [that] I’m going out from this
world, but I will leave my representatives in this world, my deputies
in this world, that they will carry that job. When their time is up
they will go resting, angels taking them, they [are] going out from
this world. Resting place. They will leave other deputies in this
world until the light of Islam is going to enter to every house in
this world. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alemin. Allah (subhanahu wata’ala)
had blessed us, every one of us. None of us here, none of you here,
those who came from Muslim countries came here to spread Islam. No.
[You] came for Dunya. But some way some how, Allah (subhanahu
wata’ala)’s mercy and love reached to us. And direct[ed] us to this
way. And every one of us, whatever we are doing, just a drop of water
we are doing here and there, we will be the deputies of that Prophet
(aleyhis salatu wasselam). We will be a reason, for the light of Islam
to entering to other houses. At least the word is entering to other

We have to be careful, as Muslims. We have no fear, from the
governments, from the police, from others. We have fear from Allah
(subhanahu wata’ala). But we have to be careful with our activities,
with our doings, and with our actions in these communities. That they
[are] all believing in different faiths. When they look at us, they
must say, “Yes, these are good people. Yes, these people, although
that we don’t know what they [are] doing, what they [are] wearing, how –
but they [are] good people.” This is what you have to do. You have to
go out of your way to speak with them properly, not to say, “You are
wrong.” This is not our job. Our job is to show them that Islam is
right. Properly. In the way that Holy Prophet (aleyhis salatu
wasselam) had taught us. Not to go to fight and argue. But to show
them with our action[s], show them with our lifestyle, show them with
our care. Show everything. To show to them, “Yes, you are hearing only
in the media: terror, merror. But this is not the Islam. This is
coming from different sources. Islam is concentrating [on a] family
lifestyle. And the family lifestyle is the one thing that the mankind
lost today. That’s why mankind is not having comfort in their house[s].”

We must concentrate. We must look at our children properly. We must
not be a dictator to them. We must, not only by word to say we love
them, we have to show love to them. We have to go out of our way to,
not to give them everything they want. They have to know how to
respect their parents. But the parents, they have to know how to give
them [a] proper education. If we don’t know that, we have to reach to
higher stations. Those who know what to do, to reach to them. And
this way, we will be raising better generations, better children, and
in the Judgment Day we will not be responsible. Until eighteen years
of age, the parents, they are responsible to teach their children the
proper ways. Ha, that is European ways. We say eighteen. Man becomes
responsible in Islam when he’s sixteen years of age. But in these
days, because they [are] sitting twenty-four hours in front of [the]
television and they are learning so many wrong things, they [are]
still responsible. When they know, watching this only for their ego,
they have to know that running to the way of Allah. If you run, to go
making Allah happy, Allah is going to make you happy. If you don’t
make Allah happy, no one can make you happy in this world. No one can
be [a] guarantor for you in this world. If one day you are happy,
[the] next day you [are] going to be in trouble. Our duty is to hold
on tightly to Islam, to the Holy Prophet’s teachings Inshallahul Rahman.

Allahu Akbar, Alahu Akbar. La’ilaha Illallahu, Allahu Akbar. Allahu
Akbar, Walillahil Hamd.



From Times Online – July 6, 2009

As a people, the Uighurs [pronounced ooy-gur, not wee-gur] look more like Afghans than ethnic Chinese. Ethnically, they are a Turkic race whose homeland is at the meeting point of Asia and Europe. The area now called Xinjiang was annexed by the Chinese Empire in the 19th century, although it briefly achieved independence before the Communist victory in China in 1949.

Separatist sentiment has always been present, but the stern censorship and political repression of the Chinese Government have prevented it from forming a large-scale organisation. Small groups operated in secret but only began to make their presence felt in the 1990s, when the liberation of the former Soviet republics and the increasing dominance of ethnic Chinese stirred a new sense of aspiration among many Uighurs.

In 1949 the Han Chinese had made up six per cent of Xinjiang’s people; today they represent 41 per cent in a population of 19 million, compared to 45 per cent Uighur. Many of them believe that the goal of the Chinese Communist Party, barely concealed, is the complete cultural, religious and linguistic assimilation of the Uighur people.


After the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, China identified itself as a victim of international terrorism and the Uighur separatist movement as its own al-Qaeda. Uighurs were captured in Afghanistan — four of them were released last month to Bermuda. The Chinese authorities, fearful of violence before the Olympics, announced a raid on a training camp run by the East Turkistan Islamic Movement in January last year. Human rights organisations say that the Chinese anti-terror campaign has blurred the lines between genuine men of violence and those who peacefully support independence.

China pays lip service to freedom of religion for Uighurs, but only under its own terms. Imams must be licensed by the state. Public servants, including teachers, are barred from worshipping at mosques on pain of dismissal. Most resented of all, no one under 18 is allowed to worship or to receive religious instruction.

This goes further even than the control exerted over Tibetan Buddhism — to many Uighurs it represents a deliberate attempt to snuff out their religion over the course of a few generations by ensuring that young people grow up fully secularised. There is a small overseas diaspora, but compared to the Tibetan cause the Uighurs have few influential international friends. The chances of realising the dream of an independent “Uighurstan” are slight to non-existent. But, as the latest events have showed, it is a dream that will not die peacefully.



The video can cen be viewed at:

Zul Hijja 10, 1427 (December 30, 2006)

Alhamdulillah. Wa shukr Allah. Astaghfirullah.

We are thanking to our Lord, Allah subhanahu wata’ala. He has created
us from nothing. He has given life to us. He is sending us to this
World. He is giving everything, what is necessary and need for us, to
continue our life. One thing He is asking from us. One thing. To be a
thankful servant. Nothing else. And [the] thankful servant is that one
who is accepting his Lord’s invitation. He is giving [an] invitation
to us, saying to us, “I have created you for Paradise. I have not
created you for Fire. The reason of your creation is Paradise.” From
the Adam aleyhis selam, continue coming down, to Muhammad aleyhis
salatu wasselam. [One] hundred [and] twenty four thousand prophets,
Allah subhanahu wata’ala sent to this mankind. To Us. To direct us
from the wrong direction, from one-way street, one-way road, to the
straight road that it will take us to Paradise. From Adam aleyhis
selam until now, mankind is insisting, running after to enter to Fire.
And the mercy of Allah subhanahu wata’ala is reaching. Non-stop sending.

Sending guides to us, to take us from that wrong direction, to turn
our face to the right direction. Mankind, leaving the way of the
prophets, they are going to lose the way. No other man has the
formula in their hand to direct people from this World to where they
are going. Except prophets. Allah sent prophets to us to show us the
way. And the last Prophet have came and [he is] gone. No more prophet
coming. The seals of the prophet[s] and the most beloved one in Divine
Presence, Muhammad aleyhis salatu wasselam.

You should be happy that Allah subhanahu wata’ala have counted you
from among that Prophet. That prophets, that He [is] giving
Prophethood to them, they wanted to be, not to be a prophet, but one
ummat of that Prophet. Every prophet asked that. And Allah subhanahu
wata’ala [was] saying to them, “What I am pleasing in you, [is] what I
have given to you. What I am giving to those nations, that they are
going to be the Nation of Muhammad, that is what I am pleasing with
them. Be happy [with] what I have given to you. They should be happy
that they are one [of the] followers of that Prophet.” We should be
happy. We should check our self. We should check our intentions. We
should check our life. Is it fitting to the teachings of that Prophet,
that we are accepting and we are following? If it is not fitting, to
the teachings of that Prophet, shame to you. You must say to yourself,
I must say to myself, “Shame to me! That Allah subhanahu wata’ala has
created me and counted me among that Prophet’s Nation, and I am not
doing it.”

Complaints, non-stop coming. Saying, “My son is not listening to me,
my daughter is not listening to me, my husband is not listening to me,
my wife is not listening to me, my mother is not listening to me, my
father is not listening to me, my worker is not listening to me, my
boss is not listening to me, my president is not listening to me, my
nation is not listening to me.” Everyone [is] complaining. Ahir Zaman:
The End of the Times. The whole World is preparing to their end. The
last nations on the face of earth, made this earth [a] place that the
real people don’t want to live anymore. That they are asking, saying,
“Ya Rabbi, take us from this World.” And [the] Holy Prophet [is]
saying, “It is forbidden [for] a man to ask that. But [the] time is
going to come, and some people from my Nation when they are passing
through the cemeteries they are going to say, “I wish I was one of
those people, that I was in this cemetery, that not seeing all these
wrong things, that the Lord of the Heavens is giving to this mankind,
and they [are] not being thankful ones.” Finding, so many, their
children are not listening to them, they [are] kicking them from the
house. Their own children. They [are] kicking them from their house.
Because they [are] not listening to them. They may have some rights to
do. Yes.

What about us? We [are] not listening to our Lord. We [are] not
listening to those guides that He sent to us. And those guides that
they are [the] most perfect and clean one[s], they have suffered for
our sake. We [are] not listening to them. But, we cannot bear the
pain, [of] what is waiting later. So many Allah is showing to us, East
and West, North and South. We should not wait until death [is] coming
to us. To our door. To our house. We cannot carry that pain. It is
very heavy. And the end, [to] those people who [are] not living according
to the Laws of Allah and His Prophet, they are paying [a] very heavy
price. They are paying [the] price with their own life. And they [are]

This life is still with us. We must make [the] intention in the Holy
Day like this. Yes, Holy Day. Holy Day in Islam, that we must
celebrate this celebration, meaning according to the borderlines of
Islam, that Allah subhanahu wata’ala has permitted us. We must enjoy this
day. But looking at East and West, looking at North and South, looking
at [the] Nation of Muhammed, looking at [the] people that’s around us,
looking at our own families, looking at our own children, we [are]
not tasting that enjoyment. It’s not. Because everyone [is] running
top speed for their ego. To satisfy only their desires, that is
passing. We must wake up. We must wake up before it’s too late to us.

Today, right now, the Hajis, they just came down [from] throwing
stone[s] to Sheytan. Not going there throwing those stones to Sheytan,
that is going to do anything to Sheytan. No. The meaning of that: they
are taking that characteristics, those Sheytanic characteristics that
is inside of them, throwing back to that Sheytan, saying, “Take this
proudness away! I’m a servant. I cannot be proud. Take this arrogance
away! I’m a servant. I cannot be arrogant. Take this jealousy and envy
away! I’m a servant. I cannot be jealous and envious. Take all these
wrong characteristic[s] that you have [been] teaching us. Back to you.
And we are making [the] intention to be a servant to our Lord.”

The highest station that the man can reach: to be [a] servant. To be
[a] servant to his Lord. That time, that station puts you higher
than the angels. Because Allah subhanahu wata’ala has created those
angels. They have no need. They [are] just doing the reason of their
creation, and worshipping non-stop. To their Lord. They don’t have
ego. They don’t have desires. They don’t have that free will that we
have. Allah subhanahu wata’ala created us, saying, “I have created
you in Ahsani Taqweem, the most perfect ones. And I have created you
for my service. And [if] you are doing that service I will give you
in this World, and while you are in this World, you will [be]
reaching to the higher stations, you will [be] reaching to the
stations of angels, you may be reaching to the higher [stations]
than the angels. If you are not following, what I have been giving
to you, you are falling to the levels of the animals, you may fall
lower than the animals. Because I have not created you to be [an]
animal. I have not created you to be [an] angel. But I have created
you, what I have been giving to you, [is] between animal and angels.
You have both in you. If you turn your face toward to Me, to My
prophets, I will make you the best one. You will live. You [will]
enjoy everything that I am giving to you. You will become a thankful
servant, and I will open doors to you to Paradise. You will see
where you are going. If you are not using that, you are falling to the low
levels. And Allah [is] saying to us, “Animal! But you are not [an] animal. You
are falling lower than that.” Because the
animal I have created for your service. Today, hundreds of
thousands, maybe millions of animals, they are slaughtering. Allah
subhanahu wata’ala’s mercy to us with that.

When Ibrahim aleyhis selam promised to Allah subhanahu wata’ala that
he will sacrifice the most beloved thing to him, to his Lord… When his
son [is] growing, and his love is growing to that son, that order is
given to him. saying, “Ya Ibrahim. Have you forgot[ten] your promise
to me?” And Ibrahim aleyhis selam knowing and saying, “No Ya Rabbi, I
have not. But you know my attachment to this one, that I am so loving
and I cannot separate. But I have promised you. And I’m going to
slaughter this one. I’m going to sacrifice this one for you.”

If you have a son, you understand. What is the sacrificing that you
are giving that time? And what is the blessing and the mercy that
Allah have sent to you? When Ibrahim aleyhis selam, the most holy
prophet, the friend of Allah, sacrificing his son, and Allah
subhanahu wata’ala watching him, and all angels they [are] watching
him. And the submission that his son is giving to his father, and
the father that is giving submission to his Lord. When Ismail
aleyhis selam, looking at his father’s face and saying, “My father,
now I have understood. Now I am knowing, that I will be sacrificed.
I will ask you one question before I go. Which one is most merciful? You or me?”

And his father is looking and saying, “Oh my son, you are the most
beloved thing to me, and I am ready to sacrifice you, for my Lord. I
must be.” And he’s saying, “No my father, you cannot be. It is me.
Because I have only one life, and I am giving this life, sacrificing
this life, because you have ordered. Because you asked for Allah
subhanahu wata’ala for my life. And I have no rejection to that. And
I’m submitting myself to you. It must be me.

And the sounds they [are] hearing, “The One that has created you
both is more merciful than both of you. Now, take this ram.
Sacrifice this ram. And you and all the nations coming until
judgment day, never promise such a thing like that to me again. Because the
promise that you are giving, you cannot do. And I am
more merciful than you. I am not there to separate you from your
families. But I am there sending you these orders and laws to keep
you together in this World, to keep you together [in the]

Running so many, loving their children saying, “I love my child. I
love my daughter and I love my son.” And I’m saying, “What are you
doing to them? What kind of life you are presenting to them? Which
direction are you pulling them as of parents? Are you in the way of
Allah and his Prophet, and they’re going to admire you to run after?
Or you are in the direction of Sheytan, and they’re going to run after
you? They are fruit from you. They’re going to run to that direction,
if you are not in the right direction. But Allah is continuously
sending that mercy to us, non-stop.

We must wake up. We must look around, what’s happening around us in
this World. Every incident that’s happening in this World, it is a
lesson to us. Either we take [a] lesson form those incidents that is
happening, or one day Allah subhanahu wata’ala will make us [a]
lesson to somebody else. Allah [is] saying to us, “What is your
value you think is, that I have created you, and you are not opening
your hand to ask from me? What kind of value [do] you think you have
that time? You have no value in My Presence. I am the One who give
you the life. I am the One who’s giving everything to you. You are
not asking from Me. You have no value. You have no value with Me. Go
find another Lord for yourself. You have no value.” We must
understand this.

And anyone who’s making [the] intention to change, in this day like
that, the last hutba that the Holy Prophet aleyhis salatu wasselam is
giving to [a] hundred [and] twenty four thousand sahabi, they [are]
watching him. And saying to them, giving hutba to them, in that day,
in the day like this, saying to them, “Oh my Nation. Now Allah
subhanahu wata’ala[‘s] mercy has reached to you, and taking you from
that ignorance time, from that darkness, and putting you, making you,
the highest ones in the creation, Sahabei Kiram, that no one is going
to reach to your stations. No matter what they do, they [are] not
going to reach. Because you have proven yourself. You have proven your
promise to your Lord, that you are coming from that darkness, and you
[are] turning and you are throwing everything away. And you proved
yourself to your Lord: you sacrificed your children, you sacrificed
your wealth, you sacrificed everything that Allah has given to you.
And Allah He’s accepted it. Now if you have a duty, you must give this
message to the people who’s coming after you. And did I give you the
message? Say?”

And they say, ” You did Ya Rasulallah. You did give us the message.
You did Ya Rasulallah.” And the Holy Prophet raising his hand
saying, “Ya Rabbi, be [The] Witness on them that I did my part. I
give them the message, now it’s for them to give this message for the
generation that is coming after, and those that is coming after, they
must give that message to others.”

Anyone who’s hearing this message, they’re responsible. They’re
going to be responsible on the Judgment Day. Allah is giving
us a free life. Yes. Free. He didn’t put [a] leash around our neck.
Because we are not animal[s]. But everything is in His hand. If He
doesn’t permit – hhhh – the air that you [are] taking it doesn’t come
in and you die. If He doesn’t permit – wehhh – air that doesn’t come
out and you die. That’s how close you are to death. You still want to
understand the mercy of the Lord? Allah subhanahu wata’ala. That is
mercy. Hhhh – every breath that you [are] taking, He’s giving you
life. Every breath that you [are] giving out, He’s giving you life.

Halifa is asking, to a wise man, one of the most high Halifa[s], Harun
Rashid, The Rightly Guided, and his nation, all loving him … Walking in
the street like a normal ordinary person, no one is thinking to attack
that Halifa. Because his people [were] loving him. He was [a] just
one. And he’s asking, to a saint, saying, “Give me [an] advice, to
live according to that advice.” Saying to him, “Ya Halifa, what you
will do, if you are thirsty in the desert, would you give, for [a]
drop of water, that you are so thirsty, half a glass of water, would
you give half the wealth that you have? For that water? You know there
is no water, and you will die in the desert. Would you give the half?
He said, “Yes.” He says, “The other half of your wealth, [as] soon as
you drink the water and you need to go to [the] toilet and if it’s not
coming out, that water, would you give the other half?” “Yes” He says,
“What is all this wealth? Why [are] you running after all this? It’s
not even worth it for half [a] glass of water, that is coming in you
and is going out. Why [are] you running after this?” And he’s giving
[a] lesson to the most righteous Halifa, that in his time, there was
no poverty, that people, they were living in peace. It’s a lesson to
us. We must take that. If we don’t take, we will become [a] lesson.
This life, this breath of life is given to us. We are breathing that

If we are not following the footsteps of the Holy Prophet aleyhis
salatu wasselam, we will not know how to live. Impossible. Impossible
to know how to live, we will not even know how to sit. We will not
even know how to eat. We will not even know how to drink. We will not
know how to sleep. No. He’s teaching us everything. Most praised one
in Divine Presence. And we are one of his Nation. Yes, we must take
that very seriously, in this Holy Day, that the majority of Muslims
today, majority of Muslims, that they [are] carrying [a] name, Muslim
names, and they say, “I’m Muslim,” they’re not celebrating this day,
this Holy Day, but they [are] running to celebrate the imaginanary
calendar. Not a real calendar. Not even in the Christian World, [is it
a] real calendar. But it’s just imaginary, fake calendar. That
the new year, they [are] running to do that tonight, tomorrow. They
[are] running to go crazy. Millions running. And everywhere I’m
watching, newspapers in Muslim nations, the Televisions, the Internet
pages, they [are] reminding people, the Noel, the New Year Day. They
[are] not reminding people this day. This Eid. It is a big test, this
year for [the] whole Nation of Muhammed.

It is a bigger test that we are falling in today. Allah subhanahu
wata’ala [is] watching everything, what we are doing, and tomorrow we
will go to His Presence with what we did. If you know that you did,
you run. Yes, we know that everything that we do doesn’t fit to
present to our Lord, to His majesty, [those] that say, “We are your
servant.” No. If we sit and we pray twenty-four hours, we cannot say
to our Lord, “Yes, Ya Rabbi. I am coming to your Presence with this.”
We cannot. But Allah subhanahu wata’ala [is] accepting it, saying to
us, “Because of the most beloved ones, because of those ones that they
did, they run after, and their service to me is most beloved. Because
you are following – trying to follow their footsteps, I am accepting
yours too.” That way, we will find safety inshallah ul-Rahman.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. La Ilaha Illallahu, Allahu Akbar. Allahu
Akbar, Walillahil Hamd.